Republic Services

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Republic Services, Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Republic Services

4.33 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
7 years ago, AvonTim
App works okay and if you have Republic you will find it handy. Does have room for improvement, however. Biggest miss is the Reminder feature. It doesn’t pull from your actual pickup schedule so if your days change because of a holiday it doesn’t change with it. You could accomplish the same with your calendar app.
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2 years ago, jm😑
Doesn’t communicate with website
Be cautious of using only the app! When changing or adding card information on the app and website do NOT communicate and the app doesn’t save changes made. If you change the default payment, like adding a new card/bank account, the app doesn’t remove the old payment method even after unenrolling from autopay. The app still processed a payment with an expired card even after it was changed. I deleted all payment options from the website then added new payment method and made it my default. But when I went to delete the expired card that was the previous default it would go through all the steps but never delete. Then I went into the app to verify it was the same. I urge you to do the same because previously only using the app I added my new card and made a payment it but the app still pulled from the old card. When verifying on the app the default payment was still the old card that I had tried to deleted on the website. Oddly enough the new bank account that was added to the website was on the app and the other cards that were deleted were gone. On the app I had to change the default to then new bank account and then was finally able to delete the expired card from the app and separately on the website! There are defiantly some bugs that need to be worked out! Play it safe and just use the website to prevent headaches
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4 years ago, Snakesdub
Does what it supposed to do...
So when I download an app for a utility service I am thinking “Oh cool one stop shop”. Not this app. Every option on the app kicks you to the website. I would say that is lazy coding. You can do better. Additionally when the notification of service option is opened you have to remember your own schedule and then back date the information to get proper alerts. Again lazy coding. Take into account your customers trash and recycling schedule and then provide an alert window of time based off of when YOU, republic, have scheduled pick up. All of the above = not hard. And because these things aren’t hard they will never be addressed. Sigh. I give you three stars because the app works as advertised, but could be better.
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2 years ago, ChazAtlanta
Terrible Company
This company is so awful. I’ve lost count of how many times they have missed my trash and recycling cans. I’d say it’s probably around 25 times now. The customer support is awful as well and they never come to pick up cans that have been missed on multiple occasions. We have to stack our trash in our garage, in the basement and the laundry room while it stacks up smelling up our house while our dog and child digs through it. sometimes it stacks up so bad we have to place it outside where raccoons and other animals will destroy the bags causing trash to be all over the yard. They make it next to near impossible to cancel their crappy service. You would be way better off packing your trash in your vehicle and taking it to the local dump. I cannot believe how terrible this company is! Do not do business with them!
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5 years ago, serratiasue
Terrible app
First of all, Republic has multiple apps with poor descriptions on what each one is for, so I initially wasted time downloading the wrong app. Deleted that one, then downloaded the one with the functionality I need. Big hassle to register and link the app to my account. It wanted my address- fine- but then it wanted an account number from my statement. Well, I don’t get statements. I don’t pay Republic directly; I pay through the township I live in and the trash pickup is bundled with water & sewer. There is no apparent option for this, so I hit the “Contact Us” link. On the Contact page there is a text field ostensibly for posting questions or comments and then submitting to Republic. I filled out the text field with my question about linking my account in the app without an account number (since, you know, I don’t have one..) An error message popped up, saying there were “invalid characters” in the text field, and it would not allow me to submit my question. There was nothing in the text field but upper and lower case letters, and standard punctuation marks. At that point I was done fighting around with this nonsense and deleted the app.
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4 years ago, Jake the Riley
Check your email...
I’ve had this problem both on a laptop and on the app now. I set up a new email and received the standard “verify email by clicking the link to access your account” So I go to my email... click the verify button... it takes me to the app with no success of getting into my account. I go back and forth SEVERAL times trying to verify... still nothing. Every time it brings back the app and has the “Check Again” button that I’ve probably hit a million times. I’ve resent the verification email 4-5 times but with no success. Either something is broken, or it takes abnormally long to actually verify after hitting the verification button. If it’s broken, fix it. If it just takes abnormally long to verify, TELL US! GIVE US A TIMEFRAME!
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3 years ago, maddy2by4
New customer
I never take the time to write reviews, but felt it necessary as I can’t believe how nice it is to have waste removal service. I’ve taken my own garbage to the landfill for years and decided to order your services this past month. I can’t believe how inexpensive they are. Your driver is always on time, and best of all, I don’t have to go to the landfill. Sounds silly, but my week is a whole lot easier having your service provided. Worth every penny. Thanks again.
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4 years ago, TruRed1
Glitchy and Bipolar
I downloaded this app after transferring my weekly waste and recycle pickup service to a new home...the little gal sold me on it. But after 3 weeks it’s on my soon-to-be-deleted list. This is the most glitchy app ever. Works semi-fine once then a bipolars out few hours later to whacko central. Earlier it tried to collect my quarterly charges and I just paid them last week! Called to complain, the gal credited my balance due, now it’s telling me my recycle pickup is this week. Nope, it’s not, next week bimbos. I try and get to my Pickup Schedule, app dead, no response, thinks I have 2 accounts all of the sudden, with an Acct number consisting of 12 Xs, then pushes me to the login screen where it won’t accept any action. OMG! Just kill it and don’t try again, embarrassing.
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3 years ago, Wordwrangler9
It’s been bad for over a year
I hate to be that person who only leaves bad reviews, this is my first ever app review, but I’m grouchy. I’ve attempted to use this app periodically for the past year and a half, maybe two. When it works (very rare) it seems to have some nice features. I really just want it to remind me to set my garbage out. I’ve gotten that to happen for 2-3 weeks at a time and then it just stops. More often than not when I’ve tried to open the app it will not work (yes, I’ve deleted and reinstalled numerous times). I used to get the blank white screen. Today it opened but was frozen. I don’t know why I keep trying. I guess I hope at some point they’ll get the bugs worked out. Maybe I’m an optimist?
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5 years ago, @SilverPhoenix
Stopped working on Apple phones
This app has work on my previous Apple phones for the last 3 years and I loved it! However, with this last update, like other users have reported - it will NOT open!! The screen is white and will not load no matter how many times you reboot (get out of the app and retry) or how long you sit there waiting for it to load! This needs to be fixed ASAP because right now the app is literally useless to all Apple users (and there are a lot of us)! If this gets fixed, along with the pickup schedule and remember me function, I will gladly give it the 5 ⭐️s it used to be!
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5 years ago, Fireknight2k
Crap app don’t waste your time
This isn’t an app but a portal for their website and it is full bugs. It doesn’t work half the time and company is crap anyway. Getting rid of them because the continue to fail at the one job they have. Which is simple enough, just come pick up the trash. That’s it. Instead the constantly miss days and weeks and trying to get them to come out with the app almost never works. You have to call and sometimes that tends to work. They don’t care about customer service and have no interest in doing anything about this. Worthless app.
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1 year ago, DT-A
Useless reminders
Before, I would get an email every week that told me exactly which bins needed to go out to the curb the next morning. I loved it. Now they switched to this app and it is useless. I set it to give me a pop-up notification the night before, but IT DOES NOT TELL ME WHICH BIN TO PUT OUT. I have to open the app, click on schedule, look at my computer to find the date, then scroll on the app to see which bin to put out. A Google Calendar notification is more useful. Why get rid of the emails? If it is not broken, don’t try to fix it. Terrible app.
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3 years ago, lolg329
Don’t bother
I’ve been patient. Figured maybe it would function after another update. Got an update yesterday. Nope. Still doesn’t work. Touch ID doesn’t work either. The app doesn’t work. It opens but nothing happens when touching the screen. It closes. When I reopen it sometimes I get to a screen asking to login but it doesn’t allow any access to enter my login information. Software development and testing are difficult. You can’t please everyone and defects/bugs happen, but this is inexcusable. Plain and simple this app does NOT work. I’ll be deleting it today.
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3 years ago, al111555999
Missed garbage pickup
Our whole neighborhood’s green can pickup was missed today and since it is now after hours, the local facility taped message tells me to download the app to report this as my only recourse. When I enter missed pickup in the search bar, I’m advised to go to the missed pickup page which doesn’t exist. A link to my local facility or 800 number provided, tell me to use the useless app. Since it’s a Friday, there will be streets full of garbage cans until Monday when hopefully someone can speak to a live person to report the problem.
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3 months ago, FullSail1968
When the App first came out it was easy to use and navigate. Updates have changed that as customer service has gone down. Missed pickups for no reason and no way to contact the company. The purposes of the App is to make things easier, not harder. IF someone does reply, they are usually combative, because they can't be wrong. However, they will bill you and cash those checks quickly. Would love to see them fix that....
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2 years ago, thebig
Solid waste of time.
This app is nothing more than a convenient way to quickly pay your bill. Had problem first getting them to drop off a tote and now have problems with them picking it up. Local Republic won’t answer half the time and when they do they just say yeah we’ll take care of that, then nothing happens. Tried contacting through app about missed pickup then quickly received email stating a Republic team member will contact me shortly. That was 7 days ago. No call or email received.
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4 years ago, #1moleman
Trash Pick up..
I always had Outstanding Service with Republic. The only reason why I switched to another company is because my Wife pays the bills.. I didn’t even KNOW we were getting someone else until the following week.. I’ll have to ask my wife to switch back because I’m going for a position there
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2 years ago, Amazongreen6395
Can’t schedule pickup service
I used to be able to schedule pickup service in the app, but can’t do it any longer with the latest update. Tried deleting and reinstalling, signing out and signing back in, but to no avail. Still able to make payment, but scheduling pickup service is the main reason for me to have this app, as I don’t always have my laptop nearby.
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2 years ago, missLNmarie
An app as terrible as their waste removal service
This app is on par with what I have come to expect from Republic Services in that any attempts to get it to do what it says it will result in frustration at its failures. The app is unable to link to my account, none of the links on the website actually work, and phone calls are neither answered nor returned. Republic is averaging trash pick up once every four weeks in my area, and there seems to be no recourse for their failure to provide the services for which I have paid.
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7 years ago, KS444
Pending service feature
The feature showing pending service does not update promptly & therefore is misleading one to think the service has not been performed when in fact it has- causing unnecessary call/contact to ascertain facts.
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6 months ago, Walkdog1996
Issue with app
Just got your trash service. Got the 95gal can. Ready to put out to the road. Only issue is I can’t open the app. It’ll open and then immediately close. Hopefully someone reads this and helps out with the issue.
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4 years ago, DouglasJayK
Works great, very quick!
This app is easier and quicker to navigate than the website. I wish it was a little easier to link or unlink multiple service accounts, but it’s a very simple solution to use instead of using the website or calling.
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6 years ago, Kingslayers
Account access
The webpage will not let me access my account. Just goes to a link page, where I have tried several times to link my account, which it tells me it is already linked. I can’t get to my account. Both the webpage and the mobile app are the same, horrible. Both need to be improved. Maybe if your account is already linked then there should be a “bypass” button to take you to your linked account. There is no such thing. Again horrible set up.
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2 years ago, tyreeop
Terrible app
I don’t know what the problem is but it’s like all the other reviews say…. The app is worthless. I can’t verify my email apparently. I click on the confirm your email and it sends me back to click check again and that’s all it does. I can’t access anything at all except the check again button. Tried literally hundreds of times. How can such a huge company have such terrible service? I give up.
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2 years ago, Chessie66
If a link in the app takes you to the website that doesn’t work, both app n website have failed
The only thing I can do on the app is pay my bill. All other links, buttons, etc take me to the Republic Services website where links, buttons, etc do not work. Even something as simple as entering my address to find phone number for direct contact goes nowhere. Very frustrating!
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3 years ago, jarhart53
Almost Always Won’t Launch
Every time I try to use the app I just sit and stare at the launching screen. Once I’ve stared at the logo for about a minute my phone kicks me back to my Home Screen. Then I try to launch it again and I’m directly on the login screen; however, the app is completely unresponsive. I’m not able to tap into the email/password fields. So I’m basically forced to close the app and resort to the online website.
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7 years ago, CartwheelStacker
Paid bill using app, but NO Touch-ID
Wanting to ditto the message that even though I enabled touch-ID, it doesn't work. And for those wanting to pay their bill using the app, I was successfully able to do that on 7.14, but I had to wait for a bill to arrive before it showed up as an option on the app and the website.
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2 years ago, iPod021
Unresponsive App with no plans for a fix.
Ever since I started using Republic Services for my trash removal, the app has had issues. Issues that are so bad I have had to use the desktop site for any account management activities. We are going on almost a year utilizing Republic services, and the app is still broken. I have also received no confirmation of intent to correct the issues with the app either.
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4 years ago, Ray111111112
App just redirects to web page for any more than login
App just redirects to web page for all actions. App works if you count all it does is go to a web browser. Customer service can’t help with any issues. Couldn’t link my physical account to my online account Their response “there is more than one way to pay a bill try sending a check”. Uh. I don’t have checks.
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2 years ago, Closetmonst3r
No support and keeps asking to verify email
Read the subject line of this review. They keep asking to verify email so I hit resend email I click on the link in my email it takes me back to the app and then takes me exactly back to the screen that says verify email. I called Republic services and the lady on the phone had no clue how to help me so she said she would get a manager and call me back that was five days ago.
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3 years ago, 1tjsepe1
Needs schedule for p“BULK waste pick up!”
As of now.... you have to phone call (usually leave a message) and wait for a callback and hope you are available to schedule a BULK waste street pick up. A good developer could integrate the app with the company’s schedule calendar for the service and save the company a lot of wasted phone calls and time on both the customer and the company’s end.
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6 months ago, KKL97
Has detail to be fixed
I didn’t have any issue with this app before, but recently I’ve been trying to check my schedule and bill status and the app just crashes and doesn’t give me enough time to do nothing.
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2 years ago, Drew4101
I love The Republic Services App
I love your app because when you customer service is busy I understand it’s allow me tools with your guys
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5 years ago, Bopper*
Just terrible
I send feedback via the app but I felt I needed to review this here as well. I have had to delete and re-download about 15 times in order to get the app to even show the dashboard. I continually crashes, I am not able to pay my bill via the app because it is so unreliable. Please fix the problems. I continually called into customer service and they haven’t heard how horrible it is. One star because I had to.
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5 years ago, Kailbill
No longer working
The app will either open to a screen that has info on it but isn’t personalized to my account and you can’t click on anything, or just sits there white and spinning. Not useful at all for trying to look at bills or service schedules... which are really the only reason I log on. Thankfully I can still log into the website and save space on my phone by deleting the app.
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12 months ago, Ellen265356
Basically the only thing you can do is pay your bill. So it’s fine if that’s what you need to do. Anything else: call for help but only call during the selected hours which is the same hours I work and can’t get time away. Take time out of my work day to schedule a bulk item pickup and they don’t show. Just wasting my time endlessly.
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2 years ago, DIOS TE Conoce
I do not recommend this company
I applied for service for this company at the end of August 2021 and so far I have more than three bills and charges for their garbage tanks, I returned them and now they charge me again for garbage tanks and gasoline and charges for I do not know how many things . I need someone worthy to do me justice is the only way to change my mind. If I have to see Jon Vander Ark, I will.
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5 years ago, Kevie2
Please fix fetching data error
I’ve used the app with no issues over the last few years but the last few months it is not usable. It sits on the screen displaying “fetching data” and then nothing happens. In their last app update, this was supposed to be resolved, but unfortunately, it’s still a big problem. It was a great app before these problems
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5 years ago, Indyhawk88
Not sure how the rating is so high
After about a week of app installed, go back to check on my account and get nothing but a white screen. Close the app and the same thing. Only way to fix is to delete the app and download again. Done this several times and gets annoying. Reminders get off schedule and cannot fix without a delete and reload
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4 years ago, Anglala12
Freezes up
This app is terrible. I pay my bill every three months and never fail I have to delete it and reinstall it every time. I have notifications set up So I can put my recycling out. Half the time it doesn’t work and I have to set them up again. I only use it to pay my bill as I am paperless. Please fix this!!!
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4 years ago, Durka!
The app will not work. I can’t login. It’s like a dead screen with I try to open it. I can’t touch on anything to try and log in or out. And sometimes a generic screen comes up that would normally be accurate account information but it just shows all zeros or something and is also unresponsive to my touch. Nothing works. Please fix! I need to pay my bill.
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7 years ago, its2017not1989
Touch ID doesn't work.
Don't release something unless you know through trial tests that it works in all environments. Also, there's a glitch in contacting customer service, whereas the blue "submit" button doesn't also appear. Finally, the AutoPay function isn't reliable. We already signed up for AutoPay and loaded our credit card, but yet we were charged two consecutive late fees.
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6 months ago, Yea1111
The app won’t open at all.
This new update won’t even let the app open at all. Can it be fixed please? I’ve restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still doesn’t work. Thank you.
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3 years ago, pdx_mgb
App doesn’t open
This app has never worked for me. I’m running it on the latest iOS on an iPhone 12 and the app just freezes every time I open it. I’ve force closed it, deleted it and then re-added—nothing. Clearly updates are being made to the app, it just isn’t fixing the app for me. It’s basically useless.
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3 years ago, blkmagic0
It used to work fine
I was a little sad that this is only the trash service for Republic services. But recently the app has become unusable, it crashes and asks for me to login and then it continues to freeze no matter how many times I delete and re-download :(
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2 years ago, Alex9462
App is fine
But the company itself is garbage. Entirely too expensive (3-4x more expensive than other pickup services in my town), missed pickups, and when I finally canceled, charged almost $40 per container to pick up the empty containers and took over 2 weeks to pick up the empty ones.
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2 years ago, Not4me1000
Manual reminders
Before our trash service was bought by Republic, we got an email reminder of which waste (recycling, compost, trash) would be picked up the next morning. This app lets you view the schedule but requires you to manually schedule the reminder, it’s not tied to the schedule. Thanks, I could have done that without the app. How dumb.
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3 years ago, youcantevenleaveafknnickname
What happened???
This app used to work well. A few months ago, it went bad. It takes forever to open to login page and when it does, the page freezes, so I can’t even log in. And it won’t allow me to log in No matter if I do a restart or delete and reinstall the app!! Wth?! Really frustrating!
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5 months ago, dogwoodflower
Bad UX , shifts admin to customers
Imagine shifting by your customers to an app that they have to manually enter info from your online account portal because the two don’t actually communicate. This doesn’t simplify anything for the end user and instead shifts admin to customers who have to do it or they can’t pay their bills.
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2 years ago, Macgyver_999
The App is Garbage Too
Installed it and tried to link my account. It found my address, validated it against my bill account number, even said “successfully link.” Then got stuck “Fetching data” for 10 mins before I killed the app. Relaunched, and now it wants to start the account linking process all over. Endless loop apparently.
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