Remote Desktop Mobile

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Microsoft Corporation
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4 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remote Desktop Mobile

3.96 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
8 months ago, jon646546
Taking WAAYYYY too long to support external monitor full screen
The developer betas for ipad OS 16 were released almost a year ago now! Meaning they’ve have a year to implement full screen support for stage manager external monitor. In a Remote Desktop app this is a necessary feature and I have a hard time understand what the excuse could be that this hasn’t been updated for this critical feature yet. UPDATE: I’m so confused. The latest updated as of 9.5.23 says “the update you’ve all been waiting for!” And lists as a feature “the ability to display on an external monitor”. WHAT? We were always able to display the session on an external monitor. The issue is compatibility with stage manager and being able to resize the window and utilize full screen via stage manager on external monitor. And it still doesn’t work. I have no idea what they are talking about! UPDATE: Devs have fixed external monitor support for iPads using Stage Manager. I can now utilize full screen RDP on external monitor with stage manager. In my opinion, took way too long, but better late than never. Well done on listening to user feedback. I have updated my rating accordingly.
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3 years ago, Brad1234567
Useful app but please help with keyboard issue and split screen!
Update, First of all, the Dev feedback so quickly is much appreciated. Even more so is that the issue has already been resolved before the major update coming in December! The RD app no longer takes over all keyboard inputs when using slide over, works just as it should. Thank you very much for the quick resolve to this that helps my workflow go more smoothly! -Brad I’ve got an IPad Pro with attached magic keyboard. I use this app to run a virtual PC for a program for work. With my RD app open, if I have slide over open to type down notes for example, the RD app takes control of the keyboard inputs after about 3 seconds. It used to do this only if I clicked the little keyboard symbol at the top of the RD app but now its each time. I’ve uninstalled and re configured my virtual pc’s but it remained. There have been 2 RD app updates since I’ve noticed it and it keeps occurring. This is very frustrating for some of the tasks I have to complete on this, almost requires me to buy a laptop to be able to actually multitask like I used to a month or so ago. Also, this is more of a wish but please try to configure the app to support true split screen and not just slide over! It would be very helpful if this app could resize the way other apps do but RD app will not resize, stays full screen and says its not supported. Thanks for the useful app!
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1 year ago, Igonzalez0718
Good RDP Client but not Great
This app works about 90% of the time and the two main issues that I have are due to the size of the RDP client window on an extra monitor and the option to reduce background login attempts. 1. The size of the RDP client window is great on the iPad and works well and is the full size of the iPad window. But once you connect the iPad to an extra monitor(Dell U2415 in my case) the RDP window will not fill up the entire monitor screen. There is a significant gap around the RDP window on the extra monitor. This is not a typical with apps on the extra monitor because there are three dots in the top center of the app that usually allows for the app to go full screen and then the app will fill up the entire window. This option is usually an option on most apps but is not an option on this app. This is a big deal when you are trying to use the extra monitor to work off of and have a monitor that is more than 1-2’ away from your eyes. Once this is fixed this app will be much more beneficial. 2. The option to reduce background login attempts is a necessary option because currently this app will attempt logins until either the computer is locked out or the security login software locks out. Both of which are a nuisance next time you attempt to login. Needs to determine options to resolve this issue to prevent nuisance login attempts and reduce false locks out of the remote computer.
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4 years ago, MoodyPWNz
Excellent RDP Client, But Not Perfect
This RDP client is excellent. Very smooth and intuitive! Performance and graphics is pretty great. I give it 4-stars because there are two issues that kind of bother me. Issue #1: Once connected to the session, you can’t hide the tool bar at the top. In older versions, you were able to hide it, and it would simply have a small-transparent pulldown to select the keyboard. Now, it cannot be hidden and instead can just slide left or right. If you have a browser open with multiple tabs, the toolbar is big enough to cover one of the tabs. Issue #2: If you’re connected to a session, and you switch apps on the iPhone, when you jump back to Remote Desktop, sometimes the display is messed up. The session will only show half of the screen, or the remote images will tear and essentially won’t refresh and stay partially stuck on the previous image. The only way to correct it is to disconnect from the session and reconnect.
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7 years ago, willwalexander
Surprisingly smooth and well thought out
Microsoft hasn’t been known in the past for smoothly interoperating with products from other software companies, but their Remote Desktop clients are an exception. Connections are smooth even over LTE and most of the Windows client features and options are available. There are two input methods: a simple tap-based method which works well for UWP apps, and a cursor-based method that more or less uses your phone screen as a trackpad. The input method can be switched with two taps, and the keyboard can be shown with one tap. The only thing I would like to see is a way to access certain keyboard keys that aren’t present on iOS, such as arrow keys. You can open the On-screen Keyboard in Windows, but a virtual keyboard being clicked by a virtual mouse being controlled by a touchscreen becomes pretty laborious to get anything done with.
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1 month ago, Loki00001
Problems with this version (fixed!)
I had an issue with this app and posted a review. The devs actually contacted me to let me know its a known issue and after the latest update it appears to be working fine now on my new iPad with keyboard. Thats way more support than I anticipated and puts this back at an easy 5 stars. Thanks for the quick update- it worked (at least for me). Below is the feedback that got a response (Old Review)This used to be my goto RDP app to access my windows machine but in this version it seems that the mouse “location” is actually about 3-5cm higher than the mouse pointer is showing when using a magic keyboard or apple pen. Very frustrating. Makes it almost impossible to accurately use and takes this from a constantly used app to something I may delete
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4 years ago, mrAssman
Still no 3D Touch. Taptic touch shouldn’t replace it on iPhone X and below. Developer response: I understand your reasoning but it’s still false to say force touch has been “replaced” on iPhone X, as it still works to use force touch to do all those things you mentioned, with press + hold as an alternative method. It is quicker and less error-prone for users to do a force touch to right-click rather than hold and wait, which is less intuitive and not as efficient. There’s also no haptic feedback so it just doesn’t feel right. Update 3: crashes fixed! But force touch removed?? I see a response that says iOS13 removed force touch but that is false.. it is still supported on iPhone X and right-click was much better with it. Update 2: still crashes twice upon opening.. Update: taking off a star because it crashes a lot now After years of waiting we got the update we were waiting for, and it’s a big one! The app is overall much improved and even supports dark mode. When connected, the display still does not fill the full display of iPhone X with no option to change that. It does use a larger portion of the screen than before though. Overall great update and looking forward to future improvements!
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4 years ago, Sean & Daddy
Used to work great, new keyboard ruined it
The new keyboard they added ruined this app - it’s buggy and unreliable. Often cropped and zoomed in which makes it not only useless, but you can’t dismiss it, so it blocks your screen. You can still manually open the Apple Keyboard, which works perfectly, but the new buggy keyboard opens automatically when you tap any text field and it’s infuriating. Also, while the Apple keyboard used to open automatically, now you have to manually open it, the screen scroll control stays on after you dismiss the Apple keyboard and the automatic screen adjustment when a keyboard comes up is buggy and sometimes leaves a huge black blank area at the top. This new two keyboard design is terrible, buggy, confusing, obnoxious and was not ready to be released. I wish there was a way to revert to the old version. I loved this app before, but now it actually makes it easier to actually just physically go to my PC instead.
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3 months ago, Abe Rad
Getting close
I’ve been using an iPad to remote into a windows desktop for years and I’ve seen this app (and others) mature to something that is getting very close to the desktop experience. Four stars for how far this has come. However, like most of the M.S. apps, they often take a very long time to adopt new features provided by OS updates, which is a bit of a shame. One missing feature that you find on desktop Remote Desktop Clents is Smart Card redirection. This is not available on Remote Desktop for iOS however, and is a deal breaker in some situations. You cannot log into a windows machine that requires smart cards even though CryptoTokenKit has existed since iPad OS 16.1 would love to see this added for managed machines that require this level of security.
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2 years ago, Fromhouston
Need to update
I like the simplicity of this Remote Desktop program from Microsoft which does not require to install additional software on the server site. For occasional use, it is sufficient although the features are not as rich as some other program I have used before, including Logmein. I need to access to office desktops with central administration not allowing individuals to install network-traffic programs, so RDP satisfies the requirement. However, keyboard (apple magic keyboard or smarter keyboard) both do not work properly under iPadOS 15.4 RC. In particular, the space key and arrow keys are not working ( space can be inserted by option+space though discovered after random search). Please hurry up and update the app! Overall, it works well enough!
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7 years ago, VFRMann
Gets better with every update but still no Touch ID
Microsoft's Remote Desktop Client for iPad has always been a solid (and free) app that made it easy to connect to windows machines. The App had some issues in the beginning but with every update Microsoft has really improved the App and added some neat features. The App is so good now it works nearly flawlessly. The latest release has a great new my Desktop page, and is very responsive to inputs. I would give the app five stars if it weren't for the lack of Touch ID security (it’s very surprising and annoying that this app doesn’t have any security feature to launch it). It’s also limited to Windows machines. Adding Touch ID and the ability to remotely connect to Macs on my network would make this the best Remote Desktop app on the market.
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4 years ago, Kramer7969
Almost perfect not customizable enough
First, I have used this for years. It has barely improved, barely any new features in5 years. My biggest gripe though, how do I turn the crosshairs in the middle for moving my screen around? Randomly it goes away if I go to the menu a few times, I even was able to move it a couple of times but not all the time. Most times you push it you just jiggle the screen around, it isn’t like or just moves after long pressing which it should be. there seems to be no way to remove it completely other than not having touch mode on which is useless on an iPad. Let me remove completely the useless crosshairs! If I want it on temporarily (I don’t) you can add it to the menu to be turned on or off!
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5 years ago, Meloveuutr
Works Great!
It’s too bad so many people are giving this app poor reviews based on things that have nothing to do with the app itself. Yes, you need to have a vpn server in your home network to use outside the network. This is true of all rdp connections. Also, keep in mind your upload bandwidth needs to be sufficient to support the connection. I’m running 3 work stations on my home network with a UniFi controller and a usg with radius server for vpn. My upload speed is about 30mbs. This app lets me flawlessly connect to any computer on my network from anywhere on the planet through an encrypted connection. Oh, and it’s free. Yes, I’m not going to be working on spreadsheets on my iPhone but it is nice to have another way to connect in a pinch. Love it!
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4 years ago, Tony. B
Software Developer
I regularly use Remote Desktop from inside my network and outside my network with port forwarding. Primarily for software development. I also use teamviewer since one of my computers has an issue where it will only connect from windows Remote Desktop one time before needing the WiFi card disabled and reenabled. I can tell you that using this on an iPad and iPhone is like having the computer right in front of you. When away, it depends on your network connection speed, but I regularly use windows RDP for work, school, and leisure. If you’re going to use it via port forwarding though, I recommend reviewing your security settings on your router, because it is a risk...but necessary sometimes.
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4 years ago, mpjvending
Great app for RDP!
This app does everything it needs to. It seems like most negative reviews are from people who are expecting this app to do more than what is is made to do. This app is a simple RDP client. Just like on Windows, RDP works best over the local network. If you want to access RDP outside of a local network- there are two main options. By default, RDP operates over port 3389. For access outside of your local network, you must open port 3389 on your firewall. Doing this however, leaves your PC (and any devices on network) vulnerable and is not recommended. The best way in my opinion to access RDP from the internet is to use a VPN (such as OpenVPN) to tunnel into your local network, and access your RDP PCs over their local IP or Hostname.
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5 years ago, ActionBastaaard
Works Great - Needs to be updated to accommodate devices with larger screens
This app is great for IT professionals. It works great for accessing any Windows Pro OS that’s listening on TCP port 3389 (it even allows you to use Remote Desktop gateway). If you are NOT an IT professional, this application is most likely not for you - it will obviously work when on the same network, but it will require port forwarding/routing when outside the network (this can be quite dangerous, especially if your workstation is not patched to protect you from the current RDP exploits). My only gripe at the moment is the application does not take advantage of displays larger than that of the iPhone 6+ (the display ratio and size is very small on the iPhone XS, XS Max, 11Pro, etc). This will get my 5 stars when it’s updated.
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4 years ago, Bass-geek
Only one issue...
App works extremely well with latest iOS on 3rd gen iPad Air and i7 laptop with Windows 10 Pro (fully patched)... ...except, no matter the resolution, when a session is active and I move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen, the whole remote display moves up a couple about a 1/2”, leaving blank/black space at bottom. Does not seem to be case that the screen display is too large, since when I move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen, the whole remote display fits (shifts back down) again. Never had this problem before (I stopped using this app for about a year).
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9 months ago, thirtyish
New RDP v.10.5.1 is horrible
The latest version 10.5.1 has a “new” functionality that makes it extremely difficult to work. When you log in to your RDP session the app uses both screens making it impossible to work on your iPad apps and RDP at the same time. I constantly work in RDP and have another screen using the excel app on my iPad. Instead I have a screen that is completely black and says Connected to External Monitor. Great! 😤 It renders one screen completely useless. The way it previously worked was fine. I could still make the app be full screen on my second monitor and transfer the RDP session between screens. Now I have to memorize what I want to transfer from RDP to my local drive, because a lot of the work I am doing does not allow for Copy/Paste. Also, when trying to toggle between multiple RDP sessions using the arrow button to show all active sessions it constantly closes going back to the black screen making it really difficult to switch between sessions. It’s like a race to beat the glitch. I would appreciate it if you could add a setting to disable the use of External Display mode while connected to multiple monitors and allow previous functionality to transfer RDP between monitors.
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9 months ago, moo1210dev
Buggy and removal of features in update 😕
This RDP client was mostly, fine, I mean, it wasn’t fancy or anything, but it’s RDP, so what do you expect! This latest update is beyond buggy, and nearly unusable, though. I’m also quite confused why various features like switching screens seem to not be possible anymore? It almost seems like a downgrade… In terms of just some of the most annoying bugs or UX issues I experienced within the first 10 minutes of using it the supposed update: - My taskbar is flickering throughout the connection. - The mouse completely freezes after a few minutes of being connected until fully reconnecting. - The orange status dot seems to trigger action center half of the time rather than it. (iPhone) - Standard features, namely multiple screens, are completely unavailable now. What if I wanted my original window layout..? I like the idea of the new UI, with the floating dot, since more screen space, but it doesn’t really work correctly with all these issues… I really cannot believe how this major of a update would pass any type of QA, since it doesn’t seem like I’m the only one having this problem.
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2 weeks ago, Wm.
🦟 🗑️🔥
This apps reminds me of when Russians had to wait in line for toilet paper 🧻 . Russians were grateful because at least they had toilet paper. That’s kind of where this app “sits” 🚽 in the scale of things relative to remote desktop apps in general. But because of IT shops love affair with Microsoft, you’re stuck with this thing. It crashes every time I use it on the Mac and has questionable results on the iPad. As long as Microsoft purely caters to the IT people who want to restrict your ability to do work in the name of security (checkbox security) this app will always suffer. The latest upgrade now comes with support for the “MAM” [sic] server which they called mobile device management server (MDM). If they misspelled “MDM”, how well do you think the software is written? Upgrade? No MAM, no thank you!
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2 years ago, Dngrsq2
Changed how I use my iPad and desktop
Can’t stress enough how useful this app is for Windows/iPad users. Incredibly easy to set up and use. I use it at work and home. I can access all my servers, even legacy ones. I have a Bluetooth mouse that I pair with my 12.9 iPad. All of the buttons work as they would on my desktop. With a keyboard case my iPad becomes my iPad. I use slide-over for iPad apps. I created Windows VMs on my desktop for my family to connect with their iPads as well. Not for games but there are GPU registry tweaks that allow you to utilize your dedicated GPU hardware for Adobe CC software.
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5 years ago, Matt122653367
What happened??
All the respect to app developers, but what happened to this app?? The last update introduced a myriad of bugs and removed helpful features. Whenever I reopen the app after a few hours, it crashes at least three times. The connection randomly freezes and requires a hard restart of the app. This is all on a home network, too, not RDP over the internet. A long press used to perform a right-click, but they did away with that and now you must click with two fingers. The long press was great because I'm handicapped and have a hard time extending two fingers. All these issues began with version 10.0.1. It is helpful that they increased the mouse pointer for increased visibility, though. There's not many options for RDP in the app store, please fix this app!
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3 years ago, FeuerStar
iOS version doesn’t work at all
I used to enjoy this app a lot. Since several months ago I’ve never been able to connect to any of the computers using this app. Every time I try to connect to a computer, it tells me that it couldn’t be found after only two seconds. I used to think it’s because I didn’t set up the Remote Desktop on the computer I want to connect to correctly. I fiddled with that several times and finally gave up. I downloaded the remote desktop client on macOS today and tried to connect to a desktop. It worked perfectly (which is where I want this star to be awarded to make it a 6-star app). I immediately tried to connect to the same desktop under the same Wi-Fi using this phone. The problem persists, even after I deleted and reinstalled it. Of course I’ve checked that every privilege this app asks, especially being able to find devices under the same network, is granted. I tried with another phone with iOS 14.4 and unsurprisingly that doesn’t work either. I don’t understand how people in this review section are able to get this thing working. I have no intention to ruin this product’s rating. I only want this app to work again😔.
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5 years ago, Tax return preparer
Bootcamp/ AirPort Extreme issues
I tried for hours and hours.... 1. You cannot use Windows 10 Home, you need Pro. It cost me $99 to upgrade 2. Connected very easily INSIDE MY HOUSE and worked great. 3. If you want to connect to Windows from outside your network, this app does very little for you. 4. For internet remote connection you need to preform “Port Mapping” within your router. I had never heard of this. Lots of research is involved. It can be dangerous because it opens your PC to the world. There are ways to make it safe. 5. I followed 5 different websites and videos, step by step but AirPort Extreme does not follow the same steps. 6. I downloaded AirPort Utility for PC. This gave me access to the router, but port mapping just would not work. I tried a number of the things I researched but it always disconnected my internet and I had to reset the router. 7. I’m sure there are ways out there to do this, but after 6 hours I gave up. 8. I download TeamViewer for free. I had it running in less than 5 minutes. Seriously. I spent $99 to upgrade my Windows 10- for nothing. Don’t make my mistake.
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6 years ago, lashito
Keyboard Issues on iPad Pro Remain
As a systems and network pro, this app is super handy for remote working on an iPad Pro. Mouse support would be even better, but the Apple Pencil works ok. The main issue is a lingering Keyboard issue. The keyboard works ok when you first launch the App, but if you switch to another iPad app, even in the side bar, the keyboard no longer enters text in the remote machine window. The only way to restore is to swipe close Microsoft Remote Desktop app completely, then relaunch. Keyboard works again until the next time you interact with any other app, then you have to kill the MRD app again. Quick Google search shows this is happening to lots of people. Microsoft - can you fix it??
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1 month ago, TheBrucesBiz
Mouse Precision is off for new M4 iPad Pro 13
UPDATE: Microsoft fixed this issue within a week of the new M4 iPad being released and it works great on the new OLED screen. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Love this app on my old iPads however the mouse precision no longer tracks properly on the new OLED display and is not consistent on where the actual click occurs depending upon where the pointer is on the screen. Suspect it can be fixed with a software update, but at the moment it is not useful so I need to go back to my old iPad for Remote Desktop purposes.
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2 months ago, ben k r
OK with nord meshnet
Better screen resolution than with TeamViewer. I use this from ipad to windows. From remote, I solve the port 3389 problem by using NordVPN Meshnet. Not $0 but better than teamviewer paid. Now the problem is that it shows a screengrab long before it accepts input, and that can be minutes long. I'd like to see some indication on the screen when it can accept input. One more nice thing: it automatically sets the screen resolution = my ipad screen resolution (and size), which TeamViewer apparently cannot do. TV was playing a mean trick on me that after an hour of usage, the resolution went down as if it were throttled. I haven't had this with RD yet.
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3 years ago, Anonymous284491
Only Rated 5 Stars So It Would Stand Out
Real Title: This Would Be Amazing If It Worked. I got RemoteDesktop as a way to access my PC remotely. That is what the app is supposed to do, and that is what it failed to do. The setup process was surprisingly easy; And I’m able to connect to my PC without error. However, it’s not actually connected. I only see a picture of my desktop, and am completely unable to interact with it in any way; Not only that, but it doesn’t show any of the apps I had open when I last used my PC, nor does my live wallpaper show up. I am able to glide the mouse around fine, but can’t click on anything. I can’t even highlight the desktop or use my external keyboard. This software would be amazing.. if it worked. Now, I am away from my PC, completely unable to use it, and therefore not able to download a different remote access software. Thanks a lot, Microsoft; Please fix this ASAP.
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3 years ago, weebg¡rl
Audio Problems
Audio is constantly cutting out but that doesn't bother me. I tried messing around with games, so I pulled up the keyboard but using WASD or 1234 doesn't do anything :/ But I guess games weren't really why this program was made, so that's understandable. If the audio could be fixed, that'd be awesome! The graphics are very nice and moving the mouse is very smooth. I don't really like that the keyboard takes up half the screen, so maybe add a function to zoom out or something. I understand updates take time and RD Client may not be your main focus, but please work on updates in the future.
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10 months ago, Matt.hsa
Fix screen sizing
Very useful app, -On the new m series iPads when having second display plugged in I like to RDP into my machine and have my rdp session displayed on the larger extended display. A majority of apps can utilize the full size screen of the extended display (ms teams for example does), but rdp does not seem capable to. Please fix Update: They made the app worse. In the most recent update they claim they fixed external monitor support… what happens is it takes over the external display and the iPad display, blacks out the iPad display and mirrors the curser on that to what is happening on the external. So… lets say I wanted to run a different app on my iPad… like iMessage, and have an RDP session in full screen on the external display, too bad.
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8 months ago, av238
Microsoft has done a great job.
I think this is an awesome client that enables very robust Windows usage no matter what kind of iOS/iPadOS device you’re running. I’m giving it four instead of five stars only because I wish there were some more intuitive options for local connectivity via ETH-enabled hubs; at present, this kind of connection scenario does not appear to work out of the box like others do. Aside from wanting additional customization options for the display driver, it’s great and I will continue to use it.
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1 month ago, genoist
Good app
**updated. This has need fixed. I downloaded the Beta from Test Flight, but not more than a day later the regular update came out. In both of these devices the pointer target is a bit off. It’s super annoying. I found reference to it on the MS support page, but it has yet to be patched. It is the same whether I’m using the in screen virtual pointer or an actual hardware mouse. Everything is perfect on my iPhone 14 Pro and my old 2021 M1 iPad Pro, so it’s definitely something to do with these new devices.
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1 year ago, Apollo...20
Works fine but freezes every time there is a notification
This works fine on the iPad but every time I get a pop up on the machine that I am remotely logged in to the screen freezes. It still seems to send my mouse clicks through but the screen does not update. The same thing happens when I get a notification on the iPad. After a minute or so the screen comes back alive and I can see all the clicks I sent while it was frozen :/ I now don’t have the patience to wait the full minute so I close the remote session and re-start it. This takes ~ 20 sec but it is still annoying. Also, the RD window will not go to full screen on an external monitor. :/
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4 years ago, AIC216
This app is seamless for running your home desktop through the LAN or WAN. For anyone trying to do much else than that tempter your expectations here. Much respect to the developers who made this an easy and free process to work remotely from this device. Hats off!! I am currently teleworking and would be bound to my computer by my smart card. Being on my desktop made this kind of a drag. After using this app I can now become a productive member of the household...kinda... Fast integration, easy WAN Setup and touch controls for windows make this a game changer.
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7 years ago, Teconsultant
Ok, but something is missing
Microsoft Remote Desktop is an ok app on IOS. There is one feature I feel that it is missing, especially on the IPhone. Smart sizing. This I a feature that I take advantage of on my Windows machine all of the time. It would allow users to connect to their windows machine with a resolution that they are used to using. This feature is available for some of the third party applications out there for IOS devices. Zooming in/out is something that would be needed. Another component of smart sizing could allow a user to connect to their local workstation setup, which could be multi-monitor. Again, this is a feature that is available on other remote access apps.
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9 months ago, beub87
External Display support has completely broken usability
The newest update that allows external display support has completely broken normal workflows. I can’t use both the monitor and the iPad screen; I can’t scale things appropriately when using something like the Apple Studio Display; the mouse constantly goes off-screen and simply does not work as it should; when on a lesser display, the mouse cannot position appropriately for example when you want to change a column width in Excel. All of this has completely made this app unusable when connected to an external display. I did find the TestFlight beta version of this app and am sad to report that nothing is fixed in the most recent beta either.
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5 years ago, User_0000001Ab
Issue Resolving Local Hostnames On VPN
Hello, there seems to be an issue when being connected to a VPN and trying to connect to a server by supplying the host name instead of the IP address. Supplying the host name works fine at our company’s location, but it appears over VPN it doesn’t resolve the host name. I’m pretty certain this is an issue with iOS 12, as I could replicate it in mobile Safari and it works fine on all other platforms with your client, so I just wanted to bring it to your attention which is why I still gave 5 stars.
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4 years ago, I luv dis stuff
Latest Update is Amazing, but slight improvements can be made
The last update makes the whole experience seamless. The only thing I would suggest is for those with compatible mice, there should be a editable tracking speed feature, as the tracking speed for a connected Bluetooth mouse is very small. Maybe even making the mouse-mode more like using a trackpad on a laptop instead of the mouse moving the exact distance as your finger would make the app easier to use as well.
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6 years ago, Mason Marchant
Suggestion for iPhone X Support
As of writing this review the app isn't optimized for the iPhone X screen yet. What's cool about this app right now although it's not optimized yet is that I can cover both sides of the screen with my hands and it doesn't move the mouse or on my remote PC. Please add some sort of feature that allows the user to disable using the entire screen for moving the mouse cursor on the PC. Although any type of remote control app has reliability issues especially over wireless networks, it's a great app. Keep up the good work.
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5 years ago, nwitpro
Use it daily
I would rarely go out of my way to rate an app let alone write a review but had to send some good vibes towards the MS Remote Desktop app. I use it daily from my iPhone for work and personal. Saves me from having to lug around a laptop wherever I go. The trick is to use Mouse Cursor mode instead of Touch, way more functionality with that option. Also zooming in and out is your friend on smaller screens like the iPhone. Highly recommend this tool for IT professionals. I would say it’s my favorite Microsoft utility.
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6 years ago, bokeitt
Only turns your phone to a trackpad on local network
I downloaded this to be able to control my work computer at home while I am traveling. I installed at home and it worked great so I left for my trip. It was not advertised ANYWHERE that this app only works when the phone and computer are on the same WiFi network?? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why would you want to navigate your computer from a small 5 inch phone screen when it’s right in front of you?? You have to set up access to be able to TRULY REMOTE CONTROL a computer from outside your network and that has to be done from the computer itself. No I’m thousands of miles away with no access to my files and I can’t get any work done.
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4 years ago, OracleJavaNet
Full Mouse Support
This is hands down one of the best RDP apps for iPad. I'm hoping the developers can now take it one step forward to provide full support for mouse/trackpad gestures. I know you can configure the RDP to use the mouse; however, it only appears to support a left click. The developer responded back that full mouse support will be introduced in May of this year. No changes yet to support scrolling with the mouse wheel, etc. Will there be a third option in the RDP to use all features of the mouse as if it were an RDP app on a PC?
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4 years ago, Stuff & Nonsense
Nonsensical crashes
App crashes on launch, but luckily it'll work after several attempts to open it. What's truly disturbing is how in a previous review I discussed how disappointing it is to push an update, and one for an app that's seem zero updates in a very long time, that's not well baked and how it reflects Microsoft's current approach to "testing". I received a developer response telling me how wrong I am and that things are in fact tested in a way that values quality, and yet here we are. I hope the program manager for this app is taking a moment to post-mortem how these recent updates went out and determine what should be done to improve our experience add end users. Time will tell, but in the meantime, we suffer.
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6 years ago, ghostdata
Not compatible with iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max
I really love this app and its a great tool to quickly remote into key devices but I recently upgraded to an iPhone Xs Max and it is now a pain to use. The app hasn’t been configured to exist without the physical home button and when you exit from a remote session it becomes hung and you are unable to swipe it away as is now the method to close apps. I have to first turn off my phone and then when I power it back on, avoid maximizing the app (or I have to star the process over) and from there I can swipe it closed. Very frustrating and hope it’s patched soon.
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5 years ago, OkGoDoIt
Massive improvement in latest update
The recent (November 2019) update adds a bunch of options and screen size compatibility with newer devices. Glad to see Microsoft is actually working to improve this! I would love to see a way to use RDP Remote Apps without the new workspaces system. On my computer I can enable individual remote apps via RDP, but it appears there’s no way to do this on the iOS version unless you pay for the new (and expensive) Azure Windows Workspace. Hopefully they will eventually add support for traditional RDP remote apps.
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2 years ago, Ssimmons86
Always Buggy
After I updated to iOS 16, over 2 months ago, I have had issues with the app constantly crashing when remoting to my device. I waited a week after updating and tried again, hopefully to see an update on Microsoft’s end. Still, I had no luck. I tried again in mid October and finally had success. Within the last 2 weeks, I have began to have issues with it crashing again. Every time I update iOS, this seems to happen. Get it together, Microsoft. The only reason I need to use RDP is for work. You’re not doing a very good job of convincing me to utilize Windows devices in my personal life. Seriously, frustrating.
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4 years ago, Johnphoto05
The Update We Have Been Waiting For...Almost
Just updated, using the latest iPad Pro 12.9 with Magic Keyboard. I can move the cursor with the trackpad but I can’t click on anything to tap to click on anything, It won’t register the trackpad clicks. I can select, highlight it with the cursor and trackpad and hit Enter on the keyboard but not the trackpad. Minor bug I suspect. Once it is corrected and I have full control and access with the Apple magic keyboard for iPad Pro then it would be the update i have been waiting for... so hurry. :)
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3 years ago, jmfeeney35
Can’t import/save PCs (resolved)
EDIT: what a terrible place to bury an essential feature several taps deep in the app settings. Still requires opening dozens of files with no way to batch import. Also no support for Groups/Folders like the Mac app. I have dozens of .rdp files and no way to import them into my iOS RDC apps. And even if I open an .rdp file from a cloud drive there’s no way to save that server after I’ve connected. Do you really expect me to repeatedly setup dozens of credentials on every device we use at the office? Honestly makes me wonder if the people who build these apps even actually use them.
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7 years ago, NHJENNINGS
Excellent RDP/Terminal Server App - Well Done MSFT
I don't leave app feedback often, but my experience has been excellent. Easily configured two profiles for the same terminal, one for when I am on LAN, and one for when I am away from the home desktop on WAN. The "More Data, Higher Resolution" setting makes this app experience as powerful and flawless as the native Windows 10 experience. Not understanding some users issues with the keyboard not hiding when an external keyboard is attached. I am using an Anker external keyboard, and an on-screen keyboard has never inadvertently appeared for me while using the application. Keep it up MSFT. Any others out there running this on iOS 11? I have not upgraded yet on my iPad, and will look to avoid it until I come back and see positive reviews for this app written by iOS 11 users.
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5 years ago, turboboost17
Surprisingly flawless
Latest windows 7 update killed this app even after I tried to roll back the update. I force Network authentication so my systems aren’t vulnerable to bluekeep. Lazy patching on Microsoft’s part. I've got 3 Win7 pro computers running simultaneously and I'm switching back and forth without issue. I already had Remote Desktop running from a desktop, but wanted something to just "view" what was going on, but this app gave me complete control with my iPhone 7 and a Bluetooth keyboard. When you switch between apps it sometimes disconnects then wen you switch back the app reconnects faster than from my desktop. That really saves my data. The screen keyboard works, but you end up having to hide it or zoom in and out to see what you're doing. The Bluetooth just makes everything easy. This saves me from having to hotspot my phone and drag a laptop around. I think the negative reviews might stem from people's unfamiliarity with setting up the RDP. It can be tricky with multiple computers.
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