Remote for Firestick & Fire TV

4.5 (36.3K)
77.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remote for Firestick & Fire TV

4.5 out of 5
36.3K Ratings
5 years ago, hapayton
Nice Firetv remote
The reason why I love this app is because it let me let me go on my FireTV and let me do what I needed to do so thank you very much for this opportunity because I lost my fire TV remote because I’m really bad at losing things but does I’ve helped me so I think you guys should try it out bye
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3 months ago, DipperP0524
have to buy premium just to have a volume button
the app used to have all the remote features for free, but now you have to pay a subscription for the things that were free before! I can’t control the volume without paying between $3 and $10! They took away the keyboard for searching and the volume, so now you’re left with basic up/down/left/right, select, menu, back, and fast forward/rewind. I wouldn’t be complaining if I didn’t know that all of the features on the remote were completely free less than two weeks ago when I last used this app to watch tv. They’re squeezing you for every penny instead of leaving it free.
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3 years ago, mzladyaziz
Fire premium remote
Should not have to purchase. We already purchased the entire product the remote does not come with any type of locating features while it’s designed to be misplaced. Due to the lack of locating features available like a “find my remote” the app with the premium features should be available as a feature back up for lost or broken controllers because they also break pretty easily. But that’s just my opinion.
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8 months ago, JoHumanist
Messed up my fire tv.
. I couldn’t even use it because I needed my fire tv remote to setup the smart remote so the point was mute. I was trying to use a smart remote because my remote was lost. Luckily I found my remote and never got the smart remote working. After I found my remote I couldn’t get the smart remote set up screen off my tv, so I had to unplug it - then my remote would not work so I had to reset my remote. Your app description should say “you’ll need your remote to set up this smart remote”
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2 years ago, caswowowowowow
I hate it
I downloaded this app bc well my remote wasn’t working cus it needed new batteries. Like it doesn’t even work I connected it to my tv and when I was trying to use the buttons and it didn’t even move, do not download this app it’s a waste of time like why would you even make it?!? It doesn’t work, wants you to PAY MONEY for something that doesn’t work what’s next charge $4.99 for the app that doesn't work don't wast your time on this stupid app it will do NOTHING for you 😐👎
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9 months ago, Riviere1977
Ronda Wallace
Best ever for me so glad I don’t have spectrum anymore I do have a question my room mate is only using a window unit is there a way I can use my phone so that it can connect to her smart tv
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1 year ago, Elly1999
I’m sure it works well and all…
I wish there was a different way to set the remote up. I mean it’s asking us to go to settings and configure a few things in the settings on the fire TV in order to link the remote on the phone to the TV. If I had the original remote that I lost, I would not need a remote on my phone.
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2 years ago, effields
I paid full price for this remote with high hopes that it would work. It will not connect to my fire stick (the remote screen pops up but nothing happens), and when I try to click the “send feedback” button to attempt to get my money back, it says there was an issue with sending my message. I should have read the other reviews before purchasing. Do not waste your time and money like I did.
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1 year ago, stark raving hazelnut
Does not work at all.
I feel like I got scammed. I downloaded this app so I can use it for my tv until I can get new batteries for the remote but it is completely useless. It does not work at all. I even subscribed to the weekly premium features for free for three days and it does nothing. Just like my physical remote. Now I have no idea how to cancel this subscription and it feels like I was scammed. Don’t bother with this app.
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5 months ago, dfgddhfwr
I love this remote it really works usually other companies say it works and it does not I really recommend this remote to other families thank you
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2 years ago, snurtlePace
Useless. I wasted 9.99
Nothing worked. Literally just a picture of the remote control nothing more
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5 years ago, simplicity iz key
It works and all but....
Why should we be charged monthly for using a remote? I get it’s a 3rd party app but maybe a one time fee would be better. Customers can just eventually order a new replacement remote to avoid continuous fees. That’s what I’m going to do!!
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4 months ago, Jdswmmr
The worst app ever.
They instantly try to get you to pay them. It’s useless unless you pay. They want you to pay weekly payments. You will be inundated with commercials and games that you can not move past. I have never run across a more useless and frustrating app in my life. There is a much better one out there called Fire TV that works perfectly.
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2 months ago, EternalJoy144
Connectivity is inconsistent
Connectivity issues. Sometimes have to restart this app multiple times to get it to connect. Opening app stops whatever you’re watching… there’s better ones out there.
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3 years ago, foxes193762839
It’s a good app
I love this app but it’s delayed and it always shows a ad. after I lost my remote this app is useful but I just wish it wasn’t delayed and didn’t have ads every 2 minutes. Besides that I love this app!
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4 years ago, Sure is me I am
Fire TV remote
I don’t think you should have to pay for a remote and I don’t think it works as good as the original one it’s just that I have my phone with me more often than I have the real remote control with me at all times but I’m going to go ahead and delete it out of my apps
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2 years ago, amciotola
First off to charge of the service especially a fee per week is ridiculous. However, I signed up to do the free trial. Once my iPhone said it was paid for no matter what I did I still cannot use the app it kept taking me to buy the app which I did already! So this is completely useless to me I immediately cancel my subscription
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1 year ago, Theoden9
Waste of $10
It doesn’t work, and the on screen instructions are years out of date, making them impossible to follow because they don’t match the current fire TV settings. It did connect two times out of many attempts over a few months but every other time it won’t connect.
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1 year ago, Joey Melz
Outstanding performance. Very simple to use. Worth the “Lifetime purchase”. Definitely recommend.
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4 years ago, Jonneliz😍😇
One time I lost my controller and I was so sad and I downloaded this app and I found my controller but just in case u will keep the app in case my I lose my controller again!! I love this so much! ❤️
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10 months ago, Sheena_Adams
App doesn’t work. Just wasted $10 that probably went to some scammer, probably a Nigerian prince. Don’t waste your time or money with this app!
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3 months ago, guggyyvbyvy
I was to stupid to find my remote and got this app and now I have a remote with adds :)
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2 years ago, DWwes
Paid for the $9.99 version for the whole year and app doesn’t work. Once connected to my fire stick I automatically received a debug notification that I was unable to cancel because THE APP didn’t work. Completely false information and advertisement, should definitely be removed from the APP Store.
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3 years ago, MDRPalacios
Scam - Don’t Buy
Just paid $9.99 for a lifetime purchase to find that this app freezes when connecting to my device and doesn’t work at all. I was in serious need of this device when I purchased it. Spent more than 20-30 minutes of a work meeting trifle shooting it to find that it doesn’t work. DO NOT BUY
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1 year ago, LHarris1028
Glitchy but it works?
The app works fine, but it constantly disconnects or just won’t connect at all. Also, why set it up so you need the remote to connect the remote app? I wish I had my my actual remote so I didn’t have to deal with this
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3 years ago, dontbother69
waste of time
this is the worst app ever. connected to my device but i couldn't move the cursor or select anything. ads every .0001 second. buggy layout. makes you pay for "premium remote". offers a free trial that DOESNT WORK. once again buggy layout. save your energy and order a new remote online.
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3 years ago, Noodlezzzz76
I mean-
It lets you choose devices and all.. but the thing is- It won’t let me (at least) control the actual tv. It just gives you ads for the premium remote. Sorry but..
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3 months ago, wormlover69
bought the premium because my remote grew legs and ran away. the ads are insufferable. every time i click the select button i’m given a 30 second ad. paid premium and my remote didn’t work anymore. if i could give 0 stars i would. give me back my freaking $10
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3 years ago, Zman1777
It’s just a bunch of ads
I tried to use the app. I had trouble connecting. I got the free trial to see if I liked it. Good thing I didn’t buy the subscription. Once it finally connected the app bombarded me with adds that had no way to close them. A free trial should be like the real thing. If the real thing is like this it’s garbage.
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3 years ago, Rebudal
Deleted this app
So I lost the remote so I got a app I was connecting it and it stayed loading for a hour so I played a game and went back and it work I pressed the middle button and nothing happened so I pressed all the buttons and nothing happened we got the lifetime premium and did not work so I’m sick without a remote
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2 years ago, obrien_shan
I’d give 0 stars if I could
I bought the $9.99 unlimited package and the app never worked. It said it synced to my fire stick and the remote never worked. I emailed the company to get a refund and still haven’t heard back. Downloaded the free fire stick tv app and that remote worked instantly, don’t waste your money.
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3 years ago, Bklyn_Betty
Not working!
I paid for the remote and it’s not working at all. Is this supposed to be compatible with Roku. My fire stick is updated and my tv is new so I can’t figure out what could be the problem. I’ve emailed so hopefully I can get my money back. Sent an email and never got a response or my money back.
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3 years ago, Jenlynne1121
Didn’t work
Couldn’t even get it to sync to any of my TVs, although it certainly pretended it had. Glad I did the free trial before paying $10 for nothing. The fact that this app is even needed speaks to how crappy the fire stick is. I can’t get the remotes that come with it to pair with it either most of the time.
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2 years ago, MalPal403
This app is a scam
I just love (not) how I had to spend $10 on an app that is supposed to be a replacement for a remote, when you actually need the physical remote to even use the app. Why on earth would I purchase a remote app if I actually had my remote? This is a scam. Going to try and hopefully get my money back.
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3 years ago, mike_478990
I purchased the weekly premium version and I can’t get access to premium content
I purchased the $2.99 weekly “premium” version of the app and every time I tried to use the “interaction” it kept telling me I need to buy the premium remote! After I already subscribed. Makes no sense. Fix your app
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2 years ago, Newyorkcityyay
Speechless 😶
Nothing at all is wrong it is all right there literally are no ads and yeah that is it pretty much
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3 years ago, Keenly aware
Waste of Money
I just paid $10, for a remote because I thought my batteries was dead in remote. Turns out the batteries wasn’t dead, firestick was just frozen. Restarted the firestick and got the regular remote to work, set up the app remote. Once I got the app remote set up, it doesn’t even work. What a waste of ten bucks!
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4 years ago, he Gante
I give it five stars because I needed to hook up to my TV but it won’t do it and I need your help to do it so please help me that’s why I gave it five stars good job
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4 years ago, jj-009'fjf
Very easy to connect and it works just like the remote i love it saved my life
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2 months ago, Clover(^+_+^)
Fire remote does not work at all
Remote does not work I have to unplug and reply for over an hour to get it to connect . don’t try deleting the app and redownloading becauss it will cause you to buy the lifetime warranty remote for a 2nd time. If anyone could reach out to me for help I’ll change my rate
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2 months ago, eat_shit-DS
Doesn’t connect
Sometimes this remote doesn’t connect to my firestick and I go days without watching TV🙄 Yes, I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, same thing! Wish there was something that can fix it
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2 years ago, jroe88
What a waste
So I lost my fire tv remote…the reason I needed the app and you need your remote to set up the app. Ridiculous if you ask me. Why would anyone pay for a remote app on their phone if they had a physical remote to use the tv! Canceled my subscription real quick
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3 years ago, Ufi71
I lost my control to the 2nd Gen Firestick. I thought this was a great idea until I downloaded it. The app found my firestick but none of the features worked so I followed the directions that lead you into Setting and turned on the ADB but no Nothing changed. Wast of time space.
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1 year ago, 656ghjjb
Takes forever to connect
Even after you’ve set it up, every time you go to use it you have to wait many minutes
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3 years ago, Trojans_14
I couldn’t access any of the functions on this remote until I purchased it so I did. Then come to find out you can’t even turn the TV on or off the volume up or down or change the channels with this remote. Highly dissatisfied.
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3 years ago, Ashton Raymondo
Bad App Don’t Get!!
I lost my fire stick remote, and didn’t intend on getting a new one because they’re expensive. You’re just going to have to buy a new remote. This app charges you, you also have to have your remote to pair this app. Don’t get not worth your time
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1 month ago, Wing the Red
Doesn’t work
If I could give it a zero I would. It shows both my fire sticks but will not connect to either of them. I made sure that all devices are on the same Wi-Fi. The icon sits and spins continuously and does nothing. I want my money back!
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3 years ago, nicknameirma2
do not recommend.
i don’t understand why you have to pay monthly for a remote. users have the tv & everything else that is being paid for, so why would you charge for a remote? roku doesn’t do that & this was beyond frustrating. the buttons on the screen did not even work. it didn’t matter how many times i waited & repushed the buttons, i got 0 response from the tv. i do not recommend this app to anyone at all unless you’re looking for a waste of time.
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3 years ago, steenz14
Doesn’t work at all I paid money but based upon the other reviews I’m seeing I need my original fire stick remote to set it up, which is pretty pointless because mine is broken. Best part is there’s no way to get a refund if you try
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4 years ago, ldking1
If you are looking for an app because you have misplaced your Alexa remote, keep looking. You must have the original remote to set this up: why in the name of all that is reasonable would you pay $3 per week for a remote if you already have a stupid remote? Waste of freaking time.
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