QuickBooks GoPayment POS

4.8 (6.1K)
401.2 MB
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Intuit Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for QuickBooks GoPayment POS

4.8 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
4 years ago, AppReviewStar
New Bluetooth magstrip chip reader not working on my new iPhone 11
Just received my new Bluetooth magstrip chip reader but when trying to connect gives me error saying my device is not compatible need to upgrade device. I have a iPhone 11 and that is pretty new device. Only thing newer then that is iPhone 12 that just came out. Also it works fine on my iPad Air 2 without issue and my iPad is 4 year plus old technology so can not be my iPhone 11. Please fix the issue. Thanks Update: received an email from the developer from the quickbook team name Jay. Gave me direction on connecting my BT magstrip/chip reader. Had to goto setting and privacy and Bluetooth then turn on the tab for the app and then it would allow me to add it. So now no more error and works fine. Thanks Jay.
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7 years ago, Butterflygirl1240
Go payments does not interact w qb’s??
We use go payments app at our business .. I just notice (duh ). That when we do a sales receipt w the app (go payments ) I can see it on my app on iPhone however (no sales receipt #).. then have to go on my desktop w online to create a receipt so it can be counted w my sales.. ???? How is this ?? I do not have the info to see anything about the sales ( like description of sales etc..) so I go payment w q.b to import and make a receipt.... why?? Why can the go payment app or info generate the sales as in the app on phone ?? Too much go back and forth w this quick books stuff.. we have use quick book for 7 years and is the worst app// online account info software ever!!! I call and even got a kelly person (after I call and complained to BBB )from the corporate headquarters to solve some issues with the credit card display error .. still not working correctly she hasn’t called me over a month and now the merchant service of intuit is messing up ... crazy crazy.. not a good software and the customer service reads from a book w no solution when one spends hours on the phone w them ... like I said now the merchant service is charging twice or declines a cards the like minutes the cards is expected!!!! I call after 2 hours ( nice girl Tried ) she sent a trouble shooting information so we can do it!!! Really!!!:(. The BBB and the Merchant compliance people are going to hear my voice my complaints..
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6 years ago, Bahbahwho
Holding out hope
I recently opened a salon loft where I rent a space and this was the program they have a contract with. Everything was working seamlessly until I had my accountant link her account with mine so she could handle my books. That’s when it went all down hill. I lost all my previous recipes and inventory and the only answers we got from quickbooks customer service (after 2 hours on the phone) was to screen shot all of my info so we could MANUALLY enter everything all over again. Fine. Only was a months worth of receipts. Next issue was I went to check out a client and my whole app had changed. No longer a tip option. No longer a way for me to turn on the sales tax as previously available. Call customer service and they have never seen this happen to the GoPayment app. Go figure I get to be the case that tests their product to the max. So 3 hours on the phone, sending screen shots while I’m working on clients. To end up with no solution and they have to have their team look into it on Monday. So far it has screwed up how simple it was to check out clients let alone the hundreds of products I have to re enter. I HOPE they can fix this because I was loving the app. But I fear I might have to look into other options and something that can actually sync with an appointment booking app.
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6 years ago, ecwhitman
Would be perfect if...
I wish there was a way to link payments on the GoPayment app to existing invoices in Quickbooks because that’s the ONLY reason I downloaded the app & got the card reader. My business deals 100% in invoices, and I thought this would allow me to take payments from customers to put toward their invoices, but it does not. It automatically creates sales receipts that you cannot link to their open invoices as payments. I spoke to support and they confirmed, no you cannot link sales receipts to open invoices. They suggested I delete the sales receipt and enter the payment manually. I wish that the QB website & app description would have made it clear that this was not a system for receiving payments on existing invoices— it’s only for creating new sales receipts & taking payment on said sales receipts. I’m frustrated that this is not what I needed even though I was led to believe that it would be. Apart from not doing the one thing that I wanted it to, the rest of the app works fine. Card reader doesn’t seem to have any issues working properly. The payment I received via GoPayment showed up in Quickbooks almost immediately (even if it was a sales receipt instead of a payment like I would have preferred).
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7 years ago, deedeestar32
New bluetooth reader is terrible!
I have LOVED gopayment! It’s been wonderful for my business. Reliable, easy to use, and integrates with my quickbooks account. They just released new bluetooth readers. I am hard on my readers and my plug in readers are on the brink of falling apart since I dropped it several times. I also frequently misplace them, so I like to have plenty of readers on hand in my various offices. I recently ordered two more readers, expecting what I usually get (plug in chip reader). Instead I got the bluetooth readers, I thought, cool, something new. They are huge and annoying to have to carry around instead of easily plugging in and moving with my ipad. They had NO instructions. NO mention of them on the website with instructions. I kind of figured out how to use them myself (although the app has the picture of the stripe to insert the credit card on the opposite side!). The problem: IT DOESNT HOLD A CHARGE! I called and they said this is normal to hold a charge for ONE HOUR. That means I would have to keep it plugged into a wall socket the whole time. That is unreasonable and doesn’t work for my business. I may need to change processing companies just because of their RIDICULOUS CHIP READER! I have been with quickbooks for YEARS. UGGGH!
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2 years ago, Sanderson2544
New card reader
While the look, feel and weight of the new black reader is great, it doesn’t connect to either my iPhone 13 or Onn 10.1” gen 2 tablet. iPhone says unable to pair in pre prod environment and tablet thinks it’s a phone. Will review rating if starts working. Update* been trying to get this resolved, spent 10+ hrs over the phone as well as countless hours live chatting. No body can seem to help for replacement or return in a 6 month timeline. I’ve never been able to get this reader to connect to any device. Even though I have my case number, merchant ID and have “verified” my self countless times I often get somehow “disconnected” after being on the phone for 30+ min and they choose to not call back when they have my number on the account. I’m at the point that I’m over trying which is sad, especially for the amount of money that has gone to the intuit through myself in monthly and transaction fees. I’ll pay bigger rates with a company that actually cares about their customers. Also going to report fraud for advertising that it works for iPhone because well it doesn’t. Look at other reviews from most recent before considering this nightmare of an option.
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7 years ago, Jcobesy
Actual rating is negative stars
Scan card? Yeah right. All you get is an authentication error over and over again forcing you to manually key in the card info. I’ve kept the app up to date and still doesn’t work with iPhone 7 plus. Customer support is an option if your willing to sit on hold for at least an hour. Don’t get your hopes up though, as Inuit experts are like Apple experts. No matter what you say they fall back to reset, reset, reset. If the men and women answering the phones are experts, my weiner dog is Einstein. And by chance the scan works the next problem begins. Cannot create customer, if the problem persists more than 24 hours contact customer support. Well every 3rd or 4th transaction pops that message up. Weird thing is that they are already customers. In closing, you get what you pay for. And end up paying more because your the only person on the planet having the before mentioned issues. If you want to be talked to in a condescending way heavily accented Indian man named Johnny sign up.
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4 years ago, dan.0
Crashes have been fixed
While Intuit’s over support is some of the worst on the planet, the developer reached out after my one star review asking for more details - I sent them a screen capture along with some other complaints about the interface. Within 2 days they pushed out an update that fixed the crashes and even changed the interface that confused clients when trying to get out of the tip screen. Amazing support. Why can’t the rest of the company be so responsive?!
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6 years ago, JKMusic25
No customer service
Downloaded the app, purchased a card reader, setup an account. Found out there’s a 3-5 day review process after the fact. Emails returned very slowly with each exchange (multiple days apart). After 3 weeks no solution or customer service contact info, which was specifically requested after the 2nd generic email reply. Finally found a customer service number after a lot of digging on the website to return the card reader because they rejected my account application. “Experiencing larger than average call volume” which has happened every one of the 5 times I’ve called them for other services in the past. On hold for 20 mins, customer service couldn’t find my transaction “doesn’t look like you were charged”. Did some digging into my bank account, definitely was. Now I’m on hold going on 15 mins for the second time in a week. I setup square and ordered a reader in less than 5 mins without a single issue.
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5 years ago, Vtguapo
We used this payment application for five years and increasingly received chargebacks for our services. The first few years we would submit the proof of service and receive our money, and the last couple years we would start to see the money never be reapproved. I spoke to Intuit about this problem and they were not interested in helping in any way. They said it is all up to the bank for the card holder and they did not have any obligation to fight for their customers or even communicate the process as it took place. They are allowing cardholders to steal money from our business. One of the chargebacks ultimately cost $600 because the bank claimed the proof supplied was “not legible”. Intuit did not make any attempt to inform me of this or correct as it happened. I have never written a review about anything. The magnitude of apathy of intuit and this system is outrageous. They were accessories to the theft committed by these cardholders. Sincerely Steve
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6 years ago, Bad App in the West
GoPayment crashes but allows transactions...
I had an issue after using the app for 3-4 years where I could not get a transaction to process despite the fact that there was a good connection. I waited until the next day and still had similar issues. Finally had to go to Merchant Center on the web to process. Even there, I had issues. Come to find out that the original transaction had gone through. Long story short, I had to pay bank fees for the transaction 3 times. Once for the original transaction, one for the second transaction, and one to reverse the second transaction. These charges are irreversible per Intuit despite the fact that it was their software that caused the issue. I will be moving on to another product that I hope will work better than this particular product. Beware using this product as it is a money pit for you and a money generator for them.
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2 years ago, emlk
This is less than useful
TLDR: Use Square. I am on the help line with Intuit, and they are saying that this software is NOT designed to sync with Quickbooks online. Our accountant said she has no useful data from this app. I was sure we had not set something up correctly, because an Intuit product should work with an Intuit product. Not the case. It’s working as designed. It generates no useful accounting reports. Drops everything into the ledger without useful data. We will be paying hours and hours to our accountant to sort out the mess that this has created in our books. We can add products and services in Quickbooks online and the data we enter shows up in GoPayment. The processed payments do not. The processed sales, however, are going to have to be manually entered into our Quickbooks software. Expensive waste of time in every level.
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4 years ago, Adrian_68
Update ruined ability for service providers
We are a mobile service provider company and before the update, we’d be able to select the service given and adjust the quantity to number of hours using the edit feature and entering a decimal point. For example, if we charge 100/hr and it took 1.5 hours we could edit the quantity to match that. Now it only allows you to enter integers (ie 1,2,3, etc) which for service providers charging by the hour does not work. Super disappointed I’ll be needing to switch card processing companies to something more user friendly like square. I like QuickBooks because it links to my bookkeeping, but they just can’t figure out the card processing like square has. I would also like to have a feature where I can create invoices in the GoPayment app rather than just new sales receipts.
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4 years ago, SARGuy76
Don’t give back money
If you ever need to use this software to refund your customers, find other software. A refund should be a 30 second process, not a 3 hour one. Attempting to refund the transaction from, well, the transaction, results in an error because the money was already deposited. Well, duh. You can’t create what Quickbooks calls a refund receipt in the go payments app, nor the Quickbooks app, so you have to log onto the desktop. The last time I did that, I spent an hour on the phone with Quickbooks and even they couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working at the time. Seriously stupid flaw for a company that is suppose to be a leader in accounting and payments.
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3 years ago, R-AUG
Convenient but Costly when you do a keyed entry
I would like to say that if you slide the card this is a good way to take payment. It’s when you have to key the card in it is outrageous. You go from a little over 1% to way over 3.5%. This is also if you send your invoice and the customer pays by credit card. The fees are outrageous, when you call customer service and explain you have been a longtime quickbooks user , mostly all your payments are done with credit card ( 60 plus invoices a month) they will switch over to try and negotiate with a different department to only be hung up for the fourth time now. Your monthly fee, with you transfer of funds fee is very costly. Just letting people know!
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7 years ago, sisujoel
First and only card reader
I’ve been using GoPayment for three seasons as a mobile kettle corn vendor. Credit card purchases are a small percentage of my sales but it’s growing. The reader and app work really well for a business like mine that is serving customers in some very unique locations. I’ve had credit card processing companies try to get my business but they can’t beat the performance and value that Intuit has built into GoPayment. I recommend GP without hesitation or reservation.
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2 years ago, Rockstar Carpet Cleaning
GreenDot & Intuit Scammed me
I started a business used QuickBooks in Green Dot as my banking to utilize the QuickBooks checking for months and I had a glitch where QuickBooks charged my personal account for $200 and because I disputed it with my personal bank QuickBooks closed my account with money in it almost $500 and refused to open it and return the money that was in the account no one‘s helping me I’ve called 20 times every representative is giving me the runaround and told me to go back to green dot and green dots down the same I do not recommend QuickBooks checking to anyone they have the power to push one button and lock all of your funds and then tell you that it’s permanently locked and no one helps.
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1 year ago, Tobywinks
No invoice #s, no cc storage?!?
Using QuickBooks self-employed in conjunction with this app: Waited one hour on the phone for customer service only to be told my situation cannot be helped. I have been using Self-Employed for six years and everything’s been fine until now. I need to be able to allow my customer to store their credit card so that I can initiate payment. I further need to be able to use GoPayment with an invoice number. Customer Service could help me with neither of these problems. I would really like for somebody to reach out to me. Once this has been resolved. I will be happy to return you to a five star rating.
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6 months ago, Jenay, E-RYT
Worked great, and then stopped
I’ve been using this app on IOS for 5+ years. I never had an issue until recently. It stopped allowing people to tap to pay showing “there has been an error please try again” on the screen after pausing to load. I can scan or key in, but cards can’t be swiped or tapped. In addition, every time I attempt to view my transactions the app quits. I’ve called in multiple times, each resulting in over an hour of conversation and no solution. I’ve removed, reloaded, deleted and reset. Nothing fixes it. I have had zero issues on my iPad. It seems to be only on my iPhone.
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1 year ago, hgfencing
What they don’t tell you
No one seems to tell you that three months into accepting credit cards they will charge you $600 to make up for the “low processing fees” They have been holding two payments for over $2000 for a month now I have called four times uploaded proper documentation I still have not received the funds, they told me after I upload the documents I would hear from someone in 24 hours and now it has been five days. There are better ways to accept payments out there with a lot less hassle and better customer service. I will be canceling everything to do with QuickBooks. They used to be good and now they are terrible.
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4 years ago, ML in FLA
Room for improvement
With old version even tho I linked to contacts, the email & phone didn’t populate so I had to manually enter each customer email & phone. After newest iPhone iOS update, the email & cell does not appear immediately after processing the card. Both fields are blank. When I click no receipt & then click customers, the email & cell are there so why are those fields not populating at the time of processing the charge? I chatted with Mariel this morning who told me to uninstall & reinstall app. Really?? THAT is tech support? That is legit the more rudimentary advice EVER. Why even bother asking for help with a response like that? Are you smarter than a 5th grader?!
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3 months ago, Zachair
Hands down one of the worst payment processors out there. Constant withholding of your deposits. They maximize charging you fees if you have to refund the customer. I was fed up after the 6th withheld deposit, they withheld payments from 3 customers. I told them refund back the 3 customers and Ill use a different payment solution, because I was tired of fighting to get my money in my account. Instead of refunding back the cards. They instead withdrew and additional $1500 out of my business account (that was never authorized) to refund the customers instead of reversing the charges they charged the customer with. Now im out of $3000. Still have not received my $1500 till this day.
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4 years ago, leadog2
App crashes with new IOS 14 update
QuickBooks Gopayment app ver 11.5.3 for iPhone ver IOS 14.0.1 Not working with the new iPhone update. When you press the app it tries to load for about a second and then crashes. It won't load all the way. Can't use it. I try to reboot the phone, delete the app and all all data. Turn off the phone turned back on and redownload the app and still same problem. Been doing this since the latest update up iPhone IOS 14. Before that it’s been working great!! Any help or a update coming I appreciate it. Thanks
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7 years ago, AJ Katinsky
This app is great. And I'd usually give it 5 start BUT their customer service is completely horrid. Dismal. I can only relay my own personal experience. I had a customer initiate a charge back because of a misunderstanding. I addressed the issue quickly and resolve to the pleasure of the customer. The customer contacted his credit card company to reverse the charge back. I got a letter from the customer and from his credit card company both stating that the chargeback was canceled. I contacted into it. Sent them everything they want it. They still refuse to place the money back in my checking account. They stated that they have to use this for 90 days to investigate, regardless of what all party say. There is no way to contact them except through email. And they never answer their email. There are no phone numbers or any other points of contact. You have to wait for them. You are at their mercy with no avenue of recourse. Use your own best judgment, but these are my experiences.
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7 years ago, Silvia60
Great app
I think intuit is great prefer it over square. The scan card option is very helpful because not able to use swiper due to Lifeproof case. Would like to see a swiper made available with a longer tip or adapter. Have been using intuit for 8 years now. Customer service is great, you actually talk to someone. Other one could only email with problem and had to wait for reply. 3 or 4 days to solve problem. Time is money can't wait that long.
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2 years ago, cdlarreau
Go payment card reader will not attach
I just received this card reader and I am using the iphone12 with ios15.3.1 just updated today. Every time I try to connect it finds the reader but says it can’t connect. I saw a prior review and followed all of the privacy steps and it will not connect to my iPhone. Please help!
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5 years ago, Susan's Take
Charge Button Location-Ridiculous Location!
Why oh why would you update an app and put the “Charge” button in teeny tiny print at the bottom of the screen right near the small round button that closes the app?? It used to be a nice big green button that the customer could easily see. Now I am fielding questions every transaction as to where they need to tap to charge. Then, when I say at the bottom of the screen, they hit the small round button and it closes everything out. This is maddening. Not sure what genius thought this would be an improvement, but please change it back!
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5 years ago, mersgt
I’m trying to like this but....
I’ve used this for about two years. I find it works 60% of the time. It rejects too many cards using the chip slot and I am forced to enter it using keypad. I feel it reflects poorly on my professionalism. Many times it randomly prompts me for my password at very inconvenient times. I own my own very fast paced grooming business. I usually am moving so fast I barely have dry hands. I become very VERY frustrated when I have to stop and enter info. I try to call and get put into a prompt nightmare. When it works it is great. I never know if it going to or not and it is embarrassing.
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4 years ago, JR Process
QuickBooks is Awful
I just signed up last week before a big sales event. I tried to use it twice and it declined the transaction as “suspicious”. This is completely embarrassing to myself and the customers, whom I know personally and the transactions should have occurred flawlessly. I tried to contact QuickBooks immediately for support to no avail. On Monday I tried to get some answers and QuickBooks has bots on their chat program and it referred me to a dead chat program. If you try to email they don’t give you and email address and they don’t publish a phone number. I expected professionalism from this company. Kinda scary cuz I use Intuit for my taxes.
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2 years ago, LV2Boat78
Don’t recommend. They withhold funds and don’t respond
They withheld and delayed 50% of my transactions this month. Latest round has been going on 6 days. I repeatedly upload the same documents and jump through all their circle hoops hoping to get my money. Then they ghost you for 6 days. I completed the work, my satisfied customers paid their bills. WHY does Quickbooks feel they can decide when I actually get paid for the work. I will never use an Intuit product after I get this last round of withheld funds for them. Use Quickbook payments at your own risk.
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6 years ago, K. Hallett
Have A Fake Business To Tell
It should be more clear this is a BUSINESS app, even if it does offer family sharing (!?). They turned me down because selling stuff on eBay ... a lot of stuff actually ... wasn’t good enough. They were very concerned what I would be selling. I won’t use PayPal ... for quite a few reasons ... but largely because they were involved in an identity theft incident against me. So if you want to sign up for this, have a really big lemonade stand or something! Does the Apple App Store even pay attention to what people are selling to make sure the description fits the app? It seems not.
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2 years ago, Munchy17
Declines cash and check entries
I have IOS 15.3.1. The app declines cash and check entries. Why? There should be no coding that could trigger a cash transaction to decline. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and reader multiple times. Who has time for this? Update: Support only suggests the same steps over and over. This has been an issue for others for at least a year. I have to use a separate app for any payment besides card. It should not be possible for a cash deposit to decline. Coding is broken.
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3 years ago, Rob134679
Not working for Mac users - resolved
UPDATE: The issue with QuickBooks Payments not syncing with QuickBooks for Mac has been resolved by QuickBooks. Therefore, this iOS app is now worthwhile for those that what to use it and have transactions sync down to QuickBooks for Mac ORIGINAL REVIEW: Beware that QuickBooks Payments (the service that processes credit card payments) stopped syncing with the QuickBooks for Mac app a month ago. That makes this iOS app worthless if you use QuickBooks for Mac
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6 years ago, Johnny of Old Hickoyr
Works Perfect for me
I’m very satisfied with this app. With a little time setting up the features the invoicing is simple. I like that it deposits the full amount and then debuts out the fees. This make it easier to match the invoice and payments later. I can also track charges in the “Transaction History” User friendly.
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6 years ago, Ehong33234
How is this a live product?
I thought this would be a good solution for me since I use Quickbooks Online but boy, was I wrong! I have tried all of the mobile payment apps and this one is by FAR the absolute worst. Even basic functions like adding products and services is ridiculously complex (I still haven’t figured it out) and their support is non-existent (been on hold 30 minutes). Their website documentation is completely outdated and is an endless loop of misinformation and misdirection. I am completely shocked that Intuit/Quickbooks launches an app and service that is this pathetic.
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2 years ago, llccompany
I used Quickbooks checking account for a couple months, and then with no reason I got an email saying my merchant account got closed. I have called them multiple times and no one is helping, they will just tell me to wait. I have more than $3000 on the closed account. I don’t know what else to do, other than calling Quickbooks. I’m tired of waiting, I won’t ever recommend Quickbooks payments. Bad costumer service and it looks like this is something they usually do. They are used to closing accounts holding the money.
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6 years ago, jpplumber
I hardly write reviews
Because I really need to be impressed and I won’t review something at the beginning of purchasing. This app has stood the test of time. It’s been 1 1/2 years with zero issues in deposits to my account, and the rate far lower than what I previously paid.
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5 years ago, Broncobeast15
Do Not Use this!!!
This app was recommended to me since I do craft fairs and the cost was minimal. It has taken weeks and endless phone calls to actually get my hard earned money deposited. They ask for a lot more information and documentation that you didn’t know you needed just to get your deposit. They don’t return your calls and even when you turn in the info you still have to call again to find out where the deposit it. WORST PAYMENT APP EVER! I will pay more to another company that will actually deposit my money and respect my time.
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7 years ago, CES Tutors
Great for small businesses on the go!
We have been using GoPayments for three years now, and love how easy it is to accept and record all payment methods from credit cards, to checks and even cash! Sending customers a custom-designed company receipt is easy, too!
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9 months ago, honestyIsKey561
Square is better
Like everything quickbooks they are behind and always changing things to make it worse. Square is a million times better for processing and uses NFC to take card payments on the go. No more card reader needed. Yet gopayments wants you to still purchase a reader. No thanks. I don’t need to worry about that anymore with square. All in one with the phone! It’s seamless and so much easier to use.
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5 years ago, Nessielea
I have a small salon and have been using GoPayment for several years. I honestly haven’t had any issues with the system. It’s exactly what I expect a Mobil reader to be. I do wish it offered debit pin capabilities however, and it may ,I just haven’t look that in depth.
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4 months ago, Gucci792
Promote peggy
I had a huge hiccup with the system, but thank the lord for peggy! She sat for 3 and a half hours to figure out the issues with the payments and got my fee’s refunded! Avoided a suit over this. Thank you for good customer service.
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3 years ago, sl19!
Can’t use the card reader I bought from quick books in their app!
I bought the new card reader to use from quick books. When I try to pair it within the app it says “reader not supported from outside company” which is absurd because I purchased it from their company. Now I’m out $50 and don’t have a functioning card reader. GO with another company and software for your business needs!!
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3 years ago, AlySoAnnoyed
So many fees. Such bad customer service.
QuickBooks payments failed to contact me when a deposit failed and then closed my account without asking and held $500 (minus a ton of fees) until I spent two hours on the phone with various Intuit departments. Most of the reps had no idea what had happened. I would never choose to use this app when there are so many better options out there for money transfer.
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6 years ago, Verona1983
Would like to have the option on having the slider plug directly in my phone. At time my Bluetooth fail or there is no wireless access and I can’t use the card reader
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7 years ago, JC Latham
Excellent app for the professional on the go.
I recommend this app that is able to accompany the business person in their everyday business activities.
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7 years ago, Medic810
Poor Integration with QuickBooks Desktop
If you use QuickBooks Desktop to send invoices this is not the app for you! There is no ability to link an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop to this app. After a payment is received using this app you have to manually link this payment to the invoice in QuickBooks. If the name on the Credit Card does not match (exactly) the name on the invoice, this process is very hard and too time consuming.
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7 years ago, J. H. Wilson
We've been using this app for several years. Always works great, and they give us decent transaction rates. My only complaint is the monthly fee, even though there is no terminal.
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4 years ago, EB161820
Didn’t receive my funds
Made a transaction on December 5th it’s now December 18th and never received the funds...I do mobile bartending and some parties can be up to $1000....they said they have to review the transaction and funds would be available up to the next business day, but it’s literally 13 days later and nothing...have no idea what’s taking so long but it’s ridiculous..I don’t work for free this is how I make a living..
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6 years ago, holyyyyysheeeetjay
Terrible service, terrible customer support
What they don't tell you is audio jack readers don't work, which is not what they told our business the week before we had a large event. We had to record all of our transactions by hand. Then they tell us we need to order a Bluetooth service, and a reader won't get there until after our largest business event of the year. Stay clear.
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