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Tue Nguyen Minh
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11 months ago
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10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Protractor+

4.09 out of 5
9.3K Ratings
5 years ago, WolvenFire
Think twice before buying
I downloaded this all and all I really needed was the angle measurement in degrees. That worked. For a time. After a new update the developer decided to charge for an upgrade that would allow you to measure for degrees. It defaulted to radians. To add insult to injury the degrees only works part of the time. Basically this app is a fail now. I want my .99 back. I no longer trust this developer. Will not purchase anything from him again.
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4 years ago, creature dont care
Completely Worthless when Free
Genuinely disappointing. I have never seen an app go through so many measures to force you to buy the upgraded version, even apps that don’t offer a free version do less to convince you to pay them. It’s defaulted in radians and if you try to use degrees it will prompt you to buy premium. Just about every feature is a premium feature, meaning unless you’re forking over the money for premium it’s just a radian protractor. Even just trying to use the radian protractor will periodically prompt you every set amount of seconds spent moving the measuring slider about not owning premium and lock you out of touching anything in the app for 12 seconds. It’s not even an ad, it’s just telling you to buy premium. I think I’d be less annoyed by incessant ads, banners, etc than by someone’s intently programmed measures to inconvenience anyone using the free version without any intent of at least gaining money by showing ad slots or anything of the sort.
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3 years ago, gaterose
Completely worthless unless without spending money
If you want to pay money this may be a good tool, but I could not even test it due to all the ads for their other apps. Want to see degrees instead of radians? Great, pay to upgrade or wait 13 seconds until this option disappears then make sure you don’t press it again. Not sure what this vague button does? Go ahead and press it, probably an ad. Wait you’ve already been using the app for 30 seconds, even though over half that was ads? Well your time is expired and now you need to wait 15 seconds before you can use the app again, unless of course you upgrade! I might’ve paid for it if the demo worked ok, but I deleted it in under a minute because the free version is useless without any features and the way the developers push you to buy features constantly makes me doubt if the features actually work.
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2 years ago, ceddyrx
Have your wallet ready
All I wanted was to be able to measure angles on my phone. When I first opened the app it showed a bunch of neat products, but I really just wanted to be able to measure a few angles real quick. It finally let me skip past the upgrade option and took me where I wanted to be. Then when I finally got to the measuring device, everything was in radians and it would not let me switch to degrees without paying. So am I to believe I have to pay a dollar to unlock every single option in this app? Seems ridiculous. And while I was messing with it while the app was measuring in radians, nothing ever moved anyways. So I couldn’t tell that it was working at all. I spent a total of about 1 minute on here, so I could have missed something. But overall was disappointed enough to spend five minutes writing this review.
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2 years ago, Sasaitfcdejxubjskoaoqkskck
Just awful
I have never written a review, but I just had to tell people to avoid this app. It is completely unusable unless you pay for the upgrade. Popup blocks the protractor every ~10 seconds just to make you purchase the upgraded version. On top of that you aren’t even able to switch to degree mode without the purchase. I understand making the camera portion of this only accessible with purchase. But the free version is unusable. every 10 seconds I have to wait on a 10 second timer to even use the protractor. Absolutely awful and shows the greed from the makers to force you into buying their product. If I could give a zero star rating I would. Do not download this app!!
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2 years ago, Hudsonoutlook
Very helpful. But is it Supported?
This is a ver useful app. But the fact that it must be downloaded every time before it can be used suggests it is no longer supported. Is this tge case.
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3 years ago, Wadegarrett69
Useless Unless you pay
Each time you try to use it you get 10 seconds of use (not even enough time to set the thin down) then your asked to upgrade and you can’t use it for 10 seconds and then after the time elapses you can press continue and try again and you get 10 seconds then the upgrade request over and over. The free version is useless unless you have super spreed in setting to down and measuring quickly. You can just hold it in place either because it forever you to upgrade or basically decline in order to proceed. The free version is just a commercial nothing more.
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10 months ago, HippyDippy10
I quickly needed a protractor to measure an angle, so I retreated to the App Store for a useful measuring tool. What I was not expecting upon downloading this app was a simple picture of a protractor, annoyingly and constantly interrupted by beckons to purchase the upgraded version of the app, and a pop-up every 10 seconds that my time was up for using the app, and I’d have to wait another 20 seconds to use the picture of the protractor. Do not waste your time downloading this app, and instead pull up a picture of a protractor from Google. It will be better quality, and you wont be constantly interrupted.
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4 years ago, Ronnie98765
15 Second Time Out
This is just a protractor, you must upgrade for other features. BUT even the protractor “times out” after a few seconds then you must wait 10 seconds before it resets and you can use it again. It is basically forcing you to upgrade to make it usable. I was going to buy the full version until I played with the protractor and saw they designed the app to force in-app purchases, thus rendering the free tool useless. It’s a shady gimmick in my opinion and I’m uninstalling now. They just lost a customer since I was willing to buy the upgrade for the other cool tools they supposedly offer.
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4 years ago, K-483626
Annoying to use, super pushy about paid upgrades
Apparently an image of a protractor with a straight line you can rotate is too complicated to actually be free (from this “developer”.) After I downloaded this app I realized the camera feature was premium, but I thought, “oh well, I can make it work.” But every 10 seconds or so it also tells you that you’ve exceeded the allowed time and it makes you wait out a timer or upgrade to proceed. Plus, you can only use radians; measuring degrees is apparently also a premium feature. Too much trouble for something that should really be very basic and easy.
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2 years ago, KittyWhite_Lover35,000
Please don’t get this app. It has a time limit so you can only use it for like 10 seconds at a time. Then you have to wait 6 seconds to use it again. It asks you to pay for an upgrade in order to not have this time limit. You also have to upgrade for the camera feature, so it’s not included. It’s rather disappointing with the free version, but if you’re willing to pay I guess it wouldn’t be that bad. I’m willing to guess that, when you do pay, the camera will be really inaccurate and hard to work.
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4 years ago, Five Nights At Fredddys Tips
It’s fine if you have a buck worth spending.
I recently downloaded this app because I didn’t have a spare protractor on me. However, this isn’t really useful unless you purchase the camera feature for $0.99. I have it, and it works good, but it would definitely get a higher review if this feature was for free, as this seems like it could definitely be more useful for people who don’t want to spend money on an app when they don’t have a protractor handy. Overall it’s fine, but if it was all for free this app would get a five star.
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4 years ago, Gedroth
Cannot tell if I’d like it
I was immediately hit with advertisements and screen changes to take me to other apps to buy. Before I could even measure anything the timer ran out and then I had to wait eight seconds or whatever it is in order to try and time it. Then when I did measure something it would only do it in radians and not degrees. So all in all it was totally useless experience. What a shame, if I had been able to see if I could actually use this to measure something accurately I probably would’ve purchased it. But the initial impression has now made me delete this app.
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4 years ago, AbsolutIsabel
Not what I hoped
As mentioned in ither reviews, it is pointless without paying the extra dollar. While the idea is great, even when you pay the dollar, the implementation is questionable. I took several pics to make sure I get the right details, however every time I open the pic, it’s just the protractor on top of what I am taking the photo of - not how I had placed it when taking the pic. So far this has been nearly useless. Granted, I can get the angle before I take the pic, but then you are trying to hold still and read it at the same time.
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4 years ago, Justinfilm
I thought it was a joke.
So I downloaded the free version- after the immediate pop-ups asking you to upgrade I tried to set the protractor to degrees. Sorry that’s only available in the paid version. Then, as I was reading that I was informed that I had run out of time and had to wait ten seconds before I could use the app because only upgraded users can use the app without interruption. What a joke. The worst “utility” app I’ve ever downloaded. Just charge a dollar. Don’t try and trick people into paying for something.
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8 months ago, AppleUserWN
Wants you to upgrade immediately
I don’t expect a free lunch or a free protractor app. But a free trial is not too much to ask. This app’s idea of a free trial is 7 seconds. That’s how much time you get before being prompted to upgrade. It’s not enough time to figure out how to switch to deg from rad, let alone familiarize yourself with using the app. Developers deserve to make money, but I doubt you’ll get much money out of this without giving the user at least a few minutes to try it out. I just deleted it. Good luck.
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3 years ago, XWordFanatic11
Free app is worthless
You literally can do nothing with the free app portion of this app. Ridiculous!! Free app measures only in radians, Not degrees. You have 10 seconds to try and measure what you can before you get a message again you’ll have to upgrade to go further. What is wrong with this company? Sure if you have no problem spending a buck I’m sure it’s great. It’s the principal of the matter of offering a free portion. Just offer the paid version and then there’s no expectation of getting anything for free. Wow, guys, get it together!!
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4 years ago, Rr Zan
Pretty worthless
The very first thing this app did, on first launch, was ask me to rate it! Then it took me to the upgrade screen. This app is worse than a static picture of a protractor. At least that would show degrees instead of radians and wouldn’t interrupt constantly with an upgrade prompt and a 10 second timeout. I fully support paid apps but how about showing ads in the free version instead? The camera feature (promoted in the App Store listing!) might make this better than a picture but I’m not going to bother at this point.
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3 years ago, Iggy8702
Free/Demo is useless
I downloaded the protractor and stud finder. They gives a few seconds at a time to use it before it prompts you to wait a bit or upgrade to the paid version. I might actually pay for it if I could actually try it but both apps were completely useless to try. In the free version, the protractor couldn’t be changed from radians to degrees. A set of 12 apps was “on sale” for only $2 but if you can’t at least make it somewhat useable in the demo, no thanks.
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1 year ago, Aderis2
Free version is unusable
Throws up an alert every 10 seconds asking you to buy the full version, and if you don’t want to, you have to wait 10 seconds before you can dismiss the alert. Took me a couple minutes just to take a single measurement. Do not download unless you intend to buy the full version. I didn’t buy it, so I can’t say whether the full version is good or bad. The app needs be an up front payment instead of an in app purchase.
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1 year ago, Britt212121
I have never come across an app like this before! Not in a good way! I tapped one thing and it popped up with an upgrade… that I didn’t want. Then automatically selected the upgrade for me. Then only gave two options to continue with a purchase that I did NOT want with a 10 second timer countdown! I deleted the app from my phone as fast as I could but have no idea if it’s going to charge me or even how MUCH it will be!!! Ughh!! Don’t download this!
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2 years ago, LaNDeN30o0
Horrible, don’t download.
I downloaded this cause I didn’t want to buy a protractor for school. If you want to use degrees, pay. If you want to measure the angle in front of you using your camera, pay. If you’re on the app for too long, wait or pay. Fix this, devs, and MAYBE it’ll be an okay app. But until the devs fix the amount of stuff you have to pay for, don’t download it. Find a different app or buy a protractor. This app is just a money grab.
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3 years ago, Random User #14865297
First thing was an ad
Installed this with two other apps, the other two were very good, one just seems to do pitch, the other degrees. This one, I open and IMMEDIATELY it pops up an ad, then on top of THAT, a “how do you like this app, please rate 1-5 stars”. I DON’T like this app, so you get two stars because that was pretty funny for the VERY first time I open the app, but two stars because that’s the VERY first thing I see.
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4 years ago, NobodyKnowsMyName987
Worthless unless you upgrade
1 star based on the annoying upgrade timeout requirement. Stops working, states you have to upgrade or wait. Works for about 30 seconds and then you have to wait again for 10 seconds or pay to upgrade. You can’t even try it out as the timeout will make that impossible. Maybe it’s a good app. Maybe not but if you want to try before you buy, it’s worthless. Way too annoying. I’ll go find another protractor app.
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12 months ago, Elon Musk's adopted child
Just buy a protractor
Everything is behind a pay wall because apparently we aren’t allowed to have anything good these days. It defaults to radians and wont allow you to change this unless you pay. Also you only have like 5 seconds before a pop up comes up and makes you wait to even touch the app again. This app is legitimately a demonstration of everything bad in the world.
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3 years ago, Dave11223344556677889900
Not really useful
I thought I could use this to set camber on a car. It won’t let you measure degree. It makes you wait awhile before it before it continues past the purchase something screen. It times out in a few seconds so you don’t have time to measure. I deleted the app with in a few minutes I guess it’ll measure radians if your quick enough.
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3 years ago, Sam Louden
Don’t bother downloading, forced to pay money
Downloaded this app in a pinch, realized you need to buy the camera feature. Decided I could get by with just the protractor on screen, then in the middle of measuring I was interrupted by a TIME LIMIT. You download the app and can use the protractor for a total of about 30 seconds before the app is rendered useless behind a paywall. This tactic just kinda ticked me off. Just download a different app there’s a million free ones
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3 years ago, 707chris707
Stupid and useless
I downloaded and will promptly delete this app after this review. I opened it and immediately got two pop ups: one asking if I was enjoying the app that I hadn’t used yet (and asking for a review), and the other offering in-app purchases. I closed those and started trying to figure out how to use it, but before I could, I got a warning that I had exceeded the free time limit and could either upgrade or wait 7 seconds for the app to reset. This happened twice before I had even figured out what to do. Although, reading other reviews, it seems you have to use your phone camera (upgrade required) as well as upgrade just to be able to measure in degrees.
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2 years ago, jice0383
Garbage , money grab
As you have seen in other reviews, this is the base version, but unlike other base versions of apps, this one freezes the app every 6 seconds and makes you wait 8 seconds if you don’t purchase the premium…. Constantly! It’s true it’s in Radians and if you want degrees… but premium… pretty much anything you want from the app… buy premium. Completely useless unless you… but premium
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2 years ago, hiiii no nickname here
Literally trash
I haven’t seen an app try so hard to make you pay. You can only measure in radicals for the free version and you can only do it for 15 seconds before your time is up. You also have to pay to measure in degrees and even use the camera feature. This part is a message to the devs, this is a sad attempt to get people to spend money on this completely trash app. Just delete the app
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4 years ago, Roger, Gone Green
No Degrees Without $$$
This seems like a great app, and I was prepared to like it, and I very often buy the upgrades in apps. What I did not like, or appreciate it all, is that the app is locked so that you cannot measure something in degrees unless you pay the fee. If it were highly reviewed, I might’ve paid the fee sight unseen. But I wanted to quick measure something and I also wanted to try to find a go-to app for my phone. Putting the primary useful future behind a pay wall was highly irritating. Price it at $.99, drop the fake free app, and you’ll probably get better reviews and sell more. Because the approach of the developer is just a little too sneaky, I deleted the app and I’m now looking for a different protractor.
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4 years ago, Cool2Me
Don’t know...
Might work... but won’t know until I buy the paid version. Want to measure in degrees? NOPE-not ‘til you upgrade. Use the camera? NOPE-Buy the app! I do get it. Of course you want folks to buy the app, but I need to see if it’s gonna be useful for my purposes. The price is right, but not if it doesn’t do what I want it to do. ...especially for something I’m going to use five more times in my life... if I’m lucky.
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6 years ago, Begining music
Don't use the camera and it'll be fine (unless if your hands are still!!!). I love this app so much! It's easy to slide just by clicking the A at the top of the screen ❤️!!!
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4 years ago, powdertransport
Stupid, don’t waste your time
If you want to sell something maybe don’t make it useless to those trying to actually make it do what it is supposed to do. There is an 8 second time limit and as soon as you start attempting to measure anything that time is basically up. After a couple of tries I gave up because it really didn’t seem like the developer wanted me to even have any shot at using the dumb app.
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4 years ago, Lonesurai
Don’t waste your time downloading this app
I couldn’t do anything in the app as it kept asking me to upgrade. I couldn’t even see the angler in degrees without upgrading. They also have this really annoying feature where every few seconds you are asked to upgrade and if you don’t want to you have to wait several seconds before the continue button is not greeted out.
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3 years ago, Winzzlow
Pop up every few seconds to purchase pro version
Only measures in Rads without pro purchase. App will have a pop up that you have to wait 10 seconds to close before using the app again. The pop up shows up every few seconds making it near impossible to measure anything. I’m all for supporting developers but limiting the usability of your app this much is a turn off
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2 years ago, SumonUrmee
Useless app
Tried it and thank goodness did not pay to upgrade. Very money hungry developer, constant interruption for upgrading that it is literally useless. You may like it if you like looking at a picture of protractor (in gradient) and being begged for money every 5 seconds. There are others that are also free and far far better. Deleted this crap, good riddance.
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6 years ago, Strat502
Great for quick angles
We use this in Physics lab for getting angles of inclines. Quick and accurate and much easier than trying to use a physical protractor. Welcome addition to the lab
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1 year ago, KatieMariePatton
Asks for a rating as soon as you open the app
Why would you ask for a rating as soon as you open the app? Also doesn’t have labels only picture icons. I don’t know how to use it. Deleted
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2 years ago, CBurton0001
This app is a complete and utter waste of time. It gives you about five seconds to see what the degree is, then it tells you your time is run out either upgrade or continue so you have to restart every time after about five seconds! It makes me want to punch the developers right in their face!
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4 years ago, Indefatigable Turnip
Free version is useless
This app is unusable without paying for it. The free version doesn’t let you use degrees and it interrupts whatever you’re doing every half minute or so. I’ve never encountered such a shameless plug for the paid version of an app. I uninstalled it immediately. Devs, if you want to charge for the app, just do it. Don’t pretend like it’s a free app and then make it impossible to use.
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2 years ago, DuckNoris
Wasted my time
App was frustrating as I could not even make a single measurement prior to timing out and being asked to purchase or wait to try again. If your business model is to push so hard without allowing a reasonable test/demo just charge me out of the gate and give me a reason to buy.
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4 years ago, MintMintFan
OMG they want some money, now!
Literally seconds into using it, you get pop-ups to upgrade. Anything beyond tilting your phone will require your dollar. I get it, you want to get paid. It annoyed me so much I deleted it after the first minute. Maybe it’s worth the dollar, but it reminded me too much of a Goodfellas scene where Murray wants the money from Jimmy. That didn’t end so well for Murray.
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3 years ago, RVwino
Horrible user experience
Upon starting the app, you immediately are hit with an offer to buy the premium version. Once you are past that, there’s a 10-second delay between commands. Just tryi go noodle around with it to see how it worked got me so frustrated that I immediately deleted it.
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3 years ago, DADDamnIt
Do not waste your time with this. 5 second time limit to use the most basic function before the mandatory upgrade pops up? Every button available on the screen requires an upgraded purchase? I have not left an app review in probably 4 years. But here we have a real winner!! How on earth does this thing have 4 stars?
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1 year ago, IronWatchdog
What a horrible app.
You get 10 seconds of time with the protractor before it tries to get you to pay for the upgrade. The. It makes you wait several seconds with an upgrade prompt before allowing you to use the protractor again. Absolutely worthless app.
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4 years ago, ddubski
Junk unless you pay
You get a few seconds to jab your finger at the screen and get your completely inaccurate RAD (Degrees ain’t frees) measurement. Then you wait 10 seconds before you can do anything and start all over. I don’t care how cheap or great the paid version is, I would never support a developer that puts hurdles like this in the free version.
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4 years ago, cfeik5
This app is useless unless you pay for it. You get about 10 seconds to use it, then you get stuck behind a paywall for 10 seconds, then 10 seconds to use, paywall, so on an so forth. Also, you can’t even get a measurement in degrees without paying for it. Such a scam to call this a “free” app. It is utterly useless! Would give it zero stars if I could.
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2 years ago, Sidviciouser
Couldn’t use it to test it
I couldn’t even use it it had so many pop up so fast asking to be paid. Just make it a paid app before the download if that’s the case. It should have some usable functionality before the in app purchase. Terrible experience.
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3 years ago, robb0995
Truly obnoxious
Just be a paid app if your intent is that no one use a bit of the app without an upgrade. This app is completely and utterly useless without paying for it. The paid version may or may not be worth it, but if they’re going to be sleazy and deceptive from their very first interaction with a user, I wouldn’t dream of giving them a penny.
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