Quick Family Tree

3.8 (637)
42.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Plus Inc. (Japan)
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quick Family Tree

3.84 out of 5
637 Ratings
5 years ago, KJaGy
SIMPLE and FAST at the fundamentals.
I married into a family with a ton of new cousins and aunts and uncles, and already wasn’t great at mentally keeping track of my own extended family. I didn’t need a genealogy service with a family tree maker tacked on. I’ve looked for an app before that could put together a simple family tree, FAST, that would provide a great visual tree layout. I finally found it in this app. Sitting down with my parents and my wife I was able to throw together a easy to navigate family tree VERY quickly that gave me the fundamentals I needed - who’s related to who and how. You CAN add some birthdays, death dates, and extra info if you want, but that’s not really the strength of this app. It’s about being fast and streamlined. If you don’t expect it to be something it’s not, this app is great.
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4 years ago, KM Trills & Thrills
Smile and easy to use but could have a few improvements
I love this app - thank you for making it free and very easy to use. In a few days I sat with my grams and was able to input quite bit of information about a large family. I love that you don’t have to subscribe or sync with a service. The drag feature is awesome - especially when one needs to edit entries and lines. I love how the tree is very clear and the build is simple very to do. I love the “capture” and export feature but it would be great if we could also export into a pdf file and if the files could have higher quality pixels. It would also be great if there was a possibility to export all data so it would be saved not just on an iPad and the program but a computer or cloud for safe keeping. It would good to add fields for; place of birth, place of death death, lives in, occupation ... I love how one can select who’s family line to see and how for how many generations but it would be super awesome and cool if it was possible to choose to see all the layers with cousins on all the sides ( maybe some kind of a layer feature) ALL the entries of the family all at once. Oh! If possible to add birthday reminders .... or being able to export birthday info into a calendar would also be super awesome.
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6 months ago, Pecci123
Solid 4/5 app with no limits
Unlike many “free” apps on the App Store, this app doesn’t try to trick you with scu*my limits or constantly bug you with subscription notices. It’s legit free & simple. And the app does what it says. The UI is pretty straight forward and simple, although it could use some improvements to make the UI even simpler (but it’s not urgent). I do wish they could make some improvements (both technical & visual)for adopted family members that have a different last name to their biological parent. Maybe add a rainbow or multi-colored ring around those adopted children and their parents, sort of a vent diagram. Also, I do hope the devs simplify zooming in and out of family trees. Maybe also add different family tree views for when zooming in.
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7 months ago, hola como te llamas?
Amazing but a few problems…
So far, I love this app so much! It’s one of my favorite apps to use to help me design families and characters! But something that I think is a problem is that if you have siblings and they have spouses and kids, they get hidden and you have to tap on the sibling to see their personal family. I get it for if you have a lot of kids, and you can’t fit them all on the screen, but if you have only 2 kids then I don’t understand why the kids can’t separate, and the oldest kid’s personal family will show up on the left, while the younger kid’s family is on the right. Thank you, and these are the only things I would like to get fixed!
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4 years ago, mmoefu
I Love This App
Really great app, I really love how fast I can click through the family tree and use the the filters to help navigate through the family tree. So easy to add someone and upload pictures. This is by far the best app to use for building your family tree. One suggestion. I would love an option to have an administrator or someone in charge that have access to making changes and adding certain people that can go in and make changes. Also add an option to share the tree with family members(they would have to download the app first to view) but they would not be able to make changes but if they do than they would have to put in a request and communicate that through the admin.
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12 months ago, HoshiNoKaabi
Good, needs some additional features
Echoing what others have said, I’d like a toggle or something to have it show the whole tree at all times. It gets annoying and difficult to keep track of when you try to make more complicated trees, or multiple trees that are connected. I also want the ability to freely move people around in the tree, as well as select and move the whole tree around in the space. Again, QoL organizational features that would help when it comes to making more complicated trees. Lastly, kind of relating to both of the two features above, make it so the tree collapsing does not move it. It’s annoying when making multiple trees in one space, and I go to add or change something, and the whole tree ends up shifting to the left or right. Other than that, I like this app, very simple and effective, and doesn’t force you to pay to make unlimited trees. Great for making fictional family trees. It’s just missing some major features that would make it more intuitive and easier to use.
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5 years ago, AmoGravey
Use it for Sims family trees.
due to the culling feature of sims games (aka the save file deleting sims to free up space, acting like they never existed) the family tree in your game can end up with empty gaps and missing people. here i can document all the details about sims while maintaining a long family tree for legacy challenges!! it’s really helpful and i like how i can attach pictures as well. just 2 recommendations: 1.) different formatting. it would look much better if you saw all the input information on the first tap of an individual, instead of having to tap the edit option to see the information. 2.) different colors for those who are dead to keep the tree current. other than that, i have to no issues!! there are a few ads here and there, but i don’t mind them at all because they never pop up in your face and are instead just there on the side. great app and easy to navigate. lets you create multiple different trees if necessary. keep up the good work, and i highly recommend it!!
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1 month ago, Davi Lucca12345
I Looooooooove this app but one problem.
This app is literally THE BEST if you’re world building or just wanna make a fictional tree I guarantee you this is easy to use totally free and you can make multiple trees but it’s not for finding your family relatives because you can only make fictional and your own tree. I made my family tree in this and I have everyone my parents, aunts & uncle and cousins and more this is the best app for making trees please try this app. But you can’t make the date of birth in the future you guys should add this because I’m trying to make a family tree for my future too but I can’t. So developers if you’re seeing this review please add this.
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1 year ago, fnaf liker
Love it but one problem
Why do half siblings have to shift a little bit higher when added, it’s ruining the generation they’re in, they’re stuck in between they’re generation and the generation above them, I know it’s because the 2nd spouse is placed higher up than the first spouse but can’t you just fix it to be even with the generation their in? I’m not saying to also fix the 2nd spouse to be leveled with the 2nd spouse’s generation, I’m just saying to level the 2nd spouses children’s generation. If you could fix that one little problem, it would make this one of, if not the best family tree application I have used.
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10 months ago, Augustus2714
Great, Efficient App, Needs Undo Button
This is an amazing app. I love how quick and easy it is to make a large family tree. One little issue I have with it though is that there is no undo button. I was editing a person very close to the top and I was trying to change the photo, accidentally deleted their profile instead, and it threw off the entire family tree, mixing in some of their descendants with other members of the family tree and pretty much destroyed the entire thing. I ended up having to redo the entire tree because there was no way to undo the mistake. Once again, this is a great app, but still needs improvement. An undo button would be useful to have.
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4 years ago, meanderer-am-i
All data lost in one instant
I have been using this app for almost a year and absolutely LOVED it. Easy to input and store all the information you want. Then last week while I was using the app, everything vanished. ALL of my hard work and information GONE! There is no way to contact anyone to get help or find out what could have happened. Needless to say, I will not start over especially with this app. Hopefully someone from the company can help me figure out what happened and help me get everything back. If not, I highly recommend using caution if you choose this app. You may not have any of your data next time you open it. Very disappointed right now. Prior to this I would have given 5 stars in an instant. Right now, in my opinion this app is useless if you are just going to lose all your hard work. Heidi
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2 years ago, Brynnpfeff
Great, just one thing
I like this app! It’s nice and easy to use, and it can make a family tree which is all I really want. Just- I wish it was possible to have single parents in this. Like, a child with only one known parent? It’s just that I don’t have a grandfather on my mothers side, I’ve never met him and I couldn’t care less about who he is or whatever. I just want an option to go ‘Nope! Only one!’ In that vein I’d also like to have the possibility for people with more than two parents. Like step parents and stuff. And a little symbol to show two people are divorced.
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1 year ago, Crazymeow#59RK
Simpler than ancestry!
This app is really easy and is not as confusing to add family members to your family tree as it is ancestry in my opinion. Ancestry is good for find your history of your family but I was adding my family members to it, it was confusing and this app really was so simple! Also no money needed like online store purchases , or subscriptions, no usernames/passwords, and you can add more than one family tree to it. Like for example I can add my own and then I can add my best friends family tree separately from mine.
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2 years ago, mr. cool 23
One small problem
I love this app! I’m a 9 year old kid, and I wanted to know more about my heritage. So I used some websites to find old census results. I have a huge family on my dad’s side. I found a ton of cool stuff on both my mom and dad’s side. I just had no where to keep all that information. I searched and searched until I came across this app. I loved it until I realized that when you add a child, you don’t even have a choice to not add a husband or wife. That made it really hard for me to make my family tree when my dad forgot the names of people’s spouses.
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4 years ago, lilblackcat03
Pretty good!
This app is really good for being free. I am making a once upon a time (the abc show) family tree and if you know the show you’ll know it’s VERY confusing. I have some suggestions. It would be nice to have the ability to add biological parents and adoptive parents. Also the ability to show if someone is not still living. Maybe make there picture blurry or put a ring of color around it? Also a nice feature would be if you could say that the person is dating another person and have it be different than them being married. Thanks!
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8 months ago, cady5
Easy to use!
I love how easy it is to use! Maybe not the best if your trying to make your actual family tree. But I made one for some oc’s I have and I rly like using it! There are a few ads here and there, but you get to choose to watch them or not! (You have to watch them if you want to add a family member sometimes but it will tell you) and I get to add the pictures of my oc’s to there icon thing. Plus!! I can make my characters have an ex partner, and still have them on the tree!!
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4 years ago, HamiltonTrueTrash
Amazing App, good for story writing but there is a bug
I tried to get on the app to make another family that is in my WIP books, but when I tried, it wouldn’t let the keypad show up to put their names in. I restarted my phone and when I reentered it, it still wouldn’t let the keypad show up to type the family member’s names. I don’t want to have to delete the app then re-install it because I have so many families with so many family members in it that I don’t want to have to remake. Please look into this and fix this issue, it would be greatly appreciated.
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5 years ago, Robotiquebleu
Really good but not perfect
I love this app, but it has some flaws. It’s very easy to use but it’s difficult to understand everything from the tree itself. Mainly dead people in the tree. If I were to look at the tree I wouldn’t immediately know who was dead and who wasn’t. I feel like this was a missed opportunity and should be implemented. Also, there aren’t indications of what lines mean what. I mean that if two characters are married the lines connecting them are no different than the lines to their children. Other that that, the app is fine.
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4 years ago, norais_108
This app is great!
I love this app a lot because it’s so simple and doesn’t cost any money and you don’t need an account I have a lot of great aunts and uncles and they got married and had a lot of kids and when I put it in my family tree was big! It even had details about them when they aged at death and what year they were born. I’ve had this app for a very long time and it’s worked out great! This app is awesome. Please download this app if you trying to make a family tree.
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3 years ago, KrstoHrvat
My family tree
My family tree which was quite large has been lost, I believe I had around some 350 people with their birth dates and deaths incorporated. It refuses to load the data then asks me if I would like to delete it. I have attempted to reload and import a save I created of it and this leads to nothing. I am asking for help, please. This tree is very important and hours of work are being thrown in the garbage as of current. I am 17 years old and you can contact me on my email which will be provided if necessary. EDIT: The bug came after a crash while editing somebodies’ description, possibly I tabbed out and in on accident? (which should have been fine). I NEED this information back.
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4 years ago, balman4040
Needs something
Hello. I like using this app for my video games and stuff like that to keep track of who’s kid is who’s. But it’s is slightly annoying the the links kinda disappear when u click on like grand kids. To make it more simple I make more then one tree and the after awhile sometimes they connect and because of that one or the other sides of the family disappear and I wish they didn’t. Other then that this app dose what it should and it’s great bye bye :)
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4 years ago, Sipkalik
Very Nice
This app is strikingly easy to use, my only concern is you can omly have marriages/divorces. I would really like the ability to have non-married characters have children, as well as being able to set what year this is in, as otherwise characters are thousands of years old. I am trying to build the full ASOIAF family tree and it’s difficult to do so. It would also be nice to be able to include locations of birth and death. Otherwise this app is excellent and easy to use. :)
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5 years ago, @stw222
Great app
I think this app is great at what it does. The ads that it does have don't really get in the way! There is one in the pause/settings menu and one in the menu where you set a family member’s information. There is then one full-screen ad every so often that is given before you add a parent, child, or spouse of someone that lasts for a max of 15 seconds. There is no feature that forces you watch an ad after every action you do like some modern spammy apps that are just cash grabs.
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4 years ago, Beeblebrox
For a free app,it’s very nice
This app is quite useful for quickly building out a family tree. You can add relationships quickly and see the tree develop before your eyes. Pros: - Free - Easy with which to get started. - Drag to rearrange (though not a necessary feature if you add members correctly in the first place) - decent UI Cons: - no sharing functionality as one would expect with, certainly an iOS version. This means that other family members can’t add their two cents to a shared version. The data must be exported then later imported to the version of the app that someone else has installed. It this is free and there is no associated registration so this makes some sense. - it’s not intuitive to get to hidden parts of the family tree. You have to guess where the ancestral trees might be for various family members. - no capability to show maiden names side-by-side with taken married names
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2 years ago, chief2002
A problem
I really enjoy this app, and it’s really easy to use. I would like to have a button where you can download or upload a .gedcom file to this program. That would be really helpful. Because I was able to start a family tree on Ancestry but they just keep costing money I can’t afford. I’m on disability and I can’t keep giving money to them. If we could upload or download button then I would have given you a 5 star instead of 4. Thank you
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3 years ago, ShayRox04
Good until..
This was a really good app to use and it was very easy to work it. However, one day I tried to open it and it said that it was failing to load the data and asked if I wanted to delete it all together. I tried restarting my phone, and coming out and going back in. I don’t want to delete it and start over but apparently I have to. I won’t be using this app in the future. Thankfully, I didn’t get past “great, great” whoever, so I didn’t get too far in my data collection..but my family is huge so I kinda got far. But I’m not totally annoyed at it. I’ll be using Ancestry which is also free to collect my family history and y’all should too.
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4 years ago, One thing I don't like kid
Really good, but one small thing
The app itself is amazing. It allows birthdays, death days, extra information, pictures and it’s all free! The only thing on the downside is when I tried to share it with other they could not open the file, and I couldn’t either if I wasn’t on the app. I also understand why they don’t show the entire family tree, but if there was an option to where it all folded out that would be nice instead of having to go to different people to see the whole tree.
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1 year ago, VezzyWezzy
Its alright
I don’t like that I can’t view all the bubbles or move them where I want. It messes with my ocd that i’ll be one on bubble and then the lines for extra spouses will be crossing over each other. I can’t view the entirety of the tree either, only certain connecting sections, which can make keeping track of children from different marriages difficult. Theres also no option for adoption. But its free and relatively simple to use.
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2 years ago, esmith617
Perfect for Simple Projects
I’m using this app to keep track of my Sims’ family trees, since the game randomly deletes ancestors, and applications made specifically for the Sims are too simple. This is perfect. I can add pictures, write whatever I want in the description, and I’m not forced to add dates like other applications. There are ads, but they aren’t at all intrusive, though I would be happy to pay for an ad-free version. Great app!
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4 years ago, pokdaa
Simple App but Annoying
I downloaded this app because I need a family tree that I can and people to from all generations. I added three people to my family tree, then I was forced to watch an ad before I could continue adding people. This was not only annoying, but so offputting I uninstalled the app. If I want to watch an ad, I will, but I don’t want to be forced to watch it in order to continue using the app. I gave two stars for the simplicity. Had I not been forced to watch an advertisement to continue, I would have given five stars. I will look for an app that doesn’t force users to watch ads, even if I have to buy it.
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4 years ago, coconutehhamham
I really like it but a couple things..
I really really like the app! I use it when I’m making story’s and need it to keep track of family’s but a couple things you could add such as:If a character is adopted can it have two family’s? Like the one where they were adopted from and the one they had left? And occupations to like what do they work for? Are they stay homes? And maybe the state the characters were born in? These are optional’
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5 years ago, Just an old vcr
All you need.
Application is as advertised. If you already have most of your tree figured out and just looking for somewhere to store or show off. Easy, clean UI, very minimalistic. What I love the most is the privacy, sounds silly to say that but we’re giving lots of information/pictures and the terms of service is easy to understand, and very agreeable! Thank you for protecting our information, especially in today day and age.
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9 months ago, Grey.G.
Love this app but it could use some adjustments!
This app is so easy and simple for me to use and keep track of my fictional world’s family tree! However I have come across a problem with how something works and it bugs me a lot. I was devastated to find out that a child had a limit to only two sets of parent! I hope if there is any updates that this is worked out as one of my characters has like five parents :)
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4 years ago, Pizavhkl
What happened?
Honestly, I loved this app when I first got it. It was really helpful in building my family tree and other family trees I have been working on. But recently, I’ve tried to add more people into my family trees and it wouldn’t let me enter the names or write any type of notes, except for dates. I tried restarting my phone and that didn’t work. I tried deleting the app and downloading it again to start over, but it still had the same problem. And this happened on both of the devices I downloaded from. I don’t know, I really liked using this app. I just want to know what the problem is.
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4 years ago, Puppetmasterayden
This is the best family tree application I have ever used! It’s SO easy to use! I’ve Been using this app for about five years and I’ve made a family tree that goes back about 15 generations! I like how you can lock the family tree so you don’t accidentally mess something up (even though I never get to use it because I’m always adding on). I’m conclusion I would 100% recommend this app!
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2 years ago, MinJonPDX
Useful & easy! (But not shareable)
This is great for one person to remember family names. But the big functionality I’m missing is the ability to have multiple people work on a family tree together (like a shareable Note on iPhones.) I’m reconstructing the history of my father, and I need something my sister can add to and refer to in real time. Families often work on genealogy together, so it’s really important to have something they can all access.
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5 years ago, djjguvds
Short by a hair
The application is extremely easy to use and gives you just enough features to easily navigate the interface without getting stuck or the application freezing on you. I just wish I could zoom out and see the entire family tree. Like an entire overview of everyone I have added. That would get the fifth star. Download this application and try it for yourself it doesn’t require any subscriptions like the others.
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3 years ago, GodCriticJhokLeJhok
Great App For World Building
This App is perfect for making valuable family trees in an intensive world where it matters. I'm working on several at the moment, but I do have one issue. We need a feature to set the current year that the trees are set on. I know this is more for real life families, but can easily be suited for well organised trees in fictional families. But having a world that is run on the real life year makes it iffy. Still love this app though!
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3 months ago, cdespinosa
Nice to have a no-server app
This is what I’m looking for: an app that just organizes and saves genealogy information without making you create an account, share the data with others, or have it snarfed up by some church or corporation. It’s simple and clear. I wish that it had better options for quickly entering data, such as using Tab or Return to move between fields, and editing in-place rather than spreadsheet-like in a panel at the bottom of the screen.
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3 years ago, sharontheil
Simple Yet Powerful
This power of this app is in doing a few simple tasks and doing them well. This is not a stand-alone application for all your genealogy research! I especially recommend it for nonfiction writers. Just now, I couldn't remember the birthday for one of President Washington's ancestors and so I opened my Washington Tree and I found the information in less than a minute! Simple yet powerful.
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5 years ago, pastagamer77
Been using app for awhile and it’s improving a lot
Hi there, I decided to re write my review. This app is really useful for people like me who have a lot of original characters who have a blood line and stuff. Despite the fact that there are a few things this app needs the app creator is very good at listing to requests. I have seen them respond to almost every review and I think that’s really nice. I definitely recommend this app
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4 months ago, AkininDavid
What a great app
I have spent dozens of hours with my grandmother who is 89 years old. We have over the last few years added hundreds of people from our family into a family tree. Thank you for this wonderful tool. I look forward to seeing updates and upgrades so we can enjoy the data in greater ways
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2 years ago, cpthansonmd11
Absolutely Amazing!
I was recently given a list of family names and birthdays. And I thought there must be some way of keeping track of this. I stumbled on this app, and it is absolutely amazing how you can add details in either direction of everybody. It maps out the names so you can just keep adding anything you learn about people. Great job, developers! Glenn Hanson
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4 years ago, G6plays
Good enough for a free app
Pros: - Free - No sign in - Decent UI - Ability to add divorces and rearrange family members Cons: - Ads (but it is free so it’s not much of a big deal, and they are only once in a while) - No sharing - You can’t see the whole family tree at one time This app should not be used for extensive research projects. It is more for just seeing how something would look on a family tree. Then again, I have made large family trees without trouble, and it does work well, but as I said you can’t share your large tree once you have come to a stopping point. You also cannot see the entire family tree. I hope the developers can add that one day. Thanks for providing this resource for amateur genealogists! ❤️ Please don’t change very much, it is very good as it is right now.
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2 years ago, Zaviar Roberts
The app is amazingly smooth, but...
The app is amazing and is exactly what I was looking for. The options they give you along with the smoothness of the interface are just perfect, I just wish they gave us the option to see everyone in every branch of the bloodline, instead of having to click each person to see the others. Other than that the app is amazing.
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5 years ago, LizMialab
I love this app some much. It helps me when I am trying to keep my families(for books) in check. To remember their names, birthdays, death days, and I can even add notes. There are not very many adds and when there are adds they aren’t long. You can also add pictures of that person, which I love. The only thing that I am personally having trouble with is figuring out to to make a new family tree and keeping the other ones.
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1 year ago, Wow...???...:: wth
Good App
As I’ve seen with other reviews, I have been using this for my legacy Sims game. It’s quick and easy. The only thing I do wish is that there was a way to link people that were already created, such as someone’s grandchild 4 generations down marrying their sibling’s 4th generation grandchild (remember Sims). Otherwise I have had no issues!
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4 years ago, CoffeeSloth412
Really easy and simple to use however...
The app is relatively easy and simple. Start off with a person and add a spouse and child, that starts off the family tree, however there is a bug with this app that will not allow me to type in the name (first and last.) I tried resetting, re-installing, and closing the app but it will not let me type. Great app, just some minor bugs.
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5 years ago, Francois O'Moore
Tree structure
I have used this app to display 5 generations of my family and it’s very easy to use. I though have a few things to say about it. 1. For the person asking how to accommodate divorces, add them ad spouse add any kids and when your don click the link to make it show as a broken link. I would though have loved if we could drag and adjust the tree to fit the page and not just squeeze linearly in the middle of the page.
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4 years ago, Cathrian
App is fixed!
I love this app, it is by far the best thing I have found to organize a beautiful family tree. They are also very quick to see user comments and respond to them. About a week ago their was a glitch that made it impossible to write and i wrote a review about it in the App Store and now it has already been fixed! Thank you developers!
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