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Yajing Qian
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reverse Image Search App

4.54 out of 5
35.3K Ratings
1 year ago, SeanEngle
This app has changed twice
When I originally got the app it’s how it is right now. Google really didn’t image search anything that I was interested in I’m looking to see if who this picture belongs to where it has been posted blah blah blah that’s what Yandex does anyway. All of a sudden the app just switched one day and it was totally easy to use. Even Google finding out about these images that I screenshot it and pulled off of a dating site. I wanted to see if these people were real or if in fact they were just people posting other peoples pictures. After I got off the site I got rid of the app but then I needed to use it so I brought it back and Shernoff. It’s the way to originally was I don’t understand it but it seems to work pretty good Yandex is the one that does all the work Google and being in whatever the other one is the dish white not once
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3 months ago, NerdyVoice
Ad-Infested. Get something else.
I really wanted to like this app but it is ad infested. You will see full screen ad at your first launch then every time you tap on any button within the app, it displays a new ad. All these ads really make this app unusable. I just want to perform a reverse image search quickly – I do not want to have to go through so many ads to run my first search. I would understand a couple of ads here and there to make some money so the developers can get something out of it but it just has too many ads. I hope the developers see this review and do something about reducing the amount of ads, so it becomes usable. If not, I will look someplace else and encourage other users to do the same. Update: the developers have not improved this app or reduced the number of ads. After I posted the review, I was really hoping they'd see it and work to address my (and majority of the user's) concerns, but they have straight-out ignored it. They most likely make plenty money from the ads and the in-app purchase they have, so they do not need to worry about better user experience. Apps like this should not belong in the App Store while there are many other, and potentially better, options available. My original advice still applies: do yourself a favor and get something else.
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3 years ago, phishnkix
Works 99% of the time
Great app. Works a solid portion of the time. Obviously, there are certain pictures that aren’t going to be able to be pulled up. But there are ways around this. If you’re using your iphone, You can edit the photo, by simply hit the edit button. Once you do that. Straighten, either sideways and zoom. Or you can change this vertically or do it horizontally, this way you are able to change the angles. This allows for a more even image search. For example. I use the reverse image search for sneakers. For pairs that haven’t dropped yet, i must find out the SKU/MODEL NUMBER which on plenty of sites the numbers are not listed including the sites that aren’t listed, even if i purchased on that site. But what is great about it, bt using the search. It will always link me to a site that has the model number. From there, i am able to find a site with that model number. Then, I’m able to use an app/site i use on the regular that gives me the best price available both on in the US and overseas so i am always going to pay the least amount possible. Great app and extremely useful for the business I’m in. Thanks for updating the app as of recent as its been helpful in saving me a solid of money.
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6 years ago, ~Jules555~
Two days spent trying to find the name and/or more images of the crazy looking tuxedo cat (that looks like a psychotic dog). No luck with all that googling then it occurred to me to do a reverse image search (which I’d never done before). Spent a couple hours learning how to do it and patiently installing numerous iPad apps one at a time then uninstalling them before trying the next. Either I was unable to figure out how to use these apps or they simply didn’t do what they claimed. I installed this one, opened it and the basic icons were easy enough for even someone as “technologically challenged” as myself to understand. I clicked the photo one, selected my photo and INSTANTANEOUSLY found out his name is Atchoum (and he is indeed a cat, not a dog). I was provided many website links and dozens of images! I am WOWED!!!
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4 years ago, jenniebug23
You won’t be disappointed
I really love this Application. My husband and I have been on a lot of dating sites lately, and kept getting people giving us the run around. I downloaded a lot of apps to try and do a reverse image search and none of them pulled anything up. I was searching for their profile picture to see if they were who they really said the were, so since none ever pulled anything up I started Thinking maybe she was who she said she was, but I seen this app and decided to try one last time.... and BOOM the first try there was our potential date. Turns out we were getting catfishes the entire time. So now I always use this search before even moving forward with any potential dates. THANK YOU!!
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4 years ago, brbpat
BEST Reverse Image search avail!
Unfortunately, my favorite app, Fitbit, has been infested by scammers over the last two years, which requires a reverse Image search to report fake accounts using stolen pictures. I've used this app for the last two years after downloading 5, comparing each. There's no reason to pay for this service as some apps require, as ALL use the same search engines, Yandex hands down the BEST search engine there is, in comparison, Google, Bing and Tin Eye fail to deliver ANY exact/similar pics 80% of the time - so why bother with them?!!!
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4 years ago, lemon nae nade stand
I’ve been using this app for the last year and the experience with this app was in my opinion one of the best image search apps and when the search history and other things like tineye was implemented in this app, I became attached to it, until the recent new update came out. I hate to say this but I’m very disappointed. Why would you put a price tag on something that is free and was free to use until now? I can deal with the ads because they didn’t become annoying and repetitive. Same thing goes for the clipboard and URL why are you putting a price tag on something that is supposed to be free until now? All I have to say is if you can remove the price tag on the search history, clipboard, and the URL I will be very happy. Please take the time to reconsider putting a price tag on something that is free from updates ago until now. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Skywalkerman11
Great safety app like a secret weapon to catch scammers
It allows me to analyze any pictures of real people on the person that you’re talking to on their picture display on social media and dating sites. Like if you see something suspicious on the display picture, that would be a scammer. Scammers use pictures of like Mia Khalifa, and other models to impersonate them with names that don’t exist. They would ask for money too. I would recommend using this for everyone’s safety on social media.
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2 years ago, Volikos
Spam app
Downloaded this app after seeing lots of positive reviews. It works initially like a regular Google search with pop-up ads and advertising. The first image I tried to do a search of as a test lead directly to a link asking for my credit card information. This is not a professional app. A professional app would give you an option of removing ads and not be set up to blast marketing and pop-ups in your face so that you have to close multiple ads to try to do a search. I was better off using TinEye for free through my web browser which actually found a Match to my image. Bottom line: the only thing that will help you find is frustration
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3 years ago, Hdjjjdjdjchdjjchdjxjhdijcc
Curtain Opener!!
This may be the first review I’ve ever written, certainly the first for an app. It’s the most helpful app (albeit, situationally dependent) that I’ve ever used. Critics will say that it’s only a convenient assembly of resources currently available, but convenience is of paramount importance if time or photo quantity is of the essence. One resource consistently returns nothing, but it may be operating under some different metric or is searching a different database ‘set’ than what is pertinent to me, I don’t know. Super cool app. Good idea and kudos. Thanks.
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3 years ago, bella0987890
usually I don’t write app reviews because I think there a waste of time but I just wanted to write one here because this is the best app you could possibly get for a reverse image search I for one was going to a dog but something in my gut told me something wasn’t right so I did a reverse image search and found out the person who I was texting was a scammer I was going to get scammed over $900 thankfully that didn’t happen thanks to this app
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2 years ago, TimDawgz
Works with annoying ads + overpriced
It works but it’s not doing anything you can’t do on your own for free. It forces you to watch the entire 30 second long ad for every search and they want a $24/yr subscription for the privilege of using this app. I can see paying a fee to unlock it without ads but there’s no way I’m paying a $24/yr subscription just to search images that I can do on my own for free. It’s a good idea and would be convenient and a winner if not for the obnoxious pricing or the lengthy infuriating ads. There are other apps that do it better for less. It’s too bad.
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3 years ago, Lillian1968/4
I absolutely love this app!!!
This app has helped me more then I can tell you I just take a picture of literally anything and it tell me what it is and shows other pictures of what it thinks it is and it always rite. I even took a picture of a pill that my dad gets every month well this time the pill looked different and it came to be they gave him the wrong medication!!! Thank for this app It is a life saver literally!
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7 years ago, ComputerDrunk
I have to admit I'm impressed that this works. I was skeptical that it would find a picture that I had taken of, of an old post card from 1938 and it instantly found all the information I needed to find out the origin of the post card and who the portrait of this person was during that time on the post card. The post card had a signature on it I could not read so I wanted to try and search the image. The results were golden. Thanks.
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4 months ago, East Beth
Great search tool
I’ve had tremendous success with this App , I’ve tried a lot , this was best I’ve seen . I don’t use Google for searching anything on the internet , I use this search , quick and efficient. It finds the info of a picture , coins , plants , animals , anything you can think of to search . Want an easy to use , and fast results ? Get this App Now , you won’t be disappointed !
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4 years ago, Bruce MacFergus
One Area Of Improvement..
Those the app seem to be as close to perfect as anyone could possibly want, one area that I would like to see added, would be a history of use area! Where we could go back and look up past searches of photos, in case anything comes up, whether for maybe a couple of weeks, or months, or even a year, etc.! And, give us a firm name for a particular face when the search results are finished!
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4 years ago, Jihnnyconstable
Works perfectly
This app saved me from getting catfished when I couldn’t figure out how to use the google image search on my phone. This app was very easy to use and immediately found the real profile from the person’s image I received. Ending a potential scam for me and saving me the heartache and embarrassment of being catfished by a fake, though incredibly realistic, profile. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Kay1123345
Ads and **** Pop ups
It’s OK I’ve used way better. You can hardly tell if quality is better when you look up pics, it doesn’t let you see the pixel size in the corner, and there are constant ads. And, ofc, the pop ups— literal p*rn. In all my life being on the internet this is the only other time I’ve gotten such bad pop ups that it’s been straight up p*rn videos (the first time was on an Alexa). And I’m someone who’s grown up on the internet with either no or mediocre ad blockers. So I immediately uninstalled it, don’t need to be seeing those or be getting any viruses.
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9 months ago, Lord Ferrok
Great app - just can’t search anymore
The app is wonderful. It’s such a great way to find images you’re looking for and I even find myself finding all sorts of similar and related images that I end up liking and taking an interest in. Put simply, it can be a goldmine for content. The only issue is this. Every time I’ve tried to search for an image as of late, the app sends me the following message: Error: Request Failed: forbidden (403) I don’t know what in the world that is supposed to mean. Plus I’ve gone through my settings and made sure that my phone isn’t doing anything to mess with the app, but it’s still doing this and I can’t search for anything anymore. I really like the app, it’s just annoying to have this error popping up all the time.
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4 years ago, J. Grimm
Pro keeps turning off, then showing ads, after updates
I have to keep restoring my paid Pro Upgrade version on the app because it keeps breaking, and going back to showing ads again. I’ve noticed that this has happened in the past 2 weeks which had some app updates along with 2 iOS updates. I’m not sure if that is the reason or just coincidence but I hope you fix it soon.
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3 years ago, Rebelsrose6165
I put this on my phone several months ago and had used it a few times. Today I TRIED to use it only to have the app refuse to work unless I upgraded to the “Pro” version! WHAT HAPPENED TO FREE?!?!?! I could understand trying to FORCE me to upgrade to the “PRO” version IF I used the app a bunch, but since I’ve had this app, I MAY have used it all of 6 or 7 times in more than that many months! So now because I have used it to look for half a dozen photos in about a year, I suddenly HAVE TO upgrade?!?! NOPE! I would gladly have given five stars until today, and now I wish there was a 0 star option as this is purely “bait and switch”!!!
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4 years ago, Pheniox/Hufflepuff
It alright...
I am trying to find what a foreign coin is called and how much it is worth. When I took the picture it gave me an option to crop it(which I appreciated) then I searched it. When I attempted to search it nothing popped up on Google or Safari the only thing that popped up was on Yandex and sadly that was in a different language. I understand that that may have nothing to do with that app it’s self but I would really appreciate it if they could provide something so that I may find this out. Other than that the app seems to be fine.
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4 years ago, yunhclovr
Helped me with a catfish
So I had an instinct in my head saying I should get this app because I’ve been talking to this one girl and it turns out a ImageSearch to her pictures and it turned out to be a famous singer so I was getting Catfished a person who is using a famous person‘s pictures so shadow to whoever created this app you’re a legend and I respect you you helped me with my life
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4 years ago, shortthings
I found out I was being catfished. So I wanted to know where the guy was getting the pictures from. So I searched photo reverse in Google and this app came up and was rated very high so I said it can’t hurt to download it and see what happens. Well little did I know I would find the man’s Instagram that my catfish was using for photos. I will be using this app from now on for any doubts I might be being catfished.
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2 months ago, HEUUUGH
Genuinely pretty okay.
If you’re like me, stuck on mobile and contextually illiterate with tech, you’ll like this. Helping you search for images easily. Just click through a single 5-sec ad and you get results. Not that bad. Been around since this app has had just 3 reviews. This is a reliable and genuinely okay app.
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1 year ago, Hat City Man
Has been extremely useful for me
When I have only one photo from a series of photos I need to find more of, or need to know who is in a photo, or where to find a product in a photo, this is my go-to app. I can usually find what I’m looking for over one of the 4 different search engines it uses.
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1 year ago, Drawgood
What is the point if it simply uses Google image search?
When I searched images a few times using this app what showed each time is that this app quite literally takes the picture and plugs it into google image search. That means you can simply download and use the official Google app FREE and not have to look at the ads which dont even have an way of exiting them. To me this seems to be extremely dishonest and actually seems to a borderline scam. Why on earth would or should any user pay and use this instead of Google directly?
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2 years ago, Security Geek !!!
There are so many websites that you can use for free that are far better. All it really tries to do is to send you to SocialCatFish that then wants 7 dollars a month and while it looks like that site might be worth trying this is just a waste. I find that my Instagram gets me hit by scammers every day almost. I was hoping that this would be a quicker way but I just wasted money to see if the paid worked any better. I might take a look at the results and using SocialCatFish but there is no need to use this to get to their website.
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2 years ago, chyann c
Found a movie from a 1930s picture! A picture of ONE SCENE
I tried 3 other apps to find out what movie a poster was from. The poster was a painting from 1937 (although I had no idea what year until the app told me!), and of one scene from the whole movie. Not even the main poster that movies show. And this app found it!! Absolutely amazing.
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5 years ago, qedgyjn321
Found it!!!!
Well over a decade ago my wife and I purchased an item(s) from SFMOMA. We have never again seen it anywhere and we searched!! I even brought it to the museum hoping they could find the artist but they had no idea. Moments ago I took a picture and viola, I found the creator and will finally be able to purchase an additional set!!!
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6 months ago, nicollette777
Love this App!
I love this app because I can reverse image search any picture and find where and if it is located on the internet and it helps me find the source! This a great app especially in today’s world with fake profiles it’s a good way to search out who’s real and who’s not. I would definitely recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Godzillasaurus
Not always helpful
This app doesn’t always tell give me the information I’m looking for. I want to be able to submit an image, and be able to learn who that person is. Or at least given tips/ hints on how to find out. Instead, it usually simply tells me what a girl is if I use an image of a female. Or something way to over simplified. I always get requests from fake accounts, so I want to find out where they get their pictures from. But I can’t. I hope this app would help with that, but it usually doesn’t.
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3 years ago, OhHonestly!
BEST APP when you find an out of stock item online!
Incredibly useful app especially if you wanna shop online for an item that appears out of stock in most websites, or if you simply want the best deal. Just make sure to copy the link and not log in or make purchased through the app—just for safety. Copy/paste the link into your browser.
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3 years ago, Artista Seach
I am an artist. I check all my images before I start painting them to see if there are similar images out there that are the same or similar. This helps me to be sure I’m not something that is too close to an existing image. It has even helped me find markets avenues for my finished art. Very helpful app!
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3 years ago, Piaffe13
I May Have to Stop Using
I would have given this a 4-5 star until recently with the advertising of animated video games that persist and persist and keep me from my search. Offensive and annoying video games being thrust in my face. I do not do not like or play video games. I now dread using this app. If these do not somehow disappear soon I will not continue using this app. And there is no way to easily opt out of these ads.
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4 years ago, jejffjfkemfmvmfmsks
Saved me from a scam
I found a website where they ship dogs whenever you buy the dog I liked one but it got strange because it said the same age for the past two weeks so I wanted to image search and I found a different website where they are selling the actual dog thank you so much
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4 years ago, charli@antiques
Awesome place to find my antiques
I love using this app. The first night I downloaded it I literally searched everything in my saved photos. Finding things I have spent days and weeks searching for and couldn’t find it took me minutes on this app. Only issue is I wish it had a translation on this app so I didn’t have to copy and paste on my other app to see what it says.
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7 years ago, Watt fry
Great app but....
Awesome app to use but I liked it better before the new update when you could also use internet search option at the bottom of the screen without having to reverse image search something first. And when you could put in a URL. But now the pictures are also being cut at the top and it's confusing to work out. I really wish it could go back to how it was before the last update on Nov 2017
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6 months ago, Cutlass50
Great app
This app helps out greatly to make sure nobody is cat fishing or bots using other folks pics I highly recommend this app so you can get down to the truth and sometimes you get a hit and find the person using a adult service pic as their pic other time’s nothing it all depends but give it a shot it’s always worth knowing what’s going on
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3 months ago, Anjl_1954
Possible scam - watch your money
I was going to use the product. But my payment method declined as unusual activity. I answered my payment method that I made the transaction. It said ok try again. I did. But the company changed names and it was declined again. This happened three times! What is up with that? As they do not use the same merchant name, not only can I not sign up, but even if I could, I would not use them. I would fear they would bill me under numerous company names each month. I feel they are a scam!
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10 months ago, cavemanusa
This version does work with new Google interface. It only brings the new copy of Google application has account information for getting search image and bring the data from the internet repositories for further processing. This is a desired featured for identifying the illegal activities on the web.
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4 years ago, HSmead
I highly recommend Reverse Image Search
I use the free version every day and the occasional short ad is well worth it to determine if an image is stolen (for example used elsewhere in other sales ads). I recommend it very often to people that are trying to avoid scams and even share a recommendation with link somewhere.
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4 years ago, GOMBOC
I really wasnt expecting it to work AT ALL even though the reviews are good i was very skeptical. I wanted to find a movie but all i had was a picture from one scene so i put it in the app and it found the movie IMMEDIATELY this works very well and accurately. The picture of the movie was very low quality and i was soooo suprised that this worked
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1 year ago, freaking garbage
RIPOFF! constant ads with both free AND AD FREE
In the past this app was ok. Now it constantly ( like every 5 seconds) interrupts whatever your doing with full page pop up’s that won’t let you close them out- or the constant ‘prove you’re not a robot’ by entering the 2 ridiculously long words, which about a third of the time says it’s wrong try again. I paid for the ad free version a couple months ago to be done with the ad crap, and the pro version was a ripoff. Literally no different from the free version.
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6 years ago, lisa222222222222///
I am single and use a lot of online dating websites. So to help weed out the fakes and the scams, I go an image search of their pictures. It’s amazing, in less than 10 seconds it can find the image if it is a model, or other websites with different user names. I’ve busted a ton of scammers right away, instead of wasting time.
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1 year ago, Meg in GA
How does an old lady reverse image:
The pictures of the decent looking men scammers. A U.S. General in Afghanistan wants to friend me…a 77 yr old well preserved MARRIED (33 years…DUH), grandmother of 7 with mobility problems? Evidently a lot of small-minded women fall for this. How does one COMPEL FB to put a stop to this? YOU’RE a scammer if you post like this: If you’re good looking, gainfully employed with great income, are showing WIDOWED or DIVORCED, often featuring a minor child and have only about 4 pictures (the hyper-photo shoppers show more, something feasible.). Do society favor and get this stopped.
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2 weeks ago, 991tts
Worked great but not anymore…
It worked great in the past but now it actually delivers results with Yandex (and even here it is not very accurate) only. Googlei image search doesn‘t work at all and the Bing search is messed up and pointless. I‘d give it 2 stars only but since it worked well in the past, I haven‘t lost faith that it is going to work again.
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3 years ago, xime🧚
I literally love this app, this deserves more attention! I’ve been trying to look for these photos (the original and not blurry ones.) for the past month and i’ve finally found them with this app! Definitely worth installing.
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3 years ago, yy4u2rel82
Can’t Close Ads
I don’t mind the ads in the free version… As the developer is trying to make his money so I get it. I’m fine to sit through them and watch them to use the app but… Often times you can’t close the ad. I’ll sit and wait 30 seconds and there’s no ‘x’ to exit the ad. More than once I’ve had to close the app and open it again three times because I can’t close the ad. Really frustrating. Fix this and I’ll give you five stars but until then… It’s a hustle.
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1 year ago, Just*Saying
Great app…when it works
I’ve had the Pro Version of this app for quite some time and it used to be my favorite reverse-image search go-to. However, this app suddenly stopped working correctly with ads popping up instead of search results even though my subscription is current and they’re taking my money. After updating and reinstalling, I tried to contact the seller for help. He never responded. Now I’m back to using Tin Eye. At least that one works.
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