Rev Call Recorder

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3 years ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rev Call Recorder

4.47 out of 5
13.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Officer Superman(The Real One)
Best FREE Recorder App I’ve Used So Far
There could be some improvements, as in any app, but overall, I haven’t had any issues using it. I can always hear both I and the other person clearly. Only thing I think would be an improvement is how long it takes the recorder phone number to answer and merge the call you want to record and the recorder line together. Also, I think you should have the option to go to settings and turn ON the recorder notice/warning/message that plays loudly when you start a call in the Rev app itself as opposed to already being on a phone call then merging the Rev recorder phone line and the call you’re already on. I had an attempt to record someone, who I and my department were investigating for murder, be destroyed and my cover blown because of the Rev app loudly stating the call was being recorded as SOON as the other party, who was under investigation, answered the phone. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄🤬 I live in a state where only one party has to know of and consent to having a call be recorded. Because of the variations in recording laws in different states, I feel like the Rev app should ask the user if they want the recording notification on or off during initial download and setup of the app and user account details. Other than that, it’s a good call recording app.
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4 years ago, kldavis922
Good recordings, slightly confusing process
The recordings from this app are good enough quality for what I need. The only reason I’m not rating 5 stars is because the process of actually recording the call is a little complicated. The instructions it gives on the app weren’t exactly right. When I select the button to start a new outgoing call, it prompts me to type in the number I want to call, then it prompts me to call Rev. but after I call the app, it doesn’t automatically put in the number I said I was calling; instead I had to click “add call” and type the number in again. Then once the person picked up, I clicked “merge calls” like it says to. After all that, I usually have about 30 seconds of no audio, which I then trim using the app. For incoming calls, this was even more difficult because I had to pick up the incoming call and quickly get into the app and select the button to record an incoming call. The after merging the calls, I had to ask the person on the other line to repeat what they said. Since I’m mostly recording outgoing calls, and don’t mind the process now that I know how to do it, it’s all fine. I just wish the app was a little less complicated
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5 years ago, JLPF-13-15-19
Great app!
This app is a lifesaver! I am the type of person that gets overwhelmed, stressed out, and easily forgets conversations, almost immediately after hanging up the phone. Since I usually allow my feelings get the best of me, it is hard for me to remember, verbatim, what subject matters are covered during each call. Because details or even 1 small word, like “yes” or “no”, is so detrimentally crucial, during these phone calls, I have to remember, verbatim, what is is said, how it’s said, the context it’s said in, etc., this app is a lifesaver!! This app is beneficial in so many different ways...I.E.: lawsuits of any kind, making verbal agreements, listing details via phone when there’s no pen or paper handy, etc., this app can be used for anything! So far, in the past three years, this is the best way I’ve found to reference my conversations and any details that I need to be concrete! I recommend this app to everyone & anyone who suffers from anxiety, gets overwhelmed easily, or just flat out cant remember 1 conversation to next. This app will keep your story straight, it will remind you of the smallest detail, it will remind you of the largest detail, it improves the quality of the way you repeat things to others…
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3 years ago, jpomeranz
Cool Service
I’ve been seeking a way to record phone calls when interviewing for written stories and articles in my freelance writing business. Rev Call Recorder fits my needs. I start by getting permission from the interviewee to record the call. Then I call that person, much easier than that person calling me. Transcribing is easy because the program allows you to go back 15 second after stopping to type what was just said. Or I can submit to Rev for transcribing. The program also allows a little editing so if I want to do an interview and post it to my blog, I can “clean it up” a little or just use it raw by saving the audio to a computer file. Thanks, Rev Call Recorder!
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4 years ago, Me2000!!!
Sooooo Easy to use once you understand it works like a conference call. All you have to do is call the number the app provides which is your “recorder” and then call your other party members. I have used this with multiple other members on the call and everyone sounded the same on the recording as they did on the phone call. You MUST MUST MUST remember to MERGE THE CALL so the “recorder” is “in” the “conference call”! Enjoy!!! Also one click of a button and you can email your recording, there is also a feature where you can have your calls transcribed (verbatim and/or time stamped) ... for a reasonable per minute fee. This would be very useful for business or legal proceedings, just ensure you are following privacy laws for recording other people. Also would be very helpful for phone calls with your own Dr. when it is a situation where the prognosis and treatment plan is very involved and family members always want to know all of the details that can be hard to remember in such stressful situations. Happy Listening to all !!! :)
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12 months ago, sxjsbch
It’s free, it works great, and it’s free! Did I mention it’s FREE?!
But seriously, this app is awesome. If you need assistance placing a call or taking an incoming call - there’s a customer service / FAQ page, and it’s very helpful. There’s no in-app purchases unless you want to transcribe your calls - and even then, the fees seemed reasonable. And if you’re in a 1 party state looking to turn off the recording disclosure - simply open the app, go to settings, and toggle off the “2 party disclosure.” Other reviews state this as well, but it seems some were still confused, so I figured I’d mention it. (Side note: I transcribe for Rev occasionally, which has also been a great experience, and when I saw they made this fantastic app, it made me love them even more 😄👍🏼) My unreliable memory thanks you for this! Anyway, yes, it’s really free, and yes, it really works! There is a plethora of bad call recorders out there, some so bad they leave me questioning why someone would waste their time making an app that was such utter garbage, only to have me waste my time trying it, then waste MORE of my time deleting said garbage app…But don’t worry - this app will make you forget all about that wasted time that you’ll never get back!! At the very least, it comes with that helpful support page, and you don’t have to pay or even set up an account right away, so they’re already doing better than 99% of the other recorders! 😊
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5 years ago, DoktorJeff
No subscription charges!!!
This is the *only* app (based on my exhaustive review of every call recording app in the App Store) that does not require a subscription just to record a phone call! All of these apps use the trick of setting up a 3-way call that includes a call recording server as a (silent) participant in the call, which degrades the audio a bit, as with any 3-way call. The call setup involves 3 or 4 simple steps, and the app reminds or prompts you for each step. When the call ends, the recording server downloads the audio file to the app, where you can listen to it, share it with others, or save it as an audio file that you can edit (different app). Evidently all the other apps figure that it’s expensive to maintain a few VOIP lines and a dedicated PC to do the recording, which makes sense, but not $10/month worth of sense! Incredible! I just had an amazing 2 hours and 8 minutes call with a dear friend. Thanks to Rev, I have a great recording of the whole call!! 😃
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2 years ago, Jay42130
Don’t even waste your time
So first of all, if you want to record incoming calls. You have to answer the incoming call. Go to the app, click on a number in the app and call out to that number. Which puts the person that originally called you (the person you’re trying to record) on hold, with an audible beep by the way. Then you have to merge the two calls, which again will immediately let the person you’re trying to record know that something is not right. Then to top it off, you are in a ec co co co co co echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo echo chamber and yes it is that bad of an echo. You might as well go down to your local radio station, ask them if you can rent the studio for 10 minutes, ask the person you wish to record to meet you there, break out two mics and position one in front of yourself and one on front of the person you intend to record. Start recording, do a couple mic checks. Then record your conversation. You have the same chance of them not being aware of what’s happening.
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2 years ago, Softwhispers
Unable to download
I wanted to have a backup of my recordings so I successfully downloaded all but two. But for two days now, I’ve received the same message saying they’re unable to download and to try again later. I DID try again and I fear they may no longer be available. This is concerning because, obviously, I want to be confident that Rev safeguards all recorded calls. Has anyone experienced this problem that might have some answers? If Rev does, I would certainly appreciate a response. ADDED: There was another problem I thought everyone should be aware of. I never before had shared my recordings, as a backup, to my email address. I decided I should start. When I attempted to send a copy to my email, there were two recordings that said they were unable to download, and to try again in a few minutes. After two days of trying, I contacted Rev and they informed me that they couldn’t retrieve those two recordings because they only have seven days from the date that you recorded it for them to be able to recover. For some reason, there is no mention of that on Rev’s website. So unless you want to lose some of your recordings forever, make sure you download them within seven days. If you get in the habit of backing up after each recording, it might be much easier. I would hate to see anybody else lose their recordings.
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2 years ago, E-kit
Ignore the Bad reviews
I was skeptical when I got this app, but it’s exceeded my expectations ! You call or answer the party the you want to record and merge the call through the app. So make sure to keep the app open, answer the call, tell them you’ll be recording it, then call yourself from the app. I’m not sure why others are saying it’s trying to make you pay in app. That has not been my experience because you can click out of the ads. It can transcribe the call for you after it downloads the phone call. You won’t be able to hear the recording for about two minutes, but it does work and you can share the recording. If you’re in a state where you need to tell them you’re recording, there’s an option where it automatically says it. If you don’t want to do that or it doesn’t work, make sure to inform them yourself. It’s not the apps fault if you don’t inform the party you are recording. Overall this is a great download if you have a family in the military going through basic and need to record the first phone call they make home. Also great if you want to record something for your own record keeping purposes. The audio back is clear and amazing!
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2 months ago, Alexander Hameltion
Did not work for me when needed
I just downloaded this app so that I could record a phone interview in order to evaluate myself and remember the entire conversation without taking notes. I test Called myself with a friend and the app seemed to work for a short conversation. So I went to my interview believing this app would work and it didn’t. When my interviewer called using her personal phone I quickly switched to this app to merge the call to the recording software and it muted my call for a minute and a half and then when the audio came back on and I completed my interview I looked at the recording i saw it only recorded 10 minutes of the 45 minute call and soon listening to it the app only recoded me saying hello twice and the rest of the recording was just static. I’m very disappointed with the functioning of this app and wish I just took regular notes. I hope whoever reads this has better luck with this app, but it failed me.
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1 year ago, Liars be damned!
I am currently going through a very tough time in my life because of family members trying to take advantage of me! I live in a state that fortunately has phone recording laws that are very easy to abide by. So many people lie so easily, and it is absolutely wonderful to be able toHold people accountable for their commitments, especially when hiring someone to do work for you. This app not only records both sides of the conversation, the sound quality is impeccable. I even had a call in which the sound quality was an issue on the OTHER end of the call, yet I can still understand every single word she said! Thank you so much for your app, I do not know what I would do without it!
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2 years ago, Happy user235
Works great!
First off if you’re in a one party state in USA you can turn off the call is being recorded notification in settings. It can sync with your contact list and phone numbers. So you can choose to record when you dial the contact prior to making an outgoing call. Follow directions in settings. You can record an during conversation for incoming or when on a call. On iPhone when on the call press the + button to call their number which I put in my contact list for easy access then when that added call is made then press the merge call button on your iPhone and your call is recorded from that moment on. After the call you can listen to it and name it. Unlimited time and call number free! Only cost is if you want it transcribed. It’s super easy once you understand how to use it and you can forward the recording. They say you can edit the recoding but I haven’t tried that. I’ve tried apps that cost per recording or minutes that are very cumbersome. This one is really easy. Their help center is very prompt by email to answer questions.
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5 years ago, marty.paul
It works very well with minimal fuss
I tried 2 other apps from the App Store before stumbling across this one from an article I found on Google. It has a surprising amount of functionality for a truly free app and it is the poster child of what a truly free and functional iPhone app should be — no fuss, clear setup, and no ads. That’s right: I haven’t had a single ad pop up during my use of the app. Not even a pop up to review the app itself. That’s the reason I’m reviewing also, no fuss and distraction free use without ad/App Store review interruption. *To the developer(s):* can you update for iPhone X and 11 series? I’m able to use the app on my XR, but button placement and use is tricky right now because it isn’t natively scaled. Thanks!
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3 years ago, lafos4pc
Turn off second party disclosure
I wrote a review the other day and I’m not seeing it here. So resubmitting. I have use this for a couple years now because my memory retention is not that great and also my husband cannot be a part of all calls and it helps if he can hear them first hand - when he needs to. The other day I attempted the same with someone, and out of the blue it announced that the call was being recorded when the person answered the phone. It was an extremely awkward position to be in. It had never done this before. When I went into settings I found that there is an option for disclosure and it had been turned on somehow - or, this is a new feature, because I have never had it happen before.
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10 months ago, unsatisfiedwithapp99999999
Excellent app, does what it says it will do!!
This app does exactly what it claims to do. While this initial set up may seem confusing, it’s not. The step by step approach they give you let’s you know exactly how to use this app. Whether your dealing with a business agreement, a horrible boss or a situation that may have legal ramifications this app is really straight foward. Trust in yourself and this app will show you the way. The multi/single party option gives you all the leeway you need as long as you check your local laws. Make sure you stay legal on your end and this app can and will assist you with your endeavors in life. 5 stars from me🤘😎🤘
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4 years ago, Jacqueline Raposo
Better than the app I’ve been using forever
I am a journalist and regularly record interviews (with permission) for transcription and accuracy. I’d been paying for an app that every one swore by but I kept having sound issues with and then bugs in the connection and reliability. (I have Verizon and though maybe it was a carrier issue or conference call quality?) I just got fed up and figured I’d try this one and the sound is just far superior overall. It connects faster. It’s clearer and more accurate in my transcription software so I spend less time / $ on that. I just should have tried this a long time ago. Much less stressed about big interview days now.
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4 years ago, Mageyboo
Works fine, can only merge calls AFTER connection.
This app works very well for being free but the only issue I have is mainly with the way it works with iOS. Basically it won’t start recording until after you call their provided number, call the number you dialed and then manually merge the calls once it connects. So if you call a business, the recording won’t catch their call sign at the beginning until you hit “merge calls”. Also there is a short period where the person on the other side will not be able to hear you while merging. Works fine on speaker and the provided recording number makes no noise.
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2 years ago, Robertdittmar
Best you can get free with iPhone
First the good… for me, at least, this app has been completely free and ad free. It can record calls that are hours long. The recordings take up almost no space on my iPhone. Now the bad… my only major complaint is that as soon as you connect, the app announces the call is being recorded (in English). This is Apple’s requirement - despite it being legal in many states to record a call with only one party’s knowledge. Apple insists on being a control freak about the content on the App Store for bigger profits. Ironically, this also makes Apple more liable for the content. Hence, the often stupid rules. A minor complaint I have is that I have not figured out how to record incoming calls. Note: I only record business calls so I can focus on the discussion instead of taking notes. I can take notes later. I don’t like the announcement because people tend to get suspicious of your intentions and lose trust if they know you are recording. I know I probably would.
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2 years ago, TTIOT_Believe it!
Try this one first! Easy and free as promised.
Very simple and easy to use. Open the app and click record before you make a call you would like to record. Or, while in conversation, deciding you would like to record, open app and click record. Free storage of audio. They offer complete, time-coded transcripts for a call and at a modest price (It’s America guys - we all have to take care of our families) if needed for legal or other matters. I’ve tried them all. This is the one, don’t spend your time on the others. (PS… I am emphatically not a paid reviewer) try it out and see what I mean!
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4 years ago, jules7122
The best app! BUT....please help!
When I got it to work , it worked great! All calls were great quality and was totally free... thank you developers! (Unless you need transcripts). However it became frustrating as phone network setting had to be reset more frequently every time I used it. (For it to call out the actual number.). And it’s kind of an inconvenience having to enter WiFi password in again-repeatedly. FIX FOR THAT ISSUE- if you have car play don’t plug in when you this app! I now never have to reset my network settings. : ) New issue for my dads iPhone 8. I myself have the iPhone 6plus with limited storage and never update software. When I downloaded this app and tried using on my dads phone it will not call out the actual number. For ex. The first 415 phone number will appear but the second never appears. Sometimes when I end the call the number will THEN show up. I believe it’s the way the phone setting is. Can anyone with this phone setting? Thx in advance!
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6 years ago, Eamonn Donovan
So smooth and easy
I’ve recently have had to start recording calls due to litigation my lawyer filed against a huge, very old, very powerful and intimidating. Since I was already rattled by my situation it was as a huge relief to be able to record my first outgoing call ever effortlessly on the 1st try. This might be the beginning of a beautiful app. My only criticisms are the redirects to outside websites for legal issues and that the settings section has a choice to add a credit card but nowhere can I find how much I will be charged. I’m sure it’ll work itself out in the next update or I’m just an idiot that can’t find it. Great app!
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3 months ago, Sharon Summers
N͓̽O͓̽T͓̽H͓̽I͓̽N͓̽G͓̽'S͓̽ F͓̽R͓̽E͓̽E͓̽‼️ E͓̽X͓̽P͓̽E͓̽N͓̽S͓̽I͓̽V͓̽E͓̽ & D͓̽E͓̽C͓̽E͓̽P͓̽T͓̽I͓̽V͓̽E͓̽‼️
Okay if you want to pay $1.50 per MINUTE! Yes, that’s per minute! Plus, they mention there’s no more need to conference calls in… well, that’s exactly what you need to do. So, I’m sorry for such the low rating; actually, I believe this is the first time ever I’ve left such a low rating, however I’m always honest in all of my reviews. Please read through several of the reviews, and if you decide to download this app, please read through the pricing section and Q&A, etc… before fully deciding to go any further. Then, come back and leave your review. I hope you’ve found this review helpful in some way. If so, you could push down on my review and hit the “Like” button, as I’d like to track how many people I’m helping, or not. Thank you! 🙏🏼 Have a blessed day! 🕊️💜
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4 years ago, Great email app!
Fantastic App!!
I have tried a number of apps that are supposed to record your calls but have found that they are simply lacking in one way or another. Some just didn’t record the conversation, some were hard to use and very confusing and others just didn't have quality sound. And, those were all paid apps. Rev Call Recorder is not only a free app, but the sound is higher quality than any paid app I have come across. I would highly recommend this app. It doesn’t take long to understand how to use it, plus you can be reassured it is doing what it is intended to do.
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5 years ago, Ooopsnevermind
Used to work great, now it's buggy
UPDATED: Resetting network settings on my iphone, then restarting my iphone, fixed the issue! Seems like was an issue with my phone, not the app. Back to being totally pleased with the app, back to 5 stars. ----- "Every time I make an outgoing call, when I try to merge it hangs up." From another user. Same experience, this has been happening for about the last week or so. I end up with all these recordings of 2-3 seconds of silence. Sometimes even worse it *doesn't* hang up so you think it's working but later there is no recording after all.
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3 years ago, zfreggs
Really disappointed—lost valuable data
I tried to use this for my dissertation interviews. Read all available info to make sure I did it right. Tested it in advance too—Started interviews and it was successfully recording and then stopped after three minutes. So for two 30 min interviews I only got three minutes of each. I thought it was a fluke the first time, which is why I tried again. But nope—I shouldn’t have. And I followed the instructions on the site and in the app. If there’s a time limit on how much you can record of a phone convo, it was no where to be found/or at least not easily—because I couldn’t find it. So if there is a limit you need to make that known. Now I have lost extremely valuable data. Don’t use this for anything important if it’s longer than three minutes.
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3 years ago, Bigmuscle's
Jays recording
Very good app,only thing that it could use or make it even better or perfect is that when the call starts the guy lets the other person on the phone that you’re talking to know that they’re being recorded however that is the whole point of having a recorder on your phone so that the other person won’t know that they’re being recorded so that they can say whatever they want to say to you,so now they know they’ve been recorded they won’t say certain things so however I wish it didn’t allow no one to know that they are being recorded
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4 years ago, LA King B
Amazing app👌🏽🔥🔥🔥
If you are looking for a free app to record phone calls with out having problems this is the best choice. First try using it and it worked phenomenally. The app performs well, easy to use & had a very good clear audio, & your able to transcribe the call into text or edit or save and download for future use. In my opinion it works better then some apps who over charged people to use there app just to record calls. Gave it a 5 star rating because this app works well with no issues and it’s free that means no subscription or fees you can’t beat that.
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3 years ago, Bobmo9
Great job on a difficult project
My apologies to the transcribers who have had to suffer through some very difficult transcriptions. I am recording phone conversations of my son's thoughts on the nature of the universe. When his brain gets going, his lips can't keep up with his thoughts. His speech gets clipped, garbled, repeated, and corrected at breakneck speed. His thoughts, (though brilliant, I think) tend to jump around. This has got to be a transcriber's nightmare! Nevertheless, they have done an excellent job. Their services are very much appreciated. Congratulations and thank-you, thank-you. RHH
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3 years ago, MomExtroidinaire
Still trying to test how this works. Spent considerable amount of time researching legal requirements and disclosures. I don’t know if the annoying background sound is part of the app but so far on 4 different test calls it’s been prevalent and I haven’t been able to recover a recording yet so I will have to continue testing and will update my review, once I can successfully use app, merge and recover recorded phone call. Then I want to attempt receiving a call merging it and recording for an incoming phone call. I am doing this solely for self protection due to number of spam, fraud, robocalls and phone callidentity theft attempts particularly on my home phone line. Today’s date is Saturday, October 2, 2021 time is 10:15 AM.
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3 years ago, Matthew D. Clark
Lovely App
I was scrambling to find a free call recording app last minute for an interview I had via phone, as I needed to keep a record of the quotes for an upcoming press release. After sifting through four other apps that immediately hit me with subscription fees and technical recording processes, this little gem came along. With the press of a button, I synced up my contacts, and in another tap, I got on the phone with my interviewee and was reassured with an immediate message saying “This call is being recorded.” Though I was panicking about whether or not it had actually saved the audio file to my phone, it took just moments to download and even had an option to transcribe the quotes automatically. Thank you to the developers for your hard work and quality product. This is the first time I’ve ever taken the time to write an iOS review—this app had such an impression on me given the circumstance and put my mind at ease
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2 months ago, CasandraSF
Use it all the time! Love it!
This is the best free call-recording app there is. Upgrades features are even better, but if you’re looking for a simple way to record calls, get this app. Even if you delete the app and reload it at a later date, your recorded calls remain unless you delete them. If you’re concerned about privacy with that, just delete them, but personally I’ve been very grateful for it because I’m someone who’s been known to damage or lose a phone or two.
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4 years ago, SchwartzReports
NPR reporter - not reliable
I used to use the Rev call recorder app to record phone calls for broadcast. In the past it worked fine. But yesterday it dropped the call after between 9-10 minutes. It never notified me that the call had been dropped either; I was just in for a rude awakening when I realized that less than 10 minutes of my hour long interview had been recorded. Stupidly, I tried again. Again, the call dropped about 10 minutes in. Luckily I made a backup speakerphone recording this time. Better than nothing I guess. But Rev has completely lost my trust. Until Rev fixes this issue — and doesn’t just blame call drops on “congested” lines — I will never use this recording service again and I am warning all my colleagues to stay away from it as well.
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5 years ago, Gilgorians
Update: Everything is working hunky-dory now! Orig: Unnecessarily
Update: I’m SO happy to update my original review, included below. Happy bc I’m not having a bit of difficulty now, even with voicemails. It all runs very smoothly, and I would definitely recommend this app! 👏🏽 Bravo, Team! Orig: Unnecessarily complicated & a bit crashy so far. May upgrade my review if app is improved. I would really like an option to record a voicemail. I know a voicemail is by definition a recording, but not one that I can access and manipulate (legally, I mean, just for my own files) to the extent that I’d like.
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3 years ago, MimiWat39
It’s ok
I downloaded this to record calls from work it’s complicated to merge on calls and there’s always like a 30 second delay so the person is like talking and you’re not even in the call yet because you’re trying to merge the call so that’s frustrating but the biggest frustration is after about eight minutes the recorder stops recording and so virtually the rest of your meeting is not recorded because it only recorded a limited amount of time sometimes my meetings are 30 minutes to an hour and I need it to record the whole time I ended up having to download another recorder to use.
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4 years ago, Cybscribe
REV review
Rating REV 3 stars so far. Loaded up and tested. Phone call connecting method rather convoluted, it works, but would like it really simplified. REV should create A numbered sequential call display showing where each segment of the call is performing showing the next or remaining step(s) - which would remove most call sequence doubts and speed call decision making. We are not informed about what part of the call that the person being called can hear. Connection quality was 3 out 5. (Like someone talking through a door from another room.) When I tried to edit the call to remove unnecessary content, it did not edit out the content. That needs fixing right away. Transcription Service is not described well and is basically unnecessary. With the quality of voice recognition these days, REV should be using it for on-screen digital (not human) progressive transcription as the conversation proceeds. This would enhance app. Usefulness and guarantee a higher user volume because of easier sharing capacity. Lawrence More later...
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2 years ago, JimInCols
This can be used totally free if you just want to record your conversation and save it, or even email it to someone. When listening to it, you can jump ahead or behind in the conversation in small increments or even speed it up as you listen to it going faster. It just couldn’t be more intuitive or simple. YouTube’s Kevin Stratvert had an excellent tutorial on it. There are no negatives (well maybe how to eliminate the built in warning that this conversation is being recorded). 5 stars!!!
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5 years ago, kristie🤗
I never write any review for apps but here I am. I was in an urgent to find an app that can record phone call for an interview, and other apps I downloaded required subscription..Finally I was lucky enough to come across this app and I am so in love with it! Not only because it is free, but it is simple to use and navigate!! The set up of this app in very minimalistic and clean, but it has some many great functions. I am impressed that this allows me to record phone calls without time limit and also FREE! Thank you for the developer for this amazing app😊
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1 year ago, The Heimster
That's the whole point of only 1 person having to know the call is being recorded. Do you morons actually think the other person on the other end is going to do dishonest things if you tell them they are being recorded??? Or, do you just not want honest people to bust criminals? 🙄 FRAUD IS CURRENTLY EVERYWHERE AND PEOPLE LIKE THIS PERPETUATE IT BY POLICING PEOPLES RIGHT TO RECORD!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Who does any company think they are to police another individual's actions??? Only dishonest people would like to prevent other dishonest people from being caught. It's a criminal mentality out of the box!!! Same goes for Apple because MY phone that I purchased with MY $$$ should have the capability to record phone calls out of the box!!! It's MY PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to know if it's legal in my state!!! We don't need you small minded technology criminals to police us with your excuses. Only dishonest mindsets would want to prevent you from catching a bad person in the act with a recording! Your hindering justice thus a criminal!!! THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO ELIMINATE SECTION 230 ASAP!!! It's anti capitalist and protects criminals!
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4 years ago, Caleb Frank
Needs To Be More Convenient
My phone app and this app are on two different screen pages so I naturally forget to add in the phone call recorder. Instead of recording a whole 15 minute conversation I’ll only be able to get about 8 minutes. Ofc this can be easily helped by putting the two apps close to each other but then it goes back out of sight when you open the phone app again. Maybe a notification whenever you’re about to call or a something. But other than that, all aces here 👍🏽.
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4 months ago, Matt747476653
Fantastic tool can’t believe it’s free
I work in the insurance industry and deal with unscrupulous companies all the time some on the Insurance side and some on the homeowner side. This is a great tool that allows me to help people accountable to what they’ve said not having to send emails after our conversations to make sure to memorialize the conversation. often times when I’m trying to memorialize a conversation conversation conversation the other party will not answer me. This is just a fantastic tool.
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3 years ago, E..A..J...
When I initially downloaded the app it worked well on outgoing and incoming calls. After 12 recordings it no longer worked on incoming calls. The merge feature not only didn’t work sometimes the call was dropped. Additionally I realized some of the calls I had previously recorded were only partial recordings. It’s not a phone (I have an iPhone 12max), carrier(Verizon) or plan feature (I have 3way calling) issue. As you can see I have done troubleshooting and customer support recommended I make sure I have the most current version (which I do) tantamount to “have you tried unplugging you it?” Wish it worked as it initially did.
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3 years ago, Paul Noce
No recording!
I am writing this on May 1, 2021. I tried a test call from a USA phone number to a USA phone number to see if this app works. This app recorded my test call and played it back perfectly. I tried a second test call. It recorded and played back perfectly again. Then, I made an important call with this app. At the end of the call, a banner immediately appeared on my phone telling me that the call was recorded and I could listen to it. However, there is no recording in the app. Nothing. It has been ten minutes since that call ended and there is still no recording in the app. I have closed the app and rebooted my phone. Still, no recording of that very important phone call. Extremely disappointing.
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2 years ago, Kjhuhvv
Great App!
I tried a bunch of different options for call recording and they were all terrible until this app. Excellent; I appreciate the disclosure too, and the fact that you can turn it off when you want to say it yourself. I use it for sales notes; useful for work when a customer has a bunch to say; It’s easy to just pull this up and record to take notes later. No ads, no account required either; simple and easy.
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1 year ago, Furbaby Mom😎🐾
Your Best "Witness" 😉
Since discovering this App, I have used it many times for numerous purposes. When disputing a credit card transaction, a VRBO Host's unwarranted charge, and even a 100% covered Dr exam my insurance company later tried to deny paying!?!🤬 However, because I also utilized their transcription service from recorded calls, my disputes were ALWAYS settled in my favor‼️ When ordering the transcripts, these were emailed to me usually in 30mins or LESS w/ 100% accuracy & very $ priced---- highly recommend👍👏
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1 year ago, akhadija
So far…works great!
12/27 I have had this app for close to one day. I haven’t had issues yet. I was able to make four call recordings that were both incoming and outgoing calls. Worked each time. I was able to learn about phone recording laws for my area as well through this app. Which I appreciate. Their customer service email person got back to me with an answer to my question within an hour. Thank you. Keep up the good work, guys!
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6 years ago, Richard Reign
I can’t get it to work
I’m using a IPhone. It prompts me to enter my phone number then tap “next” to receive a confirmation text however, there is no next button for me to tap. Okay, never mind. I just had to hit my phone number in the right way so it wouldn’t highlight. It too several tries. I’d like to take this up to 4 to 5 stars. I’m having problems getting the merge button to show up every time but that might my on my end. Sound quality is good. Yes, the merge button was on my end. I didn’t realize I had to wait for the other party to answer. Overall, I think this is a very good app and deserves 5 stars. The hitting next was confusing but that is a small thing. Maybe change it to hit next or your phone number. Update, my wife installed rev into her phone (we have the same phone and software) and the next button showed for her just fine.
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2 years ago, Blody Iphone 10
Works great
This is great for dealing with lenders and such where you might worry about something being reported to the credit bureau because the other party didn’t live up to their end. If it’s legal in your state, make sure you turn off the notification of being recorded message. So after I’m done with the call, then I’ll upload it to Evernote and then I’ll put my screenshots and notes in Evernote and it’s all in one place. Excellent product.
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1 year ago, JTW10014
Automatic merge for incoming calls is so good
I could not find any apps with automatic merge, having looked at about 10. The fact that this app has automatic merge for incoming calls is a huge selling point for me. Who wants to fumble with all that, and keep the person at the other end of the line waiting? Also, the phone picks up immediately, whereas others take 4 to 6 seconds, adding even more waiting time. Seems to be perfect for my needs.
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3 years ago, MM plumging
The best
I looked all over the AppStore for a simple free phone call recorder after about 10 different apps and deleting them all I found this one super easy no hidden costs and free thank you thank you thank you I love this app after the recording you can check the recording and even transfer a file to your computer or phone for safekeeping keep up the good work guys not everything chip cost an arm and a leg totally recommend this app
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