Reveal Manager

4.7 (15.9K)
73.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Verizon Connect Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reveal Manager

4.73 out of 5
15.9K Ratings
5 years ago, GB Electrical Services
Great service
This is a great service and highly recommended for any company with a fleet of vehicles. I’ve been using this for a few years now. One of my vans had been stolen the very first month I put the GPS is in place. I hadn’t even paid the first monthly bill yet and I was able to recover over $40,000 because of this service. I know that this is an extreme situation and not the reason why I purchased the service. On a daily basis it helps to communicate more effectively with customers by letting them know when a technician will arrive to their home. It also helps with vehicle maintenance and keeps track of when oil changes are due and tire rotations.
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1 year ago, CeceRyda
Just getting started
I just started using the Reveal app so far so good it is doing everything we needed to do for a small business I can comment on one thing at this moment setting up the orders in Reveal is awesome we get the name and the phone number the address what we need to do we send the information to the technician which ever technician is closest they get the message do the work and complete the job all in their phoneWithin the specific timeframe I don’t ever have to speak to my technicians about jobs we communicate with this app we only talk on the phone for FuN!!!
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4 years ago, Wiiilbur
Great app
The app has been an extremely useful tool for our company for many years. The report features and ease of use has been a breath of fresh air for all our employees. Honking down on time spent on jobs and verifying travel time is invaluable. However in the past several months the report feature stopped working on our apps and that’s annoying. We used to use that all the time and now it’s useless. Hope they can get it fixed soon.
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5 years ago, nickname taken boss
We use this app every day to keep track of our trucks. It lets us know their location, gives us alerts of speeding, and we are able to show our customers when a truck left their plant, the route taken, and when it arrived at our facility. Our insurance provider gives us a discount for having this tracking and we were able to clear a driver of a claim of reckless driving and speeding.
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5 years ago, MsConteh
The app runs behind and is not real-time. It’s not a huge deal except when you’re trying to use the app you’re usually running late yourself. Which brings me to my second issue. This is a much larger one. Every time I try and use the app it has logged me out. It would be great to have a remember me button or incorporate touch ID. They have also been several times when the given password does not work, even after contacting the admin and double checking. I have had to uninstall and reinstall the app on several occasions just to be able to log in. That’s a huge issue. Except when you need to use this app you’re usually running late yourself.
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4 years ago, Courier Manager G
Places regularly disappear and stops don’t clear for drivers
I’ve been using this app close to a year now. My places that I save regularly disappear resulting in the need to look up addresses rather than being able to type client names. Additionally, I frequently have stops fail to clear from my drivers, even when they complete or cancel them, and when I dispatch stops they’re often put into different orders that do not make for efficient routes. Despite this, when the app works, it works well and gives me oversight and alerts into driver activity and the ability to quickly add stops to routes. I wish it worked more often.
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2 years ago, Reggieowens
Worst customer service
The customer service and the support ticket system they have is the absolute worst. Like other people have reviewed our service didn’t work for 6 months straight and they still billed us. They even billed one month 3 times our normal bill amount and can’t explain why. After numerous phone calls and 4 account disputes they closed our account, apologized and said they would credit the amount due. 3 months later we get a notice from collections for the amount due. Great way to treat a customer for over 12 years. It’s sad to see such a great product that sagequest created be ruined by incompetent people.
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2 years ago, hydramaster
Ron Verga Rons Carpet
I have had a problem with one of my units not working I called and started a case number they told me the the reason it wasn’t working is that it needed to be replaced with their new 5G unit and that I needed 3 of them for other trucks also said they would ship to me and gave me a number for scheduling installation we’ll never got the units I called for installation four times and they keep sending me to someone else no one can do anything about my problem I got better service from the original company I told them if someone didn’t call me and get it straight I’m canceling everything totally dissatisfied this is bad customer service
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2 years ago, B-RadA2
I would never recommend this company for anything I’ve called their corporate five times and I still can’t get an answer back
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2 years ago, Beeyal
Hardly works
Had these installed on our buses and they only worked for about two or three months. They stopped working then and when we called about it it was a total nightmare getting transferred back and forth to the right person to help us. They told us we needed new tracking devices put in because the originals were no longer supported by them and they never informed us about any of that. On top of that they still do not work and it has been about a year and a half since they were first installed. Not happy at all with this service!
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1 year ago, 04668807
Scammers don’t fall for Verizon service
I have started the service with Verizon I signed 3 years contract after signing I have not heard from anyone in the company to install my equipment They mailed me the equipment and I was not been able to install it. It took me 3 months calling/emailing. And reaching out to the agent who signed me up no one helped I was getting the play around. And no their sending me for collection for something I didn’t use horrible company. If I am able to give 0 I won’t even hesitate. Im going to keep spreading the bad experience I had so no one else fall for this.
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5 years ago, Double-D 420
My app always shows 368 notifications on the icon. Even after I open the app to clear it out it comes right back. I wish the problem would be fixed as it has always been like that for me at least. App is up to date, my phone is running ios13 now. Pretty sure the iPhone software has nothing to do with it as it was that way when I was running v12. Anyone else have this problem??
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5 years ago, Ekbladla
Fix notification issue
The app works relatively well and I have very few issues but I do not like the fact I cannot remove a notification from an alert even after viewing it through the app. I need to view it on the computer before it removes it from my phone application. Any way we could resolve this?
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2 years ago, Jake12847394
Could be lots more than it is
The replay list doesn’t show current location. Have to have 2 apps to have a decent level of experience with this, the reveal and the spotlight. Get constant calls for upgrades but when I say I’m not happy to this sales people, it falls on deaf ears with a quick exit off the phone. For the cost, it definitely leaves more to be desired @ $27/month for one vehicle.
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4 years ago, AntiTheist22
Stay away from these thieves. I’ve been trying since April to cancel when the contract ended. Months of lies and being ignored is all I got. What a disgusting bunch of “success managers “ I imagine their supervisor trains them that way since I’ve been through a couple. Both lied and ignored me. I have ALL the documentation and correspondence. I am going to start posting it everywhere. I’m done. You all are the absolute worst people I’ve dealt with in my 50 years. Not sure how you can find people like that.
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2 years ago, snicklefritch
Can’t find my trucks
We’ve had the app for years. Lately we can’t find our equipment. There is a hugh delay in position shown and the actual location. Does catch up but not acceptable performance. Notices of truck location based on geofencing are also delayed. Seems as though they are batched and sent all at once later in the day or in the evening. Not pleased we may have to look for an alternative provider.
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1 year ago, muke boar
Horrible customer service
I never write reviews but have to on this company. I do not recommend this company at all. I’ve had horrible customer service issues with waiting on long phone conversations with customer service with no resolve. They send the wrong product out and don’t return phone calls. I am paying for services I am not receiving as well. Not happy at all.
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11 months ago, MichelleLee413
Helps so much with knowing if my parents are in or out of service and if I could call the clients location for them or not
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2 years ago, Tricia7737
Shows 3 possible locations close by
Need new software to be more accurate, one vehicle cannot be 3 different places with in close proximity to one another. Put more building & location data!!!!
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1 month ago, DrewDawg209
Disappearing vehicl names
I believe there is a bug, my fleets vehicle names disappear when I zoom in on their location after the latest update.
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4 years ago, Robert EM Bourns
Need help to learn how to use it better than I have
I would like an expert from Verizon connect to call me and let me know how I can use this better for my business I’ve been just left with no help whatsoever with this app
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2 years ago, phoenixjaybird7
Poor customer service
The salesmen are awful!! they will not get me the help I need…. Currently looking for anything company to track our trucks
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1 month ago, RJV-379
The service is great but the provider is always charging for services I did not request or says I have
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3 years ago, Catserdan
Verizon is not at all helpful
Verizon staff from the installer to customer service has been very UN HELPFUL! I have 2 units of which I have no idea how to use properly, definitely can not set up the way I was told they would work for my company. The camera seems unnecessary bigger than it should be! It’s a recent install , I’ll keep working with the systems to see how it turns out!
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5 years ago, tbekl
Alerts won’t clear Cleared in system. App still won’t clear. Get notice thinking have new alert and nothing is there.
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5 years ago, DHR ENTERPRISES
Excellent service
Always works I never a problem I highly recommend to any company
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3 years ago, ScottS Chicago
Horrible customer service
Do not touch this company. They could not fix our systems and then are trying to screw us when we canceled the service to go to another provider who system actually worked properly. 20 service calls in a two-year period and 17 are open and unresolved. Then they try to screw you when you leave.
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10 months ago, Stincil
Terrible company
Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company. Verizon Connect has the absolute worst customer service and billing practices. They should be put out of business immediately. Don’t believe me? Look at reviews online. They are the worst, they will stick to you. They will screw you and they will lie to you.
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3 years ago, Captain Electric 2
Horrible customer service
I’ve been trying to resolve defective product problem since May 5, I call & get passed around to different department with no resolve. I’ve requested call back from a customer service representative yet I’m sent the wrong product. I’m owed credit from non service yet still UNRESOLVED
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4 years ago, Tanya63080
The app usually works well but, it keeps saying I need to update when I already have the latest version.
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1 year ago, Jayjayjayjayboudreaux
Parsons Towingllc
Enjoy the reveal tells me where my truck that at all time
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1 year ago, JAY - CURRENT USER
The product itself is GREAT and VERY useful. The company management, customer service, and overall ability to run the business and/or handle customers is horrible. They make it VERY difficult to reach help and VERY difficult to accomplish anything. Otherwise the product is very good.
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2 years ago, Awful Customer Seevice
Awful Customer Service
I have been trying to cancel my account for 3 months. I have been assigned 3 different case numbers and continue to receive bills and no response from customer service or my account representative. Awful company to deal with.
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Crashes on iPad when you try to view live map
This issue has been happening since it switched from Fleetmatics. So annoying to have to use phone app I stad of large iPad screen. Wish they would fix this.
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2 years ago, kicking68
Continue to have issues logging in. On certain days it will not take my credentials next day it logs in just fine. So cannot keep up with my fleet on regular basis. That is why we will be switching to another company after first of the year.
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5 years ago, k1llroi
Nice and convenient
Very informative and helpful when keeping up with vehicles.
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4 years ago, ohhhh.....wait......what?
New update, no good.
I use to be able to run a report with my mobile device, but ever since I did the latest update, it will not load, I click on the “Report” tab and the wheel just keep spinning forever.
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2 years ago, Alpha & Omega Heating
Great service I will definitely recommend
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2 years ago, F Romano
I recommend it
It’s very good easy to use I recommended 100%
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3 years ago, rexfit01
Great Service
Very accurate and helps you protect your assets.
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10 months ago, No thanks no sir
Not bad
It works most of the time. Some days a huge delay and in some rural areas, it doesn’t work at all. Over all, pretty good….
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2 years ago, Ronald Quint
Very good, Comprehensive, Backed by Verizon
Very good. Solid and dependable. I am currently overseeing 65 trucks using these truck tacking & ELD’s daily.
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3 years ago, TaurusLandscape
The best tracking software we have ever had. The on board cameras are great..
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5 years ago, Speedyatetree
Works well for keeping tabs on my fleet
Works well.
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4 years ago, mangoddo001
I enjoy buying these deceives thru version to track my fleets.
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10 months ago, bobby towing
Sorry service
Can’t get anything right. On the phone with the most stupidest people I have heard from for hours . Sounds like they are reading from a book
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1 year ago, Santy.5
Really bad app can’t edit anything, customer service is trash with holds of 30+ mins and no solution just to call back in 24 or 48 hours with no solution
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2 years ago, magic services llc
Poor customer service
Very poor customer Service actually the worst i wont recommend this company to anyone. 0 start for customer service and equipment
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2 years ago, huntmikey
I been trying to cancel this app since the beginning and Verizon is the worse customer service ever soon as contract is up I will be getting out of this garbage app.
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3 years ago, Tony__SM
No customer support
Been trying to figure out how to get access to simple speeding alerts since end of December with no luck. Support keeps giving us the run around with no end in sight.
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