Remote Mouse

4.6 (16.3K)
88.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
耀 阮
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remote Mouse

4.62 out of 5
16.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Killah Wheels
Remote Mouse is fantastic!
Remote Mouse is great and does exactly what they claimed it would. It was a quick install and I was using it within seconds of completing the installation. When I go to bed, I set my MacBook Pro at the end of my bed on a small end table, in order to watch a movie of some tv before I fall asleep. I had previously had to get up and down out of bed, in order to change the movie, adjust the volume or skip ahead to a different scene. I found Remote Mouse in the App Store and thought I’d give it a try. I LOVE it and I can literally control my whole computer just from my phone. The mouse response is quick and accurate and the features are plentiful! I would highly recommend this app if you need to control your Mac from your phone. Also, using your phone as a trackpad is a nice change, from using the featureless mousepad. I give this app 5 stars!
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6 years ago, IWannaMeetKanyeWest
“Connection failed” issue
This app works great most of the time, however while I am using the app, I tend to lock my device in between using the app (as you would put down a TV remote when you’ve found a program to watch) rendering me unable to reconnect unless I delete the app on both devices and reinstall it. This usually is the only way to get it to work again. Manually reconnecting the devices just results in a connection failure message. This is why I haven’t bought the Pro version, to avoid complications of restoring purchases every time I have to reinstall the app just to connect again. When it is connected however, it works well. The connection problems are the only issue I’ve faced so far. Thanks for the app, it’s saved a lot of getting up and walking to the laptop to change anything on it. Oh and the iPad app not having the keypad accessible is also quite a restriction, but even on the iPad app I face this “connection failed” issue, so it’s not just my devices.
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4 years ago, Dangggggtrsdewe
Seriously awesome
This is so great. I truly love this app. It works absolutely perfect for my needs. My needs may be a little different than others, but for me I can't tell you how much of a game changer this was. I watch my computer stuff on my main tv and I usually use a wireless mouse to control things. I was tired of getting up to type or struggling to pause quick enough. So I thought about buying a whole wireless keyboard which would just be more mindless consumerism and waste. Instead, in comes this app! Now I can do everything from my phone and, for example, just easily press the space bar to pause most modern media platforms. I will probably buy Pro not because I need it, but because I so much appreciate the developers.
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3 years ago, Mr. Icee
broke my trust
I’m unaware if it’s some sort of error but I am not unable to use it at all, used to show my computer via wifi just fine, I would pay if I was given the option, and not forced. seems very slimy to allow me to use it and suddenly now I can’t connect via bluetooth when it won’t show up via wifi, like it always would. excuse the run on sentences but I don’t care to write this review with perfect grammar because of how lame of an action this is, I was allowed to use bluetooth to connect to my computer now I can’t, I can’t even use it so I might as well delete this app. I don’t know who’s idea it was to try and nickel and dime us but you’ve lost a formerly loyal customer. until I can at the very LEAST use remote mouse via wifi I’m not gonna consider spending 14 dollars, I was fine with this glitch when I could also use bluetooth but they moved it to be behind a paywall, I’m probably just gonna find some way of solving this without their app such as a touch screen bluetooth mouse alternative. don’t waste your 14 dollars on people who clearly don’t care. I may be wrong given this is some sort of software error, but it doesn’t seem like that, it seems very suspicious. edit: I’m not the only person having ip/wifi connectivity issues, so it isn’t something on our parts. if I can’t use the base service for free without all the extras you don’t deserve my money. I’m sure the paid version works, not cool guys.
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3 years ago, Zaqwsxcdeef
Great app
It’s a amazing app I love it honestly it’s beyond useful for me and the fact there’s keyboard and the other options I only have the free version but the features that come with the paid version would make this a 5 star for sure the reaction speed is nice the mouse is a a little slow but I think that’s good for precision there’s a few things I think could be better like the left click hold it’s a double tap hold it’s a little weird and sometimes doesn’t work but honestly it’s not a problem the scroll bar sometimes doesn’t work like for Netflix app and actual apps but works fine on websites but everything bad or wrong is so minor it’s not even a problem I just wish I had the paid version but I have issues with Apple payments or I’d get the paid version I highly recommitment this app it’s great
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3 years ago, himmyanownoardsz
Has come a LOOOONG ways from when this was originally released.
I remember trying to use this app years ago and it was basically just a lie , you couldn’t type you couldn’t use it as a mouse it was like you could press play on wi does media player or something and rewind lol . It has come a very long ways since then so if you haven’t used it in a while and still have a bad taste in your mouth from it . Trust me I did too but saw some videos , decided to give it a shot and boy am I glad I did , pretty much a game changer , especially if you always are forgetting your mouse or keyboard all the time .. like me ha . A++++ SOLID app guys , good work , actually excellent work !
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5 months ago, VideoMan363
Don’t waste your time
Hasn’t worked for me in months. They put features like Bluetooth behind a paywall after they used to be free. Devs seem to be obsessed with getting money from you to the point that the app is annoying to use. No, I’m not going to let you track what I’m doing. Stop asking every time I connect to my PC. If you’re like me, you’ll download this app as a band-aid fix for some issue you are having. I just needed a simple way to control my computer from the couch. You’ll accept the limitations of not paying for a ridiculous subscription and you’ll use the app more and more. Over time, it will get worse and worse until all it does is make you angry when you open it, but there’s no other good option, right? I’m here to tell you that you might as well just use TeamViewer. Maybe it’s a bit slower to start up, but it’s what I’m using to avoid this utterly obnoxious app. Or just get a wireless mouse.
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5 years ago, Johnnyg56
Works perfectly, does everything you could want it to.
Download app, download desktop app, open desktop app, boom. You’re set up. I can’t feel any latency at all and the mouse feels very fluid. There are many options to adjust things like sensitivity if you would like. The app has all kinds of functionality beyond the trackpad, too, including a keyboard, media controls, taskbar selector, function keys, etc.. I would recommend this app to anyone. It saved me from buying a wireless keyboard and mouse for use on the tv. Now, I wouldn’t recommend it for intense work or gaming, but it’s great for simple remote use. I like to use it to open games on my computer, then I use an Xbox controller to actually play them. Overall, for the functionality it promises, this app does great.
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5 years ago, Pelagicide
Works perfectly
My laser mouse died after falling off my desk and I needed a mouse in a hurry- came to the App Store and unfortunately tried another app before this one that failed as often as it worked, like every other time. Tried this one and it is perfect- and if you buy the pro version you can even program custom hot keys which is very handy. I really like this app and even though I replaced my mouse I still use this app a lot, having a track pad is pretty handy. Nice app especially after trying the other one which was completely frustrating- this hasn’t gliched yet!
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3 months ago, Brad1212432
Connection Failed Connection Failed Connection Failed Connection Failed
Man this app is amazing…..when it connects. I spent the buck or two for pro and it was EXACTLY what I wanted. Keyboard & mouse👍 however, I gotta ask…what is the point of having to uninstall & reinstall the app on both devices every time I close my laptop. I mean I have Bluetooth connected on both devices, I tried directly connecting thru the IP. It’s just “ Connection Failed Connection Failed Connection Failed Connection Failed Connection Failed Connection Failed Connection Failed Connection Failed”. If ur cool with keeping ur laptop on, never turning it off. Then you are good. It sounds so petty but jeez. It’s so fricken annoying. And by the look of it I am NOT the only one dealing with this. Just for once why can’t something work…consistently. I’m on PC btw for anyone reading this
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6 years ago, ja929
Need version prior last update
Since the upgrade and move of the switch panel and mouse to the bottom of the screen I am having more problems to move the mouse from my phone as the bottom half of the screen now has the panel and the buttons and that requires to slide my finger on the upper screen half which is quickly tiring my whole hand and arm. Also now the option to switch off is way to the right of the switch panel which makes is hard to hold the phone, slide the panel and to push the button using my left hand only. For that reason I would like to switch to the older version with the switch panel and mouse at the top of the screen which eases up the use for me and makes the app more accessible.
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2 years ago, SOLOW Coastin
Like you may have seen in other reviews, I too have had a decent experience with this app within the first month or two of use. No connectivity issues, no glitches or bugs, and it operates very smoothly. I just open up the app, PC is immediately connected and fully operable through the app. How convenient! Why pay for an app that functions perfectly fine in its "free" stage?? I could pay for it. I mean, its only $15 for the full experience. Not bad! Well, heres the thing. Once you make it very clear that you'd rather stick with the basic free version, eventually the whole app just goes to $#!+. Strange. With that being said.. last week I thought to myself "maybe I'll just buy the pro version. I've used the app long enough to trust it", despite my previous disappointment. Well.. I paid the $14 and to this very DAY, it does NOT WORK. My PC shows up in the connections list, phone and pc both connected to the same WiFi. But to no surprise, I keep getting an "unable to connect" alert. Same thing I kept getting before I wasted $15 on this joke of an app. In conclusion, I'm done. Highly convinced I have been scammed and I will be reporting this app. Good riddance.
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2 years ago, vrillusions
Forgot to mention a feature. Removing Bluetooth connectivity
I only use this once or twice a month so may have missed the specific version this was removed but now for Bluetooth connectivity requires a subscription account. It’s one thing if a subscription adds some extra features but when those added features were once free it feels a bit deceitful. Then being a subscription service it doesn’t make sense for me to subscribe for the little I use it. Deeply disappointed how developers switch to a subscription and leaving us occasional users by the wayside. What’s next? Only work for 60 seconds before requiring an advanced pro subscription? I want the old version. It worked fine and didn’t have features taken away from it to force people to subscribe.
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2 years ago, BzerkleyB
Best app but one suggestion
First off, this app is a game changer and a must download. The one suggestion I have is for the sound functionality when you left or right click to NEVER override Bluetooth music. Right now if you are playing a song on your phone it turns off whenever you click. This should be a setting that is defaulted to be off because who would ever want music or whatever they were playing to be turned off and instead here a clicking audio noise. Thanks Dev that made this. You’re awesome!
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2 years ago, Kay22557
Remote Mouse Changed My Life
The title is not an exaggeration. I was diagnosed with a rare tissue disorder at 21 which left me unable to use a keyboard and mouse for a computer and unable to work physical labor. I had to drop out of college and spent 2 years figuring out what to do with my life before experimenting with Remote Mouse. I am once again able to fully use a computer due to the touch screen instead of using physical keys, and have since re enrolled at university and feel like my life is moving forward again.
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6 years ago, Avenuenick
Works great, but minor bug in new update
This app works so well, but the newest redesign, while looking great, has now defaulted to show the keyboard automatically every time I bring up the app. This is inconvenient as I’m not generally typing, but rather using it for, you know, the mouse function. My thumb naturally stays towards the bottom of my screen so imagine my surprise when I go to move the mouse and accidentally hit a few random keys instead and end up messing up whatever I was doing on the screen. Yes I can tap to make it disappear, but I’d like to to not show up until I ask it to. The settings doesn’t offer it as an option. Please address this.
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3 years ago, FPR18
Works great with my PC!
The synchronization with my device iOS and my PC it’s fantastic. It’s very easy to use and it’s very helpful even more in those moments when you don’t want to use keyboard and mouse anymore. I recommend 100%.I did all the steps, using it feels like a real mouse. Feels smoother, it’s comfortable when you’re typing and moving the mouse toward all the places you need to. Also the remote controller function it’s awesome specially in the moments when you’re relaxing and watching your favorite content. It’s perfect and I recommend the app 100%.
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4 years ago, Khaleesi Targarian
Fantastic Laptop Remote
I do not own a TV, as I use my laptop for TV streaming. I often like to fall asleep to a movie or TV show, and was looking for a remote I could use to turn my laptop off before bed, when I’m done. This app is perfect! Not only does it allow me to work on my laptop from afar, but when I go to bed I can use it as a TV remote and either turn my laptop off or put it to sleep. This app is fantastic!
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3 years ago, Roots of 0
Something weird about the keyboard
This app use to work great to allow me to control my computer from a distance, but after coming back to it after a long break it doesn’t seem to work well anymore. There’s something weird about the keyboard keys doesn’t behave in the same way as typing a key on a real keyboard and as such some programs simply won’t recognize inputs from the app. Additionally pressing any key not available on an iPhone keyboard think Ctrl, esc, etc has been locked behind a subscription based paywall not that I have much confidence those keys would work either.
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3 years ago, BroTankFrank
An amazing amount of functionality but feels bloated
What would make this app truly game changing would be some sort of way to customize or “favorite” keys/commands. I think a favorites tab would be an ideal step forward for the Pro version of the app. I find myself constantly having to switch tabs in the app trying to find the volume, and then having to switch again for something different such as “task view” Other than that it is a great app but i won’t use it due to other products working better (Xbox controller, mouse remote, etc.)
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1 year ago, Traciepbnj
Easy to use
This is a great app. I’m using it as an adaptive mouse for computer access for a client who has motor impairments. I wish the text in the screen was adjustable for a larger font size. The predictive text feature seems to be disabled except when using swipe typing on the smaller iOS keyboard. It works in other apps, so wonder why it isn’t in this app. Would recommend this application!
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6 years ago, Dustin4SQ
Best for PC for TV
Giving it 4 starts due to Pro Version keeps popping up on start up and only lets you use 70% of the options but still lets you use the important options witch is the mouse and keyboard witch mostly matters other then that, Super easy to setup. works Instantly everytime you open it. Had lots of options I have been using this app for years and anytime I get a new phone it automatically syncs up on it’s own. Don’t need any other app. I mite just buy the pro version it would be worth it.
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5 years ago, Nathaniel Rico
A great app, however there are a few setbacks.
I don’t know for sure, but I think there’s a feature to lock the gyro mouse in place, but it may be only for pro, or it’s a feature that doesn’t exist, in which case I would request an option to toggle the gyro mouse, since it’s a struggle to move the mouse while holding the button down. Overall, great app, great performance, but just a few tweaks and it should be as right as rain :)
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4 years ago, Dacoolnerd
Such a useful app for a couch potato like me!
I never leave ratings on apps but today is the first time in 10 years that I have been so fascinated of this app! I love the usage of the keyboard and the mouse feature—while I type, I can navigate around the page and expand text boxes if I need. A cute addition is the customization of the wallpaper—I put a picture of myself as a reminder to love myself :)
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3 years ago, John Moni
Work Great Before and Now not so Much
First off, I use to love this app it was perfect for a lazy person like me and it ran seamlessly on Windows 10 and Mac fine. But, when I updated my computer to Windows 11, this app became a nightmare and in some situations it worked and other it just gives a connection failure. The manual connection connect function doesn’t do anything at all. This app need a update for Windows 11 user because it doesn’t want to work and it so annoying. Thanks for your guys hard work tho!!!
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2 years ago, Average Broke Man
Does Not Work
Got the app downloaded on pc and iPhone. Tried to connect via Wi-Fi, and it would not work. Tried Bluetooth, and it worked immediately and flawlessly for about 15 minutes, then it disconnected and refused to work anymore. Tried Wi-Fi and Bluetooth again repeatedly after restarting my computer and phone, but no luck. I do not recommend this app.
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3 years ago, KrispyCarlos
Love this app!
I usually don’t rate apps but this app is just so perfectly tailored to my needs that I couldn’t help it lol Do you ever remember that time that you left your computer on and got in bed. You’re all cozy and what not and ready to head to sleep. But all of a sudden you hear the sound of fans speeding up blowing hot air out of your pc. Or you just don’t like sleeping in bright spaces and your pc screen is keeping you from achieving total darkness in your room. Would you look at that?! There’s an app that lets you turn off your pc from across the room 😮🤯🤯🤯🤯🥳 It’s a party!! You no longer have to sacrifice your comfort in bed or leave your warm spot in your cold room. Thanks to Remote Mouse :)
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5 years ago, Ender AzOphie
Update downgraded quality for ipad
I have used and loved this app for years, across numerous devices, it's never failed me... until now! OK, it's seemingly minor, but actually a huge deal, on ipad the usable surface area on the track bad has been cut off at he edges. It's terrible actually, probably 30-40% of the screen goes unused now. I hate it, I had this app rated at 5 stars for years and downgraded to 3 stars because of how much this changes the functionality. Terrible design move. if anything, have one app for mobile and one for iPad.
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1 year ago, phibanachi
Slow pointer
It takes about a minute to click on anything the pointer is slow or erratic . I just get up and walk across room to laptop and use track pad it’s easier than using this app and much less time consuming. I have brand new iPhone 14 pro max and brand new Apple silicon laptop. So it’s not my gear that is the problem. If anybody else has this issue would love to hear about it. I’ve used blue tooth and have gone through the router as well it’s just slow and time consuming it’s nothing like apples majictrackpad pad which is what I use instead it’s super fast and responsive.🙏
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5 years ago, Koublik
I’ve downloaded tons of games and apps from store, but this is simply the app that’s working from step one till the end. No adds no bugs no delayes nothing annoying. In hand you get so easy and simple mouse app and on the other very detailed. One more thing would be useful and thats the horizontal scroll bar underneath the mouse pad. Thanks for this app.
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5 years ago, gulibale
Happy yet not
Because I lost my mouse it works great my only concern is I paid $1.99 and only one of the functions is available don’t understand why I paid to go pro Win every time I open one of the new functions it asks me to pay $1.99 again not sure if it’s a glitch in the system or what but is the only displeasing thing I have found about this app if there is a problem I hope they can fix it and maybe give me my money back if it’s not going to do what I paid for it to do
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3 years ago, Mykbibby
Dream Feature…
I have been dreaming, desperately, of a very specific feature. I often use the iPhone and iPad to display documents at a distance further than arms length. My dream feature would be for the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown to be able to scroll the screen of whatever is displayed on my iPad or iPhone. That’s it. It’s so simple, but if Apple’s rules allow for something like this, it would literally be a dream come true. This app is the only app even in the ballpark of implementing something like this, which is why I give it five stars regardless. But if you could pull this off — you’d have a six star app, and a customer for life. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Lil simple
Extremely User Friendly Interface
This app is very simple to set up (I downloaded it on iPhone —> Windows 10) My mouse had died and I wasn’t able to charge it, but I still had things I needed to do. It couldn’t have been easier to set up and start using. I was able to get it running about 1 second after downloading the app lol.
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5 months ago, Masso Chailly
Gyro mouse not working in Bluetooth connection
I am going to use it mainly as a presentation remote, and hence the gyro mouse is essential. It seems that the feature works only in the WiFi connection (but not in the Bluetooth connection). On my business trip, usually I don't have WiFi available. Is it difficult to implement it in Bluetooth connection? It would be nice if the gyro mouse button bugger so that I can easily reach it during my presentation.
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6 years ago, TiffTrimmy
Works great!
Our toddler is always losing the mouse so I went on the hunt for a good app to use my phone as a mouse. This one works great for us. No ads, besides being asked to upgrade every once in a while, which makes it even better. Its simple and straight forward to use. I only wish I could use it with both my phone and my husband’s.
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1 year ago, kjzjdi
So worth it
I love this app. Instead of buying a smart tv, I just connect my computer and use the app. The subscription is totally worth it and I’ll probably never stop using it. I’ve had issues every now and again but developer is very quick to resolve any serious issues
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6 years ago, Super_App_rater
Very good app
This app is extremely good compared to any other app like this. There are yea pop up adds only ones at the top and bottom and not in the way. The only paid for feature is having a horizontal screen. I highly feel that this app is better than a mouse. I recommend you get this app.
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4 years ago, George Orr
You need to pay to control media
I wish they would of said right up front you have to pay to control media. I don’t like not being told after the fact I need to pay. Being not transparent makes me question what else is in terms and conditions. Like can I trust them? They got their 1 chance. Mine will be deleted next. It also looks like there is a permanent and constantly ON connection between iPhone and computer when using this. They need to explain this as I feel I am losing privacy. What else can they also access?
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2 years ago, KoE28273647391&
Computer not detected through Bluetooth
I've never been able to get the app to work through Bluetooth. My iPhone is discoverable and connected to my computer through Bluetooth for other apps, but for some reason this app won't detect my computer. The FAQ is not helpful for this. Also wish there was a way for the app to work with VPNs without having to turn them off.
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6 years ago, drmusa89
Saved me!
This app was discovered when several keys crashed on my laptop. My backup laptop is at my other residence and I use my computer for business and casual affairs. I couldn’t even type in my passwords for important websites. Thank you Remote(mighty)mouse for this wonderful application. My new keyboard is on its way but I may still use your app. I HIGHLY recommend this product- great work!
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5 months ago, guestw11h
Needs Microsoft Remote Desktop assistant to work
This app won’t work if you don’t have Windows 11 Professional — you also need to have REMOTE DESKTOP ASSISTANT installed from Microsoft or it will have very much trouble connecting and staying connected to your PC. Please let your users know this.
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11 months ago, EMC-iPhone
I LOVE this app but I’m rating 3 stars right now because I keep experiencing a glitch that will not let me connect to my computer even if I have my Bluetooth on correctly and have tried to connect via IP. The only way to remedy the glitch is to uninstall and reinstall the app on my phone which is very annoying. I still love the app and will update to 5 stars when this is fixed
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4 years ago, 📕📗📗📗📕📍🖌📒📌📍🖇✒️
This app is lagging and being weird
I added password connection then thought of disabling it which I did. But then when I wanted to use remote mouse it says that I need to put a password still. When I delete it and downloaded back it automatically connects to my computer when on installing page. It’s being laggy and weird. But please fix this, this app is good but started to lag a lot. I want to watch on my computer so bad. Please fix this really quick.
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5 years ago, Alanrojascerro
It is just awesome
Not complicated config, it just magically works awesome. Few years a go I would think this app was a click bait, but I gave them a chance and I don’t regret. I would love to see my computer screen in my cell phone screen for the next act though, if it is not much to ask 😅😉
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2 years ago, shermanator
Don’t waste your time. There are alternatives.
Used this app years ago and it functioned perfectly as advertised. After reinstalling today, it’s simply trash. Not only do base functions like connecting to your computer seem to be faulty, but basic functions such as Bluetooth connection are now behind a paywall. The desktop app also appears to run in the background when exited, likely collecting data. Be sure to hard scrub it from your drive. Shameful dev team. I’d give 0 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, Elderly banana
Was hesitant at first but it works!
Got tired of getting up to change whatever I was streaming from my pc to my tv and this was an absolute perfect solution. Setting it up took me maybe 3 minutes and it was up and working perfectly fine. Definitely recommend.
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1 year ago, DeMarco000
Great App
I used the computer for watching everything and when I connect to a tv it’s always been a pain to get up and change episodes or movies but with this app it’s so easy to control my computer from where ever I’m sitting. I love it
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1 year ago, Very Sad Customer Named Tia
Stopped working
I've been using this for about a year or so with no hiccups. It's been free for a long time up until today. It was blocking me from using it until I got the "pro" version, although the way it was worded and set up made it seem optional. I was even willing to purchase it for its use until I get a wireless keyboard, but it won't recognize any form of payment. (There's nothing wrong with my payment methods either.) Very frustrating and I've just now deleted it.
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5 years ago, memyelf
Was working fine but
This app was working fine without paying for more features. I could use it on the Internet and write with it on the search line but not anymore. Only thing I can do is move mouse but no keyboard working at least my case b
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1 year ago, El Guapo 1921
I installed this on my PC. When I pulled up Task Manager, I noticed that Remote Mouse had TWO separate processes running. There might be some legit reason for this … but when I attempted to cancel one of the processes, it IMMEDIATELY started right back up again. The only way I could get Remote Mouse to not be running was to stop the Remote Mouse Service. Again, there might be some legit reason for this, but as a 40 year PC technician, my paranoid meter was maxed out, so because I couldn’t trust it anymore, I uninstalled it !!!
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