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User Reviews for QR Code Reader ·

4.71 out of 5
652.9K Ratings
4 years ago, ManFromGR
Scam app
Downloaded to see a QR, but it activated the Pro version which was only 3 days. Does not give ability to deny purchase. Auto charges for it. What the hell is the trial then, I should be asked to click a “purchase” button after the fake trial. Now how to cancel when you don’t have iTunes.? Crap. Then having even to rate the app a 1 star when I want no stars. Giving a false 1 vote is ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Minnie Linda
Can’t get rid of without support
I download this at my child’s project share where we needed a QR Reader to listen to a Podcast. It was chaotic at the event so I may have missed the warning that this was a paid app with automatic renewal, but I ended up having to have a long chat with Apple Support to get it cancelled. There were literally no options for doing so, only different increments of automatic renewals. In trying to figure out how to get out of this a friend found an article on shady developers that specifically highlighted this app. On top of the exorbitant fees I couldn’t cancel without outside help, the app didn’t even work when I needed it. I did end up being able to cancel the automatic renewal and get a refund, but it took more a couple of hours of frustration to do it.
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2 months ago, drtran100
Didn’t let me canceling subscription
I inadvertently purchased this app, and I immediately cancel right after down load and delete the app from my iPhone. Went to settings to cancel but nothing there allows me to cancel but still show the apps is still active the next 3 days. I don’t want to be charge $30 dollars per week for the app didn’t even open on my iPhone. I download an apps to control the light but this app force me to install the Scanner QR. when I realized they force me to download I canceled right away but I think I still stuck with it even I has the apps installed on my phone less than a minute before I removed from my phone.
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5 years ago, Fxfxqw
Completely Unworkable. Did Not Work a Single Time
Rarely do I write reviews and the few times I have they were all fairly positive reviews. Nevertheless this complete piece of garbage App drove me to pop my “bad review cherry”. The app is entirely worthless and I feel like I was ripped off even though it was free. I scanned about 8 different pieces of merchandise which were all relatively popular items and all I got out of it each time was a full screen advertisement which I was required to close in order to view the pricing information. Unfortunately all that appeared was a blank screen. Same thing happened over and over with each of the 8 attempts and then I deleted the app and moved on to this review.
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5 years ago, revolutionaryrob
The sleaziest app I have ever seen!!
This app is hands-down the most scammy and sleazy app that I have EVER seen in the App Store. I literally want to go wash my hands after having used it knowing that I’m going to cancel it immediately. First of all being so shady about the app not being free is one problem, but $7.99 for a QR scanning app is highway robbery and that’s how you know the people that make this app are scammers to the highest degree. Scammers with no shame charge 7.99 for a QR scanning app but scammers who are trying to come up with a way of paying their rent would charge $.99. Be assured you will find other QR scanning apps very very easily for no cost whatsoever in the App Store the disgust I have for this app is overwhelming.
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4 years ago, dhuc nmtc ngs 125
Not free, confusing interface tricking you into being charged
This app gives you a big blue “Continue” button when you open it which automatically enters you into a subscription for which you will be charged. You have to hit a small pale X to not enter into payment. The designers of the app should make the choice to use the free version or upgrade to a paid version more transparent, and there should be a way to cancel the subscription within the app of course. There’s also no option to get a customer service number or email to ask about charges. Also iTunes should make it easier to unsubscribe.
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4 years ago, Admezaa
This App is a Scam
I don’t even know how Apple allows these shady things on the App Store. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I downloaded it without reading the reviews at first. Saw the bogus pay plans they were trying to sell me so I came here to read the reviews. Saw all the reviews about the fraudulent charges so I went looking in the app to cancel my “free trial.” Went looking for a way to cancel from the app and all it gave me was the option to contact them about my subscription and I told them to cancel. Here I am months later and my CC statements show “Apple iTunes” charges of 8.65 for the past 9 months. Apple failed hard with this app.
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6 years ago, Turtle_2012
Prices May Vary
Bought this once for work, used it once, then deleted it. Somehow, it continued to charge me for the following 6 months, twice a month for varying amounts each (fluctuating between $6-$13 dollars) I finally called iTunes and they said it was the same app (this one) that AUTOMATICALLY enrolled me into a subscription after a one-week free trial. There was no communication whatsoever about the subscription process and how it worked, as I only needed it in the one instance. And the fees for the subscription apparently vary week to week. TLDR: DO NOT purchase this app. I honestly do not know if it’s legitimate. It literally stole about $70 from me over the course of 6 months.
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6 years ago, COWBOYS' fan
Scan and go...that quick and easy!
Had a different app before and when getting my new phone I deleted several of my rarely used or inconvenient to use apps. Came across a reason to need my scan app and looked for a new one. Found this one, saw the rating, read the reviews, and took a chance by downloading and using. Wonderfully surprised and quite happy with it!
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2 years ago, flowgrown2922
Thank you
I would just like to say Mercedes was a awesome help. She really worked with me and was able to get me a pair as soon as possible. Every time I’ve been eyeglass world they have been so caring and helpful. I can guarantee you I will continue to come back here every time I need a new pair of glasses or prescription. Thank you !
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2 years ago, two hearts
Do not download
This is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you download, you will be charged for a subscription. This tricks you into a subscription and is morally and ethically WRONG!!!!!! It makes it extremely difficult to “cancel” a subscription once it’s made even if it’s an accident. I canceled this right after I downloaded it to try and I STILL got charged! This is EXTREMELY bad for APPLE to have for purchase. It gives them a very bad name and I will share this information about this app to everyone that I know. Do not even think about using this app…all they want is your money!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, SenorPhrog
Do not download- it will charge your account without your consent.
This App offers a Pro version which automatically renews weekly for $3.99. I don’t recall signing up for the Pro version or authorizing a weekly renewal charge when I downloaded the App. It was only after noticing the charges on my card that I realized the App was taking my money. It is obviously nefarious behavior on the part of the App provider because they offer multiple rate plans (only discovered after I realized I was being charged) but it defaults to the the more expensive weekly renewal. I would not recommend this App.
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3 years ago, Hermadil
Scam Artist
I read some reviews started download/install which I saw double click peer button on IPhone 12 to in stall. Next I see a screen that I am enrolled in subscription service for $7.99 per month. Program hasn’t even installed yet and I hadn’t even had chance to open it. Needles to say, I deleted program immediately and IOS asked if I wished to cancel subscription which I did. It will be interesting to see if these shisters try to charge me for 1 month even though I never used program once I recommend not downloading this
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3 years ago, JephLloydScan
This app is amazing it’s helping me to narrow down products that I’d like to use on my online store. It’s easily giving me accurate competitive pricing in the market so that I could measure out my gross margin profit and implement items that’s easily accessible through the scanning with this app . Thanks again for this app
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4 years ago, shell55449
Be aware! Trick subscriptions!
Downloaded app and don’t remember any screen asking to approve an annual membership fee of $30. Was charged $30 to my credit card linked to Apple. Realized 4 days later when I saw an unknown charge on my card and went into subscriptions in Apple. I cancelled the subscription right away, and it shows I have paid through next year. There is no listed grace period and it does not allow you to change to the 1 week subscription for $2.99 either. I am reporting it to my credit card company to try to deny the charge. Wish me luck.
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5 years ago, Trigger Happy Dude
Much better than the other top rated scanner
I needed a good QR scanner for my iPhone so I decided to download this and another QR scanner with a better rating. I tried the app with a better rating and when I scanner the barcode on the package that my new iPhone protection screen came in it told me that the item was a green Xbox! Then, I used this app to scan the barcode and it told me it was an iPhone protective screen cover. THAT PROVES THAT THIS APP IS BETTER!!!
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5 years ago, omarisa
How to cancel this stupid app
Open the Settings app. Tap your name, then tap Subscriptions.* Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Don't see the subscription that you're looking for? Choose a different subscription option, or tap Cancel Subscription. If you don’t see Cancel Subscription, the subscription is already canceled and won't renew. *If you don't see "Subscriptions" in the Settings app, tap "iTunes & App Store" instead. Tap your Apple ID (which is usually your email address), then tap View Apple ID. Sign in, scroll down to Subscriptions, then tap Subscriptions.
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6 years ago, wil crane
Free Version Bad
You thin it is a free app until you try to use it and the big red “Remove Ads” is splayed across your screen irritating you to the point you click on it and find out it is $9.99 per month. I back out, the obstructive “Remove Ads” is displayed again with no ability to X this irritating banner. Then I tried my first scan and a employment add shows up and you spend time figuring out how to get out of that. I did finally get to my website, but I am deleting this program after one use.
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3 years ago, BekBull099
This app rips your money off
Recently I’ve downloaded this app, because I thought it is a free one. During setting it up it asks to agree with terms and conditions, but also they add an information about monthly payment. The app developers are aimed at your carelessness to withdraw 7.99 usd every month. After I found out it, I deleted the app, but after 1 month I was still charged for the app. Please be cautious! App developers, it is not right that to do like this! You should inform so everyone can easily see that this app is not free!
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4 months ago, Turkey Leg Greg
Toys for Trucks Little Rock
These guys are awesome. Got a new truck with tons of new lights and the place that installed them apparently did not know what they were doing. Charles and his staff cleaned up the mess and got my lights straightened out. Needless to say, I bought more lights from Toys for Trucks and several other items as well. I am giving them a 75 on a one to ten scale. Thanks a million guys!
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4 years ago, June. Bug
Charges unknown
I had to download app to install my camera, i had NO idea it was going to cost me $30, untilthe charge Came out of my acct!! One time use cost that much! It did not give me the option of a cost , which most apps do not!! Very deceiving !!!! This is bad to charge ppls acct with them not knowing!
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3 years ago, Rhombific
Watch out — hidden charges!
As another reviewer points out, the first time you use this app, the developer very subtlety slips past you an auto-renewal agreement, whereby you’re immediately charged after the “trial” period ends. Fortunately I read such a review, then went straight into my settings and, sure enough, I’d been enrolled without realizing it. The developer plays innocent in their replies to this criticism, but rest assured, they know exactly what they’re doing! There are many other options out there that won’t try to “trick” you.
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5 years ago, mactialu
I have no idea how this company has been charging me 2.99 for several months now, sometimes 2 and 3 times in one month. I wasn’t initially able to see the charge in my account manager then finally saw it had been charging me for months. I may have used this app once, like the one time I downloaded it because I needed a barcode reader. Now I get to fight with the company to try and get about 100 worth of charges back. Why would anyone authorize getting charged for this when there are tons of other barcode scanners that are free! TOTAL FRAUD
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5 years ago, thankfulblessed
Do NOT download this app
Listen to the reviews or you will regret it! Wish I had read the reviews on this app before downloading. Says free trial for 3 days. I tried the app didn’t like it and deleted it the same day! Be sure you go into settings and remove from subscriptions. It automatically add itself to them. Just deleting the app won’t stop them from charging you. Went to see why I was charged $8.55 from iTunes. $7.99 a month is what it states, yet my bank account shows $8.55 for this app and have zero other subscriptions.
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2 years ago, Arealbuyer124
Finding the right couch for the job!
Derek , my R&F sales rep, did a great job helping me find the right furniture for my room! He even had a tape measure to double check that the couch I wanted would fit through my front door. He measured the floor model for me right in the showroom. He was very knowledgeable and had a great personality.
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5 years ago, some angry old dude
Beware the auto-subscription scam
I downloaded this app which created a subscription for $7.99 per month. That is a ridiculously expensive fee for an occasional-use utility. I tried it, found it slow and unreliable and cancelled the subscription. Hours later, the bill for showed up. I’ve tried asking for a refund but have not received one. Apple App Store response was it was not eligible for a refund. This is a scummy way to do business. Hopefully enough people will 1-star this thing so others don’t get tricked the same way I did.
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3 years ago, NoMalarkyFL
The Navabelle 5 in 1 Head Shaver & Groomer
I always wear my hair short ever since I retired from the USAF. When I decided to go bald I needed a shaver. This head shaver performs as advertised. I shave my head every 3-4 days because my hair does not grow that fast. I get a close shave. It is easy to clean. I have not tried the other attachments.
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7 years ago, Econbuff
Able to scan Target gift cards
I purchased a number of Target gift cards of different values and this application was able to read the barcode and tell me at least the card number so I can look at my receipt and see the value of the card I purchased.
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5 years ago, DisgustedSTL
Auto charges
I would give this zero stars if it would let me because it’s very unclear that it automatically put you in a subscription when you try it for one scan. All of a sudden $7.99 appears on your account and you wonder what it’s for because you didn’t subscribe for anything. I would advise you not to use this app their billing and auto charging technique is unacceptable. They got their $7.99 For our one scan and there’s zero star rating! If they’re on Facebook they’ll get a rating there too.
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5 years ago, mandor50
Great App
Works great, the best part you don't have to push any buttons to snap a photo of the barcode just center the barcode inside the corners on the screen and the app automatically snaps the photo and you get the information from the barcode. I would highly recommend this app.
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6 years ago, a25255t
Not bad but...
The app seems to work fine however it is covered in ads and a huge red banner (which is really intrusive) asking you to upgrade to remove ads. The catch is the “pro” version is $10 a month subscription. No way! Not for as little as I would use it. If it was a reasonable one-time buy of a couple bucks, then no problem, but not a $10 monthly subscription. That’s ridiculous! I really had high hopes for this one...
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3 years ago, Loniemae1917
Bill Harvey Inspections
Warren Sturges inspected my potential home. I met with him after he completed his rounds. There was so much that needed to be done and he explained everything to me. He was wonderful. He was very professional and knowledgeable. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
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5 years ago, Quintusaurus
Tricks you into subscribing to Premium
I’m now on the line with Apple trying to get 20x$2.99 back. Over $50 for 20 weeks of charges from this App without the App even showing I’m in premium. That’s why I thought I was OK when I looked in the app even though while using my home button to get out of a wrong screen in the application it authorized the purchase of it. What a mess and yes it’s the application’s fault but everyone funnels through Apple to sort it out. I’m very, very frustrated now. I need a native app to read QR codes. Help!
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6 years ago, Yidzick
Enrolled in automatic renewal
First off, the app didn’t do what I needed it to. Second off and more importantly, they enrolled me in an auto renewal $5/week premium package. Who would pay 5/wk for this crappy app. I deleted the app same day of course but found out a month later I had been charged $20+ over that time. Apple thankfully refunded me but I’m disappointed in this apps ethics. Apple should also have a function when deleting an app that has an active subscription to prompt user if they want to keep said subscription.
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2 months ago, KingNoob1st
I love this
I love the fact that you can scan anything and you can make one so I put 5 stars but everything is not free so they have a fricking pro scan what i hate of apps is that there will be always a “Pro” just with one specialty.
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4 years ago, timasrun
I downloaded this app not realizing it cost $7.99 a month. I didn’t use it and deleted it immediately but see another post saying they were still charged for it. I went to the support page and tried to send them a message explaining what had happened but it wants me to choose a reason from a drop-down list, but when I tap on the arrow to try and bring up the list of reasons nothing happens and it won’t let me send my message without a reason. This is a total scam.
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6 years ago, LRM357
Works as described
Despite all bad reviews listed, it worked for me just as described. Using iPad Pro 9.7, with iOS 11.4. Either it’s been upgraded or I’m smarter than I ever thought in making it work. Less than 7 minutes by following instructions included in package. Keep up great work.
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4 years ago, HelloPastry
I downloaded this app before reading the reviews. Should’ve read them first! I did hit cancel when prompted, but still not sure if it worked. I sent an email through the app to confirm cancelation, but it conveniently says that they have no power or way to check subscriptions, and state that it has to be done through iTunes. I deleted the app already. I checked my subscriptions, and it’s not on my list. I guess I’ll find out once I check my bank account later.
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6 years ago, Candace0412
Works perfectly
I was looking for a quick and painless download to get the instructions for something. The app found the page when the page wouldn’t open manually. The ads are annoying but not a deal breaker.
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2 years ago, cwoell
Love it!🤩
This is the best scanning app ever! There is never any problems! The one thing I could ask for is less adds. Besides that I love this app. it gets all my stuff done and just a click of a button and a scan.
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3 years ago, jallred1065
Great machine
Took a little bit to properly learn to use the machine but once I did it’s great. Able to keep veggies out of the garden fresh for much longer. Able to buy meat in bulk, divide, seal, and freeze. Would recommend for the price.
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4 years ago, oxipeyalum
How do I undo this app?
I did not agree to buy this app and cannot get out of it! Ridiculous way to do business! It’s a ZERO rating as one star is one star to many. And it forces you to rate it anyway....grr. It wanted a nickname under 30 letters and rejected 26 letters.
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1 year ago, Signature N Ink Mobile
Great customer service
I love everything about this nail spa. The owner and staff are amazing!!! It’s never a disappointment when getting my lashes, pedicure, fill in done. Please give them a chance to make you feel beautiful and relaxed. There located off Mt. Holly Huntersville Rd. In Charlotte beside Red Bowl restaurant.
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6 years ago, pete_ra
This app is a rip off. Strongly recommend not using it
Got the pro version downloaded and installed. Ok it said it’s a subscription. Figured yearly no problem. Then it did not work. I contacts them. Left messages and no replies. I informed them I’m am removing the app and wanted a refund all within a week of installing it. No replies. Then today I get bills. For renewal $3.99 for renewal every 7 days. Had to call the App Store techs and that are currently trying to get me a refund. Beware of this product. It is a complete rip off.
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5 years ago, JMBinNH
This app will convert to subscription without you realizing it. It has been identified by Forbes as one of top grossing sneaky apps on the Apple Store. It converted without our knowledge to 7.99 per month subscription. It appears apps are only free until they start automatically billing you. Since this has been known by the likes of Forbes and others since 2018, the appearance is that Apple endorses this behavior. Also, take a good look at the reviews. The 5 star reviews aren’t even for this app. What a fraud! Beware!!!
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5 years ago, nddijesujde
Total scam!
I figured out how to stop it by just making a fake Apple Card and downloading it and going to settings to delete my subscription so I don’t get charged and if there charging your normal card and you already deleted it and it still charges you. You could make a Apple Card with no money and download it and then delete the subscription your welcome and don’t ever trade your phone to some dumb scam it’s literally pointless but make sure you follow the steps your welcome
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5 years ago, Xjs 12
How to cancel if needed
It seems to be a good app but if to Not Get charged you have to go to the profile of the app under SUBSCRIPTIONS and scroll down to the package you want because it will automatically put you on the $9.99 SUB. OR scroll down to CANCEL in red letters. Click on that.
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4 years ago, annoyed person 746
Do not download!!
I downloaded the app and immediately got a email from apple that I signed up for a year subscription for $30. If you don’t read the fine prints when you download this app. It gives you 3 days for free then it automatically signs you up for a yearly subscription. Good thing I noticed it before they charge me. It was also really annoying to cancel (you have to click into your phone settings instead of directly on the app).
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4 years ago, NateDiggityDog74
I uninstalled the free version app months ago, but uninstalled it because I never used it. But I just noticed last week a $7.99 charge on my credit card for the pro version. I never requested the pro version, and I haven’t even had the app on my phone for months. I cancelled the subscription (that I NEVER signed up for, and yes, I know how they try to sneak the subscription in—I didn’t accept it), but unfortunately they won’t refund me any charges. Steer clear of this unethical developer.
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6 years ago, Poor Boy 54
Better than most free scanners
I previously tried a couple other scanners, but deleted them after discovering they were extremely limited. This one actually has worked on every scan I tried thus far.
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