Qualtrics Surveys

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Qualtrics Labs, Inc.
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1 year ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Qualtrics Surveys

2.29 out of 5
14 Ratings
2 years ago, Jake Darling
It works, but barely
It’s great that qualtrics has an app now to allow offline administration of surveys. That being said, this is definitely the worst qualtrics product I’ve ever used. Every time we update anything in the surveys we use we need to log out of the app and log back in. The app often freezes or things like that and then you have to restart it or log out and log back in. It’s a good concept, but it needs some serious work.
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3 years ago, cliffordkei
I bet the five stars are employees
As mentioned by an interviewer before me, API errors are common with literal error notifications that pop up. Also, horrible interface, it really feels like an app in the 2010s. Also just broken most of the time, avoid downloading it to save you the time.
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10 years ago, redhead149
Routinely crashes
We bought an iPad for our research lab in the hopes of using qualtrics for survey administration and it has been nothing but problems. Cannot use this app for surveys with any kind of sophisticated features (menus, randomization) or it crashes and deletes data routinely. Very disappointed.
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10 years ago, BlakeH4132
So easy to use
Typical Qualtrics. Taking something that should be very IT heavy and complicated, and somehow making it just, so, easy. Every DIY survey platform can make an offline app, but this was the only one that could have worked for my project, which involved coordinating over 50 different devices and users with different permission settings. The admin controls, the "device identifier", the translation capabilities, and the fantastic tech support made this project a huge success for me -- AND kept my hair from turning gray.
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5 years ago, Lordseal92
Ignore the bad reviews
This app works fine! You have to make sure you read through the guidelines they have online for using the app however, as certain functions of your survey may not be compatible with the app. Essentially, as long as you don’t have some crazy complex survey with loads of randomization and quotas in place, this app will work perfectly for collecting your data (definitely did for me!).
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6 years ago, DiXyA
Terrible app, never works
Absolutely appalling app, especially for such an expensive program. It almost always fails to log in, and then crashes most of the time
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8 years ago, Cicorias1
Doesn't work
Error saying can't reach servers and check if I have an Internet connection Poor exception handling as it's probably barcoded the API endpoint which is changed or different. I certainly have an Internet connection
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11 years ago, Juxtapuestonien
Pay extra?
Seems ridiculous that my university is already paying for qualtrics, and they need to pay extra to use this mobile app. Useless
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11 years ago, tzhuff
How much is this really worth?
I have an almost $30,000 per year Qualtrics account and that doesn't even get me access to this. This company is really trying to wrong every cent out of its users.
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6 years ago, Terry from II
Absolutely Horrible!
Buyer beware! This app is absolutely horrible. It is now so bad that we are barely able to complete our work using it. We are DEFINITELY searching for a suitable replacement.
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11 years ago, Rollem123
Misleading pricing
This app does not work unless you purchase the additional right to use it, which not included in the normal Qualtrics package. This information is very hard to find.
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5 years ago, Mikey Pasek
Used this app for large expensive field studies. Frequently crashes and deletes data from interview. A company like qualtrics can and must do better.
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10 years ago, Ahmed_12th
Good app
Keep going forward
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11 years ago, Dyanna Salcedo
Crashed every time
Was looking forward to this app as I use surveys a lot in my graduate program. Unfortunately, it crashed every time I tried logging in.
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6 years ago, BonefishAl19744256764
App Doesn’t Work
I’ve never been able to make this work. Says there is some sort of an API error when logging in.
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8 years ago, Qmansbc
Does not allow surveys with captcha questions
Almost all surveys have these questions, so this app has no utility in much of the work that I do.
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9 years ago, CoKie Kola
Doesn't support institutional login
Like many users, my account is through my employer. The app does not accept my credentials.
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7 years ago, mkr173
Crashes on 11.2.1
Can’t even open it without it crashing.
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5 years ago, Anxks
Steer clear if possible
Seriously a terrible interface.
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10 years ago, jasonyaopku
It’s hard to use
I don’t know how to sign in the app
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10 years ago, BrightHalo
App Crashes Upon Startup
App crashes on upon start up after 13.20.00 update (iOS 7.1.2).
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