4.6 (1.1K)
36.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for RANDOM.ORG

4.59 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, MJF1967
Music Practice Routine
In my daily, music practice, routine I play one or two sets chosen from 23 sets of melodic sequences. (There are seven sequences per set, and each sequence I play around the circle of fifths.) I could practice them in order but it’s better to decide which set to play next by randomly picking it. So I use the list randomizer on this app. Randomly picking the set makes sure I won’t, over the months, neglect the latter and more difficult sets of sequences on my list; that neglect builds up over the occasions where I neglect my daily routine for many days, forget where I left off, then just start at the beginning again. Randomly picking the order each day offers me the best assurance that my practice of these exercises will be evenly distributed in the long run. It also gives me a little boost of excitement as compared with taking things in a predetermined order. If you’re a music student who has recently learned all your major and minor scales, and if you don’t have time each day to go through all of them, it’s probably better to randomly pick a smaller set of scales to practice. The “list randomizer” in this app is perfect for that: just enter the names of each scale on a list (the list will be saved), hit the big “randomize” button, then practice as many of the scales you want in the order shown. The next day you’ll (most probably) have a different order, and in the long run your practice of these exercises will be evenly distributed.
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5 years ago, rostasi
use it very often...
...but I really only need the Integer Generator for what I do, so it would be nice to have just this instead of having to always “twirl the wheel” to get to it each time I open the app. Also, I agree with the person who said that it is a bit unreliable in the latest OS of 13. Otherwise, it’s a joy to have and it has replaced something I had been using previously for over 10 years.
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2 years ago, AmazingRobie
Needs history for random list results
Please add this feature. Great app otherwise. *ORIGINAL REVIEW* Purchased this app not knowing how it would function since there is no trial, found out that there is no way to keep track of generated random lists like the coin toss. Also, there is no “shake” to randomize feature. Was trying to use this app to generate a set of 24 draws on an ESP app using the random list (Green/Yellow/Red/Blue) using the first (1.) result as the draw color, however, since there is no history, its very tedious and time consuming.
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5 years ago, Struggleful
Good, but missing options
The interface is good and it’s what you would expect; the results feel truly random and should fit your needs. My main frustration is that there isn’t an option to flip multiple coins, or draw multiple cards other than one at a time. A slight annoyance but Indefinitely would not have purchased the app if I knew this beforehand, as now I’m forced to open the browser version regardless. It’s a good app, just know that you don’t have that option.
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9 years ago, Guidoz13
Please make it work for the apple watch too! It would be really cool! I've been waiting for this app for so long and they finally did it! Great job! Real randomizer that uses some sort of wind speed measurements to find out a random number so it's more trustworthy than most of other random number generators that work because some simple algorithms! Deff to have you you ever used their website!
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10 years ago, Piper1618
Very good randomizer
This app is well put together and more convenient than using a web browser. I also like being able to save lists and use them over and over without having to reenters them each time. I recommend this service (either the website or the app) to anyone who has any need to work with randomness.
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8 years ago, dmac-ct
Fantastic and useful
If I was William Morris, I would have this app in my home (look it up). This is a beautiful app, easy to use, all the right options, and flawlessly constructed. It's also wonderfully useful- I use it for gaming, the occasional lottery ticket, and settling choices when I want some real world randomness to be harnessed. I use it often and love it.
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10 years ago, MNJetter
Almost awesome!
I have been waiting for this app for years, and it's finally here! I have no complaints about the app as is, and it's a great start. The things that would bump it from great to perfect for me would be an iPad version and more functionality. I use the integer sets and sequence functions on the web quite often, and it would be nice to see a mobile version of those.
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6 years ago, RickDC5
Best app for tabletop gamers!
I love rolling dice but sometimes you just want instant (and quiet) results. This app gives you reliable randomness - the best! Only thing I ask is for the ability to have colored dice and roll dice of multiple sizes on the same screen. Still, this app rocks!
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5 years ago, Puttycrazy
Pay wall
I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to things that won’t affect me in the long run. When I saw there would be an app for an rng generator I thought oh that’s neat I’ll just use that. Well everything accept the coin toss is Locked behind a pay wall. If you haven’t noticed most choices you make have more than two options. I don’t want to pay three dollars for something you can do online. Don’t get the app if you don’t want to spend money. Case closed.
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9 years ago, ersatzpenguin
Bug in List Randomizer
The app isn't the prettiest, but it works—mostly. There's an annoying bug that leads the last character in list items to disappear while editing the list. To fix it, you basically have to re-enter the final character on whichever item(s) are missing them and quickly exit the list. Even then, it's not foolproof.
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9 years ago, Omerovily
Good randomness but needs an update
The randomness here is very good. I only wish they had support for multiple types of dice, especially that one must pay to use that feature. An update to support retina would be great too!
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10 years ago, resin007
Great but missing some features
Just about the only option out there for true randomness, and that's no small thing. The app still needs a sequence generator and multiple number generators to be as complete and useful as the website. Still, very much worth it!
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3 months ago, Drifter3223
Truly Random
I love this app and the whole premise behind it—it generates truly random results (you can read about it on their website).
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1 year ago, Ignatius_J_Reilly
why is everything so tiny?
All the results are very tiny. You can shuffle a random deck of cards, but good luck seeing the actual cards. Same goes for all the tax results and so forth. There should at the very minimum be a zoom option in the preferences here.
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8 years ago, Xfrfjncdghngf
I use the website integer generator a lot. I bought this version $3. The numbers pile up on each other so it's messy and not really readable or usable. Back to the website. I'd give it one star but parts of it are ok.
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4 years ago, Nerdlor
Flip a coin to determine it’s worth it
I really love the app in that I can use it for dice rolls or determine if I want fish tacos or steak quesadillas but I just discovered the app only works when you have service. I would offer five star but the online-only coin flipper reduces to three, especially since I paid for the extra coins.
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10 years ago, Nsecc
Finally, an App version!
I've used the website for a while now so I'm excited to finally see this as an app.
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10 years ago, Bryan Kuro
Not as great as the website
I was needing this app because of a feature on the website. I purchased the random integer feature and was disappointed that I couldn't get random ranges for integers like the website. If this could be added, I'd totally reverse my rating and the app would be useful.
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4 years ago, kranuiskilla
Not generating fast enough
Love the app never had a problem like this before but the generator isn’t generating consistently or fast enough it’s taking almost 1 to five minutes or not generating at all now if you could fix this as soon as possible that would be great
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5 years ago, The Crenz
Noticeably slower
Has slowed down in the past couple months when, for example, picking a random number from a range. No idea why. Also, can we PLEASE get it to remember the last picker chosen?
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6 years ago, smj97t
Personalized Defaults
Would love to see customizable, personalized default settings. I use the same set of parameters, for the same function 99% of the time I’m using the app. Stinks that I can’t start there every time.
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6 years ago, Pupps 1234
Too many in app purchases
When I got this app I thought I would be able to do everything you could do on the website but easier it turns out all you can do flip coins I hope at least they would've put The number generator but the idea was good
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9 years ago, KittyKaterinaV
Not that useful
It's more convenient than the website, but the website has the number generator, that's what I wanted this app for. I don't really want to spend money on something I get for free.
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8 years ago, Me5835
Everything I need
Use it to make my "things to do" list more fun (order chosen for me) and flip coins. Very configurable and no glitches.
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10 years ago, Imperial Pint
Truly random
True randomness is easy to find in daily life but difficult to find in a machine. This app delivers reliable mechanical randomness. A beautiful thing.
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8 years ago, D.c.r.
It does all my needs from coin flips to rand one lotto numbs. Every thing. Even dice. It comes in handy when you least expect it. :)
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10 years ago, fiend_hoagie
Amazing App
Great app! I've used your site for a long time and the app just makes it so much easier, great job on this one!
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3 years ago, StephenTFTim
Very simple and useful
Please add the ability to create negative numbers on the integer generator. You are excluding quite a few integers from your integer generator!
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6 years ago, can of cat food
Love the website
Look I get it you need money to help your website but, the stuff on the app is stuff you can get for free on the website
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9 years ago, stugavin
How I make all my decisions
I solve all decision making with a flip of a coin or roll of the dice. I usually don't have coins anymore.
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9 years ago, Mustardegg
True Randomness
Brilliant companion to the website. I use the coin flipper every day and wouldn't dream of using another app.
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9 years ago, WretchedPen
On the edge of usefulness
One of the major features of the website is generating integer sets, but this app allows you to only generate integers one at a time... For $0.99. I'd give a higher rating if the app were as functional as the site. Until then, only 2 stars.
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8 years ago, Clutch fork 52
Demo does exactly what it says it does.
Works well. No crashes. Ads aren't annoying. Sweet.
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4 years ago, XxMike23xX
Really upset at how little they put into this app. I use their website and pay monthly to run list (multi-round list). I wish this app was able to login with account and use all services. Will definitely raise stars when updated.
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10 years ago, xoxomaya
Good, but....
Why pay for the randomized when you can just use the browser on your phone? It seems a little weird. Also all I really wanted was a number randomizer and the spinning thing is confusing.
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5 months ago, terry1721
True randomness
Exactly my point
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8 years ago, AmbreLaRock
Crashes as soon as it's opened
I downloaded this app with the intention of buying all of the features so I could use them when needed but the app crashes as soon as I try to open it.
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7 years ago, crookedsquare
Definitive authority on randomness
Might as well enjoy the best random-number experience out there. I like how my results are powered by space.
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9 years ago, Jibbyjackjoe
Good start. Keep going
A few things would make this 5star. 1) custom decks from lists. Make a list and treat it like a deck, taking out list items that have already been picked 2) different dice 3) gaming tables (such as pathfinder or dungeons and dragons) that can hold detailed info 4) shareable tables from point three Interface is nice. Keep going please!
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10 years ago, Ryan Coutant
Great app!
Definitely the best randomizer app I have found! Slick interface. Recommend!
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10 years ago, Ursula Tempus
Love this
I use this app every day. Does exactly what it promises. Fast, lightweight, works every time.
Show more
5 years ago, Carl0s94
Great app
It’s a great app but it started to crash after iOS 13.3 please fix
Show more
4 years ago, SuperNerd811
Cool App
I use this app to decide what to do when I’m bored. However, it’d be nice to have sorting options for lists (by name, etc).
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8 years ago, baturayaydemir
Good for better science
Great for all randomization needs in biomedical research. I use it all the time for treatment assignments.
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10 years ago, Eskimo74
Randomness in a fun way
An easy to use and understand app with in-app purchases. It's fun to flip a coin.
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10 years ago, Elephant walking
No complaints
Works great for what I need to do. Very convenient.
Show more
6 years ago, riydragon
If you like a coin flipper, this is great. But every single other mode is going to cost you either $0.99 or $2.99 for all of the randomizers. Just use their website if you need a random number generator.
Show more
10 years ago, Asnadi Jamil
Real Randomness
Perfect random generator for the occasional mobile use.
Show more
9 years ago, crazycara7
Just what I was looking for
So great to have a really truly organic randomness generator
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