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User Reviews for Record it! :: Screen Recorder

4.63 out of 5
374.5K Ratings
10 months ago, MochiiMoony
Rating five stars to let people know about a hidden (?) fee
Hi so I’m a fairly new youtuber who does Gacha (bear with me here) and I wanted to record me making characters because my views are low, and characters take a while to make. I did this because I heard about watchtime or something and how it’s good for views so I was just like “🤷🏽‍♂️ Why not” y’know? I recorded making the characters and since that, as I previously stated, takes a while to do, the video was around an hour long (I think). When I went to save it to my camera roll I got a pop-up thingy and since I usually get ad pop-ups on apps I closed it without reading it. Which is wrong on my part, I didn’t read it through. I kept trying to save it but it kept coming up so I read through it and it said, word for word: “As a free user, you can export video: up to 30 minutes. To export videos longer than 30 minutes, please upgrade to PRO“ although it isn’t a subscription and you only have to pay 5.99, I can’t pay for this because I am a minor, and my parent has more important things to pay for. I immediately downloaded a different screen recorder app. So for anyone who wishes to record things longer than 30 minutes for free, delete this app and download another. But be sure to read the critical comments. I avoided downloading a lot of bad apps by reading them.
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2 years ago, treehugger❤️🌴🌳🌸🌺
Please read this if you plan to become a YouTuber
Alrighty! First of all, thx for reading this! This app was super exciting news for me and my sister because we always had an iPad so we would have trouble trying to record on our screen. We used to use our school laptops to record our iPads but it was really low quality looking. So my sister one day was scrolling around through apps and she saw this pink app with a camera on it. She looked colder and it said Record it! She found out it was an app to RECORD ON your IPAD, so she was super excited and then when she told me I was super excited 😆! But the reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because there’s this glitch where whenever I cut parts of the video I recorded out, the microphone voice (yeah I forgot to mention that it has a microphone) doesn’t match with the screen! An example: Maybe I was recording a video of my favorite game! It would record the part where I STARTED recording on my iPad! So I would always have to cut that part out. And then maybe in the beginning of actual video I said “Hey guys!” And I read the description of the game along with some examples. I would be saying “hi guys!” In like, 1/2 a minute into the video! Which doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you watch the whole video all over again it throws off the ENTIRE VIDEO! If you are reading this developers please try and fix this! Otherwise I would give a 5 star rating. Thanks 😊 🫶🏼
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2 months ago, BellyFuzz
Robust features but super simple to use!
Even the free version is very impressive! Super simple and easy to use. It records everything on the screen as well as audio for up to 30 minutes with the free version. Longer with the reasonably priced paid version. It can record 320p (great it you really only want the audio or need to send a long clip) up to 1080p if you need more detailed video. The only off thing I’ve found is theres no way to adjust the frame rate to anything other than 60 fps when recording BUT it does give you the option to change this when you save a clip. Not a deal breaker… just odd. At the time I write this review the price is only $5.99 for lifetime access. This will remove all adds and allow you to record longer videos. I don’t see how you can’t justify that price for an app that does exactly what it’s described to do and does it very well.
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1 week ago, E.D. baker
It was good at first…
(Sum at end if u don’t wanna read this) So at first this app was great! I recorded my videos that were usually around 20 minutes long, as I could record videos up to 30 minutes without paying. But after a few months, it told me I could only record videos up to ten minutes. I had to set a timer, record, stop recording when the timer went off, set a timer, and start recording. Then I had to put it all together in CapCut. It was pretty hard and took a while. It only went downhill from there. A few months later I finally went back on it and was recording when it randomly stopped and didn’t tell me. I thought I had recorded a whole video before realizing it had stopped on its own. It didn’t even save what it did record. So I tried recording shorter videos, like less then a minute long. I mostly just needed audio for my videos. But I was halfway through recording when it told me it had stopped because of an issue. I deleted the app and redownloaded it. Nothing changed. I didn’t get to record. I deleted the whole thing in frustration and decided to try another app. To sum it up, it gives you a few months to record videos up to 30 minutes long, then you have to make them 10 minutes or under. It won’t even take 10:01. Then it completely stops working after a while.
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2 years ago, when is st 5 coming out
Good! But audio is off and you have to pay?!?
I just got this app on my phone but I also use it on my iPad and so far it’s pretty nice. It’s not that difficult once you get to know how to use it. When I tried the other record me apps they were pretty difficult to use because there was a lot of controls and it changes a lot of times (ok I’m off topic). When I got this record me app that I’m using on my iPad and phone I wanted to do a video so I did with my mic on and when I stopped the recording I watched the video and I noticed that when I was typing on messages the sound was off and I’m very disappointed about that. The reason why I’m disappointed is that just say I posted a recording video on yt and the audio was off (ofc) but then YouTube’s audio is also bad. Then that would be like 5 times a bad video. So that’s why I’m disappointed about this. The other reason why I’m disappointed about this is well as u can see the title I put. Yeaaa soo you have to pay?? That’s like nuts (lol) sorry I’m off topic again… anyways it says you have to pay $5 basically just for getting to use more stuff? That’s like roblox lol. And there are all my reasons and all about this app and this is also the reason why I gave this app a 3 star 😊
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3 months ago, every nickname i is taken
It worked until it didn’t…it just quit working.. I paid for it,a version where I could record over 30 minutes. Although I never do that, except one time where they locked my video behind a paywall because it was 29 or 30 min long. The video was held for a ransom of like 5 dollars. It doesn’t warn you ahead of time about this so you can prevent it, of course. I paid it, To get my video back. I’ve always been pretty salty about that. Anyways the app doesn’t work anymore.. every time I push record it counts down but never begins recording. Idk how to get ahold of anyone for help with this, I don’t think there’s a support option at least it’s not readily available as a resource within the app. Can anyone help me? I just found out this thing just uses your iPads build in screen recorder to screen record. What a beeping scam. So using this instead of ur iPad screen recorder will cause videos to be held hostage for cash eventually. WOW. Find your IPAD/IPHONES screen recorder and use it and iMovie to edit. Might contact apple about this app. Id appreciate someone telling me what’s so different about this app that no one mentioned it’s utilizing your screen recorder already in your device and just turning it on for you.
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4 years ago, 21pinkny
Don’t but if you value your videos
I always wait before I post a review. The app works great until it doesn’t anymore....!!! I paid for the pro version because I was using this app to screen record IG Lives and upload videos to my page which is very important. I lost sound to the videos I sent emails to the company for help and I heard nothing back. I tried to update the app and nothing!!! I tried to restart my phone and still nothing!!! If I saved the video and put it into my photo album on my phone it magically had sound but I can’t edit without sound in the app so this was pointless. I deleted the app and lost all my saved videos. I was hoping when I downloaded it again I would have them there but nope.... I still had the pro which was restored... and now guess what!!! It’s back to the same problem again and it’s not recording the sound...nothing has changed all the updates are current this app is inconsistent and that’s why I am not recommending it to anyone!!!! If you rely on it to work forget about it don’t waste your money!!! This will only bring you frustration and during quarantine that is the last thing you want
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3 days ago, speak nowww
When I was recording, I’ve used this app for like a year now, but today is different. I deleted the app to go to another app then I came back to this app because the other app wasn’t working so I record videos on this one and my microphone was on, and I was on the phone with my friend. We were recording a video and then it got no sound, and only recorded the sound from the background. I was playing Roblox at any Roblox game ever only record the sound of the Roblox game even though I would say I put no sound on the Roblox game like a little like Settings thing whatever and then you can put no sound in it. It still was like only hearing the sound it wasn’t like only it wouldn’t hear us talking so we try to do speaking louder and it still didn’t work. We even try different things. It still wouldn’t work. Lucky I could’ve rated this a one star but I couldn’t even though. And also I wish that person who made this game made an update so that you can call your friends and the sound would like hear you’re still in your friends so then you can make a good video. BYE 🌸🥥
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2 years ago, KittyPrincess1207
Best Screen Recording App! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
I, personally, have not had much experience with any screen recorder apps. There was this one thought that would not save your video. No matter how hard you tried it would not save. 🤷‍♀️Record It has proven that it is far beyond as glitchy of an app as that. You can change the ⏭ speed of the video, the 🔈volume, the 🔄 rotation, and you can cut the video. And that’s not all; if you are trying to record a good video here the sound is not on time, go to the Home Screen and click the top button. It has different qualities for the 🔈sound for free (but unlocks two others if you buy premium). Not only that, but do you know when an app leaves a GINORMOUS watermark on the corner? Well, Record It doesn’t even leave a watermark! How cool is that?😎 I will just say it right now: You CAN and SHOULD download this app NOW! And great job to the creators of this app!
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6 months ago, RayKxyzzy
Outstanding - based on my 50+ years in the likes of IT, vid, edu…
Get this baby right now. - Point, click icon in the menu bar to start screen recording (has built in delay allowing switch to screen activity to be recorded, with or without local mic) - Start screen activity like a vid (for instance) - At the end: point click on that icon to stop - Finally, rename if you so desire - DONE! Safely stored in your library. Yes, I’ve other fab tools like Snagit and some very expensive pro tools too. All things considered, THIS baby is the ticket for most everyone. Even persnickety, old pros like me! Oh yes! Customizable ‘personalized ads’ on/off (control of tracking, well at least the pedestrian kind.) AND, in the free version, ads done amazingly well! Unobtrusive, slowly changing, one-line ads - in a separate area at the very bottom of the operative screens of the app. ‘Bloody amazing’, as our British compatriots say.
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1 year ago, TwztdHtchtGrl
Just switched to this App
I have been using a screen recording app for just over a year. It wasn’t this one, I’ve been using this one since yesterday. I’ll tell you what I live about this one: - one time fee - ability to save directly to camera roll - easy to find settings to clear the cache. I was unable to clear the cache on my old app. I’m sure there was probably a way to do it, but I couldn’t figure it out. I also couldn’t free up more than like 2 GB of space on my phone no matter what I deleted, until I deleted the app. Not only has this app saved me $45 for the first year of use because it doesn’t run off subscription use, it saved me 100 GB of storage space and the last app didn’t have the option to save directly to my camera roll, so it has saved a lot of time for me (already)! I just wanted to share a comparative review for anyone who isn’t really sure what to look for when selecting a screen recorder. I wasn’t when I first selected one, so I didn’t “shop around”. I assumed all of the options were subscription based and I assumed the space would free up when I deleted the recordings themselves, which wasn’t the case on my old app. So far this app has proven to be a good choice.
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3 years ago, IHaveTooFallenInLegoCity
Audio is behind
I’ve used this app for a while now and it has always worked fine with no issues. Many great features such as trimming the video and cropping it. However as of recent attempts to record, the audio is always a second or two behind the visuals. This ruins the video of course. There is another thing that isn’t exactly how I would imagine it should be. However it causes no problems, and can ignored. When I finish a recording, there is always more than one saved. Once I go to “my recordings” to look for what recording I would like to save to my device, it always saves an extra 3 to 5 times. This can be ignored by just deleted the extras. The final issue I have with this app, again not a big deal, but sometimes when you go to “my recordings” and look for your recordings, the image that would show what the video is appears all white. You can still click on the video to see what it is, so it can be ignored, but it does annoy me sometimes.
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2 years ago, Ryno for Rights
Screen and audio records…until you call someone
I’m not trying to break the law. I know you need to let people know you’re recording them on the phone, the same way when you call a business , they have an automated disclaimer that states, “This call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.” (per the wire-tap law originally established in California) But I believe that if a company truly violates someone’s rights, or breaches their own contract, they will remove things from what they record. I want an app that allows me to record the true, full, unaltered video and/or phone call conversation for pure transparency and to protect myself and my rights. A company can do it if they let you know, so an individual person can do it if they let you know. Laws are put in place to protect PEOPLE’S rights. Companies don’t have rights. Please fix this app and don’t give me any nonsense about it not being legal, because I’ve already explained why that is Grade-A, USDA approved, male bovine fecal matter!
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1 week ago, Idk what to put here. :/
Has its pros and cons but it’s bad for the most part.
Where do I even begin, Well, I’ll start with the pros. The app is alright for the most part, I use it to pre-record my music so I can listen to it without wifi and to record memes and video game footage! And I also use the editing thing in it for slowing down and speeding up music! And I really that! The audio is a little bit off sometimes but it’s alright. What bothers me ALOT is that.. YOU CANT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING THATS OVER TEN MINUTES NOW? THEY MAKE YOU PAY MONEY FOR IT. that’s just mind boggling to me, putting basic features behind a freaking paywall. It really pisses me off, I’ve been using this app for a long time, and I remember when you only couldn’t download stuff over 30 minutes without paying, I didn’t record anything too long at the time so it didn’t bother me as much. But TEN MINUTES. that’s just crazy, also it takes so long for the video to process, I was cutting off a few seconds of a video because it wouldn’t let me download anything over ten minutes. And it took freaking FOREVER to cut off just a few seconds. Im so sorry if I sound really aggresive in this btw, but it just really pisses me off that they put basic stuff behind a paywall. It’s basically just company’s being greedy, as usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if more people felt the same way that I do, The amount of people that use your app is just probably going to spiral downwards from here if this is the path your taking. You need to do better.
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6 years ago, lemonsour11
It’s mostly good....
I really like this app, especially because it is flexible in the sense that if you can pick where you want to save the video to(the camera roll or the app), and you can choose if you want the microphone on or off. But for me, this app had a few catches. First of all, this may or may not happen to you, but I have an iPad mini 2, and when ever I record a game the has a landscape background, the app records it as portrait background and you have to tilt your head sideways to actually look at the screen. Talk about annoying! Also, it says you can add commentary to your video, but it never explains how to do it?! I suggest that the makers fix both of these because that would just make this app perfect, in my opinion. I was contemplating on whether I should give this game 3 or 4 stars. I went with 4 because it was the best screen recording app I found in the App Store, and overall they did a good job. P.S. sorry for the long review :)
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5 months ago, Axtive
Very Limiting Fee
So basically and obviously, I use this app to record gameplay for videos. I’m not a YouTuber, but I do make videos in Gacha Club. I know, I’m cringe, but here’s the thing. I’ve recently found out how to make a face cam thing with my editing software, so as you’d imagine, I’d use it to my FULL advantage. I played bad mobile games, make a reaction in Gacha Club, and edit it together to make the video. The problem is this app apparently doesn’t allow you to export videos to Camera Roll if they’re over 10 minutes. This is TERRIBLE for the one thing I use this app for. Of course, I use VLLO to edit my videos, and I CAN cut and speed up parts of my videos, but I have to export them to camera roll and access them with VLLO to actually do that. And I can’t cut or speed up specific segments of the videos in Record It. This might be good for other people, but not for me, which effects my rating. TL:DR: Record It requires you to pay a fee to export videos over 10 minutes long to other apps.
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3 years ago, rpm 1989
11 out of 10 stars
I use a lot of apps and as I try to work on my own I realize how hard simplicity and intuitive design and function are. This app is absolutely flawless if you are trying to record your device. I had tried others that were horrible and given up until I got this. No need to explain how because you feel like you already knew it. Not only did I complete my project but I was able to do other things I’d put off because I didn’t have this app, but I also thought of a million new ways I could use this. If for nothing else, it has a convenient tab that you can choose your photo album to be the automatic folder your typical videos go to. It quick and simple, easy for anyone to use.
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2 years ago, {~Coco~}
Not bad but I am giving it 3 star because….
Hey! I like to make reviews on games but I dunno why but hare is my reasons why I rated it a 3 so when I was editing my video and then the sound wasn’t right so I thought it was just a little bug in the app so I closed out my tap {I am on iPad btw!} and then reloaded it and I saved my changes and then when I went back to the video and then none of my changes was saved and I was kinda mad because I spent hours working on the video and sometimes it just randomly kicks me out of the app but this app does has plus sides! But what I also wanted to point out one of my videos got randomly deleted but hare is some plus sides the app is pretty smooth and at least you can edit it { it’s not that much choices} but I do not recommend you getting this app but I am just going to give it a chance again. Thanks for reading this it’s pretty long lol
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1 year ago, TennesseeJenn
It’s functional. But there are better!
First off. The loading speed is soooo sssslllloooooowwwww. And don’t expect to capture any impromptu action with this app. The app takes forever. Then it shows the main screen for what seems an eternity. This same screen you can’t close or minimize out of until the timer counts down. Even then it isn’t very responsive. Recording wise - it serves its purpose. When saving videos it saves them. It unless your paying attention it doesn’t tell you that they are saved inside the app. NOT inside your photos app. Nor does this app back up in your daily backups. So don’t plan on keeping the videos unless you can and have the time to go one by one and share the files over to your picture folder. Then you have to watch an ad. Which is ok. No complaints there. But it does it’s job. There are better apps out there.
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2 months ago, Rachbethsaurer
Does exactly what I need it to
This app is exactly what you need. It’s basic, bare bones, but simply the best when it comes to screen recording. Do you realize how long I spent looking for an app that does JUST THAT? Believe it or not there are so many apps that attach bells and whistles to it and overly complicate things but this app is exactly perfect. Not many adds at all, easy to use, and best of all you can record without your own voice being in it and with your regular volume off. You can of course record your voice if you want to, and I haven’t tried that feature yet because how I use this app I need something that doesn’t record any outside noise. But yes, this is what you need. This is what you’ve been looking for. *chef’s kiss*
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4 years ago, Flashedbowl42
Ehh.... a few big issues and ideas.
Now I understand this app is a free screen recorder on mobile, but when I record my gameplay footage, it seems very laggy and all over the place, looking like a solid 8 FPS. This issues was even encountered with maximum FPS and bitrate. I don’t know if this is just an issue with me or if it’s common but please fix this. Other than that and a few other minor issues the app is mostly good. I love the features you can add to your video once it’s complete with its own built in video editing software, but maybe you could add an option for text to be added in? This is an idea because it’s found in most other video editing software and can be very useful in the editing process. I don’t want to be a downer, but I really think this app has potential, don't get me wrong. Heck, it’s one of the best ones out there for mobile in my opinion, but it really could use some changes.
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3 months ago, JmIsaCool
Great app
This is a great app, I’ve been using it since last year but the best thing is you don’t even need the app downloaded. Once you do download it go to settings, then search Control Center and click the plus sign on the recording app. Then you can delete the recording app and once you go to the control center (I don’t know how to explain what it is so just search it up) you can click the recording icon she record’s your screen. But if you want it to record your voice, it’s best you have the app. It does record screen audio just not call and your voice. With the app there’s ads but without there’s none. It saves to your camera roll automatically without the app.
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5 years ago, The App Has Some Problems
Good and Easy, But there’s a problem
This worked perfect for my Roblox!! But when I wanted to record I always end it and.... It wasn’t recording?? Why does it do that?? It’s like it never has a unlimited time. It just stops when you record for like 5 min. Recording it in Roblox for over 5 minutes I am so scared it will end for all the hard work I put in it!! The Good stuff I should say is your editing is good and high tech. But also, whenever I select “done” when I edit the saving takes FOREVER!!! And I don’t have the time for that. It’s fast, and smart, but that app needs to fix some things. I don’t know if It happens to Any other people but, I hope it’s not just me. I have no clue what’s been going on, but it’s been like that for almost a year. Just my biggest problem is if I record for a bit over 5 minutes it stops recording without telling you. It’s like, a surprise!!!
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3 years ago, Swordfang2868
Broken, and lacking the options I need
I wish my entire English project didn't depend on this app because it failed me. It can't record audio outside my phone even though I turn mic on, it lacks the ability to crop out the mundane part in the MIDDLE of the video and it cannot even effectively shorten the beginning and end without cutting out parts I need or only cutting a few seconds off. It also lacks sufficient storage space on it of itself as I found out when I redid the recording and fixed through my photos app and when I finished it was deleted and not even saved anywhere. I am very annoyed at the workings of this app and I don't understand why it has to be such a complicated process to simply record my skit on minecraft for English! All of the problems I had were because of what this app lacks. In the future I at the very least recommend a way to crop out parts in the middle of the video.
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9 months ago, THE HALAL MUSLIM GUY
The hidden fee problem
So I am trying to be a good content creator but not gonna go full time as I am trying to promote my friends channel with this one simple video and cause he made it 37 minutes and it’s kind of outrageous ( Sorry for acting like a parent here but bare with me and I am kind of just adding on to the other review 👍 ) like I get it their trying to get money here I know but some people actually have money and credit cards to spend on good editing and recording apps but some people like us also known as “Minors” don’t have a credit card or the actual age to get a credit card and open up a bank account. It’s quite annoying how this app charges money because now I have to start it all over again and or trim it by a lot anyways if I didn’t have to pay this fee and it would be for hour videos this could have been one of my top recording apps.
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2 years ago, Abbey0414
I love this screen recorder!!
I have never used a screen recorder before. This screen recorder doesn’t leave a watermark. I upgraded to Pro for $4.99 to support the app and to remove the ads. There are only a few ads but I mainly wanted to support the app. It is a one time purchase unlike some apps that want you to pay every month, which is ridiculous. When you start “broadcasting” aka recording, swipe it up so you can see your screen and navigate from there. The instructions state to tap the screen to minimize it, but that didn’t work for me. No worries. I figured it out. The editing is super easy too!! This is definitely the app to have!! Thank you very much developers!!! 🥰❤️
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4 years ago, Queenof24Boogiereviws
This is a amazing app but..
I was looking for screen recording apps and I found this one. It totally rocks. But there’s some problems.. 1- It’s says: add face cam you can’t record the same time that you show your face cam which is kinda wired maybe y’all could do that instead of just adding it after. 2- can you please not add the red line when your recording? I mean could you lets us know a different way how it’s recording cuz I’ve been watching my videos and the red line kinda just ruins the video. 3- So Sometimes when I’m recording it says: Screen stop recording error:coco error. Like what does that mean I have no viruses on my iPad I have a lot of space like why should it stop? Like it should stop when I press the button to. Otherwise it’s a great app I would recommend this to beginners.
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8 months ago, G. Metzger
Love this tool
Hi I’ve been using this screen capture for work, school and self improvement. A lot of my work training comes through Zoom calls in the form of masterminds. Sometimes I am on the go during this time so if I screen capture the masterminds. This gives me a video log to refer back to any good ideas that were discussed during the master mine without having to rely on memory.. I’ll also watch my paid online classes and screen capture so I can really listen to it the first go around but since it is always really good information I have already screen captured it and can review it later with pencil and paper to take my notes then.
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2 years ago, Silveercat25
Simple and Good!
I make edits so I got this app to record. It is easy to use, and works well. It doesn’t cause any lag when you record something. I thought I’d give the editor on this app a try to see if it was better than my usual. I ended up liking it, except for one thing- the reason why I decided to give it four stars. It doesn’t have a crop tool, which would be VERY useful. Please consider adding a tool in the video editor to crop the edges, it would be helpful and I believe more people would use the editor and the app altogether. Also, it would be better if you could cut parts in the middle of the video, not only begging and end. I noticed others were not happy about that either. Other than those problems, it is amazing!
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1 year ago, all games no shame 15
Great but has a few issues
I love to make videos and this app dose an amazing job but when I finish editing when it gets to the last bit it stops and never moves I will wait for it and read. But 30 minutes later and it still is not moving eventually I gave up ( I don’t do that a often) I love this app but if they could fix that glitch and maybe make it so I can put text on some parts fo the video I would really really appreciate it other that that this app is amazing it gets all the sound it perfectly and I was worried that it wouldn’t hear my friend because she was on the phone with me but it got her voice in too! If you don’t need much to edit on your video u would highly recommend this app
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3 years ago, Artic Fox 1.5
I have mixed emotions about this app.
When I heard I could use this app for screen recording, I was so excited. After I downloaded it, I didn’t really use it. Now I use it frequently to record myself building on Minecraft or reacting to videos. It is very useful, but something as amazing as this has flaws. When I do a voiceover, I can’t save it. This means I can’t make more voiceovers because if I do I’ll lose the other ones. I hope that there is a save button, but I don’t know. Take this into mind before downloading this app. If you just want to record yourself doing something and speaking at the same time, this is the app for you. If you want to record something then do a voiceover, I wouldn’t recommend this for you. I hope you read if you may want to download this app.
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2 years ago, ziya 76
great <3
hi! so I recently got this app and it’s been pretty good so far. there’s just been two problems. first of all, sometimes it won’t let me save a video to my camera roll. the other problem is that it always says my storage is full. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. other than that, this app is really good! you can edit your video and stuff. you can crop some parts, add sound, even your face cam! it’s great! i would recommend getting this app, it’s just those two things. and creators, please take those things into hand. I’ve looked through some of the reviews and some of them say stuff about storage too. thanks for creating this app! it’s very useful! just please work on those things! thanks C:
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4 years ago, Mooie the Artist
It’s good!!!
This app is really great! It records my screen, as promised, so I’m pretty satisfied. It does have an issue where it kicks me out of the app if I select something, but it doesn’t happen often and it’s not the worst, it’s just kinda annoying. It also sometimes won’t record until I back out of the record option and try again, but like I said, not a huge deal. I would really think it would be cool it you could pause the recording and resume, so that for example, if I need to go eat lunch or just need a break, I could pause the recording. Or if you could trim parts of the middle, because I don’t have access to very good editing software at the moment. Overall this app is pretty good!
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2 years ago, Starlun3
It isnt working for me anymore. A little help pls?
I downloaded this app and it was amazing. I got to record stuff or if I needed a audio and play it in a video but the song isn't there, I could save it and add music there. But after a while of using this app, it wouldn’t record when i pressed the red circle/button. I kept trying to record many time but it did not work. So I deleted the app and got the app again. I pressed record and i was expecting for it to work but it didn’t. I waited till the next day (Which was on Sunday) and I tried recording thinking it would work again but it wouldn’t record anything. If you could help me, please do!
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2 years ago, H. L or boolilet
If you have downtime or i don’t know what this thing is. But I’ve been getting lately this notification when I press, “ start broadcast “ it always says, “ Not avaLabile when Apple car play, and screen mirroring is on. “ I’m not liking this AT ALL! It used to be super easy and fun to use before but when I downloaded it again it’s been driving me crazy! All my friends use it and it works but I’m just here getting this random weird thing when I press start broadcast! It’s just been crazy! I try every single day and now it’s been a week! It’s just super weird and terrible and I would love to screen record stuff because I love to edit roblox stuff and I would enjoy if my screen recoding would work!
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3 years ago, Smokey_River5
So interesting...
There is a lot to say about this app, so I’m gonna put half of it here. This app is a great app if your doing a tutorial on how to animate,react, draw, and lots more. But there is a few things that I would recommend and post about :/. You see, I’ve been using this app a lot lately and it has been lagging a lot. I don’t know if it’s my internet or the app it self. Here’s another thing. If your going to react to something, I would recommend doing about a 40 minute reaction or below because if you do a very long reaction the app can’t contain your video. And I have a lot more to talk about the bad side of it, but let’s talk about the good stuff! One night I was making a video of my making an object. The app did have all that I need3d to edit it! I am very glad the that this app had the text, volume, cutting, and more! Thank you for reading this and thank you for your time
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2 years ago, @TiffanyBlos1
Good and recommend!
This app is very good it’s not like the others I like it because even though it puts ads it doesn’t put ads like every two seconds and when you open the app it shows you your previous recording so you can see if it was good or not but recently I’ve been having some problems whenever I try to save A video to my camera roll it says that there is problems I have tried closing the app and re-opening it but none of the times work and while I was recording the video it stopped recording and it gave me a message I don’t know why or what’s happening but other than that this is a really good app!
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5 years ago, KoolKat7147
Great app
Was initially looking for a video recorder app but this app is just much better. With this you can not only record what’s on your screen but much more. For example once you have your video or whatever is it on your screen recorded. You then have the option of making multiple editing options to said recorded screen video. You can trim it, change the layout and size, and either leave it saved to the app. Or save it to multiple other locations like the cloud, google drive, camera roll etc. etc. Will definitely be buying the pro version soon. And I would highly recommend this app. Thank you and that’s why this app deserves 5 full stars.
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2 years ago, Poet PeterE
Great way to capture before it goes POOF
I use this application to capture the moments that are on screen but I know based on past performances of other liked screen views have a habit of going away a few days later. So; before they go into data bit overwriting, having their on’s turned into off’s from the source server presenting the original video, I “Record it” for my own viewing for then and thereafter. PS. This way I can will my 64 gig thumb drives to my grandchildren so they can see someday the things I saw and say. “Wow, Pepere was right about twisted truths. I highly recommend this easy to use product. It does take a little skill, but it is worth the effort for locking in the truths you see on with your own optical nerves.
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2 years ago, TypeEnterRead
It’s okay.
This app is okay. You can only record up to 30 minutes, if you do more than that, you can’t save the video or do anything with it except for edit it. When you edit the video and you’re ready to save it, it takes so long to save. I waited hours for it to save my video and it never did so I had to quit. I think it should tell the person when it is 5 minutes before the 30 minute timer. If you buy some premium thing, you’re able to have a video more than just 30 minutes. Other than that, this game is amazing! It’s much more easier to use than other ones in my opinion.
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5 years ago, Nate the Great YT
Audio cuts
This app is great! It records all my needs. But this is the most annoying part... AUDIO CUTS!!! I can’t explain how many video I re record because of audio cuts. I mainly use this for GD on mobile, but half the time the audio stops and lags the whole vid. This is very annoying because sometimes, after weeks of practicing, I finally finish but I look at the video and at like 80%, the song doesn’t play and I have restart for the quality of the video. And then it is still worse because it shows that I already completed the level and I’m just trying record it on film for views (ex: starts and diamonds don’t appear at end and coins with dotted line around them) and that’s not what I want people to think about me.
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3 years ago, KEZOI
Really Great!
I have been using this for a few years now with zero issues. The recording quality of the videos are always superb and never lag or drop in frames and the audio never gets out of sync. Also after installation of the accessibility option, you can just delete the app and the option will always be on your phone. The only thing that is just a little bit of a pain is the issue of repeated recordings. I have noticed that if I used the recording option excessively then it will not show as recording even though it’s recording. Besides that I have had no issues
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4 years ago, youtuber 63
Wow! This is an amazing app and I love it! You can Record videos and edit them that’s why I love this app because not many editing apps are free. I would have given this 5 stars but there is a bit I would change with the editing. I know that the app is good for its value but here are so change you guys should consider. For the editing have a feature were you can blur out words and faces! Next maybe have an option for people the write text, draw on the video, or even have stickers! Those and just some ideas but great app. The one I would recommend the most is the blur out things! PS, I don’t have the pro version so I apologize if some of these features are in the pro version. Thanks
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1 year ago, Rowlen S.
This is worth your time 👍
This is the BEST screen recorder that I’ve found. I mean the only thing I find annoying is the uploading time. And just to let you know, this is a SCREEN RECORDER. Stop making mad reviews saying how you can’t upload or there isn’t much of a choice in the editing tools. Use capcut or filmora to do that. Actually, this app is actually being nice. It’s not like those other screen recorder apps where you have to pay for more editing choices. If you want more editing choice you could upload it to your device and use an editing app to edit it. Definitely worth the download.
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5 years ago, LOVE IT 😍😍😍!
Can’t Use Footage
I make speed-art videos, and I since I would be drawing on my iPad (I usually use a drawing tablet) for a long flight, I downloaded this app. It worked well and I had no issues until I came to export the video. You see, I’d usually record my artwork and then speed it up in the editing process, like normal. Unfortunately, a pop-up appeared and said I had pay for Pro as videos over ten minutes couldn’t be exported, or else my video would be stuck in the app. I obviously didn’t want to pay for an app I was only going to use once, so I abandoned ship. Overall, I’m disappointed since the app gave no prior mention to a “Pro” feature nor a warning about 10 minute videos. I only rate this 2 star because under 10 minute videos would do fine on this app. In the words of every parent, I’m not mad, just disappointed.
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5 years ago, Padupple
Easy to use. Simply works!
Tried the free version and was so pleased I upgraded to Pro. There is a learning curve with all apps but this one is not steep. The app records all sound except when prohibited by the source. I’ve been able to record clips of steaming videos in many sites. Great way to capture sounds and video for permitted uses. The editing is intuitive and easy. Processing and export is very fast on my iPhone10. Pair this with iMovie and you can easily enhance your home movies. Record It! opens up all sorts of creative possibilities. The upgrade price is refreshingly reasonable and you aren’t stuck with a subscription! Kudos to DigiSet Apps for packing this much power into a well-priced app.
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4 years ago, StylePlay
This app is really good
I was looking for a screen recording app, and I came across this one, and when I was recording this app was worked really worked. It’s saves all your recordings, you can edit your recordings, and you can adjust the audio of the game you recorded, it’s pretty dope. Yes it has facecam for reaction purposes, and if we could have a facecam while recording then I would give this app five stars, but it’s only after you finish a video. There is also the option to upgrade to pro and the pro is really good, it gives you a 1080 (HD) resolution, and up to 12 Bitrates, and you could see the difference between an older video without bro and with it. I recommend if your looking for a screen recording app, this is it.
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12 months ago, 🐰🐇🌮🫔
Best screen recording app
I have some other recording apps and none of them compare to this. It is free and no ads when you go on the app. They allow you to crop and shorten your videos. You can upload them to your photos or share it to someone. However it is not free if you want to upload a long video, it will still be saved in your videos on the app, but you can NOT upload a very long video without purchasing. I recommend this app to anyone who wants a simple screen recording app. It works very well and I am satisfied with what is does. And a big thanks to the creators!
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3 years ago, buttface the 2nd
I really liked this app at first because if records for a really long time but when you try to share or save you can only do it with a 30 minute video. I decided to cut down one of my recordings and when I went to save it in my camera roll it loaded almost completely then stopped working and my internet is working really well but I still decided to try it again and after multiple times using multiple different WiFi’s it still didn’t work not even on any of my other devices. Sorry for this long explanation but it over all isn’t worth it unless you don’t care about uploading or saving it to anything and it also takes up a tooooooooooonnnnnn of storage in your phone😶😶😶😶 now after I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it, it seemed to work fine but then my recordings would fail no matter how long or short they were.🥲🥲🥲🥲🙃🙃😒😩😠😡
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3 years ago, Brey Brey Cray Cray
This app is really fun, but I would like if face cam was not so quiet, I would also like if you could do face cam while you are doing your actual video, I would also really really like if it took les time to process the video that you made and, if it could have a little dot on the side so you could pause because I have anxiety and I get really really mad for no reason sometimes and I also would like if you could have a little more filters, I would also like if you could edit these videos more so is you get a notification and it’s privet to edit that out thank you Thank you, for taking your time to read this horrible crap thanks if you could do this. Have a nice New Year! 🖤🦋❤️🦋🖤
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