3.9 (7.7K)
41.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Psiphon Inc
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Psiphon

3.86 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
5 years ago, GÛNDËM
A little more to get a 5 star
Psiphon sometimes delays when being connected and sometimes too disconnects automatically few minutes after connecting This problem should be worked on.
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1 year ago, Mohsen1999k
1 of the best
I have to say I really don’t like making reviews but I had to let the developers know that they are doing great I want to my country for a vacation and there is some websites that are blocked over there and I’ve tried many many vpns most of them the the very famous once and they never work and they only take your money but this app I didn’t even pay anything and yet it works fine it might be slow sometimes but hey free? And works fast what else do you want love it keep up the good work thank
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3 years ago, wickedbagel69
Worst VPN available
The literal worst vpn you can download. I am literally using a different vpn currently to connect to the app store to write this review. Psiphon slows down everything when you are connected, and does not stay connected any longer than 10 minutes. Constant problems getting it to connect when the wifi is fine, and has not worked as advertised once. It also constantly gives random, useless notifications that are just annoying. If you are thinking about using Psiphon I recommend that you find literally any other vpn or just destroy your phone.
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5 years ago, Doggo12311
The best!!
so i’m in highschool and they have wifi but you can use insta or snapchat on it bc nothing loads so i used this, since it changed the vpn i can use snap and insta in school (during lunch, not in class) and when i get home i just turn vpn off so i can use my actual wifi (which works better when things aren’t blocked) either way it’s a great app!
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2 years ago, alexkux
Hello, Good morning i have a complaint about the Psiphon vpn, after days of using Psiphon I discovered all of a sudden that i can not connect to the internet anymore unless i use the Psiphon vpn please help i use an iOS device, i can’t browse or surf the internet without connection to the vpn. Please what do i do? I’ve reset my network settings over and over again, still same, i tried to unistall Psiphon.. it was the greatest worse decision cus i could not even connect to the internet.. help!!
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10 months ago, Abouzar Rostami
Fixing the bug in the shortest possible time
Thank you very much for fixing the bug. Also, thank you very much for your responsibility and commitment to users. The best VPN by far for Iranian users. I hope you will continue to help us in the way of free internet access. And thank you so much again! ❤️
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2 years ago, Nerd Noob
i miss it
i loved this vpn, i’ve used it for about a year with no problems. It would connect very fast, but i had to recently delete it because a message popped up saying it was no longer free in my region, and it wouldn’t let me connect at ALL. I’ve been trying to find another vpn that works but nothing has. Why did the developers suddenly change where it’s free and where it’s not???
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4 years ago, Used John Cena
Not working anymore
The app was working fine for a couple of months but I reinstalled it today, it won’t let me go past the screen that tells me to allow vpn configuration. It just gets stuck on the screen, I can’t do anything about it either. It still shows up as a vpn on my normal settings but when I go through the app, the arrow the normally points to the prompt is still there and won’t let me proceed.
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5 years ago, Kaden B. Campbell
Worth It
Definitely worth the ten dollars per month. It’s a small fee to pay to get flawless performance. I’ve been using Psiphon for a month and haven’t encountered a single problem. It’s extremely fast compared other VPNs and works perfectly with school WiFi restrictions, national censoring, and Disney’s MyCircle. Absolutely amazing!
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2 years ago, Josiah Presberry
I love this app
I really underestimated this app just used it in school because WiFi blocked lots of things which this app unblocks for free basically but I decided to try the speed boost and my god is my speeds much faster I’m gonna be spending more money on here lol if speed boosts are this cheap
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3 years ago, YadianNY
#SOSCuba the Cuban people needed you and you where and are there for them , forever grateful!
One country fighting against censorship and a dictatorship using this this app and social networks! Thanks on behalf of the Cuban people we are being kill on the streets right now for the Castro Regime Keep us connected . Thanks a million #SOSCuba
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2 years ago, SOS help iran
fix the disconnection
Hi I’m from Iran and right now the only vpn that works for many of us is psiphon but it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every 30 second so we can’t upload or send videos and we cannot pay because of boycotts so please fix this problem for us these are sensitive times and we desperately need social media. Thank you.
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6 years ago, thegaby27
This is a good vpn and doesn’t disconnect very often, but the amount of ads it gives me is unbearable. Also, the types of ads are unacceptable. When I’m in public trying to connect to a vpn, and and ad of a nearly naked woman for an adult film website shows up that’s something I don’t want to be having out on my phone in public. Please monitor the types of ads you’re showing and think about the audience behind them.
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1 year ago, Tesfaye Z
I was trying to download this app, it doesn’t show any payment info. Suddenly it tries to take a money from my account, thanks to my bank the just blocked it and declined any transaction.
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1 year ago, 18Aubrey
Good I guess
It usually works but every since I got this iPhone it says I don’t need it how can a app tell me I don’t need it but on any other device it works overall it a good app for service
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4 years ago, dafna yorke
The only one that works
Thank you guys for this app. It is the only one that works right now in Belarus where Internet is blocked during president elections. Psyphon helps thousands of people be aware of what is happening right now in their country.
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5 years ago, NCHS student
Too long to connect
The first 100 hundred times I used Psiphon at school, it connected flawlessly and fast. However, I don’t know if it’s because of where my classes are located, but in some classes it’s been taking forever to connect (most of the time it doesn’t connect). So I don’t know if it works some place with strong WiFi or it just stopped working all together.
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6 years ago, jjaynal041
This is the only VPN app that has worked for me, the connection speed is great considering it doesn’t cost a dime‼️I’ve had it for 2 years and it still works perfectly 100% of the time.
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2 years ago, RyantheRed
No longer connects after 16.1 upgrade
I paid for a subscription but it no longer connects after upgrade to ios 16.1. After full reinstall and vpn profile reinstall same thing. Uncertain if it works on other devices. No news on their site for awhile. I’m betting they shut down the service and took the remainder of everyone’s subscription money.
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2 years ago, gus daugherty
Best thing since sliced bread
Okay I use this in school mostly in algebra and ela cuz I am in the back and also stuff for school this works great with when I’m at school! Love the app keep it up
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2 years ago, Jeff8964
Reliable and free VPN
Thanks to the developer for this wonderful app, privacy and safety are important, they depend on the developers who are, i trust Psiphon because the developer is reliable. Of course i love it free, stable, fast, and no ads.
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6 years ago, Jdksjskajaj
I do recommend this app it works great! Like during school I would never get any service but now I that I downloaded this it helps me alottt and I get good service. For example I can use Snapchat & instagram:))) so this app is good!!
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2 years ago, BigBoy@
Problem in this version
I used it so long ago, but There is a problem preventing the app to connect to any server, please fix this issue. Update: Thanks for solving this issue
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1 year ago, Strawb system
Eh wouldn’t recommend
I used this app at school so I could have a easier time accessing educational resources that were blocked on the wifi I was doing fine with it at first till the payment messages started to come still I used it but now I can’t at all the vpn does not work and won’t stay connect for any longer than a minute
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5 years ago, Niya 🦋
Has some potential
Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, it can get really irritating but honestly i blame it on my schools wifi bc it literally blocks EVERYTHING. Overall an okay app since it’s my only working vpn source in school.
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3 years ago, Piscesuae
They Extort money
Be careful with this app. I deleted the app from my mobile and even u subscribed before deleting but still a sum of 35 aed is going from my account and there is no contact number which I can talk to or email to asking them for a reason . This is a second consecutive month my money is going for My account and I have no clue how to stop this.
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5 years ago, Gmadzia007949
MVP vpn
Hey there American citizen writing from China. I love this vpn and using it the app on my mobile for probably more than a year now. But I think China has caught onto the vpn any to improve it and make its defenses against the communist crazies would be much appreciated. Keep up the good work!
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6 months ago, czulsk
Cannot Use In My Region
I used it for about a year now. This year try to connect the have message saying it’s no longer free please keep it free for others that needs it. I need it the most. I’m in a region that needs it the most, so they blocked me out from using it. What kind of message is this?
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5 years ago, chip dip cip cream
Works really well but drains my battery was on my phone for about 10 mins showing pictures from my camera roll to a friend my battery went from 80% to 23% I’ve only had this problem since I started using the app
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2 years ago, Hell0?¿
The new pop up
Since the new pop-up regarding the pay to use in certain regions has popped up, I had to get rid of it seeing as I do not have the funds available to pay for it and now i can’t find anything like it. Go back to the free to use version please.
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3 years ago, Chdhfygxg
You guys should add the option to only connect when on wifi or to only connect on cellular stuff like that
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6 years ago, Aland Mawlood
Doesn’t work properly
The first time I got the app it worked for the first 10-20 Mina but later it disconnected. Whenever I try to connect it just says connecting but doesn’t actually connect. PLEASE FIX THIS
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1 year ago, alaa sulaiman
Believe me ! If you don't have this app in your device, you make a big mistake ..... very helpful and useful app . 5 stars
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6 years ago, Th3ify
It’s great
It works also it’s fast and it’s reliable I love it and I told my friends about it I’m gonna get the premium version soon keep up the work
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5 years ago, little kelvin
Connection problem
I am having problems to connect with the Psiphon since yesterday until now. Please anything wrong?
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2 months ago, ahhdo
Once a good app now scummy and money grubbing.
Yes the aisle of this review says it all, they’d rather have you pay to use the VPN to its fullest potential then do what they did back in the day and just not do that. I get devs need to make money but if devs do scummy stuff Ike this the devs in my opinion are scammers and shouldn’t be dealt with.
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5 years ago, RiFi_06
It’s the best (:
I love psiphon it’s never failed i use it in school because the school wifi is blocked i would recommend it to anyone it’s never let me down(:
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2 years ago, Super noob ninja master
A very strange VPN
I don’t know why but it works fine on my dads computer but doesn’t on my iPad, even weirder it used to work fine on my iPad but at some point it just stopped working on it, developers please fix this.
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1 year ago, Sheila nbt
For iran
I wanna this vpn for iran but I’m not sure if it’s working properly I downloaded it and I hope it’s working I hope it’s free to use 😥
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3 years ago, fffoooxxx9
It worked but……
Every time I use this vpn my safari will open a website full of advertisement .I don’t think this app is safe to use,but it’s free to use for now anyway (I’m not sure)
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4 years ago, mohsen64
for everything's
The vpn like a need for life for Iranian people. if connect to internet without vpn like drive with car but just in your home . and with vpn like opened door can go to all world
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7 years ago, rosycheekedangel
Thanks to this I can now leech off the school wifi. I definitely don’t mind the 30sec ads bc in most of them you can X out of. Other than that, this is perfect!
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4 years ago, user92749491000
The only that works
The new only app that helps us in Belarus to get into the internet during fighting with dictatorship
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5 years ago, iKidtinright
Try thank you !
Keep it right always and I would be appreciate it thank you!
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4 years ago, heiscook
one of the few which really works
Saved us a lot during internet blackout in Belarus in Aug 2020
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5 years ago, Ansboo
i was using this during school and this app hacked in to my instagram and posted two pictures from my camera roll and later tried to sign into my instagram again and instagram notified me that someone was trying to get into my account. it did this with my google account too. don’t recommend
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5 years ago, Anooger
Doesn’t Work
For about the first year I had this app, it would always connect to whatever wifi network I was on immediately. But throughout the updates, it has slowly taken longer and longer to connect to the point where it stopped working entirely.
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4 years ago, samiሳሚ
I love this app
Very helpful app How can I get back to old version I lost connection right after I updated it
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4 years ago, VPK BLR
Helps overcome government blocking
Crazy, but it helped me stay online when the criminal government of Belarus shut down internet to prevent the spread of truth about elections meddling
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5 years ago, 77999576
Always used, and free
The app can't be used, I hope to update it quickly.
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