Reimburse Me

1.6 (189)
5.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alight Solutions, LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reimburse Me

1.55 out of 5
189 Ratings
3 years ago, Laryssalw
I have used this App for a couple of years now and the 1st year it worked good. Don’t get me wrong I did have some poor experiences with it the first year but month after month it just keeps getting worse and worse. You need to log in on a weekly basis otherwise it locks you out and you have to use a desktop/laptop to get it corrected otherwise you won’t be able to log in and it’s frustrating. I use my iPhone for everything but when I’m not logging in weekly and need to log in to upload my documents I get locked out with an error message. So frustrating so if you can’t use it weekly don’t bother because you’ll spend more time on your computer then uploading the documents to get reimbursed. There has to be something better than this?!?
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2 years ago, bosslady3923
May be ok
Used this app 1st time today. I need to submit my 2021 receipts. I had 12 to do. When I saw the ratings for this app I started to just print my receipts and fax the info. I decided to give it a try because it has the potential to be very useful and convenient. Signed on with no problems. Easily figured out how to request reimbursement. Was on a roll putting in information and taking pictures of my documentation. Submit and move on to the next. I on #10 and I noticed I have messages. 8 of the 10 were flagged as needing documentation! I just spent 40 minutes submitting documentation. What happened? I eventually called customer service and she couldn’t explain it. She suggested that I fax the information. I decided I wait a few hours, maybe there is a processing lag. I checked 4 hours later and everything appears ok. Hopefully I will receive my reimbursements.
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1 year ago, Marc36401
In Dire Need of Update
I’ve been using this app for several years and it doesn’t seem to have improved at all although there are many negative reviews that could be used as constructive criticism. Developer must not be paying attention. Face or fingerprint recognition should be a part of any app of this type in 2023. If the app had face recognition, the ability to add remarks (not to solicit a response, but to provide explanation when needed) and the ability to make corrections to claims already submitted, I would rate it more highly.
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2 years ago, fed up with improvements
A different app?
I am rather shocked to see the negative reviews for this app. My former employer used to use this app, and it worked great. Easy to use, quick and effective. Then, they changed to “Ez Receipts” - what a nightmare! ReimburseMe was sooo much easier. Seeing all the bad reviews makes me wonder what happened, because I liked it so much compared to what I have to use now. It almost sounds like it was sabotaged. I still wish I was back on this app…
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2 months ago, Rikikrol
Used to work
We’ve been using this for years. Loved it. We even used it this year. All of a sudden it won’t accept my password. No o e at the HRa or benefits site can help. They don’t know what’s wrong and they said they would get back to me. They didn’t. Now I’m stuck.
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10 months ago, Jlv1969
Worst app ever
This has got to be one of the worst apps I have ever used in my life. It’s ok that I need to change my password every six months, but TELL ME MY PASSWORD EXPIRED and then LET ME CHANGE IT IN THE APP! Don’t simply say “There was a problem logging in, contact us for help” then you call the phone number and are on hold for 45 minutes waiting to talk to someone, just to find out your password has expired and needs to be changed. Unbelievable!
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3 years ago, Kevin.Murray
Needed to reset my alight password 2 use this
Now that I’m in - the app seems to lack any settings to access my phones mobile data in cellular apps - it does not show, nor are settings an option in app menu. This seems to show now only stale info from date app installed - outdated balance and no recent activity. Will try to find an app FAQ page to see if something else needs to be done to get this app to correctly work.
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2 years ago, AC6VV
No app support for problems
App seems responsive this year. Good! However, when making a resubmission I needed to correct the original data. There was a button offered to correct the submission. It just sent me back to the accounts page. Was I supposed to start over? I cannot find a proper way to get support for app problems, so you get this negative review instead.
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1 year ago, Tee Dog
Horrible experience
I have had this app for over a year and have never been able to use it every time I reset my password and logon. It says my password is incorrect. I’ve tried to do it three times this morning and every single time I can login on a computer with my new password I go to this app and it says my password is incorrect. completely useless
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3 years ago, 4v0r41
Haven’t been able to use it in nearly 2 years. Every time I try to login it gives me a message stating “Due to technical problems, the app isn’t available. Please return later.” I gave up on it long ago and just go through a website, but I do try once every now and then and get the same results. This app really needs to be pulled and fixed.
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11 months ago, youdontwantacrappyreview
Unable to use.
This mobile App has never worked on my iPhone or my husband’s. We’ve called, deleted and reinstalled and still nothing. Are you intentionally making it difficult to access our money? The desktop version works but is inconvenient for those of us that don’t have them.
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1 week ago, Panama Dad
App no longer works
App worked great for about three years, but in the past three months, when you go to submit your claim, it logs you out. No explanation as to why, I contacted the company I’m affiliated with and they see no problem on their end. Three months is far too long to be having your app down.
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3 years ago, newUser1234567890
NSURLErrorDomain error -1012
The app worked for two days, now I am unable to login. I tried uninstalling, reinstalling the app. No luck, I still get NSURLErrorDomain error -1012. This error happens when I just try to look up my company (after reinstall). There doesn’t seem to be any tech support to help with this issue - that’s why I’m posting it here.
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3 years ago, Jcaldwell911
Horrible App
The app won’t allow me to login and submit my receipts. I’ve been trying to submit my receipts on the mobile app for over 2 months now. Because the app is horrible I have to manually upload my receipts on my desktop computer. This is such an inconvenience. I hope my company changes providers because I will never use this app again!
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3 years ago, Wow7513
Clunky and impossible to follow. Cannot review documents submitted. Cannot uploadDigitally stored receipts. There is only an option to take a picture of a receipt reducing clarity leading to denied claims and a vicious cycle of rework.
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3 years ago, Nivrat46
This app has started to not be able to take a photo of the receipts! The only way I could attach a photo was to take a picture with the phones camera and then choose the picture from my photos. I have not used the app in a while but there were no updates in the App Store!
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1 year ago, VacayNow
Not In Service Anymore
Tried to log in today but kept receiving an error that my user ID and/or password was incorrect. Called Alight helpline, and they tried to help by suggesting I change my password. Called in a second time and was told that the app isn’t being used anymore.
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3 years ago, MsVickieBeth
Hate This App
This is one of the least user-friendly apps I’ve ever used. I’ve tried to use it for the last couple of years but it is virtually worthless. Can’t find even the most minimal info easily ( such as a mailing address for ( gasp!) paper claim forms or how to download & print a paper claim form.
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2 weeks ago, jdweiner15
Can’t submit anything
I finally got logged in after many errors. Now when trying to submit claim I get “Your session has been interrupted and cannot continue. You’ve been logged out.” Support had no fix either.
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3 years ago, Muse57
Not helpful
This app does not send monies to medical services directly. Instead it sends the monies to your account for you to makes the payment. This is not good because in the current economic climate it would be nice for them to make these payment utilizing the FSA/FSA account you have.
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3 years ago, cam555555
Log in issues
I am locked out every time I try to log in. I have to go on my computer and reset the password every time. There is no point in having an app if I have to go on my computer every time to reset the password.
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2 years ago, Coolyoshix3
Joke of an app
My company use this app but now it doesn’t even let me reset my password saying my password has expired but when it direct me to the website to reset the password the website itself is down…
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3 years ago, Vzwirelesswizard
Horrible App
By their own admission, the app is useless. You cannot upload documents via the app as they are all blurry. What the heck is the point then? I called them and they said anytime docs are uploaded via the app your claims will be denied. They asked me to FAX in. Are you kidding me? FAX!!!! It’s 2021! Not 1987.
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3 years ago, 2-Bombas
Technical Difficulties Error
Every time I try to login it tells me “Due to technical problems, the app isn’t available. Please try again later”. This has been happening for over a year. How do we fix this?
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12 months ago, Ti f1234
Well there goes my app
Been trying to log in for 5 days now!! Called the number in the app….I was the 61st person to call and is still waiting on a call back!! Keep getting error message Nsurlerrordomain error-1012
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4 months ago, Kirk172
Needs to be better
Very easy to use but there’s always a problem logging in. I am constantly having to go to the main website due to app problems.
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3 years ago, Ravenous1
Good enough
We only used it to submit and track expenses. It was pretty simple and easy.
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3 years ago, ShiGirl85
Plz fix this. I have been using this app for years but after the last update it’s not working ok my iPhone 11. Plz fix.
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3 years ago, 9962jps
Login and passwords can’t be accepted
I have the correct login credentials since they work perfectly fine on the ATT benefits site, yet this app won’t allow accept my login and password. Useless. Update: deleted and redos loaded the app and I can now log in. Let’s see how long this lasts.
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2 weeks ago, MikecheckMike
Zero stars
This is a non working app. Companies use this so they don’t have to pay out FSA money. You will spend more time trying to get this to work than actually using it. It’s the worst app I have ever used.
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2 weeks ago, Tayybunni
Never works
Every time one thing is fixed something else doesn’t work. Can’t submit a claim without being logged out and receiving errors
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4 months ago, Terri5113
I just updated my user ID and my password on my laptop but the app will not recognize them says they are incorrect. I have had this problem from day one with a light.
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1 year ago, Q23B
Not dependable app
When the phone app works it is quick and efficient. Difficulty is the app works intermittently and nice people at help desk cannot correct the issue. I am going back to the paper forms and US mail.
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2 years ago, HurriCrainer
I can’t even log in to the app. After changing my use name and password numerous times as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing works. Beg your companies to use a different app. I know I will.
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3 years ago, WatsonPNW
No Password Reset
Very annoying, no password reset via the app. Had to log into my work computer and go to Worklife/Total Access and reset my password there to get back into the app.
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5 months ago, Karndt1
I never can sign w app
The app worked fine for a little. It stopped working I opened a ticket, the IT support never followed up and the app still doesn’t work even after removing and reinstalling it.
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12 months ago, RunaEdwards
No longer works
I’ve had this app for 2 years and now all of a sudden it doesn’t work. There’s no update and no where to submit and issue
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2 weeks ago, Loom007
Update ruined my app
Now I can’t submit reimbursement without the app logging out and giving me an error. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing works now. Please fix!
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3 years ago, jayluv121289
App not working
For some reason app does not work i cannot log in to the app i keep getting and error message NSURLError Domain error -1012 which cannot be found anywhere. ERROR MESSAGE IN FULL: The operation could not be completed (NSURLError Domain error -1012)
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2 months ago, Tristar
Abandoned App
This app should be removed from the App Store as it has been abandoned by the developer. It is impossible to log in. The actual Alight website recently implemented 2FA and I suspect this app knows nothing about that.
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3 years ago, At234
App downgrades images and so they constantly deny claims
They’ve admitted as much to me after many calls and hours of hold times to speak to someone, but they refuse to do anything about it.
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3 years ago, ansh1410
Very flexible to use Some suggestions 1 ) show the submitted claims somewhere 2) while uploading documents j only saw photos options and my files were not accessible Rest worked very well for me
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2 weeks ago, only1_cha
Too many glitches
There’s more bugs than anything keep getting logged out when I’m trying to submit my claim.
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11 months ago, Sue 987654321
APP Working
Thanks for updating APP. Now can do reimbursements.
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3 years ago, Rockpilot66
Password reset process is horrible!
This app has the absolute worst password reset procedure of any app I’ve ever used. Also, if you want to use Apple Face ID, you have to install a second app!?
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2 years ago, desoto2957
App not working
The reimburseme app will no longer accept documents. I’ve used this app for a long time and never had problems Fix it
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6 months ago, Cameron Benz
Doesn’t Work
Instructions I received through my employer are complete and specific. Unfortunately this app refuses to honor the appropriate login information. Useless.
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1 year ago, Erynvorn 385
Impossible to use
Difficult to use, impossible to create payee, confusing interface.
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3 years ago, Nazgull24
Doesn’t Work
I have tried multiple times logging into my account and it doesn’t.
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3 weeks ago, 12Homan
Not good.
Been getting an error on this app for days. Called and no real response. Said they would send an email link. Never got it
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