QR, Barcode Scanner for iPhone

4.6 (46.1K)
63.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
堃 汪
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for QR, Barcode Scanner for iPhone

4.62 out of 5
46.1K Ratings
1 year ago, mcatelli
Quick and Easy
Works great and easy to use. I needed it during Covid to scan news updates and Resturant menu’s when no one want to touch them. I use it for quick website visits and discounts also.
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4 years ago, hdhfhfhhnfh
Haha nice trick
I always read reveiws before downloading stuff and guess what, I AINT PAYING FOR THIS, I need to scan a QR for school because of Corona and I’m not happy with this app, guaranteed you read these reviews and ignored them because you want money, but, I hope you know this is ridiculous because I’m not gonna pay 💰 for a QR scanner, that’s ridiculous, I might as well use a TikTok QR scanner. AND THATS NOT EVEN AN APP FOR SCANNING QR CODES, I JUST DONT GET IT, WHY DO YOU NEED TO DO THAT I’m not trying to disrespect y’all but I’m annoyed, so I’m done. Part 2. Hey listen I am so sorry for the disrespect and I know that you tried your best, and I know that you worked hard because if you didn’t it wouldn’t cost this much. But thx
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4 years ago, RestivoYoga
Complete Rip off and now 40$ I’ll never see again.
All for nothing. The app doesn’t even work. Tried scanning several times. I’m convinced this is a scam. My friend bought lottery tickets for us. My first time ever. Went with this assuming it would be an easy app, simple enough, but yet it did nothing. Couldn’t read either of the two tickets. Tried the next day same thing. It’s unfortunate you advertise a service, then service doesn’t work, and yet you are still emptying peoples pockets. Especially in the times we are living in.
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4 years ago, Stanimir84
No customer service at all!
I have been reaching out to them for weeks now, they overcharged me and are just ignoring me now. Do not download! I never approved the payment and the only reason I noticed is because the bank called me for a suspicious transaction. Since then they have been basically non responsive. And now an actual information on the product...the reader takes a while to scan. There are free options out there. Do not use this one! Basically those people are thieves!
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2 years ago, Upyourgigi
Great service
Everything is easier now!
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4 years ago, MiniSKFan
Awful Experience
I downloaded this app to test it out and then immediately deleted it from my phone. A week later I got a $43 charge. It turns out this app charges you wether or not you use it and simply just for downloading it. Keep in mind that nowhere in the app itself is there a warning if being charged or are you required to enter card information, etc. The charge was automatically taken from my debit card stored in my apple wallet. Wether it’s intended or not, this feels incredibly shady to me.
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3 years ago, santosh02
Refund requested for unintended auto annual subscription
I had requested for refund of unintended annual subscription which was charged without my knowledge. I requested refund couple of weeks back but no one responded yet from the company. I just downloaded the app for trial only purposes but the company renewed subscription for an year without my knowledge. Please refund my amount at the earliest as I am not using your app any more and wanted trial only.
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4 years ago, Lynnett65
STUCK with A Bill
I don’t recommend this app, it doesn’t work and they charge you $50 or more for this scanner. I tried to get in touch with them and I can’t get in touch with anyone . They offer a 3 day trail that’s were they got me, thought I would remember to Cancel or it would cancel automatically now I’m stuck with a bill I don’t need being on disability on a small budget 😞Oh Well don’t say I didn’t warm you.
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4 years ago, Brad 00079
They trick you into getting 3 day free trial then slip in a 39 dollar charge I wanted to contact them to let them know I didn’t want to pay for this app it wouldn’t except my email I also wanted to write a review it also won’t work inside of their app what a joke I did figure out how to unsubscribe inside my settings on my phone though also I went to apple App Store to write my review
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3 years ago, star (not) gazer
Terrible scam
When you download an app that says free you expect to be able to use it - you know - without paying money. Even if there are features locked behind a paywall you still get to do something. Not here! You can’t use any part of the app without having a 3 day free trial and if you don’t cancel it, you will be charged $40 for an annual subscription. Stay Away
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3 years ago, Strizzyva
Ariel little 😍
It’s help you know what you’re looking up so you don’t have to text is it😍🥰🤪
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8 months ago, AhmadAnsar.Me
Unauthorized purchase
I just downloaded the app and only used it once after one week I saw a unauthorized purchase on my card from this app for $41 one year subscription. I am getting really worried I cannot afford the subscription. I would really appreciate if you could help me get a refund.
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4 years ago, Eerob7
Scam opportunity
Immediately after registering my payment for this app (following the free trial), but phone blew up with fraudulent charges from the same credit card that my apple payments go through. Nothing else changed or was done. Makes it hard not to suspect someone at this this company of using my card info.
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5 years ago, kkar19
Be Careful
I was just charged 42$ for a year subscription when I did not agree to this. I downloaded the free trial to see if it would work for what I needed. I never agreed to a monthly subscription. I canceled the subscription and was still charged. Can you please refund me my money and review your policy because you are scamming too many people. Thank you
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3 years ago, skinney19
Easy and fast
I get confused a lot on technology but this was fast easy
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5 years ago, Hungrytb18
Bad news
Ridiculous UI - I’ve seen several people accidentally sign up and get charged the $44 I will never use this app can use it when I downloaded it and will never use it again. You should provide refunds for people for up to 5 to 7 business days after they figure out what they’ve done
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7 months ago, grannybig
Quick and easy
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2 years ago, the clean life
Constant interruptions of service
When trying to use the reader the site constantly pops up prompts to purchase its products
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5 years ago, ghuhfdrcckkicv
Don’t download this app
I just downloaded to try the app and it didn’t work out good and I deleted the app immediately and this company charged the subscription fee of ~$40. This is a really bad strategy .. it is actually cheating!! I can’t even get refund, even though I deleted the app and it didn’t even work good. I need refund!!
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4 years ago, LKM AZ
Be careful
It is a free download with a free trial. But be careful, they will charge you a yearly subscription without proper notification. I am fine with the subscription but I used the app for all of 5 seconds once I realized it required a subscription. There was no PROPER notification that I would be charged and no real notification on how to cancel subscription.
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5 years ago, 88problems
There’s no way to cancel the subscription through the app. I only downloaded this to figure out how to cancel the subscription that my mother was tricked into entering the trial for. It’s an entirely useless app whose main functionality is built into the iOS Camera app (among many others), and its attempts to gain subscriptions are deceptive and evil.
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12 months ago, airborneranger1352
How to cancel my subscription?
I really would like to know in detail how to cancel my subscription please.
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4 years ago, Steph2697
Do not use this vendor
I Would not recommend I did not know this was annual subscription after trial. I cancelled 2 days after trial ended but was still charged $45 for a year subscription. Customer service will not work with you so I don’t recommend using the app just for that reason.
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4 years ago, kayla jenkins diaz
QR Great
Great program/ fast easy access to products on line . Thank you
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1 year ago, Critical user
It Works but Ugh!
I needed to know the number that a particular barcode represented and this free app works well but that’s it. Just a number & it’s TERRIBLY deceptive trying to lead you to all sorts of charges, ads and downloads. I’ll delete it as soon as I use it. I don’t trust this company.
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3 years ago, Leil1200
It doesn’t scan any barcodes
I tried to scan barcodes of clothes I bought from a famous store trying to buy more online instead of going to the store and it didn’t scan any barcodes from any of the labels.
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4 years ago, YelApl@2
Can’t figure out how to cancel rebilling.
I immediately regretted signing up and wanted to cancel within 3-day trial. But nowhere can I find ANY way to do that. If my card gets charged I’m going to scream bloody murder Everywhere I can find. This smacks of outright FRAUD and I expect a response from Apple Support if they have any such thing.
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1 year ago, stupid issues1
I installed for a week trial and they kept taking money out of my account every week and I never used it and tried to reach them but no one is getting back to me and I want a refund for something I never used or wanted
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3 years ago, 194jeff
Your company are thieves
Your company are stealing money from ppl. You guys charged my account $40 dollars for a whole year subscription. You could have charged me 3 or 9 dollars but y’all charged me for the whole year. Your company is stealing from people. You guys are criminal.
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4 years ago, Josh$4243
Not working
Microsoft is forcing me to utilize QR App and it does not even work. I hope this gets resolved soon.
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4 years ago, R G 123
Charged without wanting it.
I was in a restaurant and it required a qr reader .I used this program once on the first day of the trial period, I did not understand that you automatically get charged for a year subscription. I would like a refund because I will never use it .
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6 months ago, Antonio/katya10/06/2019
Extremely good service
Good service
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5 years ago, erncasi
Not satisfied billed for 1 year subscription
I was never asked for a subscription amount or time. The app showed free app. I was sign up for 1 year subscription with an automatic renewal. How do I cancel an get my refund. This is fraud, It’s a bait and switch. The app says it’s free and they sign you up for one year arrrrh. Where do I cancel? Please help.
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5 years ago, BabiHeath
I just got charged on my free trial! Wanna refund!
I tried the app today but I didn’t like so I cancelled the free trial 2 to 3 hours later but I just realized I got charged the year amount!!! 1St) how I got charged if I cancelled the subscription? 2Nd) how I got charged on my 1st day trial, right after cancelled and inside the 3 FREE DAYS TRIAL? pls, I want my refund ASAP! I appreciate it!
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4 years ago, jonidakuqi
Qr reader is the best
With this app I can scan every product and the results are amazing Try it Its for free Love it
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1 year ago, Mynicelady
Cannot cancel subscription
I had a 3 day free trial period. The app will not let me cancel before the trial period is up!!! When I go to subscription, there is none under settings, I have none. The app have no cancel button, so what do I do?
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2 years ago, 09061963
Fast and convenient 😃
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5 years ago, gloriagreene16
Took my money
I didn’t agree with him take my money when I downloaded to my phone I had it for just a few minutes to see what it was unsubscribe to it and it was still charge $53 I cannot get my money back even though I requested it from Apple
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5 years ago, YrAThief
Woke up to a $54 dollar charge for a yearly subscription that I didn’t want, for an app that I tried to use one time and didn’t work. Give me my money back and I’ll consider changing this review. Otherwise you are nothing more than a thief. Forced to give one star where none are deserved.
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1 year ago, ellieMi
How do I cancel
Of course I kept trying to contact the developer but the link did not work. I tried to cancel the subscription before the trial ended. i could not do it on my iPad, on my iPhone. I do not want this so please cancel it.
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4 years ago, ccnnie b
Love this reader easy to use works great excellent quality
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1 year ago, Mrs.Sandra
Customer service
Doesn’t allow you to scan receipt have to pay for app first
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3 years ago, okra3
Terrible app
when I tried to use it the app wasn’t able to scan anything and after a while they charged me 50 dollars without warning. I want my money back
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3 years ago, Jeatiah
Customer service
Don’t download if something is going wrong you won’t be able to get in contact with anyone ! I’ve been trying to email them no response
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4 years ago, AngellaG
The amount of ads is ridiculous
Before the app was great. Now it takes 10 minutes just to scan a few codes because 1-2 ads pop up every single time. It’s annoying. Very annoying.
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5 years ago, JosieMathers
What the hell
Hi. I got this app tried to use it, it didnt work so I just deleted it. Today I saw my account was charged 39$ and I am a broke college student. I did not want that subscription I did not use it. I really need my money back so I dont starve this week because it was all the money I had.... Please help.
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5 years ago, lwmorsa
I want my money back
Tried to use the app. Didn’t worked at all. I unsubscribed before the trial and they charged my account for a whole freaking year. I email them. I canceled before the end of the trial you have no right to touch my money. I want my money back.
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4 years ago, Darkiie
Refund now please!!
I tried to do the 3 day free trial and was charged! I dont have a lot of money on itunes and what i do have was for MUSIC. I wanted to try the app and there was a FREE trial, but i was charged anyway. I immediately cancelled the subscription and im requesting a refund RIGHT NOW, ill also be contacting Itunes if this isnt resolved
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3 years ago, 1Sd David 92120
Trouble with a refund or cancellation
I tried it and my camera didn’t work with it, now I’m charged for a year without even the time of using it for free, I don’t mind paying a week but how do I get a refund for a year when I don’t want this QR reader at all..!!
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4 years ago, Tahoe 2020
Didn’t work-emailed three times - no response
Zero stars if I could. This didn’t work for me and I thought I cancelled the same day I downloaded. I’ve emailed three times requesting a refund with no reply. Guess I will dispute with my credit card company.
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