RAR Extractor - Unarchiver

4.6 (460)
5.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
青青 余
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for RAR Extractor - Unarchiver

4.56 out of 5
460 Ratings
4 years ago, Dwalker803
I usually dont leave reviews or rate Apps but I have to say this file extractor has impressed me beyond belief. Ive been using winzip mac for years and I never updated from Mac Edition 3 so I didnt have to spend $50. After my recent purchase of a new to me Macbook pro i had to find another progrm. This program increases my workflow by 100. Easy, simple, and quite fast. I highlight all the files i want to unzip and select RAR Extractor, BAM! All the files are organized and it goes to work. No more multiple screens trying to download 40 zip files at once. I do believe that your computer specs will determine how fast things are extracted. My i7 with 16gb of ram coupled with this program is literally saving me hours of unzipping large files! I will be supporting you all by buying the pro version, its the least i could do for such an amazing program! Thanks again!!!!!
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3 years ago, CanisMaximus
Apple Legacy Software
I’m a musician. I brought an amplifier that had served me well over 20 years. I was told by the manufacturer that it was a “legacy” product and no longer supported. I have hundreds of music charts in a variety of “legacy” music notation software. I was searching for the right extractor that would work with OS 10.9.5. After 6 attempts at attempting to buy an extratctor app from the Apple App Store, this was the fist and the best to do it’s intended job. Fast, seemless, eas to use. Kudos to the app designer and the engineers that continue to support us “legacy” customers. Thank you.
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3 years ago, anasazi4stx1
This one worked!
I downloaded a maintenance manual from the Internet--it was a .RAR compressed file. I have two other archiver/decompressor programs, RAR Archiver and Archiver Expert. NEITHER worked! The first one was still "Processing" after hours of opening it; the second one caused the beach ball to spin for at least 5 minutes before I Force Quit it. I went into the App Store and found this one, which I had before (and I don't know what happened to it, where it went). It worked FIRST TIME and RIGHT AWAY!
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4 years ago, GoofiG
Perfect - Easy and very simple to use
This app made life more easier. As soon as you download the rar file you have will recongize it and than all you have to do is double click the file to extract if not all you have to do is drag the file you are trying to open up and drop it on the program. It cant get easier that that to use. No need to go through the program itself to find the file. Overall it simple and easy to use.
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2 years ago, kesmcomm
What seemed impossible was answered by the incredible RAR Extractor!
A very large file seemed insurmountably inaccessible. RAR Extractor solved that in less than a second! And, this wasn't my first bit of grace from the program. Have been using it for more than 15 years, and it has helped solve issues every time! Thanks to those with the brilliance and technology behind it!
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1 month ago, soundoggy
Good, but Room for Improvement
This is the most reliable utility that I have found for doing complex RAR expansions. I bought a VIP version to help support the developer. However, now that many of us are using ARM Macs with limited internal storage space (thanks, Apple), this app needs to allow users to designate an external drive to unpack RARs into. I can do this using Terminal commands. I also wish this app would provide Terminal-like information while it is processing RARs, such as reasons for failures, progress, files processed, etc.
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3 years ago, Rockbridge31415
It works
What more is there to say? I download to my desktop, where I set up a "decompressed" folder and set the options to save there. I have one other decompression program, sometimes files don't decompress with either but it may be that they were empty due to a problem on the original website.
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4 years ago, Digitalfeat2
Love it! Hope this is not a Spy App
Great product, simple to use. Have been using for years. However, it updates frequently almost weekly, so with all this Trump paranoia going around I sometimes wonder if this app could also spy on its users? I can see the probability of immense data breaches if the wrong people control this app. Just saying. :|
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3 years ago, Daneil C
Sorry this is my second review, accidently didn't add the stars. But this program I'm happy that it worked. It was really easy to use and even had photo instructions on how to make this the main program. Thank you for creating this program, I really appreciate it!
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4 years ago, ToneBoneTony
I really like this seamless app for stuffing and unstuffing files. I've been using it for months now and it is now my default "stuffer"! One thing I have noticed is the speed in which it compresses and uncompresses files. I sort of did my own side by side test with other like software and they didn't even come close! Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, deadl0ck!
Useful app but ridiculous amount of updates!!
App works great, very useful but I'm deleting it cuz I'm tired of getting notified there's a new update every few days, sometimes even more frequently. You really need to dial in your update procedure and perhaps only release updates monthly or something. Sorry to let you go but I'm not using you enough for the naggy update notifications
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5 years ago, Jfisher446
Works great for small to moderate files
It seems to work well enough and reliably. I definitely feel the speed impact when processing large .rar files with high file counts (e.g. 201 items, 550MB). They seem to take forever to extract and I go through queueing them up and putting the largest at the end of the list. I do find myself wishing that it processed these faster, though I'll keep using this app.
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2 years ago, mattkpany
Great little app
I am a professional audio engineer and often get files from clients who use Windows. This makes it super easy and fast to get what I need and get to work! **UPDATE** Man one year later and this thing is still great! It makes it so easy to colleberate with people who are using Windows.
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4 months ago, Ashlar62
Unbelievable speed
My current Mac extractor took forever to extract a 90gb series .rar files. I decided to try something different to see if the results could be improved and this app did the trick. I will no longer use anything else!
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11 months ago, 运小姐
Wonderful app!
I was trying repeatedly for 3 hours to unzip a 20gb zip file on my latest Mac. No luck since the sourcee files were most likely zipped on a PC. After I tried 2 browsers with no luck, I decided to find an unzip app instead of the Apple's Archive Utility. This worked like magic!!
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4 years ago, Joebob453
Initially skeptical
In the past I had a lot of trouble with getting a MACos Unarchiver that reliably opened .RAR files, along with others, and RAR Extractor Lite is the first one to make the process simple and seamless. I greatly appreciate the convenience this allows for my work, and the longstanding efforts of the team behind this product.
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4 years ago, Oo, Mr. Corey
Easy-to-Use, On the Go
This app is great. I don't have to do too much to get my RAR files extracted. A double-click and boom, it starts extracting. If these guys ever make other apps I need or not, I think I'm gonna go on a downloading spree! (BTW, I'm using this app on a Macbook Pro, if that helps anyone.)
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10 months ago, Dnaue
It Works
On my Mac I had a downloaded zip video file that I could not figure out how to unzip. After many hours of trying different methods I found RAR Extractor - Unarchiver. It opened up the files and played them on QuickTime Player. I am a happy man. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Dan sfgjh
Always reliable
There isn’t any form of zip or rar files this software hasn’t been able to open. The moment winzip started to charge I started using this. I understand that winzip needs to make a living, but I have to find free options as I’m not among the wealthiest.
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2 years ago, Lucanpeer
Top of Class!
Does almost everything it says it can. Is my reliable go to app for the jobs it handles. Reasonably quick, it may seem plain to some, but it works when so many other jazzy nmbers fall flat.
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4 years ago, carolkilledherhusbandwackedhim
Super fire!
I NEVER leave reviews but i literally have never had an issue with this app on my Mac. Yes, they may be better apps out but why stress looking for the absolute best when this app itself gets everything done for you? idk... this is such a smooth app.
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6 years ago, AmaRhapsody
just what i needed
I used this program primarily for .RAR files on Sims 4, and it’s perfect. Quick, easy, and the fact that it came with preferences is helpful. It’s simple to work with - nothing complicated that you have to learn. Highly recommended.
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2 years ago, Yeti Sasquatch
Super Easy
I used to use winrar all the time but now have a mac and needed to open those rar files. This app has worked on every compressed file that I've thrown at it. It is so easy. I recomend this app. Thank you!
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3 years ago, iLandBoy
Before I found this app it was always annoying trying to contact a client back to have them re compress files over again. This is a fast and simple extractor that works AMAZING!!!
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3 years ago, DaspTech
easy and to the point
Tried the first options in the app store, and non worked, this one must be a default option, is really good and fast no many windows, great app
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5 years ago, Chill brother earl
RAR Extractor Star
I have recently used the RAR Extractor and it is a delight. RAR files are no longer a problem. When I tried the Lite version, I decided that it was great and that I would bite the bullet and get the RAR Extractor Star software. The price was more than reasonable, a dollar well spent.
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3 years ago, Kentoniousmaximus
The go to
I always download this app to extract. Some others sometimes work, but this is the one app I've found that always gets the job done.
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3 years ago, DorothyAlma520
High Performance for Free!
I spent so much time researching in an attempt to overcome the dreaded Error-79 when trying to unzip my own file, not even a download or shared file. In seconds, this software solved my problem.
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1 year ago, Rick ;-)
Like it's suppose to be
I Like having more than one archive extractor. Mac comes with a quick but limited default extractor. RAR provides me more latitude and it does a great job, fast and acurate. Thanks for the app, keep up the great work. AWESOME!
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2 years ago, Jim_From_New_York
Works where Apple's extractor fails
Apple's Archive Utility often fails, with "Error 79 - inappropriate file type or format". This utility works just fine on those "inappropriate" archives. It's a MUST-HAVE app for that reason alone.
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5 years ago, Justin805508
Great App
In the world of many versions, paid, free, etc. This app works great, and is reliable. Even though the app is free, and offers more features in the in-app purchases, it does not pester you to upgrade, which is rare…. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Juan Rdz
Excellent utility to have on hand
This is a simple (uncomplicated) utility that does exactly what I need it to do. I have yet to come accross a compressed file that it can not handle. Works perfectly on my older mac mini (Late 2009).
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5 years ago, JoeCreative
Best unzip file App
I have had this App as my main unzipped program for along time. It works so good. I haven’t had any challenges yet. The App can pretty much open anything. It’s the only App I wish that everyone had.
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3 years ago, megagraphics
Opened the RAR file when nothing else would
RAR Extracter opened the RAR file when nothing else would. Tried about 4 apps that were suppose to open RAR but could not thise particular file. RAR Extracter opened it hte first time! Excellent! Thanks!
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3 years ago, PodcastPolice
Worked Great!
My web designer sent me my site compressed in RAR - so I downloaded this app and it worked like a champ! Took far longer to write this review than to unstuff my files.
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3 years ago, Doc Arioch
It just works
Has never failed to open and extract for me. So much better than the rest of the hit or miss apps I’ve used in the past. Onobtrusive and there when I need it.
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1 year ago, Joseph Rayle
Very Useful
I have occasion to need to unarchive a bunch of .rar format files, and this application gets the job done without a lot of hassle. I use it pretty frequently.
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3 years ago, Dark light janss
Been using for ~10 years
Been using this for ~10 years and never had issues. works great!
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4 years ago, A.C. Supinski
Easy and Simple File Extraction
This has been the simpliest, quickest rar extractor I've tried—though I haven't tried many, there's been a good 3-4 apps before this one between my mac and windows computers.
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2 years ago, JmarshallOC
Great lil program
When I have trouble unzipping a file, this program can do it when others fail.
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5 years ago, JanCo16
sigh! Another dud, and poor performance
Large number of zip files to unzip. Don’t look at this product as a fast and easy to use batch unzipped. Slow! No way to easily (without changing preferences) direct a batch of unzips to a target folder, unless you want to be prompted + navigated to death, or REMEMBER to change the preferences. Does it mean you need to wait for batch1 to complete before you can start batch2 to a different target folder?
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3 years ago, ipod66
Better than any online converter!
Looked for hours for something to convert a .rar file that everything was saying was corrupt, and this solved that problem in under a minute. Great app!
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5 years ago, pinefresh13
a nice tool in my kit
My experience is that NO app will open every file-weird things happen sometimes. But this just bailed me out, when a RAR "decompressed" back into itself repeatedly :-)
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2 years ago, Yyyh jujitsu
Easy to use
The software suppots my work over years. One of the most important advantage is the software is so easy to be used
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3 years ago, m_bryant78
Works great
This is the only app on the store that would extract a 41gb .rar archive without crashing my mac mini (2018). If you're having trouble opening a large file try this!
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4 years ago, Soccerfrost
Incredibly easy
I noticed that finding a rar for mac is very difficult and so I'm very glad I found this. Its quick and easy to use. 10/10 recommend
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4 years ago, ArabKnightMC
Really great, easy to use, and free! I haven't needed the in-app purchase yet, which is nice because this app doesn't force you to buy it in order to use the app. Great software and because of that, great dev!
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3 years ago, Yuman in Yuma
Fantastic extractor
A quick and easy file extractor. It completes the job without multiple steps. A must have.
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4 years ago, jal726
I have used this over and over, it's quick and simple. I have a Mac and would just dump rar files in the past, now I can use all files.
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5 years ago, TP Harris
Works Great
I find that the app works great expanding files that other programs seem to have problems doing. Very pleased with this program and recommended!
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