QuickBooks Accounting

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Intuit Inc.
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9 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for QuickBooks Accounting

4.74 out of 5
170K Ratings
4 years ago, Capt Darien
QB Online constantly has several bugs
QBs in general is usable accounting software, but the glitches are unacceptable. We have used it for over twenty years. We now use QBs Online due to mobility of our service. Intuit makes frequent changes. Most changes do not add to functionality of the product. They are only changes to looks often causing confusion. The REAL problem is along with most of these changes comes new bugs. The VERY REAL is some bug never seem to be corrected. For example. Our Sale Tax hasn’t functioned correctly in over a year. My request for correction has been ignored. Most recently, today, there is a new look when adding items to an invoice. When adding an item while in the invoice, them item used to go to the invoice once completed. This made sense, since you are adding the item to the invoice and while in invoice. But NOW, the item goes away; not directly to the invoice. You have to go back to the item and add it to the invoice. Senseless. This is difficult to explain without demonstration, but it’s ridiculously senseless. I could go on and on about products. We are looking for a more functional system. Maybe if companies are unwilling to pay for dysfunctional software, they will make required corrections.
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6 months ago, fhjurevjkv
The updates they’ve done are awful!
The user experience is so awful now, just makes me wonder who would approve such inefficient changes. stop fixing things that aren’t broken!!! 1- You can no longer paste into the item description when creating an invoice using the mobile app. why in the world would anyone disable that feature??? 2- When you send an invoice to the customer, the invoice number no longer appears in the email when it used to be right on top of the company logo. Again, why would anyone at QB change the design to no longer display an invoice number in an email? it causes us to have to manually search every time we have to reference something. 3- You can no longer search by invoice number when you’re looking at the invoice section. You can type an invoice number here and it will say no results (all filters are cleared) but then you go into the customer profile and lo and behold, the invoice with that correct number is right there. Again, why in the world with someone at QuickBooks think it’s a good idea to deny is the ability to search by invoice number?! 4- there is no longer an automatic preview prior to sending an invoice. You have to click into the preview every single time. Why on earth would someone remove that automatic preview?! it’s like every update it gets worse and worse. Why are you guys changing things that are not broken?! these may seem like little things, but it is so time consuming and annoying. Whoever approved these changes should be ashamed.
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4 days ago, Bivounty
Constant loading data
I thought I was getting an on line application that we could do mainly do mobile invoicing on the road, We presently use QuickBooks desktop. We use the app Invoice ASAP to write invoices and print the invoice on the road. We can down load the invoices from ASAP right into QuickBooks desktop. Works great but I was told that QuickBooks is no longer going to service the desktop version with updates and payroll was going away on desktop version. So I broke down and purchased a 1 year subscription to online a few weeks ago. It has so many bugs that make it impossible to do what we need. Most of the time we can’t even log into the quickbooks online app using a apple product. When we try to log in we get a message (data loading wait a few minutes while it loads) the little wheel is spinning. I can come back in a half hour and it’s still loading. I called service and they had me work on it for a half hour with no results. The final remedy was to remove QuickBooks online from all my apple devices and reload them. It worked for a day then the same thing happens. There is no way I could run my business with this. I’m lucky I still have my subscription to Invoice ASAP and the desktop version. It’s really hard to believe a corporation as large as QuickBooks can put out such garbage. But seeing is believing. I would stay away until they get it together. Oh yeah if you give them less than 5 stars they will not accept your review. Low lives
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8 months ago, BigCreature
QuickBooks is the best
I’ve started using QB about 5-6 months ago and I am loving it. I love it because it keeps me organized in bookkeeping and it helps me really look at how much I’m bringing in. There are a lot of features and things you can do on this app and I want to engage in all of them but at the moment, I am only engaged in a few features like sales receipts, invoices, profit and loss statements and the QB checkings account. I will be using all the other features soon, I’m just taking everything slowly and juggling what I can manage at the moment because it’s just me running my business. But I recommend QB to everybody I know that’s starting in business or ones that are looking for something different. It helps you a lot. I’ve used one app before QB and I stopped using them and stayed using QB after I found out about them. Great app.
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7 months ago, WailuaB
Too many bugs to be useable
The quick books online mobile app is unusable, especially the quickbooks checking account. Their mobile check deposit only works half the time. The other half, it just fails to deposit with no useable error message. The customer service is no help either, they just tell me to delete and redownload the app. Worse, the checking account seems to have multiple bugs. I had an issue with duplicate transactions, when I called customer support, they told me that they had been having “technical difficulties” and the total shown on my checking account was not correct???!!! Additionally, you’ll notice that the checking account total is different depending on whether you’re looking at the website or the mobile app and which page of the site/app you’re on. When I called customer service about this, they told me it’s because one page is updated but not the other, which doesn’t make any sense. These errors are extremely concerning as the entire point of an online bank account is to see the correct total, so I’ll be switching to a different bank. Finally, the receipt snap function is cool but buggy. It doesn’t always match the receipt to existing transactions on my quickbooks debut card, so expenses are duplicated. This is a huge pain to correct and I end up spending more time manually reviewing and correcting than if I had just manually entered them in the first place.
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3 years ago, Elijah fab
No INTUITive integration between various QB versions :(
Had an Apple subscription to QB online since 2013. Worked great, UNTIL QB no longer wanted to support Apple customers in the same way, because, I guess, we were getting the same product at a great deal through an Apple autopay annual subscription. If you order something similar - QB Self-Employed - you can’t easily transfer your data between the platforms. Literally, you export out of QB Online and it only offers you Excel, and importing into QB Self-Employed only allows .csv files with dates and amounts formatted a certain way. I converted the Excel files to .csv files and 1 out of 8 loaded. Then I went on forums and saw that dates and amounts had to be formatted a particular way and only with 3-4 columns of data, meaning date, description, credit/debit for payments - no client, no memo, no check info, basically no details. In essence, they hold your data hostage unless you upgrade at 3-4 times the price. And when I looked at the reviews and rated them by date, I found that almost all of their recent ones are one star. Btw, I’ve printed my chat transcripts with them and spent at least 20 hours trying to fix this with them, so I feel I’ve been patient and loyal (actually used various QB products for about 15 years now), but this is just terribly disappointing, Caitlyn. I hope your operating team sees the fault and creates a solution for its long-time customers and really shows that Intuit cares.
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3 months ago, kessick23
Mobile app program
I switched from another program for the 2023 business year to use QuickBooks exclusively for my company. Initially everything worked great the.n while creating estimates on the app for items I frequently use it could jot find the items even when I searched for it in the estimate portal. When I closed it and went to items the stuff is all there. Obviously I cannot manually create an identical item with the program so I have to go online to do the estimates if using items I have already created into my inventory 90% of the time because one or two items I can’t access. It works great online without issues. I’ve reached out multiple times over the past two weeks only to receive a generic reply that they’re working to fix the issue over the next few updates. I have not been happy with the customer service and looking to find another program that will function properly and actually fix issues when found. Liz has by far been the worst experience and support I have ever had with an app and they’re online version. I even upgraded the highest package that they have and you cannot even get any custom help. Every representative you talk to on the phone gives you a different story and cannot trust anything that they are saying trying to get help is like pulling teeth I would never recommend this company or program to anyone.
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4 years ago, Apple20137
QuickBooks Online Does Not Integrate With TurboTax
I have to admit my first time using quickbooks I was in awe. I was thinking this company is great. That is until Tax time came around. I mean I get it and see what quickbooks is trying to do. Quickbooks online has a lot of Bookkeeping and Accounting services in it so that you can network with different bookkeepers and CPA’s to handle your books and taxes during tax time. For businesses that prefer it that way then this is heaven for them. However, Quickbooks online fail to realize there are also a lot of businesses that love to do their own taxes, now it becomes a nightmare because somehow Quickbooks Online do not integrate with TurboTax. Then they want to tell you to purchase TurboTax business, and purchase quickbooks desktop and import your data there then blah blah blah What about the business that operate with iPads only they don’t have a desktop. It just sound like a bunch of money scams. No one wants to keep purchasing services they don’t want to use. This company has turned something so simple into the most complicated situation ever. All you have to do is integrate Quickbooks Online with TurboTax that way we can import data and do our own taxes. This company has so much potential but if they can’t fix simple things their future will not be so bright.
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3 years ago, Hunter L
Using QB for My Small Business Was a BIG Mistake
I run a small business that focuses on outdoor media. Recently a client payed for an invoice via credit card and I was hit with a 2.9% fee, when I refunded them I was hit with a 3.4% fee. All of this was not very clear on their end. I tried to talk with the customer service in the midst of everything in order to try to figure out what to do and it was by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had (and that is saying a lot because I used to have Comcast). It was very hard, unclear, and costly for me as a small business owner to do something relatively simple. I was on 6 different phone calls, and constantly ran in circles by the support team. At one point my call was dropped on their end as if someone just hung up during a time where the refund was pending and could have really helped me save some money. Long story short I am leaving QB and going back to handling things myself, it was too easy to make a costly mistake, too hard to get help in the midst of a stressful time, and very obvious that my business did not matter and was simply a 15 digit account number to them. My advice is do it yourself or hire someone who will actually look out for the best interest of your business you are working so hard to build. Audios QB.
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5 years ago, Dragos45
I have used QB online for many years, and I’m very happy with it. The app is useless to me though, since the interface is way too limited. For example, one good use for it would be to enter receipts on the fly, but much to my disappointment I couldn’t do something as simple as to pull up a list of accounts to assign the cost to. Entering receipts would be a perfect use for a mobile app, but I simply can’t do it correctly. I mean, what did Intuit really think it was going to be used for? Also, the payment methods I have set up in QB online are not available in the app, all you see is credit, check or cash. It seems like the app doesn’t synch fully with your online info, which makes you wonder what kind of mess it can create in your bookkeeping. Strangely enough, when I started the app it said that it was synching with my data, but it appears that this was just the basic data and none of my personal account settings. It’s entirely possible that I have missed some of the finer details, but they really messed up the app by making the interface so different from the computer based online version. Having to learn and keep up with two versions is just too cumbersome for a small business owner like me, so this app is now deleted. Calling it a bookkeeping app is grossly misleading, since it’s so limited.
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1 year ago, HCP Pools
Wish there was another competitor
Two months ago I tried to subscribe to their one time live bookkeeping clean up, and a computer glitch relating to a billing address on a payment method, freaked out my entire QuickBooks, and has taken every thing from me other than payroll capabilities. I tried to get ahead of the game for tax time and QuickBooks has essentially screwed me and left me with half a million in revenue that I can’t hardly sort out for taxes at this point. I have spent over 8 hours on the phone troubleshooting with QB Support and they are extremely unsympathetic to my issue, they have escalated to engineering several times(with no result), and said they were going to have an update for me no later than December 2. Every single time I call I get the same old “have you tried logging out and logging back in again, or clearing your cache, or using a private window, or a different browser?” runaround. The problem is the shoddy software and awful conflict resolution skills, not anything to do with any customers computer. That method of troubleshooting has not worked since the early 2000s. Extremely dissatisfied and praying some tech guys can start a competing business management software platform, since this is just the norm for QB.
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5 years ago, calebw22
Used to be great, then they “improved” QB
I’ve used QuickBooks since the late 1990’s and was an early adopter of QuickBooks Online. While Intuit has improved the platform dramatically, the latest rounds of “improvements” that have made the mobile app entirely unstable and unusable combined with nearly doubling the price and a pricing model that is disconnected from business scale (one could pay the same for a small business with $50k in revenue and a not so small biz with $10m in revenue) has left me utterly disappointed and looking for alternatives. Problem is, switching is nearly impossible. So, if you’re considering QuickBooks, just don’t. Try Xero or any other other competitors out there. If Intuit can fix its most basic issues and start providing actual customer support that is accessible (just try the “app help” link which takes you to an Intuit help page with NO APP SUPPORT option!) with modern methods (like chat and email instead of only phone, and phone that can’t be reached most of the time - again, give it a try), then I’d recommend QuickBooks again. It’s a shame because there is so much that’s great about the platform... but when doubling the price for purported gesture enhancements results in app bloat and instability, avoid like your business depends on it, because it does!
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6 years ago, DSCHRI
At the time of writing this review I have been on the phone with support for over 3hrs. Quickbooks online has been nothing but a complete disaster! For years I ran QB 2012 for Mac and was fairly happy with the software until it started crashing on me in mid 2017. Since it was time to update to a newer version of quickbooks I was pushed toward the online version since the latest desktop version for Mac was 2016. I had nothing but aggravation with the online version on almost every aspect of the software but if I were to explain each one this would be a book so I’ll just explain the problem that was most expensive to me. The syncing between the business checking and credit card on QBO would not sync for sometimes a couple days other times a month. When the sync feature would work it would create duplicate transactions and I would need to have QBO audited by my accountant to match my actual accounts. The 3rd time QBO needed to corrected to match my accounts was the final straw. I purchased QB 2016 for Mac and wanted to transfer my QBO data to the desktop version. I’m told now that I need to wait a “few” days to have everything transferred over. I am completely disgusted with quickbooks and will be reporting this with the better business bureau.
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3 years ago, Audio Precision
Hate it, stuck with it
Where to begin. First, but an iPad, most things can’t be done from an iPhone, for example, item quantities, can’t change it or see it. If you need to enter a new product via the phone, you will need to go back to your laptop to log in and reconcile your total of items if you track quantity. So inconvenient, I’m not with my laptop most of the time, so at the end of the year, it takes HOURS to reconcile your inventory. Once an item is in the system, and you get new product in, unless you log in on a laptop to add the quantity, you’ll have negative quantities, cause you can’t do it from the iPhone. The IRS taxes you on your inventory, and every year I spent hours counting and reconciling. Here’s the REAL kicker, started out as a promo for $40/mo in 2014, crept up to $50, then to $60 in a year, then to $70 without any improvements. So I exported my inventory data, stepped down to the $25/mo plan for my invoicing and estimates. Why pay $70 to track inventory that I can’t manage on the go? Since I’m counting at the end of the year anyways, might as well save that extra $540 annually. I can only assume that the nerds that built and maintain the app have very little retail business experience, just widgets guys. Sad.
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7 months ago, jks02191
Could not get worse
I’ve used QuickBooks for years and have complained to the company multiple times for the annoying ads that pop up as you are trying to create an estimate or invoice. Never a response from Intuit rationalizing why they are forcing me to watch ads when I’m paying for a subscription to a service. The neophytes responsible for maintaining this app and grinding it into a useless waste of memory would decide with every update to change the UI and workflow just to make the user waste more time trying to do some work. The last version is broken. I’ve called customer support and reported the issues, was told the issue would be resolved in 48 hours and I would receive a call to verify the fix. Neither has happened. My customer list is not accessible past the letter “J” and my product and devices list is no longer sorted by category. Having developed software for some of the largest software companies in the world, if I had let this abomination see the light of day, I would no longer have been employed. Now the app freezes upon opening and won’t advance beyond the opening screen. I’ve just cancelled my subscription and will also move to a different tax app for next year.
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2 years ago, SingerGalInTX
Continues to be the slowest app ever….
So, after writing a review and saying the app was slow and buggy and crashes constantly - as typical software/tech developers go…. “Couldn’t possibly be us, must be user error”… I got a developer response. It told me to do all the typical stuff they tell you to do. Refresh the app, uninstall/reinstall, reboot phone…. Yada yada yada - LET ME BE CLEAR…. I have done ALL of the above, I’m not an idiot when it comes to these things. Please be careful when responding as you don’t know how much or little experience your audience might have. This is also par for the course with QB customer service in general - you wait on the phone for hours (literally at times) only to get an “expert” who takes another hour to understand what you are saying, chats that are inane and take 15 minutes between responses - it is TERRIBLE. I am sure they blame COVID, after all it is the excuse for everything wrong in the world. The reality is they just don’t have it together. My honest review is after deleting and reinstalling, resetting, upgrading my phone software, etc etc, the app is slower than molasses. I have to wait 1-2 minutes for reaction/response when I select an option (if I ever get a response at all).
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3 years ago, Pondel
Progress invoicing doesn’t work
When I try to send a second progress invoice form an estimate it does not reflect that the first invoice has been paid already and payment received. The balance in line items is the original balance from the estimate, not lowered by whatever I charged already. Also, in this way I could overcharge my client and QB would not prevent me from doing so. I tried that to see if that would work. This bug prevents my clients from tracking progress of payments and forces me to look back and track how much I charged for particular line item already. It’s a huge inconvenience for a construction company. I already spent 6 hours over two days with 4 different customer service reps and despite all being very patient and helpful, the last one admitted that it was a glitch in the system. I offered to spend some time with their software engineering department to work on that issue but nobody seemed interested to take me up on it. The reps were unaware of this issue until they saw my computer screen and confirmed I was doing everything correctly. It’s a major problem. I hope it gets resolved soon. Otherwise I would definitely give it at least 4 stars.
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4 weeks ago, KingPenn13
Stop “fixing” it
This is now the third or fourth iteration of this stupid update. They’ve tried “fixing” this app several times, and every time they have ended up reverting back to the old setup. I much prefer the old setup, and I don’t think I’m in the minority on this subject. It may look nicer, but it’s slower and takes longer to do invoices. I do all of my transactions by phone, so using the browser version is a nightmare. The app is so much more convenient…when it works. I’m also tired of it “loading my data” every other time I open the app. The new invoice layout wastes a lot more ink with the wide color background/banner for the “bill to” and “invoice details” section, and you need a magnifying glass to see the text. Add an option on the app to choose the invoice layout, because changing it on the browser does nothing for the app. Also, if I want to add an item to the invoice, I can only search by “item”. I have over 300 products with 300 different item numbers. You use to be able to search by “item” OR “description”. Add the option to search by both again. If they fix these two problems, or just go back to the old app setup, I would change my review to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, ORCEC
Unfortunate inability to update
I have had 3 problems with this software 1) all purchases through my bank account are not being caught apparently 2) I keep getting notices to update my card reader but when I connect to it and open QuickBooks I am not able to update since I must already have the most up to date version(if my card reader is not working due to a missed update I will not find out until I am in front of a customer). 3) automatic mileage tracking is missing some trips and I have not discovered this until days later and can not find out why it’s happening since all items have been on for tracking that I am aware of. Other than these issues QB is much better than when I used it 15 years ago with a previous business. Although with the advanced options I would like to rely on - I have found this newer version is not as “turn key” as sold. All I really need is for the system to work as advertised but no doubt I will find out how much has been missed when it comes time to reconcile for tax season.
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6 years ago, greensteam
My experience has been mostly positive
With Quick books based upon the fact that I only use the basic service for sending out invoices. Biggest problems have been not being able to sign in a couple of times and having had both good and bad experiences with help desk personnel. I use 2 accounting apps. Square, which I run all cash, credit cards, gift cards and tax based revenue through. Quick books Is only used for my non-taxable customers who get invoices and pay by check. This keeps things simple for me as Square is hardly ever any problem and I have workarounds with Quick Books when problems arise. Since QB handles no money for me they cannot hold my business hostage at any time. And since both programs have numerous reports this also makes my tax requirements easy. However, one other thing I dislike about QB online is their constantly changing the program. Everyone likes their Apps kept up to date but I hate when they change things just for the sake of touting “look we made another improvement “
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2 years ago, Gutter Guys
Great when it works
QuickBooks online is great when it works. Unfortunately there are frequent glitches. Some of these glitches cause major problems, like not being able to enter estimates. It recently each had all of the estimates mixed up/hidden. You had to go in and do some special filtering to see all of the estimates. Typically they are sorted by date with the most recent being at the top. This of course caused a lot of problems. The most recent issue is a new query processing error message I keep getting that will not allow me to create an estimate, an invoice, to do anything at all on the app. I have two phones so it’s not a phone issue as I’m getting the same error on both phones. It’s a mobile app issue. I’m able to login to QuickBooks online on the desktop and I have no problems at all doing what I need to do. It’s very unfortunate because QuickBooks is a great app it’s just really frustrating that it frequently has glitches and the glitches are major ones that can last for days and even weeks at a time.
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6 years ago, DC_Dale
QBks App -> Less Than Half A Loaf
Having used QBks for 24 years in one guise or another, I have long since grudgingly accepted their inadequate technology chops. Be that as it may, I must let them (and you, dear reader) know that the iPad version is a HUGE frustration. In most regards the 12” iPad Pro that I use is the best. Most advanced technology I’ve ever been pleased to use. However, tech laggards like Intuit make it a trial. Anybody know how to cut a check from the iPad version? PLEASE tell me! Yeah. I didn’t think so. OK, how about putting in a bill? No? These are BOOKKEEPING items, guys! I understand they have as much to do with accounting as data entry has to do with data analysis. Yeah, these tasks are peripheral but ESSENTIAL. Seemingly IMPOSSIBLE with QkBks for iPad. How in the name of all that’s Holy can ANYone claim that this PoS (no, not Point Of Sale) allow small business management?!? JEEZum, Intuit!!! Splash out some of that Monopoly Money for some up-to-speed programming talent! And this time do it in the US of A, where there’s a fair chance the tech staff will understand what you tell them to do. Please and Thank You. By ALL means, give me a reason to update this review with a higher number!!!
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10 months ago, Leave it really
Update - Missing Milage - Found
I will jump on the bandwagon- as this is a fairly critical app for many of us. Why are we not being advised of a change? I my case I had multiple to-do’s and then the nothing?? Not good As these were not addressed by me. Then I go to verify the app is still tracking mileage (app has stopped tracking in the past) and where is the Mika short cut? Where is the milage anywhere? I have been racking up milage or several days? I call support and wait, get a call back 20 minutes later (at least I got a call back). Hard to understand the person the other end of the phone, she has no idea how to help me and puts me on a long hold while trying to get someone to help her. While I wait for her to return I start checking every link on the app and low and behold- mileage now appears when you hit “menu” (lower right) and - wait for it - “products and services” ????!!! I tell the lady on the phone when she returns after she tells me they have no idea. i suggest she tell her technical support team where the milage can be found. I am paying for this????!!!’
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6 months ago, Nealinator
Works ok. Needs some improvements
I have been using the software and app for about three years now. Overall it is working for me. I would like to see some changes to improve the app. One is better tracking of trips. I have caught a few missed here and there. It is too difficult to watch it closely to ensure everything is captured, defeats the purpose of the automatic functionality. The second would be to allow me to customize the main page of the app with the features I use. When it opens, it has features front and center I don’t use and I have to navigate to the ones I do use. Specifically the quick actions section, which states it automatically configures to what I use most, but it does not at all. It is full of features I never use and don’t need access to routinely. Let me configure this please. Lastly, it would be so much nicer to have the ability to set this app viewable in dark mode. The bright white is just not pleasing to the eye, especially when used in low light.
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5 months ago, Yaime castro
I have used this application for 3 months, everything worked great until they made a payment with a credit card, they asked me for my details and it seemed great but suddenly during that time that I was presenting them they began to block services from my account without any justification. We called again and again and only received responses like: we don't know why the higher department is doing this, with all this with $1058 withheld, after several weeks we got that money to say that they are going to refund it to our client at a maximum of 10 days. After 20 calls we call and to our surprise they say that they are not going to refund the customer anything. They are going to give it to us to our payment account blocked by them, the day after the call we realize that they have blocked the application and that we cannot enter under any circumstances. Nobody gives us a solution, our English is not very good and nobody helps us in Spanish, a shame, we consider our $1058 lost but we can openly say that this application is a scam and we do not recommend it at all
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4 years ago, InklingByKate
Complicated Interface, Terrible Customer Service
I am not an accountant by any means, but I was hoping Quickbooks Online would be easier to use for us average joes. Nothing about their program is intuitive- you are instead given loads of video tutorials and when that’s not enough you can call their Sales Department to get transferred to Customer Service (don’t try direct, it’s no use) who 9/10 times have thick foreign accents (which makes it even harder to understand the foreign accounting software) and if you’re lucky you get scripted answers with a side of sass. In my opinion, if your programming isn’t overwhelmingly user friendly you should at least have an overwhelmingly good customer service experience to give us all hope that we can, one day, figure it out. I am stuck with this program because my husband finds it easy enough to create and send an invoice, but unfortunately this leaves me to figure out the rest once a month. So all in all, thanks to Quickbooks Online our customers do know how much they owe us but as for the accounting, nobody knows what’s going on there.
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7 months ago, Upholder1
Update has made QuickBooks mobile useless
Quickbooks mobile updated today. We tax services and products in my state. The App is not calculating tax. When I click on tax a Other Charges pop up window appears but it is blank - no tax rates are listed. Tying to edit an invoice I converted from an estimate, I deleted an item but received an error message due to tax and cannot process it for billing. Now text descriptions appear all on one line - like one line you see here no matter how many lines of text you entered into the description - three paragraphs or a list of sixty items - you have to scroll along one line to see them! Maybe four weeks ago a update happened with similar issues. I spent a long time on the phone with the help desk trying to figure out the tax issue and the rep seemed to be getting updates on issues as we talked. By that end of the call they had reverted back to the old version. The current update has made my mobile version completely useless and I write and bill 98% of my business with this version. How this could be released I dont know….
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3 years ago, Fortune S
Very Disappointing
After having the account for just a month it was permanently closed without notice or warning, Now I’m having the most difficult task of finding a source or who can be able to help me retrieve the funds left on the account grant It just a small business owner and it wasn’t much on their. But how close my account due to fraud without any invoices or transactions being made and then they still have yet to reimburse me for my funds on top of it’s been 3 months now since the date of opening the account and no one has reached out to me after saying they would have someone follow up with me and not one call or email have I received yet and I’m not giving up I work hard for my company to start and can’t see how this is my fault to a point not only am I mislead but also duped from believing I would have it more easy way of working with Inuit, Now I’m just sitting here with a setback and more frustration in on off the most important stepping stone in capital America, Thanks for waisting my time with you guys I’ll be sure to learn my lesson and never come bank here or service again.
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3 years ago, Sjmdiver
Be careful what you pay for
While I enjoy using QuickBooks for Accounting. For the last five years, the only thing I seem to get is higher fees. I’ve started at $30 a month and now I pay $50 a month. All ACH payments are charged 1% up to $10? (checks). I don’t except credit cards because I do not want to pay the fees. This is the only checking system that I use that charges fees for a check deposit. Yeah sure PayPal charges a 1% fee but that’s for an instant deposit. There is no instant deposit and I don’t want it because I don’t wanna pay the 1% fee My Annual income accounting (checking) is never correct , I use them more as a reference when doing taxes. I still have a notification on my account from a year ago about a bounced check that I took care of, but I can’t delete the invoice that was had the bounced check. The program works OK but too many fees are attached with everything which is pretty disappointing, especially when you’re self-employed and have to pay higher taxes then most and provide your own healthcare.
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2 years ago, Gob4
Necessary Evil, Glitchy Trash
Wow this if a little bit frustrating, this app, that I pay for every month, is so glitch. It will randomly crash. It will randomly erase saved preferences. When I send invoices, it will randomly make it due the next day even after I’ve selected 30 or 60 days. I have the “pay through the invoice” option enabled, or whatever it’s called, and that will randomly get shut off, even after checking that it’s on before I send my invoices, then I get customers calling and asking how are they supposed to pay me. Really for all the money it costs and extra fees for every additional feature I expected and feel like I deserve a lot more. These are just to name a few of the glitches. Also it seems less then easy to get a hold of a human (customer service). When I tried that and seemed like I was getting somewhere, the app erased my text and then crashed. I feel like this is a little trashy. I don’t know how much longer I will deal with all of this. I hope it gets better. I know it works for other people, especially the off line version.
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5 years ago, Laurie AW
So many good things ... but
I loved that I could take a photo of my receipts and then just throw them away. I like that it was in my phone and I could easily record real time so I didn’t have to go back and think what was that for? My hope was that I could easily share this info with my book keeper who also uses quick books. So I logged in on the computer so she could download the information. Unfortunately the product she uses is different and it changed my app and my account such that while the information and all the receipts are in my phone the are not on the computer and I have no easy way to print the out and the book keeper is going to update all the info by hand. Five month of hand entering again every check and purpose of each purchase. I talked to customer service for a long time. His final advice was to delete the app and download it again. I had just started to feel like I was getting a understanding of how my business was was going with this little app and then poof. Gone. I will down load something else.
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4 years ago, Macwinpro94
Good but missing key features
This is a good app for those using QB online service. The service and connection has been fine and in many ways it’s faster than pulling out a computer and logging in through a browser. There is actually quite a bit you can do on this that simply replaces your desktop. They have omitted 2 key features that keeps this from being 5 stars. You cannot enter Bills through the app. This has been ongoing customer complaint for a couple of years now and Intuit is simply ignoring the request. The second complaint I have is that you cannot mark checks “To Be Printed”. For my purposes, I would like the ability to add in invoices, bills, and checks daily but then pay bills and print checks at the end if the week. This would be a huge time saver for me as the app is simply faster than using a computer browser. I know QBO can be accessed on a smartphone directly but the ever changing browser market makes using a phone browser tedious.
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3 years ago, contractor209
Organization at it finest
I am a residential contractor I do plenty of work, driving, and estimates receipts are flying in all the time and I can keep perfect track of these with QuickBooks. My mileage though I often am too busy to remember to do, gets tracked by my iPad and my phone as well. As I use them both for work and are always with me when I am out. Receipts I just snap a photo of and file them as well. Now as far as snapping and that’s all, no that is not all you also need to actually do some work after you snap them you also need to go back review the receipts you have uploaded before creating them as an expense so don’t forget to. Do that. But for all those out there that are complaining about how they have to do a little work….. well maybe you don’t actually run a legitimate business now do you?
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4 weeks ago, Doucheybag
It works but updates cause problems.
I used this app with little problems here and there for the last 10+ years. The mobile app had benefits to the desktop app but sometimes you had to use both simultaneously to be able to achieve your goal. E.g. – you could search by address on the mobile app, but not on the desktop app. With the last two updates, they removed the feature of searching by address from the mobile app, but integrated it with the desktop app. This change does not make sense, and is incredibly frustrating as it makes the app less optimal or certain situations, like a service company that searches more by addresses than last names. There are other issues that are slightly frustrating, but are less detrimental to workflow. Overall the app functions well, but sometimes will leave you hanging and having to search for other methods to achieve the same goal.
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2 years ago, My Maps User
Glitch now with estimates status
Something is going on in the app where it’s showing estimates for customers as being rejected or accepted or closed out and no matter how many times you update the status of the estimate the app still categorizes it incorrectly. Fix this bug please asap and I’ll change to a 5* review Also for feedback for the mobile app. Please allow a slide feature to move line items up and down in estimates or invoices. For example if you add 15 items to an estimate and you are doing a walk through with the customer it’s much more organized when everything is in order categorized. If a customer forgets something you have to delete all the line items that are ahead just to place it in the order you need. This goes for estimates and invoices.
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6 years ago, asphalthustler
Awesome please add calendar sync
I would love to add an event to my calendar after a customer accepts a proposal. After I input customer info it would be nice to set up an event for a meeting as well. The full process. Customer calls, I input customers info adding a note what they called about, I add an event to check job and auto syncs with Apple calendar, I talk to customer about details, I note it on the customers profile, add a reminder to send proposal, send proposal, customer signs sends back, customer info gets input to calendar for job to be done, I do job, I send invoice, customer pays (sometimes we meet another day so an event may be created), I take after photo and send receipt. If customer calls for problem or more work just add to their profile and add events for work to be done. Maybe the ability for a work order after a proposal would be amazing.
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4 years ago, PRobertC
Efficiently Effective
We are using QBO Plus. Although there are some slight data reporting limitations QBO is continually updating reports; and, there are plenty of apps available to fill-in any other gaps. If you’re starting out or looking for a better small business accounting solution then QBO is the standard that will create value since it’s so well known, used and recommended by many accounting firms for their clients. We quickly found answers and solutions to all of our questions and gaps in setting up our operations. Everything was—and continues to be—easy-to-understand as well. QBO is more of an appreciating asset than it is an expense. This is a general nudge to move forward with your choice as there are other reviews that dive into more specifics. To that point: We wish we had made our move to QBO sooner...
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6 years ago, Pearls77
So much potential!
I went from desktop to online. What a nightmare! Well, I’m really liking the speed at which I can create and send/print an invoice now that I’m getting used to it and have SOME of the kinks worked out. BUT......There is so much more this app should be able to do!! The accounts are not updated. When I do transactions on chrome or safari, the app is about a month behind even though the balance is correct. Transactions just done shoe!? You can’t do ANY transfers between my accounts. I have to go onto safari and then there is a whole other set of issues! Even when using chrome on iPad Pro you still can’t see the whole page or “buttons” to click to save something....over all I’m getting better at using the mobile version but it REALLY needs work for iPad version to flow like it does online on a laptop! (Which is what I’m trying to get away from) Anxious for a good BIG update.
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4 months ago, Cannonwhood
I still use this
So I have been using qb online for 10 years I only recently started using this app on my phone. I don’t like change but I was trying to get my invoices sent faster then having my customers wait on me to get home. At first it was different but I adjusted, then they changed how the invoices work and how to send them overnight with no way of reverting to how it was before. Now I have to go through other steps just to complete the same objective, really really dumb. The only good thing is that it can streamline your invoices everything else I don’t like. I definitely don’t have this app connected to anything personal cuz I’m afraid that the constant changes will some how (even thought I know it can’t be done) will leak into my own stuff that qb has nothing to do with. Change it back and or add a function to revert back to the old system like qb online and I’ll change my review!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Jackie Knows
Not compatible with real life
This is the absolute worst app for business on the go. I cannot log a simple receipt and haven’t been able to for over a month. I log in, snap a picture of the receipt and enter the amount, then the app tells me my session has expired and logs me out. I’ve tried to get support to no avail. The entire QuickBooks support center is designed to keep you from speaking to an actual person. When I finally did get to speak to a person, I spent a half hour trying to convince him I was using this app and not a desktop or the Quickbooks self employed. Finally I gave up. I guess I’ll begin the search for an app which will actually be compatible with business on the go. Got a reply but it’s almost like whoever replied to this didn’t read the review. I don’t need an article explaining to me how to do this. I have been uploading receipts just fine until the app started not working. And yes, I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it. Quickbooks, sometimes it isn’t that the users are too stupid to do something, it’s that you have a flaw in your app.
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1 year ago, velask26
I hope everyone reading these reviews knows that these one liner reviews saying how fantastic QB is, are fake! They are absolutely terrible in every aspect. Please be warned! This service lacks values and professionalism. They may close your payment accounts and withhold YOUR money without even letting you know. Do not use this “service” unless you want your money stolen from you. In short this company has 80k of my businesses money “on hold pending review” and has had it for over three months. After endless HOURS on the phone getting absolutely nowhere for three months , today I was told that my business 80k is on hold because it was flagged for an unknown reason. There was never even an email or alert sent to notify me out of courtesy. After I had to harass my client and my own bank for answers I came to the truth after several months of endless full circle phone calls with quickbooks for them to finally tell me the truth. Now I am paying a 6k retainer for an attorney to get my money back for me. DI NOT USE THIS SERVICE.
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3 years ago, ans1411
Do not sign up for free trial
My free trial just ended so I tried to purchase a subscription and had to call customer service because it would not let me “renew” from the website or the app with my current login information. So she walked me through the process on how to purchase a subscription only to tell me when I was done that all my information that I originally put in the app (receipts, mileage, etc) from my free trial would not transfer over and basically I would need to start from scratch… even though she had me use the same email and password. Now she is trying to delete my “new” account to see if we can extend my free trial on the “original” one to idk I guess purchase it from the “trial” account. Was on the phone for over 50 mins and the only thing she was able to do was delete my new account that we created together and refund my money. But she is still unsure if they can recover/extend my trial account and “will get back to me”
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6 months ago, Blah blah7722
10 year user. Looking to switch
Small business owner. Run 2 companies through QB. Lots of useful features (obviously, or I wouldn’t have stayed this long). There are so many changes that get implemented without giving us the option to change it. It’s just implemented. Invoice templates are changed without warning. If compromises our sales force. Today we were compromised due to the new invoice layout change in the mobile app. Couldn’t switch it back to the old layout. It changed the invoice creation process and the PDF template. HUGE HASSLE. I’m browsing other companies. I fully expect QB to comment on this review, and tell me to call in, which I won’t, because they are never helpful through phone calls. And it takes even more of our valuable time. Want me to stay? Stop making cosmetic changes that cause functionality to plummet and glitch out. Bring the old layout back and start asking before compromising my business.
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5 years ago, slimmagnum
Good app if you want to manually import your bank transactions
I previously have QBself employed and everything was fine. Bank accounts would sync up. So I decided to get QB online for check printing capabilities. I started QB online beginning of Feb 2019 and immediately became aware that my bank was not on QB online list of banks, but it was in the list of QB self employed banks ... weird right...? So I contact CS and they said they will make a escalated ticket and this matter should be resolved with 3-5 business days. Well it’s almost 30 days later and bank account are not synced and have not heard from anyone from QB online. So I just recently contacted them again in chat support and they tell me that I need to contact my bank to see if they made some kind of change that would not allow me to connect. So in all reality they were never working on my ticket because if they were it seems they would have notified me to let me know that is what needed to be done. PS also ordered a card reader about 2 months and still have not received ANYTHING!!
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9 months ago, styleenik
Inaccurate Accounting
Ive been a customer for over 10 yrs. Unfortunately, I keep noticing accounting discrepancies with the way expenses are input into the system. When in the banking section, it recognizes transactions in their correct form, however when I run a report- it inverses the transactions so that credits become debits and vice versa. When I called about this issue, they said they can’t do anything about it and that I would need to go through thousands of transactions and manually fix them and re-enter them into the system. I have several banks and credit cards connected to QB, so this is now worthless for me, as it would be way too time consuming for me to do that and defeats the point of having accounting software to do this task for me. They also suggested that I could pay additional money to hire one of their “pro” bookkeepers to help me go through each item line by line. Refused to credit my account even for one month, so I’ll be moving over to another accounting service.
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9 months ago, J. O’Brien
Update Removed Key Features On iPad… Change It Back!
QB has been pretty good, despite being buggy at times. My main issue is that with the update, they made iPad and iPhone usage more difficult by trying to “simplify” the UI. I do a large majority of my QB work on an iPad Pro, where as my accounts payable uses it on a computer. The computer side has changed, but not in ways that the iPad has suffered. For example, now when creating an invoice on the iPad, you only get a small window as opposed to the full screen. Also, you can’t add a comment to the invoice before you start adding parts/services. For instance we have a client that has multiple buildings (about 400) on their property that we service. The building are serviced at various times through the year however, the billing is all the same. What we used to do was add a comment similar to: “Service Location: Bldg #435” Then we would proceed with the items for billing… But now that is no longer an option in the “simplified/improved” iPad version… This is causing us to explore other billing, invoicing avenues. Please don’t make drastic changes to a program that people live their daily lives on. The format/UI was really decent and already pretty simple. Or… make the iPad version work similar to the desktop version as iPad usage is extremely high considering portability, simplicity, & workflow capabilities.
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4 years ago, screwed good
Quick Books online
I have been a QuickBooks user for many many years and generally like it. It has streamlined my paperwork. I have recommended QuickBooks many times. My problem with it just this year is that it automatically renewed for a year in January as I expected, now QuickBooks does not recognize the renewal and stoped my service. When I contacted QuickBooks they say I should contact Apple as they are a third party service, when I contact Apple they say I should contact QuickBooks as they are a third party service. All the while I paid the Year subscription and provided the receipt. It’s been a week and I can’t seem to get answers, and I cannot save and send invoices. I have been looking at other accounting programs after using Intuit products for more than thirty years. Mark
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1 year ago, chrasews
I use QuickBooks online for the reason of being able to use all the functions through my mobile device. But it’s always having different things happen to it, not all commands are working properly, the only thing support helps me with is to check for updates and reinstall app. When you reach and talk to someone, they tell you there is no tech support and no app troubleshooting department. The only thing you can do is leave your comment or concerns on feedback and hopefully enough people will say the same thing and MAYBE something will get done. The other thing they say is to log in through your browser. Well it works a lot better through there, but that’s not the point. If I wanted browser screen I would just carry my laptop around. I like the app and set up but simple bugs impede a fluid experience while doing daily invoices/task. They need an app troubleshooting team that you can pick up the phone and call so that they can RESOLVE YOUR SPECIFIC ISSUE!
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2 years ago, Thorpe22
Constantly have to wait for payments, no customer service, too many issues with platform. Update after speaking to A representative nothing has changed, was told that my payments “Batch out” as soon as I received them and it’s nothing QuickBooks can do..I recently paid $300 in fees for 1 transaction that was $9500, the money didn’t come instantly which is a scam have to wait 1-2 days for the money unlike PayPal where I have always received my money instantly without issue. I had another customer pay me $530 today, I selected to receive the money instantly, had to pay a fee on the money and it still has not been deposited instantly. The fees are not worth it, the monthly subscription is not worth it. Quick books payments are trash I have had more that 100k come through it for the little 6 months that I have had the platform and it’s been nothing but issues and more fees, I would recommend a different platform. “PAYPAL” is better and it doesn’t cost as much.
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2 months ago, Tuiqnzbdusje
Pop ups
Ill start out by saying the program itself is easy to use for what I need it for. Invoice and tracking is great. However! The pop ups are freaking ridiculous on iOS and PC. “Enjoying our product?” Zero stars and I comment everytime. It’s been 3 years and it has only gotten worse. Leave me alone and let me work QB! Secondly, I get on and get a pop up “update now.” It basically forced me to the AppStore as it didn’t give me any other option. You can close out then reopen only to have it come up again. QUICKBOOKS! Some of us just want to work. When I need the app in the field or a customer calls to inquire about something or to pay a bill, they don’t want to wait for me to do a forced update or write a review about my experience. I pay you for a service, and part of that service should be leaving us alone to work. QB must have daddy issues as they seem to be looking for reassurance that they are doing ok.
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