Replicon - Timesheets with GPS

4.2 (237)
64.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Replicon, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Replicon - Timesheets with GPS

4.2 out of 5
237 Ratings
3 years ago, kagenezumi
Jumpy Numbers
It’s definitely a great app for time keeping but when I try to input less than an hour most of the numbers get reduced by 1. It seems to only happen to me and my coworkers who use iPhones and not androids.
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1 year ago, Cb00660
Horrible App!
This app is absolutely dreadful. Constantly clocking in or transferring into a specific task only for it to instead pick the one suggested on the Home Screen. Also there are numerous times I’ve clocked in only to open up the website later on my desktop to find that it never registered and then I have to manually add a punch with hopefully the right time. It is very slow and if you’re trying to review your text past timesheets to find hours spent in a specific task you’ll eventually break the app as it will initiate into an invite load screen that is only interrupted by a failure alert. How ironic…
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4 years ago, irenaye
Slow clocking in and out on phone
The app is slow even when you have service and I have use this app on a daily for my work which is annoying because I have to wait till it actually loads to clock me in and out. It doesn’t clock me in and out on the location maps exactly where I’m clocking in and out of. And if you exit out of the app too early it won’t clock you in and out which is also another problem. But it does collect all your hours the right way and it is a good app to appoint it’s just it needs to be fixed on some of the things I had just said.
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6 years ago, s34nimal
Would not recommend
I'd guess that our org's implementation probably isn't the greatest, but the problems I have with this app have nothing to do with that. If I try to enter time, it often never saves my entry, however it does do a good job of resurrecting project buckets from weeks or even months prior. I've basically relegated this app to use only to load receipt images to my expense reports, but that only works if the app mysteriously manages to load any recently created reports, which happens maybe 50% of the time. One of the worst app experiences I've ever had.
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5 years ago, Nicky_jm09
Powerful New Version
The new version is what I’ve been waiting for! Now both timesheets and time off requests can be approved. Notifications can also be set up. The app does everything that the desktop version does. Great improvement!
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5 years ago, Elle 0190
No way to edit time on mobile
It must be a matter of custom configurations that render the app useless to some users, me among them. I don't just clock in and out, which seems to maybe be all the mobile app can handle; I work for a nonprofit that requires us to document our time based on project. That functionality hasn't appeared on the app since before the 2017 redesign. It's been 2.5 years; how is it still not working?
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5 years ago, IT_Wrangler
Quickly adds your time much faster than the website
Love the quick access to my billing codes and multiple day entry
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4 years ago, Duane_M
Horrible display
We use Replicon at my company and the user interface is horrible. It’s a one size fits all. It highlights tasks as bolded and gives tiny fonts for the project. You need a microscope to see the project. But the tasks can be seen from across the room. There has to be something better out there . . . Somewhere. No absolutely ability to customize your view. You get what they produce.
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6 years ago, God's Servant
Useful Tool
I couldn’t give it 5 stars because it doesn’t completely eliminate the website. Could improve on ability to initiate processes and better synchronization with updates.
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6 years ago, Jakebnsn
Great app, please add support for iPhone X
Support for iPhone X PLEASE
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5 years ago, Cylomicronman
Could be better
On the go expense entry is nice but it’s frustrating and hard to use if you enter many since it only groups by category not date. Also the sync function between desktop and mobile is unreliable
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5 years ago, Jojo Bunbo
Useless for intended purpose.
This app’s time distribution feature, which is a necessity when submitting one’s timesheet for approval, is absolutely useless. Does not save entries nor allow user to choose particular types of work time like overtime, et al. Also, their web-based app is equally useless on iPhones. Whoever developed this garbage should refund the money they were paid. Horrendous.
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2 years ago, Marcdetem
Totally useless
Timestamp section: the opposite of user friendly Expenses? Good luck, the app is systematically crashing upon enter. Years ago it was ugly but at least it was barely working. Now is useless. Just extra noise in your eyes when looking at your phone
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2 years ago, Racer.Rick
Quirky syncing to the Web app
Entries on the iPhone App don't properly sync to entries made on the Web App (and vice versa); and, sometimes they wipe out entries made on the other. I reported this to their tech-support team several days ago and still have not received a reply.
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5 years ago, IN_LB
Replicon App
Even a novice app user will find this app simple to navigate. Clocking in and out is a breeze.
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4 months ago, John Sisak
Used to work fine, until about one month ago. Now, when I try to open it I see a screen that says “Deltek | Replicon” followed by a white screen with a spinning gear.
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6 years ago, PandoT
Bad UI, forgets password
It's great to have a dedicated app instead of having to use the web site, but this is one of the worst apps on my phone. The UI is terrible and having to retype the password every couple of weeks is not helpful. It's 2018 Replicon!
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3 months ago, Passion Project
Won’t even open
As a result of this “update” the app now won’t even open on my phone. Tried restating etc. No luck. Ridiculous.
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2 years ago, DH2tx
This app is awful. Any developer should be able to make better. Can’t enter simple things needed for daily timekeeping.
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6 years ago, Tommy Bravo
Great app
Easy to use. Clean. Face recognition. It’s all there. Nice job.
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5 years ago, Bullerk9
Never Works
I have yet to get this app to work. After I change my master password which we much per corporate policy, Single Sign-On keeps me from accessing this app.
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4 years ago, Skeyelab
The app I downloaded looks nothing like the screenshots. It feels like the screenshots are for a newer (unreleased?) version.
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5 months ago, Stoiq
Used to work…
Now the app won’t even launch. Just a spinning snowflake.
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4 months ago, KVColts
App won’t open on my iPhone
Please fix.
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3 years ago, The person who wants to stop getting asked to write a review from the app
This app is junk. It never works when I need it.
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12 months ago, el jefe 9691
Doesn’t work
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11 years ago, Todd McGuire
Great mobile option for time tracking but no timer :(
I would have given this five stars, but the timer available on the web, is not available in the app.
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8 years ago, AKLucky
Beautiful enterprise app
Replicon has mobile app for long time and it always looked like a functional business app. With this update, app is looking clean and modern. Performance of the app improved tremendously and happy to see Replicon putting effort, resources to improve mobile products. If you had any concerns about app stability, performance before; this is a must try update to see the huge difference in this version.
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9 years ago, DokMeister
Very convenient for submitting expenses
I procrastinate filing for reimbursement of my travel expenses. Forgetfulness sets in and this leads to not being paid for a lot of smaller work related expenses. With the Replicon app I have been able to file for my expenses instantaneously as they happen (!) by taking a picture of the receipt and pushing a button to get it reimbursed from my company. Very cool 😄
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8 years ago, Not paid - bad business
Track time? Good luck!
This app often locks up, showing a white blank screen for several minutes. I've tired logging in and out of the company network - still blank white screen. The app will time you out, but it doesn't reset to the password screen to log back in - it just goes white. After manually clocking in and out Thurs and Fri, came back Mon and it's STILL a white screen and frozen! For an app's main purpose to be TRACKING TIME, delayed and/or unavailable function is not acceptable.
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8 years ago, MNpres
Our company has used the Replicon products for several years now and love them. This app is no exception. It has simplified our expense tracking and is easy to use on the road. The Replicon staff is very receptive to new ideas and suggestions so let them know your opinions.
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9 years ago, Qa personnel
Elegant and simple to use time tracking solution
Been a loyal customer for Replicon time tracking system for my small business. This latest version is not only elegant in design, it is also easier and snappier. Keep up the good work.
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9 years ago, Jmal23456632
Good but has started using background location services
The app does what it should; however, it's recently cause my phone to show it using location services in the background even when I've ended the app. Verified my settings; they show no location services enabled for the app. This seems pretty fishy-please repair the app.
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10 years ago, Miller43
Not easy to get up and running
I am an existing customer and couldn't sign in. That is ridiculous, mobile should be a core included feature of any expense app. Make this easier to log into for existing customers. You're not keeping up with the competition. Allow me to simply scan receipts and enter them for me, the competition does.
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9 years ago, John - consulting manager
Works great on my iPhone
For a mobile approval app it does everything I need to see and do. I love the fact that it can keep my credentials and I do not need to log in every time.
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10 years ago, Rdcjuior
Easy to control your worked hours
This app is very usefull when you are away from your computer, but there are still sync problems.
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9 years ago, Dr. Renee
More trouble than it is worth
You can enter time in a personal time sheet but the app ALWAYS times out before it can load the 5 time sheets I have to approve. Asked for tech support and did what I was told but still unable to load time sheets that need approval. Replicon website and app are both more trouble than the online time sheets are a benefit. Find a different time tracking provider!
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10 years ago, _KyleF_
Now Hiring: UI Designer
Because they clearly don't have one working on this app. If your intention is mobile time tracking use a different service. The mobile app works but it's slow, has inefficient navigation and is prone to user error. The web version is straight out of the 90s but much better still.
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8 years ago, Mono Motorsports
Simple integration
Integrates nicely to the desktop/ website version. Automatically get confirm email & shows up in my Outlook & iPhone calendars
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8 years ago, nicstockman
More like Replican't
If you're interested in what the worst app on the planet looks like, go ahead and get you the replicon app. The UI is terrible and takes forever. I seriously need a replicon line item to track the amount of time I spend filling out time sheets on replicon. And forget about trying to book time off through the app. Such a pointless app.
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9 years ago, Ripsmith
LOVE this app
Easy to use and allows the flexibility to submit time from anywhere. The best feature is seeing the balances for PTO.
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6 years ago, Dread head 73
Great app
Replicon is a great, easy to use app that allows you schedule, review and track your vacations or days off in general.👍
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9 years ago, KMak 536
Doesn't sync well
The app is good for entering new time, but if you are entering time online and through the app the app won't sync with time that was previously saved online. If you renter the time it is double counted online. Combining online entry and the app doesn't work.
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8 years ago, TOWERpro21
Very useful
This app is very useful when I can't get to my computer
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7 years ago, Gfunkdave
Next to useless
The good news is they seem to have fixed the issue where the app wouldn't save time entry descriptions. But now the app doesn't show the hours you've just entered - even though they appear on the website. For what Replicon charges its users this is really bush league.
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9 years ago, SuperDave0219
Good App
Loaded easily and works very well. Finally being able to approve PTO is a huge plus.
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8 years ago, Appficionado!!
Awesome application
Has helped us greatly in planning our staff vacation time.
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7 years ago, ddrtatsujin
Lacks basic sign in requirements
Two login options: 1.) Company/username/password. 2.) Sign in with Google = sign in with company/username/password. This is not how it works on desktop. If you can't properly integrate don't pretend you can. I shouldnt have to enter my pass if I authenticate with Google.
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8 years ago, Shdhcdjcdg
Lots of Issues
The app is ok, many bugs that the developers don't address. Lost information is the biggest issue for me. I have to use my calendar to recoup time I lost using this app. Not worth the money.
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7 years ago, clarknova9
Terrible UI & Performance
The interface is horrible, filling out a time sheet takes forever with the current interface and that's when it's responding. Also no reporting features either doesn't help.
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