Reversee: Reverse Image Search

4.4 (12K)
6.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Eduardo Rocha
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reversee: Reverse Image Search

4.42 out of 5
12K Ratings
7 years ago, Dan Nob
Great app, only a couple issues.
1) if you have iCloud enabled for picture storage, quite often iPad or iPhone moves the photo to storage before can do a search of the pic forcing having to open photos and refreshing picture, Reversee does not display any pictures that that have moved to iCloud, most other apps I have will use the local cached thumbnail images, and trigger a photo download from iCloud when an image is selected. 2) Yandex View quite often places searched photo over the links to large pictures, this may be a bug in the website, not the app.
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3 years ago, theejanetrain
got me feeling like nancy drew
i’ve been using this app for a few months but thought i’d just pop in and leave a nice review. i always knew there were a lot of dating app catfish but then i found reversee and was like jesus!! the fake profiles are never hard to miss because the dudes in my city are nottt cute and use the most chiZzled jawline photo but reversee offers that little verification that gets me goin😤😤 have to remind myself that i’m not a pro detective. on the rare occasions it when says “no results found” — then literally all the former suspect has to do is pass the vibe check and boom new model boyfriend! no more swiping left out of suspiciousness or giving them a big head by asking! not gonna lie, sometimes i procrastinate after a few messages to background check and get mini-catfished, but then i just either report or have a little fun pretending that they’re the person in the photos they used to confuse them until they unmatch. like without this app i probably still wouldn’t get emotionally invested before meeting up much less getting the snap (@ catfishees it’s 2021 do ya research), but it just saves so much time and feeling silly!! five enthusiastic stars!
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6 years ago, alexander.joe
This is the best reverse image app on ios
This is a decent app good against those catfishes on internet using fake photos Easy too look up pictures but i see some people complaning about iCloud , well thats dumb cause who uses icloud for photos?? Using icloud storage lags your wifi network. icloud is the best for find myiPhone only well another please improve the app with a black theme cause white background hurts my eyes in the night thanks keep the good work this is a simple useful app without b.s. Or unnecesary things, well if you like my review u can review my fb page: The Supreme Store Peru :)
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6 years ago, Bintekster
I like this App but...
This app is amazing But the only problem is it doesn’t work on all images. For example if I do an image of one art it tells me who the art belongs to but if I do another artwork then it sometimes won’t tell me who the artist is it just shows apps on where you can look for the image. I don’t know if that’s just a normal google thing or if it’s the app but overall this is a great app!
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8 months ago, Kayla S pgh
I just don’t know
I was hopeful from the seemingly good reviews. I just may not understand. I used my personal profile picture from a public social media profile just to tey it out first, and I searched for it. No results found. I then tried a few other profiles, just to see if there would be any luck with others, but also no results found. The reason I downloaded (and am actively looking for a RIS) is to better prevent catfish on socials, but it doesn’t seem to pull up profiles even if the pictures are public… ahhhhh!! I am sad more😳 than anything 🥲
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5 years ago, AppleUser828
A great app to have!
This is a great app to search for the best quality of an image. Or to find other sites with the same picture. The app helps me find similar images about the same subject. A must have on any apple product. Love the fact that when I select the share button, that it is an option to do a quick reversee on the picture. Try it for yourself and you will not know how you went without it before.
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7 years ago, WackySmack3
I tried finding out the name of a building downtown so I put the building into the search and it told me “building”. I tried looking up a flag I wasn’t familiar with and instead of telling me what country it was, it just told me “banner”. If you try to search any brand of car or motorcycle, it just says “land vehicle”. I got so fed up with the stupidity of this app that I even put a picture of an iPhone in the search and it couldn’t even tell me what that was, all it said was “gadget”. All this app does is find stock images that look like the one you want to search. This is a useless app don’t waste your time
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6 years ago, My cat is evil
Used to be great
I loved this app until the iOS 11 update. It won’t work on my phone now. The developers don’t seem to care, and respond with snarky comments to those that have the same complaints. Instant turn-off, deleted the app as it’s basically useless. That’s really unfortunate, and not a professional way to deal with paying customers. Edit: that reply is exactly what I was referring to. I gave you two stars, btw, because I previously liked the app. Instead of replying with anger, perhaps you could actually try offering some help. That’s exactly why I abandoned this app.
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6 years ago, Shadowy13
No issues
So many people are having problems with the search. That’s not the app’s fault, that’s the engine’s fault. The developer is correct with his responses. You can always contact him by email and he’d be happy to work with you, but instead you leave a negative review. That’s a problem. Please work with the developer instead of needlessly giving negative ratings on his app.
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5 years ago, Leo of BORG
Great App. Needs more Sites.
I looked at other Apps, this one has a share sheet as well as copy url and all these work quite well. The really great thing is the multiple service search. Google and Bing couldn't match a composited pic but Yandex did. I really recommend going pro or upgrading to multi-search. I hope the dev adds TinEye or ability to add other reverse image searches by custom URL.
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3 years ago, Sagey Sad
Rather good
I actually really like this app because it’s really easy and simple to use and it’s so much better than normal google image search. However, I wish that I didn’t have to pay to get any other searching engine other than google. Other than that, it’s a wonderful app
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4 years ago, Jaromcs
This app works, I was just using it wrong.
I was corrected by the developer and Inwas wrong. This app doesn’t match your image with other images, it’s just an easier way to access google’s image search. If the proper images don’t come up, that’s not because of the app. Google just didn’t find it. Sorry for my bad review before.
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3 years ago, FeetofGod
Too general
First using Reversee, it was great help finding the images used by several scammers and reporting the fakes to the real person. They try to get you in narrative conversation thinking you’ll be convinced and send money, or want to meet them. One friend said, “you might see photos of a sexy lady that are sent by a 400 pound Nigerian man. Now the image searches don’t look anything like the one submitted, often even showing older persons of different ethnicity and gender. Don’t bother downloading Reversee app. I shall delete it now.
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7 months ago, Maria12000
It works great I recommend it!
This app works great searches pictures through google lens, and I recommend it. Although if you want to search in another search engine you have to get the pro version but other wise it’s a good app!
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2 years ago, M Honore
Yandex/Bing “fix”
People are complaining about the disappearance of Bing/Yandex results in ios16, but it’s just missing the buttons at the top of the app; if you swipe the page, it scrolls through the different engines. It really needs to be fixed by the developer to be clear, but in the meantime this may help.
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5 years ago, Ava Anastasia
Helpful for art projects
I do art projects everyday online. This app is super helpful for finding the name of an artist, finding other artists by the same painter, or finding other images that resemble the original. There are many ways to use this app, all are wonderful.
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5 years ago, Bruinsnhl#1
I love this app and use it all the time
There is a bug that occasionally affects the app when I accidentally double click crop which causes the search menu to disappear and leave only the grid and the photo but other than that it’s an amazing product
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3 months ago, hillamity
Image image recognition
I think the tech is lacking a sense of context via luminosity. Different patterns in pixel color could be extremely indicative of light source, time of day, for natural light or types of artificial bulbs and where they are globally distributed. color temperature could indicate diffeeent information as well. I don’t know specifically what, I’m just making this up as I go.
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6 years ago, AquaBearx3
You can search up images that are from google if someone is trying to prank you with their pictures of their face or anything or either an object. You can search up if it’s real or not and it tells you if image is found or not! I recommend this app!!!
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6 years ago, St Paul Scott
I have been an antiques picker/dealer/collector my whole life. Within 5 minutes of downloading this app I was able to identify 2 unsigned pieces of art that have puzzled me for years! I am blown away! I tried the other apps and deleted them, I was about to give up and tried one last one. Love it !
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3 years ago, arod5252
Very useful app
Did you ever spark up a conversation with a stranger on the net? Maybe you have a photo of them but that is really all you have. When you put the photo into this app you just might learn someone is trying to misrepresent himself or herself.
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6 years ago, senilagu
It is working fine.
Updated review: I usually access reverse by select the photo, then press the upload arrow, and choose reversee and for a period of a few week, I was unable to do the search. Hence I wrote the review. Then the author responded to me. I tried using the app and load the image and I am able to do the search I should have not assume the upload function link to the software work. And I should always do what I do for other app, uninstall and install again. —— Unable to search, it seemed Google change the routine to use to search for image.
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2 years ago, dadscountrygirl
hard to search persons face, taken to other search words
Is hard to try an find picture of person when search sends to Some other search! So, don’t always really search for face of man! Looking for knowledge if fake!
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5 years ago, EricaiPhone
Something is wrong
I really love this app but it no longer lets me click on images so I can see the picture full size. Unfortunately without the ability to do so, this app has become useless to me. Seeing as no one else has made this complaint I wonder if something is wrong on mine? I deleted and redone loaded but it’s still not working
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1 year ago, Bro Montana Broseph Goebbels
Better than Mid
I’ve been using this for years, it’s honestly a great option to use. I’ve only had one problem with the app in the three years I’ve been using it.
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2 years ago, rachel🥀
The Best
I’ve used a few different reverse image search resources and this is hands-down the best! The crop, paste, and “last” features are so useful and make things much more convenient!
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3 years ago, DollhouseShenanigans
Seamless ease of use!
I use this app every day for so many different things. I feel having Yandex is important because it frequently yields results when other engines fall short.
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3 years ago, desflores
I’m not sure why the process of reverse search on google chrome is complicated, but this app did exactly what i was looking for! I don’t even write reviews, so I just want to say thank you!!! This app is great.
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2 years ago, Key Zero
An invaluable resource
When I need a more comprehensive image search than other web-based options, Reversee is my go-to. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, FV Vixen
This app has been so helpful, from finding out the names of plants, to looking up artists, finding missing pieces of things and finding the brand of light cover that I broke! It’s an amazing tool! 👁❤️👁
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11 months ago, Imyerhuckleberry
It worked, kind of, until it didn’t
I just deleted this app because it quit working. I’d upload a photo and ask it to search and it would tell me search was unavailable and “try again later”. After maybe a dozen tries over the course of a couple of months, I give up.
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9 months ago, howDT
Currently broken in iOS 17
I use this extension all the time, so I hope it get updated! It’s having trouble spitting the image over to Safari currently
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4 years ago, Candycaneworld
Great for catching Catfishers !!
My ex best friend thought she was talking to this guy & would wonder why he’d never wanna facetimed her so something told me to get this app & put the pictures he’d send her in & turns out the guy in the photos was a whole celebrity ! Lol this app is amazing.
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4 years ago, Jrekmansr
Great app
She looks so hot. Or he’s handsome. Let this app see the pictures that are sent to you. If he or she is a scammer you’ll find out pretty fast. Uses three search engines so you know who your looking at.
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5 years ago, difference clouds
Really good implementation
I use this all the time. Works great if you put it up front in the various share menus (after taking a screenshot for example). The auto crop is nice but sometimes wrong. Simple, effective implementation of this tool.
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5 years ago, 잘쓰고 있는 사용자6
Love this app
Very good app for image searching. So simple, fast, convenient. But on the latest version, I can’t tap a picture on the page that appears after you click “More size” on Google Image Search.
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5 years ago, Alan1901
Stopped working- went into an infinite loop
Program worked great until today, when search went into an infinite loop for images that previously were identified in no time
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6 years ago, ghubbs
I can't complain
I don't usually give five starts...To be honest developers normally don't earn it. That being said this app is well thought out. You get a decent amount of the app free-enough to still make it useful/reasonable and there are options to remove ads, get more engines etc- for cash. All in all I am impressed. I will try it out for a few more days- and wait for the next update to see how development/stability is affected- but I will most likely buy soon! Nice work guys
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3 years ago, bearmoutain ctwaterw""
Look up internet women
This is a god sent all the internet women are scammers so I run there pic it comes up with porn stars models pin up girls so I don’t waste time with them only 3 minutes thank you
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4 months ago, Nikig123
Just uses Google lense
Like all the other apps that have a bunch of fake reviews flooding the first page… This one isn’t any different and just uses Google lens. I’ve been hunting for 20 minutes for one that actually works… That’s actually free… If I found one that worked well (and didn’t just use Google lense) then I would gladly pay for it, but I have yet to find one.
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2 years ago, Adonis creed
Was my ace, but now it falls short.
Before, i loved using this. But now all i see when trying to reverse search is that the servers are down. Kind of a letdown, because this was my saving grace/go to when i wanted to find the source of an image. Hopefully the issue may get fixed soon. Because i seriously love this app. I do. But it has an issue which i stated and hopefully the devs fix it.
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2 years ago, paraprincess77
Used to be amazing
I have used this app for a long time but now anytime I try to search an image it tells me it’s not available and to check back later. But every time I have tired, which is for the past 2 wks or so it won’t work. Probably will delete it and find one that actually works
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6 years ago, everyday-holiday
It worked!
After hours of searching for a picture of a drawing that was even cropped... I found the full picture, the artist, and what comic came from. I'm so glad I downloaded this app!!!
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3 years ago, cool chris 1962
Works great
It’s amazing how this app find pictures of a girl that’s pretending to be someone on Facebook and it will find a real Facebook page that belongs to the owner of the picture
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7 years ago, longliveezio
Google Image Search for iPhone!
I use Google Image Search all the time on my Mac. If you want that experience on your iOS device then this is the way to go. Hands down.
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8 months ago, Cburkster
This app has helped me save so much money! Lost our home in Hurricane Ian. Using my own pictures, I was able to find “replacement price”,for insurance company.
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2 years ago, patt_ee
Quick and easy
Easy to use. Found the scammer in numerous posts with multiple aliases. No need to pay huge fees to catch catfish liars.
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12 months ago, Big Bang Bust
This is confusing
This app has changed or something. Used to be so good. I’d use it to find scammers and fake profiles but it doesn’t work like it used to. When I did a search on a fake person it always took me to Google where it would show all there other personas. Now it doesn’t. The reverse app is a dud doesn’t do what it should.
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1 year ago, C D V
This thing has crashed and burned
Used to be my go to app for trying to find an original image online. Now with Google lens it just sits there saying no images found. Doesn’t even do one tenth of what it used to do. For years this had been free with adds, now it just wants your money without even showing what it can do.
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3 years ago, Ella in Greek
Waste of time : sloppy results
I help people sell things they no longer want - on all different types of apps. I also have a large inventory of interesting antique and mid century items and collectibles. Sometimes the most work spent on this process is calculating a sale price- ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS? Ha ha To the rescue -reverse image search apps. You don’t even need an app, you can search images straight from the Google browser. In fact that’s why I’m giving this app a 1 star. Seemingly - all it does is go straight to google. And it doesn’t do as good of a job with that small task. Check reviews on the internet for apps or websites for better options.
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