Remotie: remote for Samsung TV

4.3 (22.3K)
44.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Remotie: remote for Samsung TV

4.35 out of 5
22.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Urbane Movement
Worth the upgrade
I downloaded then upgraded the app and it has enhanced my experience with my Smart TV. Searching for stuff is easier thanks to the keyboard and pulling up apps is more seamless. The touch pad function needs work though. It’s slightly easier to navigate with the web browser using the touch pad, but outs unclear how to use it to actually select stuff. That’s perhaps the biggest downside, but if they fix this, I would use my TVs web browser a lot more. In summary, its not perfect, but it’s way better than the remote.
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5 years ago, wloyd2k1
Ad happy
I used an older version of this app for quite a few years and never really had issues with it at all. I recently updated my device and decided to get all my apps up to date as well. This app connects to my tv fine and has auto connect once you open the app which is an improved feature over the older version I was using. However, I can still use volume up/down and that’s about all its good for. If a swipe the remote over to go the the smart hub remote controls, every button has the pop up ad to purchase the full version. That’s quite annoying but even worse is it won’t let you access smart hub AT ALL!!! Then on top of that, you can’t even get back to the volume and channels control screen because of the annoying pop up. I closed the app, removed from background, disconnected from tv and now every time it opens it goes straight to smart hub controls screen with all the annoying pop ups. This is is absolutely useless junk. Deleted from phone.
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3 years ago, LinaTheKitsune
I’m surprised
I’ve used other remote apps before but they all failed, this one actually worked, and yes there is a paywall for some features, but I think that is fair, I mean they have to raise some money to keep their app alive, and the good thing is that the remote control is free, which others don’t have, and I like that, the only reason, I’m suprised a developer actually thought a bout people’s need and aren’t money hungry like others, and everything is fair play to be honest, I don’t really complain about the paywall thing for typing since I understand the reason, everything about is app is good and when I entered the pin it worked!! So I like this application.
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4 years ago, Chanté1111
NO GOOD-need Samsung remote or DISH remote to Approve app remote
CAN NOT USE UNLESS APP’s APPROVED EACH TIME! To approve the app I need either my “Samsung TV remote” which defeated the purpose of this app for me(I wanted it when remotes were lost) OR I need the “DISH remote” try and put it on TV mode to approve the apps remote to use ...EVERY SINGLE TIME! With older version of app & before updating remote, the approval was every so often-this is unfortunately what I felt I had to deal with not paying for it, which I was fine tho I thought, WHY, once you have approved an app would you need to continually approve it? It would be best to put a setting on it that YOU could CHOOSE how often you want to have it approved. I would choose ONCE! THIS IS FRUSTRATING NOW NOT WORTH IT I GUESS UNLESS YOU PAY? But I don’t know if approval would go away then either?!
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3 years ago, President Joe Biden
It’s a awesome app that is free and I very much enjoy using this app since one of the buttons on my remote is broken it allows us to use that button. Although I would say there are adds and they appear without notice which is annoying and they come kinda often. But beside that way better than any other app I used.
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4 years ago, Cancel dater
It works....
Ok, so it does do everything it says except the track pad feature i tried deleting and reinstalling and restoring and nada, but it also seems so dull and not optimized the app itself barely reacts to what you do and the only way to know if it did anything is by looking at the tv. I paid for the features on here but overall it isn't worth it. I found another app with more features a widget app and apple watch app for the for less than $10 for all the features and they work! So unless they do something with this app I won’t be coming back to it.
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7 years ago, Average user
Displays full screen only
The app works when the tv is on but lacks polish and support for modern multi app ui. The app only opens in full screen mode. It should allow for split screen mode with the Apple TV remote. It only works in portraits mode which is makes for an awkward position when using it while attached to the apple keyboard. Landscape mode support is a must and an easy fix! The app cant communicate with the tv while it’s off so turning it on still needs to be done with the normal remote. Not needing that remote is the point of buying this remote. Way too complex of a UI. Copy apple in this regard. There are only a few things that I do every time, power, volume and set sleep timer. Create a UI configuration that allows us to customize by hiding and showing diff things. For instance, why show the numbers and channel picker if i don’t use it. So by observing my usage ask if it should hide buttons that are never used.
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6 years ago, six34
Was really pleased with the app until I had to retype my email address into Netflix. After every individual letter was selected, an ad popped up to download/pay for the full version. Unfortunately my email address isn’t exactly short. It took 5 minutes or more just to type my email because I had to click the X at the top, and swipe off of the unavailable keyboard side of the remote. Extremely annoying. I can handle occasional ads, especially with a free app, but it’s a bit excessive to have to do that after every single letter.
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4 years ago, EssieD.
It really works
I thought it wasn’t going to work (as I’ve been through several remotes that says universal). But this remote is the truth! And it works on multiple devices. I really love it. And a big plus is that it doesn’t use too much space on my phone. I don’t have to delete and re-add the app once downloaded to continuously use it.
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4 years ago, SuperMollyChan
Very annoying interface with ads
Ads pop up way too frequently, AND once you exit them, you land on the second slide which automatically displays their ad for upgrading... so you can easily fall into a loop of ads you have to carefully manuever out of just to get back to the free controls!!! Was trying to use my smart tv’s browser keyboard but it was so frustrating since the ads on this app kept interrupting! I definitely won’t support this app since their UX is crap- cannot annoy me into buying anything. 🙄
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2 years ago, Mcline0777
Finally…A Samsung Phone Remote that Works!!!
I’ve tried using the Samsung Smart Things app and it takes 30s+ to get that app to mute my TV if I get a work call. All I wanted was everything this app gives. It’s working just like the Apple TV remote. Open it and pushing buttons on that TV remote without any further buttons. Perfect!!
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4 years ago, LoLoMac
The last thing you want a remote to do- this does it
What good is a remote on your cell phone that disconnects from the TV everytime you open an app or if a phone call comes in or text message. And then you are left with the connect screen waiting and waiting..... Yes, there’s a auto connect button you can use in the settings but it doesn’t work. And I paid for the upgraded version. And the keyboard doesn’t work on the search screen on the TV.
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3 years ago, Joselo76
Work ok
Work ok with a Samsung smart TVs. Still have to turn it on another way other than the app and still have to allow and connect every time the phone screen turns off. Annoying!! Have to set the “auto-lock” to “never” and keep the app on screen.
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4 years ago, MrPhatdaddy
Just what I need in a remote!
This app is fast and is a perfect alternate when we can’t find the physical remote! Too bad Samsung didn’t make it so you could turn on the TV using a network command. Perhaps the author could provide a single button that turns the TV on through a CEC command from an attached HDMI device.
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4 years ago, Freacadelike
Free Version used to work well
Used to use the free version bc I would always lose my remote, anyways the free version worked fine and I didn’t mind the occasional advertisements. However recently I’ve noticed whenever I leave the application my phone has to reconnect. It was so annoying so I ended up buying a different remote app. Anyways I’m sure this isn’t an issue with the upgrade version
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3 years ago, Theplayah7
Have to pay for each phone to have app.
A bit misleading, should just charge you upfront. Problem is I paid the $3.99 for my phone after being annoyed by the ads and then went to get from the cloud for my daughter’s phone and I would have to pay the $3.99 over again because you have to “get” the app from the store and then buy again to make it work. You’re better off paying up front for another app and then be able to load on your other Apple devices.
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3 years ago, Marc WithAC
Terrible App
Downloaded the free version. Hit with ads every time I tried a function or button. To make it worse, the ads are for weird nonsense. Makes it an annoying and difficult user experience. So I paid for the premium, which constantly freezes or disconnects. Customer service was not very responsive and of no help. I got a vague email response asking me if both my app and TV we're on the same network. Of course they were, so now what? No response. I'm deleting this app & demanding a refund.
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3 years ago, dsp28
Don’t pay for this app.
I paid for the upgrade and half the time the control doesn’t even work. I try to use it and it doesn’t link to the tv. It was working fine at first but now I have to refresh the app 30 times before it even links to the tv. And then when it finally does if my phone locks I have to start the whole process over again. It just feels pointless. I thought it would be convenient to have my control on my phone but I guess not.
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4 weeks ago, good or bad nobody knows
Ads but works
When people say it doesn’t work. I have an idea. Mirror your phone to the tv once the tv turns on un mirror and it should pop up in devices. I lost my remote but this works! Btw remove the ads every time you click a button
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4 years ago, ATPick
Can’t replace the remote
I like the integration of this app with my tv except that the app cannot automatically connect to the tv unless the tv is already on. Even then it requires approval every time. Even if the screen just goes to sleep the app has to reconnect. So, I can’t use the app to turn on the tv (even though using my iPad for mirroring can turn the tv on)and it frequently has to take a very long time to reconnect. I’ll keep looking.
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4 years ago, lovemebrayneteezrz
Better than others
I’ve downloaded 6 other remotes and This one seems to work the best... I mean they’re all not great but this one doesn’t have an ad pop up after every click... only after a while of using it.
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5 years ago, DuckManiac
App is OK
App found my device and setup was easy and after paying to remove the ridiculous number of ads, most remote features function. However, it will not turn on my device. Since my Samsung Smart TV doesn’t have an on/off switch I must use a different remote to turn on the TV. Since the dog ate my original remote while the tv was on, this app does me little good after using the app to turn off the tv.
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2 years ago, PeerlessBryce
Connects quickly and always works. Just wish the Previous Channel button was on the main screen and not hidden in the keypad section
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6 years ago, automaticoutlaw
Enjoyed myself with your stuff
I noticed that there was so many options and everything works great I’m glad that I got this remote and my old is wearing out so you guys are great excellent review excellent products keep up the good work and have a great one
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7 years ago, Tickls
Great app, with continued improvements
I purchased the app several years ago and have found it to be extremely useful. I even purchased the new version for the newer generation Samsung TV's. The cost for the full version is worthwhile.
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5 years ago, lllsober69
Can’t even test it
I put this on my phone to try it and like other people have said once you go to the second screen for the advance feature portion, it will not let you go back to the main controls or even press one of the advanced controls. Everything you do at that point just asks you to purchase so you can’t even test it to decide if you want to purchase it. Not purchasing at this point, removing from my phone.
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4 years ago, sosababykid
Been using the for years works great the only thing it needs is the ability to turn it on but it turns off the TV
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5 years ago, ViperishBat
Shameful, Greedy Devs
I paid for the pro version of this app and it worked great. Once “Remotie 2” came out, this app was slowed down MASSIVELY. So much so, that by the time it’s done loading, I’ve already found my physical tv remote, rendering the app useless. Obviously this isn’t a coincidence. They want people to “upgrade” to the new app, but I won’t be doing it. Btw, you guys could have just dropped an update to the regular app. The new app is the same exact thing, but shinier. Shame on you.
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6 years ago, Rob_hopkins
Paid and doesn’t work
I used the app and it worked well. The second I paid for the upgraded remote it was horrible. They must have had an update because now nothing works. I cannot use the remote that worked flawlessly at one point. Company will not respond to my support questions so now I have a paid app on my phone I cannot use. The upgraded remote had so many glitches and the swipe pad did not even respond.
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5 years ago, mrs waterbottle
Very inconvenient
So annoying, you just get a long ad while trying to use this app. Especially trying to rewind a show, it’ll give you an ad. Please, I understand you’re trying to make money, but the ads are so inconvenient and if you really want people to like this app then you should just do quick pop up picture ads that you can close out.
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4 years ago, badmudderflooder
Very easy to use
Happy to have this app as it helps to control specific devices that otherwise would be frustrating having the same brand TV next to each other can be ok now lol da#n Samsung
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3 years ago, Apmorales
Good app but needs improvement
Please fix the bug that makes me pair the app with the tv every single time i get out of the app or lock my phone. There are other apps that save this and I don’t have o pair it every five minutes. But the difference with this one is that it has mouse and keyboard. This would be the best app for my tv but is lacking this important feature.
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5 years ago, 20197410512412
Where is the volume control
Okay so the free version was so much better. I just bought the app after a week of using it. The volume control was right there, once I bought it everything changed ! that’s fine COOOL whatever, but where is the volume control??? I paid $4 for no volume control ??????? When I had it for free ??????? You’re kidding. I want my money back. & I don’t have to give this app any stars, but it’s forcing me to 😂 ZERO STARS
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5 years ago, hbbgvcxssqqeyjb
Worth it!
Spending a few bucks for the pro version was 100% worth it. Being able to type on a keyboard, hitting pause and play instead of using arrows. It’s wonderful and I love it.
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2 years ago, republk
Need to pair every time
Pass one minute and you need to pair, you need to go to the TV, and Allow the TV to pair. It doesn’t make any sense, this is waste of money. And you cannot turn on the TV. I need to walk to the TV turn it on manually then hit pair and walk again to the TV to hit allow (manually too). But after a minute you need to do the same thing again.
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3 years ago, crusingdownthestreet
Have to pay to use it
You have to pay to actually use the control, they don’t tell you that
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2 years ago, TaraBr00ke
Great Remote
This app isn’t like the other ones that to put my address in it. When I just got this app, it allowed know what kind of tv I have.
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4 years ago, Speedracer326jr
One major flaw
Needs approving almost every single time which like others have said defeats the purpose downloading this remote app. I even paid to upgrade it. My control is always lost because my kids take it for their tv and misplace it. I hope I get a refund as I will not keep using it due to this major flaw.
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7 years ago, laidbackmfest
Keeps getting better and better
I was hesitant to purchase the app at first and it's been my go to remote since day one! The the new upgrade made the app more responsive.
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9 months ago, ennTOXX
Not worth $$$
It was barely worth using as a free app. It had pop ads that would interrupt usage causing the screen to time out. And if that wasn’t enough, they are now charging 10x what the app is worth for you just to use it in a pinch. I’m sure they have the same song and dance about how this money costs that money to pay for that money. Bye bye
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2 years ago, morgroan
It is truly optimal ! Far better then expected, however the arrow indicator on the TV is not responsive as it should be
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2 years ago, 🇦🇫🇺🇸
TV off mode
The remote working perfectly except when the TV is off you cannot On it untill its On by its orignal or physical remote
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6 years ago, krisd1971
I like this app until the update
I really liked this app until the update. I use it mainly to control the volume on my tv. Until the update I could do this. Now it is asking to upgrade. I don’t want to pay just to change my volume. This should be part of the basic free part of the app. Right now it is a useless app for me and I’ll end of up deleting it soon.
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6 months ago, Abe tanana
Rip Off
They don’t mention anything about a price. Only after downloading it they ask you for $2/week or $20/ month. You have to pay for ever. What a ripoff. I can purchase a real remote for less than the annual fee and save myself and family enough money to pay for something more important.
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6 years ago, road-reader
Latest update is failed
I have a 55 inch Samsung that was working fine with this app before the latest update. Now… It doesn’t work. come on, man!!
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4 years ago, The Hair of Slytherin
I paid for the upgrade and the functionality I paid for isn’t there
The app was pretty good when I first got it. But I paid an additional $5.00 so I could use the keyboard on my phone to input text on the TV as advertised. They charged my account but the keyboard never worked and now the app won’t connect to any of my TV’s anymore.
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5 years ago, de normandy
Free and works
In the age of everything costing a dollar. This app is free, and it works what more could you possibly want? I guess maybe a program to program my vcr clock.
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7 years ago, CW Fan4
Versatile but connection issues
Good remote works as intended as long as it stays connected. When you go to use it after shutting the phone off it doesn't reconnect unless you close the app and restart it. Even then it takes a couple tries sometimes to connect and I am right in front of the tv.
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6 years ago, LindyLopez<3
Not Worth It
I guess there was some kind of update, and now the app is completely useless. I was able to use the smart hub button yesterday, and I had been using this it with this app for about a year. Today, I cannot unless I pay for the “upgrade” pro version. I put up with the excessive ads in exchange for the free use of the app. But now? Utter garbage. Delete.
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2 years ago, d0nnledark0
Unable to realtors purchase
I purchased this app years agoWhich gives you access to the navigation pad and removes ads. Now it no longer let’s me use the navigation pad and ads are back. “Restore purchases” button does not work when clicked either. This is fraud!!!!!
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