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User Reviews for Resume Builder⁺

4.78 out of 5
30.4K Ratings
3 years ago, schule000
Wow Amazing!!!!!!!! Wife changer and life changer!!!!!
Hello I just wanted to admit that this is an absolutely amazing product. This help me create a résumé that landed me a job a Google. I am a Google tech lead now and making well over $500,000 a year. I’ve made so much money that I divorced my wife of seven years and found a new wife that’s 10 years younger than me. This products interface is so easy to use and it allows you to put so much and add so much. I couldn’t ask for a better product. And I’m honestly writing this to quit asking me to send my feedback for this product it’s really starting to get on my nerves but absolutely amazing product. And not really true what I said.
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3 years ago, hugedingleberry
Multi skilled ambitious worker
Military spouse and part-time student looking for a new job opportunity. Im glad to say that in the work field im multi skilled/ flexible in the sense that I am able to work many job positions because of my past experience. If I haven’t done it before im happy to learn and tend to catch on fairly quick including technology softwares. I take pride in having great customer feedback in the past and thrive towards meeting all employee expectations. I’m also available for zoom interviews. I greatly hope you consider me as a new addition to the team, sincerely, Jacqueline.
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1 year ago, MM2O
Super Quick - Super Easy
I downloaded this app a couple hours ago and already have a top-notch looking resume AND have sent it out to 10 companies. The templates are fantastic and will help yours stand out. As someone who used to review resumes, I can testify that the colorful templates definitely wake the dreary eye of the employer who bemoaned boring “pick me” summaries. I’ve owned my own business since the late 90s and took time off to raise our daughter as well as tend to elderly parents. I needed a boost to help make my resume beam and this app was the tool for it! I give it a 4.5 — if there was an option to make certain sections larger or in a different font as the main body copy, I’d give it a 5.
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3 years ago, Jetblack9090
Bestest Everest
Sometimes an app comes along that makes your life better than you could’ve ever dreamed, This is that app. Before I was able to utilize the services on this application I was nothing but a lowly store clerk working in a store as a clerk. Upon finishing this applications end point and utilizing its services I became one with myself and I realize the true worth of my physical being. You owe it to yourself if you want to be a whole person to use this app to its full fruition and You will finally be the human you were going to be.
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2 years ago, Cooking2020
❤️ it!
This app is very helpful and you can make your resume quickly. It allows you to adjust margins, although I do wish was measured in inches not numbers. You can also pick the font and the best thing of all is that you can do these things including sending resume to your files as many times as u want to. Not many apps let u do this w/ out asking for $ after a few times. I do wish there were more plain basic templates, as I don’t want color on my resume. Besides that 5⭐️
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8 months ago, Lexusyjnbv
This app was just so amazing and made it so easy for me to really put my résumé together to get me an outstanding job so that I can make enough money to get the better features that they offer you on this app so that I can go ahead and make more money and I can use that money to pay for the subscription offered with résumé builder. It will just make everything so much easier for everyone like you and Me✨. Thank you so much for this wonderful app. It’s really going to make things so easy.
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2 years ago, guillermo F fabian
I’ve used a few resume apps but not sure who designed this one. But when it was time to put my work experience in . 🤨I don’t know what they did. I couldn’t delete the stuff that was already there, I hen there were blue arrows 1 up and 1 down, I still don’t know why. I lost an hour trying to understand that section. You would think I would be able to just delete and put in what I needed too but nope that wasn’t the case. I guess I should have looked at the reviews first . Either there a glitz or this is a total waste of time. Edit now I can even finish my review bc it’s asking for a nickname, the nicknames I put are already used. 😩🙄 I’ll try again to make up a Nick name that’s not used for crying out loud. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, Open2newness
Professional and Simple
I really enjoyed the sections and look after all inputs were done. To see the finished product was very unexpected and unassuming. I may consider doing an upgrade after viewing the different templates. I didn’t know about the different styles of resumes. It’s been a while. I loved working on the iPhone as I didn’t have access to my computer. What’s really kool is I was able to start and finish it in one day verses guessing what to put and where. Thanks a lot. Very helpful.
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10 months ago, scottyis2hotty
Saved my life
I couldn’t figure out how to write a decent resume or cover letter for the life of me then I downloaded this app and just filled in the blanks and just like that it wrote me exactly what I needed. And the whole time I was expecting it to charge me to be able to download it but it didn’t. It didn’t sound like a computer wrote it either which is the problem ive had with all the other ones I’ve tried! So if you need a great cover letter and resume you need this app!
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6 months ago, Basic baddie ally
Love it!
Easy and simple. It had some examples of what it’s supposed to say. The basic template is free! There are other nicer templates that you would have to subscribe for. I took the free one cause why not. It looks nice clean and professional. You do have the option of having your photo in some of them but that’s absolutely your choice. The basic one doesn’t. Enjoy it y’all! Most of these apps make you subscribe even just for the basic ones!!! Be a basic bish for free y’all!!!!!
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8 months ago, toomanynicknamesoutcher
In the beginning i wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out until i finished putting my information in each category and “wahla” it was perfect because it has a variety of styles that you can choose from. It was very easy to format it the way you want it. This is a game changer , there shouldnt be a reason why anyone would have a bad resume out there because of this simplicity of this reume app. Thank God for the brains behind this!
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2 weeks ago, Elkman83
You can build a basic resume for free
If you are needing to make a basic resume, this is ok. If you want to use the nicer formats you have to pay a subscription. It would be helpful if you are full time writing resumes. But to make one to distribute looking for work… that you built, you are basically paying for Colored text. It’s a rip off. I personally just needed the basic layout, and that is free. It was easy to use and worked well for what I needed it for, it would have been nice to have a few choices for layouts, but if I had money, I wouldn’t be looking for a job…
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2 years ago, Mycarisatardis
Easy to use, self-explanatory
I’ve always been very good at writing but when it comes to resumes they are my kryptonite. Searching for a job is hard enough without the extra anxiety of trying to pull together a scent resume. This app was easy to fill out, gave examples and a document you could immediately send to yourself once you were done. You could pay to get fancy upgrades but I just went with the classic style and I’m pleased with it.
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2 years ago, Shygirl83
The best resume builder…saves so much time and effort
I’ve tried other resume builder but I think this one is the best. It was so easy for me to construct my resume. Because of this ease, I was able to use my mental energy to focus on the quality of my resume instead of the anxiety I usually associate with resume construction. What would have taken me hours on my own, was shorted to 35 minutes using this app. I am absolutely pleased with this app. Definitely work the upgrade.
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2 years ago, Jason ⭐️
Easy to use résumé creator
Very easy to use résumé app. Gave 4 stars because of the lack of true customization. I’m not sure why you must have “content” added to your education history… doesn’t make much sense and makes the finished product longer and more cumbersome. If you do not add info to the “content” field, it will say “content” on the finished résumé. It would be nice to have the option to not add “content”. A few other, more modern templates would be nice as well. Overall, an easy to use, quick way to create a résumé.
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3 years ago, Snowbunnies2018
This is perfect for a quick and well working resume. My mom is a business management professor so she’s knows all about these. I made my own resume for the first time in a long time because I always had my mom to quickly type one up for me. Personally it looks just like the resumes that she would always type up for me. Now I’m just happy I’m older now and have done one on my own, but with the help of this app I look like a pro.
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3 months ago, tiffanie rose green
Hands on the best free résumé builder
I was so overwhelmed with all the résumé building apps once I tried this one means that it was read this was an absolute ticket to getting the job that I need with a professional looking organized detailed résumé with step-by-step instructions make it easier than ever for somebody at 40 years old to understand this techie world if you’re wondering if you should get this absolutely download it now you won’t regret it
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2 years ago, Mawolbers
Nice app really helpful
I like the app and love how it helps me create a more interesting resumé but I struggled getting the references section to look right. And there wasn’t much instruction on how to use the app either I just had to figure it out by trial and error. I like you can still send a resume even if you don’t pay for premium but for an app I thought it was a little expensive but I’m broke and unemployed so I’ve got no room to complain lol 😂
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1 year ago, DaHeemster_01
They Ate This
This was by far the easiest resume app I’ve come in contact with you. It doesn’t take you to another page when you’re trying to download it after you’re done. It’s super easy and I really love how you can get the chance to move the dates around if entered then wrong. I entered my whole resume backwards and if I couldn’t do it I would’ve had to erase everything and start over.
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8 months ago, Jaymar.
Ease of Preperation
I often times get stressed out when I have to update my resume, but coming to this app I found that the formatting made it extremely easy for me to organize and input my information. I would recommend anyone looking to create or update your resume to use this app because it offers the professional formatting that gives you a good chance to get noticed.
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7 months ago, Nobodys here...
Great App! 👍🏽
I would give this a 5/5, but when I try to copy the résumé itself it takes me to this screen saying "Upgrade to Premium". Personally, if you make this a free feature, then I would've given this a 5/5, also here's a benefit if you fix this: you would get more people to use your app. Suggestion: I want a menu for people who are looking for a crew to work for him/her, and to send the résumé AND cover letter to them to approve it and apply for the job. -Sincerely yours, Joshua Herrera
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7 months ago, Mandaringrape
Very helpful
Thank you for helping me by showing the steps on how to properly write and organize my resume. I would recommend this app to anyone out there trying to make a resume but are unsure how to do so or what order to put things. I’d been struggling several days trying to make my resume and downloaded your app from the App Store and had it completed in a few hours. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Kazimir F
Works but they’re sneaky
I already had a hunch that this app was going to spring the surprise charges on you because that’s how all these sleazy little resume apps work but it did have them right at the end when you go to download your resume and it does cost $10 if you want both editing and template access. Templates are honestly subpar compared to other options at your disposal but they are passable. It is a fine app if you want to pay money, but it gets docked down a star anyway for practicing shifty practices and asking for the fee until the literal last second.
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1 year ago, Ol’ Redd
Genuinely free and so helpful!
It took me longer to figure out what to put on my resume than it did to understand the app, even though I haven’t had to write a resume in over 20 years! I especially appreciated the AI producing a cover letter for me with very little input, though I did have to tweak it a bit because of some redundancies. Overall I’m really pleased. Very intuitive, very useful and very free. Thank you so much!
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2 years ago, AustinBalz
Helped a lot!
This was the first resume I build since I was in high school 11 years ago, so I was sure on exactly how to construct the resume, but this app is a huge help, it has the format all laid out you just have to insert the information. It also has examples of information to help you fill it out, it helped me with the correct and proper ways to word certain things. All in all this a fantastic app!
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7 months ago, Melmow5785
Resume builder
Very useful but wasn’t aware that you had to pay until I had invested quite a bit of time putting my resume together. I see the value but the cost should have been required before accessing the app in general so a person doesn’t waste their time. I did pay for one week so I could just get it done. Again, very useful and worth the money…its just annoying that you don’t find out you need to pay until you are finished and trying to share your resume.
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2 years ago, jfellow
This is the fastest way to write a résumé
This is my first time using the app it literally took me less than 15 minutes to write a full outstanding résumé it was fast easy and efficient it gets to all the topics it even helps you fill in the blanks if you don’t have all the right information that you need very reliable I will go to if you need a very quick and efficient résumé
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10 months ago, Hdjdnudnddn
First off it wants me to agree to terms and conditions when trying to read anything I tap on both of the terms and the privacy policy but each time I try to tap on them it doesn’t load anything so my only option it to tap continue so I am not sure what I am agreeing to. Also, there’s no option for me to upload an existing resume which is really frustrating I just wanted to fine tune and and make changes to my current resume I am deleting this app. Also, like many other apps it wants me to rate the app before even using it what’s the point of raising an app before even testing it out?
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3 years ago, ccc2023
Not worth it
Be aware you have to pay to download your resume when you are done. If I had known, I wouldn’t have wasted my time. It is $10 — the lower priced stuff listed under in-app purchases are not available. The app itself — editing features were too basic. Something as simple as multiple columns of bullet points in one section or changing header text size was not available. The templates were also not that impressive. If you need to use formatting to make a little amount of space go a long way, this isn’t what you want.
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2 years ago, fubctibxryinv
Ez to use
It was super easy to save my resume straight to my files, it basically gives you examples of how you should set it up and your good to go from their. Just fill in your info where the examples are, really simple. Only reason I say 4 stars is due to having to erase all the examples before typing in my info but other then that I had 0 issues
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4 months ago, u.sssssssss
Not free, incredibly outdated.
I’m convinced that the 5-star reviews are all bots. This app will let you input all of your information to build your resume, and then won’t allow you to download it without paying a weekly or monthly fee. On top of that, the app itself is extremely basic and outdated. The templates aren’t anything special and there isn’t much room for customization within the resume itself. There’s no AI suggestions, changing fonts within certain sections or bolding specific texts, etc. There are better options out there, that are *actually* free to use.
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5 months ago, MaxRoads
Very easy
This résumé builder allow the experience to be easy, less stressful because you’re already thinking of dates and trying to remember them trying to put as much as you can on there without being too much so it was very simple and straightforward to get the job done so that you could get the job, so thank you very much
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1 year ago, D Blo
Resume Review
I absolutely loved this app. It helped me get my resume done quick & clean. It was easy to just fill in the opening labeled areas. And when finished you can choose the style & font you desire. 5 stars review only because they don’t have 10. Thank y’all so much. Definitely recommend to anyone who needs a resume. You can do it yourself!
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2 months ago, I need coins bad but I'm Endya
Easy to use!
This app made it very easy for me to make a professional resume and gave a few examples to help through it. It’s not like having someone do it for you but for someone who hates doing it, this made it simple. And I like that there’s different options for design style but they kinda look similar. Easy to download the resume as well.
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4 months ago, 23Dest
AI helped & no watermark!
I don’t know much about these resume builders or about AI, but I am really happy with the cover letter builder. I do wish that you could have your name and contact info saved so that you don’t have to retype for every different cover letter, but that may be a feature in a paid version? I’m also very new to Apple products, so there is that.
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1 year ago, Baldwin 9
Quick and easy
I have been held back by not having a computer to build a resume on and found this app which helped be complete just as good of a resume as I would if I were on a computer! I did it all in 25 minutes and now I can apply for the jobs I’ve been held back from applying to!
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2 years ago, Boxer__90002
Fast and Easy !
This my first time ever doing a résumé , and this app pretty much did my résumé itself ! It’s quick and easy its not complicated at all and it’s free ! The only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars is because I wasn’t able to upload some certificates images , but I don’t know if you’re able to do that if you purchase the premium but other than that it’s a great app and résumé builder ! Highly recommend !!
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4 years ago, IBP45
What happened?
This app used to work like a charm for me on my iPhone 11. However, whatever was updated within the last few days has destroyed it. Even tho I’m subscribed to premium, I’m unable to save my changes without subscribing to a premium selection, which I already am. So what the heck? I select to subscribe to premium even tho I already am, and I get the message...”already subscribed”. Basically, this app is now useless since I can’t edit so I’ll be renewing for premium next month unless this is fixed. AND WHERE ARE THE COVER LETTERS?!?!?! I DON’T SEE THAT CAPABILITY ANYMORE!!! This app used to be everything and now it’s nothing. Pls go back to how it WAS.
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12 months ago, Torrez,Phil
This App ROCKS!!!
Man I’m a 49 yr old man. Trying to learn all this stuff like writing resumes and cover pages. I felt very confident what I was doing. You guys made it so easy for me to write my resume. This App made me look more professional then I really am! I asked the HR person bout my cover page and resume. They told me they liked it! Thank you so much for what you have created!!
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4 years ago, Dee&Carebear
This App is Broken! They took my money! STOP.
I have used this app in the past before with no issues. But for some strange reason, it stopped working on both my iPhone and iPad. When you go to type your information for your Resume, everything appears BLANK. Ypu can’t see what you are typing. What is going on?! This is very frustrating an unacceptable for the price I am paying. I paid a premium semestery subscription only for the app not to be functional. I am highly disappointed. I am filing a claim to get my money back! If I could give this a 0 star I would but 1 star is closest. Beware future downloaders.
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1 month ago, triple a 123
I had no problems making the résumé. The process is pretty simple and easy. It took all your information step-by-step and then it put it into its own sheet. Also gave you other options to choose from. I think it’s a really good app to use. Definitely going to use it in the future.
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3 years ago, stormi333333333
Resume Builder
As an individual who is not at all tech savvy or up to date with the latest knowledge on how to build a resume from scratch, this app was extremely helpful by giving me a step by step guide on how to accurately portray my work portfolio. Overall, I am satisfied and just waiting to make some killer money bags with my updated resume.
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2 years ago, AhhlexW
Very straight forward to use
I haven’t had to make a resume before and this app made it really simple! It gives you a basic outline of what is normally needed and you can add or remove sections. I like how it formats everything and even included some examples for some sections! My resume look really good and I am ready to apply :)
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2 years ago, Freenative
Easy and professional
I originally looked online for resume help and found a “free” resume maker. After substantial time producing an OK resume it required a monthly subscription and I couldn’t even print it without signing up. Starting over I picked Rusume Builder and it worked well, easy to edit and tweak and I’m very happy with the results.
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11 months ago, This is awesome!l and easy!
I feel like I actually have a chance at landing a great job now! I put off making a resume for weeks because the last time I made one it was extremely frustrating. This app has made it so easy, and with Ai you can ask for helpful ways to word tasks and accomplishments. Thank you!!
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1 month ago, Enderdranon kiler
Résumé builder
I would have given more stars if there was a $15 option for three months. A week is just absurd in the current job market unless you charge like $1.95 and $9 for a month. With those options either way your getting something, but most people will do the 3 or 6 months option. However, when someone is looking for a job the cheapest option will be used often.
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3 years ago, Airbornewife02
This was my first time using an app for my resume and I must say, it was super easy! For someone who doesn’t put out resumes very often, it was very easy to navigate, put the information in and I absolutely loved that they had examples in each section so you knew what was expected. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, redlang28
Easy to use
Great for starter resumes, great for anyone who needs walk through on how to properly fill out a resume. Wish there were more designs to choose from. Also believe they should not charge as much for app, considering we are making resumes to help find a career and make more money. But app is user friendly and has helped myself, and others obtain employment
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2 years ago, ChatityA
Love the app, it has a self explanatory steps, You have different styles to choose from for a nice resume you do have to pay for them good looking resume styles, but if your short on money, they help you out with a free classic resume. nice way to help those in need to build. resume, otherwise app is free to download thank you
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2 years ago, bechb0i
Pretty great!
The fact that it auto saves in PDF form makes life easier. Very easy to use and understand. Looks very professional. Only reason why I gave 4 out of 5 stars is because it made 2 additional bullet points that I seemingly couldn’t get rid of. They were just randomly in different locations that I didn’t need and couldn’t delete them.
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