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Reolink Digital Technology Co., Ltd
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reolink

3.98 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Jrob726
Great app
After reading a bunch of the negative reviews I felt compelled to leave one of my own. I have had the app (and 5 cameras - 2 4MP bullet cams, 2 4MP domes, 1 C1 WiFi) installed for the last month. This app has met my expectations ever since install. It was very easy to connect my cameras to the app and I find it much easier to control their settings through the app then through the NVR. The video and audio quality is amazing but that is going to differ depending on your personal internet speeds. Video playback within the app is ok but could be better. Controlling the playback is the hardest part. If you want to specifically see a certain time it can be difficult fine tuning the playback to where you want because you have to use a finicky slider to get to the time you are looking for. The only reason I gave it 4, instead of 5, stars is because of the motion sensing capability. This really is more of a Reolink issue though and not the apps fault. As other users have stated, if you turn motion notification on you will be getting messages all the time. Even when the sensitivity levels are decreased and you adjust the field of sensitivity. Overall though, I use this as a nice back up to my Abode alarm system and it gives me the ability to remotely check on any unexpected status changes or alarm activations. Love the system and plan on getting another C1 camera, in the future, to be used as a nursery camera.
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4 years ago, bdfriend
Excellent Option for Anyone Who Wants Local Storage
Quick tip: Spray around your cameras with insecticide. I kept getting spider webs around my cameras because of the night vision LEDs attracting bugs. You may have to spray once every 6 months or so, but it has worked very well for me to maintain visibility I love my Reolink cameras! I have ran CAT6 through my walls (took an entire day of walking up and down 3 flights of stairs, but worth it!) from my NVR to my 4 cameras. I am thrilled to have a camera system that will not stop recording if my router or modem decide to stop working. I’ve used other apps for security systems out there. I’m in IT and have helped businesses set up their security systems. I can say without a doubt that this app outdoes those by a long shot. The only app I’ve used that is better is Arlo’s app. The motion detection is terrible, however, so I’m considering moving to use Blue Iris to manage my recordings (AI detection of people/cars/animals). If Reolink could add full AI detection instead of the current pixel-based detection, I would be thrilled and would happily keep using their NVR and app.
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3 years ago, Locked up some iOS apps
Works great, support is amazing
I bought a 16 camera system earlier this year and only have 4 up so far and have no complaints. The picture quality is excellent for both live viewing and playback. I did have a problem with one camera after a few days use and after going back and forth with support with some diagnostics and troubleshooting steps, they finally determined the camera was bad and sent me a replacement. Other issues I had were resolved as quickly as possible. One had to do with Adobe Flash going away at the end of 2020 and they notified me when a new version of NVR firmware was available which settled that. One other issue dealt with a change to the iPhone app. They listened to my feedback and gave me a beta version to try which addresses my comment. Can’t wait for it to be available in the App Store. It may take a day to get a response to an email to support and based on the time stamps of the return emails, they must be on the other side of the world from me but believe me, they will respond. No complaints on their following up to completely resolve any issue. To people doing research based on these reviews, let me say that some of the negative comments are from long ago so it is likely they are no longer relevant.
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3 years ago, Max3know
You need to correct.....
1 year later: Hey wake up. Almost everyone has unlimited minutes and can leave it in “receive in cell service” it’s a pain to use flaky WiFi. Make a setting to leave it in cell service. Update for God’s sake! Old post: Ok Reolink, listen very carefully. You have two major flaws you need to correct. 1.) Where I use this app I’m just on the border of my WiFi reception. It often keeps trying to switch back and forth from WiFi to cell service, almost constantly to the point I don’t even get a chance to view anything. Make a switch to leave in cell service permanently. We live in the age of unlimited minutes. Give people that option!!! 2.) The monitoring only lasts 3 stinking lousy minutes before it tries to turn off. The gives you a 10 second warning with no beep to alert you and turns off. If we want to burn down the battery, LET US!!! But more importantly if we have it plugged into power constantly the for God’s sake put another stupid switch in there to NOT have it time out so fast, and stay on constantly!!! 3.) One minor inconvenience is that there is full screen and there is minimize but no panel (medium) screen to watch and do something else at the same time. Fix these obvious flaws and frustrating illogical settings.
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5 years ago, TracyNassar
Great camera
I have had these cameras for 6+ months. I initially bought the first one unsure of the quality considering the low price. I had debated over several other cameras that are well known and higher priced. This one sold me on the price, sd card slot and free 30 day cloud storage. After installing and using the first, I was so impressed that I bought 2 more. I have the outdoor camera version with solar panel. I live in the country with poor internet quality and the camera and app work perfect. I have 3 cameras outside around the perimeter of my house and they all have use solar panel to recharge the battery. I agree with some of the other reviewers about sensitivity with bugs but if that is my only complaint, and it’s really not, then this is the perfect camera and solution for my needs. I have just now bought a 4th camera for my daughter’s house and I bought it because I was impressed with the quality, ease of use, and the initial features that I bought the first 3 for. I hope the development team of this company continues to be creative as I will be on the lookout for future new products.
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3 years ago, JohnPoltrock
Love the cameras and our system! Please upgrade these few software app things :)
We just installed 13 new 12MP cameras with an NVR and LOVE them and the image quality. They’re absolutely incredible. I’ve been taking the last 4-6 weeks since install to learn the system and settings. Here are a few things I would be grateful to see: #1 - an Apple TV app. I would LOVE this to be able to use my multiple existing TVs with Apple TV’s to monitor our system. #2 - the ability to switch users EASILY in the app. Specifically, I don’t stay logged into the admin user so settings can’t accidentally be changed. When I want to make changes, getting to the admin user is a nightmare on NVR. I normally view in a user that can’t make changes so me, my kid, wife, etc. can’t make accidental changes to important system configurations. #3 - Easily move the camera order on an NVR system. I still haven’t figured out how to do it to this day on the iPhone/iPad app. Figured it out on Mac but use the iPhone/iPad more and the channels don’t make logical viewing sense. Thank you! I’m sure I’ll amend this as time goes on. Overall, great system and great quality. I love the build quality of the cameras. I’ve had cheaper ones that I won’t and don’t miss.
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6 months ago, krzyctldy
Infuriating password issues. Don’t buy Reolink!
My niece gave me her three Reolink cameras about a year ago because of password issues. I installed all 3 and they seemed to b working great. Very good picture quality. The problems started whenever we lost internet strength, even briefly or if the power also briefly went down. The app does not accept the new passwords even after iniatially doing so. You don’t even have option to change the main password to initialize the camera, without an extremely convoluted process. And if you want to change the psssword because you “forgot it “ which I didn’t because I write it down right away, the app won’t let you proceed to change it without asking for the old password in order to create a new one. Hello? You are changing it because the app forgot it. Right now I can’t get into the app because it won’t accept the password I had. It’s a convoluted process to try to change in the manner the developers suggest. I have thrown 1 out already and the other 2 are destined to the thrash bin out of frustration with this password issue. I strongly suggest not wasting money on these cameras.
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2 years ago, novmi
Great update (version 4.29.0)
Love the update! The home screen is much less confusing now! Also love the pinch function to view multiple cameras! I’ve used many different CCTV apps and this one is the best. I’ve been using another app for years but then they took away the ability to adjust alarms remotely which made it useless. Been going through dozens of apps to try to get that functionality back. Finally stumbled upon Reolink. Been almost a year with this and couldn’t be happier! The POE system is great - so much better than dealing with Coax, baluns and annoying ground loops that keep coming back. Video quality has been great. Have a mix of wired and wireless and everything runs so smooth. The only feature I wish this app had would be video scrubbing when playing back videos (like in the Ring app). Other than that everything is perfect for my needs. This company really pays great attention to detail. Thank you for all the hard work.
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1 year ago, SamWHReviews
Would be 5 stars
Would be 5 stars if the most recent version of the app didn’t ruin push notifications. The most important part of alerts. Updated today and since then I can’t get any notification on the iPhone. I get failed to set setting every time I disable or enable push notifications from the app on any of my 3 devices. Please fix ASAP! Edit: Now 5 stars. Although my only complaint now is that I hope they edit the app motion event start time. It starts late in the app while the email video alerts actually start and capture the beginning of the event. Thanks for fixing the push notifications fast! Edit: New update in app 3/23 has auto hiding icons when viewing and removed the option for stretch mode? Why? Make these both an option a let the user decide. This is really annoying! It also doesn’t remember the quality you had it on when leaving and coming back in the app or checking out other settings like clip. It always resets it now. Super annoying. What users would have wanted these new changes?
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4 years ago, ScoWil888
E1 Pro met my need
Purchased E1 Pro for quick setup to allow remote monitoring for aging parents. Camera connections via iPad are usually quick and consistent. iPhone more finicky but seems to be conflicts with my VPN software. I have been able to adjust the motion detection and push alarms to work well enough. All cameras are inside and set for mostly auto function. Downloading clips remotely isn’t worth the time but access to the 64gb SS card is ok and allows me to check if my Alzheimer’s Dad has taken stuff out of the freezer and put in some drawer or other similar stuff during the night. Also let’s me help coach my mom on taking meds in the evening. I usually talk on a phone as the 2-way audio is a little weak but video is good enough to help her verify the right compartment in the weeks’ pill container. There are various connection issues from time to time but overall has worked well and greatly reduced the number of times I’ve needed to run down for some mundane issue.
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6 years ago, ERDoc10
Still useless
App update installed and I still cannot connect unless I’m at home on the same wifi as the camera. Another issue, though it’s unrelated to the app, is the battery life of the camera itself. Could the manufacturers have chosen a more expensive non-standard battery size? I seem to be going through batteries every couple of months, and at $20 a pop, it’s ridiculous. There are better options. Apr5: So, check out the developers answer below. There reply is a very courteous “we’re sorry to hear you’re having an issue, please contact customer service so they can remedy this for you” canned answer. Well, I did that. They’re answered me promptly, but their solution was as useless as this app has become. They informed me that I was outside the 30 day window for a return/refund/replacement (which was an automatic as I’d ordered the initial camera off their Indiegogo campaign and I was outside that 30 day window they day it arrived ...4 mos after I payed for it). Instead they offered me 10% off their new $130 solar version (with which I had to purchase the solar panel separately at >$20 as well). I fail to see how the solution to my $90 mistake is spending an additional $140 on their “better” version.
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6 years ago, zachtheman29
App is clean but functionality could improve
I like the look of this app very well. It’s clean and crisp and the motion detection seems to work fairly well honestly. But sometimes there will be a spider to start crawling on it or wasp flying around it and my notifications will be blowing up. I wish there was a “mute notifications for 1 hour” or “drop sensitivity for one hour” or “rest of day”. I usually turn it off and forget to turn it back on later and it stays off for a week. Also a very big issue I do not like is when I click on the notification for my motion alert, it opens the app and shows me all of my cameras EXCEPT the one I tried to view. I have to back out of the window and start from scratch so it will fix the bug of hiding my notified window. I am confused A not so big issue that would be cool though, would be to have the default open of the app show a 4 split window view of 4 of your main cameras instead of just one camera in the scroll. I’d like a quick view often of my cameras but I have to go through several steps to see what’s going on at home.
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1 year ago, shann999!
Not good
Updated review: 4/9/23 After most recent update, the app is horrible. It was way better before. Now I can barely get it to play. It doesn’t automatically play. Even with the sound off when I open the app while listening to other apps it totally overrides and cuts off the sound to whatever else I listening to, something it never did before. Also you have to touch screen to see which camera you are looking at and the settings. Not good at all. Please go back to the way it was before most recent update as of today. It’s pointless to have a security camera if you can’t even look at the thing. Thank you I think its ok. I like the split screen option. But the main issue i have is that when I receive a motion alert, i go to open and look and it takes way to long to open. Also if i could click on the alert and be shown exactly that playback. Im not using the push to email notifications because I really do not like giving out my email password. Is that really necessary? If so please let me know. But overall i am pretty pleases with the wireless system. And the picture is clear.
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1 year ago, Lotgar
Weak app
Have you ever had an app where you can’t change your password if you don’t have the present one? I may be wrong but I rarely change my password so when I need to change it it’s because I no longer can find it. Sometimes it says to put in the password and then won’t allow you to go anywhere in the app to even look for something that may suggest something you can do to get a password reset. You’re just stuck on that page until you close it out and start all over but end up the same place. I tried to move the lens of the camera. I got the circle to do so once. After that all I got was focus and zoom which didn’t work. Very weak app. Don’t buy the camera if you can’t do anything with it. I have 2 cameras so I’m stuck with something almost useless. Sound confusing..? It is. Seems like they would get a more useful app. Something with some useful and something more fun to use. I’m throughly disgusted. I’ve got cameras I can’t use because I forgot my password. If you research how to change the password it tells you to put in your old password. HA! If I had it I wouldn’t want to change it.
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2 years ago, 273747837547
Unreliable when you need it the most
Despite having an excellent Wi-Fi signal the app routinely fails to load the cameras. It can take five minutes before you can actually get a picture. It seems to be at random times… But more often than not it’s when you really want to see what’s going on right now. Alerts are hit or miss. I run a Netgear Orbi mesh Wi-Fi system and have no problem getting a signal to live broadcast twice the distance from where the cameras are to my routers. I just think the software and hardware are lackluster. The software also has some stupid design flaws… For example when you’re viewing a camera and you want to back out of it if it gets a motion detection it puts a bar across the top to notify you of that motion but you can’t exit out of the current camera you’re viewing because the bar is blocking the close button. Not a very smart design. It also constantly pesters you to switch between Wi-Fi and using your mobile data which also prevents you from being able to exit out of your current camera your viewing. This has been a problem for at least a year.
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4 years ago, yayORnay0000000000000123456689
Fails when you need it most
I first bought a POE camera with SD card storage and that worked ok but the alerts were constant so I saw they came out with a battery operated camera with a PIR sensor which detects real motion and not just changes in pixels like the POE cameras. It set up fine and when my month of free cloud service expired and I got an email to renew my free subscription, the login info will not work so I can not use the cameras because they will not connect. When I first contacted customer support, I was told they were having an issue that was resolved so to try my login info again. It worked for almost a full day and then it happened again. So I contact support and tell them the exact same thing is happening again. The response is now it’s my camera and I’m obviously over the 30 day money back now so while my battery powered camera is having all sorts of problems, the POE camera was working. I thought maybe if I delete the app and redone load it I could get the issue fixed but now I can not view anything at all. Expect a long wait between email responses and no phone number that is US based to call.
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6 years ago, ICUH8N
Connection failures NO MORE!
Update: New review: Looks like the past few updates fixed my problem. The app connects on WiFi and on LTE, and it works great. I changed my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. Love it! Thanks Reolink for listening and doing something about it. Old review: The app works great when I’m connected to the same WiFi in my house as the Reolink system. But once I leave the house, the app is useless. Connection failures are too common. And for the very rare times it does connect, the video is choppy, lags, and useless to even try to use. After reading these reviews of the app, I’m confident Reolink knows about this problem. It seems to be the most negative thing on here. Fix the connection issues and I’ll change the rating. I gave it 2 stars because it works great at home when connected to the same WiFi as the system. Otherwise, I’d give it 1 star. I use it on my iPhone X by the way.
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4 years ago, Fish_man
Works well
I’m surprised to see such a low average rating for this app but after reading many of the negative reviews I realized most were complaining about their system and not the app. Most are having trouble with wifi cameras. This likely has nothing to do with the app. I bought the Reolink PoE NVR with 5MB cameras so I don’t have any wifi issues. Setup was straightforward though the instructions were lacking. Superb system at that price point BTW. After setup, I installed this app. Again, the instructions lacking but it was intuitive enough that I was up and running in minutes. Very pleasantly impressed with the functionality, interface design, ease of use, and control over the whole system. While the system has 2 TB of storage, the app gives me the ability to take stills and snippets from individual cameras and store them locally on my iPhone as a photo or video. That is great for capturing something of interest and not needing to sort through 2 TB of data to find it later. My one request for additional functionality at this point is for variable playback speed though that is probably a function of the NVR so sticking with 5 stars for this app. Edit: I just noticed the drop down to control the playback speed. So, really the only negative is documentation/instructions are minimal. The app and the system are great.
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8 months ago, Chris Pokey
Decent functionality, poor UX to view past camera events
The UI for viewing past motion events is quite poor and really hinders the usability of one of the top reasons someone would use the app after setting up their cameras – to go back and view past key events. Since it’s arguably the top use case for the app, I hope Reolink looks into improving the following areas: 1. The press and hold target is too small, and usually is right up against the edge of the phone making it a challenge to grab with your finger on a mobile device. 2. The red scrubber box thing and the timeline that show events is waaaay too small to use. I move the scrubber box but then still have to sift through 30-40 min of footage looking for a sliver in time when motion was detected. Not fun or easy to do. 3. The little buttons with the motion icon are confusing. What do they mean? Why are there two time stamps on each tile? Why don’t they just take me right to the motion event or list of events? 4. Tapping on a motion even tile almost never takes me to an actual motion event. Then I need to use the very small and hard to use slider to try and scrub through the video which, as I mentioned above, is very difficult to do. Please look into improving this UX - I think overall the functionality is there, but it’s extremely difficult to use making me consider using a different product for reviewing my footage. Thanks
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12 months ago, mahjongboy
Last update has seriously decreased/slowed this app's function
I don't know what happened in mid-2023, but historically, every-other-update either makes the app load your video thumbnails either faster or slower than the last update. However, the latest update has really screwed things up. When you go to the app (doesn't matter if you are opening it or going back to it) the status wheels will spin for about 10 seconds on blank screen(s), then it seems to "start over" and load the app from scratch. Then you can see what your cameras are pointing at. This means that you can't see your cameras for 10-15 seconds. This means you have to leave people waiting at the door while you monkey around with the app. This means that you can't see who has a car engine running outside your house (they are gone by the time the pictures load and you will need to check the recordings). This means that the app is now a bit of a silly mess for iOS users. In the app's defense, they finally fixed the "fisheye" view when looking at 4K cams on an iPad. There are black bars at the top and bottom of the screen now to preserve the camera's aspect ratio. That's new, and good. Developer: Please fix this. We love the app, but I can tell you that if this is a permanent change (long delay to load camera views), then we will begin to look at a different brand of IP cams for the house.
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5 years ago, Something Nice!
Longtime User - Excellent App
I have had this app and cameras for over two years and they haven’t failed me. So much so I upgraded and got the New 4K wired system. Wired or wireless cameras the app works great with. No problem with playback or any of the features the app has. I don’t really use the motion sensor notifications because anything can set that off if the wind is blowing. I use the motion capture on playback because you can select to just watch the videos that were made from motion capture. The app seems secure and easy to use and it doesn’t crash on me. I travel a lot for work to different countries and it’s nice being amble to long into my app and see that my home is still secure. As long as you have WiFi the app will work great and you can access your cameras. I also use the app to speak through the in home camera to my family if they are not hearing the phone. Great App!
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4 years ago, MrTaken79
Great Product
I’d like to start by saying I’ve been an electrician and electrical engineer for 20 years and I have been installing CCTV and security cameras even longer and I will say hands down for the price Reolink is my recommendation to all my customers that don’t want or need more than 16 cameras. The picture quality is amazing, the reliability is better than that of Ring and Nest and the price is a fraction of the price. The night time adjustments to black and white at night is the best I have seen. I haven’t read the reviews but most of the issues and complaints usually have to do with the installer not understanding what exactly they’re doing. It takes me about 5 mins to add the app and cameras name the cameras bring the NVR online when applicable. Some are wireless without NVR and are just as easy to setup. I’m authorized dealer for a dozen brands and Reolink is what I have chosen for my own home and business.
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1 year ago, ish245
Steep learning curve
Definitely takes some time to get used to. Not for your average person. If you want simplicity stick to Nest or Ring. Took me lots of researching and really playing with the settings to get this app and cameras to perform just the way I wanted it to. Reolink is amazing, the quality and customization options far exceeded my expectations. Once everything is dialed in and tied into your home network, nvr, etc the system as a whole really begins to shine. My only complaint is that there is no option to have live feed show up on main menu without having to click each individual camera or going into immersive mode to bring up live feed. Also some thumbnail notifications would be appreciated. Other than that app is fantastic. I hope you’re reading these reviews Reolink.
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4 years ago, fmiwlxoo
Initializing kills desktop access!
EDIT: Trial and error finally got it initialized; unlike the desktop app it insisted on a password - nice image and replay works. But now the desktop app will no longer access the camera - gives “ User name or password error”. Adding the IPad password did not help. Great camera but using the apps is more frustrating than using FORTRAN. If I could give it zero stars, I would. END EDIT The camera is great; works well over home WiFi with desktop app (after a couple days trial and error setup - instructions were mostly inscrutable). However, nighttime illuminator attracted so many Arizona bugs that nighttime storage was filled with bug movies. Had to cover illuminator and depend on yard lights - a remote illuminator would be useful. In spite of that it has been very useful for several years. Unfortunately this IPad app senses the camera through the WiFi but returns failure to initialize messages and no hints for a solution making it useless - an instruction manual might be helpful. I gave it an unearned extra star because it has been so good with the desktop app.
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3 years ago, Lukes63
A couple more features and it would be better than ring
I have 2 of the Reolink go pts and I’ve had them for about a month. Before this I had ring cameras for about 4 years. There are a couple of features that these are really missing. Most of the time it only catches the back half of a car that drives by. I have the camera at eye level pointed directly down the driveway hoping to catch license plates of cars, however the motion trigger is too slow so it usually only catches the back half of the car. Either improve the motion trigger or record 1-2 seconds before the motion trigger so that way people can actually see what triggered the motion. In addition if I’m notified of motion it would be nice to see a snapshot of what caused the trigger without needing to go back and view the footage. If these 2 features were implemented I would recommend 5 stars and buy a couple more cameras.
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6 years ago, The zombiemobile
Argus 2 WiFi Cam
Ok so here are few problems that I have discovered so far with my cams. I will list the pros and cons. CONS 1) Cloud storage only records up to 8 second video clips only. There are no options to change that yet. I hope Reolink reads this and pushes an update to fix this to at least 1 minuet of cloud recording that would be an amazing. 2)Recording that gets stored on ur memory card only records up to 30 seconds. I hope Reolink also reads this and pushes an update where we have an option to record up to 2 or 3 minutes after a event is triggered. 95% of the time camera won’t record for several seconds after its 30 seconds of recording. When u go back to view the recorded footage u will see camera is missing a lot of the event that happened. 3) Cameras motion sensors only activate when an object comes from the side but, if u walk straight towards the camera with high motion setting on the camera will not active until ur almost standing directly underneath it. This defeats the purpose of having cameras, and when it finally decides to record u don’t get to the persons face. Hope Reolink can fix this somehow. PROS 1) Excellent price 2) Great video quality 3) Good WiFi range 4) Loud and clear 2 way speaker. 5) Super easy to setup 6) Good battery life depending on how much activity is happening in front of the cam. 7) Easy to use app
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1 year ago, Sayhuh
Absolute garbage app. I cannot go a single day without it screwing up. Some days I can watch a few videos without it messing up, other days like today I haven’t been able to get it to work once. I’ve tried using it over a dozen times today and not once could I get it to work. It’s always ‘connection failed’ when I try to load it. And I’ve tried it on strong Wi-Fi and without Wi-Fi. Nothing. I have the app for my sick father to watch him and make sure that he’s okay so I get extremely upset when I’m not able to check up on him. We’ve gone through a few cameras and this had the best quality video but I would NEVER recommend it to anyone because 80% of the time you can’t even use it. I’ve tried exciting out of the app and reopening it, resetting my phone, deleting the app and redownloading it and nothing has solved this LITERAL daily issue. There hasn’t been a signal day this has worked without one issue. Don’t waste your time or money.
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2 years ago, Wow that's not good
Fairly good app but wish they would listen to feedback
This app is good but could be better. I have asked for one feature and have heard no response. The push notifications are fairly good for false alarms but when they are it is normally snow flying or wind. These alerts would be easy to take care of to some extent by allowing the user to pause alerts for a set amount of time. This way when snowing or someone moving about my property I could select pause from the app and pick from a list of time to pause. That way I won’t have to disable alarms and forget to turn them back on. Would be such a nice feature as you can’t stop false alarms but they come in batches like a snow event and you can’t let it continue as it will send a alert every few seconds and drives you nuts. Please consider adding a ability of some nature to just pause push alerts for a period of time. Thanks
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3 years ago, Clpj79
Does exactly what I need it to do
I love my cameras & the app works fine for me. My WiFi connection is good, possibly because I have a great provider & the cameras aren’t too far from my router. I didn’t think it would connect from where I’ve placed all my cameras but it’s just fine. My only suggestion is that I would really like to be able to set up a different alert tone for each camera so I know which one is chiming by the sound of the alert tone. I have a very large property & certain areas I’m sure are just wildlife but my driveway & front door are most important to me so if I could set a separate tone for those two I don’t think I’d check my cameras when they alert as much if it’s for the rest of my property. 👍
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5 years ago, snky2k
Distorted Picture on XS Max
The video picture is distorted when viewing on the XS Max iPhone. It's stretched to fill the width of the screen. Please fix this issue and keep the video out of the rounded corners of the screen and keep it from displaying behind the speaker notch on the screen. Also, fix the playback stoppage that we experience when accessing Control Center while viewing video content. In response to your response, I have 3 different Reolink cameras on my security system. The cameras aren't the problem. They all distort the same on my XS Max. Any screenshot pictures I send will not show the rounded corner or notch display problems on the XS Max. Everything looks good on my iPad and the other XS iPhone, just not the XS Max, because of the wider screen size. Ok, now responding for the second time to your requests for pictures: The cameras are FINE. They are not a problem. The ONLY problem is the stretched display on one of my devices while using your app. All you need to do to replicate this is to get an iPhone XS Max and run your Reolink app on it. You'll see what I'm talking about. Next sequential response: Ah! You DO understand me. Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Your cameras and NVR are great. I'm a big fan of your products overall. This is just a minor app software issue. Still love you guys!
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6 years ago, ichi9900
Fix the connection issues
Really too bad. The cameras are real good quality for a very good price but this app is useless if you want to look at live views remotely. There are a number of complaints in previous reviews and the response is always canned. This issue has prevented me from buying any more of these cameras and I’m sending the one I purchased back. Such a shame. Heard back from the support team and was instructed to update the camera firmware to a test version that is available on the firmware download site. Since the upgrade I have connected over cellular network over 10 times with no issues. Have yet to see a connection failure since the upgrade. Thanks Reolink fo fixing this issue. Very happy with this camera and plan on purchasing at least 6 more over the next few months.
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5 years ago, Wdyer23
Update caused my cameras to have failed connection
My app was working fine until the last update. I have Reolink POE cameras. Never had any issues with connecting until now. Everyone it says failed connection of I'm using LTE instead of my home WiFi. I have full LTE bars and my Ring doorbell and Arlo cameras connect done with LTE. I will never buy any more Reolink cameras! Updated to change my rating from one star to 4. I decided to turn off my NVR for about 5 minutes to see if that will help asks after turning it back on it works fine on LTE now! The one main consistent issue I have is the horrible software they have. Trying to figure out how to rewind it is terrible. They could make it so much simpler but it's yet to happen.
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4 years ago, moongazr
App Won’t Connect
The app is unable to connect to the camera about 95% of the time when I’m not home, but when I’m on my home Wi-Fi of course it works. “Motion alerts” do work most of the time even when the app won’t show me the camera. I have contacted Reolink support multiple times about this issue, they are not helpful. I have moved my router at home to where it’s within 10 feet of the Reolink camera, I’ve even changed ISPs, changed modems, and changed routers in the 10 months or so I’ve been experiencing this problem. No help. Here is why I think it’s the app: I signed up for Reolink cloud so when I get the app notifications that there was a motion event I can log into the cloud and I can see the event! So it’s not exactly live but it’s better than nothing. If the camera can upload to the cloud and send me notifications on my app that proves that there’s nothing wrong with the cameras Internet connection!!!! I have the Argus 2 which at this time is the most recent camera Reolink has. I should note that when I first got this, it worked pretty great, was able to connect to the camera 75% of the time. Some app update in the interim totally effed it up. Too bad because there don’t seem to be other options besides Reolink offering the same features, and I’d gladly buy more cameras if they could get this bug fixed.
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1 year ago, Pshksbcus
Terrible New Update!!!
Everything worked perfectly up until the latest March 2023 update! My aspect ratio has gotten worse since it is no longer in full screen/wide mode. I am unable to change this on my mobile app. Very frustrating new aspect ratio. Also, the cameras automatically go back to low quality view mode which is very frustrating. Please restore to the previous version where everything was good. I don’t understand the purpose of this new update ? Did no one in the development team realize that they ruined the app? Everything worked so nice, and now it’s full of issues, glitches, or whatever the case may be. Customers be warned and stay away from this company until they fix this issue! And to the development team, please read other recent low rating reviews, this seems to be affecting many. Poor service if you ask me.
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5 years ago, Scottisfogg
Argus 2 with solar charger
After reading some of the negative reviews, I decided to write one, myself. Some of those negative comments have to do with the camera and not the app thus unfairly lowering the rating average. I can honestly say I’m very happy with my camera and the app. The app is simple and user friendly. My octogenarian mother uses it daily on her iPad with zero issues. It’s easy to shut off the alerts from the app which I do when I’m working in the driveway under the camera. I shut the alert off for two reasons-the constant notifications drive me crazy and it saves the battery. When I’m finished I open the app and toggle to on. I have no complaints about this app or the hardware. I highly recommend!
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6 years ago, Flinstone
Everything works fine
Have Reolink Argus 2 with solar charger. Connecting the device with the app was straight forward with no problems. At this time only suggestion would be the ability to turn off the pop-up warning that says the quality of the network does not support the clear resolution please select fluent resolution. I disregard the pop-up and leave it in clear (works fine). Other than this no problems with app or camera very clear pictures and video. One other thing I would like would be an audible alarm on iPhone loud enough (adjustable) to wake you up so you could get advance notice if someone is approaching your front door. Developers can you help with this??
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10 months ago, stbl bsbl 4 life
Playback / backup
I have been patiently waiting for the quality of playback to improve for four years now. I am so ridiculously frustrated with using the app to review any recorded footage. It lags, it freezes, it crawls/creeps/stalls. If you want to review a particular time frame, make sure you set aside a full day to capture a clip of an hour of recorded footage. It’s ridiculous. I miss almost everything I want to keep anyway because the cameras overwrite after about three days if I’m lucky. I have friends that use Ring and they can quickly scroll through hours and hours to get to a particular time that the camera captures something they want to share. I don’t understand why I can’t have the same experience. Please address this. I have a lot of money invested in these cameras and really don’t think I should have ti replace them all by going to a different company l.
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1 year ago, TWallis of KY
App Needs Improvements
The app works OK, but there’s plenty of room for improvement. Under the Detection Zone settings, there is no way to set a zone for “Other.” You can set a zone for Pets or for People, etc., but not for Other. This is inconsistent and illogical. I have a tree in one small corner of the picture that creates frequent alerts when the wind blows, but I can’t exclude that area only. Another frustration is that the alerts are late to trigger, so a person (for example) can be halfway through the frame before the alert triggers, so you have less time to see their face and what they were doing. Perhaps keep a running buffer of the most recent three seconds, then add it to the front of the recording when an alert is triggered.
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3 years ago, T-Brasil
Pure frustration!
Purchased two cameras quite sometime ago for a rural property. Before I got around to setting them up, the property was sold. Cameras have been in original box ever since. Recently another rural property was purchased and didn’t waste time setting the cameras up. Wow, what a PITA! Finally, after I don’t know how many times trying, was able to get them connected and able to view on my phone. Pop the champagne! Now no longer at the rural location and trying to access cameras for a look around. “Failed to connect” is all I get! So for what was intended for security purposes is absolutely worthless. Not sure where the fault lies, the cams, the app, or both? And it’s not like IP cams are a new technology. How hard is it to get it right? For Reolink, evidently VERY HARD. Read in other 1 star reviews that a fairly recent update screwed things up. If true, then get on it Reolink and fix what you broke with the update! I don’t have two security cameras, I have two paperweights! A simple rock will do for that purpose. When I return the property these cams will be removed, placed in a deep hole, a little gasoline tossed on top, and (from a safe distance) I’ll strike a match and toss it in the hole. May not solve the problem, but it will put and end to my frustrations with this dismal product. Caveat emptor!
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5 years ago, Rbust
We Love
We love our camera’s, we have had then one year and they have impressed us very much! They were purchased, to replace the ADT ones we paid for monthly! No more monthly payments, for better service “our selves”. ... lol We purchased 5 with solar panels, let me tell you we had major snow storms and -64 degree temperatures, and did I say major snow, and these little cameras kept working without any hiccups! Color is fantastic, day and night. And the alarm works great, if any comes near the house my phone alerts me. It’s awesome when you are away from your home, out of state and know who is accessing your property all the time. Make us feel very secure we have quality equipment to protect our home 24/7. I would recommend and buy more! Can say the only negative is the reaction time to speak through the cameras feature, it’s a delayed reaction, and some times if someone is running it captures them but tends to be in slow motion and can’t tell face recognition to well. Hopefully they fix this issue and it is even more perfect. Thank you For quality products!
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3 years ago, 007turtle
Good but needs improvements
I like the app very well I recently started using reolink cameras I like them very clear but I would like to see the notification section improved because any lil bug or movement sends a notification and that drains battery like crazy if I can turn off push notifications for a certain time of the day and it comes back on later in the day or night also the option to set a The ir leds to come on and off with a custom schedule instead of automatic because I have a issue where there is a light but the camera stays in colored all the time during the night and certain spots are dark because the ir leds are not on the camera is seeing enough light not to switch to B/W
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4 years ago, Moonchild1912
I like it glad bugs r fixed but
Also if you forget the app password you have to delete it and start over. Mine has been having issues recording audio. I alhavr tonkeep tapping the sound icon eveb thonits set to record audionin live mode i have tibtaonitvtIbhave to keep oressing the sound icThis cam has great resolution. The app works well but sometimes struggles to connect to wifi and the date would not update before but it does now occasionally it struggles to connect to wifi but for me is working nhear or it is muted. I I have problems with jerks breakinh in and they tamoer with the caks too noike take battery out Unplug them. So i wisj theyd make one with a lock feature on the battery or some way nonone can mess with tge micro sim card sonit stops recordnh. Tgese have been probleme fornme.
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5 years ago, Jmt092899
Poor connectors not water proof. Night vision poor
I have four cameras and three of them went out do to water in the connections. Clips were green inside. Tried WD40 then coke, then baking soda and tooth brush. One went up for about a month then down again. Will hire someone to replace clips. Gets expensive and a lot of down time. Not made well for outside service. Mine are under the eves too however blowing rain one day got them. Had another problem with poor service at night. My son added big square infrared systems and that helped a lot. Ugly as hell though and now a lot of wires. Mine were fours as they fives were on back order for weeks. Ordered a couple of fives but then I am out the cost of the others. Distance needing coverage on two is about 100 feet and not so well light. My RING on front door does well though.
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6 years ago, Toddzilla47
Through ups and downs, this is still a great system
I have had the 4 wifi camera system for several years. Overall, I have been very happy. Installation went very smoothly -- basically plug-and-play. The only thing that slowed things down was running a LAN cable around the house to the NVR. Recently for no apparent reason, I could no longer access my wifi cameras on iPhones and iPads via my home wifi network or by cellular data. After several days of back-and-forth with support, a simple reboot of the NVR fixed the problem. I think their support has improved in the last several years -- much better communication.
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1 year ago, Tommy Carté
Terrible app terrible quality
Nothing about this application works correctly and when you receive a notification about motion from the camera and you go to look at it, it doesn’t load and you have to restart the application multiple times to even get the video to load. very disappointed in the quality and service of this company I highly recommend you stay away from them and just use ring. These cameras constantly go off when they don’t need to but yet when somebody is actually in front of the camera it doesn’t even go off there’s been multiple times when we needed to retrieve footage from when somebody was on the property in front of the cameras and they had not gone off yet when the smallest thing goes in front of the camera at sets it off it’s an absolute joke.
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6 years ago, KenKK3
Great App - When It’s Working
This set up easily and quickly and worked well for a day or two. Then I encountered blank screens where the live image should appear. This I fixed by restarting the app or the device. Then, a brief power outage. The thing then wouldn’t work thereafter in spite of closing/reopening the program, restarting the device, resetting the camera, removing and reinstalling the program, in other words, all the things one routinely does to fix a broken program. Then, I finally got it running on PC but not iPad, or the other way around. The new issue was an alleged password error (false). At my wits end, I reset the camera one more time, and like magic, everything functioned again. The above madness was many hours over two days. I’m still getting a warning to set a non-default password, although although I’m using a PW of my own significantly > 10 characters. A couple of days later, it failed again. Reset fixed it. Then, same day, PC version wouldn’t connect. Nothing would fix until I uninstalled/reinstalled the program. Conclusion - the thing is great when working but needs a good deal of help with its robustness. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t buy this product!
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5 years ago, Okra683
App is great, I’d like some more functions
The app works well, and not many problems. But the consumer is never happy are they? 1) ability to make scenes a shortcut for IOS. I use the scenes but it takes a bit to get to them to activate them. And I can’t set automation to the scense(every night I set it to night, every morning to home). 2) change notification sounds per camera. It would just be cool to heat a different alarm. 3)why can’t my Reolink pros work with Alexa? I spent $200 on them, why not make the available for the cloud devices? I do like reolink, but think there is a little more that could be done. Put it on your todo list please!!
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5 years ago, woosmama
I hate it!
I hit the five stars by mistake. The first one I bought had a camera that the writing was worn off. I sent the whole thing back bcuz it appeared used and it wasn’t cheap. I ordered from another company because it said it was plug and play. I am not real savvy on things but I can follow directions. Well most. I had a friend help when I couldn’t connect as he has a similar one. He couldn’t do it either. I switched cable companies and they connected it for me. It worked a couple days and now it only works on my tv. Unfortunately all I can do is look at the screen. I can’t change anything because it won’t let me sign in and I can’t check any activity on it. The cameras work when they want to and they are up on the corners of the house so they are hard for me to get to. We have a problem with our neighbor and I thought this was a good camera. I was wrong.
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1 year ago, Slayermeis
Version 4.36 is total garbage
Version 4.36 removed some features and broke others. This makes for extra steps and a lot of cussing. My short list is: 1. Sound is broken. If you use your device on silent mode, live view and playback modes will not have sound. This broke in 4.36 and their support team has so far blamed every user reporting the issue for changing camera settings or having an out of date phone. 2. Removed option to stretch view to fill container. Black bars EVERYWHERE! 3. Pinch-to-zoom zooms into the center of the image rather than where you pinch. Good luck quickly zooming and on something. 4. If you pinch-to-zoom on the top 1/3 of the view, it just exits you out of the view and you get to start allllllllll over again. 5. Timeline scrubber touch area seems incredibly small. I can’t even scrub half the time. And if you miss it, the view exits and you get to start all over from the beginning again. 6. Double tapping to live view on a camera no longer loads the highest quality by default. Instead, it loads the lowest. 7. The top status bar (where you battery, time, etc. are) disappears randomly and cannot be brought back without exiting the app.
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5 years ago, IP Attorney
Meh—average and inconsistent functionality
For no reason whatsoever the app decided the password was wrong for the camera. Considering it was already installed the reset maneuver was not plan A. Deleted and reinstalled app and it works again for now. Not so impressed. The solar seems to work. Doesn’t charge quickly but that’s probably good for a battery that is going to always be on power. Did not fully charge after day 1 and awaiting to see what day 2 brings. A cool feature to note is the base is designed so you can run a strap through it to mount the camera to a tree. This inspired me to use an inexpensive ratcheting tied-down strap to attach camera and solar panel to a 30”/side brick column. Seems to work quite well! The interface is “ok” not great and is somewhat difficult to use on a phone, as it has small unlabeled controls. Motion sensitivity is also “ok” not great since it does not seem to keep the few seconds video before it realizes motion so often I get the last second of someone passing the camera rather than the approach and departure. If it would do pre-trigger capture I’d raise the rating notwithstanding the other issues. I’m at 2 stars for now due to the inexplicable password issue.
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