Retirement Countdown App

4.8 (4.9K)
43.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Green Gecko LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Retirement Countdown App

4.79 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
2 years ago, IBCoconutty
Retirement counter
I was marking off the remaining days on a small desk calendar but needed the encouragement of something portable so got this app. I have enjoyed the many features such as the uplifting quotes, the card game, reading suggestions, and daily list of things to look forward to when retired. Of course being able to toggle between days left and then hours etc also kept me going. I retired last week and Now when I open it it sends off fireworks and a congratulations message. Highly recommend!
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3 months ago, Judy fern
Third time a charm!
I have been working in the medical field for 48 years. I downloaded the app last spring planning to retire August 31, 2023. I changed my mind and decided to stay until February 29, 2024. Well I changed my mind again. I’m still working. I do have a third date in mind. I sure do hope that the third time is a charm. I love the app because of the count down, quotes, and anticipation. And you can keep changing the date! I think it’s up lifting. I’m looking forward to seeing the confetti fall!
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2 years ago, AB's Fan
Wonderful countdown
After 44 wonderful years in the medical field, and same hospital, i decided time to retire. I started the countdown a little over a year ago, with no definite date in mind, but used an estimated date. When the exact date was entered, I really looked forward to watching the days go by. Finally, it was hours left. When the countdown ended, the screen was full of confetti. I decided to just keep the app as a reminder of the enjoyment of watching it countdown. (And to watch the confetti)
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3 months ago, Barbhappilyretired
The encouragement I needed
I looked forward to the daily anticipation and quotes and still really enjoy reading them now. The positivity of these two thoughts each day really helped me realize everything would be okay when I retired. The lists of resources were very useful as well. I recommend this app even if you do not know your actual retirement date. Put in an estimated date to help you start thinking and planning for retirement. A+!!
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1 year ago, Nopressur
Retirement App Awesome
Thank you for creating the app that makes it easy to count down to retirement. It has been a great help in keeping me organized and motivated for my retirement. I would love to see the addition of reminders popping up weekly or monthly. I hope this feature is already available in the premium version, but if not I think it would be a great addition. Thank you again for your work in creating this app.
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1 year ago, Dead Space 2
The final countdown
I can’t wait for my day to finally arrive, it will be 40 years in the same company & i will only be 60 yrs. old when i retire. I can finally be free of working for the remainder of my life if i choose to do so. Maybe i might pick up a part time job at Walmart checking off reciepts or fetch shopping carts all day or just do nothing but play video games & watch football/baseball while drinking margaritas & go on vacations & explore the world.
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8 months ago, elrando
It was wonderful to have something on my phone, that was a gentle reminder of my goal, retirement 😎. As it got closer, I would show it to others as they became familiar with my end result. The last month, I looked at it almost daily and the last week, almost hourly. I appreciated the positive thoughts that were available to read daily. Now I’m retired and spending an extended time in Scotland and so happy to be free of work. 😃
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1 year ago, WalshTheYankee
I wanna quit!!!
I cannot wait to quit my job. I can’t stand more and more people as the days drag on into a slow miserable abyss. I have 99 months to go and I check this app multiple times every day, it’s one of my only friends. It makes me happy when everything else is getting weirder by the day. The banks are crashing again, aliens, impending WW3 with whoever wants these hands. So yes I like the retirement app, 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Nelsonocho
Pending retirement
I haven’t fully committed to an end date but this app has made it more manageable. It sheds light on dark spots. Everyone has their own questions and level of preparedness when it comes to the topic of retirement. I have start my own list of steps to achieve before setting a date. I want to live comfortably and stress less. I don’t need a lot of money but I want peace of mind in my new chapter of life.
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7 months ago, Rosavedo
Counting the months, days, hours and minutes!
My son found this app for me and downloaded on my phone. As of right now it’s 10 months, 21 days, 14 hours, 11 minutes I knew my retirement date was within a year. When my son asked and I gave him my date, he showed me my count down. I got so excited and so motivated I started seriously planning a nice 2 week vacation. I’m at 5 weeks PTO . . . I’m going to save it in 2024 and get off even earlier!!!! So many things we want to do to renovate our home. Anytime somebody’s asks me when I’m retiring,I pull up my app and we have a good chuckle. I look at it often enough that I can guess pretty close without looking. I love it. Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, XJoeyHX
Great fun
This is a very simple countdown timer. It is interesting in that it allows you to choose a large number of options in regard to HOW you count down. Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, or any combination. I have had great fun in being able to qyantify how much longer I have before retirement! (It even shows the percent complete of your career.
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2 years ago, btielking
The has been perfect. I signed up for the drop which is for 3 years and the app has been fun to keep track of my drop to retirement. Being a firefighter I work every 3rd day. I wish I could have counted down using every 3rd day. Maybe you can someone day that could be a option to the app. Thank you
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1 year ago, StacmacSooner
I finally set my date!
When my husband and I finally set our exit dates from full time employment, this was a fun app to add to my phone. It gets me so excited! And if the exact date changes, that’s okay. I’m on my way in less than 2 years to travel freely and wake up when I want to.
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9 months ago, Zebulon126
Great Count Down App
When someone asked me, how long until retirement and I started rattling off months and days just for the fun of it, it got me thinking. So I said there must be an app for this. I found this App and I love it. Thank you! The next time someone ask, my answer will be precise to the second.
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5 months ago, NJ Girl in Indiana
Great motivator!
I have been using this app for a couple of years, and I have 11 months to go. It motivates me to get organized and keeps me going on particularly aggravating work days. Plus I show this to my younger co-workers, especially when they are the source of my aggravation!
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2 years ago, 01Smitty
A special lift.
I am gonna tell you something, I love my choice of careers and I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Now with that said, I can not wait for my last year and a half to pass by. I love this app cause whenever I get disgruntled with the new rules I just look and it tells me exactly how long I have left. That usually brings me back.
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2 months ago, jjmarylawson.(
Count down to the very last second. Love the app. I have shared this app with several people. We all just love the accuracy of it. Whoever designed this app, definitely had us retirees in mind. It keeps us focused, on point and allows us time to get our affairs in order.
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1 year ago, Busy but free
Enjoyed this app
I really like the picture with the sun over the water! The app kept me informed each day of my last work day. It was also nice to get a quote for the day. Some were a bit lame but there were some that made you think.
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5 months ago, Shelby2008500
Retirement count down
The app works great, when I found the app six months ago I installed it right away and never looked. After 44 years in the same place I looked at it a couple times a day it was great to watch it count down yea !!!!
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2 years ago, TimAtl53
The Countdown Is On!!!
As I approach my last year of working I decided to find a Retirement Countdown. Not only did I find one, it’s exceeded my expectations. The features such as the quote of the day adds that special touch. Did I mention you can share your countdown with others. This is Awesome!!!
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1 year ago, 😜JR
I love that I can just open it up and it counts down for me and the fact that it is uncovering the picture of the two of us sitting on a beach somewhere. I know it’s us, but in my head it is me and my husband. It lets me see how close I am to my target😍
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3 years ago, ROtten3880
Love it
I’ve been using it for over two years now. As I get closer I find myself opening the app several times a day. I like the ability to change the settings from daily to weekly or monthly countdown and love the percentage clicker.
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1 year ago, Aianas
I enjoy everything about this app, from the games to the quotes. Really inspiring, and gives me the encouragement to keep going and helps me look towards that wonderful time called RETIREMENT!! I enjoy all the ideas it gives regarding looking forward to retirement
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2 years ago, Gone Fish’n
Now what will I do
I have been using the countdown for quite a few years. I enjoyed showing my friends and family the years and the months left before my retirement day. Now that the my retirement day is here - what will I do?
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1 year ago, 2Bobcat
Work days, not calendar days
I enjoyed watching the numbers go down but I took 1 star off because i wanted to see how many work days I had left, not calendar days. I had days off and holidays I wasn’t working. I wanted my true “How many more days do I have to get up count down
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8 months ago, NurseGoddess
A fun way to count down to Retirement
My friend suggested this app and I really enjoyed it. The graphics for the countdown were motivating and fun. The daily quotes and inspirational sayings were fun. I enjoyed the congratulations and confetti at the end too. I’m hanging onto it as it still makes me smile.
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3 years ago, Out like Trout
A great reminder
My boyfriend Bob downloaded this for me as I kept talking about wanting to get a retirement clock. I find myself looking at it several times a day, I especially enjoy the quotes. It keeps me motivated and keeps me going knowing I’m getting closer every day to retirement.
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2 years ago, Singincelt
This has been great!!!
Not only has this app been a great way to count down to the big day I’ve worked over 50 years for, the added features such as quotes, reasons to retire and the quizzes have been awesome!’
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3 years ago, Lyn-duh822
Almost done Lyn-duh 822
I’ve been using the app over a year now and it won’t allow me to open any other screens with out buying premium plan. I think that the closer I get to retirement they should just open to me. It’s exciting to see the time click Off so I would say use it.
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3 years ago, raiderdan 1
I have been using it everyday for the last few months and love it !!!!!!! Have had many friends down load you app ohhhhh bye the way I’ve got 3 months 3 days 7 hours 28 minutes 8 seconds to go!!!
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2 years ago, puta que parieu
Days not accurate..
Each month with the countdown…. There are days when the needle doesn’t move. Example… the algorithm for my full retirement date assumes a 28 days per month…. Which obviously is incorrect.. so I will see 18 days for 3-4 days until the next month starts.
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4 months ago, pignatij
Allow for calendar days and work day’s remaining
Good app. One suggestion would be to allow for both raw calendar days until retirement as well as number of work days until retirement.
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11 months ago, TacomaStar
Makes the daily slog easier to bear
As a short timer, the 8-5 seems to drag on longer each day. I often look at the app to remind myself there is an end to this.
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7 months ago, Cool cat2000
Like the app
The only problem I have with this app is it doesn’t count down fast enough. :) seriously though, it’s fun to pop up from time to time and see how long I have to work. Helps to make it through the days and weeks.
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2 years ago, Close To Heaven
Almost Heaven
Fun! This app gives you that little psychological boost you need every once in a while and when you show it to other people it helps them as people find it very interesting.
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4 months ago, Denailer 369
Such A Good Feeling
After working 28 years in law enforcement with two years left, I needed something as a reminder good job well done. I look forward in reading the inspirational quotes everyday it’s time for me to live my life.
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1 year ago, travwithbecca
Wonderful and useful app!!
I have been using this app for a few years, watching as my time crew near. Loved getting the quotes and encouragement to get me there. Definitely would recommend!! Happy retirement!!
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2 weeks ago, JayBlue156
I didn’t like that you have to pay for the app to get a specific theme picture. Also, so many pay options were prevalent on the home page, like avoiding ads. It would only allow retirement dates on the first of the month, which isn’t the case for me. I deleted the app as 5 min after downloading. Not worth the trouble.
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2 years ago, 0927Kn!ght
Needed Inspiration
I look so forward to seeing days disappear and I get closer to my retirement. The quotes are great and I get inspired every day to see all that is possible after retirement. This was a great idea. Thank you for sharing!
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3 months ago, SuefromCorry
Fun & Hopeful
It’s fun to see the end of work and beginning of a new chapter is within view and getting closer! The quotes and reminders are just right. Not too much or too little.
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2 years ago, Rayorwhat
Retirement count down
A friend from work had shown me this app. Used it for my last year and a half of work. I tended to look at it to often. But made it fun to tease my co-worker’s that have more time then I.
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4 months ago, Bacorona
This used to be a great app, however now after you open it all of the daily inspirations won't load. There is a red dot alert but once you click it, it won't load and the app locks up. The countdown part still works, but the rest of the app no longer works and is quite annoying.
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2 years ago, kmynewlife
Little reminders to help me through each day put a smile on my face.
This app is helping me keep the eye in the prize. The daily comments take my mind off the mundane. Simple, but effective.
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3 months ago, Tweety3158
This app got me through some rough times just seeing the time go down and now I have 1 year to go and that seems like a hop, skip and a jump. I know I can do it 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍
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5 months ago, Gun collector forever
Loving it!
Gives me hope to look forward as the days count down.. seems long but I know before I know it, I will all be done working. Love this app.
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6 months ago, gfdhhfthcfy
Only four years to go
I look forward to using this app and enjoying it for just four more years😁
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1 year ago, Nocowz
Love this app
My co workers were so tired of me telling them every day how much time I had till retirement, now they are asking me to pull out my phone and show them. Is that good or bad?
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4 months ago, 636loren
Can’t wait!
Now I do t have to really think about how much longer I have before retiring. Now I can just show the screen. And I can’t wait!!
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2 years ago, 5302dhx
This app has been a blast. I send screen shots to a lot of my friends of the days I have left to work. It’s really fun to watch the days click off.
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1 year ago, Short Timer 8
Psalm Tree
My countdown is of a beautiful psalm tree on a beach. Sooo much better than my old one which was just the date. This makes me feel like my retirement already started.
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