Punch Time Clock Hours Tracker

4.8 (27.8K)
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Current version
Trent Morris
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Punch Time Clock Hours Tracker

4.8 out of 5
27.8K Ratings
1 year ago, AnchorSnake
Works Great!
This is a great app once you unlock the pro version of it. It has all the functionality needed to handle oddities of keeping your time sheet right. I love the fact that everything is editable, so you can correct errors. It’s also easy to figure out and has the flexibility needed to adapt to almost any pay system I can think of. The HVAC company I recently started with was relying on us sending them an email with our hours for the week, or writing it down on a random sheet of paper. After I send the owner my exported time sheet from this app he made everybody get this app and he paid for the pro version. Great App if you get the Pro version and it’s not very expensive. Thanks!
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3 years ago, JP Kmiami
It almost does everything I need it to. Wish there was a way to group ours under different job names so you could see total hrs for specific locations then show combined totals. Also needs a way to change pay scale by day or job instead of forcing you to only have one option for pay. At my job I am paid different amounts hourly for different jobs that I do. It would be nice to actually get an accurate total and the end of my two weeks rather than having to go back and do the math to get the correct totals. Also when I send in my totals it shows my pay incorrectly so I can’t really use the send to another user function because the pay is off which causes me to have to type everything out manually and then submit. So really the only thing I find that it does well for me is track hours. For a paid subscription I would have expected a little more. Not the worst but could be way better and more useful with just a few extra added features.
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1 year ago, xCRBx
Easy to use; needs some updates
The app as a whole is very easy to setup and use. I contract from home, so this app makes it super simple to clock in and out, keeping track of my pay hours. And the customization makes it easy to compare against my pay stubs. My one complaint is that while there is a button to add hours manually, that button always wants to add those hours to the first day of the pay period. There’s no way to change the day for the manually added hours. Example: if your contract includes paid days when you don’t clock in/out, you still have to clock in/out using the app on those days. There’s no way to add them manually before or after with a note that they were contract-paid non-working hours on the actual dates they will be counted.
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2 years ago, SeanM24
Good simple time clock
I like how simple it is to use. It has labels in pro version where you can write down the job name if you have multiple customers in a day. Or you can use the label feature to write down your company name, just keeps thing organized and clean looking. Only issue I have is the the export feature. Does not work. It says check your email settings and come back again. So I go to my setting, find this app and open its setting, only two are available, Siri & Search and use cellular data. No option for email. I have gmail, so I go to my gmail app settings through iPhone settings and this app doesn’t show up. Exporting will help out so much as my brother just started a business and needs a clean data log of my hours. What’s the problem?
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5 years ago, LaylaRae3
Not Loving the Latest Update
Update: I understand the change to less buttons/selections was to streamline the process. However, is it possible to consider making the option to automatically clock in after time has lapsed? For example, once I hit clock in, if no further action is made in 15-30 seconds then clock in now would be the default selection and the action would complete itself? I miss the option for one button! I now have to click more than once to log my time which I find pretty frustrating after getting used to another process. I want a smooth operation and constantly being asked if I want to log now or at another time is very annoying. Please consider making a change back to the prior version or something to allow for a faster one step log.
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3 years ago, Silverstar trucking
Silverstar trucking
I really like this as a guy who gets paid by the hour for hauling gasoline it’s really critical you keep time after hours you work so you’re a dispatcher all your company don’t get over on you so when you can track your time by yourself you clock in when you hit the on-duty button and you clock out when you hit the off-duty button it really helps you keep track on top of your hours so you don’t get screwed over by your company it’s a really good app I would recommend it to anybody to use you just have to remember to clock in and out I will see you’re going to lose track and if you do you can always edit it that’s the option I really like
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3 years ago, leftforwanting
This is a great start
I like this app a lot so far. A feature I’d like to see at some point is being able to customize overtime settings (example: using labels to exclude certain entries from overtime, while keeping the general rule for everything else - vacation time does not count towards overtime hours). I’d also like to see a feature to separate taxed income from pre-tax withholdings (example: health insurance and 401k deductions are pre-tax, and taxes are only paid after those deductions are removed). I realize these involve more complicated calculations, but I do feel like it’s possible to include. I like the app as is for the most part and purchased the “pro” version to support further development.
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4 years ago, Rottenweiler
Perfect personal clock
This is the one of only 2 quality time clock apps on the entire App Store that has any value. It does exactly what you need it to do for personal use and unlike all of the other ridiculously greedy developers this one does not charge you a subscription fee to record numbers in your own device. I paid to upgrade this one and am more than happy with it. If your paying a subscription fee to track your time then your better off just learning excel or Google sheets for free. Never pay a subscription fee for work that’s being done on your own device. I just hope this one doesn’t end up abandoned like every other decent iOS app has been.
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3 years ago, frzngirl
Easy to use but can’t export!
This is a great easy to use timeclock, but I can’t export! I have reached out to the developer 2 times and no response! I did pay for the upgraded version but for some reason it continues to say that I am unable to export due to email settings. I have been proactive in trying to figure it out on my own through the FAQ but still a no go. I’m forced to screen shot multiple pages so that I can show record of my hours to the boss. Kinda unprofessional. I would give it 5 stars if I was able to get help and email the pay periods.
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2 years ago, ArachniWolf107
Pretty Good!
I’ve been using the free version of the app to keep track of my work hours and it’s been very helpful. It’s straightforward and easy to use so so do recommend it. If you ever need options available in the pro version it’s a one-time payment of $3 (instead of a monthly subscription) which I love. Only thing I wish I could do is customize my pay period schedule. They have a default twice monthly (along a few other options) but it’s the 1st and 16th, and I get paid on the 15th so it’s a little frustrating having to remember to manually calculate my hours. If I had the option to pick twice monthly, and then pick which days I get paid I would be ecstatic.
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5 years ago, Rydiarelm
The new update is amazing
My only complaint about this app previously was that I couldn’t customize my pay periods. To lose the color themes and gain that feature was the best decision You guys could have made. I am now able to sync up my pay period hours with what I’m entering in the time card system at work and it makes it so much easier to keep track. If you guys add the estimated pay feature and allow us to enter our deductions for a close estimate, that would be amazing!! I am so loving this app!!! My next suggestion is to add Apple Watch app that will allow you to hit clock in and out from there!!!
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5 years ago, Macdoctor13
Simple and clean
I really like this app. Works well and it’s easy and clean design lends itself to quick configuration. I only have one job, so I use it to track the company’s time clock to make sure I get the correct hours/pay each week. If I had one request, it would be the ability to choose a default label since I only have the one gig I have to remember to choose the label. I like that you can go into the label management and see all the hours for the label, hence the reason that I would love a default setting. Thanks for a great app and all your hard work that goes into the development. Great job!
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5 years ago, Revan1123
Wonderfully Simple and Effective
The free version of the app was so wonderful and helped me leave on time and clock out of work after getting in trouble on numerous occasions. There were no ads or annoying limitations for me. I just wanted a *simple* time tracker. I felt bad about not paying for such a nice and bug-free app, that I upgraded and bought the premium version. Appreciate that it’s one time fee and not subscription. The dark mode is nice but not a big sell point for me. Kind of my way for saying thank you and: devs- please continue to keep this app simple!!! Don’t overload it over time.
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2 weeks ago, justin887
Been using this app for years
This is a great way to keep track of your hours. Always make sure I put my hours in on my phone so I know that my employer is not trying to shave off anything.. Also helps to know how much the paycheck is going to be that following Friday. The only thing that I would change or I have not been able to find it. The ability to put in holiday pay. My company sometime will pay me straight eight hours of holiday pay for different holidays. This does not go towards overtime or anything like that. It’s just eight hours point-blank.. I would love to be able to put in that eight hours and click on holiday pay and the ability to put in straight pay or time and a half. because I know some employers will pay time and a half for holidays if you work it. Anyways, I’m rambling. Thank you for this app. I really enjoy it.
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2 years ago, marklesd1
Overall great
I use this app all the time! I really appreciate that it isn’t a subscription and that it’s very simple to use. My only complaint it that the ability to see how many hours you’ve worked in a week is restricted to a weekly pay period. My pay periods are monthly, but I still have to meet a weekly number of hours and it’d be nice to be able to see where I’m at for the week without having to do the math, or switch pay periods to see and then switch back. But I’m bummed because it looks like this app isn’t receiving updates anymore
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5 years ago, DLG7390
Record and organize schedules
I love this app. Sometimes I fill in for other people and this helps me to keep track of everything in one place. You can export schedule or I just take a screenshot of the pay period and I can add it to a text. You can adjust your pay periods and also add a tag. If you have several clients keep track this way when you worked for different people. I have not been able to see where I can just pull up work from a tag. This has saved me in time and keep me organized. ❤️
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5 years ago, LizzrdVanReptile
Looking good!
In my continuing search for the ultimate time tracking log, I've downloaded Time Clock and ponied up the very reasonable fee for the pro version. So far I'm impressed. I visit my home care clients out in the community. I just want a straightforward app for logging my days start time, finish time, and, where applicable, my break (Wait...who are we kidding? Nurses don't get breaks!) My hours then get forwarded to payroll to process, so I don't need any other whizbangs or whatsits that I'll never use. My singular wish was that it had a daily note for each entry, where I could track my daily mileage along with my hours... 🙄
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4 years ago, BEST FONT APP! 💙
Apple Watch Compatible
Hi! I just downloaded this because I have trouble keeping my work hours in check so when payday comes, i forget the amount of hours i worked for that paycheck. I haven’t used it yet but from what i’ve seen, it looks like a good app! I was just bummed out to see that it wasn’t available for the apple watch. It would be more easier to put in the hour you go in and out of work on the watch rather than having to pull my phone out... lazy? Probably, but in my opinion, would be much easier!
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2 years ago, clairitin
No accounts needed!
This is perfect for tracking my hours and doesn’t require you to sign up for anything - all the data is stored locally. I’m not used to having to track my time, but I’m on part-time parental leave for a while and need to make sure I’m getting in enough hours with all my new interruptions. The interface is simple and intuitive. You can easily edit entries or clock-in retroactively if you realize you forgot. A “Ridiculous tip” is well deserved.
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4 years ago, Jkision
Wanted a simple clocking app and got everything I wanted
I’ve wanted an app like this for so long, bought the pro version immediately once I found out what you could do. You can punch in and out. This is mainly what I wanted this app for but you can edit the time which is very handy for me cause I’m forgetful. You can add labels that can are saved so I can use this for the different cities we work in. And the notes is very handy to have too. This all put together very nicely in export on a spreadsheet auto generated, love it!
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5 years ago, ecko_strong
Simple and easy
If all you’re looking for is the bare basics, this app is perfect. I’ve been using this app for 2 weeks now and all I’ve needed is the clock-in and clock-out button. The weeks on this app are defined on here as Sunday through Saturday, but my pay schedule is every 16th and day-after-last of the month which don’t correlate to days of the week so I’ll need to do some manual adding at some point. It would be nice to have the options to specify which dates you want calculated.
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6 years ago, JM bookkeeper
A Must Have!!
This app quite simply does what you need, you can customize labels, date ranges, export the data... it is exactly what you need for basic time tracking. Most of the time tracking apps have overdone it with features either you won’t use or it is so cumbersome to use that it would be easier to use a pen and paper! The ease of use, the straightforwardness of the input and format can’t be beat. I like it so much, I just sent them a second gratuity!!! Rock on, developers!
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7 months ago, Aeiomom
Best app for remote work
I just started a remote job and needed a way to keep up with my time worked. This app is perfect! It is super easy to use, makes it simple for me to update my time card for my employer, and accurately calculates my pay. I didn’t need a bunch of bells and whistles that most time tracking apps have and this one checked all the boxes. The paid add on features are worth it many times over!!
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4 months ago, LogMeInFan
Great app and well organized
I’m writing this review after buying the Pro upgrade. I’ve been using this app for free for a year and I can say that it’s a great app free but I do not regret purchasing the pro version as this app really does everything I need it to do and does it well with no fluff. I could have gone on using the free version but felt I’d thank the team who made the app after have used it for so long.
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5 years ago, TeezyThaKidd
Straight to the point.
I love this app. I love the functionality. I love the simplicity. I love the interface. I love the options given in the non-Pro versions. I just wish there was an option to sync to iCloud, Dropbox, or some other cloud-based service. I’m sure (sic: I hope) my device backup will contain the data should I need to do a restore or change devices, but it’d be great to be able to access it quickly (suggestively, updating the .csv file with each change and syncing to the cloud). Otherwise, love the app. Hands down. Huge recommend for contractors/independent employees like myself! **UPDATE FOR VERSION 1.2** Gotta say, I miss the original punch interface. The colors of the buttons are quite... out of place, and the app crashes constantly when tapping on the “at...” buttons (stop/start break, clock in/out at...”. Meh. Bringing my 5 stars to 4 for now.
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4 years ago, WmCampbell
Paid Version
I made the error of not reading the information about my time card program. And I Panic, My phone had to be reset. I loaded the program back on my phone, but it was the paid version. After reading over the comments and information I found there was an area to restore the program back to the paid version. Problem solved, thanks a lot for that area.
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4 years ago, raqbau
A simple and customizable tracker.
I love this app and it’s developers. They are eager to receive feedback and quick to act to put new features in place (as well as refine existing ones). Simply put, a great app that does exactly what I need it to do with no fuss. Would love an Apple Watch app to make clocking in easier. Also, the ability to set an 8 hour placeholder for vacation days so I can still accurately calculate my pay. Thanks for everything you do!
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1 month ago, Kittkat2012
Love the app but…
All the existing features are great, and I love the simplicity of it. I have two different jobs with two different pay schedules, other than the labels, is there a way to have two separate ‘time clocks’ with different work weeks? For example, One of my jobs ‘work weeks’ is Monday to Sunday and the other is Sunday to Saturday. It’s hard to keep track with not being able to have two separate ‘time clocks’ since they differ. Thanks!
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4 years ago, kintobaR Rabotnik
Simple and streamlined. My single suggestion is that the clock in “now” or “at” be turned into a swipe function rather than two clicks. There are other complaints about the two clicks because it’s a slight inconvenience and personally turning it into a swipe like for now and swipe right for at would take the experience to the 5 star level. I’m sure there are complications with such a seemingly small change, but it would be a fantastic little update if it were to be wholly functional. Thank you!
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2 years ago, jmc0829
Needs some upgrades.
There are a couple flaws with this app. One being when you enter in a 15 minute break instead of showing as 0.25 it rounds to 0.3 which messes me up when I’m transferring data to my time sheet. Second I would like to be able to change the order of the jobs I am doing. If I work one job 7am- 11am and the next 1pm- 7pm I would rather the morning shift appear first. And finally I would be nice to be able to add paid breaks.
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3 years ago, Joolia619
The calculation for my pay is always incorrect
I emailed about this once before A few months ago but never got a response. So after months of using this app (paid version) I noticed that the math configuration is not correct and I have been over charging my boss for my pay!! Sometimes it’s only off by a couple cents and sometimes it’s off by as much as $8.00!!!! And because I’m an honest person I am now going to have to pay my boss back quite a bit of money!! Other than that I do like the app and think it’s very easy to use!
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3 months ago, geo_king89
Simple, Easy, Great, Time Card App! 4 U!!!!
Highly Recommended! You need to download, purchase, have your boss purchase or whoever is in charge of payroll detail for your company! From an employee prospective.. I HAVE NEVER FOUND AN EASIER WAY TO KEEP EXCELLENT RECORDS IF MY WORK HOURS AND TASKS! Trust me, because you can. This app will be a punch in the morning, noon and evening. You’ll get paid for clickin’ it! *Excellent job development team! You guys sure made a hit with this one*
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4 years ago, Mahrep
Perfect app!
This is the best time app ever! It is absolutely simple to use and amazingly flexible. We full time RV but do a little work camping and use this app to keep track of our time and breaks. Our hours and breaks change from day to day and Time Clock easily adjusts. We use the Note section to also keep track of our daily chores which is also a huge plus making this app even better! Well done, Devs!
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5 years ago, wjc4
Bill C
This app is awesome. Paid for the pro version and it does everything I need it to do. Best app for keeping track of time. Multiple entries per day and can also say who I was working for during those periods. Saves the info so I can just select from the list. Can make notes to explain what I was doing during shop times. Freakin awesome is all I can say. I can even email this to my boss. WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR. PERFECT. 💯💯🤙🤙
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5 years ago, El Geevso
I love this app and use it daily to track my hours. However this latest update that comes to us on July 9, 2019 has remove the ability to add a break on the home screen of the app. Please bring this feature back as it now takes four extra steps to add a break, and you cannot add a break during active entry so now if I forget to start a break at lunchtime I have to wait until I clock out at the end of the day and then go back and add a break.
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3 years ago, concrete Guys
Time clock
This app works great. Takes the hassle out of remembering to write down my time everyday. Get to work in the morning all I have to do is hit clock in. At the end of the day hit clock out. It’s vary simple. Also I really like that it keeps track of how much money I make each day. And I like how you can set it to calculate your taxes. Great app I highly recommend it!!!
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2 years ago, BachMusic
Perfect for my need
I love this clock. I just switched over from another one, and this is well worth the one-time pro fee, and more. I like that it’s easy to take breaks, clock in and out, add back entries, and you can set your own pay period, as well as have the app automatically calculate any deductions you need to take out for taxes etc. I recommend!
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2 years ago, djjay420
It shows all pertinent info. I have to get 40 hrs per week. +/- 5 minutes. From my employer, i don’t know how much time I have, this app is great for that. On main screen, it shows when you clocked in, up to the current minute for hours logged in for the day and for the week. Lunch breaks also. Keeps history also.
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4 years ago, iPhoneofiphones
Intuitive and helpful app
I love how easy and intuitive this is to use. Clocking in and recording breaks live is as easy as manually inputting a work period. My only gripe is I wish there were a view option that allowed me to quickly group my work log by labels, instead of having to export everything. When juggling multiple jobs, it would be helpful to quickly see all my logged work for one client or project together.
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5 years ago, molson145
Pro version
This is a small simple lightweight app that allows me to clock in and out, break in and out, manually adjust punches and export logs. It does everything I was looking for. The free version works just as well as the pro version so I soon upgraded to support it. Ability to set daily and weekly hour goals would be convenient but it’s simple enough to do that math mentally. Great app 👍
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5 years ago, Ldycyco
Easy to use BUT needs work on editing
Very easy to use but I get paid every 2 weeks where the start of the pay period is Saturday to Friday. I was not able to change the pay period dates so I had to set it to weekly pay. And if I forgot to clock in, it won’t allow me to add an entry on a past date. It would have to be either the the present day or the start of the pay period date. Can you please fix that, so we have more options to edit our times. 🙏🏽 Thank you.
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3 years ago, TGSherwood
Just what I needed
After trying to keep my time on paper, then Google Sheets, it finally occurred to me to search for an app. I spent the couple dollars for the premium version. It works quite well! Adding labels and being able to export is great. You can punch in in real time or specify a time. I definitely recommend this app.
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1 year ago, Charckle
Been using this since 2019! (Pro version)
This app is simple but great. I have a question. Is it possible to track hours for two different jobs? I just started a new job, but I don’t want to lose my data from my old job. Thanks (: Also, some of y’all are angry because you’re dumb.
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3 years ago, PrairieStarlet
Free and Easy to Use
I am keeping track of time spent volunteering for a nonprofit and this is perfect. I start and stop and it tracks daily and adds cumulated time for the week. When I get to the end of the week I may have to start over again I will find out. But can track by weekly in-kind donation time.
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4 years ago, MT Weber
I don’t think I’ve written a review for an app before, but this app is perfect for job tracking and time tracking. Perfect! Simple, straight to the point, easy to use, reliable. Exactly what I was looking for. I was looking for an app exactly like this for the past couple of years. Really appreciate the time that was put into making this. Well done!
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5 years ago, THellwinckel
Great customer service
I couldn't get the export feature to work, and I wrote a horrible review because I also couldn't email to customer service to work from this page. I emailed customer support from my personal email, on a Sunday night, and heard right back. I was able to resolve the problem and all is working great. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Engineer_wv
Love this app
Being short minded as I am, this app aided in keeping up with my time. I know how much time, and have set up custom categories of work to allow input into the system. Totally worth it, only suggestion to make it better would be to see the pay period total hours in a calendar view.
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2 years ago, Phid52
During a time when my employer had been having issues with time keeping. It’s been great to not only see my time , but also know what I should get paid. I will even keep this application when the tech issues at my job is resolved. Thanks
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4 years ago, gumbo530
Great Time management app to go over your hours.
Hey guys, I love your app. It helps SO much with remembering my hours to write down for my work. My only question is my job wants me to always record my hours in Military Time. Is there any chance you guys could look into patching that in? Otherwise, love this app so much. Pro version was totally worth it! Punch v1.2.10 (build 1)
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4 years ago, teeAIRraaa
Love it!
So easy to use! Love the user friendly design. I’m a huge fan of the color change from working to break to end of shift. The ease of use is out of this world and it’s even better that it’s free and it’s an app! I was using a free website but it was so cumbersome and the app was glitchy! Love this! Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!
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