Regrid Property App

4.8 (6.4K)
48.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
LOVELAND Technologies
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Regrid Property App

4.79 out of 5
6.4K Ratings
7 months ago, Radio Versions
Simply the best
This is the best parcel app I've encountered so far. Their data is very comprehensive, and they provide all owners when there are multiple owners within a parcel, data which I need for my project and not all parcel apps present. The feature that allows you to download data by drawing a boundary is absolutely wonderful, as it saves a bunch of time vs. having to manually pin each parcel I need to download. Also, I reached out to their support team with an inquiry and they provided excellent customer service. It's clear that they are real people, not automated bots. Highly recommended!
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5 months ago, meseke
Saved much time and aggravation
I’ve been using Regrid about a year now, photographing vacant land and other real estate. The app makes my job so much easier as I can clearly see property boundaries and my real-time position within those boundaries. Example - I had to shoot three odd-shaped, unmarked parcels within a 95-acre ranch. Regrid made it clear where I was with respect to the property lines as I walked throughout the ranch. I’ve occasionally helped real estate agents and property owners determine property lines as well. Regrid is one of my two go-to apps before heading out to large open properties and the primary app when I am on-site. Only rarely have the lot lines appeared to be obviously wrong and these were in remote, small towns. Two thumbs-up for usefulness, accuracy, and reliability.
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6 months ago, duthsh
Not helpful for finding property pins
I was hoping this app could help me locate my property corner pins. It located my parcel and showed us basically what information we already knew from our county GIS, but when I went out with my phone to try to pinpoint the corner pins the location indicator would drift around quite widely. It was nowhere near precise and accurate enough to be helpful in finding the property pins. In a given spot, sometimes I’d appear to be 5 ft on to my property and other times I’d appear to be 10 ft on my neighbors property. To be fair, other similar apps I tried performed essentially the same. No better, no worse, but equally unhelpful in pinpointing precisely where my property lines run and actually finding the physical pins in the real world.
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3 years ago, SouthernBornRebel
Terrible changes to app
I used this app for a year or so but I just got an update that basically makes it useless unless you give them $99 per year to use public information. It’s now just a ripoff and useless. Don’t waste your time unless you like paying someone for what is public information that is free on the internet. I just got a message that told me I have to log in with an email and all is well. I guess when you update it forgets that you were logged in already. Could be better in their update but I’ll give them an just ok for now
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4 years ago, DiLonardo1
Everything You Need - Parcel Level
I’m a Landgrid user who really values the hyper-local data I can collect using the app. It is easy to use, the functionality on the app and the website are handy when I’m out in the field, and they keep adding new features. I highly recommend the app for anyone interested in using data at the parcel level to drive change or better understand local markets.
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2 months ago, Ctk66125
Great app.. but…
I love the app. If you are trying to discover the area around you or you are home buying, it’s great! The “but”; however, is that I’m not paying a subscription for the services you’re offering. I could see a one time payment but even then I wouldn’t pay THAT much. Measurement on maps like this can be done on Google or Apple Maps for free. In other words, I like the convenience of the app and wouldn’t mind paying for it. But, for $100 a year I’ll pass.
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1 year ago, fourwordsalluppercase
Great app but the parcel Follow button is obtrusive!
I love the app but please get rid of this giant Follow button that shows up in the iOS bottom sheet for parcel details. It also takes up unnecessary white space that could be showing more parcel details. Make it a heart and place it in the header by the parcel address aligned all the way to the right. Thank you 🙏
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3 years ago, jwe612
Love the concept, but...
The “free” version is apparently just a trial version that is limited to 10 parcel views. That is not enough information to determine whether or not it is worth purchasing the pro version, and it is a deceptive practice to advertise a free version when that is not really what is being offered. Meanwhile, the app indicates that “we refresh our data at least annually,” but my area of the country hasn’t been updated since 2016. All-in-all, downloading/installing this app has been a disappointing experience.
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2 months ago, spreaditlikebudder
Love looking for public properties!
I give this app a big 100!!! Not only is it free 100% get to look for places also the owner I wish it gave free savings and also saving and can also save drawings on that area as well but I wish it was free only like 10 saves a month that would be awesome for my hobby this is 1000% the best app to use.
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1 month ago, clairemesummers
Revolutionized my life
Not only were we having difficulty locating our property line, this app showed me which land around me was state owned, and now I can wander the woods! I can also find out so much other important information, please download this app you’ll be bragging for weeks and have all the top info
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8 months ago, BurtonHero158
App used daily in the utility industry
I work in the utility industry where I come across properties with no building / parcel address number posted. This simple to use app takes out the question if I am at the right property or not. It also allows me to get a rough idea of the property boundaries for doing 811 utility locating. Recommend this app to all my peers!
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11 months ago, IT in NV
Researching properties is much easier with Regrid!
I’m using Regrid to research properties for purchase and have found the features built into it have met my needs. The functionality updates make sense and work consistently well. Fabulous tool for the novice to the expert. The details included help reduce issues with the local assessor’s office
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6 months ago, war bux
Perfect for my line of work
i was thinking about an app like this for my job where i use google earth + maps and apple maps daily, and this offers everything all those apps offered PLUS more, i instantly got a subscription i recommended it to all my coworkers
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3 years ago, bruhmydogatemyfinger
Great! Some additions please!
Over all this is a great app to check land ownership and property boundaries! However it would be great if towns and cities were marked so it could be easier to find places. That’s pretty much the only major thing. Great app especially since it’s free. Thankyou for making this.
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2 years ago, Matchewz682932
GREAT app, but when does it update?
App is great, easy to use. I always look at Zillow to see when that last time the house was sold to see how accurate Regrid is. If the house hasn’t been sold in a while, Regrid is always accurate
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2 years ago, Bov1954
What a great app.
Although I only use the free version, It does every thing I require it to do. It’s so informative and helpful I may have to try the $$ version. If I we’re in the real a state business, it would be a must have. Two thumbs up 🤙🤙
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11 months ago, Larch Hill
Incredibly Useful
Having this app on my smart phone is a terrific resource. I am an architect and a member of my small, rural town’s planning board, and when I am out in the field, I have, at my fingertips, very handy and reliable information.
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12 months ago, BrookieH
Amazing App
I use this app all the time as a land developer. I’m all the time cruisin around, looking for gems to buy…and all the info is right at my fingertips. Never a problem! Super cool…a MUST HAVE for real estate agents, developers, and those that love to snoop around on their neighbors.
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9 months ago, Lagooncreature
Cool reference for my real estate job
I am a real estate agent is California and using Regrid for quick look ups of properties I am coming across. Easy to use, often interesting information popes up when it is nowhere else. Thank you Daniel Filatov.
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5 months ago, freetheletgotree
Great app from great people
Wonderful app, made by a company that personifies quality and integrity in everything they do. Not only can I get my parcel data needs met, I know that it’s being provided ethically, responsibly, joyfully. 💚 Loveland, you rock!
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1 year ago, De Saird
Please reverse the last update!
I was really enjoying this app, but then I updated it. Now, all of the features on the map are huge and get in the way of viewing the map itself. It was fine the way it was, and I sincerely regret updating it. Is there any way to give users an option to revert to the display of the app before this most recent update?
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4 weeks ago, PabloSkils
Great for buying a block of land
I’m using it to help in my search for land to build and live on. It’s great for identifying lot lines from and APN, identifying owners, where I am on the property in relation to the bounday lines, and for basic property information.
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7 months ago, Mark15268
Offset property lines
I don’t know where they get the property line overlays but they’re off by 40 feet to the right. It may be a local thing for me, Northern California, El Dorado county, as all apps and maps seem to have this issue. Perhaps they can look into it and suggest getting it corrected.
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1 year ago,
Great app that’s a huge time saver!
I have been able to save so much time and money using this app on my phone! It’s made the due diligence process for me so much easier, highly recommend.
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6 months ago, Camerooooooooooooooooooooon
Great app
Been using it for 2 years deer hunting and haven’t looked back, it has been great for me and even helped when my dad lost his phone. I would highly recommend
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2 years ago, Ytr&&
Very handy
The gps is quite accurate. The information is mostly up to date. I think in densely populated areas, the touch screen for townhouses are glitchy.
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1 year ago, Watsong60
Very handy for boundary work in the field. The office doesn’t always have time to send us a kmz so I just open this app and it helps me get going for my search!
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6 months ago, Bob from Halsey
Perfect for house hunting!
We are a large family and knowing the most you can find out about a property BEFORE you take the time and effort to contact a real estate agent is a huge gain.
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11 months ago, NLA365
Very useful app
I’m constantly wondering who owns pieces of property. I don’t need all the particulars, so this helps me a lot. I’m sure the paid version would help a Landman a lot. Thank you for the free version.
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4 years ago, Chlzinwgatdogenajxydje
Nothing happens when searching for address.
This app worked well at first, but quickly after downloading it for some reason the search stops working. I’ll type in an address and try to search for it, it will come up but when clicked on the map does nothing, won’t bring me to the address I’m looking for. I have to manually zoom in & look for the parcels I need information for. It’s pretty useless.
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1 year ago, Tommy5959
Took Months of My Job
I do site acquisition for the telecommunications industry. The most arduous part is finding and gathering the information for a county level that Regrid put at my fingertips. Game Changer App
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2 years ago, Care4tykes
Wish it would update more often. Our home as of a year is still listed as previous owner.
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2 years ago, gs - private consultant
property ownership is not kept up-to-date.
Overall, a good app. The major drawback is - property ownership is not kept up-to-date. Bought my property almost a year ago, and your app still shows previous owners. I can get more accuracy out of my county assessment maps, which are free.
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1 year ago, Davewrench
Best App i have found in the tool/utility category EVER!!!!
This is bye far the best free app for finding property boundaries and its accurate. Im so happy with it and i feel like its been worth it to me I'm purchasing the pro version a.s.a.p!!! Thank you LOVELAND TECHNOLOGIES….
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4 months ago, Jdnfbrhjssbsbajzzjckfdk
Download if you own a real estate company
I own a real estate company and has helped with the acquisition of several properties. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, RJM52
Private Investigator
This is a “must-have” tool for real-estate, investigating, and determining areas of conflict to avoid trespassing onto another’s property - I use it extensively for a variety of purposes ranging from Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Intelligence gathering!!
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6 months ago, dncjsmam
Well worth it!
This is exactly what I was looking for as we develop our new property. Such a good tool!! Data is already updated to show us as owners. I’m impressed!
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1 year ago, shwinx
Tons of info for free
Free features have come in handy on many occasions. This app is great to have, even if you’re not using it for work.
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3 years ago, Apple_GamingREAL
Great app, works great! Only thing it hasn’t been updated for my area fully, there’s been new sites in my area and it seems it hasn’t been updated. Works great for older properties from before 2020.
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2 years ago, Ksunshine123456789p
Need more items on app that we can go straight to instead of calling in
Over grown grass needs to be put on app.
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4 months ago, sirdavidthedragonslayer
Super app; map is outdated
The app is great. I use it for work as a land surveyor. Aerial map is several years old and needs to be updated. Still earns 5 stars. Indispensable.
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1 year ago, James Michael Brown
Needs an update
App is grate it really helps to calculate how big a piece of land is I just have one complaint I have lived in my house a year and it still says the previous owner lived in it, please fix.
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1 year ago, OGmonkeyfeet
Big help
I am currently a property investor. It’s much easier using this ap to find property lines and property owners rather than going to the county accessors office. 5 stars
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6 months ago, Caffery Photo
Super duper app
This may be the first review I’ve left for an app, but Regrid is worth the time and effort because it’s so easy to use. Thanks to the dev team!
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5 months ago, Hueycrew
Not Accurate
This app does not have up-to-date/current information. I thought it would update after the property taxes were paid but it’s still incorrect. Who and when updates the data?
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1 year ago, Malfoy97
Helpful for attorneys
This app is incredibly helpful for litigation because it identifies the owners and their addresses for service of process and ownership history.
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4 years ago, baba gannouj
It’s amazing that this is free.
If you’re looking for parcel data, this app is the best one out there, AND it’s free. Also probably the single best UI and functionality of anything currently on the App Store.
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1 month ago, JStrum001
One of the better ANY apps
Easy to use accurate and reliable
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6 months ago, ZABRBUTCH
Great app for property boundaries
Great app to visualize and understand property boundaries. I really appreciate the information includes owner information. Super easy to use!
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2 years ago, Timshoreboy42
I get all the use out of this app I appreciate all you have for me with this app very very useful thank you
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