Qwick for Freelancers

4.8 (16.8K)
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Qwick, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Qwick for Freelancers

4.8 out of 5
16.8K Ratings
2 years ago, lllllllllllll lll
Got accepted for my first shift (which was 2 weeks away- they have very limited shifts available so don’t depend on this full time!!!) Uncontrollable circumstances arose on my way to the shift , pushing me back 5 mins. On the app, you can hit the “running a little late” button which is supposed to contact the on-site manager of that job. But of course an error occurred. So I just called the business on my own (found their number on google) no answer so I contacted support through the app. They sent me another phone number to the on-site manager , which I called & still no answer. So I showed up anyway asap (7 mins late)….. Didn’t make the shift but spoke with the manager, she understood and told me to come to the next shift EARLY!! Which I agreed and apologized for my inconvenience. Got back on the app and was told, that specific company doesn’t want to work with me anymore but I could still work through the app, I will just no longer see their shifts. A couple hours later, I was banned from the whole app. No explanation or reason. Tried to reach out to support to resolve the miscommunication, NO RESPONSE!!
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2 years ago, Jabberwockymissi
New design is hard to read, but a great app, nonetheless
I love how easy this app is to use. I have been treated professionally by the company so far, and it’s definitely the most intuitive gig app to use (I subscribe to all of them) and I like that you can easily see all info about a shift in a glance, including exact location unlike most other gig apps. There have been some clock out issues, but I remain at the location and keep trying until I am successful. I do think that once the manager has been contacted to come meet with you that you should be able to start the shift - it’s not fair to have to wait 15-20 minutes for others to arrive before you get approval to begin work. Perhaps adding functionality such as an “I’ve arrived” gps button that shows that you are within 100 feet of the building, which then notifies the manager. Having to call the manager outside of the app is a bit unwieldy but not a dealbreaker. I loved the old design but it was recently updated and, well, it’s hard on the eyes. The font they switched to is difficult, and I’m hoping it is reverted to the previous font or something more legible. The rebrand comes from the mindset that they are trying to mimic the handwriting on BOH tickets according to their press release, which is a clever idea in concept but not in execution. I will update my review to 5 stars for sure if things change to an easier to read font.
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5 months ago, JalynninAlief
Not as Qwick as advertised
I normally never leave a review but it's been weeks since I've been trying to find work. literally so upsetting that it's extremely difficult to find a good environment to make a living these days. Ive download & attended orientation which is a MUST before you can start accepting shifts, also your profile picture also MUST meet every requirement or it will be constantly removed and you'll be asked again & again to retake a photo. So that process was of course annoying. I mention this because I received a notification ( which I screenshotted because I was so shocked to see) you cannot start getting shifts until a profile picture is uploaded!!! Yep. How crazy is that. I mean if I were looking for someone to step in for a period of time why would their looks matter. My first name and last name & DOB is already at public view so on-site management should just ask for an ID to make sure things match up and move on. Anyways, A WEEK HAS GONE BY I HAVE NOTIFICATIONS ON, I CHECK CONSTANTLY DURING THE DAY, EVERYDAY & STILL NO FRICKING SHIFTS. NOTHING. I mean come on!! I went through so many obstacles to even create a profile to their standards, attended orientation, waited " 24 hours" as mentioned in orientation to start seeing avalibe shifts & since then I got nothing. So why is this company called QWICK? Without QWICK service? Don't know... I'll give it another week then back to the drawing board it is :/ thanks a lot
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7 months ago, Felix Omar Ortiz
Show my concern!
This app started as an opportunity presented to me and when I found about it, i really thought it would change my life. I’m a 30 year old guy who found stronghold through this, what I thought was an amazing application of an app called Qwick because I thought it offered something no other job offered. Security. I thought it would stand for something more than the unfairness. One sided all the way. But then in 2020 after the pandemic and the craziness going on, I encountered a life changing event that would force me to make drastic changes in my life and that’s where culinary school came along and finally I came across Qwick. Until they ran my background, which was pretty much forced upon and decided they’ll join the bandwagon of employers who reject people like me because of a tampered past. This broke my heart to have my account banned and deleted because of it for the second time today. This app for many people is the only way of income because employers like you want to make it very difficult for people like us to move on, grow and become better people because you keep looking at our past. That is very unfair because I can bet my life not 100% of your data entry employees are perfect and I can almost bet neither was the creator of this app. I vow and promise to create an opportunity for people like me against the pretty little faces behind this this application, who think flowers come out the rear instead of what really does.
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10 months ago, babysharky13
Great way to make money
I just worked my first shift and made almost $200 in 4 hours (with my referral bonus). The app is simple to use. Clocking in and out was easy. I might give up my regular job and just do this instead! You get to pick when and where you want to work, and if you like a place and they like you, they can continue to request you for shifts or maybe offer you a position in their company if that’s something you’re interested in. You get to try different places and see what works best for you, so you don’t get stuck working a job that you hate day after day. It feels pretty empowering to be in charge of when, where, how, and for what rate of pay you want to work. And if you don’t like a place, you don’t ever have work there again. The only down side is that there aren’t that many shifts close to where I live and sometimes there aren’t many shifts available at all and all you can do is join the waitlist. I’m hoping more restaurants will start using Qwick soon and shift availability will no longer be a problem.
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1 year ago, saraetek
Waste of time. Don’t even bother
Had the app for a week or longer and haven’t even gotten one single job request. It was such a waste of time going through the whole process and having to do a video call just for there to be no jobs. If you live near or in Philly don’t waste your time. It’s a facade. I have multiple experiences working in kitchens as line cooks, catering cooks etc. and the only experience they list me as for boh is prep cook and everything else is coat check attendant or banquet setup or dishwasher. Someone else said something about racism and maybe that’s true. How do I have years of experience but yet they didn’t list any of them, that’s probably the reason why you’re required to do a face interview. No one hires for coat check attendants anymore. Update weeks later. Still haven’t done a job. They’ve matched me with a small handful of jobs and all of them were in new jersey. And it was always a last minute job. If it was 10 am you’d get matched with a job that you need to be at by 11 am. How is someone supposed to adequately prepare for a job and get to a job if they have less than an hour to do everything? Why am I constantly being matched with jobs out of state? Still no jobs in Philly. It’s a waste unless you have a car then you’ll be able to travel to all these out of state jobs
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1 month ago, aaadddii
Customer service
I was having Issue with my strip account. It must of been 10 months or so since I had worked a shift. In that ten months I cancel a debit card that was stolen from me. Best part is I forgot about that card untilll it was Time for me to get paid. I was frustrated I was not getting any help from PayPal and when I did it was some “expert “ debit card person. She was very arrogant and rude. So I sent a email out to Qwick support and got a respond almost immediately. Then I was helped with my situation and my issue was resolved. By far Qwick has the best support team. In the heat of that issue I got testy with one of the support staff. The staff member stay calm and mad me calm also. Just a few minutes ago I was help by a support with a work issue and funding. I just want to first say to Halely, I appreciate the help you gave me. I came to Halely early this morning with my issue with transportation to work. But only needed gas money for that ride. Well Halely was able to reroute my deposit to my debit. And was payed almost instantaneously. Thank you Qwick support!!!!
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1 year ago, Beginner broker
AWESOME!! This app rocks!
I was recommended this app by a good friend of mine. Not long after downloading Qwick, I quit my other job. Now I’m doing Qwick shifts full-time and I love it. Not only do I get to decide my own schedule, I get to choose the type of work and location too. This app ultimately gives the employee more control over their occupation AND improves time efficiency in my life. Sometimes plans change and I have some extra time…..I can then decide to go work and make money because with Qwick, you get paid $$$ the second you clock out. It’s a great app for freelancers or anyone that wants to utilize their time to make money. The app itself is super easy to understand and the customer support is AMAZING. If I have any questions or concerns, I just send a text. They respond immediately, 24 hours a day, but what’s more is that I feel like they really care and are looking out for me. All of the staff that I’ve had the pleasure of communicating with have always been friendly, polite, and professional. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND QWICK!!
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3 years ago, azliving11
Can’t log in to clock out and get paid
I have been working for this company for about two weeks I’ve picked up shifts almost every day and I have worked all of those shifts that I have picked up. I go into work this morning and I can’t login it’s almost impossible to try to figure out how to get a hold of anyone from this company, I finally received an email stating we tried to text you but the text is not going through they also said for me to call my phone company and tell them to unblock their number my phone company doesn’t block numbers first off second I’ve been using you guys literally every day so why would I have your number blocked or why would my phone service block your number. Also I was assigned to the same job for this whole week with request for my manager I excepted it now I can’t confirm my shifts I went to work and was told that they kicked me off of the shift I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the same for tomorrow it shouldn’t be that way I am highly upset.
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5 months ago, MattinKzoo
Highly recommend!
This app has been one of the only apps that I have been able to get consistent ships with and get paid quickly after each shift. I had a random guy in a bar tell me about this app while we were chatting and having a drink. So I downloaded it because I was all about getting the hundred dollar referral for him and myself. After three shifts worked, I received the hundred dollars. It took me a while because I had a full-time job so it was hard for me to pick up shifts. But now that I don’t have a full-time job I am able to pick shifts up when they’re available. I also kind of messed up and cancel shifts because I couldn’t work because I had to go to my full-time job. That’s not highly recommended because you lose points or credit and it takes longer for you to get more shifts. Overall, this is a great app. They’re very friendly every time that I pick up shifts and I work somewhere I really enjoy it and I get paid the next day.
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9 months ago, Gigappssuck
Liars and Scammers
This is an honest review from a Qwick Professional. I’ve been with Qwick for a year and a half now. I’ve never no-showed, I did my job, and I have always showed up on time. Honestly, I’ve never been mistreated this badly in my entire life and I’ve worked at plenty of awful jobs. They have lied to me in the past about adding a server position in my account. They told me that I need to have at least a year of server experience in order to be able to work those shifts. Well…fast forward to today and I reached out to them once again. Even though I’ve met their requirements, they still refused to add that position to my account. When I called them out for it, they gave me a ridiculous reason to not add it. You seriously don’t need a year of experience to be a server, dishwasher, prep cook, etc. You can apply anywhere and they will hire you with minimal experience. I find it insulting that they would tell me that I’m not qualified to work those shifts when in fact, I have worked in so many customer service and restaurants in the past. So let me get this straight. You allow people with prior criminal histories and drug offenses to work well paying shifts, but I can’t even get a server position?
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3 months ago, JakeStateFarmAZ
Qwick is the Top Freelance App!!
This application (QWICK) provides one of the best combinations of interests as it relates to freelancers and businesses. Qwick provides an opportunity for freelancers to expand their social networking and create new long-term career opportunities… As the businesses gain the advantage of also expanding their network for employees and optimizing the process for finding the best fits or matches for whatever need they may have now or in the future, either way it can help with lowering their attrition rates in the long-term, which yields cost and human capital efficiencies! The supporting staff are good, but definitely have room for improvement when it comes to communication and understanding the needs of both the freelancers and the businesses, while maintaining a healthy balance of interest between the two without the game of “favoritism” taking place. The communication platform should expand to include emails as a secondary option of communication after text messaging.
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1 year ago, htgif
Experienced bartender with facts about Qwick
I'm a Bartender with 10 years experience and I work with 4 bar service companies. One of the companies has the most accounts in Southern California and is one of 3 with a license to sell liquor on the beach. I have a wife and baby so I have to keep busy and be able to choose the events that's pays best and closest to home. Qwick Is another one of the companies I started working for about 2-3 months ago and I am glad we crossed paths. Not only do they already have great accounts but they have great systems and pay. They are one of the few that pay immediately after your shift, there app is user friendly, they text you about open shifts. The one time I had an important question they addressed it for me within 20 minutes. Qwick is going to be here for the long run and I'm so glad I'm apart of it.
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3 years ago, NewtoQwick
Stay away from last minute shifts
If you can’t make it to a last minute shift on time it’s best to not accept it because it may be a huge waste or your time or gas. I was almost to a shift I accepted and it was 20 minutes after the starts time and it was cancelled as a no show. Qwick offered no compensation because me being late didn’t work for the business needs according to the rep. This was my second shift accepting and they marked me as a no show and Qwick locked up my account. I had to TEXT back and forth with a rep to get my account restored since two minutes after verifying that I could still report late since it was last minute shift I got a automated message saying I was a no show and have not been able to be contacted. Neither the business nor Qwick attempted to reached out. This was a major inconvenience. Only accept last minute if you can actually arrive. The employer is already upset it seems since they saw those types of shifts come from other employees canceling. They need to do better. Most platforms pay you something when the company cancels. Qwick seems to do it only at their discretion.
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2 months ago, kiddo471515
Another Scam App
A fellow bartender I met while working a catering event sent me their link to sign up. Seemed legit. I went through the process and scheduled what they called “orientation” it’s not a it’s an interview. Someone who seemed to have zero HR experience video chatted me. I knew it was gonna be bad when the person acted like interviewing me was interrupting their day. This person couldn’t even be bothered to dress professionally. They asked about my experience. And told me they were done and someone else was going to review me. I asked if there was any type of drinks recipe questions because that’s the norm for bar interviews. They said maybe in the next round? The whole thing was like 5 minutes. Right after hanging up I got a text saying I didn’t have enough experience. For the record I’ve been a bartender for 21 years this summer. Then they locked me out of the app entirely. I can’t even delete my profile and information. They also make you link a bank account for payment before you even get your interview. I have to assume this is so they can sell your data and claim they have a larger database of people to hire from when they pitch using this app to businesses.
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11 months ago, RedHooklyn
AVOID THIS APP/SERVICE! You have other options!
I have worked, successfully, in some capacity of the service and hospitality industries for 30+years including on other gig work apps where I am highly rated. I signed up for Qwick per a referral at a gig event. I completed all of the required application, took the test, paid $8 for a certification class they required (and other apps don’t) and I entered all of my banking information into Stripe. I received an orientation invitation, did the 10 minute orientation/interview and then received a text informing me I wasn’t qualified to work for them. When I inquired what I needed to do/prove that I was qualified I got no response. I panicked and thought I was being scammed so I tried to delete my banking info immediately. It took over a month to get them to delete my banking info and I had to repeatedly follow up to make sure they actioned it. They would not provide any feedback on how they determined I wasn’t qualified or what I needed to do to prove my qualifications. And they would not refund the $8 for a class they make you take to work for them. Don’t waste your time with this app. It’s a scam. There are PLENTY of other options.
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8 months ago, J.Foster35
I’ve been working for Qwick for about 5 months now and it was going great for me. I was showing up on time for all of my shifts and getting good responses from clients and being constantly requested back. One day I fell sick in the morning after working a double shift. I had a shift to attend that morning but I had to cancel because I was too sick to show up. It was the only time I ever cancelled with them after over 50 shifts. They then suspended me for 7 days for last minute cancellation. I find this very unfair to punish your employees for being human and being sick, becoming sick is something you cannot control and there is no way to plan that, it’s just common sense. I was also supposed to be working with food which would have been very irresponsible for me to show up in this day of Covid 19 feeling sick working around other employees. This does not make me feel appreciated for my work for them as a dedicated employee. I’d rather work elsewhere with a company with a more fair policy for its workers and their well-being.
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2 years ago, Monitatranquila
Not Recommended
I have years of experience working in NYC, NJ, CT, Kentucky Derby, The Knickerbocker Club, Metropolitan Club, Cipriani’s , Presidential Suite and Moet at US Open Tennis in Queens NY.. catering and food and beverage, coat check, bartending food prep etc, decorating, event planning etc.. and the only question they asked me was do I feel comfortable carrying 5 to 7 plates on a tray. And I said no because not many places I have ever worked do that, very few. So possibly the reason why they didn’t take me but their loss. But don’t put the reason I didn’t get accepted is to follow back up when I have more experience. No I do not carry that many plates and never will. If you have enough staff you know how to get the food out fast without doing that. Had to rant because I already work for other Apps doing the exact same job. But Thank you for the last minute interview.. Now they respond for a 3rd and different message saying my values are different and not what their company values are! ???? How ?? You need different interviewers or you will not have top notch people for long. My Values are top notch as far as Gig/temp work is concerned.
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4 months ago, TopTierProfessional
I recently signed up for the Qwick app and within 30 minutes I was on a video orientation call. The representative asked me a few questions about my work history, and the call was over. Orientation usually means that we're going to get you acclimated to our system, job, etc. This seemed more like an interview. Needless to say, immediately following the "orientation" I was blocked from the app despite my 20+ years of experience in the food and beverage and banquet industry. I've always received high commendations as a top server at many fine dining, and casual dining restaurants. I've worked with some of the biggest names in the business and served high profile clients. These opportunities seemed like a perfect fit for me whereas I was willing to work with their various clients. I'm a little disappointed because when I contacted support they said that I'm not a good match. I asked what was the basis for this decision, and needless to say, I didn't hear back. Because there really is no basis. Sometimes people making the "selections" get it wrong. It's really giving you guys a bad reputation.
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2 years ago, Shutter bubble butt
Easy gig work, if you catch the available shifts in time!
The jobs book fast so you have to open and respond as soon as you get the text notification or it’s gone. I’m the beginning there were plenty of jobs paying $30/hr d you could be a bit selective but it seems lower lately and no matter the pay it will go fast so it’s not always worth it to wait for a higher paying opportunity. Most jobs I’ve done have been well run and straight forward. I feel like I get a bit robbed when I have to wait to find a manager to clock in so now I clock in on time as I’m never late but sometimes the parking instructions or directions on how to contact the shift manager are lacking. Overall a great app!!
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3 years ago, Abeethegreat
Easy to use, atheistic design, just a nice app!
I’ve been using this app with Qwick for about two years now. It’s easy to use and just well designed. I have a few feedbacks for future features I’d love to see. 1. Include a place for professionals to see reviews written by other professionals about a business, before they accept a job. Also include a place for specific feedback about a shift… things that might have been helpful to know before arriving. 2. Let the professional monitor the feedback they receive as well as the scoring system that tracks canceled shifts, tardiness, etc. maybe make it a separate part of the app, where they can see how they can improve and get better. Also include a place for requesting investigation into why something isn’t the way it should be when one of those things is not accurate. Complete transparency is something most people would really appreciate. 3. Include a place for businesses to request professionals with a ranking system, according to the one they would want first, second, etc. Give each professional (who is personally requested) a window of time to respond before the opportunity is opened to the others in the queue. This would avoid constantly being “waitlisted”, even when you’ve been requested. Thanks for a great app! Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, 1234567Appleapple
The 1 star reviews are the truth
Man I just got deactivated from Qwick, just disappointed not that I got deactivated but the fact I gave my all to a company and still didn’t work out. Some I’ve these companies I worked my very best , but regardless if you work off the Qwick app your employer is going to always look at you as less than them. You will be treated unfairly. I had 2 low ratings out of 50+ jobs. The owner of a company didn’t want me to properly wash dishes , she wanted me to spray them with water and make them look clean which is unsanitary and something is never do. They need to be properly clean . Had a health inspector been there , they would’ve been close to getting shut down. Based on what she was doing. Qwick has no contact number to call . They can care less about their employees . The customer can call but not you. A traditional temp service listens to their employees not side with a customer that they don’t even know. I could go on and on. The owner of Qwick is a good man but there representatives are going to run his company into the ground
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6 months ago, bonitaleelee
This app in particular gives carte blanche to the employers to be dishonest disingenuous and discriminatory toward the pros they hire. This is one of the only apps in which an employer can give someone the lowest possible rating and lie for reason with no proof, sometimes providing no reason at all! I have been sent home twice from a job with no reason given and I feel it was 100% discrimination. Qwick does nothing. The chat bots are marginally pleasant but generally unhelpful. Employers mass post shifts in advance and slowly cancel them all because “the business’ needs changed”. No penalty on the business for jerking folks around. The inability of pros to communicate or leave visible feedback about these particular jobs allows pros to unwittingly accept them time and again. It also spares the jobs of the consequence of a well earned bad reputation. Instawork has 1099 shifts as well and their policies are more accessible and they allow pros to leave feedback on shifts that are visible to other pros. An uninformed decision is coercion. Vive la proletariat!
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8 months ago, tiwater
Not good
If your working in the New Jersey New York area stay away from City Beats the Chef there he drinks on the clock and he is Racist he will had you for shifts to give you hope and cancel them a day before he does that to only Blacks and Whites he only takes care of Spanish people I got knocked off the app because of this dirtbag and Qwick has record of this idiot chef but they do not care about you I had a perfect score and I always got requested alot and the Qwick people knocked me off because I was in contact with the company they had my number too but they didn’t care knocked off without warning or suspension for a unprofessional chef who drinks Modelo on the clock they do not care or will believe anything thing you say you are automatically wrong if a company says so. I had to come back you guy’s just sent me a text stating I made Top5 for Qwick freelancers for this year but let a chef who drinks on the clock get me knocked of the app alot of your contracts loved me boot me off with no warning
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11 months ago, bcloudream
Discrimination! DO NOT USE
This app is a scam! The marketing promises easily matched shifts to people with 1 to 3 years of experience in specific job areas. They require that you pay for their food safety card, you can’t bring your own. They require that you enter all your banking info and complete a 10 minute call, it wasn’t even called an interview. I did all that completely confident that I was well qualified and would be matched to shifts based on their marketing and my well-rounded and fully matched professional experience . Just like all the other 1 star comments on here it was a scam and a lie, I could copy and paste their stories. I was told on my call I would be matched with shifts then a few minutes later I got a text that I was not qualified. huh?! I’m actually over qualified. Nice try! My app was disconnected with no explanation a few minutes later. The 10 minute interview is definitely a way for them to profile you. Enough said. This is discrimination! Don’t bother
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2 years ago, Bellaaaa0920B!
Bad algorithm.
I started working with this app a month ago , I was getting plenty of jobs sent to me. Every job I accepted I was on time and got along with the people where I worked. One day at one of the jobs I didn’t get my break. So I reached out to Qwick and told them since they take out your break from your pay. They had paid me then took back the money and told me they were waiting to hear back from the company to confirm. The next day I still had not been paid for my work and I canceled my shift for them since I didn’t get paid and needed gas money cause the job was 40 minutes away. I wasn’t able to look at jobs for 14 days and now I don’t receive any jobs ever from them. And the person from Qwick was rude over text. Also in MY experience, Qwick sides with the companies instead of their workers. My friends also have had bad experiences with Qwick. I worked at ASU cafeteria and they would always give me my break at the end of my shift or forget.
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3 years ago, Vincent_M_Williams
Accurate review
Qwick is the very best app for freelancing gig work. Everything about this company is just that “Qwick”. Literally everything I mean the hiring process getting accepted to jobs and not to mention u literally get paid less than minutes after completing your shift! There contact system is even speedy they always get right back to me if I have a question within the next 2 mins. You can even get certified in food handling and alcohol serving right through the app which u can use on your resume. I’ve worked with some great professionals here who seem happy with there life working here as well. Businesses should not hesitate to work with Qwick they are very speedy and professional. Qwick is absolutely the very best !!!
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8 months ago, Jessica McCall
Absolute favorite work app
I have been employed with Qwik for a little over a year going on through year. It was my third work app that I join. They are very communicative very understanding. Quickly response I get shifts you get more shifts based off, you know reliability, and the work that you do but I will say hands-down they are 100% committed to everything they say they will do and I will continue to be with Qwik and if you were looking for work, I would just check it out. I also was able to get in my certification through them and they put you in a post to Tipton bonuses to make you a better employee who what you may already, but if you can always.
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10 months ago, McDon8720
Line cook
I downloaded this app and did interviews and even paid for a couple courses which I didn’t need to because I was already qualified and had credentials to prove it, it’s just like most people stated, every since I’ve been approved nearly 2-3months now I haven’t seen 1 gig/job on the platform, not even bad ones, this was a complete waste of time, one of the course even took 90min which was ridiculous because I was forced to watch videos about information that I teach as a safety manager “ServSafe” to this day nothing has paid off, not even 1 single job was shown not even low paying jobs, literally nothing! And I have a fully active account, on the other hand I’ve been getting consistent work from similar platforms ranging from 22-34$ per hr, and I didn’t have to jump the hoops Qwick app put me through, tend and Instawork has been more profitable and I absolutely didn’t need to spend any money to activate my accounts.
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1 year ago, jeanrivera12
Stay away don’t waste your time
I downloaded this app because I was in a desperate situation and needed money fast. I attended their orientation and five minutes after the orientation I get a message on the app, saying that I am no longer eligible to use their service and that I no longer qualify for shift gigs most likely because I didn’t show up to a number of gigs or I canceled too many times or I was late. But how is that possible when I’m a brand new member to your app and I have never been offered or gone to a gig in the first place?? That makes absolutely no sense! there’s something shady about a business when they tell you that you don’t qualify for any of the gigs within five minutes of an orientation, even though you’ve never worked for them before this is your first time! If I was you, I would stay away from this company and find someone else because they’re just here to waste your time and everyone else’s.
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6 months ago, Bumblebea81
Their policies make zero sense
I was just told I’m no longer allowed to take shifts from a business that I’ve been working with for 5 months because I don’t have the required experience??? Actually, I do have the experience they’re asking for, but it’s just not “recent enough” despite my overall range of experience and clearly demonstrated ability to perform. This is a business that wants to request me specifically, but Qwick does not allow that. So employers end up having to train new people regularly, rather than building relationships with a reliable roster of temps. I was even working for this business previously through a different temp agency, and joined Qwick so that I could maintain that arrangement. But suddenly their algorithm decided I’m no longer qualified to do a job that I have BEEN doing and the client is specifically requesting the worker they want for a satisfactory experience with Qwick?? Makes absolutely no sense to me.
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10 months ago, Elizabeth Mimms
Bias and Not thorough
I use almost every app possible to do jobs in between my career. I have never had an Orientation last less than five and take a picture of me without my permission while on a video call. Oh that’s not all, not only that tell me that I wouldn’t be a great fit for an app that hires temp workers for temp job or temp to hire jobs saying I do not have enough recent employment history in the Food and Beverage business. Now I’m going on 30 and my first jobs was fast food. So every year I’ve spent working In the F&B business doesn’t qualify me for a temp app. When did discrimination and bias judgement become the new thing. I’m good at everything I do and or done , so to have someone dressed unprofessionally give me a two minute orientation in a crew neck T-shirt that look like it’s been slept in and or look like you just woke up and say that I don’t fit the criteria is preposterous.
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4 months ago, moist666
Rude staff with low comprehension skills
I have my notification settings set up so that I receive a text message concerning every single shift that becomes available. For the most part, this works. This morning, however, I woke up to find that two shifts were open for wait list, and I had no text massage alerting me about them. I messaged for help regarding this and the Qwick team member corresponding to me was rude and showed a lack of comprehension skills. They also informed me that they don’t send notifications for every shift and only do so for last minute shifts. Why bother offering the option on the app to receive texts for all opportunities if this isn’t a possibility? I also did not appreciate the Qwick team member’s rude attitude. I decided to go online to attempt at seeking insight with someone else with stronger comprehension skills but it seems the Qwick team is made up of a bunch of uninsightfuk idiots. Thanks for nothing lol
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1 year ago, @extra_ent (ig)
First Shift at Quick, someone Referred Me
i received the Notification for this Last Minute Shift while I was still at my Main Job (FedEx) and decided to take it. Once i got off work i got there ASAP. Even though there was a 45min Delay in my Travel time due to me going from one job to Another the Restaurant said they Appreciated my Help because they Originally had 3 Dishwashers for the Shift but 1 person Canceled. They also Expressed that they would Love for Me to come back and work again. Today was my First Shift with the Qwick App. Someone Referred Me to this App so they should be receiving $100 along Me as well according to your Referral Program. Thank you Again 🙏🏾
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2 years ago, Bb9807986
First 2 weeks they sent me shifts and there where plenty of shifts to pick from on the app. I only paid for the food handler card and not the alcohol one required for serving positions bc I don’t care to serve on this app (the pay is too low for the amount of work) and there are plenty of jobs that don’t require it that pay better. After a text conversation with support about the lack of shifts I’m now seeing , they’ve intentionally stop sending me any shifts. I’ve only canceled one shift due to being in the hospital and they claim that affected my score. The only shift I’ve seen for a week is a server shift I can’t pick up and today they sent me a last minute shift that was 50 miles away. They want me to PAY for alcohol certification course to pick up one server shift to raise my score in hopes of receiving more shifts. Honestly this app just wants you to purchase the food handlers and the alcohol certification.
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2 years ago, harrikg
Very misleading when it comes to getting accepted onto the app
Don’t expect to work right away (or you may not work with them at all) after your ‘orientation’. It isn’t an orientation, it’s an actual job interview. They will ask you questions about your past job experiences (that’s fair) and then the interviewer will say something like “I will approve you and you should start seeing shifts shortly”. Moments later, I’ve received a rejection text message from them telling me I’m not the right fit for their company. Y’all can try to sign up with them for yourselves, but if you’re in a desperate situation where you need to work FAST and don’t have time to be interviewed and picked, try other shift apps. At least with those they will let you start work right away after you send in your verification details. Very misleading on how they use the word ‘orientation’ and not interview. Very misleading and cunning.
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8 months ago, Just_An_0bservation
Jump through hoops and disclose bank info to third party before seeing any of the shifts they offer
Had never heard of this app or company, decided to give it a look. Before I was able to get any idea of what type of shifts were available near me (the closest city I could select to move forward was over 100 miles from my actual location) I was expected to give payment info and schedule an ‘orientation’. I don’t even know I want to work with them yet, or if they have any work relevant to my needs. I was contacted by one of their reps for asking these questions to the text messages I started receiving trying to shove me through the process before I could look at it and the responses were pretty much “take it or leave it” Ok, thanks but no thanks. I’d like to see what offered before submitting my account info to the third party that handles your payments for shifts that may not even exist for me. I’d have been kinder with my rating, but feeling like I was being sold the app and getting sales rebuttals instead of answers to these questions made the bad impression even worse. Maybe it’s just what you need, maybe it’s way off the mark. Couldn’t tell you, I wasn’t able to get any info about them beyond generic faq without jumping through their hoops.
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4 months ago, AJMCOFA21423
Year Review
My second year so far working with Qwick is great. The only two points I want to emphasize is that sometimes the company that you work with via Qwick will be slow and release you early. I don’t mind leaving early but when it’s consistent with different gigs it becomes inconvenient. If we get sent home early we lose money so it’s not ideal. My other point is that we don’t get rated enough after each shift which causes us freelancers not to book gigs consistently that pay more. The higher your rating the more reliable you are and ultimately the more gigs you book. Other than that, I believe this platform is the best staffing/hospitality company on the market for what it’s worth.
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2 years ago, Noshab1993
Unfairly removed off App
I love the Qwick app & their quick customer service. This is a very helpful app, I just got removed because they needed proof of why I missed a shift. I went all the way to the shift, but had to leave because of a family emergency. They asked if I got gas along the way, I said yes, so they needed a receipt. I sent them the only receipt I had from my bank, but they said they can only except a physical receipt, which I never ask for. That was impossible to return to a store & have them pull up an old receipt. I always rely on my bank receipts, so I’m disappointed that Qwick don’t except this type of proof.
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2 months ago, work but no pay.
Started the app with confidence since I saw many coworkers use the app and receive great jobs. Unfortunately not for me. I waiting months and never received anything. I reached out thinking I forgot a step and they said I was receiving them the whole time. I use other apps as well, so I keep these apps open and notifications first. Email showed they were sending them and I never received any. It’s upsetting to see other workers get jobs right in front of you and you not get anything at the same time. They said oh people grab the jobs quickly but when the coworkers showed me the jobs would sit on their app for a while before it disappeared. It’s just frustrating I did all the work and didn’t get anything. Maybe it isn’t for me but I don’t want any one else to waste their time. Also it’s who you know in this town of mine not what you know.
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3 years ago, Shay098748904
Ban you for anything
I downloaded this app with hopes to make some extra cash. I completed two shifts before they banned me off the app. The pros are you get paid instantly after the shift is over, there’s no commitment to these companies, and it’s very flexible. The cons are distant gigs and directions to finding location can be unclear. Poor customer service communication. They will tell you to reach out but don’t actually respond. You could sign up to bartend or serve but when you get there they’ll have you doing other tasks. Management on site can be extremely rude. Also, if you have to cancel a shift it will ruin your score and algorithm of the app so less jobs will show. Aside from that I met people who found a way to do this full time so if you can manage not having any problems ever this can be a good app for freelancers interested in some extra income.
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8 months ago, HadenuffoftheBS
Not impressed
I have been in the service industry for over 20 years and am a professional. Qwick doesn’t pay enough especially for the banquet server position. Anyway that has worked as a bartender/server knows that you can make upwards to $60 an hour and walk out with your cash at the end of the shift. This extorts the food and beverage industry. As a banquet server I make up to $65 an hour at the hotel I work at so this bothers me tremendously. Where is the service charge going and whose stealing it? Most of the people that work on Qwick don’t know anything about the service industry and just figured out how to answer the questions and a lot of them are drug addicts that couldn’t hold a real job anyway. I kept it in my back pocket but the pay is getting worse and worse and I honestly don’t want to be associated with Qwick or the people that work on the app.
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2 years ago, dvoxpham
Terrible Hiring Experience
I was interviewed just now, and the interviewer seemed pleasant. They allowed me to elaborate on “my last job experience” (F&B), “the job before that,” (not F&B), and I even slipped in my longest job as a produce stocker in a grocery store, as it seemed relevant at the time. They pleasantly tell me they will send over further hiring info and the interview video. End interview. Then I get a Qwick screen saying “my Qwick history is bad (no-shows, tardies, etc.),” so I’m “no longer qualified “ for shifts. I text interviewer & support that I’ve never even worked a shift with them. I tell them I haven’t explained my full F&B history to the company as well. They tell me they asked me for my full history during the interview (??? I don’t think so???) The Qwick screen then changes to the actual rejection message about not being a good fit because of lack of experience. They tell me I got the chance to explain my full history with the interviewer but I was never asked about experience beyond the most recent 2 jobs. I protested to support. I ask for a second chance/interview to maybe explain what I wasn’t able to during the initial interview. They say no, the “decision” is final-good luck and good bye. End of relationship, and here I am now. Good luck with this one, applicants!
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2 years ago, Gashvian
Waste of time
I was made aware by a friend of the potential to pick up jobs using this app. I was initially thrilled as nothing wrong with gig style work however, upon completing all requirements I was informed an interview was needed. I completed the interview which was just a basic introduction of yourself and skills. I waited over a month and jobs never were added. I opened my availability to practically anytime and any day and nothing. I reached out to customer service to express my frustration, just to be informed, hey looks like you have no experience. Long story short, the interviewer “ clearly was just nodding their head playing on their phone to have missed 6+ years of experience that could have at least let me take out the trash lol. I’m not making fun of anyone but was amazed I couldn’t land one gig just because of this company’s failure. I’m good, good luck to anybody else
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2 years ago, Briwoww
Not worth the time or download
I haven’t been matched with one job, not one. I thought this app would be more legit than the others because I had to go through an orientation/ interview where I went through all all my relevant experience with a team member , then I was REQUIRED to pay for two certificates which came with 2 lengthy online courses only To not be matched with any shifts. I even reached out to company and I was told shifts were updated daily and are first come first serve. I check the app regularly and haven’t had one match. Only to go on Craigslist and see several job postings from this company. To interview someone, require them to purchase two certifications in order to get matched then to have no matches for them was s complete waste of time and money which is annoying because the point of this was to make extra money.
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4 months ago, Poop dash
1 star for now
Its funny how they are strict about how they want a profile picture to be and you might have attempts to retry taking photos, understood. I just don’t get how this app is named “QWICK” when you wont get shifts until days or maybe weeks later. I guess it always depends on the availabilities but when you are online, checking the app consistently or waiting for a shift to pop up for anytime you’re interested to work through, especially having the patience to receive a notification for whenever. Its like having hope for a dry app, no matter the experiences you have turned on or the time you have available with the notifications on. Thats not very “QWICK” of this app but business is business. If you’re still waiting on shifts to start loading up, lets hope the business grows because we really want to work.
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3 years ago, CoryJayV
I don’t get how this app works sometimes.
First month plenty of shifts then they stopped coming. I thought maybe employers were just posting less. My friend joins and has instantly a whole list of offers I don’t have even though we have same experience. I never canceled before and have never done anything bad at a job to get a bad review. I asked support what was going on and they don’t really tell you anything. I think I got a bad review from a employer for some stupid reason but Qwick won’t tell you. This has screwed me over badly as I relied on quick for my income and now that they aren’t sending me shifts for some reason I’m late on bills. Looking at my roommates phone there isn’t a shortage of shifts I’m just not getting them.
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2 years ago, Connor Heely
No gigs in LOS ANGELES for two straight weeks?
I’ve had this app downloaded for about 2 weeks now. I haven’t been matched with a single shift. It’s the one of the busiest months of the year for event staff in one of the busiest cities in the world (LOS ANGELES) and I‘ve only been matched with 2 dishwashing shifts in a suburb? An hour away? Support will keep telling you to “check back frequently” and I’ve been told that, “Shifts are pretty slow right now for us in most cities, shifts should be picking up closer to the end of this month in other areas.” What? Events are going to be picking up in January? 🤨There’s something up with this app. I don’t know what. But if you want to make money, use TEND or INSTAWORK. I’ve worked 7 gigs on these apps since I got them, and I downloaded them at the same time as Qwick. This app is a QWICK way to waste your time and your phone’s storage. Steer clear.
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3 months ago, Johnniejoe1986
Do not recommend
This company is horrible I’ve had multiple bad experiences, the first was when I picked a shift and Qwick had the wrong address inside the app come to find that the location was in another city they wasted my time and gas the second time was I canceled a shift in the beginning of march do to person reasons I couldn’t make it, so a month later I picked up the same shift as I was headed to the location the company canceled the shift, I informed Qwick that the company canceled which they have the right to do, but there is a policy in place that if a company cancels within 24 hours, they are liable to pay up to 4 hours, Qwick told me they because I canceled on them a month ago that they would not compensate me for those four hours despite Qwicks company policy so this was another waste of time and gas, this company needs to reevaluate how they are operating.
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10 months ago, desnbut
Use gigpro or gigsmart if you’re looking for quick pick ups
I’m deleting it. Gigsmart and gigpro have at least given me options for shifts (although they are more retail and driving based.) Would recommend those if you’re looking for instant available pick up opportunities. I have 20 years of restaurant experience. Takes a lot of steps to get verified and then no shifts - in Austin, TX. Thought it would be good that they were more thorough, but seriously no shifts in weeks on the app. Initial interview was terse and wildly fast paced. Didn’t enjoy this process at all. Not even a “hi, how are you?” Or a smile from my interviewer. I know this is a little nit-picky, but when you’re applying to work with a company focused on the hospitality industry you’d think they’d have some people who make you feel welcome as your first contact with the app.
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