RentCafe Resident

4.8 (577.9K)
51.5 MB
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Current version
Yardi Systems, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for RentCafe Resident

4.82 out of 5
577.9K Ratings
1 year ago, HEAD-BANGER76
A money order? Hahaha!
This app is pivotal for me here at the promenade! Without the app, I don’t know how long it would have been before I would have finally gotten a money-order to pay for my rent and utilities. Although both SIRI and Google show results for where to purchase a money order around, to date the only choice was RALPH’S over by HAZZARD CENTER, except, when late March/Early April came Around, they had put out a sign that read: WESTERN UNION IS NOT WORKING. Which, upon confirmation of the manager, translated to: GOOD LUCK PAYING YOUR RENT NOW, HA-HA! So, after an hour and a half check with Every Single other business that might possibly sell money orders in the surrounding area and having no luck at all, ( even the UPS STORE was a DOWN-er!), I was outta luck. Fortunately, I came back ti my Apartment and decided to take another look in the Resident App. That’s where I was saved from any future scavenger hunting to find a money order,( which had become as likely as finding Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!), by this time saving gem of an APP! Problem solved! Now I can get back to Playing my Electric Guitar! Thank you so much for this wonderful and easy to use tool to get the bills out of the way, it certainly helps keep the music going.
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4 months ago, Itskay1990
Management support
I want to mention management office team has supported my unforeseen situation with action plan that I didn’t even know existed. Two very good managers think about tenant situation and they helped me to understand how to deal with my personal issues. Two very special people I have met with Ms. Andrea and Ms. Nicole are not just a office personnel doing paperwork but also hearing out from the people in need of assistance and lending helping hands. If it wasn’t for them I would be in the streets by now. I appreciate and respect them very much, especially when the world has changed to self centered individuals more than who cares for others. It was amazing experience I will shared as I have witnessed heart felt kindness and compassion for others. I will always remember them. They were my angels and my friends who gave me strength when I was weak. Thank goodness I was able to see their presence at my home office, who were there to help me and walk me through it all to amend my life financial situation most difficult time ever. Thank you again from bottom of my heart. Because of my management support at The Peachtree of McLean I wake up and move on forward with my life pulling together for another day. LL
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4 years ago, Electrodrummer
Amazing place to live! Great app! Easy to use.
I have lived here for 6 months now and I absolutely love it here! When something is broken, simply make a maintenance request and they fix it quickly. Everyone I’ve met on staff has been friendly and helpful even after we moved in. I gave a 3 stars for the amenities because the gym is pathetic honestly unless you want to run on a treadmill. (No free weights) However, if you have a gym membership down the road like me that doesn’t make a difference. Management and maintenance are great! The main pool is amazing as well. When it’s open it looks great and feels great. Almost like a resort. Parking is great near our unit. There is always 2-6 spots open near our corner unit even during this COVID 19 stay at home order. (plus our personal parking space.) The community is safe and well lit at night. Even when the gates were left open during COVID 19 myself and the female residents here feel perfectly safe to walk around or go to the mailbox. Friendly neighbors. Apartments are surprisingly very well insulated. (We are on second floor and our downstairs neighbors rarely ever here us). Wonderful place :) 4.0 stars for my review just because of the gym. Everything else is great! Love it here! Love the location!
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3 months ago, Amazingwithgod
Happy review work
I like living here at the life at Westpark and yes, I said if someone needs somewhere to live this place can make the difference the maintenance they are awesome far from perfect but by the grace of God, they will get there I love the children they are friendly. You know they are our world. We are the example what I like about it because I am a OCD person I don’t like dirt. I’ve seen the kids here and parents pick up trash. I’ll pick up trash there’s not even in my yard. The grass always stay good and they always remind you on your email was the new office something that needs to be done it’s a blessing living here and I hope everyone that is here continue to watch their children and tell others about this awesome complex if you need a place to stay and guess what I’m gonna say we because we are family. They are also pet friendly! I love the service team they always there to help even in the midnight hour whenever you need help The Resident app is great. The parking is awesome with that being said thank you Westpark for giving me this opportunity to share with others. God bless you. Best regards Miss, Goldsmith.
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4 years ago, 2780Y
Maintenance team.
Well, Here I am back writing another review, this time for te maintenace guys. I have to say big thanks to the head of the maintenance; last week found that my water heater was not working in the hard way, ready to take a shower before bed... the water was cold😬, so next day I called the office and ask for somebody to come out and check, new guys came in (it was the first time I see them in the community)and foud the tank was broken... he nicely explained it to me and mention "problably I will have to wait until they can get a new one, a day maybe?"... they left and the maintenance boss came in checked it and say, " just let me see what I can do"... he left my apt and after what?, 10, 15 min they were back with a NEW ONE ready to install!. In less than an hour they resolved my situation! I want to say, Thank you for being so diligent and helping me with that matter. I am very satisfy with my comunity and the service of the maintenace team, thanks to the new guy, they knew what they were doing, and the boss, Thank you, thank you!. Like always Kim helping me if any problemm and every body else there, Jenny, Cedrick, Thank you from my heart for keeping me loving my place....MY HOME!!.
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1 year ago, Shortstuuf
Rent cafe
I not able to receive any letters from Villaggio on thing that there redirntdto know like trash like getting there sticker for parking plus ev. ents that going to be going on . Thank you Robin Ewell . The office help is hard to reach to answer there phone plus are not open on Sunday to me if people work all week and are off work thay need be able come see the place on Sunday .It wood be very nice if office wood be open on Sunday plus answer the phone it very hard .Plus find out why the gate keep getting broke and the mail room has package on The top of boxes plus the trash can are full plus the mail room is not clean . And I wish the trash dumpster wood be put up every night over end it looks really bad and thing are on the grand it looks like people do not care and there matters and coaches and night stands are left out and the city comes twice a week and weekends and on Monday when it looks really bad . Your copy should check into getting a big trash bin because the small are not large to handle the trash .
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5 years ago, Cobalt Wraith
Now with new colors! But no good feedback mechanism...
Besides a mandatory change from an all white theme to an all black them, the latest update does seem to have added quick links to a number of helpful features. Still hoping for an iPad version of the app so I can use a real keyboard when making reports. If development ever moves forward on that an expanded events/community view would be nice as well. Edit: So I went to use the “Give Feedback” link on the app to suggest the aforementioned iPad improvements and another feature. All I got in response was a dialogue that said “Was our app helpful?” with thumbs up and thumbs down options and not so much as a “we got your response”, much less a place to leave comments, after clicking one of them. Really? You should look at the AppStore as an example of how to do feedback, as even just clicking the 1-5 star rating bar provides a brief visual response. Hopefully you take comments more seriously than that, but all I have at this point is the option to reduce my rating and hope somebody cares. The suggestion I attempted to leave through the app was an option to sync upcoming community events to a personal calendar. I now have to add the suggestion of implementing an actual feedback feature, since the one currently in place might as well not be there.
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2 years ago, SaveTrees,NoMorePaperNotesPlz!
Could certainly improve
The resident app is certainly useful for maintenance request however it is extremely under utilized. For example, there should be a direct messaging feature or at least a notification feature that lets the resident know that a maintenance provider has started the requested maintenance and likewise a follow up message to confirm the issue is completed or still in progress (I.e.- updates on progress) further more there should be a direct message feature that allows the maintenance provider to let the resident know that he/she is at the home to initiate a review of the issue as these homes have no door bells and it is next to impossible to be clear of a knock on the door when upstairs. Additionally, office notifications should be sent via the app as opposed to the ridiculous paper notes that are left on the front door. I for one rarely use my front door, thus can easily miss the notification letter whereas if the message was sent directly to my phone via the app notification feature, it would just be more efficient and less annoying. I really hope that my feedback is taken into consideration. Thank you.
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9 months ago, Syd.Sweeny
One Complaint
This app has a great layout and I really like its user face. It’s easy to maneuver, and to find whatever I'm looking for (such as maintenance requests, etc.). Paying rent is very easy to do, and since it securely stores my private information- making the payment itself is super quick and convenient. The one problem I have with this app, is the inability to pay my rent ANY sooner than the 1st of each month. Sometimes, I’d like to pay rent a few days early so that I can check it off my list! But for some reason, the dollar amount that I owe- doesn’t show up until exactly the 1st. Thus, my account balance will remain saying $0.00 owed for the days leading up to that… Making it unable for me to pay (on the 28th for example), which can be frustrating. I’m unsure if this is on purpose, and the app just doesn’t allow payments any earlier than the 1st, due to admin/company policy? Or is this just a fluke in the app that can be fixed? If that’s the case, it would be so great to have that taken care of! If not for that, I’d definitely be giving 5 stars!
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3 years ago, jakenNC
Please Read
I think some people are confused about what this app is for. This app is a service that your management company subscribes to. This is not exclusive to your neighborhood or apartment complex. This is a nationwide service open to any landlords or property management services. The property managers decide what options are turned on or not. For example my community here in North Carolina does not use the maintenance request option that everyone keeps talking about and they say so in the app. My group also only has a set time of the month you can use the app to pay your rent. This app is not exclusive to your home so know that the app developers can’t do anything about how your property is managed they just create the useful tool that allows you to reach your property manager and pay your rent. Please know the difference before bashing the app. If you want other services in the app that your neighborhood has turned off tell your manager.
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4 years ago, Noemi719
Poor communication
We called last Friday the 17th for a work order about our toilet! We were told that because we have a second bathroom it is not considered a priority right now! I kind of understand that if they are busy but in the same time we are paying for a two bedroom two bathroom with my husband! I saw this morning that someone from the office I assume went ahead and canceled our work order! I took screen shot of it! I went on our app and put in a new work order! This time it says that the work has been completed, we have not left the apartment with my husband all day and no one came to fix anything so I don’t understand how is a work completed when no one came and did anything with it! That toilet has been clogged and we brought it to their attention the day that we moved in, who ever was cleaning the apartment was flushing all kinds of stuff and she told us that our toilet is clogged! I just want to talk to the manager Kim or be contacted and have our work order finally done! The only reason that I gave a one start is for the poor communication skills, I work in customer service as well and if anyone is paying for the service that I provide, I work for a restaurant then I am going to make sure that everything is well done! Thank you and hope to hear back soon!
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12 months ago, Do not move here
Do not move here
If you are planning on moving to this apartment complex please rethink your options. We had multiple complaints from the management we were disturbing neighbors with noise even in the parts of the day noise was allowed. I often would forego intimacy with my partner because it seemed the TV and large fan I had to drown out the noise wasn’t enough. There were kids at our apartment but somehow the noise from children in every day activities was too loud for this apartment complex. If you are getting a lease they put anyone over 18 as a lessee even if they contribute nothing to the rental of the apartment. If the person is paying for the apartment wants to have someone living with them removed you can’t but still responsible for the entire amount of the rent. I was also in a disabled unit because I have hearing loss but threatened eviction on many occasions. If you aren’t a deaf mute then I would reconsider living here as they will charge you a ton of money while trying to evict you every chance they get. It’s almost like a scheme to get double the rent for the apartments because if you get evicted you owe the remaining of months for rent plus they can rent the apartment. Be very careful on this one, worst experience I’ve ever had in renting an apartment.
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4 years ago, who would if thought
Rental Exit Disappointing
Received letter of renewal or not on Wednesday May 27,2020 and had up until Sunday May 31, 2020 (office closed) to notify if I will be renewing my lease that will expired July 31,2020. I took notification letter on June 3rd 2020 to notify and I was charged $198 to be deducted from my deposit. I felt that was not enough time to decide to stay after reviewing my finances to see if I can afford to continue to live there. No I cold not. Note : one year my rent went up $200 to meet location amount for the area and still living on one of the original not remodeled apts. To transfer to a remodeled apt was another charge. I Took keys to office to do final inspection for my exit and was told No One was available and was to give them a 2 day in advance notice to schedule a walkthrough. Me having rented before elsewhere that a walkthrough was mandatory at the time you return keys to exit and no notice was ever given. I was given a paper to sign over the keys and was told that’s it. I asked when to expect my deposit she said it will take up to 30 days and I will be notified about the exit when they do the walk through in 15 days. My 6 yrs of being a resident was on the Balcony with the water view is where I found Peace for my stay. So Long Apt C407.
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3 years ago, ACmcool
App review.
Honestly, whatever I need to have done for maintenance, gets addressed pretty quickly. They have called before even when they needed clarification on something for any work order I’ve put. The transition of information from posting your own bulletins for whatever personal use, to addressing any common area needs are pretty reliable. It’s an easy app and all the need to know numbers are there too. So it’s not bad. I can’t give a reason not to give 5 stars. So it’s pretty good. Although I could say that the documents section for the resident could be a little more user friendly. At times if you need to sign any amendments to your contracts or anything else, sometimes it redirects you to the site through a web browser, and sometimes the information that you sign doesn’t update right away so it makes you have to redo it again at a later time for whatever reason. But other than that, it does what it’s intended for.
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4 years ago, Granady1300
Peak View at T-Bone Ranch
My family and I are going on 7 months living here and we could not be more satisfied with the customer service, maintenance of the property, and management. We have lived in peace and tranquility know that security is passing through late at night to assure that everyone and everything on property is safe and maintained. Neighbors are so kind and considerate all around. My husband and I have never been happier and we will be here for a while, I appreciate managements working all around the clock (what it seems like) attending to any issues that occur. I appreciate the great customer service even on busy and chaotic days, not once have we been mistreated or disrespected in any way, shape, or form. The office and managements are quick and respectful attending to all our needs. It's complexes like this one that need more recognition! Thank you once again for making this feel like home. We are very content, we shall continue to spread the word. God bless!
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4 years ago, Taner.K.30
Not able to schedule automatic payments
I want to like this app, but I’m giving it a ”below average“ rating because there’s no way to schedule automatic payments, and I see no way to get in contact with tech support. The interface is nice and simple, and the features are nice, except for these two issues I mentioned. Unfortunately, setting up autopay is one of the main reasons to use this app, so I give it 2 stars. If they had a way to log a bug in the app, I’d give this app 3 stars, and if it had a functioning autopay, I’d give it 5. Description of autopay bug: I open the app using touch id and then click the “Autopay” button. I click the “+” button and then click “Share with roommates.” I click the “Add” button to add my portion of rent, and then enter all details. I enter a start date in the future and an end date a few days after my lease is up. I click “confirm setup” and then review and click “Setup Autopay.” When I do this, it return an error saying “please enter a start date,” despite already doing so. The information tab at the bottom of the page even displays the first time the payment would go through.
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9 months ago, yellow12sox
Using RentCafe
I recently had the pleasure of using RentCafe Resident payment app for Aspen Grove apartments, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations! This app has completely transformed the way I handle my finances, making payments and transactions a breeze. The user-friendly interface and seamless navigation make it incredibly easy to send and receive money with just a few taps. I appreciate the high level of security measures in place, ensuring that my personal and financial information is well-protected. Moreover, the app offers a wide range of convenient features. The real-time notifications keep me updated on all transactions, providing peace of mind. With its extensive compatibility across devices and platforms, I can use it anywhere, anytime. Overall, RentCafe has simplified my financial management and made my life so much easier. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable and efficient payment app.
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2 years ago, name necklace
Residential living
To whom it may concern , I added my checking acct on here but every time I go to pay rent with that you all say it has to be verified . Also I have been here a year and this place outside is filthy with Cobb webs , cement needs pressure washing , garbage always overflowing at dumpster . And sometimes they don’t even pick up my garbage at my door when there supposed to .pkg getting stolen , And I know I pay a fee for this service too , well I am not a satisfied resident just to let you know . You charge way too much already and now wanting to go up on the rent after being here a year . It’s ridiculous because this place is not worth what I’m paying . I think you all need to take a good look at what your doing and make adjustments , because you will be losing good paying residents . Just my thoughts at this moment . As it stands right now I will be searching . Thank you in advance Lurline Rogers
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5 years ago, tortuga viking
Help from staff. ( Kait)
I have been having issues with setting up my residential portal and auto pay for two months since they upgraded their system. All of the staff have been helpful but have been unsuccessful with figuring this issue out and has caused me much frustration and financial problems due to to this problem. For the past week Kait at the front desk has been amazing with the amount of time and effort she has put into solving this problem and was very professional and and I could tell she was happy to work there and sincerely wanted to help. Over the past week she has tried everything and managed to figure out the glitch. Kait remembers the names of the residents after one introduction and greets you with a happy and honest; “ How My I Help you”. All of the staff here is great. But I would highly recommend that you ask for Kait at the front desk if you have any issues.
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4 years ago, Ldesilv
MassMills Residents App
I use to be able to put work orders in. I just went to the Apple Store to see if I need a new or update my Rent Cafe App. I can no longer put a work in! The A/C in my daughters room, and the central AC that is in the living room and my bedroom does not work, the master bedroom toilet is not working, The hall light is not working, they just finished cleaning outside of my windows as I’m on the bottom floor in the decay on the top of the bathroom in the master bedroom was letting Rivermoor and chowder House by the hundreds, that is not fixed, it flooded because it’s essentially see in the apartment and the rug is not back inside of the mask bedroom the entranceway and The closet doors slide they were taken off to put in stuff to fix the flood now and cannot use any of the doors in both bedrooms in the hallway there is approximately 10 hours, so I am living in the house that Jack built nothing is fixed and I have no way to put it in the rain to Café should contact me and explain to me how to use it because I can’t figure it out I need to get my two friends, I asked the maintenance guy that works here how do use it he had no clue that. I don’t know what happened this out east to be good now piece of junk.
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3 years ago, chris_beckham
No Security Features When Connecting Bank
So my apartments were bought by a new management company who decided to not accept any form of payment except through this app. The old app had security features where it verified that your bank account was added successfully by charging you a penny and refunding it back. This app has nothing if the sort. There was an issue with my bank account and all I was sent was an email saying it had been added successfully. I paid rent through the app and got a notice and email from rentcafe saying thank you for payment from the app and thought nothing of it until I received a call from my apartments 5 days later asking if I intended to pay rent. I told them I had and had a receipt only to find out that the app had bounced my check due to the bank account issue and charged me a late fee and bounced check fee. All of this despite the receipt of payment it gave me and the messages of successfully adding account. TLDR: This app needs security features and I learned the hard way that it didn’t and lost $180 in fees on payments it said were successful.
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4 years ago, Dragons reign strongest
So Bellevue apartments now has new ownership which no one was notified about last January when they took over with no usual way for renters to pay their rent so ppl were left scrambling to adapt to pay their rent then they charged late fees for that since I was now late paying rent knowing that I had never paid my rent late before in all the months prior to me living here, my lease is now up and new offer is with a mandatory charge of $25. Cable which I have my own full package cable and mandatory renters insurance of $15. Of which I also have my own personal renters insurance with my insurance company now this I find extremely ridiculous and unfair since I cannot have 2 insurances nor can I bill 2 different companies should something god forbids happens so why will I pay 2 different companies that’s not even legal to begin with and a waste of hard earned money this to me is not ok at all and quite disappointing and as a good renter who not only takes care of their apartment as if it was my own but pays rent without lag and the people around me I find and have to come to the conclusion that good renters are not valued at Bellevue towers at all
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4 years ago, Anai Martinez
I love it here!!
I absolutely love everyone in the office. Super helpful and considerate, especially with everything going on with covid. They were flexible with getting me into an apartment. The property is always clean and Oscar in maintenance is always on top of things. I had a couple of things in my apartment that needed to be fixed and it was done and ready for me to use when I got home from work. The parking anywhere with a permit is wonderful especially in my area of the complex. I work two jobs and don’t have to worry about coming home to my personal space taken up and possibly having to take someone else spot. I never have issues parking here. Again, working two jobs is hard to get in the office to make my monthly payment, so it’s super convenient that everything is online! Definitely recommend living here. The Bolero team really made my apartment feel like home!!
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5 years ago, MP Resident
Ms Thema’s Customer Service
As a resident of the Residences of Springfield Station I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Gisele Thema, Asst. Comm. Mgr. I had the pleasure of interacting with Ms Thema on my recent lease renewal. My interactions with other apartment mgmt staff at other apartments were cold, unapproachable and/or just lacked the willingness to talk to or assist you. My experience with Ms Thema was just the opposite. I found Ms Thema to be extremely professional, communicative, and very customer friendly. During my lease renewal Ms Thema routinely kept me informed via email as to the status of my request. In a matter of days Ms Thema provided me a favorable response to my renewal request and personally handled and expedited my lease renewal. To this day when I see Ms Thema in the lease office she always personable, greets with a smile and pleasantly answers any questions about community renovation projects. Ms Thema, you’re the best and keep up the great customer service. Resident@MP
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1 year ago, OhNobleNarwhal
Basic functionality is fine but missing basic design and QoL
If all you want to do is pay your rent and move on, then yea, this app is for you. Bank info is saved so it takes only a couple clicks a month usually. But they have all these random issues spread throughout the overall experience that just needs to be polished and fixed. Im going on 1.5 years using it and theres been zero change. Heres some examples: - Bulletin Board posts are un-interactable, format-less text. You cant click on links (okay maybe security), but you cant copy any of the text for use. Links to google docs / image posts are just raw text you cant copy. You have to switch to a web browser and either log in there, or manually type the url out lol - Payment confirmation screen is neither scrollable, or fixed to a device screen. More just raw text plastered on the screen. I can see maybe the middle 70% of my payment confirmation. Just add a boundary or a scroll. - Sign in token expires but the app never checks until you interact with the app. Every single time you come back to use the app, if you didnt force close it, youll have to first start interacting with the app before it throws a popup telling you to sign back in. THEN it takes you back to the login screen… just check the token on foreground and if its expired, take the user to login. Skip all the speedbumps to getting me where I wanna go…. Just give it some TLC please. Its frustrating.
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1 year ago, Brewer J
Timber Creek in all
As a resident here for about 3 years this place has only improved in my eyes ! Our management Team in the office and grounds and our maintenance department is amazing they listen they care and they are on top of the situation from making your living here a comfortable one to making sure your needs are met with the maintenance I couldn’t ask for a better place to live thank you to Corick , Tanya , Tina and our new maintence guy you all have been so wonderful and great !!! I am so thankful for this great team they have put together to be here for you they look beyond you as just a resident they truly care about your needs and what’s going on thank you again! I would recommend anyone looking for a great community of leaders and neighbors to consider Timber Creek !
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4 years ago, rktca
Nobody wants to use this app
One of the big problems with this app is that it is enforced by landlords rather than requested by renters. There’s a service fee every time I pay my rent. This fee is in addition to saving the landlord money that they would spend processing stuff manually. So basically I am paying for the privilege of saving my landlord money. What? When I was having my banks send a check automatically every month I never had any fees. I don’t have any options here so why am I paying a fee? The interface to make a service call is awful and doesn’t allow for any sort of updates or communication with the landlord. I have repeatedly been forced to email my landlord in addition to creating the rent café request because the communication is so poor. Again this is required by the landlord but provides absolutely no value to me as a renter. In fact it reduces value because I have to manage the crappy app and the poor communications which I didn’t previously have to do. Looking at the ratings on the App Store I notice that they have nothing to do with the app, but with rental property and landlords. I feel like the company that makes this app should stop pretending like there’s a community of users who really like using the app. It’s nonsense. Your customer is the landlords not the end-users. We are simply forced to use this thing with no other option. If I had an option I would choose not to use rent cafe.
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2 years ago, 7601560
The App makes it easy.
The App makes submission easy. But it pushes the work order to the next technician that happens to be available regardless of issue. This is okay for general maintenance issues that do not require a specialist (HVAC for example). So it is often the case that the technician that responds to the work order will not be capable to complete the ticket. They will then have to schedule a different technician to the work order. That adds days to the process. And usually when the specialist arrives, they are starting from scratch with no information about the issue. We often have to explain the issue again and they often have to go find the parts they need to address the issue. This again adds more days to the process. So the App works to get things started, but calling the problem in gets things moving a bit faster.
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5 years ago, C Shabazz
My 3 Month Review
Rental agents Celeste, Sterling, and the other lady...oops can’t think of her name at the moment are all warm and accommodating professionals always courteous and genuine✅ Despite the dense population of residents, vehicles and construction it is a tranquil quiet community✅ Maintenance requests are responded to same day or next day. The head of maintenance is like a southern military man: top flight, clean cut, and hands on.✅ Package deliveries are placed in individually secured boxes so there’s no missed items✅ Soundproofing is on point. I do not hear neighbors anything: walking, talking, loud movies or music, dogs etc. It’s uber quiet.✅ The move in special is terrific. I got 3 month concession so I treated myself to new luxurious furnishings/rugs for this new beautiful unit and paid my renewal auto policy in full✅ After touring my friends to the luxurious clubhouse and fitness area and pool, My friends teens want to leave their homes and live with me✅ Mailboxes are inside building so no going out in bad weather to get the mail✅ Valet trash is Sunday thru Thursdays✅ Now parking is roomy but the spaces fill quickly. I seriously dislike High Efficiency washing machines but it beats going out to do the wash. With the cold weather setting in you can probably get a nice promotion. Tell the agent C Shabazz recommended a tour.
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3 years ago, kikinina
Very convenient
Funny how these low star people are reviewing the apartments they live in and not the functionality of the App that is used by many different properties. 🍎 & 🍊people! Those complaints should go to the property management as well as the praise for maintenance and their employees. Not on an APP review where they won’t see it. 🤦‍♀️ I just can’t anymore with people having NO Common Sense. Rant over. Back to the APP review. Requesting service through the app has been easy. Paying rent through this app has been a breeze. First of the month, Wake up. Open app. Pay rent. Done ✅ Yes, the app has had a hiccup or two with connectivity, but what app hasn’t in this ever evolving world of technology. Management of my specific building was aware and sent out acknowledgment. ✌️
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5 years ago, Brace_Bear
App has caused a friend to have mental stress
I am reviewing this app on behalf of a friend, who lives in an apartment complex whose management company has forced my friend to use this app to pay their rent. In April 2019, the app DIDN’T notify her that a payment had already been deducted from her checking account, and she used the app to make a payment, and suddenly she had made a DOUBLE payment for the month, and nothing was refunded. Luckily, this didn’t cause her bank account to go to a negative balance and subsequently bounce checks, which would have been disastrous. Now for May 2019, the app notified her that a payment was pending (for several days), her bank confirmed that was NOT the case, and the apartment complex has charged her $85 for a late payment, because no payment had actually been taken out. This app has caused my friend an INCREDIBLE amount of stress related to her finances, and, I feel any agency should think twice about using it, because it has caused her nothing but headaches since she has been forced by her apartment management to use it.
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5 years ago, handyman9497
Corp. BS
My feeling is that there is no way in hell that these Silicon Valley jack holes talked Weidner Apt Homes into a $4.95 charge per resident per complex, that is without getting an add-on fee (kickback)to them. I am a man of my word and when I signed a year lease, I agreed to a price. Now, the only way I can pay my rent is through this app. I was told the office doesn’t accept cash so I’m stuck paying this ~$55 charge over the term of my lease just to pay my rent. I want to register a complaint and go in file with it please. Again, I truly can’t believe that an organization as large as Weidner and their legal team couldn’t negotiate a better deal for its residents. That is just plain GREED! I invite a response if the subject is an open discussion but I have to inform you that where I am from, when emergencies happen, like hurricanes and such, those who employ tactics to capitalize on those effected, in this case, a shortage of housing and exploding real estate prices without an affordable ownership option are prosecuted for price gouging. Shameful business practices my friends.
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2 years ago, mytw0b1ts
Irritating to use
This app calls itself protecting you by not allowing you to submit payments without verifying your banking account first. So if you’re like me and you’re moving in at the beginning of a month - I’m about to pay my rent late because it’s the beginning of the month - I cant submit a rent payment until a balance is due - which as of today it’s now showing one due - and now they’re saying it’s going to take 3 days to verify my account before I can submit a payment for rent. So now I’m at the mercy of my property management that they won’t hit me with fees due to the incompetence of this app. Meanwhile apps like Ebay/PayPal have APIs for instance verification to make this process more seamless and modern - it’s even rare at most major banking institutes to deal with micro deposits nowadays so workarounds DO exist - why Yardi is so behind - no idea. Apple Pay is presented as a pay option but then the app says the property doesn’t support it - so why display is as a payment option?
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1 year ago, Angry resident 100
Horrible app
This app is always glitching and never works when you need it to. The last time I tried to pay my rent on here was a year ago and it didn’t go through so I’ve had to go get money orders and cashiers checks and turnt hem into the office. On 5/2 it tried to take an unauthorized payment from my accounts and was reversed by my bank after I had already turned in a cashiers check to the office. And the office tried to charge me a late fee. This app is always malfunctioning and need to have some type of update or fixing done to it. I called all my banks and they have no history of this reverse transaction. But the office doesn’t care since they trust this app more than a cashiers check and proof of payment.
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4 years ago, BarbiDollRVA
The Best Service-A Loyal Resident
I have lived at Acclaim at Carriage Hill Apartments for just under 14 years. I went to the rental office yesterday to renew my lease, and I accidentally left my little yellow purse in the office. I saw Maintenance Technician, Marshall, early this morning as I was leaving for work. I greeted him with Happy Friday and I told him that I left my purse in the office yesterday. He took me to the office and I described my little yellow purse and he handed it to me. I have never been so relieved and what a blessing! I checked my purse and nothing had been touched. I truly appreciate the honesty of the rental office and the consistent, outstanding customer service from the Maintenance Team and the Office Staff! This is why I have called this apartment home for so many years! Thank you and God bless you all!
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5 years ago, anna18kitty
Resident center deletes maintenance request
Not only has multiple times has the Resident Care Center deleted my maintenance request & marked my work orders as completed (when know one ever showed up, or called me “as instructed on ALL work orders I place. Along with my phone number to currently call.) there for I find that along with issues left remaining & maintenance never showing up I fixed things on my own. When Maintenance has shown up there are not leaving my copy as they should of the work order(s) done. Another big is issue I found out is Management blow off my work orders being deleted by saying the did not have my correct number which is untruthful as I type it in when I ask for a call before showing up every single time. another thing none of my lease documents are available for me on Muellerflates site or this rentcafe app. When I called & asked resident care (new) hirer she informed me if I wanted copies of my lease I’d have to come to get them. Lastly the fee to make a credit card payment on Muellerflates site or the rentcafe app is over expensive while in store payments have a $3 fee. So making a online payment is more costly than in store which DOSN’T make it simpler. In closing there’s issues that should be fixed ASAP!! New management & better Quality service when it comes to work orders.. please
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5 years ago, JMS23608
Clean and reasonable
I am a first time renter, I love the location and the office staff, I have had no problems with maintenance they have always fixed any problem ive had and have always been very friendly. I moved here in March and have had no problems with bugs of any kind. my only issue is that i can here my neighbors thru the walls. I can here my one neighbor thru my bedroom wall so I had to move my bed to the inside wall to give us both little more privacy and i can hear my other neighbor in the bathroom. I can also hear people on the street talking like they were standing outside my bedroom window. Im sure some of the noise is because I've never lived with people so close to me in an apartment setting. I like it here and I just try to remember there are no perfect people me included.
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4 months ago, IT-Man2
Such a great improvement for our community
I’ve been an advocate for automating the procedure of work requests for many years. Too many times in the past, residents were left in the dark wondering if their work request got lost, disapproved or done. One feature I would like to see added would be an email sent to the requester when the request was completed and/or some information from maintenance what was done or needs to be done. I’m very impressed with the automation of work request and online payments. Ps. Some of the apps I was exploring you could look at the history of each cottage for what was done and when. I see this as a very valuable asset for managing your all of your communities.
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5 years ago, Splash Artist
Park Place One Of A Kind!
I’ve been here for 20 years now and I’ve seen owners come and go! The Place has changed the look a few times and now they’re remodeling apartments left and right. The reason for my long stay is the ladies in the office are great! Elaine makes the place shine working at her desk helping everyone with their business The other ladies also make the place work like a well oiled Clock!! The rent keeps on going up every year that’s what I don’t like! With me being on Disability and collecting SSI each Month! I stretch the dollar as far as I can! I would like to give the maintenance crew a hand for all their hard work each and every day. All the renters have to do is pick up after themselves! “If you drop something pick it up!” Don’t just drop it and walk away .the crew works very hard for all of us! Thank You Very Much!
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3 years ago, Jess & Renzo Miranda
Icon Review !
Hello Icon Team, We have had such a great experience from day one. The environment here is so welcoming and the staff are wonderful. Previously, we had such a horrible experience when my husband and I lived elsewhere so coming here made all the difference for our overall living experience. We appreciate the help and all the assistance that is managed by Icon’s management. I remember when we first moved in and how great Stephanie was and so helpful with our move in process. She walked us through everything and was willing to listen to our questions and concerns. That was very meaningful to us because of what we went through previously. We have mentioned this apartment complex to our family and friends because of how great our experience was with the staff and the over management. We possibly will have some friends move in here soon. We are enjoying every minute of our apartment and everything that comes with it. We plan on living here for several years just because we feel as though we can be happy here. Thank you for taking care of us and helping us find our happy home. Sincerely, Jessica Suarez & Renzo Miranda
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4 years ago, babyfareed
Awesome Services
Good afternoon all! My name is Phaidatu Adam, I live in D1. I have been living in this property since April and I love it. Employees are very friendly, it’s very easy to communicate with them. They listen to your problems and they try as much as they can hope. Especially the leasing manager, the assistant, miss Adids and Maria and they are the ones I have meet or spoken to. I love my apartment especially the front view 😘😘. I have lived at my old apartment for 5 years and I did not even know who the leasing manager was. Thanks everyone for be so friendly and keep up the good work especially on the maintenance crew. They are so fast andReliable when it’s comes toMaintenance issues even though I have had only one problem. Thanks y’all and stay safe
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5 years ago, thetruthiswhatitis
Fantastic for payments, maintenance, being remote
I'm a frequent business traveler and rarely home went rent day arrives so the app is great for paying the rent. You can also enter maintenance requests and see details on your costs like rent breakdown, water, trash, pet fees, etc. It's a great app and reliable. They have done a good job but technology and smartphone apps have raised the bar so this EXPECTED feature and functionality nowadays! If your apartment is not using this and you have to bank draft or pay with check or some other old-school method then thats just archaic. So yes EXPECTED technology but not to take away from Resident Cafe. Its a fine app, simple clear and reilable...2+ years and no failure and very convenient. Good job and please keep it as reliable and functional for the future.
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2 years ago, Mycreditscoreisimportant
Rent Cafe
This app is very useful, I just wish my leasing office would maximize the use of it. The information, event and the ability for the residents to share information does not seem to be accessible, it’s always blank and when I tried to put in information it does not seems to work. Those tabs must not be available to the Leasing office either because I see them still using paper taped to the glass and doors. Also, if you could have the ability to save your payment history longer than the last payment that would be an awesome feature too. This app is very useful for rent payment and maintenance request. I still give it a five star for those active features anyways😁
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4 years ago, BEWARE - BEWARE
Broken A/C
Maintenance Team is horrible. During the hottest days we’ve had this summer, above 93 degrees my A/C unit has been broken. First time I called maintenance manager was very unprofessional, rude, and didn’t provide any assistance. Waited overnight which my apartment literally felt like hell- I was miserable. Maintenance team didn’t provide any alternatives (fan, portable A/C) or anything. Three days later A/C stopped working again and the other maintenance individual was just as rude they have more units than mine and complex is big. I attempted to contact the rental office at 5:15 which office hours are 9am-5:30pm and they always leave office early so no resolution can be given. I filled a complaint with BBB and after this will file a complaint with PG County housing commission. During this weird time in society my rent is paid on time and I have to suffer through hot days because of the incompetence of maintenance and office staff. I am requesting the contact information for corporate to further my complaint. PLEASE BEWARE IF YOU THINK ABOUT RENTING HERE......,.......
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5 years ago, Ms Everest
Broadstone New Territory rocks!!!
It’s the first time since I’ve moved to Texas, that I am enjoying such a peaceful & beautiful community’s environment,I love nature & this community has plenty of trees, & well manicured landscapes & yards around, it is a family oriented place, & the staff is so professional, I have been at Broadstone for almost 6 months, and, so far I don’t have a single complaint.I could be hours talking about how awesome is to live in these apartments homes, but you should see for yourself. just give yourself a chance to enjoy the stunning sunsets, the beautiful walking trails next to this community, you will be able to see some baby deers, eagles, white egrets, singing birds and much more. And if you want to make broadstone your future home; make sure you talk to Raul Recinos, he is simply awesome!
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7 months ago, katsco55
App vs. reliability
The app has been a great tool for getting someone to come out. The app is very easy to navigate and get your issue across , but what good is a good app if you have to complain about the same issue over and over again??? This is supposed to be a brand new a/c unit that was installed at beginning of September, yet it has broken down 3 times since install and it usually stop working on the weekend when it is a known fact that no one will be coming out to fix anything. Next week is Thanksgiving. Cannot fathom the thought of trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner with no a/c in hot South Florida. Wow. Great app. Lousy help when you cannot communicate with the maintenance who comes to repair anything.
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6 years ago, Nikgo2705
Didn’t show fees and charge the card
I usually pay rent via check. A few months back property management enrolled in this app and asked us to check out different payment options. While exploring different options, I clicked on Apple payment icon and then instead of showing me a summary of charges and asking for confirmation, the app directly charge on the first card that was saved in my wallet. No message was shown about 2.5% fee on a debit card. I tried to find out a way to cancel the payment but strangely there was no option, I contacted Apple and they asked me to reach out to the app developer team. I sent a couple of emails to the team but I haven’t received any responses till date. My leasing office contacted rentcafe customer service department and they were told payment can’t be canceled. If you can’t provide a payment cancellation feature then at least a confirmation window should be displayed showing the various charges that will be made on the card.
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4 years ago, Morganmeaux
Smooth experience
Easy to use and has pretty much all of the features needed to put in work orders and pay apartment bills easily from my phone. The only thing that it’s missing that I would love to have added in the future is the ability to add a short video to maintenance work orders to aid workers in understanding some issues. As of now you can only add photos & voice messages. This works for most issues but every now and then there’s a specific problem that need thats little extra visual help since most of the time I am not home when they come to fix the issue and it will be left undone because they can’t figure out or they can’t locate something without the extra little bit of help!
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1 year ago, hbrown10011
It’s not 5 stars because…
The system times out too quickly and without warning allegedly for inactivity. It times out but doesn’t return the screen to the log-in page. The screen remains where you left it. So, when you return to the screen you have no idea the app has timed out. You plunge ahead and write up your request, take various pics, etc etc, breathe relief it’s all done when you click the submit button only now to learn all that data entry and photo taking all in vain your time wasted. System timed out. Please log in again, it says. Nothing at all you’ve worked on got saved. That was 30 minutes down the drain; 30 minutes that are gone forever and that you’ll never ever have again. Also, about this app and several many other apps across operating systems, did you not include senior citizens, older folks, those of a particular age in user testing? While I understand the need to be economical in terms of screen layout and presentation, such, in the mobile domain, I don’t believe that I should have to strain my eyesight, for example, to read what all I need to see and read like terms and conditions of use, privacy page, contracts, etc on my mobile device.
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3 years ago, MarsLingo
Good Enough
Great for paying rent and requesting maintenance, wish there was more to it like community events or a community billboard where you could look for services within your complex like dog sitting, etc. It would also be helpful for sending out bulletins rather than the current emails related to emergencies, broken gates, unusual activities, aka vehicle fires and following up to inform the residents of what happened and what is being done to prevent it from happening again. The emails have a bright background with tiny print which is very hard to read on a phone and if it was sent out as a bulletin/text message we would all know what was going on instead of finding out from a news article that several cars had caught on fire…
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