QuickBooks Time Kiosk

1.9 (49)
0.6 MB
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Current version
Intuit Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for QuickBooks Time Kiosk

1.94 out of 5
49 Ratings
3 months ago, Milan SVK 12345
Constantly prompted “Allow to access camera”
Every time someone clock in, app is prompting them to “Allow to access camera”. There is no settings or anything to permanently allow access to camera, so employees would not have to click allow every time.
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6 years ago, Fincon Concrete
Quickbooks Integration
Our employees work on multiple projects and service items in one day, every day, making payroll data entry a nightmare when there is overtime and double time. Typically, each employee has 2 to 10 line items per weekly time card. By using QuickBooks and T sheets I save three hours a week in data entry and the headache of accuracy for our construction company of 30 employees. I hesitated on the implementation of T-sheets because I thought it was going to be difficult. However, they have an amazing customer service team (domestic, open 20 hours a day/7 days a week!), specifically Cody who walked me through the flawless employee, customer, service item upload to TSheets from QB. No data entry required! No ‘accounting software installation’ drama! Cody walked me through each of our specific operational concerns with ease because t sheets had a stock solution for each of our intricate needs. Our foremen love that they no longer have to hand write timecards and our employees value being able to see their hours at a glance from anywhere. We use the preference for each Employee to be required to select a customer and service item When clocking in. This gives them greater investment in their performance and production.
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4 years ago, GT Globe
Customer support is nonexistent
Good luck getting someone on the phone or via chat. Not even some call center in India or something. Nope, you just have to wait for over an hour or not get support at all. Meanwhile their automated system says they thrive to answer within 90 seconds! What a joke! The system needs a lot of improvements all around. Before, I could email their tech support @ prosupport but the last time I sent an email on October 6th, I got a reply saying that they don’t monitor that account and to resort to the chat option on the website. Way to go back in service rather than helping your customers! If you’re a prospective customer though, they’ll be in touch until you sign up. Typical sales tactic. Sadly, we tried about 4 other systems before deciding to go with them and this was the best one of those options, which says a lot about the others. We pay over $6,000 annually for service too! Needless to say, if a better system comes along, we’ll be making the switch.
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6 years ago, JW Office
Great people, easy paperless transition
Amazing customer service - Jarett couldn’t have been more helpful. This is above my pay grade and he was able to make me see it made sense, change things on the spot as we needed them and all while being courteous and genuine! I am excited about using the product for my employees, makign the switch from paper to fully integrated Tsheets and Quickbooks.
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2 years ago, teenytup
Usually good, prone to issues
Really simple and straightforward, love that it integrates so well with QuickBooks. It can be buggy, for example currently it won’t display employees’ total hours for the day or week, always shows 0. Waiting for an update to fix this. 🤞🏻 We’ve always wished it would show more timesheet detail in the submit screen, so employees could see the shift detail rather than just a daily total.
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3 years ago, -n-r-1-5
The worst app I have the misfortune of using every day
If I could give this app 0 stars I would. It crashes on a daily basis, and I have to close the app and reopen it. Now it says my device is not connected to the internet, which is not the case. I have had nothing but trouble with this app since my company started using it, and I am actually going to go over to staples and buy an analog time clock, because I know that I can’t possibly spend more time manually summing time cards every week than I spend screwing around with this app.
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6 years ago, MLucco
Awesome Job
Decker did a fantastic job helping us set up our TSheets Kiosk. Tracking time with the iPad for employees will significantly increase payroll processing efficiencies. We are also excited to utilize the "track by job" functionality to improve visibility on project costs and increase profitability. Thanks Decker for helping us implement this solution!
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3 years ago, Miked38782187
Vice President
App has been broken for months yet I'm still getting billed by quick books time. App worked great when it was run by tsheets but after they were bought by quick books the support and quality have become the worst I've ever experienced. Would recommend using anything other than this app to track employee time.
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3 years ago, ATI Solutions
Good when it’s working
Good app when it’s working but unfortunately it crashes once a week. It is really annoying and haven’t seen updates for months now. Would be nice to have this app stable running, we spent way more on that for the apple iPads and the software itself to be worried about that. We have set up this in few locations and makes us drive every time it decides to stop working,spending hours in traffic. Last error code was: 503 service unavailable (no server is Available to handle this request)
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5 years ago, Best Co.
November update broke the app
We use TSheets Kiosk on iPads across our entire company (9 locations). The November update of this app caused it to stop working on all 25 kiosks. We’ve had no timesheets company-wide for 3 business days now. We reported it twice. The first time they told us to reinstall the app on each device, which was a huge waste of time. Still no fix. PLEASE FIX THE BROKEN UPDATE ASAP.
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3 years ago, 🤔7448
Broken App Broken Customer support!
White screen since April 29, 2021! Tried all the tricks to fix on our end and still a white screen! It has now been a whole week and Customer support has no solution! Starting to wonder if Intuit employees even use their own products!
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2 months ago, Efffqb
Making me sign in
After an employee clocks in it doesn’t go back to the Home Screen but goes to a sign in screen which it never did before
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4 months ago, Hewwjfhfbrh
Can’t take photos
When I log in to clock in, the system can’t take a photo of me. The app isn’t accessing the camera and the permission to enable it isn’t anywhere.
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5 years ago, Seantdph
Doesn’t work on iPad
After the first clock in, every subsequent clock in times out. We have to use the website version of the kiosk. Customer service seems disinterested in fixing the issue.
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3 years ago, Super eight
App was great now it doesn't work
Stopped working on iPad after update. PLEASE FIX APP!!! Support is non existent and doesn't really help. If I can give 0 stars I would.
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4 years ago, Edgardaraica
App freezes sometimes. Screen gets crazy and sometimes stop responding
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5 years ago, wonder when this will work
No Support
November update happened and app no longer working. Lack of support and resolution affecting our business. No sense of urgency demonstrated.
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7 years ago, LBDyck
Won’t open
This latest update won’t even open. Says Kiosk not installed
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4 years ago, jdgekgfgror
Broken App
App broke, can’t use. Please fix.
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3 years ago, Zimichan
Was good, now won't open
For the last couple of weeks we have been using the kiosk and it worked great but since Thursday afternoon (4/29/21) it has refused to open just showing a white screen even after deleting and redownloading the app multiple times. I would love to update this review with a better score if This could get fixed. We need reliability for our team to get to their jobs more than we need a lot of the features available. We want to stick to quickbooks but can't even find any support for help resolving this problem.
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5 years ago, MikeyTom...
iPad loses Authorization
This app need fixing...currently unusable and is actually taking more work and time to use than before. Continually says that the iPad is not authorized and when putting in a new code from the “setup kiosk” option in TSheets it doesn’t recognize it. Always have to uninstall, then reinstall app, then setup again in TSheets, only to have it work for one cycle before employees takes breaks. After clocking out of the break and back into the shift the app goes blank and needs to be authorized again which means going back through the process above with the same poor results. At this point there is no reason to use this app or TSheets. Time tracking made simple is in fact a catastrophic and stressful fail. If this is due to user error or if there is a fix please make it known.
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6 years ago, schocked824
Continuously deletes the verification code
I am having to continuously to enter a new verification code which is not very productive for our staff as they can not clock in. Please fix and I will give a better rating
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