QR Capture

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Marek Hrušovský
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1 month ago
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10.15.7 or later
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User Reviews for QR Capture

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1 year ago, jdbaum2742
Great for proofing print designs
I have to proof PDFs for print which often contain QR codes, and this makes it so much easier to do than pulling out my phone to shoot a pic of the PDF on the screen. And it shows the exact URL including tracking codes for easy testing.
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5 years ago, Fashion <3 lover
Tried 3 or 4 apps, this one worked.
I tried 3 or 4 apps to read QR codes on a mac and this was the only one that was easy to use and worked. It's easy to click and drag pictures into the scanner and scan QR codes without having to take a screenshot.
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8 months ago, I dance on your grave
Existential Garbage * Unlimited = 0
If unlimited is the same thing as nothing, then it's perfect, I had hoped for more than 0. The app doesn't work even after paying the toll for unlimited scans... The application is impossible to use, and the "phone" is nowhere to be seen. Showing all windows provides a tantalizing view of the "phone" alas, you can not use it. Clicking on it makes it disappear. Like Sisyphus, you never reach the climax.
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3 years ago, BStriddy
Does the job well!
I do love a good do-one-thing-well utility, and QR Capture is exactly that. The developer cares about his product, is actively maintaining it, and is open to thoughtful feedback. There's not much more one can ask for!
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2 years ago, Vermonster123
Works great!
I had downloaded two other QR apps from the App Store, but neither worked for me to read the QR codes from a textbook with the camera on my MacBook Pro. Then I tried QR Capture and it works awesome.
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7 months ago, rdvs34283
Must pay up $4.99 before letting me try it.
$4.99 price for unlimited to remove limit of 7, but doesn't let me scan the 7 before paying, so it's pay up before even trying it. And : "Allow the appliication to record the content of your screen & audio, even while using other applications."
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1 week ago, canyonlight
A Big Help
QR Capture is a big help and just makes all the QR coded administrivia easier and faster. A big time saver.
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4 days ago, JtsAppleID
Catch 22 - doesn't work on Mac virtual machine
This app seems to require an immediate login to Apple's App store, but due to a built-in Apple-designed limitation, Mac virtual machines cannot login to the App store. Catch-22. Sadly, this looked like just the app I was looking for (and would have paid for), but if I can't safely test it, I won't go near it.
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2 years ago, RustyIronRob
Works perfectly
Before getting this app, scanning QR codes on the Mac was complicated and cumbersome. Now it's easy peasy.
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7 months ago, Youngpupster
Works great
Needed this for Mac quickly and worked great, no issues at all. Thanks!
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5 months ago, Shahriar M
Was working great until a fall update
After an update, it quits (crashes) on startup. It pops a notice to delete the app and download from appstore again, which I've done, but again, it's the same problem. It was a useful and great app before this issue. (I'm on Monterey 12.7.2, 2015 MBP15)
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5 years ago, JT-GC
Easy and Works
Easy to use. Limited in number of scans you can do, but if you don't use QR codes a lot, it's very handy.
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3 years ago, Lee-Lee B.
Best reader for my needs
Great, does what it says. Got the unlimited reads for $5 and it was worth it my what I use it for (volume photography).
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4 years ago, btdooms
Works on MBP
Works well on my Macbook pro-2015
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8 months ago, arkarkark
beware screen recording permssion request
I uninstalled this right away because it asked for permission to record my screen even when it wasn't running. If that's not a red flag I don't know what is. all this app should need is permission to use the camera.
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2 years ago, Joshua Bybee
Maybe just make free
Annoying and not totally free, others are free and not annoying. You'd probably be better off making an app with a small ad somewhere to make money that way instead of charging people very soon.
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3 years ago, Nivek1006
Screen Recording
Why does this app need permissions to record the computer's screen rather than just the camera? What is their data protection policy? I use my Mac for work. What happens if I have PHI on the screen? Are they HIPAA compliant? Does all data stay in the United States?
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6 months ago, iTexan72
Can't Even Try It Out Before Buying
Would like to try out the webcam/iSight feature of this app without having to pay, so pass. I just get a black "screen" when I switch the the "front facing camera".
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2 years ago, Str8-Fwd
Not Free...
Great features and easy to use but.....It only allow you to scan one time. $4.99 if you want to scan more. Just use your phone or free online services.
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5 months ago, sdsaav
free for only a few scans
Works fine except free for only a few scans, the $4.99.
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3 years ago, Itkwon
Actually it is charging money
To use the function, I need to pay in advance per scan. It is not a free app.
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4 years ago, jdduffh
dafit watch
this is a good way to take snapshots of things
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4 years ago, @iamanjaeasonj
Great Free App
Love this app!
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2 years ago, eskcycle
The app does not work at all
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6 months ago, Erianda
demanded money after first usage
demanded money after first usage
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9 months ago, George425e6
"unlimited number of scans for $4.99"
It's NOT free.
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4 years ago, Jonathan072107
Good Job!
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2 years ago, byronvlady
NICE !!!
This app is amazing !!!
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4 years ago, dsjcw
Good app
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5 years ago, PHANTOMNINJA 0485
real good
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3 years ago, 烈火在线
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1 week ago, PrivEntity
PERFECT for an IT-person
As a cloud/systems engineer, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is crucial to my work. This QR Capture app for macOS is a fantastic tool that delivers exactly what it promises. It emulates an iPhone screen on your Mac, allowing you to capture QR codes effortlessly. Simply place the virtual iPhone over the QR code, click the capture button, and it displays the contents just like on an actual iPhone. For those like me who prefer not to use multiple TOTP apps, this app is a game-changer. It enabled me to extract the secret key from TrueNAS, allowing me to use LastPass for auto login seamlessly. Although I haven’t tested the camera capture feature from my phone or webcam yet, I anticipate it will be equally useful in the future. Overall, I love this app!
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9 months ago, HCNEC
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6 years ago, 72 TPJ
Reads Only
Works well for reading QR codes only. A bit slow when processing/converting larger content files from private sources. Works well for social media content. I rated it low because the menu bar is underdeveloped, and doesn’t allow for creating QR codes.
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2 weeks ago, IslandScribbler
On-Screen QR Code Scanning Perfection
If you have a PDF or any on-screen document with dozens of QR codes that you need to scan for any reason (proofing in my case) then this app will make your life SO much easier. Works flawlessly and saves me boatloads of time.
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10 months ago, MaybeeUKnowMe
Best copier I've used
If you have a need for an app like this, dfon't think; just get it. Would have given it six stars if I could! It does whatever you need it to; tons of options and very flexible. I have three monitors [I'm a full time (Audio) Mix Engineer] andthe app gives me no restrictions. Never had an error. Using it on an Mac M1X with 64G/RAM. Even if you are not in the market for one now, get it, becasue you will need it at some point, one day, and don't want to start to first start searching for it at that time. You likley won't find it and will just settle for something like it, a copycat app that will not be solid, like this, and will give you issues. Don't think - just get it!
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1 year ago, Scott Slatts
Just what I was looking for!
Downloaded the app from the app store, turned it on, and scanned the QR code I had. Took me right to the site. Exactly what I needed with no issues. Drop dead simple to use. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Hunterizzle
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2 years ago, James Rising
Full Thumbs Down
Wanted to scan the QR code from an A4 paper. Couldn't! Deleting app. Don't download!
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3 years ago, The Real Kel
did not work for me
I downloaded this to scan a QR code from an image on my screen. It simply reports "no barcode found". Using the camera on my iPhone, the QR code was scanned as a link to a website.
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3 years ago, BerkeleyBecca
Still frustrated with the scanning ability of this app
I need to check that numerous qr codes were placed correctly in a PDF. Repeatedly this app comes back with "No barcode message found." I know the QR code images are sufficient resolution because I generated them, and I've tried different sizes of image and using the app in both portrait and horizontal mode. It works on Finder previews of the same codes just fine. This doesn't help me verify that the codes are placed in my document correctly.
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4 years ago, GSchultz
Not really free
You'll get asked for $4.99 for unlimited scans the first time you use it. Doesn't make good use of an IOS Laptop. Couldn't read the LETSCOM QR code for their Super P charger
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