RepairSolutions 2

4.8 (12.3K)
92.9 MB
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Current version
Innova Electronic
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for RepairSolutions 2

4.77 out of 5
12.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Saturn Fan 2004
Better Than I Expected
Saturn L300, 2.2L, 4 Cylinder engine 221,233 miles. I just had the fuel filter and fuel pump replaced. Ran well for 100 miles when the check engine light came on! Called around for diagnostic cost estimates and they averaged $85. - the cost of an avarage OBD2 scan tool for my Saturn. I got this slightly above average scan tool, Innova 3100RS, for about $138. Worked great! It diagnosed a problem with my EVAP. I reset it. If it was still there, then I’d take it in for repair. But it hasn’t come back. So it might have been a small glitch with the sensor. And the engine’s running fine! So the $138 was well spent as the mechanic would’ve charged $85 plus maybe around $80 to “fix” it. The slightly higher end Innova 3100RS has Bluetooth connectivity to my phone, and I installed the app. What a godsend! It’s so much easier to use and understand than the cheaper lower end scan tools I’ve had before this one. It’s been so worth the $138. But it will be more than worth it, too, when I will inevitably have to use it again on my gracefully aging Saturn. It will save me the $85 diagnostic charge each time, and I won’t be going in blind either if I take it to the repair shop because I’ll have a good idea of what the problem is. Another nice feature on this tool is that through its Bluetooth connection to my phone, I’m able to get stats on potential problems down the road, and cost estimates for the repair parts. Less surprises means less stress for me.
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1 year ago, Rocco Johnson
Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!
I have no connection to this company whatsoever, nor do I often write reviews, but this app is significantly better since the upgrade. I’ve used it for a while now and always thought it did a good job for me, however I was never THAT exuberant about it. I have a Ram pickup that constantly has the check engine light come only for me to repair the issue, just to have another light come on within a couple of months. I digress. Suffice it to say that I use the app a lot, however, I haven’t used in at least the past 6 months. Today I turn on the app and it goes through the the update process. Imagine my pleasure when its new, simpler interface popped up that just feels much better in every way. Again, I’m generally not an effusive kind of person, but I love this app now. Just one of the things the app gives a read on is predicted future repairs, which it gives as a probability percentage—s u p e r cool. I think it’s an all around great app, now.
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2 years ago, Mr.Get R Done mechanic
Loving my NEW Scan tool
I’m gonna have to say that my INNOVA part number 5310 automotive scan tool is flipping amazing I have never used anything quite like this before but whoever came up with this scan tool and the Quickstart guide instructions and the fact that it can link to my phone and pretty much do everything that a professional mechanic would do checking out my vehicle going through the different steps of figuring out what’s exactly wrong and explaining to me how he’s going to fix it and what the part is called this tool does it all God bless whoever came up with this tool and made it a lot easier for the do it yourself mechanic to further educate and nevertheless making the mechanics life easier thank you very much and I will highly recommend this to everybody that I know that is a do it yourself mechanic I couldn’t have asked for a better scan tool thank you
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2 months ago, Tintin 2011
Lots of problems
I have to say I’m surprised at all these five star reviews. I connected the scanner to my port and it prompted me to do an update for the firmware. I followed the prompts and a few minutes later all the updates were installed. The app connected via Bluetooth to the scanner without any issues. I ran a couple of tests and looked for trouble codes and everything seem to be going OK. I found a couple of codes which I erased and when I rescanned they were gone. Everything seemed to be good. A couple of hours later I tried to rescan to see if those codes had come back. Suddenly I started having all kinds of lights show up on my dashboard from the ABS, to AFS to low oil pressure warning, to check VSC, and another symbol which I’m not sure what it was. I just sat there in disbelief. However once I disconnected the scanner from my car, the dashboard was clear with no lights or warnings. I’m not sure how useful this tool is if I cannot rely on it to not interfere with my car’s computer software and trip all these bogus codes/warning signs. I have missed the return period, so now I’m stuck with this useless thing that I paid $50 for at Walmart.
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4 weeks ago, Alabama68
Does things my more expensive handheld units can’t
I bought this to troubleshoot an ABS and a BSD error on my Hyundai Sonata. It identified faults in my ABS wheel speed sensors. I didn’t know they could be related until I did some research. Sure enough, replacing my rear wheel speed sensors cleared up my ABS and BSD errors. BSD components are super expensive so this scanner potentially saved me some big money. Hyundai kept telling me they couldn’t find a problem with the BSD system, I guess they didn’t know about the ABS and BSD relationship either… oh and this scanner can enable a TPMS relearn if your tire dealer fails to do that (not naming any names like Firestone or anything - just saying it can cover that oversight should it happen to you too)
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1 month ago, JamesLBaker
Hyper Tough H1500 Bluetooth Scan Tool
I purchased the above named obd2 sensor at Walmart for $50+tax. Honestly, it’s extremely more thorough then I thought it would be when doing a complete system scan. I knew of a few issues I was having with my vehicles but this thing pulled up stuff I was never notified about on other obd2 sensors. It’s extremely detailed and you can see live data too. Also, I find it cool how the app helps you find mechanics that can fix your issues if you can do it yourself and it tells you about your normal maintenance cost and recommendations for your vehicles mileage. This tool is VERY impressive for the price and I definitely recommend it.
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1 month ago, JayBlak00
I was agonizing over which OBD scanner to buy. One brand look good in one way another brand looks good in another way. When I went to advance auto in Fort Lauderdale, I had a very patient sales persons and we reviewed all of the different scanners and if they were compatible with my car. Because I didn’t get a nice, big tools. I didn’t have very much faith that this standalone OBD reader, and I could do very much but a little bit. I know when we were viewed everything it was the most capable scanner that they had. I would recommend this to anyone definitely worth the money and very convenient
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2 years ago, IPC?
Innova 1000 OBD2 Bluetooth reader based review
I bought the 1000 model scan-tool solution at AdvanceAuto. The bluetooth functionality via my iphone 11 to the RepairSoulutions2 app has reliable connectivity and produces DTC decoding on par with any other device I have used. That said the 100$ unit is the most expensive one ive bought, so thats not saying much. This app has a live data function but only 4 parameters at a time limits its functionality. It can erase codes. It gives you a starting point as to repair but mostly very general information you could derive yourself if you have ever even turned a wrench. its a big fat OK but not nearly the level of diagnostics or repair information i was led to believe.
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5 months ago, MAC 0801
So far so good
So far, the product itself has worked quite seamlessly. As long as you have the app, which is free to download and operate. That will make your interaction with the scanner so much better. definitely recommended to download it but even without the app codes are easy to retrieve and it does function as it should. My only complaint is that the light up end of the OBDII cord already had an LED fell on one side, so only half of the connector lights up, but it is mainly an aesthetic issue, and not really an issue regarding functionality as of yet. Overall an excellent addition to any garage or toolbox.
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2 weeks ago, Peponjr1
Great, amazing App just one thing I almost one of my money back
I’m super happy with this app for cars JUST ONE THING IT WAS KINDA CONFUSING SETTING IT UP TO WORK My issue was that I was used of easy sign up and set up. This was just kind of confusing bothered me almost made me go ask for my money back because I just didn’t like was struggling but after it was all worth it, I was so happy so happy that I forgive them there full stars and moving forward, I’m a happy camper. It’s almost like when you get a fight with your wife for the first time when you make up, it’s up LOVE lol Funny way to explain things peace out.
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2 years ago, Josh76890
Great Idea
I don’t usually write reviews but wanted to share my experience. App and scanner work great together. The app does more than I anticipated. It gave me the codes and identified the most likely fix with links to order the parts if I wanted. It also provides recommended shops at your specified location. The app can track your maintenance needs for you and the probable issues at the mileage you are approaching. I’m recommending this to everyone. Just one minor app issue is the ability to share the reports pulled by the scanner. Share button exists but is not working currently.
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12 months ago, SophistiFable
App is great but would love some new features
The app itself works great. Shows you engine codes, you can clear the codes, it gives you a breakdown of recommendations for maintenance and possible repairs in the near future to look out for. It also gives you documents that show known common problems and recalls. All in all, app is good. What would be nice is a way to document service records in app then have a way to print that report when you are ready to sell the vehicle. It would also be nice to be able to add any repairs made to the vehicle and have that be printable as a report. Beyond that I definitely recommend the app.
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9 months ago, rock hard mechanics
Greatest little tool ever
This thing actually out performed the 3000 dollar snap on scan tools that they used at the mechanic shop my girl had taken her car too for years nobody at the shop could figure out the problem so I went to Walmart and purchased this scan tool for 50 dollars and 20 minutes later I knew everything that was wrong with the vehicle and that the total of seven codes that it gave me six of them would be fixed by Nissan because they have recalled the parts that were broken and were fixing them at no cost to the owner
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3 years ago, two lane road
Just bought 5510 scanner, works great so far !!!
Unlike a lot of the reviews I have seen, this scanner dose everything as advertised so far. Linking to my iPhone 12 was a breeze, uploading the app and scanning my first vehicle was a breeze too. Scanned every module, cleared old history codes in several modules and got a report when done. This scan was on a 2003- Chevrolet Silverado LS with 4.8L I will let you know how it does on my other cars soon. I would recommend this scan tool to people with intermediate mechanical skills and above. It is a little advanced for beginners
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2 years ago, Hite96
The scanner tool is great, but the app is sooo slow
The scanner tool I bought (Innova 5110) works great, is easy to use, and spits out a complete list of trouble codes plus emissions status onscreen within 15-20 seconds of connecting to the car. The app on the other hand, takes up to a minute just to launch, a good 5-10 minutes to create an account if you don’t have one already, sometimes another minute to get connected to the scanner tool, and anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes to upload the data from the scanner to your phone and generate a report. So by the time you’ve waited for the app to do its thing, it sometimes would’ve been faster to just copy the trouble codes from the scanner and look the up online yourself.
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3 months ago, Appleuseschildlabor
Live data on cell phone doesn’t work
I have the 3100rs and it will not allow me to record live data. I go on the app on my iPhone and it says no previously recorded live data which is a real problem because classic I need to be able to see previously recorded data without having to turn on the car plug in the tool connect to blue tooth etc. then as soon as the car is turned off the tool disconnects leaving me with out any type of live data reading unless I run the car while viewing live data. $140 is what I paid at auto zone for this and I can’t even use it. I have to go purchase a different brand that allows me to actually record live data smh. I’m sick I have to even give it a single star because I wish I could give it zero point zero stars
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3 months ago, Lasvegastrish
Great live tool
After having this diagnostic tool for a while and using on my families vehicles (Ford f150, Ford Fusion, Subaru Outback & Kia Optima) I have been able to make minor repairs without the high price tag of a diagnostic test at an auto shop. Recently (because I wasn’t looking for it before) I found that this device has a Live option for viewing your vehicles live data. This was so interesting to me that I sent the data to one of my kids, the one that drives the Subaru, and he was also amazed at how accurate and detailed the data is.
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8 months ago, mokchuwin
Innova 5512 with Bluetooth and App
Tool with Bluetooth and app has made me love to work on cars now. I have never been a mechanic, but since I’ve owned these great tools I have fixed so many of my vehicles problems AND my family and friends as well. They really believe I am a good mechanic. I have to say that yes, I have learned quite a lot. All do to the Innova 5512 obd II scan tool. And to back that up with Bluetooth and the Rs2 app just puts the icing on the cake. I have a new hobby now! So much so that I have installed insulation, wall, and an hvac system in my garage. Love it all!!!
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3 years ago, ZachW-BremertonWA
It’s Working Great! Pointed Me to a Fix!
This thing is way better than the last cheap thing I bought. I was worried it was going to tell me I needed a new engine, but it was telling me there were Crankshaft Position Sensor problems. I pulled mine out and cleaned it with some rubbing alcohol and put it back in. Disclaimer: I have no idea if that was a good idea, but it’s what I did. I bought a new sensor too just to have it on hand but i wanted to try that as a fix before the part was delivered. Anyway, I will recommend this to anyone. The iPhone app seems great too!
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1 year ago, Billy Tha Manchild
I’m just your average Joe
I’m no mechanic but this dongle And app have made being a car owner 100 times easier than In the past I literally can figure out all the problems on my own and the device is so inconspicuous that I can basically just leave the darn thing in and forget about it white it receives all the old and new data for my vehicle personally in real time so for me this app is a blessing thank you to all the engineers and developers who are responsible for this little device my hat’s forever tipped for you😁👌🫡👍🏻🚘❤️❤️🚷🚳🇺🇸
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2 years ago, ggvhtvtytvyjytvtyj
New Update Is Awesome
Bought this from Autozone months back for $99. The app was originally slow and buggy with little features, but it got the job done and could read codes. The new update is much quicker to connect and scan, it also has more features like live data recording and other standard information from a full system scan. Completely transforms the value of this tool. Would highly recommend for diagnosing or recording data.
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2 years ago, dbarz2cents
Important to retain the resale value of your vehicle
If there was or is(show me) a way to add a notes page to the reports. Coming from an aviation background, I know how important it is to maintain records for aircraft. Why not personal vehicle’s as well. I keep and print a report every month. I would like to add any adjustments or fluid changes completed to that. That keeps me on track as well as if I were to pass that vehicle to someone else they can review and pick up where I left off. Other that that beautiful app.
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4 weeks ago, Mikey cini1
Great product!
My check engine light was on so I scanned the car within minutes and had a full report including the reason for the check engine light. It then suggests what will most likely solve the issue, and even gives you the recommended parts along with estimated costs of repairs. I had a faulty sensor. I bought the new sensor, replaced it within 30 minutes. Cost me about $60 to fix the problem. Wish I knew about this product sooner!
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1 year ago, cracka12
20 years and man these new scanners are amazing!
Considering I’ve not used a scanner in 20 years this scanner was a bit tricky at first. I decided to revisit it this morning and slowly worked through it. It works absolutely perfect and is by far more than I’d expected from it (compared to the last scanner I used). It’s extremely thorough and easy once you take your time to learn the scanner! I’m so glad I bought this and look forward to fixing the issues it provided me with!
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1 year ago, XBrownPineapple
Used to basic little scanners
Man so far I’ve had it for a few days I bought it because I have an 03 Honda Pilot that needs a lot of work the fact that it helps figure out a lot of issues along with putting it all on your phone for you via Bluetooth that’s pretty helpful. As wel as giving you possible maintenance due and all that is pretty nice specially for someone that’s just beginning to mess with bigger things than oil changes and spark plug changes and other basics.
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4 weeks ago, GenHalftrack
This is the Most useful tool
It sometimes takes a few minutes for it to get the data. There are some things I would like to see more of which are not in this module, but it is a lot better than my standalone ODB to tester. Information is spot on the thing I do not like is it jumps to Walmart for all pricing or on the mobile parts which is not very accurate other than that the app will be updated when it is turned on in the phone and so far I haven’t found any vehicle that it does not work on yet
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6 months ago, Jimmy cutler
Couldn’t shift to Neutral my ML-350
My 2010 ML-350 died and wouldn’t jump start. I couldn’t shift gears even after I finally jump started. As a last resort I bought the HT-500 at Walmart for $50. Erased most of the codes then ran a system test. The app updated the firmware on the Mercedes . Car passed software inspection and I could now shift gears!!! Also, I didn’t have to buy more software online to do this. Huge improvement over the older module. I highly recommend buying this device and app!
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6 months ago, natethenat
It’s great!! But not reliable in emergency
The app does everything I need it too and then some, my only problem is how long it takes to connect. It doesn’t happen always but if I’m not home connected to WiFi when I use the obd2 tool scanner, it takes several minutes to even connect to my phone and then a couple more minutes to get it to give me the codes. I was stranded on the highway trying to diagnose the car for at least a half hour. At home works within moments of plugging it in
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8 months ago, EngineNinjas
Great tool to diagnose and inform what’s needed to get my cars running at their best.
Learning on my own and so far it’s been pretty intuitive , just got the firmware updated and scanning full system , reports seem to indicate problem areas and I will work towards eliminating all dash warning lights. I have 11 cars so far and it will be useful to get the fleet running efficiently. The live monitoring was informative and I’m looking forward to understanding more of the features. EngineNinjas recommended.
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1 month ago, SouthernScooter
Idiot Proof
I am a certified mechanical incompetent. I installed the app and the dongle in minutes. I scanned the VIN manually. I paired the dongle to the app and added the odometer reading. I got my first engine report (no problems! Great!). This thing is amazing. There it sits unobtrusively reading the engine. The app is on my phone ready to tell me what I need to know. Don’t travel without it! Why would you? Trust me -this thing is proof against my inability to do anything mechanical. That’s all you need to know. 2020 Promaster 3500
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2 months ago, TaquitoThorsday
Decent scan app but no offline mode
Use the app with with a Zurich Bluetooth dongle. When in cel or Wi-Fi range the tool works like a charm. Sadly in offline mode it does bare basics. If the car you are working on is in a cel or Wi-Fi dead area I would recommend one of the handheld scanners instead of the Bluetooth dongle. Would rate 5 starts if there was an offline mode that allows you to download all the stuff you need to scan and test for selected vehicles. Also the addition of pdf exporting of data would be helpful as well.
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4 months ago, Ashley GMC girl
So so so happy we spent the extra money and bought the 500! We’ve already checked both our cars, checking daughters car tomorrow. And we thought, in the future… we can check any car we are thinking of buying. If we are trying to sell show the person the live report. The reasons to have this tool goes on and on. Would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!! Plus it’s incredible easy to insert, pair and navigate using the app. Love it!!!!
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12 months ago, BEE DO 956
Awesome Scanner
As a 20 year experience technician and specialized in engine performance and electrical, I could say this scanner has a lot of capabilities. This scanner is small and efficient. I don’t have to take out the bigger scanner since this scanner does a lot of functions. Also awesome phone app which helps you also and keeps records of freeze frames and other stuff. Cons: I would like for the buttons to light up when working in the dark.
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6 months ago, Kalex124
User friendly!
Only a couple complaints and neither have anything to do with actual performance of this scanner. 1) it would be great to be able to view all live data at once instead of having to choose or if the page could hold your selection so you don’t have to keep selecting them over and over. 2) it would be cool if the mileage would automatically update instead of having to enter it manually. But overall I love this bang for your buck scanner!
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7 months ago, PJinSc
First Scan told a lot, saved $$$
Pairing and update went smoothly. 2006 Expedition, picked up codes and gave information. Lots of things I did not know were not working correctly, Really bought this to diagnose ABS alarm which now reported left front wheel speed sensor failure; now I know what to repair and saved the cost of a mechanic. ABS also read all tire pressures and reported the spare tire pressure sensor was causing the failure alarm. I like this. Working on getting repair reports next.
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10 months ago, Iaakida
Works well
It’s my first time using an ODS scanner and I think it worked well. I had a fender bender and replaced the airbag inflators which caused an SRS light. I downloaded the APP, plugged in the device and did a full scan. The results were accurate and helped me isolate the problem inflator. I had to enter my VIN and wish there was an option to save it as I found that I had to whether it every time I used the device. Great product, keep sending updates.
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12 months ago, First Use was great
First Use was great
Scanner was easy to set up, did have a little trouble with Bluetooth but that might have been my phone. Once connected to the car the scanner did everything. A minute or less later I had a report with all codes!! The feature I found the most useful was the suggested repairs and parts. Not only did I have the report but knew what part and the cost in minutes. Great scanner for a great price!
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2 years ago, jaybhall
Great tool for the DIYers’
I am a firm believer in doing something yourself if it is possible. No need to dump a ton of money into the pockets of a mechanic if it isn’t necessary. This app and the OBDII reader this app links too gives a pretty accurate diagnostic of what is happening with you vehicle. Plus, it gives possible fixes on how to solve your vehicles problems, eliminating the guess work of trying to figure out what the issue is on your own. Saving time and money. Love the app
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4 months ago, pdvangundy
Worked immediately, easy to use!
I bought this, plugged it in, followed the quick start guide, pulled the codes, and cleared them in less than 2 minutes per truck. The scanner and app are super intuitive and easy to use. Well worth the extra money to have recommended fixes as well. I have a fleet of 4 older Toyota work trucks at my shop, and this thing is going to save me a lot of time, money, and energy.
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5 months ago, Silver Spoons
Very easy to use and will save you a lot of money in the long run. All you have to do is put in three AA batteries, download the app, plug it into your car and sync the Innova to your phone. I should’ve bought this last week to prevent $120 diagnostic charge at the local Toyota dealer. This scanner told me exactly what the dealer discovered in about 30 seconds. I can’t believe I was charged $120 for a 30 second scan. This is a must have for the DIY mechanic.
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3 months ago, Theladdi
Saved me so much money!!!
I am not a mechanic, so using the app to troubleshoot error, codes and point me in the right direction to do my own research and chase down problems was great. I was able to do all of this electrical work by myself included, checking and replacing fuses and relays and replacing O2 sensors and even having to rewire downstream sensor. All in all it took me three weeks to get everything resolved, and now I can pass the missions!
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5 months ago, kowalski004
Awesome product
knowledge is power and thats exactly what this app paired to an innova 5610 has given me, great telemtry logging data off all kinds of obd2 sensors and engine codes. Bought it originally for my 2006 dodge ram and am now usaing it on my 2008 toyota tundra and it has performed outstanding at empowering me as the owner to make decisions without worrying about being lied to from shady business practices. recommend it to anyone in need of a solution to their check engine light woes.
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11 months ago, Amalia Lily Evans
2017 Mercedes GLS450
I can’t believe a $50 gadget is capable of reading all of the modules on my 2017 GLS. When I googled OBD scanner for this car, only expansive items were suggested, and not a word about this scanner. Thank you guys for being so smart creating HT500 and humble pricing it so affordable. A lot of owners of expensive vehicles don’t know about capabilities of your OBD scanner, so spread the word! I wish you the best in creating more and more miracle tools for your consumers!
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1 year ago, J. Benwah
Very Impressed!
I’m used to using scan tools worth thousands of dollars (they obviously give you access to a lot more specific information), but for this price, you can’t beat the amount of information available using this scanner/app. It’s perfect for someone who’s mechanically inclined and looking for a good tool to assist in confirming diagnosis in order to save some money by performing the work yourself. Very cool and convenient!
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2 years ago, ChronicMoto
Worth the price
I had warning lamps coming on my 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited but hated to think about the cost to have a dealer look at it. I am a former mechanic in a dealership and private shop ownership, therefore, am very familiar with scan tools and their capabilities and shortcomings. For the diy person who has some mechanical aptitude, this scan tool points you in the right direction to avoid unnecessary parts replacement. I highly recommend this tool.
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7 months ago, Duster9111
This app works! (With needed supported reader)
I just started using this app today. It is easy to use. The reader I got from orielys. No configuration needed, just had to tell my iPhone to allow the app to use Bluetooth. I can view my error codes on my Honda odyssey van and clear then! The app also saves your previous scans and you can share the results via a link to a professional style pdf document.
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1 year ago, mangusita
The top of the line
This app and scan tool is legit. There’s so much information in one app it’s insane. The scan tool is easy if you read the instructions or if you’re a pro then don't read them. Lol once you connect the app to the scan tool it explains so much to you about your car and let you know when to fix things in the future or regular maintenance. Its perfect. Easy set up. 10/10
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5 months ago, Klediddy31
All the free options are perfect to understand what’s wrong with my truck
Love this app that able to pair up with my HT300 scan tool to run diagnostics on my 2007 Silverado 1500 classic 5.3L V8 with over 200k miles on the body, cuts out paying a mechanic to find the any problem in the future that may come up, and also pinpoints what that actually problem is wrong with your vehicle if the engine light comes on!!!!
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6 months ago, Scotty B 843
New User
Works well and easy to learn. Very happy with purchase. Like that it’s a colored display. I bought a lesser version and the simple fact this one is easy to see/read in any condition and without interior lights or a flashlight was enough of a reason to return and pay a little more. Also has a wider range of functions and usefulness. I’ll recommend and suggest this to others
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1 year ago, 1999 996 JLew
Eduardo Ortega Jr.
Excellent tool and great performance. The series scanners keeps a few upper models that have even more sensing options. My model quickly paired by blue tooth to the App in my phone where the r report was stored. The and the report was very comprehensive. Due to the nature of my needed repair, the scanner also indicated my car would not pass CA Smog Check until repaired. This scanner is great and offers a huge bang for its modest price of $145. I got mine at O’Reallys.
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