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User Reviews for Provision

2.97 out of 5
347 Ratings
3 years ago, Cannatella
Great app other then the camera function.
I use this application all the time for doing appraisals and taking photos for my website. The camera portion of the app stinks. I have all these great features on the camera app of my phone (ie. zoom in, zoom out, night mode, panorama , etc) that I can’t use! I can’t be taking extra time taking the photos with the camera app on my phone then uploading them to vAuto. Not only would doing that defeat the purpose of having the camera function on the provision app it would be a huge waste of time and as anyone in the car business knows time is money. Please add these camera functions and any other functions that I forgot to the application. It would make this app five stars all day long!
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2 years ago, KyleSlavin
I use vAuto every day at work. The desktop version gets the job done fairly smooth; however, the mobile version is next to an atrocity. Please update the interface to be more user-friendly. General info on each vehicle profile is cluttered. When submitting photos for a vehicle from an album on your phone, the menu on iOS is severely outdated. In order to continue growth with this application, it’s pertinent to simplify the process to capture a larger base of users.
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4 years ago, 2beertim
Move the camera button over !!!
Great app, I use it a lot for internet pictures. My only complaint is the location of the picture button. When taking pictures and snapping off 40-50 at a time the button is oddly placed all the way towards the edge. It needs to moved over more center a half Inch or so like the native iPhone camera for better functionality. As everyone knows, time is money in the car business. Fumbling around with a separate camera or uploading from a folder is an unnecessary waste of time. Seems like an easy fix to me and I bet I’m not the only one that complains about it. Please move the button over! Thanks, love the app otherwise.
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1 year ago, Goc1988755288339
Errors , Freezes , Slow loading
Being on the move constantly , I attempt to use this app more than I use the desktop. I would think a lot of used car managers would say the same. It needs to be able to handle more data , load quicker , and stop giving errors. I should be able to do almost everything on this app, from selecting existing photo Overlays, viewing some extent of deleted vehicles, view vehicles with no price change. ++ , I’m not a computer guy, I don’t know how you can do that , but i’m sure it can be done. I don’t have time to go inside and open the desktop to do some pretty basic things on here.
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6 years ago, 1$unshine
This app makes job so easy on the go!
I use this app to appraise trades and use the live auctions for making educated purchases for my inventory. I also use the app to take photos and style when marketing my inventory while it is going through the recon process. This saves me time and allows me to market my inventory same day I trade for it. I also use it to narrow down inventory for specific model or price quickly. I use the app on my mobile even when sitting at my computer because it is much easier and faster.
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5 years ago, Am31008
Needs attention box for mobile
Would be a real cool feature to see what price changes you need to from mobile app. I can do price changes from there but I usually have to print out a list from the desktop version first. Having everything from mobile would be a game changer. Edit: why is it now that when I take appraisal pictures from my phone, it mutes or pauses whatever music I am listening to? I am not taking videos so that shouldn’t happen...can we get a fix with that?
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2 weeks ago, KayossGT
Slow, buggy, broken mess.
I have to use this app all day for my job. Half the time I want to upload pictures it does nothing. Doesn’t upload or anything. It acts like I didn’t even upload anything. I’ll restart the app, restart my phone, delete the app and reinstall, everything. It will continue to have the same problem. Randomly, without apparent cause, it will work again. Then, for whatever reason, it will stop again. It does this over and over on an almost daily basis. If it was up to me, I would get rid of this app entirely and use a different company.
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4 months ago, Mako49
App crashing all the time
I switched to IOS recently. Using iPhone 14 pro max. Latest IOS available and the app crashes constantly. Also the search I noticed needs to be cleared before searching again. So if I have a stock number in the search field and erase it and put a new stock number it will not work. I have to do a blank search first. Then put the stock number I want in. It’s a work around but it’s a waste of time.
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2 months ago, JSinay
Great Customer Support
Was having an issue with uploading photos in the app and they reached out to me to help with the problem. Make sure you don’t have a lot of apps running in the background as it could be RAM related. Also I’ve noticed that sometimes switching between wifi and cellular data can help.
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4 years ago, Adariah
New update
Any suggestions? I have the iPhone 11 Pro Max and this last update seems to have broken the app for my phone. I can get the app to open but when I try to open a vehicle page the entire app closes. I did get it to stay open yesterday to take pictures of one vehicle but the pictures disappeared as soon as I closed the vehicle. Shooting an average of 15 cars a day, about 50 pics each, this app is essential.
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5 years ago, NaterM3
Camera Issues in App
The camera refuses to rotate when attempting to take photos in landscape mode, making all the pictures rotated by 90 degrees when they are uploaded. No my phones rotation is not locked out and it works fine outside the app. It is an iPhone 6. Never had a problem before and the rest of the app seems to work aside from intermittent crash issues when pulling Carfax’s on the phone. Please get this resolved!!
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3 years ago, carmel chris 28
Terrible. Issues and bugs
Been using for years. Not one day it ran smooth. Constant “Error” messages while saving. Uploading photos is a pain as it takes forever and sometimes makes an error while uploading. You have to uninstall the app and re downloaded to work. Constantly erases miles on cars. Bugs. Won’t load sometimes. Been asking administration to remove our water mark at no avail. If you save anything on mobile app you then have to use desktop to generate. As your options won’t show up unless you click generate from desk top. I’m tired of these bugs.
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4 years ago, MrsKellersMa
photos going through app aren’t a good a quality as phone camera
I use an iPhone 7 to do appx 20-30 vehicles per day . 35-40 photos per unit. When photographing through app , the quality of the photos mt as good as when I take the photos from my camera and the load them into the app. Quality over speed isn’t a choice I prefer to make. Issue is glare and focus is also compromised. Vauto is awesome. App is also otherwise awesome.
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5 years ago, Goestyle
Serious toll for serious dealers
Love being able to push into inventory strait to my dms immediately after the purchase, snap a few pics, and go live on AT all in one click. I probably shouldn’t write a good review for them because I’d personally rather the other dealers (my competitors) not use it! It’s so much more then just an “appraisal app”. Love vauto!
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2 years ago, LazyPlayer Longface
Camera Issues
I have been using Provision for years, I just purchased an iPhone 13 Pro Max and the camera function has many bugs, I often have to take several pictures to get a clear picture. Is this a phone issue or is the app incompatible with the iphone 13. I love the other features for appraisals
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7 months ago, peendream123
Good but could be better
The app works great most of the time, but there are certain times every week when the app crashes nonstop and I have to re install. Particularly when I’m typing in Vin numbers or stock numbers, it’s the only issue with the app for me personally.
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5 years ago, Jellyota
Love but one thing..
Love this app, fairly intuitive and overall very easy to use. However, the app crashes and doesn’t save every single time I try to click on the KBB emblem/link. I have to re-enter the mileage and vehicle information every time I try to check the car fax associated with the vehicle I’m appraising.
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5 years ago, MonsyVentura
Problematic and unreliable
With the latest update, I've experienced a lot of issues. It won't save pictures and constantly give out an error message saying it didn't save properly. This occurs with and without wifi. The precious versions worked better. I noticed the new auto save feature is what started these issues. Please look into reverting to the previous version
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6 years ago, Monigb
Needs improvements
They really need to make the app where you can zoom in and out on the camera to take pictures within the app. This would make the pictures better so you could eliminate shadows. Also, it’s pretty unreliable, some times the app works great other times it doesn’t. If I get a call or text while I’m in the app it locks up and I have to exit the app and restart it.
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11 months ago, Sledgehemmer
Not pulling market values
I use this app everyday all day for appraisals and uploading pics. The latest issue now with the app is it won’t pull up market value percent. I have to put in a value, save, kill the app, get back into the app and vehicle just to see what market percentage I’m at. Huge waste of time and resources. I’m running off a iPhone XS and have all the updates. If the app needs to work on newer models better inform your clients.
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4 years ago, Connelly2099
Need Zooming Capabilities!
Excellent App. I have used it for 100s of hours. Easy navigation, very well designed menus and layout. PLEASE ADD ZOOMING to the in-app camera. I think the ability to take photos through the app is fantastic, but it does me zero good if I cannot zoom in to get the proper angles and details on the vehicles. Please add this!
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9 months ago, Niko1605
Carfax shows error
I have been encountering an error when trying to view carfax report in real-time right after I scan s VIN. This has been happening for about row months now. Random crashes as well
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4 years ago, sman202
Upload quality is awful
I don’t know if this has to deal with this being an app but the photo quality from my device is no where near what is posted online. May need to go old fashion again with computer and camera. 30-80 cars per car.
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5 years ago, Its_LouieV
Makes my job easier.
Use this for work and it makes the day so much easier. I no longer have to bring my laptop out to the lot and use the webcam to photo my cars
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11 months ago, Jordanh08
Needs Camera Update
App works well other than camera function. Scanning VINs is critical part of the app/function of the ecosystem and it almost never works. Seems like neglect from Cox on this part. Fix this and they have a 5 star app
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3 weeks ago, Anthony Benjamin
I was in the arena when I had an issue with the app. Customer support got back to me quick with a solution and a week later the devs implemented a solution to prevent future problems
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5 months ago, JH-108
Keep getting errors when trying to load pictures on any vehicle in our database. It says “there was an error loading your vehicle” seems like this issue came up with the most recent update. Was working fine then started this all of a sudden. Very frustrating I’m on iPhone 13 Pro Max with the most current iOS update.
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2 years ago, Kealohaleilani
Please fix viewing carfax crash!!
This used to be a good app until about 6 months ago. I need to be able to get through things quickly and multitask. Now I have to go back inside, get on a computer to view any carfax. When I click on any carfax the app just crashes.
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4 years ago, iDav3
I agree with 2beertim! And some others
I would like to add full controls from the native camera on iPhone. Most phones have to be dual cameras by now and being able to adjust my exposure is key! Black interior looks gray otherwise.
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5 months ago, riahrae91
Fix please
Is there anyway you can please fix the update for the newer iPads that won’t allow you to shoot in landscape mode it’s making it an extra step having to use the camera then go to the app and then upload the photos please fix. The app continues to crash after every vehicle I take photos of needs fix ASAP.
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2 years ago, 3ll10+
Where did Face ID login go?
We used to be able to login to different accounts using Face ID but now that feature seems to have been removed? When I go to Settings>Face ID and Passcode>Other Apps, Provision does not even appear on the list of Apps requesting to use Face ID. Having to manually type number usernames and passwords for each dealership is a real chore. Please fix.
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10 months ago, bimmerbryan
It’s not great
Currently doesn’t work AT ALL. When I type in a vin it just says error, has been doing this for a week so literally makes the app pointless. Constantly kicks me out so I have to login. Scanner feature works 1-20 times so i mostly have to manually enter vin numbers. Pretty poor.
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1 year ago, tyyuuuygww
This app is so aggravating! Try to type in numbers and goes back to numbers, vin scanner works on and off. Very frustrating. Been using vauto forever and would love to see the app work better.
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3 years ago, Krikor Y
Scanner screen off center
Scanner screen off center on the IPhone 12 not able to get the light on at night when scanning, I would change to 5 star when fixed.
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10 months ago, TapeGuy13
What happened to the vin scanner??
Oh come on guys. You had the vin scanner working on the iPhone 14 by using max zoom…now you’ve “fixed” that bug by reverting to how it was before - inoperable. Bring back that zoom!
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3 years ago, CertGMdealer
Is it that hard to make the save feature work?
Been using for a while but this app is beyond frustrating for trying to save any work. Constant error messages and much of what you do dosent save even when it tells you that it did. Such a basic feature that were all having issues with. Is it that hard to fix, Vauto?
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6 years ago, Bobbo2012
Crashes my phone non stop
This app crashes my entire phone (6S) when I’m using it. I use it for work so that makes it extra frustrating. It’s whenever I try to take pics through the app it crashes my phone for about 5 minutes. Today it crashed 8 times in about a 30 minute period. Please fix this so my job isn’t ridiculously frustrating.
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6 years ago, Matt8781
Barcode Scanner barely works!
The barcode scanner used to be the best part of this app. Now it barely works. Every update it seems to get worse. It worked perfect for years even through windshield with glare on it. Now half the time it won’t even scan the barcode on door of vehicle. Very disappointing.
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1 year ago, Isaac111111
Log Out
The app has been trash for over a month. It won’t let you log out, so you can log into another account.. Have talked to support several times, yet still not fixed.. All the problems started with their new Bridge feature, never had an issue before registering for Bridge..
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4 years ago, rivox1
Layout issues persist
After the newest update there are still issues on iPhone 11 Pro Max. The buttons at the top of the screen overlap with iOS display functions (battery and signal status as well as the clock) in addition to some text being clipped by the display notch. I have multiple screenshots and I’m able to send if contacted by support.
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3 years ago, dmcollins12345678
Make a better iPad app
The app on my iPhone is great and works majority of the time however I use an iPad at the desk to look through the inventory and the in app experience is scaled down to about the size of an iPhone
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2 months ago, Rpaggs
Add a camera feature to the appraisal.
Guys look at all the negative reviews about the camera feature if you app! Please fix this. I’ve literally been complaining about this for years. Please do something soon.
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5 years ago, Mjsales
Appraisal Won’t work
I have used this app to add appraisals for over a year and since the update when I click on the appraisal option it completely kicks me out of the app. Other salesmen at our dealership are having the same problem. On the app that hasn’t been updated there is no problems. Thanks is very frustrating.
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3 years ago, alyse0411
Good app needs a photo editor
Great app but needs either a zoom in or zoom option if not perhaps a photo editor to cut out extra background.
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4 months ago, Hbrown62
Borderline unusable
The VAuto website works well enough for my job at a car dealership, but the app is a mess. Crashes constantly, photo management is as barebones as it can be. The app needs some serious attention.
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8 months ago, Realdeal37355
Never world
I haven’t been able to get this app to work for several years. I’ve used three different phones and also had their customer service walk me through troubleshooting several times.
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3 years ago, TimJohns0904
Works just well enough
Great for appraisals, horrible for managing inventory - 90% of the time the app won't save vehicle changes (colors, options, etc.) and I have to go back and do it from my desktop.
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3 years ago, Matthewa398
Ok, but needs work
New update logged me out and had a bug where it wouldn’t give me the whole keyboard to log in. It gets the job done sometimes just needs to be improved
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4 years ago, willllyboysjskdhfhsjsjs
Stop with the updates
I am so sick and tired of being logged out wverytime theres an update i waste precious time needing to log in again over and over it seems almost everyday because of some stupid update please fix that
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1 year ago, Broluminati
Vins not scanning correctly
App normally works great but as of late every vin I scan ends up wrong and isn’t able to pull info. Also info not being saved in vauto and showing up on appraiser’s side.
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