Remote for Samsung tv plus

4.5 (5.2K)
72.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
MeisterApps BV
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remote for Samsung tv plus

4.47 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Gingerlover909
I sure it works great but
Ok so I lost my remote like many other and got this app I was excited that this actually worked for the most part my only problem is that when I do you connect it I need the original remote to accept the connection so I can’t actually use the app.
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5 years ago, corvette7000
Amazing app
This is my first review on the App Store. Just wanted to say how well made this app is. Not only is it free, and I hope it will continue to be, but the UI is sleek and well designed. The set-up is really easy too. I highly recommend this app for anyone with a Samsung TV. The tabs offer all controls built into the remote and one in particular allows for quick navigation to any app you have installed which is far better than the long bar at the bottom of your TV. Furthermore, this app solved a big annoyance for us since we have two identical Samsung TVs next to each other and a remote that works for both. This app solves that issue and in terms of a recommendation hope the developer can potentially add a way to control both TVs at the same time without having to disconnect (if that’s even possible?) but it’s not really that big of a deal. Really well done, download it.
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2 years ago, Mommy Nikki 717
Doesn’t work if can’t turn tv on/activate with original remote
I was so excited that this remote actually worked, since I’ve tried other ones & they did not. We lost our remote, but the tv was left on so I was able to connect this app. Even though it wanted me to verify with original remote, somehow it went anyway?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Then I made the stupid mistake of using the app power button to turn my tv off and now I cannot turn it back on. There’s no power button on my Samsung television & the original remote is missing, hence needing this app! I don’t know if others have this issue with their Samsung tv, who the heck makes a tv without a power button?! Anyways, if your remotes missing & your tvs on, this will work! If your tvs off & there’s no power button like mine, I guess you’re screwed
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3 years ago, cactusjack52
This is the only one!
When I searched the App Store for a Samsung Remote Control app, I started at the top of the recommended apps and started testing them. Every one failed to work with my 2014 Samsung TV, or wanted money before it could be tested with my TV. I had nearly given up testing and was way down the list of recommended apps when to my astonishment ControlMeister worked perfectly. Why this app doesn’t come up at the top shows there is something left out of the search algorithm that picks who’s at the top. This is the only one that worked! Count for yourself how far down the list ControlMeister is and then waste no more time and just get it.
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4 years ago, krissy robbins
Amazing! Just one thing
This app is amazing and honestly a life saver. I lost my actual remote recently but luckily my TV was on so I was able to get apps for it. All the other apps had ads every 10 or something clicks which was so annoying, but so far I haven’t gotten any ads which I really love! The only thing I wish would change is being able to turn on and off the TV. I understand that there are limitations to many things and the one limitation of this app is turning it back on, but it is just a little annoying having to have a different app to turn it back on since I no longer have the remote. But all in all, it’s amazing and I 100% recommend!
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4 years ago, handsome grandsons gram
This is the Samsung remote you want!
I’m bad because I always read other people’s reviews to influence my decisions but rarely write them to help anyone else. I guess it takes a lot to impress me, so for me to take time to write this I must be impressed. So, if you are looking for a Samsung remote app look no further. Installation is seamless and the tool works perfectly. I can’t believe it is free. This is one of the first apps I was actually considering sending a few bucks to the programmer but I don’t see anywhere in the app to send a donation. First class, I love working with professionals!
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2 months ago, McBain1022
Hello, these folks don’t know what they’re doing. I got this app to control my Samsung TV. First thing I noticed was there is no Internet app in the app itself. I contacted customer service and was told Samsung TV’s didn’t have an Internet app on them. I took a picture of my TV Home Screen to prove there was, and my concerns were escalated. That individual sent me a screenshot of where the app was, and I sent him back a screenshot of my app showing there was no such app on my iPhone. I asked for a refund, to which there was no response. I did get an email back saying they’re working on it. Not hopeful. I would not recommend.
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5 years ago, Pilots right
Bad remote history
The Samsung tv has a documented history of bad remote controllers. This app let me finally throw the factory remote in the trash. Works as advertised. Actually, easier than advertised. Especially like the “apps” page. All were there. The control app downloaded really fast. It took less the 1 minute to find my tv, sync up and work. Nice job to the Meister developers. My name also lol but not me. That’s actually why I downloaded it but convinced now of its quality.
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2 weeks ago, Nwise4
On/off button that doesn’t turn it on?
When I first downloaded this app, I was very impressed. Simple to use , turn volume or mute, change channels, go back to the smart hub and turn the tv off, all from my phone!! But what I can’t do is turn it back on from this remote. Not sure why but I did notice it does lose the connection to my phone a lot and and I have to reconnect it. I really want to love this app but I may have to keep looking
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3 years ago, Kal OPE
So-so for the dough
Look- it works ok. But the track pad is delayed and jerky. The regular controls don’t seem to be working (channel, etc. ) but that might just be because I’ve only gotten the app and I may have missed something. If you want to be able to type right from phone into tv browser, you’ll have to pay to go “pro”. Which I did but in hindsight probably wish I hadn’t. All in all average performance in relation to my expectations.
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4 years ago, iStarlit
Magical Remote for SamsungTV!
How can I show my inner gratitude to the developer(s) of this amazing app? I’m extremely excited and happy with this. Thanks a lot for including every possible feature a remote user actually needed. After all it’s a complete and wonderful TV Remote Controller app!! If Bluetooth connectivity feature could be added, it would be the best app in the Universe!!!
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3 years ago, Exeyv3
Terrible update. Money hungry.
This was my favorite remote app until they forced me to see an annoying pop up ad every time I open it now. I don’t think I’ll be keeping this app much longer and I wouldn’t recommend downloading it. updated You sent me a response and it was basically just another annoying advertisement about how I can use the same app I’ve been using but only if I pay. you guys seem really out of touch remove the full-page ads put a little ad at the bottom and I’m certain you’ll have less dissatisfied customers. One thing I’ve learned is I’ll never have auto updates installed again on my apps. I’ll just stick to the controller that came with my TV it’s better anyways now, Because i’m not stuck looking at full-page ads with a close X that doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, IMKB
Works Pretty Well
This app works pretty well. Easy to set up and has nice screens for control options. My only problem is that if I want to raise or lower the volume on my TV, I can only increase or decrease it by one step at a time even if I hold the volume up or down control. I have to repeatedly tap the control until I get the result I want. I don’t know if all Samsung’s react this way or just my model. I have a 2020 Q60T 50” with a phenomenal picture.
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4 months ago, Unsound04
I want to thank y’all so much. I got a new Samsung and the remotes are smaller than a popsicle, talk about chasing your own tail trying to fine it. I personally think the tv people are doing that and then making the apps to get more money. Welp it worked! Thank you for a seamless purchase.
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5 months ago, Michael Dawg Garcia 5369
place and love ones instead of being disappointed
The only reason why I’m not getting it was for the fact that I was here for the whole honest process of the whole bid picture ppointed by myself for a good reason so I
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4 years ago, Fennel bulb
This app is great!!!
I am so happy with this app that I am posting this notice!! All the options work even better than the one that came with the tv’s because I can easily switch between my two Samsung tv’s - not switch remotes!! I have tried other apps and none came close to the ease of this one!!!
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3 years ago, AndiGlycc
Ads ruined this app
I use to love this app. My Doberman ate the tv remote so it really helped compared to the store bought universal one I got previously. However, now they have ads that pop up and place the “x” button so far in the top corner that you can’t actually click on it. You can try but then it redirects you to the app presented to download. It’s really annoying and I can no longer use this app because you can’t ever exit off the ads. Save yourself the frustration! Go to Walmart and spend $20 on a legit Samsung remote!
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4 years ago, razmadzee
Just few more things and .. 5⭐️
Overall it’s the best Samsung smart remote (including other $19 one) but please Just make it super by doing: Apple watch support, simple face: volume, channels, source. . And the Programable buttons for source. for fast switching between devices. 🤘🏻
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2 years ago, FlyGuyTy1914
I have to authorise it with my real remote every time
I think the app is beautiful, stylish and cool, but contrary to what a support person commented, I must reach for my real remote control every time I use this app to authorise it. And, as you might guess, since I have to find the real remote control to use this app, I don't use it. I would gladly give it 2.5 stars, but I can't, because it is a beautiful app.
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4 years ago, FreqMgr
Great App, But Does Have Ads
The app is really easy to set up and operate the TV. I downloaded it to you with the internet browser, when typing in addresses, etc. Other reviews say there are no ads, but ads do show up on the trackpad. Otherwise, it’s great!
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3 years ago, MountainMan51
Total garbage
This used to be a great app with minimal advertisement. Since the latest update the ads are full page and appear every 3 to 4 seconds rendering the app completely useless. Deleted.
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4 years ago, nfjske
I like
This app works great. Most importantly,It has a, not so well advertised, yet extremely useful, feature that lets you type on your phone keyboard, instead of having to use those tedious on screen keyboards. Thanks.
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8 months ago, SteveRuehlen
Excellent App
This app makes it fun to navigate my TV. There are multiple EASY options for navigation, and the track pad and keyboard are game changers. You should download this app.
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4 years ago, Rjirwjgiwfjvivfsfvfsf
Works perfectly!
I was looking for Samsung TV remote apps and none of them would work, except for this one. It has no ads, no in-app purchases, and has everything you need on a remote. Love it!
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6 months ago, StarOcean17
Power button doesn’t work
It’s a good app but the power button to turn the Samsung TV off doesn’t work. It simply disconnects the connection and takes me to the scan/search screen and my TV is still on. Tried another remote app and that power button worked so it’s the app.
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4 years ago, Carboxn
Had to uninstall way too many remote apps that showed two ads every two keystrokes.. This one is not only beautiful, but ad free! Thank you!
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4 years ago, ercaba-51
Wow just what I needed!
I’ve been looking for a good samsung remote that also has a touch pad and I stumbled across this one thats free and has no ads! This works phenomenally and easy to setup, highly recommended.
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4 years ago, zack mc kraken
Fantastic app
I love this app. Only one negative...if my tv is powered off then the app can’t find it even though I’m connected on wi-fi. Any way to work on solving this?
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3 years ago, m1cromanaged
Full screen invasiveness
I would understand an ad banner but this thing is flat out invasive - full screen banners every 5 or so taps. Would make for an excellent malicious application if that invasive full screen pop up was clickable, just pops up and takes over the whole screen while you’re turning up your volume - can’t avoid hitting it.
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4 years ago, igetsky
Best samsung remote
Even Samsung couldn’t make this great app all other apps full of ad and not reliable thank you so much!!!
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3 years ago, 123cas
Can’t find my tv
I have a brand new Samsung QLed 4K tv that came out in 2020. Both my phone and my tv are connected to the same wifi. Guess having an app that actually works is too much to ask for. Was excited because all the other apps had horrible reviews and this one they only bad reviews were because of the ads.
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4 years ago, Ajsjsjanaka
I love it.. but
I just wish you could make a widget for it, or be able to turn the tv on and off!
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4 years ago, Catherine Palacios
Perfect App
I have been trying app after app and none work well. I barely downloaded this app and it works amazing!
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2 years ago, xtigerx08
Unusable based on frequent adds and pop ups
There are way to many pop up adds that make this app unusable. If you accidentally click on the pop up there’s no way to get back to the app and not accept purchasing without force closing.
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3 years ago, WJR1989
Unusable unless you subscribe
Found and controlled TV right away (nice work)! However, ADs are pervasive and constant making it totally unable to be used. The monthly/annual subscription ruined it for me. (I would have been open to a modest one-time purchase - but not $2.50/month) UNINSTALLED.
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5 months ago, Kohsbfjz
Does the job perfectly
Simple, and efficient!!
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3 years ago, lakak papi
It’s a great remote works perfectly but there too many ads if you think about putting down the ads then thank you but there’s to much
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6 months ago, Add Addison
Partial issues Volume and Mute Non Functional
Every thing down loads and connects no problem however volume control and mute doesn’t function at all only good for changing channels at this point also no contact was found to report this concern 🤷
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3 years ago, Mixchael78
Super easy to use and connect to your tV 100% recommended
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3 years ago, Mooncricket2
With the new ads it has become unusable
Trying to turn the volume down? Can’t. Have to wait for the ad to finishz. After turning it down two or three clicks the ad takes over the screen. I understand the need for ads but the way they are incorporated make the app unusable
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3 years ago, TheFotato
New update ruined a great app
App worked great up until this latest update. iPhone 12 interface is useless. Every time I try to access the secondary menu on the app, an ad pops up. This would be fine if I could close the ads, but I can’t because the “x” shows up in an upper corner that can’t be pressed. Big oof, guys.
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10 months ago, BenJetson
Missing options
Great app, but it frequently forgets which TV it was connected to. There is also no option to manually enter the TV’s IP address, which makes it useless if the TV is on a different subnet.
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1 year ago, Pop555matches
Bought full version. Worked like a charm. But then now bugs doesn’t connect, can’t find. Did everything from settings on tv to phone…don’t work
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3 years ago, hihhihhhjijhg cool gg chi
Works great. But every time you turn up the volume and I quote type faster with a keyboard have already pressed dismiss like 100 times. Want a better review? Don’t be so pushy about your pop ups. -ugh btw if someone’s complaining about too many adds offering the pro version is not a good business choice.
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3 years ago, and i opp skskskk
I miss the old one
It has way to many ads and they are just annoying I miss when they where no ads
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2 years ago, FlyGuyTy1914
Pretty, but…
Yes, this app is sleek and pretty, but… A remote control app that requires I pick up my actual remote control before I can use it makes me appreciate the design of my TV less… and the design of the app to be borderline!
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3 years ago, jpmikey
Waste of $$$$
Bought the annual subscription. Remote does not pick up the tv. Before that it kept saying my phone wasn’t connected to WiFi. Downloaded a different remote and everything is working fine. Wish I could get my money back. App does not work
Show more
1 year ago, D0 N0T D0WNL0AD!
Horrible! 😤
I tried connecting to my TV and it kept refusing to let me connect, and it was saying to get your TV’s approval with the physical remote, but there was NONE, no buttons related to this app. As my review today, don’t download it if you don’t want your time wasted.
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2 years ago, Sprabhuk
Ads completely block you off
The ads will get progressively annoying and now every time I open the app, a stupid ad runs and keeps running. There is no way to get close the ad any more. Useless!
Show more
3 years ago, Ghostfan2000
Terrible app with annoying upgrades
This app was great however after a month they continuously bother you every 15 seconds with upgrade app requests ... will replace this shortly with a new TV app ... don’t mind the adds but overall upgrade notifications are horrible....
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