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4.6 (62.7K)
50.2 MB
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Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for QR Code & Barcode Scanner ・

4.62 out of 5
62.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Thehiltyfamily
Fastest scan in the west
Scans codes faster and from farther away than any other app I’ve tried, saves history in a convenient and no-nonsense way. It has excellent pro features, as well as a free directory of codes that can and can’t be scanned that encompasses a college-level course about visual data codes. I might add that this app doesn’t scan a few formats, mostly obscure formats but still around. Hopefully the developers are able to add support for those codes or tell users why scanning those codes aren’t possible. Until then, this is still a top-notch app and now my go-to driver for intensive QR-code work.
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2 years ago, lynn.grant
I love this app, especially Business Scanner Mode
I love this app. When you turn on Business Scanner Mode, it sends scanned barcodes to your website. We used this to make a simple fixed asset management system. We put barcode serial number labels on all our fixed assets. Then we put barcode labels on a clipboard with the names of the rooms: Office, Lobby, Meeting Room, etc. When it is time to do inventory, we scan the label for each room, then we scan all the assets in it. A CGI script on the website puts the scanned barcodes into a file. When we are finished, we can compare the file with the master list to see which assets are missing or moved to the wrong room. The only cost is for the Avery labels and this app. Excellent!
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2 years ago, TreNec17
🗑📭 🛑 ♻️
Total garbage not even worth having free. Barcodes I really needed info on turned up zero results multiple times multiple different ways. Gave me a list of different retailers of which had no results at all every one of them so why show this list then when I clicked to get info there wasn’t any??!! I scanned a hang tag with a barcode got zero results which is why I downloaded this garbage. I scanned two other miscellaneous items of no interest just to see if I could get results and got all the results I needed on those two things of no interest to me. Too annoying to keep around even with watching ads for premium only took me less than ten minutes to think delete.
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3 years ago, Oddbrother
The app provides as it says so in the description. At times, the app would also save me a search and trip whenever I needed data on something. With it supporting so many different 2D and barcodes, I don't have to worry about scavenging for other apps to document and catalog data again. The paid content to decorate your QR codes among other things is a plus, too.
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4 years ago, juanitadelsaenz
Happy with this app!
I have scanned several items from my groceries in. I need a data base for accounting purposes. Some were not initially found, so I scanned in a shopping app. I copied and pasted text, though it had a link, which I did not want to export. However, the link seems to have given this scanner the ability to learn a new data source. Awesome!!!!
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6 years ago, PinkPotatoYAY
Best QR Scanner I’ve Downloaded
I normally don’t review apps, but this app has been really useful when I need to scan things. Even though I don’t have the pro version, all of the necessary functions are basically still available, and I really like that it not only allows you to scan QR codes, but barcodes as well. It’s easy to use, and almost all the functions are free! You won’t regret downloading it.
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2 years ago, suseagull07
Thank goodness for this app!
After downloading and either using or attempting to use numerous free QR readers with no success finally came across this one. Others didn’t work at all, provided improper info, or wanted money after downloading. This worked successfully on every scan and allowed me to easily save data. Thank you to developers!
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2 years ago, Gottiboy82
A serious review for everyday people.
I’ve had QR reader apps since the beginning. I had one for years and didn’t realize how crappy it was. This one is the serious best and only QR reader anyone should have. You’ll never know until you’ve had a crappy one and then find one like this. You can thank me silently to yourself!! Haha
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3 years ago, adventure_tense
Clean and Polished
An excellent job here. Interface gets out of the way quickly. However, there is plenty of heavy lifting here. Reads UPC bar codes and links product to several different online stores. Also makes QR Codes effortlessly (which was my purpose). Nice job. Wish I could add a tip for the developer.
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3 years ago, InfosecAustin
This app is super useful for all looking to get into QR
This app has a ton of features for scanning all variations of codes and making just about any codes imaginable. And just on version 2.1! Can’t wait to see what this awesome app has in store for the future as this is definitely a Diamond in the rough as for now.
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7 years ago, leodgarcia
Excellent app
I gladly paid for the pro version because the app is worth it. I use it to generate barcodes I need to scan at work. I would love if the app had a couple things like a full black theme for battery saving on the X and an option to show the barcodes as soon as a select an option on history. Keep the good work.
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3 months ago, V Kramer
Kearns Motor Car
What a great experience! Go to Kearns and ask for Phil Aiello! They didn’t try to get us into a vehicle we didn’t want. Everything was up front and apparent. We are more than happy and will come back again and highly recommend you make this your first stop.
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4 years ago, NickNameth25
Awesome App
I normally don’t write a lot of reviews, but I felt this application deserved one. The ability to quickly scan UPCs, make notes on the item, and then upload the full list as a csv file to Dropbox is invaluable to me. This has been such a huge time saver compared to how I used to do things. 5 stars all day long
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6 months ago, Smmaallcchhaannggee
Excellent scanner
This is a very easy and trouble free app. It has to be one of the best. I’ve never had a problem using it. Basically, you hit scan, then point, and then almost instantly the go to url is displayed. It couldn’t be any easier.
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4 months ago, Fristin
Horrible web site
Over the holiday season, I tried repeatedly to take advantage of special offers that you had advertised online. Each time the website refused to let me take advantage of the offers. I have purchased your shirts in the past, and I think they’re great, but because of your website, I ended up purchasing elsewhere. I now find an ad in “The Week”. Once again it will not permit me to take advantage of the ad. Also of note the ad declines to offer an 800 number.
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4 years ago, Hakakian
It’s the best Barcode reader and creator, I’ve ever seen
I wanted to scan MAC address barcodes of 100 devices! I’ve checked may Apps finally I found this app! You can scan all barcodes then you shares all barcodes to your notes and you will have all of them. Great job guys! Thank you!
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7 years ago, GreenTea321
Major Problem with history export
One major problem when exporting my history. The date, title and other random stuff is on the same cell as the stuff I scanned. I need to manually remove all the other stuff which is a complete waste of time. Edit: works fine with libreoffice but not with excel or google sheets.
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2 years ago, gwj3216
Best scanner for incredible value
This scanner does all one could want and more as I dug into it. No other can compare to its value. All that and it is incredibly intuitive and consequently easy to use.
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12 months ago, Stephen K Landua
QR scanner
My review after using the QR scanner is that your scanner works perfectly for my uses in my needs. It’s easy to use and it is as quick and easy to understand. I suggested for anyone.
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3 years ago, 00Is
I tried two of these QR Readers. The first had sneaky ads pop up in places where the intended button to push would be. This one did not waste my time and did a good job. Thanks
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3 months ago, Shorty@67
My visit today
Shay was awesome today very helpful, very courteous, very efficient, all the way around just very pleasant and I would recommend people to go there. I will recommend peoples go there.
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2 years ago, not the original album
bought on a whim
wow. super customizable! easy to use! worth the 1 time fee to me :) has done everything i needed from designing, scanning, sending, editing, and having fun with QR codes. totally worth it for me.
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1 month ago, Photoniks
Great for creating QR codes
Flexibility in redundancy, auto-open, language encoding including Kanji, and easy export by email, social platforms or airdrop. Plus storage of last codes saves recreation time whn minor edits are required.
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7 months ago, Suki Bear
Gets the job done quickly
It certainly gets the job done quickly. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, AssassinErik
Everything you need to use at setting up procedure of barcode
Everything you need to use at setting up procedure of barcode reader
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3 years ago, writetype
Finally an app that’s amazing!!!
Create QR codes super helpful so glad I got this and I ended up buying the upgrade which I didn’t need to but I did it just because they did such a good job
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1 year ago, Foamalier
Fast accurate quick scan
Always fast and accurate. Easy quick read
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6 years ago, P Carmichael
Best QR app in the App Store, definitely worth the IAP!
There are many QR apps in the App Store, and I’ve probably tried most of them... this one is very well designed and functional, and it didn’t take long for me to spring for the IAP.
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2 years ago, RPVsr
Check qb products
I’d like to receive a list of the same product in another stores and comparing prices Thanks
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4 years ago, PHawkwood
Needed Data Matrix Reader
Needed an app that allowed scanning of Data Matrix barcodes and easily copy to clipboard. Has been working quite well at that task. Will probably upgrade to paid, worth it to support development
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3 years ago, Safety Don
Works great
Why print business cards? Scan off my phone is working perfectly.
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7 years ago, penny_63pooh
I just recently downloaded this app, and am still getting a feel for it. Thus far, it seems to be straightforward, easy to navigate and exactly as described. My phone is on the charger, at the moment, in preparation for a SCAN FESTIVAL, throughout my house. I will add to this review, what my findings/experience/opinions were, once the FEST is over.
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4 months ago, docmoze
200mg D9 Gummies ? I don’t think so.
All these had a great texture and flavor, however, I don’t feel there was any delta nine in them. I had no reaction after taking a half, then one, than one and a half, then two! I’ve been taking 15 mg Delta nine from another dispensary and they have great reaction. I haven’t had any for a month so I thought I’d try these, pretty expensive candy.😩
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3 months ago, guilsson
Perfect barcode reader
Not only QRCODE but several others formats. Only missing USPS barcode. I'll wait in another update. Even though, fantastic.
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6 months ago, SageDeb
First visit
My husband and I were very pleased with our visit today. Very e cited to get on track with all of our dental needs with Kyle Parkway Dentistry and the very pleasant and knowledgeable staff.
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10 months ago, poooowowowow
I think this app is worth it
Using barcodes for shopping and for other stuff is useful to the codes
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2 years ago, PapPap28
Great features
Great features to a once-thought simple app, would like a few more of the simpler features included with free app, but as always you get what you pay for.
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9 months ago, Corvette G
Be careful!!
Be careful because the website I needed to go to was not prominent. Instead there was some site that wanted my to provide my credit card information! I think it was to upgrade to premium the app!
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12 months ago, swanton girl
I love it. I can just go ahead and scan them and jump in bed and read it at night.
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2 years ago, Patty70!
Very Happy with this scanner better than all of the ones I’ve tried so far and very easy to use
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3 years ago, djnz$
Best QR/Barcode scanner application.
Using QRbot since years. Awesome! Would be great to have ability to create folders under ‘History’ tab, just to manually sort scanned codes. ;)
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2 months ago, Peter Schorn
Excellent, Well-Rounded App
This app scans a wide variety of barcode symbologies with impressive speed. It also allows you to generate a wide variety of barcode symbologies.
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5 months ago, The regulars
Her service is always on point. She is so kind and her smile makes being at metro so delightful. Excellent service rendered by her always. Thank you Tina!!
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2 years ago, dhblue43
Very simple to use
This does everything that it says. Use extensively. I don’t remember ever having any problems. Good job.
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6 years ago, Hugginghdifjrbdjxisjflgot
Does what I needed.
I was looking for an app to find where to return/exchange unusable gifts. This does just what I needed it to do. There are definitely improvements that need to be made, but overall it did just fine.
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2 years ago, Endixian
Powerful perfect
I use this app for my job it’s always been a major blessing. It has so many good features.
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11 months ago, ksysker
Made special purchases easier
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5 months ago, Diamond1517!
Awesome deals! I can’t wait to have some quality time and fun making precious memories together!
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2 years ago, Harvester76
Not helpful
Doesn’t matter what I scan I can’t find any information on the product also they make it very difficult if not impossible to choose retailers to search. Over the years I’ve given these apps multiple opportunities to work properly and they never do
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3 years ago, R Gene
Ease of Use
Easy to use and accurate in making connections.
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