Rev: Record & Transcribe

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3 weeks ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Rev: Record & Transcribe

4.31 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
4 years ago, derf 33
Rev recorder
I would rate this apt a 4 star. I have used it on my I-phone 6s to record live performances of music and it works well as long as the background noise is not too loud, but that comes with the territory. Due to the pandemic I may never hear from them again. Since I sing/ perform to background music tracks I have recently started to record some of these songs so I can practice them as well as remember them. I would have given the apt 5 stars but that would assume that I will not explore something superior, which I will. I wish there was some way to created a file to share a few of my recordings.
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2 months ago, Snarfsnarf4
Extremely useful & user friendly transcription
Very pleased with the apps performance since I had last tried it out in 2020. I record sessions for music with improvised lyrics and the app suits my personal needs super well and is very accurate. I can also utilize it for coaching which is handy. I’ll say that my experience coming back to using the app more regularly is because it’s more intuitive than it was when I heard about it during Covid & IG reels. It’s simpler — the interface is cleaner and I haven’t found any accessible app that comes close to its accuracy. Highly recommend! Two thumbs up for sure for personal use. I imagine it has broader capabilities for businesses to use it as well!
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1 year ago, Webmom67
So glad I already had this on my phone
I had used Rev previously and had found it extremely helpful. One of my favorite things about it is that I can almost spontaneously start recording a meeting or conversation, and have options to figure out what to do with the recording afterward. Sometimes you forget that you will want to record something until that moment, and not needing to figure out how to do that, and what will work when timing is critical means having Rev at your fingertips can save the day! The audio capture is exceptional. I can’t speak to the transcription accuracy yet, but I am very grateful that I had this at my disposal when most needed.
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1 year ago, MatG1234
Recent Updates
I have used Rev for the last couple of years and have been satisfied with the quality of transcripts they provide and the app has helped service that. The recent updates however have taken what was once a humble recording app over the top! The ability to see the transcript flow in live is enjoyable and gives me real time feedback on how well all participants can be heard. As well, providing me the benefits of my Rev Max membership allows me to quickly and effortlessly transcribe all of my conversations for archival and review later. If you’re not already, you should be using Rev!
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4 years ago, Dixiezap
Voicemail audio transcribed.
Horrible! Waste of money. Was charged $6 for a 2:00 min voicemail audio to be transcribed and got back a one page double or more spacing with about 10 lines of what was said in voicemail. At least 7 of those 10 lines transcribed from my 2 min voicemail was the inaudible. The words transcribed from this voicemail and on my final report where most of the parts you could hear just a lil distorted or clear they put down as something just didn’t make any since with the sentence before , after, or at all period. Plus I was promised it completed and sent to me within 24 and it took almost 72. This was joke.
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1 year ago, ar-vibesss
Best app for interviews!
Rev’s voice recorder is super easy to use. The interface is intuitive and the recording is clear and reliable. Seeing the audio text being transcribed in real-time gives me peace of mind that it’s capturing my recording. I’ll often use it for interviews at festivals and conferences where there’s background noise and it manages pretty well. If my environment compromises the audio quality and the AI struggles, I’ll upgrade to human transcribers. Nice to have an accurate transcript waiting in my inbox when I get back. Command-F’ing keywords or timestamps vs. manually scrubbing audio saves me so much time.
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4 years ago, Amelch
12 Hour Turnaround...
I am torn between 3 and a 4. On the one hand, the work I have had done has been pretty accurate, and worthy of a 4 - maybe higher. One of the transcriptions I received was actually flagged by their QA team and redone for me. My problem is the turnaround. 12 hours is promised yet I am still waiting on one from the 26th and one from the 27th. There are no updates to find out what is taking so long or why there is a delay. I may try a different service with today’s recording just to compare. The turnaround piece is why I would give a 3.
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6 years ago, amulkey5
What a service!
I work in the legal field and—while I realize that this is no substitute for an actual court reporter—Rev has been incredibly useful tool! I’m completely impressed by the accuracy and attention to detail. So far we have use this tool to convert recorded conversations with witnesses into transcripts that can be entered into evidence (if you do it right). I really hope that this is a company that is paying their freelancers well, because it’s clear that they are doing an excellent job (and it’s suspiciously inexpensive). Thanks for providing such an outstanding service!
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5 months ago, Ryan Schumacher
Reliably organize my thoughts, my life!
I love using Rev to record my ideas and plan my work. It's accuracy and simple interface make it perfect for putting my thoughts into text. Rev's AI let's Mr get insights and summaries to help me get the most out of my ideas quickly. My saved transcripts and recordings give me easy access to continually leverage my ideas how I need to in the moment. It's the knowledge management system that I need to be effective in my work and personal life. Thank you so much!
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5 years ago, wordgirrl
So helpful!
This has helped me hone my standup set so well. I can record my work and the critiques, and (if I remember to put them in before I order) they’ll even put the right names with the voices. In fact, that’s the only thing I detract a star for: there isn’t a way to add the names once you submit the order. :( but super helpful anyway. Thank you!
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5 months ago, GrandmaTena
I use it almost every day!
This app has helped me preserve lots of memories of my own and of others. It lets me share my music and other activities where I can meet with people in real time. Thank you for creating and sharing such a great app at no cost without advertisements! On addition that would be nice is to be able to make a few file folders for groups of recordings that are related. I love that I can search my recordings by name.
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5 years ago, tracthom
I am truly disappointed with whatever this potential upgrade was supposed to be. Are used to be able to stop a recording and then append it and now I can’t do that so I have to make 15 recordings if I need to pause and come back to it. I keep making recordings hoping that I can just leave it on pause and then I come back and the whole thing is gone. It used to be that if you left a recording it saved it anyway and said there was unsaved data. Now this application is more simple and less functional than the one that I used for 4 years. Highly disappointing and I wish I never had this application upgraded on my phone. The old one is still on my iPad and thank God for that.
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5 years ago, Minatur
Great app!!!
I’ve only used this app once to record a telephone call. It picked up me (of course) but even the dude that answered AND you could even hear the clock ticking. The clock is about 20 feet away!! Will be doing another test to see how it gets to Evernote. If that works I will let this review stand. By the way, I NEVER give 5 stars. EVER!!! This made my day. Thanks. I *I may try the dialing of the call recording on the phone to see if that works. I haven’t tried that in a long time. I will let you know.
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5 years ago, Macedonia384
Very useful
I find writing much faster If i can get it all out fast and transcribe then work the draft. Real people do a much better job that I'm happy to pay for. One major improvement I would like to see: since Im charged by the minute, I'm penalized for pausing to think and speaking slow in general. Its a simple audio task to remove pauses linger than say a 1/2 second. It would be nice to have the done automatically ahead of charging by the minute.
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4 years ago, Redstickguy
App steers users to more expensive service
Rev charges $1.25/ minute for human transcription. It charges $.25/ minute for automated (speech recognition) when files are submitted through the Rev web site . This app does not provide the option of selecting the automated transcript option, thus automatically steering users to the option that costs more. Spread over many users and many recordings this may have a revenue impact for Rev, but users should be given a choice. I have written to Rev directly about this but the practice persists. The app needs to be updated to provide users with the lower cost option.
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4 years ago, DeirdreJDesigns
Cannot get text out of the app easily
Great app and service. As far as transcription it’s a ten. I’m giving it a 3 however because it is nearly impossible to get the transcribed text out of the app and into any other app. As someone who is constantly on the move and often works on my phone, this is extremely frustrating. Even the press and copy feature is unpredictable and often gets replaced by their own user edit bar. I hope they improve the app to be more share friendly in the future.
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5 years ago, Petalyn
At last
I have genuinely come to appreciate and value this specific tool. I’ve found no other as easy, and fulfilling to its purpose and promise as Rev. This is the easiest recording tool in the world because it allows me to have my recordings transcribed with just a click or two. The technology doesn’t get in the way of my thoughts. It simply allows my thoughts to be captured without glitching or interruption from faulty tech. Love it!
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4 years ago, Drmyers29
Doest seem to work on Iphone10 plus
Doesn't work on Iphone tried it numerous times. You can record but once you make a call while recording that recording pauses & can only start again when the call ends. So, I then tried making the call first but it does not let me record at all while the Phone is engaged-could not even record a call’s recording with the speakerphone on-worthless! If there is some setting that needs to be changed to make this thing work-it doesn't tell you that-at least nowhere in plain view-No pop-up to say that this is not recording or why-it just doesn't :(
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1 year ago, Jonny_Tr
Easy to use, accurate results
The intuitive interface makes it easy to immediately start recording on the fly - no complicated flow to get to the heart of the app. I also really like the “Live Transcript Preview” feature since it gives confidence that everything is being captured and is very accurate.
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1 year ago, bob pistachio
Helps me keep track of my user interviews
I use this app to do user interviews for my product. The high-quality transcript makes it easy for me to review my interviews later and extract insights. I can choose to get a human transcript or AI. I mostly use the AI since it is such good quality quality. I really like the interactive transcript viewer. It makes my research much simpler.
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1 month ago, KimCzek
I love this app but glitches affect my work.
I recorded a super important meeting today and when my phone Home Screen locked, and I clicked on Rev, a whole hour’s meeting went to zero! Also, when I am on the purple recording screen, I cannot get back to the contents screen without closing the app completely. It’s frustrating. I just saw the anti Home Screen lock option but it was after I lost my whole meeting. Any tips?
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4 years ago, Osjrsheard
Great service!
I came back to look up Rev because now I am a Dr of Management and Rev was a life saver when I was writing my dissertation. Now, I’m teaching doctoral students and I will refer them to Rev. I had about 95% accuracy and that’s only because I had a few internet connection issues with my phone during the recording. They are very reasonable and my turn around time was great! Dr. Sandra S.
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5 years ago, Seth239
No append feature
I was happy when I found this app. It was quality and I could trust it not to delete my recordings (looking at you iPhone recorder app). Unfortunately as a writer, I need to be able to append previous recordings. Otherwise I would have about 500 recordings a month. The most recent update did away with that feature. If you will never have the need to add on to a previous recording, this app should do you fine. If you would need the ability to add to a previous recording however, you’ll have to keep looking. Let me know if you find one 😔
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5 years ago, RyanHart84
Very useful app with many applications for my business
Very useful app with many applications for my business. I employ several virtual assistants and own a small business with several key employees. This is a great communication device for me because we are a sales organization and always on the go. Half of our time is out of the office so this is a great tool to bridge the gap.
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9 months ago, ATXcarlessgal
So helpful
As an artist I write tons of grant and project proposals and I have found that saying what is in my mind out loud and then editing that excitable word salad into something comprehensive is a much smoother process than just starting to write. Rev has made that quick and easy and is super accurate. I use it all the time.
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7 years ago, AlexTB6
Poor service all round
I was attracted to Rev by the promised 24-hour turnaround. When, after 22 hours, there was no indication of receiving the transcription, I called to seek reassurance. I was told by the customer service line that transcription hadn’t yet started and wouldn’t be ready for another day. I’m a journalist working to a tight deadline and was depending on receiving the transcription in the promised timeframe in order to meet it. To compound my dissatisfaction, customer service made no effort to remedy the situation. In short, Rev failed me. I will not be using the service again, nor will I recommend it to anyone else.
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1 year ago, scw42
Clock beat
As an amateur clock repair guy it’s important to correctly set the beat of a restored clock movement. I use a device that amplifies the beat and Rev to record it. Then by viewing the recording it’s possible to see in exquisite detail the beat; the timing of the ticks and tocks. One can make careful adjustments as needed. The goal is to have the ticks and tocks evenly spaced.
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3 years ago, Parent 684
Rev is frustrating because it is almost so good. The transcripts are generally very good. But trying to get your transcript into a clean word document takes many steps, it’s very frustrating. It has to be exported, then you have to also get rid of the speaker names while exporting, since there doesn’t seem to be any option not to include them in the first place. Even after your doc is exported it requires further steps to get rid of.
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1 year ago, MartyIce
Super handy
I’ve tried other transcoded things for my phone, but it just never seems to work right. This app seems to be really accurate, and I appreciate being able to use it without signing up for a service.
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8 months ago, L*o*v *e
The New Update is deleting saved recordings and deleting newly saved!
can I ask what is going on..I record and save it and it’s gone now. I updated the app this morning and it deleted all my saved recordings. Then just before they suddenly all appeared back which brought floods of gratitude tears and now it’s back deleting all my recording again and the new one I just saved. I am very confused and disappointed. How can this be happening with no warning or consent. I would appreciate support.
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6 days ago, 1235790(4321580235$43)
Finally! A transcription app that works!
This speech to text transcription app is incredible so far…. I tested it out by speaking for several minutes and it typed every word perfectly, self-correcting as needed. I can save the transcript and love this app! Already recommended it to someone with auditory processing issues.
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1 year ago, Zbity
Getting better
Increasing the ability to get support when it is not right. See you get charged first. Remember ai can translate yours online so what makes this service good is real people listen and translate. Which should be better then ai. Why you ask? Because of most people have accents from whatever region they are in the world human can discern the differences, as of yet most AI does not have the capability. How to make it better. Keeping app updated is important sending surveys perhaps with a price option of a few minute credit toward the service being used. This will create a better app a better community that uses your app. I love the use of it and the further potential!
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5 years ago, broke and mad >:(
I want my money back
Started to record to test a see if it works. Then I realized that it was gonna charge me $1 per minute, so I was about to quit it but then I saw that I got a $10 off coupon so I decided to record 10 minutes of what I needed. I then proceeded to “purchase” the transcript and my total showed that it was zero and I put in my card info. Then a message popped up saying I already used the coupon which is false, I hit the button again and boom, charged $10 right to my card. Now I don’t know how to cancel the order and I’m out $10.
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5 years ago, CATWOMAN2512200
Great app ... but curious about one thing
Love this app. Only thing was it crashed on me a few times already. Was bummed because I lost all the date and one time missed to repacked due to that. Also, one more thing I’m curious about is how many hours at one time can one record ? Looking forward to an answer ASAP Thank you B
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5 years ago, Trishabnot
Awesome App
I absolutely love this app! It‘s so easy to use...Great for when I need to remember information in a meeting, and can’t take notes or process everything being discussed at that time...It gives me time to go back and listen to it again...I just need to figure out how to store the recordings on iCloud
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6 years ago, lizbleu
Extremely good
I love this app and use it lots, for over a year. I had a slight heart attack when once it stopped opening and so I thought i lost my work, but someone reached out to me and I was able to recover everything. Outside of that, its perfect for what I want a voice recorder to be. Can’t beat the optional transcription.
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1 month ago, Mrsbondomatic
Took my money, but it didn’t record anything
I can’t be more disappointed and I’m in a bind now because I trusted this to work. The app took my money for credits. when I needed it, it said record now and I went ahead and did so. It stopped. It had a pop-up saying transcribe and I hit it. It did nothing and it completely lost in our Long board meeting. Then I look at my credits and they used up I had without transcribing anything. I can’t believe what a rip off this is.
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4 years ago, alixorus
Can’t even tell if recordings are backed up
Nowhere on the site I can find does it say whether recordings are backed up on iCloud so they are not lost if I lose my device. Also their support consists of question form that just searches their knowledge base, but provides no way of actually having a human answer. Lastly it crashes after 1.5 hours of recording, losing the remaining audio. Looks like a new update may have fixed this. However what I really need is my audio files on iCloud, and it seems they must not do that as it doesn’t say it anywhere. This app seems largely a way to sell transcription services, and doesn’t focus on features beyond that - like backup.
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6 years ago, alxgirl
Even easier than the desktop version!
I always record articles on my iphone voice recordings then send to rev to transcribe. Doing both directly within the Rev app makes the process even easier than it was before. Love it!
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5 years ago, PhoneInterviewer
Great app + recent update
Have been using this app for a bit, and I love this more recent update. New design is easier on the eyes than the old one, and it's still super easy to use. Still use the app to order transcripts regularly and eagerly awaiting an update to get automated transcripts too.
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7 months ago, Casey Christine
Morning Ritual
To record my heart on my phone and then have it write itself is amazing. This is so accurate. It’s part of my morning ritual and meditation and I know nuggets that will serve an offer to humanity in future. Love rev! Thank you for capture my hearts messages REV! So easy!
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3 years ago, Apostle DLBO
Love it!
The convenience of recording any time and being able to upload (depending on size) to emails, storages, to share with others is very helpful. Recordings are clear and easily accessible. Thank you
Show more
3 years ago, Dr R.Crawford
Very easy to use.
Update. Even though I recorded for 5 seconds and a minute on one or two calls months ago. Many Apps will get around to ask you for money when you have need by using. I’m not sure about this. I made a mistake. You must make absolutely certain it is recording. I really needed a call recorded. I hit record and it said, “Pause” instead of record.i made a mistake. So, be careful, and it should work okay. Thank you, Robert Anyway, I must have done something wrong. I mean I don’t record much. I’ll try again. Thank you.
Show more
1 year ago, Starkimmey
Saves time and my hands!
As a student, being able to record important notes on the fly is pretty dope. Plus I can launch it over to my Rev Max account for lightning fast transcriptions that are accurate!
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7 years ago, Tall Mike
Rev is great.
I've dropped hundreds of dollars on transcription with Rev, and now the app puts my wallet at risk of more of the same. The service just works. I'm thrilled to be able to record notes or conversations with colleagues, and get them transcribed right from my phone.
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5 years ago, whhhat!
Fantastic app and fantastic service
I've used Rev's call recording app, and recently started using their voice recording app. I love the new update, UI is so simple to use and integrates great with their web platform. Transcription service is top notch too. Highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, patrick74!
First time user, I uploaded 50min audio for transcription, 24 hours later nothing done so I called to cancel and request refund, representative I spoke with said she could refund “as long as no one was working on,” then gave me credit. I was then advised to use “automated service” next time which is free for first 45 minutes with 10 minute turn around. I lost a day on an important project waiting for people to transcribe for $1 minute, but should expect better using automated service for free? 👎🏻
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2 months ago, ART2Dtwo
I had an amazing experience with this App, it worked very well and the product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple quick transcribe. Very easy to use.
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2 years ago, courtreporterjenn
While app usability is fine, other apps offer far better AI transcription accuracy. And do not pay for human transcription services. My professional license supplants that of a certified transcriptionist, and they were barely 50% accurate. I used them in a pinch for three expedited orders and the three products I received from them were so bad that I have serious concerns for others relying on the accuracy of the orders they receive.
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4 years ago, billy the rich
Transcript of sean york ending relationship
I am very frustrated with the lack of ability to have my recordings in both my iPad and iPhone at same time and w the iPad I can’t share transcripts even w myself. Very poor design on an otherwise great product
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