Puffin Cloud Browser

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CloudMosa, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Puffin Cloud Browser

3.98 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
6 years ago, Kat🐱🐯Kat
It’s great!
I love it, it’s a great app. I got it to play games on my phone that are only accessible through the computer, since I didn’t have one and really wanted to play those games. However, there is one problem that infuriates me to no end. This has only happened to me three times since I got the app (it’s been about 2 years) but very time it happens I get so mad. What happens is the app freezes, and then makes me return to the home page of my phone. When I open up the app again, the screen stays frozen until I close out of the app completely (swiping it up). This fixes the freezing problem, sure, but it also closes ALL of the tabs I have open. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else, or if it’s just me, but I just wanted to let ya’ll know about this glitch. Over all, however, I do love this browser, and I will continue using it despite the small bugs.
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5 years ago, NabicanEmpress
Amazing App- Furious about its Fate
I have used Puffin Browser on my iPhone for a very long time and it has followed through every device upgrade. It easily enabled cookies (took me awhile to figure out how to do so on Safari) and allowed me to easily access the desktop site- destroying many issues that Safari gave me on several sites. I use Safari much more than I use Puffin, but for some sites, Safari does NOT suffice. I am a college student. I don’t need a ton of bugs and malfunctions with college websites just because Safari does not come equipped with the ability to switch to the desktop version of a site. I had to fill out a very important application the other day and tried to do so on Safari, but had to swap due the “Save” and “Submit” buttons vanishing- I had to remember everything that I had typed and type it all up again as a result. I am extremely displeased with this unjust removal of a good app. Thanks a lot. I now have to find a decent app that has the same abilities as Puffin so that i can complete important tasks or even just play a game and be able to see the whole screen. I’m going to miss that adorable European bird icon- puffins are very incredible creatures. I hope that the App Store people will retract their decision and work with the app developers, because the app was amazing.
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5 years ago, Kikigrim
Sad to see you go.
When I first received my iPhone and iPad nearly 2 years ago, I found it pure madness that Apple products still did not support Flash. I had searched through various browsers, but none seemed to support it either. The few that did were clunky, cost money, and half baked. When I had downloaded Puffin, I was tremendously pleased. Using the browser was intuitive. I did not have to switch between functions to enable flash. I could browse freely and do what wanted without having to fight an application. Now over the last year, Puffin has had issues and hiccups. It no longer functioned on my iPad, and even more recently we’ve been advised they are closing service to Apple products. It’s a shame when competition can do far superior to an existing system and said systems only response is to block progress of competition. That’s rather backwards one would think. Would it not be better to improve so powerfully that the competition looks foolish in comparison? That’s sadly a rare case. To all the staff at Puffin and those whom made it the wonderful tool it is, thank you. Thank you for all your hard work, your wonderful design, and your having fought this hard this long. We are sad to see you go, but ever grateful for the time you made things so much easier.
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7 years ago, PB&Mayo
This browser ruined me!
I started using Puffin because I wanted to access Flash games on my iPad. I'm no Flash fan by any means and I look forward to it becoming unnecessary but for now there are still a few things that just can't be done without it, many games being the one for me. I tried several different browsers before I settled on Puffin as being the best I found for using Flash on iOS. When I started using it I had no idea just how fast it actually was. But I began noticing how impatient I had become trying to do anything with any other browser. I usually used Chrome, Firefox or Opera (and Safari when needed) and saw that I was beginning to click several times on the same link or button to try to get something to happen. Eventually I found myself cursing out loud at my iPad every time I had to use any browser besides Puffin. Now Puffin is my go to and I rarely use the others. I still use them when I need particular features but find myself doing so less and less and expect that eventually I'll rarely use anything but Puffin on my iPad. I only wish it was available on my iMac. Maybe it's not the perfect browser for everyone and if so I suggest you not use it for too long or you may find it impossible to go back to what you had been using before.
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7 years ago, maxxsplace
Although puffin is the best browser i have seen for flash games on the ipad it is definitely buggy this past month or so. There must have been an update and since the i have had all sorts of problems with it. First of all some new pop up when you try to play yoworld on facebook, it says true, under that leave and under that stay on this page. It's incredibly annoying to have to click on that every single time i try to do anything on the game. Worse yet it started freezing constantly whch means constantly refreshing and having to click on that pop up again and again. I keep getting nothing but a white screen, the log off button won't fully open without refreshing several times. I've deleted the browser and reloaded it a few times to no avail. Up to 4-6 weeks ago I'd have given it 5 stars but not until they fix this bug. I don't play any other facebook games so don't know if there are problems with other games. These issues seem to be unique to facebook. However like i said so far i haven't been able to find another browser that really works for flash games on the ipad.
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5 years ago, Eman101804
Please Don’t Remove
I know this is just one review and many have asked for this app not to go down. I’m not sure if the developers are reading this, but if they are, please don’t end this app. I know we still have the whole summer to use this app, but I just got my iPad Pro and I was excited to use this app as a desktop browser so I could make my iPad feel more like a computer. I would like to personally ask the developers to, even if they take the app off the AppStore, to please don’t end the service. This is too good of an app and ending it would only make apple win. The best thing to do would be to keep the service running, even without updates, so those who support the app can use it and prove apple wrong. I’ve used many apps in the past where apple has removed them and stopped the developers from updating them and they are still good apps even to this day! Developers, please don’t take away this app this is the best browser I’ve ever downloaded off the AppStore.
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5 years ago, Koamalath
What a shame :(
This app was extremely useful and I just can't believe is going away... (For iOS users) I hate to see it leave this app has helped me more times than you think and it's going to be gone only July. The only thing I recommend if you love this app is buy the pro version which will give you a little more time if your and iOS user but if your any other device it works on... GG you've won this battle. This app was like any other browser BUT it had a lot more useful things that you could use to your advantage like your playing a game that's meant for computer and surprisingly it worked they also has this mouse function and that helped me ALOT they have things other browser don't have and it's just really sad. I wasn't really listening (sorry) but didn't you guys say it was apples fault or something like that sorry if I'm wrong. But if your reading this I want you to know your app was extremely useful and I used it all the time.
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7 years ago, Spent Parch
The Flash feature is BUGGY
Every time I use the adobe flash feature on Puffin Browser, I always know that it's going to either crash or freeze when I first start using it. When I reload the page it's fine it starts working properly but literally EVERYTIME I use it, it's going to seem fine, but about 10 minutes in and it will crash and I'll have to reload the page for it to start working properly without crashing. Normally this wouldn't be problem, but when I'm playing a online MMO flash game and it crashes before I save my progress, it really makes me rage at my phone. Normally I'd just forget this app and download another app with the adobe flash feature on it, but there isn't one to my knowledge. So I'm stuck with browser, where when I do something that involves adobe flash and cause it to lag and then freeze up. It's a real pain to deal with because I use this app to play flash games on a cool website, but I always expect it to crash, because it does. Oh btw It's a good browser when your not using the adobe flash feature on it, but I'd recommend Google Chrome if you want a really fast browser.
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5 years ago, Inf_Xezian
One of the best browsers out there for any smart device
So far the best browser I’ve ever used on any smart phone or tablet. I started using my phone more because it gave me a similar experience to my computer browsers in terms of both speed and general use. It has an easy to use and navigate tab system allowing you to open new tabs and either directly go to them or open them in the background, something I would always do on my computer to the point of opening too many tabs but would never do on any phone or tablet just because of the pain of navigating them or the having to constantly open new tabs go to the site I was on in another tab and then click the link I wanted on that new tab, which was a hassle and overall annoying. It also allowed me to run flash which is always a benefit. Overall a great app sad to see it going away.
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5 years ago, SMHSMH<3
Best Browser For iOS, Period!
This is THE best browser for iOS. It is the ONLY one I use. I just discovered that they haven’t updated for the new iOS softwares in so long because Apple has not allowed them to — as per the Puffin team, because they see them and their BETTER BROWSER SERVICE as a competitor/threat, and that as a result of that inability to update, the Puffin team feel they have no option but to make their browser unavailable before it becomes obsolete under newer and newer iOS softwares. It will be gone on July 1st. I am devastated and incredibly angry with Apple. If they see Puffin as a threat, they should IMPROVE SAFARI, one of the WORST browsers for iOS. If Safari was as good as Puffin I’d be glad to use it. But instead of actually compete, Apple is choosing to betray and purposely hurt their customers and take away their browser choices. Puffin: fantastic service. Apple: worthless, shameful company.
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3 months ago, AkemiGhim
Super outdated design and buggy
I’m sure this browser used to be really good, but now, it’s really bad, the design is super old, elements are really slow to load and small, Google looks absolutely atrocious, and scrolling is a nightmare, nothing is where it should be, and I was unable to find a setting to change the search engine. If you want some inspiration for how to make the browser look more modern, Opera and Vivaldi are some greatly designed mobile browsers. Opera takes smooth animations and touch friendliness to next level, while Vivaldi puts everything on the bottom and makes one handed use amazing, including adding in the ability to swipe on the address bar to swipe between tabs. It also has incredible customizations. This market is super competitive, so in order to keep afloat, I recommend updating the UI of the browser, this has some neat ideas going for it, keep that up and with a smooth, modern interface, you would have a real contender for a standalone mobile browser
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5 years ago, Andricha88
To be discontinued, thanks apple.
Has all the features I want and nothing I didn’t. Needed a little love on the stability side, froze more than it should but i question whether that’s a puffin issue or an iOS issue... Puffin has the simple stuff like the arrow on the right of the browser to return to the top of the page that is just not in any others. And having ALL the options at the top where they belong... why do no other browsers I’ve tried do it that way. I’ve tried Firefox, Aloha, DuckDuckGo, dolphin, opera, and probably a few others but puffin is my favorite. Sadly I’m leaving because of the stability, I cannot just stick it out until it’s resolved because apple isn’t letting browsers use any system other than what safari uses behind the scenes so puffin will likely fade away soon. That’s why all the others seem like re-skinned safari browsers....
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5 years ago, a3ology
Shame to see it leave
This app has been incredibly useful. It has every capability of all the most popular browsers, plus so many more features - and it’s totally free. It’s an app I’ve recommended to friends in the past and would be glad to do so again. I’m really sad to see it go and I wish Apple would not be so biased on who can do what with their apps, especially when they force developers to pay to even host their apps. Their system is insanely terrible and the fact that they ban certain devs/apps from updating is just absurdly cruel. Unfortunately there’s no good place to criticize Apple like you can to all their hosted apps. I would love for the developer to keep this up if they can, but I understand it is nearly impossible to keep up-to-date without the ability to update their app. Thanks for the amazing app I used daily for years. Best wishes.
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5 years ago, Alex120229
Very Helpful, Very Sad to See it Go
For reasons I can’t remember I downloaded Puffin for my phone and iPad. While I used it for mainly flash games when I was bored because I have no PC it did become VERY useful one day when I was in class (High-school, still attending). We had to do an assignment on the computers, the assignment requiring flash, but not all of them worked. Puffin helped me complete that assignment, I was even able to help the other kids who couldn’t use the computers by telling them to download it. Even now I’m using it for an assignment on my phone. I’m very sad to see it go because I don’t know when I’ll need to do another assignment that’ll require me to use flash when I can’t use a computer, I won’t be able to browse Newgrounds animation and games anymore and this 9 year-old app will no longer exist. RIP Puffin, the greatest browser to ever exist.
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5 years ago, Neonred23
Great App - Apple is killing something special
Puffin is a very useful app; I mainly use for an RPG game when I need to help someone on the move, but once in a while I need it for sites I can’t seem to get to any other way. They have been very reliable; no long lasting technical issues or random bugs disrupting my use. When I read Apple won’t let them update, thus keeping them from working on iOS devices, I was very disappointed. This is why I don’t like Monopolies (or just big corporations in general); they can’t stand competition, so they just sabotage potential competitors so they don’t have to make themselves better. Anyway, I am glad Puffin alerted it’s users to give us time to figure out what to do. A gem of an App! Puffin, you will be missed.
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5 years ago, insert name of you choice here
Why tho
I’m terribly sorry that puffin has to leave the App Store but I have one thing to ask and it’s mostly to apple but if apple has basically forced you to leave the platform then why can you still download other web browsers? And If I’m just being dumb tell me Thank you for possibly listening to me a just providing such amazing web browser and I say this on behalf of not just me but hopefully everyone that ever used this app Thank you. We hope that it doesn’t happen again on the play store and I know you’ll find a way to overcome it next time. We all appreciate the service that you provided for us for free I might add and I just wanna say....we love you and as long as you’re gone the best browser on all apple products is gone. We’ll miss you but we understand. Farewell, just a fan
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5 years ago, Will_E_B
One of, if not the best desktop browsers for iOS.
It has been extremely excellent to work with such a stellar app from a stellar visionary that this company bring where, so few dared to. By the hand of the need did such a calling came forth and gave iOS a new breath towards holding on a promise of more then just mobile but a true competitor or dare to say possibly a replacement for most use case scenario as laptop replacement, This browser along with a few other management apps did deliver that promise even if short lived. I thank each and every curator, coder, planer, and technician for developing and maintaining such a feat albeit adjacent to such as Apple the tech giant. Hear, hear to the future of all your endeavors be as successful and codified continually. Thanks again for all those whom worked over the years from your endearing effervescence, Will.
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5 years ago, Blackjack Barret
Puffin Was Great and now I hate Apple even more
It’s so sad to see Puffin go from the Apple App Store and I am furious that Apple has flexed their power to muscle out this wonderful app. This app has been a god send to me by allowing me to use java based programs on my phone through puffin browser. No other browser that I have found on the Apple App Store offers a feature like this which has greatly disappointed me. This is the last straw for me, I will no longer be purchasing anything from Apple in the future because of their senseless greed which forced this wonderful app to be discontinued on their phones. I bid you farewell wonderful Puffin, at least until my phone dies and I am able to replace it with one which supports your efforts.
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5 years ago, Ruff ruff :o3
The perfect browser
I love the Puffin browser, so much so that I purchased the full version because it was honestly a perfect browser. I didn’t have to worry about it not being compatible with the sites I was visiting and also knew I could rely on it when I needed a fully functioning desktop version of a site I was on. I’m a student and I never had any issues when I needed to go to desktop version on a school site, which are finicky on their own to begin with. I am heartbroken that Puffin will be discontinued on IOS because I love this browser. It is reliable and incredibly well designed and easy to use. I wish apple would collaborate with the Puffin developers to keep this app available to IOS consumers :(
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5 years ago, Duckie12278
A Must Have
I frequently use used this app on middle school since many of my textbooks were online and it was simply easier and more intuitive to access them from there. They require flash, so I could really only use Puffin Browser to get to them. Now, my younger sister and brother are in middle school and use the same app to get to the same textbooks as I did. Since textbooks aren’t really supposed to leave our school, it is going to be very difficult for them to do their homework. Please don’t take the app down, and instead just stop releasing updates. The version now is incredible and does far more than the minimum! If you do take it down though; thank you for an amazing app.
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5 years ago, gothgardener
Sorry to see it go
I never used Puffin heavily (since my inability to properly customize my iPhone settings meant most websites auto-opened in other browsers) but it worked great for the things I used it for - and these were some of my favorite sites. Yes, it had bugs, but nothing that bothered me significantly. I liked being able to stick to desktop sites. Thanks for all the years of allowing me to access my stuff ‘privately’ on my phone while I was at work. There don’t really appear to be any alternatives, especially for flash, that have been updated any time within the last few years. Obviously this was a niche product, but a well-loved one. Wishing all the best for CloudMosa/Puffin.
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5 years ago, TheWorldIsUrs
Great app!
I used Puffin for a while now. It’s not my main browser but it definitely allows for greater browsing in certain cases. This browser provides a great alternative to Safari whilst allowing full desktop functionality as one would expect from a traditional computer interface. Puffin is a great app that can facilitate website interfaces that is sometimes lost with Safari experience. I have tried to use Safari for certain secure sites and also for filling out forms. It’s frustrating when one can only access functions that Safari limits like Adobe flash player (I know it’s old, but some graphics depend on it) with Puffin. Please continue to allow Puffin to develop the app.
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5 years ago, Speaktok
Puffin is a wonderful browser for what Apple REFUSES to do for Safari
SHAME on Apple. This is why I REFUSE to own anything from them outside of my iPad. I bought my iPad to do school work on, and Apple's Safari has been TERRIBLE. Puffin is what has ran MOST of the thing I have needed. Apple's mentality of bullying program writers and inventors is disgusting. I am also a photographer and I can't use half of the Adobe products on my iPad with out having to pay for the things I get FREE on my laptop that runs windows, or my Samsung. I am disgusted with Apple's railroading us and removing the choice to use Puffin for what Apple REFUSES to update Safari to do instead. CloudMosa, your stuff is WONDERFUL. Please come out with something else to replace Puffin! You are a saint!
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5 years ago, Scan95
When all others failed, Puffin got it done
Bottom line for me, there are a few websites I use for work and for some reason puffin (is) the only browser on iOS that will work. I’m not an expert on why, can only say that safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc; tried them all and on a very small number of important websites, Puffin was the only one that would get the job done. Extremely sad, in some ways even feeling a bit frantic knowing I will no longer have a browser that will support my work. Not sure at this point what my solution will be. Might be I will finally make the shift to a diff phone ... another venture that makes me nervous as I’ve used Apple since the iPhone 4.
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7 years ago, Michaela Franchi
Pretty helpful except for one problem
I have been using puffin for around one to two years. Don’t get me wrong, puffin is a great browser for games that require flash, and is incredibly fast for gaming and so on. My only concern is that every month or so I get a notification on my screen saying that I need flash and it gives me a fee requiring me to pay $3.50 or so per month to enable flash. Because of this problem I’ve had to uninstall puffin multiple times. I assure you to download this app as it is a useful app, but if it asks you to spend any amount of money for flash or any other sort of error, just uninstall the app and reinstall it again. I hope this helped you and I recommend this app to all users 😄
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5 years ago, BlueKing27
The Best of the Best
I have been using Puffin Browser for roughly 2 years now. (this September of 2019 would mark the second year). This web browser app is by far the best. It’s speed compared to other browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, and other web apps is instantaneous. Puffin is no joke, and when they say fast speeds, they literally mean it. Everything that is listed under their “features” is true and accurate. There are statistics that PROVE Puffin is the superior web browser app and it shows through this genius application. Puffin Browser is in a class of its own, and I’m a proud Puffin user. 10/10 would highly recommend. Sad to see you go 😞 I’ll miss you ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Abbie 💘
Best Mobile Browser But One Problem
I love everything about this browser and wish I could rate it 5 stars, however it won’t save my progress on flash games. Here is a message from one of the games “Your game progress is normally saved somewhere on your computer not the website you’re playing on. If your saved games are missing it means your web browser or other software has deleted your progress! Be careful you don’t delete your cookies, and make sure NONE of your browsers delete cookies immediately when closing.” I don’t think it’s the game because I’ve accessed saved games from a windows device. PLEASE include an option to save cookies so I don’t have to restart every time! (╥_╥)
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5 years ago, Brockj10
Favorite Mobile Web Browser.... Why the shutdown?
This was my favorite free web browser on the App Store. I don’t know the whole story behind their statement that development ceased but apparently “Apple saw Puffin as a rival and unfairly stopped [them] from releasing updates through App Store Policies.” What does that even mean? Apple allows other companies to update their own web browsers on the App Store just fine, why would Puffin be singled out as the sole rival to one of the largest technological giants on the face of the Earth? Regardless, I’m very disappointed to see it shut it down. I’m sure plenty of people would love to see this app saved on the IOS platform. Is there anything we can do?
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6 years ago, Bonnie Parris
Great app but doesn’t play Flash audio.
This is a pretty good app as far as I know. I only use it to read Homestuck because my computer is broken, and I needed something to be able to run Flash content. This app was the perfect choice. Not only is it able to run Flash content, but there’s also a game pad and other stuff to make the Flash content fully functional. The only down-side I have is it doesn’t play Flash audio. I’ve experienced this while reading Homestuck the past few days. There are some panels where audio is SUPPOSED to play, but the browser doesn’t play any sound, which makes the experience much less enjoyable. Fix this and I’ll give the app a five star rating. Kudos!
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5 years ago, techiedodo
Love this browser...sad to see it go
I homeschool my two kids and use K12 for their curriculum. After trying Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, I came across Puffin. It was the only browser where all the pages loaded correctly and had no issue running flash. It is very difficult to teach when a website keeps crashing. I really am distraught about the browser going away. I am not sure what I will do when the school semester resumes in September. Hopefully, Apple and the developers at Puffin will be able to find a way to move forward. I really would hate to see this browser go because it will make things very difficult in September.
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5 years ago, macxlab
Puffin on iOS will be missed
I have been using the Puffin browser for several years to access desktop versions of websites on my iPhone. I have tried MANY other browsers, and Puffin is the only one that reliably and consistently loads the desktop version of a website when I ask it to. The global setting to request desktop versions is great, and actually works. Most other browsers, including Safari, may attempt to load the desktop version to some success, but invariably they fail to either access at all or to hold access to the desktop site. Puffin finds the desktop version and stays with it.
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5 years ago, Joe-Bear
Apple can be a jerk
This is one of the best browsing apps i’ve used for getting the full experience with sites, as being on mobile seems like being treated like a kid. As if you can’t handle searching without help or can’t process more than a few pieces of information at a time. I want the full functionality of the device i paid way too much for, and access to the internet i pay way too much for, and want to do the things that others can that Apple boasts about being better than! What i’m saying is, thank you. I will be getting this app again when i switch to a better phone for considerably less money.
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5 years ago, Divbella
Good but..
I, personally, have been using Puffin Web Browser for a few years now, and I believe it works generally well. There are some glitches and lags every now and then, which makes me worried about some of the things that are happening on this app. It is rather slow for me, and it doesn’t save the data on my tabs that I use; as I have to do the same thing over and over again on an online website on Puffin, making it rather boring. Against the negative, it is good because it is free, saving people time. People shouldn’t expect so much from an app, to be honest. Though it does require flash, it is generally an okay app to use.
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5 years ago, LA DOLL f a c e
Devastating that Apple won’t allow Puffin to operate on iOS
I’m such a longtime user of Puffin on iOS and am devastated to here that Apple won’t allow any Puffin updates and therefore is forcing a shutdown of Puffin due to competing interests. There is nothing like Puffin out there to log in on iPhone as a desktop and do serious business. Mobile browsing doesn’t work fully when it comes to doing all online banking business or in real estate and apartment search business. Mobile browsing is extremely limited still at this point in 2019. RIP Puffin. Too bad you couldn’t do a lawsuit on this forced shutdown. Our POTUS sure would. Seems very unAmerican of Apple!
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5 years ago, TheDirewolf1234
I will never forget you.
You were the best of the best when it came to supporting flash on iOS. I don’t understand Apple’s reasoning. If they see you as a rival, then why don’t they go after Chrome? I’ve never used Safari once in my entire life. But I use Chrome for normal stuff and I used this app for flash. The rumors about flash crashing the iPad have never happened to me. It has been so smooth for the past 4 1/2 months I’ve been using this site. I hated having to get my computer out just to play a flash game; I guess Apple has to give me something to hate again. I wish I used Puffin years and years before. Best wishes to CloudMosa, Inc.
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5 years ago, appprrill
Sad About Shutdown
I started using this browser for the fact that it had flash unlike Safari. I was even thinking about switching to only puffin for certain things because of the ease of use and how it makes filling out things easier along with the ability to play flash games. Apple really needs to relax there is honestly no reason to sabotage another company/app because in the end what is Apple really gaining. To be honest Safari is lacking in many areas along with iPhones iOS themselves. With that being said I personally prefer Puffin and Chrome and only use Safari because it is usually convenient.
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6 years ago, DreamwaIker
Make this your second browser.
So many sites don't offer mobile users full options even when they attempt to view advanced features or "full sites" on mobile (if you're lucky enough to even be using a site that has those and remembers you want them when you open another page on the site). Puffin browser is the perfect response to this stupid trend of inaccessibility. It tells sites "No, just treat this exactly as a PC and let me actually use all the features of your site." When something doesn't work in your main browser, go to Puffin as your trusy number two.
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5 years ago, LOVEISAVERB99999696969
Puffin must stay
This app although buggy on a rare occasion has been a savior for me when it has come to doing things on my phone requiring desktop function or flash which Apple to this day doesn’t support. I’ve been using it for probably more than 7 years and it’s come through so many times for me. I’ve looked into other browsers and none have the type of functionality puffin does. It has been my go to second browser and has become a NECESSITY. I hope that there is some kind of turnaround against this, it would be a shame to see it go. Thank you guys for all of your hard work.
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5 years ago, Lugogarcia
Love this browser - sad to see it go for iOS users
I use this app when I need to complete tasks that I can normally only do on a desktop browser and usually for my small business. It helps me run my website on the go when I don’t have my laptop with me - since there are many things I can’t do from mobile chrome or safari. Today I received a notice that it will be discontinued for iOS users and I’m very disappointed. It has been a fantastic resource for me - very fast and reliable. I’m not sure what I’ll do without it. Thank you to the developers for great use I’ve gotten out of it over the years!
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7 years ago, Allmineweretaken
I have never seen better
This puffin web browser is awesome! It has all of the things a good browser has, and once you get the hang of all of the buttons, controls, etc., it works really great! The only thing I would change about this is that I think it would be better if there was a video recorder. There might be one in the Pro version, but I lack Money and storage at this time. Anyway, I just think it would be nice to have the ability of recording the sites a person plays on and possibly share the videos with friends or post them on the internet afterwards.
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5 years ago, NCIphonecrazy1
Apple is going down!
I originally had the free version and liked it so much I wanted to invest in the developer so I bought the Paid version. This is by far the best browser. Too bad Apple is afraid of the competition they have to shut it down....Apple is making crap products and shouldn’t blame developers doing great things! I am working away from Apple products because of their shady way of doing business, like taking a wonderful app like this away. Thank you for the years I was able to utilize Puffin! There is no other that compares to what you offer. Sad day it will be when you are gone.
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5 years ago, iona 6
This version crashes with iOS 9.1
Puffin Free used to be a great browsing experience on the iPad since it can emulate a desktop browser. However, since I've updated both the browser app and iOS, Puffin Free freezes frequently. It really needs an update to address the freezing issue, can hardly scroll down a page without a freeze and needing to re-start the app. Don't know what you did to update it for iOS 9, but it wasn't enough. ETA: Reloads pages constantly, hard to use it to read any sites with large paragraphs of text because every time an ad or takeover or whatever loads in the background, the entire page reloads. One page can load 20 times and you still can't see what you're trying to read on that page. i am about ready to delete this app. If any other browser had a setting to show the desktop site by default instead of selecting it each time, this app would be gone from my iPad. ETA: I have had issues with the Puffin Free browser, but the developers have been very responsive to emails. I will really miss the browser and wish it were not being discontinued. No other iOS browser will open in desktop mode, a setting that Safari should have. RIP, Puffin.
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5 years ago, fan_004
Imagine being a monopolist company like apple.
I have used this app for 5+ years, it is unfortunate to hear about the unfair and unjust expressions of a monopolizing company that is destroying the business of another app to make their own money and their own profits. I am deeply disappointed in this happening, thank you puffin for being a great app that provided my with all of my needs. Apple needs to learn that we are past monopolizing companies, they are becoming a money hungry company that will do as they please without realizing the consequences of their actions, bringing down anyone in their path and not apologizing for it. Thanks apple. .____.
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5 years ago, Xigtomas
Please don't close this App on iOS
Just came to know about the extremely sad and disappointing news that you're closing this app on iOS. Please don't do so. I have been using this app for more than 5 years now and I cannot imagine an iOS device (be it my iPhone or iPad) without this app. This App has always given me desktop class functionality on iOS and so much more. Even the updated Safari on iOS 13 can't compete with this App. I literally beg the developers not to close this App on iOS. And kudos to the whole team for giving such a great app on a iOS. Much love to the whole team.
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5 years ago, Unripe Apple
Please don’t remove this app...
This is my goto app for my daughter’s schoolwork because a lot of her assigned content still uses flash content. This browser is the way we access that content on our iPad on the go. I realize flash is a relic, but it’s still the way her schoolwork is formatted a good portion of the time. Please don’t remove this app from the App Store. I’m fine with it not being updated, but removing it completely will put a dead stop on how we access the internet on the iPad. This is the absolute best app we found for accessing flash content, and we’ll more than miss it...
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5 years ago, Aetrux
Shame on Apple
This app was amazing. I love it, period. So quick and reliable. So many features. The app was more than any other browser could dream of becoming. It was super easy to control and the browser specific features blew my mind. Shame on Apple for removing such an amazing app. Shame on Apple for playing unfairly in this market competition. Safari is a horrible, plain browser. Nobody that I know uses it. Puffin on the other hand, is simple yet elegant and has many features, as mentioned previously. I’ll never forget that Puffin. At least we still have the stickers to remember..
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5 years ago, Jfhkugg1111
Apple forcing out Puffin? Best browser in store!
According to the developer apple continues to refuse to allow them to update, essentially forcing out this browser. It has the best performance of any browser due to its lightning speed, ability to access desktop sites, and uses flash drive for easy streaming. Apple cannot compete with it and so has refused to allow it to develop on the App Store. The developer is shutting it down July 2019 because of this. Very unprofessional of Apple. Correct this if you want to continue supporting creative apps and offering customers what they want.
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5 years ago, CookieDogs🐶
I have used this SO much and it’s a FANTASTIC app! I always used it to go to websites and play games on my phone that I could usually only do on my computer. They announced recently however that they are shutting down in early October because aPpLe sees them as competition and won’t let them update any more! I’m really sad about this. HOWEVER! I know of a way that may work! If you search up Panda Helper, and download it, (by the way you have to search it up in your browser it is NOT available in the App Store) you can find Puffin as well as many other apps and download it! 😁
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7 years ago, Painted Serenity
Great, but laggy..
Puffin is great, it lets you play games without having adobe flash player, so why am I rating this 2 stars? There is MAJOR lag, I keep on refreshing and it still won't work. So it makes me go to settings and fix the network, even though nothing is wrong with it. Once I go to a game, it freezes. I'm not okay with this, I use this app almost every day, but I need to put my foot down. The lag is enough, I'm getting very sick of it and I'm starting to use my computer more often. The only think I suggest you should fix is the lag. Nothing else. The updates keep getting worse and worse, and I think you should actually start fixing the app instead of making it worse, but the rest is PERFECT. Thanks for making this app.
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5 years ago, ethanh475
Greatest flash Browser!! So sad to see it go.
I've used puffin browser for so long, that I don't even remember when I started using it. When I was younger, I played a flash game on our family desktop. It was really slow with flash . At school someone was showing off playing the game on their iPad. I was so intrigued. I immediately started playing my flash game on the browser. Going everywhere with a basis ally portable computer on my iPad was great! Puffin really was a great app that made me really happy as a child. I'm really going to miss puffin on my iPad and iPhone. Thank you cloud Mesa. Thank you.
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