Qwant Private Search

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1 month ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Qwant Private Search

4.72 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
2 years ago, BoyMom001
The new modern Search Engine
I’ve been searching for a search engine that isn’t compromised. I’m not too worried about the tracking as much as I am with having truth suppressed and search results showing favoritism to one political party. Google is plummeting fast. It’s a satanic company along with Chrome (hence adreno-CHROME) yep, it’s right in our faces. But thank you Qwant for not suppressing truths and not showing search results that only your company supports. You allow everyone to think for themselves regardless of your political views and beliefs. Please do not change this about your company. Qwant definitely has a very bright and successful future ahead. Congratulations :)
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4 years ago, Fiery rider
Maybe Secure, but a slower browser
I heard about this browser from my friends and decided to give it a try. It’s been a week now. Looks like it’s built on Firefox model, as the UI looks ditto. I liked initially, but as days progressed, I didn’t find any value in this browser as this seemed like the slowest mobile browser I had used in a while. Safari or Chrome for that matter are ultra fast even when it’s a poor connection or slower WiFi. Qwant took me forever that it reminded me of the 90s dial-up connection. The same query after losing patience I hit it on my safari with DuckDuckGo as the search engine and it presented with plenty of results in under a second. I don’t know what you folks are doing differently, but needs a lot of improvement at least in my opinion and user experience. You need to crank up the speed. That’s why it’s a 2 star now. But maybe I will use it for another couple of months and update the review if it gets better.
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3 years ago, Rob Norlyn
Perfect Browser for Privacy
Built on a Mozilla core and modified specifically for private searching Qwant is perfect for this purpose. Unlike the main Firefox build this browser doesn’t rely on Google or additional third party tools to accomplish the simple goal of searching. Qwant is proprietary and isn’t a front for any data miners. Thank you so much Qwant for your dedication to respecting privacy and not slipping into making your user base the product.
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3 years ago, yessirMeMeGoD
Great app I just have one problem
The reason I installed it was to use qwant maps I found out that is it VERY similar to firefox's browser I am all for open source and privacy respecting apps which makes me respect qwant a lot more if you were just using a headless chrome and just said this is qwant but why make the qwant browser when you made liltle to no alteration of the open source browser that is Firefox and I still respect you a lot more for not collecting data and I like your mind set as a company that does little to no data collection but please work on the qwant maps and maybe do more with this browser and make it your own otherwise I had no problems with this app
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5 months ago, AliceW30
Exactly what you “qWant” from a search engine
I’ve been using QWant for a few years now as a substitute for my old search engine (google). I found out about it from the documentary; “The Social Dilemma” (highly recommend!) I gave the app 4 stars because there are some things that you can’t do on this browser due to the fact that cookies are disabled which can cause issues when attempting to make a purchase online, or logging into your online banking. However, This is also the best part about this search engine; THEY DON’T COLLECT COOKIES!! They don’t take your personal information. That don’t sell your information. You don’t get their 3rd party partners SPAMMING YOU 24-freaking-7!! & no, I’m not crazy, I’m intentionally emphasizing specific bonuses of using this particular service because outside avoiding the incessant nuisance that are SPAM callers, you also get peace of mind in knowing that you’ll never have to worry about identity theft with this search engine. I especially appreciate these features & that’s why I titled my review the way I did. Keep up the great work. 👌🏼
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4 years ago, Miq2u
Just one issue
This is a great app for surfing the web. It limits cookies and keeps the tracking as minimal as possible as far as I know, but I have one problem. The history cannot be turned of on this app and you have to delete history one page at a time. There isn’t away to delete hourly, daily, or even delete all history. I don’t want my kids knowing I was on certain sites buying presents and the app definitely makes it harder by keeping everything separate and not grouping sites either. I had to delete each page individually so my kids wouldn’t be able to see what items I get them buy page.
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4 years ago, Jack DaSilva
Peace of mind over everything.
Not gonna lie.. it’s certainly not as user-friendly as chrome. It takes a little extra work in searching for stuff or saving images but the fact they value privacy and your data makes it a no-brainer to me. The peace of mind I get knowing my privacy is at least more secure than if I were on other search engines is definitely worth it. I deleted chrome off my phone after watching “The Social Dilemma” and only use Qwant now. I’ve been telling everyone else to do the same.
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4 years ago, ACWTFC
Not private at all
I wanted to like this app, and I did at first. I downloaded it last week. Today I searched for a book on Barnes and Noble and the website was telling me that the book was not available at “my store” I don’t have an account with them and was very confused. Looked at what it thought “my store was” and it listed the address of a Barnes and Noble I had bought a book from months ago in a different state. Whether this data was stored in my phone through my previous browser, Apple Maps, or whatever, the only way the website could have known this is by breaching the privacy it claims to protect. There is no way this could have happened if the browser protected the information it has promised it does.
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2 months ago, Inspirenc
Getting frustrated
I was so excited when I heard about this app. Began using it and it seemed decent. Figured I just needed some time to adjust. However, after a few days things weren’t loading, I was unable to check out with things like PayPal, things were jumping in search bar as I typed, it would not allow me to go from a website to make a purchase, ect. I sure hope things get worked out, because I was looking forward to using this app and told a lot of people about it….now they are going to be disappointed too!
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2 years ago, Greg Fox
Nothing is perfect
I started using quant a year ago on the iPhone with good results. I find myself now unable to use it regularly due to a single problem: the search text box is non-standard in that it does not let you tap to move the cursor to a specific spot to correct a typo. You can place the cursor at the end and delete-left all the way back but you cannot tap mid-word anywhere to edit. Not sure when this started but it has sent me back to the other browsers.
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2 years ago, Pyro Ingenuity
What Happened?
Was loving it. Worked great, had zero complaints. But since the new update a week ago, the search bar has been horrendously sluggish to the point of being unusable. I can’t type anything in it without it having to take a few minutes to register what I typed. “Optimization”? Of what? The key, defining feature of a browser is inoperable, rendering the rest of the browser useless. Please fix this debilitating issue, and I’ll happily give it 5 stars. But even though it’s just one singular issue, it’s of a core feature that the majority of your software requires for users to be able to use it.
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2 years ago, Peter Egan Jr.
Best search engine, beats Google in every measurable way
Qwant is even better than Google was circa 2013 when they produced elite search results that competitors had no answer for. Since Google’s transition from corporation to democrat SuperPAC, Qwant has has exponentially better results across all categories and is superior in every way.
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7 years ago, Mel in georgia
Nice app so far
I've only used Quant for about a week or so and haven't used all the features yet, but like what I see so far. Overall very user friendly. I like how when u search, it takes you to a window within the search results, so you simply exit out and return to where you began your search. Biggest plus though is the 'igcongnito browsing'. I haven't used all features in the app yet as some require sign-up, but they look promising.
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1 month ago, Idgaf1141
Was a 5 star
So I would have given this app five stars, but today they made a change to the app colors/logo on the Home Screen. It’s barely viewable if you have your iPhone set to dark, and I don’t care who uses white or black as the main color on iPhone. It’s an option so the developers should have planned accordingly. So you go to click on it, and it doesn’t open bc there is no visible edge to the logo, sitting there in dark on dark. Seems pretty short sighted.
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7 years ago, mr.human
I think I'm liking this
It seems to be much more than a search engine/browser what with a password database one can store in the cloud. Generates random string passwords quickly. I may recommend this for those of my tech-challenged friends and family I could never train to use 1-password with Dropbox.
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2 years ago, Abc123456789cba0123456789
Night Mode on any Website is gone
I miss that I could turn any website into night mode which was so easy to do but, with this new update it was suddenly missing. So if the app hasn’t updated for you yet and you like being able to toggle between night mode on different websites don’t update it. It honestly discourages me from using the app since that was one of it’s coolest features to me.
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2 years ago, kgm_523
Please bring back night mode!!!
I love this browser and use it daily. But the latest update removed my favorite option: night mode! There used to be a super easily accessible toggle switch for night mode and now it’s disappeared. Is it possible to download a legacy version of the app so I can have this option back?
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3 years ago, ScubaDyer
I’ve been using Qwant on my iPhone 11 Pro and my iPad Pro now for several months. It searches well, and I believe it provides some privacy when I use it as a browser. I feel safe with Qwant. I avoid all things Google that I can.
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2 years ago, "SLAMNDOZ"
Thanks for Previous Downloads
Thanks for letting many people being able to still download this wonderful app on our devices using iOS 12 and lower.❤️👍
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2 years ago, SammyRocket
Best browser
Especially with the most recent major update, this browser is my favorite. I use it on a daily basis and wouldn't change anything about it
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4 months ago, AdonXington
Sense of privacy.
I haven’t been flooded by promotional stuff in response to looking up information. I looked up, can a unicorn break its leg? And didn’t receive a single advertisement for equine wheelchairs!
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4 months ago, Nein64
Very impressive
I’ve downloaded this app a few days ago and am very impressed with it. It does load slowly but not badly. As long as my privacy is protected/secure that’s all that matters to me. I am enjoying using it and thanks for making this important app😊.
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1 year ago, ^^WeWatch^^
Ads Are Intrusive, very intrusive.
Tons, and tons of ads! (Obviously, your ad blockers aren't going to work with Qwest.) One particular Google ad darkened the screen and then there was no way to click it away. No way to get rid of it until you gave Google feedback. FkGoogle — predators like them is why we look for alternate browsers. This is unacceptable. #AdsLoseStars Highly recommend Brave.
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2 years ago, Lalanghotq
No tracking No problem
Finally found the browser that supports my intents…doesn’t mind my business! I don’t mind you…keep clear of mine!
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7 years ago, Alex Perrier
Great results
I'm a frantic web searcher with dozens of search per day for my work or personal curiosity. I haven't found a case where qwant was failing compared to google. Great search engine. I use it on my iPhone and laptop.
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2 months ago, KalL211
AUTOMATICALLY adds trackers to your files on your phone
Wish I could upload a screenshot, this is basically spyware that they lie to you and don't open log disclose that they literally go into your files app and input trackers for this all for the the browser. What a terrible devs, hopefully enough people report them. Screenshots and copy's of the files have already been submitted to apple
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2 years ago, MJParker 31
I Like It
The various goofy pictures that pop up every time you open a new screen are but annoying. Other than that the functionality is great
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2 years ago, Rez.runner
Love This Browser
This browser got even better after the latest update.
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3 months ago, I Wish Oreo's Were Healthy
All my tabs are gone!!
I updated my app yesterday and all of my tabs are gone now!! I had over 500 tabs. And I did actually go back to them. It’s like a piece of my soul is gone. Recipes I’ll never find again. I will never update another browser in fear of this happening again.
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2 years ago, EivelevetS
Update changed things
Before the update you could clear “Recently Reviewed” pages with one button. Now you have to delete each one separately one at a time. Why the change? Please change back.
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2 years ago, Kellimia
Doesn’t track my every move!
Doesn’t store activity online. That I trust! I first learned about Quant from a documentary on surveillance capitalism, very grateful that I did!
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2 years ago, g-tar
Qwant has ads. It's also doesn't seem to have a function to clear all private data upon closing the app on ios. Further, it seems that Bing is where the information is from. While France and the EU have different laws, the recent tracking allowance for Microsoft on DuckDuckGo for me has a chilling effect on any browser primarily sourcing from Bing. Also, Macron...
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2 years ago, Lavishly Lynn
Awful I’ll stick with Safari
I’ve never felt so limited. This app fails me when I need it the most. I can’t save any files I can’t share any files. They all are corrupt. Very difficult to use not user friendly I hate I gave it so many chances because it’s been a frustrating waste of time I can’t get back!! I’m deleting this app and you should too.
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2 years ago, Slicknl69
Thanks Qwant
The new and improved app makes you feel in control of you’re privacy. Super easy to use.
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7 years ago, Mfmm231
Not supported by iOS 11?
I love this app but ever since I got the iPhone 8 that runs on iOS 11 it seems to force quit on me. I can’t even add my bookmarks now. Please fix, I don’t want to go back to Chrome and I don’t really like any other browser.
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4 years ago, Magz0102
Didn’t even last me a day
I downloaded this last night and it was actually pretty cool at first. Not even 24 hours later it stopped letting me use it out of nowhere. I’ll try and search for something and then I get kicked out... so, there goes that. I wanted to really like this and was even ready to post about on Facebook, but it couldn’t even last me a full day. How unfortunate.
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2 years ago, Redl0h
The best!!!!!!!!!
There are very few companies that care about privacy but it is blatantly obvious that Qwant actually cares. Seeing how much tracking is blocked is really eye opening!
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2 years ago, celemab
Easy to use and informs you of your choices on use of personal data in a simple and understandable way
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2 years ago, Moshe b Abraham
Great & Private Search!
I was afraid there would be a downside to using Qwant. Not at all! Never need to go back to that *other* search engine!
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4 years ago, Sunshine1344
Excellent & Safe Alternative Browser
If you watched Netflix’s “Our Social Dilemma”, this is the browser for you. They also offer Qwant Jr search engine for kids. Very responsive and responsible app.
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7 months ago, 8grizzlies
The best
I can get information on Quant that I can’t get on other search engines because they are censored.
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10 months ago, Elibenisos
Wish there was more than a few pages of search results but other than that it’s an awesome search engine.
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5 years ago, Niko bill
I’m here from hated one’s interview on YT
We try this application and check how much privacy this product can protect, support this product.
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5 years ago, maverik7019
Amateur App
Quite unbelievable that it’s missing some basic feature, like deleting all the history at once..cant wrap my mind around it. As far privacy goes, its not really that private at all. Very amateur work
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2 years ago, MammalKins
Never sold your information
Most trusted site I know of on the internet. Ever.
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1 year ago, we know who u r
So far so good
I’ve been happy with this app. I meant to give it a five star instead of four, but I did not know how to go back.
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8 months ago, snoopylilykhloe
Well done
Great browser appreciate the privacy
Show more
2 years ago, Sean Q. Peters
Great Search Engine
It is refreshing to have the an honest search engine.
Show more
1 year ago, ljnII
Not controlled by dems
I like the search engine, because it does not censor like google and yahoo
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2 years ago, McBee5
This is the BEST browser. My information is not published anywhere!!
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