Remote for Samsung

4.6 (30.8K)
88.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oz Shabbatth
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remote for Samsung

4.61 out of 5
30.8K Ratings
3 years ago, someone that doesnt know u
Looks a little out dated but best I’ve tried
It doesn’t really look stylistically pleasing but it’s great to use if you don’t wanna pay $10+ for subscriptions on other similar apps. There are some pop-ups but it isn’t really that annoying. Pop-ups don’t come up every single button you click which is my I love this app so much. Just so y’all know you need to be connected to the same Internet on your phone and on your smart TV. I got this app because my remote’s up button broke and it was frustrating not being able to go up so I went around looking for apps to help. Out of the five apps I downloaded this is the only one that actually is worth your time because for the rest of them you need to pay for just clicking a button. And if you really think the pop-ups of that annoying and then I’m pretty sure you can buy the phone app without ads. So yeah that pretty much it and it’s an app you should try out if your having my problems
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2 years ago, GilesInDisguise
Getting better again
I loved the old version of this app, then they revamped it and removed some valuable features, namely the dedicated buttons for home, back and volume that were attached to the touchpad remote mode, giving me the exact same controls I use on my physical remote. They were replaced with a cumbersome gesture system that I found unintuitive and usually required using two hands to accomplish. The older version could always be simply operated with one hand. Since then, they have implemented a custom toolbar system in the touchpad mode which addresses the lack of dedicated home and back buttons for me (and also offers 50+ other buttons to choose from). No Vol+ or Vol- buttons in those toolbar options yet, but I have requested it. I also think the toolbar needs to be moved to the bottom of the screen. This would be the more ergonomic way to use the app and replicate the old layout (that I got really used to for the last few years). Lastly, being able to disable the gestures would makes sense to me, if for any reason because one of them conflicts with a particular motion the TV expects for a different function. I’m upgrading my former 2-star review to 4-star in light of the changes. Definitely can be a 5-star app again, we’ll see what future updates bring.
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2 years ago, dffffddggfggytedghgdffddcvch
Great app.
This app is great for the most part but keep you old remote if you lost it and try to use this app it will not work! You have to click allow! If you clicked allow one time I’ll reconnect after every use! There is so many 1 star reviews about this and the bn pop up ads, its free it’s not their fault you don’t wanna pay to get rid of them it’s a free app Works better than most tv remote apps and it’s great if you can’t find your remote just remember you need to click allow🗿 and it will be perfect! It WILL reconnect after every use so just use your old one to connect this app to your tv okay?
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4 years ago, umidude
Intuitive yet could use some improvements
Very simple to use and is intuitive. I especially like the touch pad. However, I’d like to see some updates/ more bug fixes. One issue I experienced is that once the TV is off for a few seconds, I can use the phone to turn it on. But a few seconds longer and I can no longer turn it back on with the phone. The app loses connection with the wifi and TV and I have to use my original TV remote to turn the TV on then reconnect. I would really like to replace the remote and only have to use my phone. I hope this can be fixed. Also, when using the search bar on the TV why not have a keyboard pop up on my phone to type and search with much more efficiently rather than having to swipe around one letter at a time??
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1 year ago, TheJifJosh
I absolutely LOVE this app!
I was looking for a good remote app for my tv and this one was perfect! Pros: Ads aren’t super intrusive if you’re using it free! You can also pay $2 to remove ads all together which is pretty cool especially when other apps want to charge a monthly fee to remove them. With this you just pay the $2 once and you’re golden :p Cons(With Fixes!): The jpeg images for the remotes are absolutely horrendous BUT just change the option on the top left from “remote” to “media” and it’s an extremely simple/clean looking remote to look at! Second downside is that the app image is also pretty ugly… BUT you can just use the shortcuts app to change the image of the app to something more pleasing(I just took a screenshot of the media remote). Anyway I genuinely believe this app deserves a full 5 stars! All problems can easily be fixed and it’s super cheap for an ad free experience!
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4 years ago, safiyaaa <3
Practical but glitchy
The idea of a remote for my tv on my phone is a good idea. Not gonna lie, it’s perfect for me when I lose the remote. But there is still issues. After using for a few minutes, around 10 of them, the app says I need to reconnect WiFi even though it is connected. When I disconnect and reconnect again, it doesn’t work . When I retry a couple times again, it finally works. Not saying it’s bad, but please fix this bug!
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4 months ago, Speedy Flash
Basic … and that’s good!
Thank you for making this app. My remote just up and stopped working in the middle of Love is Blind Season 6. lol. But this app saved me. It was easy to connect. This will definitely work until i get a new remote but even then, this will be the app I use as my remote. I have looked before for an app but didn’t see any Samsung made apps so I wasn’t sure if any would work, but this one takes the cake. Thanks!
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4 months ago, JackieMac42
For Those Who Can’t Connect To Your TV
Took me a minute to figure this out. The app will hang up trying to reconnect to your TV if you’re starting a new session. You have to back out, refresh the scan and choose your tv again. Once I figured that out it was smooth sailing. The app works and allows me to use my tv again. Would recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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12 months ago, NeverShoutTreasure13
Was doing so good! but…
It was an awesome app! One of the best honestly! And I didn’t even mind the ads that popped up every once in a while. I thought about buying the ad free version, but after the bugs that have been going on as of late I don’t know that I will! Lately every time I try to use it, it seems like a button isn’t working (up won’t work or down won’t or it won’t go left or right sometimes). I don’t know what’s going on! If not for that honestly would’ve given five stars even with ads!
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1 month ago, Trisha cu
The app and keyboard
when I tried to click on the app section of the App itself the click didn’t not work out and when i did the keyboard and tgpe things that didn’t work for my tv. When accessing the internet app on rhe tv usiing this app the track pad didn’t work while browsing the internet app please developer fix this app. When I did one time purchase in the ad elimination the ads still pop up. What is wrong with this app. I hope the app developer fix this issue.
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2 years ago, nosamsung for me
So tired of bad business! The app worked great until it randomly asked me for a rating. I don’t usually participate but rated them a 5. As soon as I did the app went to crap, now my volume is stuck on high with sports using a commentator. Can I go back to change my rating? No bc the option doesn’t work. Wondering the motive here…being that it’s free must make me not the customer but the product. What they wanted was a rating and performed well until they got what they wanted. Which makes me wonder why not just continue to let me enjoy the app? Bc it’s capable of doing so….so Why not? Nope to Samsung!
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3 weeks ago, Jojo Alvarado
Works great!
I have tried many universal remote apps. This is by far the best one I’ve used without having to sign up for some ridiculous subscription. An ad will pop up from time to time bur Not even enough to be frustrated about it. If you need a remote from time to time when your is lost. I highly recommend this one.
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1 year ago, Dick3yF
The allow issue
I just pushed a button on my tv and the allow was still up there but the remote connected on my phone … So I dunno I haven’t had to reconnect yet so don’t know about that.. yep there are a lot of adds but who cares this app did what I needed to do when it’s 130 in the morning and I don’t want to search the bedroom for the remote :)
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4 years ago, Taylor Clegg
It has to reconnect a lot
This app works really well but there is a problem with it. I can’t connect this remote to my tv when it’s off so I have to manually turn it on by another remote. After that I have to allow this remote to connect to my tv by using my physical remote. Also, every time my phone turns off, it makes me reconnect it to the tv by using my other physical remote. I got this app so if I lost my physical remote, I could use this app, but in order to use his app, I need to connect it with my physical remote.
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3 months ago, jujubeez11
Samsung tv!
Didn’t have the exact same model of remote but found a similar one and it works! Mine doesn’t have buttons so i couldn’t click accept but it still connected with time and it works and it’s freeeeeee! Love! Was waiting for a new remote for 2 weeks but I have it now but I’m still using this app more 🤣
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6 months ago, Master Recourse
Smart Remote
I like the changeable remote image to fit my preference. I have a 8 year old Samsung in storage while I moved and bought a new Samsung TV, and it is nice to have the old nostalgic remote image on my iPhone. Better size buttons for my big finger. Most remotes have too many close-spaced buttons. This solved my problem. Nice soft application. I like. Civil Society Entrepreneur.
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12 months ago, Barbie Bria
It’s a great app only needs remote once to allow access to connect your phone to the TV
You do need the remote Once to allow access form your phone to the TV. There are a few adds other than that it’s perfect I have not used my remote for 2 weeks now try it out it might be what you need
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5 months ago, milliebob9710
this is the only samsung tv remote that i dont have to pay for and it works great! all the other tv remote apps that i have tried, you download it and then after a minute or two it won’t let you do anything unless you pay for it and i dont want to have to pay for a tv app.
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2 years ago, Common instinct
Some of the buttons on my Samsung remote fell off. This has helped me easily and quickly replace it. You don’t even have to worry about batteries. However, some of the features don’t work for me such as the new typing feature and sometimes I can’t change the volume for some reason. It is still better than using a physical remote.
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1 year ago, Raw Ability
By far the best Samsung remote in the AppStore
As the title says, I’ve tried all the other ones I came across and this one seems to work almost flawlessly, it’s worth paying the $1.99 for no ads plus it’s for life. Devs are regularly updating the app so that’s incredible. Best Samsung remote app by a long shot. Keep up the great work devs!
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2 years ago, liztal
Better than others with subscription
I went through more than 5 apps with expensive subscriptions that could not find my TV no matter how many time I rebooted and restarted my phone, my router and my TV. This one easily found and connected to my TV.
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3 months ago, Vinny Reggiannini
Typically touch screen issues
This app suits a very small purpose - when your physical TV remote’s batteries die. That’s it. It’s biggest failure is just like the touch screens in cars you have to always look down at the app to figure out what “key” you’re pressing. You can’t feel the buttons. Your fingers are just mashing glass - sometimes hitting the wrong button, sometimes hitting two buttons. There is a reason why physical keyboards are still the preferred method of input.
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4 years ago, W@cx
When in need
I give it a 5 because it simply was there when I needed it. Easy fast download. Not force purchase. Husband lost the remote and volume was on super nova. I couldn’t figure out how to turn the tv down from the buttons. And hold on to a grounded item to keep from getting blown away. Thanks!
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2 years ago, KendraKay9999
Contains spam
I downloaded this app because I was having trouble with my Samsung Remote. Unfortunately, the app contains advertisements as well as spam including a pop-up that my phone memory was full and offered another app to help clean it up. Before falling for that I checked the memory of my phone and had more than half of the memory available. While the controls work fine, this makes it difficult to trust.
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1 year ago, BecksLight
Keyboard function doesn’t work
The keyboard function doesn’t work. That was the main reason I purchased this app. The tech support, please let me know if there is a way to make the keyboard function work otherwise I have to get a refund .
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11 months ago, ndjdornf
Just ads
This is absolutely horrible it has to reconnect every few minutes. So that always takes 10 to 15 seconds then the ads are insane example if I turn on the tv and it’s to loud and I try to turn it down I get a ad right away then when it finally lets me I get 10 clicks down and another ad. I have had 4 ads just to turn it down or up. Changing Channels is horrible set up it’s just junk all the way around. Can’t wait for the new remote to get here!
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3 years ago, higutui
Apps stops working after every iOS update
The app works reasonably well. However, every time you update your iOS, the app stops working and requires to be re-connected to your TV. No big deal, if you have your original remote since it’s impossible to “allow” the device to be paired to your TV without the original remote. However, why would I need a remote on my phone if I had the original one?
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1 year ago, jay223323
No help
I lost the TV remote to my TV and I thought I can use this app to control my TV and apparently you have to click a with the controller like I lost my controller. How dumb is that? Never get this app if you lost your controller because you need your controller to click allow.
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4 years ago, GdsvczRgbfgjmc/(;:($!,
It stopped working
I used to love this app since it was very easy to use and didn’t take up much space. However around two weeks ago it stopped detecting my tv even when they were connected to the same network. It didn’t even detect the TVs that were in the surrounding apartments when before it did. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it around 3 times but I’ve had no luck.
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4 years ago, mavisvermillion4
Best Remote App Ever!
I got this app just in case I ever lose my tv remote and it works great. I love how there is a virtual remote and the touchpad is remarkable. I highly recommend this app. Install this and you will not be disappointed. There are no issues, bugs, or anything bad about this app. Please install and you will not regret it.
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2 months ago, how about no 69420
Long press please
The Media remote UI is my favorite. Please add a press and hold feature for the select button. Or if it’s already there, please tell me how to enable it. In Samsung’s YT app, holding the center button on a video (using the physical remote) will displays options like “Don’t recommend this channel” or “Not Interested.” I would really love the ability to do that with this remote.
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4 months ago, Willisdaillist
Good about 75%of the time
App is fine its free you cant go wrong adds are a little too frequent but agin its free, my only real issue is once in a while it wont connect to my tv and wont for like 2 days then…. Magically it works again worked for me for some time but will eventually push me to go buy a replacement remote thats why it doesn't get 5 stars.
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1 year ago, psalms138
This app works …. Usually. It does get finicky and won’t connect to the TV at times. I’ve had to remove it and redownload it several times. I bout the ad free version (totally worth it) however, I lose that when I redownload it, making me repay for the ad free version again. Not ok with that. But when it works, it works well and is easy to navigate…..
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4 years ago, son of jomu
Desperately needed fix
My Samsung tv remote doesn’t work so this app is the only thing I have that’ll work, but ads kept popping up every five seconds, so I paid for no ads, but the ads kept popping up and to my knowledge there’s no way to get my money back so I’m screwed and the only reason I don’t give it a lower rating is because this app aside from the ads is perfect so I give credit where it’s due
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2 years ago, MartinsGirll
Where’s the Remote🫣??
I love that when the channel changer goes missing that I have another option to turn the tv on/off AND change the channels. Setting the sleep timer is even easier on this remote😊!!
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2 years ago, H. Bear 291
No point, really.
The app works good as long as you don’t let your phone go to sleep. Every time the phone goes into sleep mode, I have to get permission to use the app controls by clicking on “allow”, using the Samsung remote that came with the tv. So, what’s the point in the app? If I am missing something, please let me know and I will change the rating to 5 stars if the problem can be fixed.
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1 year ago, P34787
So much easier
I find this app much better than the actual remote and it’s so much easier to use. The ads are not that bad at all. Don’t need to be in front of the TV to change the channel.
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4 months ago, SSTG 597
Display problems
Not user friendly, some buttons don’t work as they should, some buttons perform unexpected functions. Also, display of “remote” itself is too large for my iPhone screen and must be slid around to see the section I need. Graphic of remote cannot be downsized so I can see whole remote at once. Very frustrating and annoying. Sorry to say.
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1 year ago, Kylin Johnson
Samsung remote review
It is amazing it literally has every Samsung remote you will ever need. It connects right away after you pick your remote and connect to your tv device, I highly recommend getting this app
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4 months ago, PhillyBoy718
Best app currently available
I’ve tried virtually every ‘Remote Control’ app available, this is by far the best.. No annoying ads or pop-ups.. Many different style remotes to choose from, very cool feature.
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1 year ago, Sdographics
Ad pop ups reset everything I’m trying to type
When logging into a smart tv app, if I don’t type in my login info fast enough, an ad pops up, and I have to start all over again. I’m all for ad-supported apps, but when it prevents the user from being able to successfully use it, and forcing them to upgrade to the ad-free version, it’s very annoying.
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1 year ago, AK69U
Double A Ron
This works perfect and I love that I can use my phone keyboard to do everything instead of picking each letter one by one. I would recommend getting this app over others I have tried.
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2 weeks ago, egggman934681
It is a great app and very convenient but one thing I would change is the adds every so often it is just not great sometimes and they should add a holding feature
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4 years ago, jazmin u 3657
took to much time to connect
I downloaded this app because at the moment my control isn’t working and I just put in an order for an new one i so I needed something to control my TV. seeing all the good reviews on this app i downloaded it hoping it would work but is was disappointed i took to long to connect and really glitchy overall the app is ok 👌
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2 months ago, Kdottt.
This app is amazing
Best app fr, every other app its always some type of subscription or one time payment but this app just automatically lets you use it free of charge and the ads are very minimal, thank you to the devss!😁
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2 years ago, Rodriguessss
The app exceeds all my expectations!
I am absolutely thrilled to find an app that does everything I need and more nowadays. I don’t usually go out of my way to review an app but, I had to give credit where it is due.
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1 year ago, Very good🥳🤩🤪😜😝
It’s great and it helps out if I can’t find my remote my only problem with this app is that there isn’t many remote options available my remote (I found it) has different buttons than the remotes on here but everything else is great.
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4 weeks ago, DaddyKnowsBestReviews
It simply hasn’t worked 100% of the time.
It simply hasn’t worked 100% of the time. I wish it had but it did not. It worked for about two weeks and I kept it for about 1 month and finally it worked again. We shall see how long it works before failure again.
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2 years ago, jolee.miguel
I love the app other than the part where h have the ask if I can use this device when I need this app if I lose my remote and I can’t even use the phone bc I need the remote to say yes or no which is annoying but other than that it’s a pretty cool app.
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5 days ago, Steph3263
Its ok…
I have to turn the tv on first with the remotes my phone will connect then i can use the app which i guess is ok because the main reason I got it is because my husband falls asleep on the remote then I can’t turn the TV off without waking him up. I can use it to turn the TV off so I guess it works for me.😊
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