3.3 (379)
226.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for QQ邮箱

3.26 out of 5
379 Ratings
3 years ago, cootxgxchllklx
The inbox keeps getting stuck
Every once in a while, when I tap on any inbox after the app refreshes itself, the screen becomes a static image and no button tap or swipe would change it back to the home page, so I have to restart it. Even if I restart it, there’s a chance that it could happen again. How the most recent updates haven’t addressed this problem is beyond me.
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1 year ago, somrtimf
Well developed!
5 stars for sure! This mail app is really convenient and easy to use, I love the UI design and the simples features that allow me to access exactly what I need!
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2 years ago, Tencent - DONE!
This is for sure crap.
First, they’ve set up this super complicated process for you to use other mail client and then came out this crap. This is beyond tolerance - it’s so unbelievable and unethical for a company like Tencent (one of the largest in the country) to do this for some meaningless download for your crapping app. I decided to give up the Qq mailbox that have used for 10+years and I recommend you to do the same.
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2 years ago, Larry Underwood
Like most Crap from Chinese Software Companies it’s chock full of bugs
These are the richest software companies in the world but their interface and functionality are so horrible that it renders it unusable.
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11 months ago, Robert can sing
Trash app
You don’t even receive the new email notification, and the customer service is really none. What a trash app
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11 months ago, kdndo9136
Go fix you bugs, can not even login
Down loaded it, and can not even login. The non-functional version was for iPad. Guess no one cares IPad users.
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2 years ago, bad client
Don’t use it.
Except you want Chinese government to see through every email you received/sent.
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2 years ago, ihavenonicknameee
Can’t even log in
Every time I click login it reroutes me to the previous page.
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2 years ago, cisong73
Login issues
Login can be quite annoying
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2 years ago, nobodiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I use it only when I have to
I use it only when I have to
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3 weeks ago, Congeec
Give me back IMAP
Fk your +86 phone number requirement for imap
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6 years ago, Slako.
Change APP language
It's a great app but in Chinese. Developer needs to allow various language changes to make navigation easier
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4 years ago, Goldenhawk51
QQ international
I am trying to communicate with my friend who lives in China and there aren't many video chat apps that would enable us to do that, but we were advised to use QQ international which supposedly works with iPhones and I have an 11 pro. I went to the App Store to download and the app came out in all Mandarin Chinese. I spent the next 7 hours trying to get this installed in English and I'm not any closer to that goal than I was 7 hours ago. it is extremely frustrating. Giving it 1 star is being generous.
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9 years ago, Henry Yuman
I used ios mail vs qqmail for comparison but am switching my accounts to qqmail. I like the ability to attach photos and the built-in notebook. Some features are in Chinese though. I hope they do a better job making it international.
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9 years ago, Irisly1990
I use it to receive QQ Mail and company mail (also powered by QQ). Works perfectly. Easy to use and neat interface. Prompt notifications and never miss anything important. But I wish it could be a proxy access to Gmail. Can't get to that in China due to you-know-what.
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10 years ago, It is fine
Good update
It's great experience now as we can lock email with finger draw lock. That's something different and long awaited feature which iphone default email structure still have not offered such service. Overall a great experience. Well-done. Keep it up QQ.
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9 years ago, Alimentoad
QQ Mail
Good app for emailing is good with talking with my friends and just u know talk with them anytime I wanted. I am going to give a five star rating for this very useful app and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and families.
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11 years ago, Fanyusweety
Great app
English version should gain more popularity, but still needs to add POP services linked with 162,163 and Yeah net services, for those who are in china and use those email services but yet want to use a china based English service provider.
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9 years ago, Shiermiaoqi
I always use the mail box every day for so many times. Easily handle and can receive other mailbox.
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10 years ago, gloeykiwi
not pushing at all
It's a crap after updates! Totally crap! Not pushing, not adjustable to the screen. Split on screen and also stop working for no reason! Call for further updates to address this crap thing or it will be soon made disappear in my app list and never ever touch qq mail! It's disappointing to such a extent that I didn't realize.
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5 years ago, Panda_peng
great email app
Thanks tencent~~~ This is a amazing company Dear engineers, could u tell me how to set language to English version? I am confused about this problem too, albeit I am a Chinese~~~
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4 years ago, Alisha Pell
Beware of this app
When you try to sign in with your email this app wants permission to send, delete and overall control of your email. Why would an app need permission to take over your email?! I didn’t dare finish sign up in fear there would be spam and such being sent from my email all over!
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8 years ago, libbs0987
Not bad
I usually get the notification of email here earlier than Apple's mail. A good option to get Gmail when it's not accessible
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9 years ago, Cap pas Cap.
It is really nice. And i can connect with the gmail. Better than the mail from ios!!!!
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4 years ago, Boshas-Baby
How can I get this app in English? I was sent some photos but am unable to view them since I’m not sure how to navigate this app.
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7 years ago, Yong_2013
Great app for both work and personal use
Very user friendly and productive, love it!
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12 years ago, MonsieurSu
Simple and fabulous.
Convenient, I can receive mails all the time. Simple and fabulous.
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10 years ago, FinalLinky
Keeps crashing
The mail app keeps crashing after a couple seconds I read an email. And it is not the mail's problem. So tencent please do something. It does affect my use.
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4 years ago, Elsabisa
English version please
People use this app to send me documents, but I can’t see how to open them. English menu please!
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5 years ago, ladygwenyth
English version?
They should make it easier to download the English version. How can I change the language in the app?
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7 years ago, Kurdish user
Change app language
Dear developer Kindly ask you to give advice, how to change language in qq and qq mail app?
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4 years ago, VPN teater
idea of myself
I'm Chinese, but the internationalization of qq is really important. qq is a popular software in China. If you can break into the world, like WeChat, this’s best (idea of myself)
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4 years ago, ErikHelgesson
Battery draining scum
Strongly recommend NOT to use Chinese software since not only it is poorly coded and lacks English interface but also contains an array of potential malware embedded such as news feed and other crappy silent features of any Chinese junk app! The Worst Email Client Ever! 垃圾软件,别下载,别转!
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11 years ago, iStore2
Good. Other language modes?
Clean UI, pretty reliable push notice. An English mode/version will gain user population easily.
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9 years ago, Redbean01
Easy to use
This is a great tool to communicate with others. I love it.
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9 years ago, HeyMsK!
It's good enough
It's good that you can use some mail box together!
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12 years ago, MattWeibo
The Best Mailbox of the World
Amazing! Fantastic! Even better than Gmail!
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12 years ago, Emeselboo
Please make able to switch to English for functions for international users. Thank you.
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8 years ago, DKPQ
Fine app
Not bad. Works well so far
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9 years ago, 古烈轩大侠
good but can't upload my Icon
good but can't upload Icon
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3 years ago, harrysun88
Exchange setup problem
Can not add my office 365 emails which work perfect on apple Mail setting. But can not find a way to make it work on QQ Mail app. Help.
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11 years ago, Xiaobing yu
very well
Awesome product.
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12 years ago, wingsofclouds
So so
Needs improvements
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8 years ago, Bachhm.shv
Good & english version
Pls give english version
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12 years ago, charlie_redwood
App down when entering inbox
I do have some 20 new emails in inbox and some 200 in group mail box. This app keeps crashing when I enter any inbox,
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6 years ago, joser202
English please!
English please! At least explain why not...
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12 years ago, Frank pei
Great mail app
Simple and nice
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8 years ago, Alicexxili
I love it
I think it's so good for Chinese people
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11 years ago, babecherrie
I love it!
its really easy to use.
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4 years ago, Kat2033
Can’t understand
I was sent to this app from a supplier but I have no idea what anything says because it’s not in English. Is there an English version of this app?
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