Reverse Phone Lookup

4.6 (10.9K)
30.3 MB
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Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.1 or later
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User Reviews for Reverse Phone Lookup

4.59 out of 5
10.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Lejeng1
A good of security research tool
This app has surpassed my expectations. Anyone who uses it can almost immediately determine the intent of a caller. Where the carrier originated, and you can deduce the likelihood of the call originating from a robocall hub or if the caller is not in the USA. I maintain a log of all these calls to my home or cell phone and the history feature provides an accurate record, chronologically. I recommend this app for everyone. In today’s social climate, the security minded need some kind of edge. Enjoy it. You will. LJ
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3 years ago, pffftttyy
The only problem I’m having is when my phone doesn’t display the caller’s phone number but rather a title such as “Potential Spam” on the top line of the caller ID in my I-phone instead of the caller’s phone number. When the too line displays the caller’s phone number, it will automatically populate on the website. When the top line is a name or title (as previously mentioned) it will not display the number. The only work around is to call the number back briefly, hang up before they answer, so the number is displayed on the too line as an outgoing call. Then I can touch the number and it will display in your website. When I manually put the number into the website, it doesn’t display who the call is from and doesn’t work.
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1 month ago, geofive
Search credits DO NOTHING
Do not buy the 20 lookups. Waste of money on IOS. When you search a number it gives you very basic info , and when you click “see more “. The app makes you pick a monthly subscription plan or $399 for a search …. Which is why I bought 20 searches , guess not. Oh yea I just noticed if you do the ay cccobtaxts feature. And it finds 100 duplicat # it will cost you one of the 100 search credits. I just want to look up numbers that call my phone , I never wanted an app to find duplicates .. I hope this review stopse from throwing their money away . So far I have found no ap that can search for info on calls you get .. I bet iOS restrictions. Has something to do with it., still there is no excuse for the creators of this app to mislead people into providing info from unknown #s calling you .. DO NOT BUY SEARCH CREDITS) credits.
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6 years ago, Tulip Snowdown
Good app!
This is a very helpful app when you’re trying to figure out who’s calling from all over the country & you don’t know if you should pick up the phone or not. We’re warned just about every other day not to answer if we don’t know the caller so we can avoid all the phone scams. This app doesn’t identify the caller by name or business/company names & 8 haven’t been able to get it to tell me any info on 1-800 numbers at all. At least it lets me know I’m getting a lot of calls from telemarketers even though I’ve registered with the National do-not-call registry. Thanks for the helpful app!
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4 years ago, bmstokes
Terrible app and even worse support
I purchased this app last year through the App Store and it worked fine. When it renewed this year I was charged the yearly fee but the app says I didn’t renew. I contacted customer service and provided them with the receipt to show I paid and they told me they couldn’t help, that I needed to contact Apple. When I contacted Apple they told me the subscription was active and that I needed to contact the developer and provided me with the steps to do that. I attempted that but the link to the developer is broken and I can’t contact them. So I’ve spent $30 for an app that I can’t even use and there seems to be nobody that knows how to help me with the issue. Very disappointed
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5 months ago, pandapoop007
Look up numbers, find out the name
I paid for 20 Look ups a month and every time I put a number in and try to look it up who it is. It sends me to a window trying to get me subscribed for the year subscription and it still gives me no information I paid the money and I can’t look up any numbers. I keep on trying to look up my first phone number with this app and because I’ve tried so many times just to look up this one number now it’s told me I’ve used up my 20 tries and I didn’t even get the name no information nothing about the number I would not get this app. It’s a waste of money. I’m deleting the app and now I’m out this money.
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5 years ago, Helania
Just downloaded this app today because of a 888 phone number to my cell, leaving me a scary message saying my SS had been suspended because of suspicious activity involving my SS number. This app told me immediately that the message was a scam and that many others had received the same false information. Now that my heart has stopped pounding, I wish to thank the developers for this excellent app....Many Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, Alfierosinsky
Is the server down?
Is the server down? I'm paying for premium but for the last several days, I can't look up numbers and I get the message that the "server is down temporarily please try later. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but I still get the same message.
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6 years ago, Blue-Melody1
I rated this app According to the information they list. Most all of them are listed as debt collectors and non of them are debt collectors. Them are people trying to data mine a persons personal information to scam them and extort money from them. A lot of them information given by your app are the ones being scammed. If they find out they are not contacting a person but a company they stop calling. So please stop giving these scam artists credibility and list them as the scammers they are not what they protest to be. Do your homework and if they don’t or can’t prove themselves with a business license with a credible address.
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1 year ago, AEOwens127
This used to be a great app; I rarely had trouble looking up numbers, and my money would be refunded if no information was available. Over the last year I’ve tried to look up half a dozen numbers (business/personal contacts not saved in my phone) and I always receive the same response: “We’re sorry. We were not able to find a match”. No information, and no refund. I do not recommend this app and would encourage other potential users to find an alternative as this one has become useless.
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3 years ago, A. Daly
No way to restore iTunes purchases
Why is there no button to restore my purchase from Apple? When I subscribed to a month, something went wrong and the app didn’t recognize it. I still got the email confirmation from Apple though, and my account showed the active subscription. I was still charged. But the app doesn’t recognize it, so tapping “Unlock” prompts me to subscribe, and choosing the subscription again just gives me a “You’re already subscribed” message. The “Restore Subscription” option prompts me to sign in with a WhitePages Premium account—something I’d have to pay for separately.
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5 years ago, dd89074
It MAY work but ONLY if you pay for subscription
Don’t waste your time if you want to look up numbers that call you. The only thing you get is the service provider is for the number you are trying to identify. It tells you it’s a “Low Risk” number but asks you for information YOU know about it. Then if you want anything else well then you have to buy the app. Really? Deleting this app, it seems like they need subscribers to find out the info and record it on the app so their app/data base is complete. Thanks but no thanks I am not willing to pay you for me to do your work.
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2 years ago, aea2/
I appreciate the help looking up phone numbers
It’s very hard this day and time to locate people because they don’t have land lines any more and people change their cell phone numbers too often. White pages helps me when I am searching for people to update their contact information at work. I recommend it.
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3 years ago, Suz tunes
Threw away $3.99
It really frosts me when I pay for something and i don’t get it delivered. I could have walked my $4 over to the trashcan, opened the lid, and threw it away, which was the results of my search. I put in the number paid the $3.99 and it came up with zero search results - NOTHING. It’s a waste of money! If they’re going to charge for something like this they should to be able to tell you if they have the data. If not, then what are they charging for? Oh wait, they charge for the idea. Right. Deleted. Star rating -5.
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3 years ago, SkiBumMarc
In-app purchase fails to complete on app side
I wanted to see who it was I exchanged happy holiday wishes with; I must had removed their contact info. When I went to lookup this one number, I was prompted with an offer for three lookups for $6.99 so I went with that. FaceID... “you’re all set” then app hangs and no longer responds. I figure it was something on my end, network glitch or something, so I try again. Same behavior, and that experience cost me $14 with no benefit other than the experience I’m writing about. I tried refreshing purchases. No luck. It was killing me; I now really wanted to know with whom I shared pleasantries. I thought maybe the special offer was the problem, a bug. So I declined the three lookups on my third and last try, and went with the single lookup for $3.99 FaceID...”you’re all set” then app hang spinning before me mocking me for spending $18 with no results!
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5 years ago, D'Word Gurl
Reverse phone - quick way to verify callers
Reverse phone is a great quick way to look up stray calls from home or your mobile. Spam calls are quickly identified, Robo calls are also recognized, and real people can be identified. It would be nice if mobile numbers were available without a fee.
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5 years ago, LeiRusso
Check that number
It’s amazing how many calls you receive on your cell from anonymous callers. I will not answer if I don’t recognize the number. Checking reverse numbers allows you to identify the caller. US is the description and the person in the other line is speaking a foreign language. A great tool to block numbers.
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4 years ago, Fewerquotes
Reverse white pages
I love looking up phone numbers and finding out that the phone number is not associated with anyone or any identifiable business. Which reinforces the fact that most phone calls are scams or robo calls! If you don’t leave message you are obviously looking for trouble.
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4 years ago, G.I. Joe1964
They steal your money
I have used this application for several years now. I’ve always found it to be useful. When it can’t track the number, you don’t get charged. Lately there has been a glitch when I purchase either a single lookup, or a bundle of three. The app shows that my purchase was successful, but it never stops loading. Therefore, I get charged for the purchase, but don’t receive any lookups. While this may be an innocent glitch creeping in to the program, not correcting it amounts to theft on the part of the owner. DO NOT USE.
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4 years ago, Liz96Con
Use to work w/sister app White pages
Use to work this app along with it’s sister/brother app White pages, however both apps seemed to disfunction around the the same time frame in 2019. Tried to look for an update to each app, in order to fix any bug or pay to continue functioning. However, no update to each app was available or provided to prescribers. I was satisfied with the app until changes where made and no communication received to stay current.
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4 years ago, The Much Happy One
Better Than The Others I’ve Used
From the very fist time I put in a number it was very accurate Most of he other ones do not give you very much information If not any I do Recommend this app over all others
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3 years ago, looking for Mike
I may find Mike!
I’ve been searching for a friend I haven’t seen for over 30 years- addresses aren’t working but the phone numbers may actually help me finally find him or a relative who knows where he is! This is great!
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4 years ago, Big Daddy JB123
Don’t waste your time with this App.
Absolutely horrible. How do you people get away with this? I subscribe to your site, pay for your 20 lookups and then... nothing happens. When I click on the subscribe button again, it says I’m already subscribed - then it gives me another message saying there was an error purchasing it. What? Additionally I’ve not received my login nor password information. When I look for a number to call there is... nothing listed. PEOPLE, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE. THIS APP IS A FRAUDULENT APP. IT SHOULD BE REPORTED TO APPLE AND TAKEN OFF THEIR APP SITE.
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5 years ago, Weewillie61
Great app
Thou you need to provide free access to numbers so that people can look up things quickly without worrying about costs Suggestion would get phone companies to provide thier phone books online free or at cost but at minimum
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2 years ago, Stevie Boy 54
Great Tool
I have used this terrific app more often than I can count for many years! The only caveat is that it will sometimes report it is unable to produce the party or business when the party or business can be found in other ways.
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2 years ago, Game nut666
Sometimes works, sometimes not
Sometimes I get the info I need to identify the caller, but sometimes I put a phone number and nothing at all shows. The screen stays blank, instead of at least saying it can’t find the number.
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5 years ago, Evil on the Wwweb
Better than most
There was a time before the phone company was hacked into bits and pieces when you could do a white pages reverse phone number lookup and get answers without having to pay $$$ for information. This app is as close to the original white pages as I have ever seen.
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6 years ago, Raheem Akil
Helping hand
This has been so helpful in handy for me to find out who called especially when it’s an 800 number or a number I do not recognize thank you for making this possible it is a very very big help
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5 years ago, AJ__.
Just another app that costs $ but doesn’t work.
I’m getting so fed up with apps that don’t work AT ALL especially when I’m paying a monthly subscription fee for it. It’s funny, they’ve got their billing functionality working flawlessly 100% of the time but yet I've only been able to successfully lookup 1 phone number out of the dozens I’ve tried to since downloading the app. After typing in & searching a # it just continues to load/search forever.
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4 years ago, mycatsnameismeow
Charged me but wouldn’t work
Stick to the website, when I tried to pay for the monthly service with 20 searches it was able to bill me but then froze. After I reset the app it was unable to find my subscription even though it’s there under my phones settings. So I tried to do the 3.99 one time look up, same thing happened. When I went directly to their website everything went fine tho
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5 years ago, brendagrammy2
Stop these criminals
I would like to stop these crazy people that call with a phone number but they are using computers. We have to stop this consent calls from criminals. I am happy to supply this information to stop them
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3 years ago, pianonurse
Time to unsubscribe
I pay $5.36/month for this app. As of two days ago, it no longer works at all. For every phone number I look up, the app says the phone number doesn’t exist—including my own phone number! Back when it did work, the customer information for looked up phone numbers was almost always—if not always—wrong. The app hasn’t been updated in at least a year. Useless. Unsubscribing today.
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5 years ago, 516 Angel
This has been great to use on my cell phone and landline numbers. I can block all the spam calls because of the information provided. Have told all my family and friends.
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5 years ago, jonpaul BUYER
Who the £€¥€ Keeps calling me ?
I thrilled to know who is calling when there is no caller ID, that way when I cant to I can block the number if I want to cut down on the ever increasing number of unwanted phone calls
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2 years ago, NurseOlive85
I even searched all of my family’s numbers, including my own. There was absolutely no information available for any of them. I searched a few businesses in my area that have had the same number for YEARS and are completely searchable, like Walmart, to no avail. Some included the wrong information and some had nothing at all. Don’t bother with this app.
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5 years ago, Bluemoon6285
Don’t waste your money
I just paid for an annual subscription, and while the app seems to get landline locations correct, it seems to be almost completely useless for mobile numbers. It might get the state and carrier right, but the rest of the contact info is wrong. I tested it with my number and my mother’s number and it came up with completely unrelated people.
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2 years ago, ilovemyhusbandswife
Help needed
I didn’t know there was an app and when I though to give it a try well guess what. I was very happy to find this and it works great. Thank you.
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2 months ago, rrrekt
Scam, do not download do not buy anything in app
I downloaded the app to view contact information for a weird call and voicemail I got, the app asked me to pay for 3 reverse phone number searches for $8, I did, I went to go search for the phone numbers information, it used 1/3 of the searches I had, and nothing. Bogus, Scam, Fraudulent. Don’t waste your time and don’t trust the reviews on this app.
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5 years ago, Jettlaag
Big help with spam calls
Easy to use and I especially like that once I’ve “copied” a number I think may be spam, when I open reverse it automatically asks if the recently copied number is the one I want to check out.
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5 years ago, Cynm informed
Potential Spam
Using this to check out the phone calls I have been receiving let’s me know whether I can block these phone numbers. This is a great comfort to me.
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5 years ago, 2DF1980
Weed out Robocalls
I never answer a call not in my contacts. Crazy work when you have to avoid robocalls by not answering phones. I use this app to follow up on unanswered calls to verify relevance of the owners contact.
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11 months ago, JesusLoves me
Bad app
I paid for subscription last year and after using it a few times I canceled Is all advertising and a message “unknown owner of phone” or something to that effect I get more information from google I used this company for many years, it used to be good Not for the last 10 years or so Is ashamed because the Service is needed VV
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6 years ago, Awwshoot
This is great. Find out who is pestering you during super. They don’t give you one number then want money, so far after about 35 number they want nothing it’s looking good for being free.
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6 years ago, senior whiz
History of calls
Show the history of numbers by dates
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1 year ago, At Peace Finally
Looking unknown numbers
I really enjoy this service I am able to see if the phone number is a scam or fraud Puts my mind at ease. Thanks
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3 years ago, Yosemite Sam's Cousin
Cans and string
I input two(2) numbers that I know, including my own number. All I can say is wow. Having my own number, I know who my Carrier is. This app totally got it wrong. To the Developers of this app: Get some old Tomato Cans and Yarn. And if whoever is reading this review and you don’t get the reference, ask your parents and stop trying to develop apps. It really isn’t working for you.
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3 years ago, thisisbadbusiness
I paid for a subscription, my phone glitched so I couldn’t make an account with my subscription so now I would have to cancel my subscription and pay for it again and hope that it doesn’t happen again. I emailed the developer, tried to click on the “app support” link and it says the page “couldn’t be found”.
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3 years ago, gdfgolfs
Good info
Surprisingly quick and accurate information
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4 years ago, CeCe6245
Fast and Efficient
This app gives you the name and address of the unknown caller. Other apps charge for the address. The ads are not intrusive either.
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6 years ago, Procrastination Princess
I LOVE being able to tell if I need to block someone or just accept the fact that political calls are a part of life and can be ignored. Thank you for this invaluable free tool!
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