Remote for TCL Roku TVs

4.5 (94.9K)
70.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
12.3 or later
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User Reviews for Remote for TCL Roku TVs

4.52 out of 5
94.9K Ratings
7 months ago, Jayde_Nelson
Basically whenever it’s late at night, my brother likes to have his volume on his TV tremendously loud and I don’t like that because I need to get my beauty rest because I’m not gonna be able to be the princess of Arrindale and her bags under my eyes, but the thing is, is that our bedrooms are not together so that means my phone would have to reach his TV AND IT DOES 😜 I would definitely recommend this app. If you are looking to scheme somebody to power off their TV with your phone or if you lost your remote or just don’t wanna buy one so mad respect to the creator of this app now I can turn off his TV and that brought me a lot of joy may have even cared my depression*sniff sniff* ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ fantastic app
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1 year ago, Kpar2
Great programs
The variety of shows you can see on the Roku channel is amazing. Something for everyone for sure! I love finding old TV shows to watch the series and episodes I missed, some cases whole series because I wasn’t in the country or something. One small hitch are the commercials. But they’re short, not many of them, definitely not like on “real” TV and actually some them are quite interesting. I gave Roku Channel four stars because of their search abilities. It could be a lot more precise. I search for something and get a whole bunch of things related and I can’t find what I was searching for to start with. I needed to find an episode about a 1959 plane that was destroyed by a bomb, the first in the US. I want my husband to watch it but I can’t find it; I don’t know what the name of the site it was on and I couldn’t find it with the all searching I did.
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8 months ago, Lolfhdhrff36
Not Affiliated with Roku; Tracks You; Un-Exitable Ad Scam
This isn’t an app affiliated with Roku, despite the dark pattern of making it look like it is. There’s some fine print letting the user know this, but lots of the highly-rated reviews are clearly rating Roku as a service and not this Roku remote from a random developer. Aside from that it’s a bad app functionally. Constantly loses connection, settings aren’t persisted, etc. The worse things are that it requests significantly more permissions than needed. Typically this level of permissions is only requested when not actually needed when the app is tracking you and selling the data to third parties. The similar and infamous Flashlight App that requested all permissions and just sold all your data to ad companies (or worse) is another example of what this “Roku Remote” app is certainly doing. To complete the scam circle, this app includes unskippable, unexitable full screen ads. Not only is this pretty user hostile, but because there’s no way to exit most of the ads the user ends up clicking them accidentally (or exiting the app and reloading). This is ad fraud because the user never intended to click, yet the company gets paid for these clicks. You can defang this app with network wide ad blocking, something like a PiHole, which will block the ads, and kill the trackers in other ways, but largely not worth it just for the limited functionality this app provides.
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3 years ago, JasonfromMinnesota
Wow ! I’m surprised!?!? 😮🔱
Wow I have read some really bad reviews about TCL TV remote apps like constant advertisements and commercials videos every uses but this is simple and fast responding almost all of my friends have these Walmart tv sets and the remotes are broken and lost this make getting fatter at the in-laws home a lot easier! thank you 🙏🏾 to the developers of this application it work well and i’m Sure It is a thankless labor Thank You ~JASONFROMMINNESOTA
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1 year ago, solojump
This app can be made more simple. For some reason. The coders that do the programs on your app, also many other apps because your app does not stand alone , for some the men and women that design these apps just do not think as normal people. A lot of times, on certain applications, these coders do not go from A to B straight towards what is the final destination but sometimes they may start at P and walk through the whole alphabet to arrive at the final destination of the desired spot, in this example it is B. The programming just does not make sense at times. I know that there are problems with coding but LORDY, i think they get tied up in their own underwear. Keep trying guys, YOU WILL GET IT. Thank you for tour efforts though guys and dolls. GOD BLESS.🦋
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3 years ago, Hannah 33
It won’t let me Watch TV😡😭😭😡
It won’t let me press the OK button I can’t watch anything only thing it’s good for is the home the on the input the turnup turn down the play button and everything else on the remote but it won’t let me hit the OK button what good is there a mail if you have to pay to watch TV I tried Netflix I tried Disney+ I tried the Roku channel it did not work none of the others did 😡 we lost the Roku remote the other day and we cannot find it we had a different Roku app that works perfect Who would want to get A Roku remote app that you have to pay to watch Netflix and everything who would want to do that?????🤨🧐🤨I mean I can’t watch anything . I can only go up and down , I can’t watch anything😢😭.!.!
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2 years ago, The_TZA
Use Roku’s Official Remote App Instead
This app wouldn’t be bad if all of the features were unlocked behind the free version. You cannot tap a channel in this app and have it take you to that channel on your TV. That is a paid feature that is free on the Roku official app. The one good thing about this app is the interaction screen where you can swipe left, right, up, and down, but this is also a locked feature unless you pay for it. It doesn’t connect to the tv half the time unless you reboot your tv. The Roku app also does this, just not as much. Overall, this app is inferior to the official one.
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3 years ago, KR4Q
This is an app for a product that you purchased. It should be ad free. Instead it bombards you to subscribe to some roku service that no one cares about and then blocks remote functionality with timed ads that you can’t remove until they’re finished. Had this installed for a total of 3 minutes before deleting it off my phone. I was hoping to use it in place of the crappy unresponsive remote that came with the tv but looks like I’ll have to buy a universal remote. Buying products isn’t enough for companies, they want your data and to shove ads in your face as well. Complete garbage business model that turns users away all so they can make a few extra dollars
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10 months ago, cumminsgirl27
Roku Remote
Our son dropped our Roku remote in the toilet so we needed a quick fix. Got this app and it did what it was intended to do. Worked great for a while. Now there’s ads that pop up after you push the buttons on the app so many times and you try and click X to get off the ad but instead it takes you to the internet and then redirects you again to the Apple Store. Very aggravating. Would be giving it 5 stars otherwise but I’m constantly having to close the app and reopen it because of how the ads are now.
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2 years ago, Tinykittenlollipop
It works. Sorta
Ok button doesn’t work. I went to get the apps page and it was supposed to give me a 3 day free trial. Instead it charged me right away for it. We’ll all I need this app for is a few days till the actual remote I ordered arrives. I can’t afford to spend money like crazy just because an app refuses to cooperate. I’ll be disputing the charge with PayPal before the 3 days are up since I’ll be canceling the subscription to this anyway before those 3 days are up. Since this is supposed to be for the roku tv and works other than the ok button it gets some stars. This app won’t get that money.
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3 months ago, Yeitson
Since I installed the TCL remote control on my iPhone, my problems ended, because it was impossible to see my F1 and other applications, because my grandchildren took control and never remembered where they left it; but with this wonderful app my problems were over. I invite you to download this app and the problem solved, but you will never miss any program. 👏👏👏👏
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1 year ago, brooke.ash
Best remote app I’ve found in a while!
This remote app work’s awesome I personally can’t stand adds so I made the one time payment for it and it is so convenient I’ve had it for about a year and only ever had one issue with it once and they fixed it really fast for me! I definitely suggest this app over all others I’ve had a few others and none are near as good as this one
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6 years ago, EricaJanae2552
Love it
It absolutely works I’ve been using it since I lost my remote two weeks ago. Paid the two dollars to get the ads gone and it was totally worth it because I’ve never had any problems with it. It is so easy to use, if only Roku would have an update to where I could use this to type my searches in instead of using the remote to go letter by letter it would be amazing. But it is still the best.
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11 months ago, yeet god.
I love it
You don’t need to pick up your arm and hurt your hand to use it on your TV. You can literally have it at your side and press the buttons usually with my remote. I have to pick it up and pointed at the TV with my phone now IDon’t have to so it makes everything easier and also whenever I connect the app to my TV I just automatically turns the TV on
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1 year ago, Movement of Data
The remote tcl and the official version not working
Once you set up your tv somehow your account doesn’t recognize your phone or your email address then you have call customer service or email for help
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1 year ago, Honieraye Vaughan
The on/off button does not work!
This app is almost perfect. I was actually considering paying for the subscription, my issue is,the on and off button does not work. And that’s the main time you need it if you can’t even turn the TV on, what’s the point of use in the remote? Can the TV turn on or off with the premium subscription? If it does, then I will buy it. If not, then, there is no use in buying it. It’s great otherwise though.
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2 years ago, K_Manzz
Worked great… at first
Loved this app for my 55” TCL Roku TV and then…. It stopped working. After trying everything I could think of I deleted the program from my phone and reloaded from scratch. It will not recognize my TV. Checked the TV settings, tried manual connection, verified my home’s Wi-Fi system…. Got it to recognize the TV …. Until I turned the TV off … then unrecognized again. Something is unstable.
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11 months ago, FalconFury2598
One of the worst Roku apps ever.😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Do not download this app!! First of all it takes so long for it to connect to a tv and there is an ad every like 1 time you push a button do not download this app have you seen the other reviews. This app should be shut down immediately and the people paid for the paid version should get a refund because you will regret ever downloading this app. If I could give this 0 stars I would and so would the other people who reviewed this worthless fake app.
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2 years ago, AFeds02
If you lose your remote stupidly
If not so smart people lose your remote this is the app fore you!It works very well on your tv just have a charger next to you so you don’t have watch a stupid show will your phone charges otherwise great.
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2 years ago, Nezhoni
I love it
I've been familiar with Roku for a number of years but I thought it wouldn't be any good so ibstuck with Dish. Finally I bought a Roki tv and Roku stick and did away with Dish. Wish I would have done this years ago but better late than never 😃
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1 year ago, 5nickle5
Repeat user
The first time I used this, it was amazing! The second time I wanted to use it I couldn’t sync it b/c the tv wasn’t on. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I couldn’t find the remote which was why I wanted it in the first place so it was a bust. The third attempt just now it attempted to sync but never found my television for long stretches. Finally, this ‘please review this app!’ request pops up while it’s failing me. 😄 👎🏼 Was awesome when it connected to my tv. Haven’t managed to get to again. I don’t understand it.
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4 years ago, GwennieJean
Roku remote
This is the best app for me since I can’t find my remote control. I can actually turn the television off and on, and can increase or decrease the volume. It’s so much easier even to me than the normal remote that I can’t find! I love this app! Gwen Morgan
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2 years ago, QueenC1920
Interaction screen doesn’t work
I use this app when I’m in a different part of the house and I need to turn the volume up, down and rewind when my girls are napping. I would be satisfied with this app if the interaction screen actually worked. I purchased the unlimited subscription hoping that it would grant me access to the interaction page and something would actually appear. However it still remains blank. I would like a refund.
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9 months ago, MaeJosephine
Lifetime purchase /Ads
So I downloaded the app last night and it worked fine. I decided that I didn’t want the ads and decided that $15 for lifetime access isn’t bad. As soon as I clicked on it, it clearly didn’t sign me up for it so it better not have taken my money, but, it refuses to work correctly now. CMON ROKU!!! I’m still getting ads and not only that but I can’t clock out of them viewed… ugh!! Seriously??!!! Can we fix this please?
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7 months ago, haleymmcreary
Had to download cause Toddler lost remote
My daughter lost both of the Roku remotes for my living room. I just downloaded, paid for lifetime. Once I was past the trial page, it automatically found both of my TCL Roku tvs! I love it already!!
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5 months ago, Lolo1419bts
It’s good
I like the app, but it takes too long to load when it comes to the TV being off, I also don’t like the random ads popping up because I accidentally clicked them when I’m trying to use the controls but other than that it’s pretty good and I do recommend it
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1 year ago, Avbutcher
I started playing this app because my family lost the remote it was really nice tho mine is like blank so I have to like swipe it was really hard for me to learn first but it was really easy when I learned :)
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9 months ago, pWpTaD
The app itself is great. And I understand the ads and the option to pay to remove them. However, I’ve come across some ads that will not close. You have to close the app to get them to go away. If every app could be closed (after some time) it would be 5 stars.
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5 months ago, latin-49
To good to be true
Everything works as a control just to turn the tv on it doesn’t but to turn it off works great and to use it for other channels wonderful
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3 years ago, Wildbill38
Download this app a few years ago when it was free. It would okay adds before I could use it from time to time. So I paid the $2.99 for the app. Worked great for the last three years, until yesterday. Now it won’t connect to my tv. Found out why, I have to rebuy the app. It won’t let me restore my purchase either. I’m not paying $3/week $7/month or $15 buck for a remote. Crappy way to do business!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Bradadada
It works
It works, but not from your lock screen. It is better than the factory default remote, which didn’t work well when it worked at all. Voice command is also a shocking omission. Not being able to control volume from the lock screen is a larger problem, however. Still, it does work.
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3 years ago, R. Daneel Olivaw
Works perfectly
It immediately detected my TCL and controls it and the RokuTV perfectly. Better than the original remotes. It asked about purchasing and I clicked no. I haven’t noticed any ads yet
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2 years ago, dm765475
50% good 50% garbage
I paid for the premium remote and it worked amazing. Functionality was amazing and couldn’t of asked for anything more. BUT it only works about 70% of the time, only works when the tv is already turned on and for a $15 app that shouldn’t the case. Maybe I’ll spend that time to get a refund but who knows. OVERALL advice, dont buy.
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5 years ago, _az2019
Unreliable Application
I purchased this app and it worked for one day and now it will not work. Stuck at discovered device screen. I tried everything and will not work. Do not buy this app.
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6 years ago, Toybaby83
This app is great to use on your Roku tv when you lose the remote or just want an extra one. I would have given it 5 stars but there are just way to many adds that pop up constantly when you’re using it. Other than that it’s a great app.
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10 months ago, Katykay7689
This app works…..
I hate Roku remotes on phone but I could not find my regular one so i had to use my phone one and the stupid Apple ID thing won’t let me redownload it so I had to download another one that I never downloaded and I found this app so 4/5
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12 months ago, jldg44
Filled with ads and frustrations
I have a tcl Roku tv and thought this would be the ticket because the kids lost the Roku. Keeps taking me to the internet to ads and websites for their advertisers. Deleting and will not make this mistake again. The other ap for Roku remote is better, as I now recall when this happened in the past. Do not recommend whatsoeve.
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4 years ago, blahblahblabadeeblah
App works well, hate he advisements. Didnt have an alternative for my RV TV. TV has to be on in order for the app to connect and work on the same wifi. so long as i keep the app open I can use it to turn the tv on. Close out of the app, and you have to manually turn TV on to use app.
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3 years ago, mothereatsyou
It doesn’t work
My roku remote is lost so I need an app for it and I could turn it on once and then I couldn’t turn it on anymore and I also couldn’t use any of the other buttons please fix this
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5 months ago, BigKeee
Frequent Crashes
This remote is great when it’s actually operational. I paid for the lifetime service so that I could skip past the in app ads, best decision ever. However, the app takes forever to connect to my TCL tv and when it does the app renders, and render, and render. I have to close it out a few times in order for me to actually use it.
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2 years ago, starman616
Best mobile remote
This app works great if you lost your remote and in in ruins smoothly without any glitches and you get way more use if you pay for the premium
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5 months ago, defocus stevens
I bought this because I have bought 10 remotes in the last year because my kids keep losing them or breaking them. This app does not work unless you have a remote to the Tv. If the tv is off for a hour you can’t turn it on with this app makes it kinda pointless to own and it stoped working in day 4. How convenient right after free three day trial
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2 years ago, your mom and brother and dad
This is the best
I’m useing this and it’s so great but 2.99 for a week that’s dumb but the other ones are good but it’s worth it to spend 2.99 on this it connects very fast to the tv and it is very good sorry what I said
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4 years ago, this is a complant
Could be better
So when I first get on it starts loading it works then I go to play a game and I come back it works but when I waited for a while and I go back because my thing says are you still watching it won’t let me in and it keeps going to some thing that makes me tap on the thing but it’s never there could be better I don’t really like it maybe you could improve it to make it stop doing it
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12 months ago, Housegal5
Some buttons won’t work and you can’t turn the tv on, only off. Also they give you an ad after just about everything you do, and keeps trying to get you to subscribe to get everything in the app. Plus, you can’t go step to an app on the tv like you could with an real remote; You have to subscribe if you want to do that. This was not that great.
Show more
7 months ago, Steaknbaken
Actually works!
Most functional remote I’ve had for the Roku TV’s. Has a bunch of options besides just the basic remote also!
Show more
2 years ago, AliciaaDenise
Don’t waste your time or money. I downloaded this app, there were constant ads, and i dumbly made the mistake of paying for the ad free version, and now they’re taking $10 out of my bank acct every two weeks, with no option to cancel. I haven’t been able to get anyone to email me back no matter how many times I fill out the form on their website. USE ANOTHER APP.
Show more
11 months ago, wooftheyeeter
Good usage
I am honestly happy this app exist since I loose my remote so much. So with this app then I’m able to put on shows/movies until I find my remote again.
Show more
11 months ago, Mrp11111
One of the worst most frustrating apps I have ever used. When it works it is ok. When I connect the ap w the tv and home internet it connects ok…but…. It immediately switches to a credit karma ad and it takes awhile to get back to the remote ap. Sometimes I have to close out of the ap and then reload. I assume if I pay the fee, this won’t happen. It’s not worth it.
Show more
1 year ago, Fateofthorns666
App kinda blows sometimes
The remote does it’s bare essential functions when you don’t pay for it. But then again I think putting ads for a remote you bought the TV for is super annoying and a way to steal more of your money. Use if desperate.
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