Revinate Mobile

3.2 (29)
18.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Revinate Mobile

3.24 out of 5
29 Ratings
6 years ago, John5222
App needs updating
The function is good, but the app seriously needs updating. It isn’t intuitive. Companies with several properties have a longated time switching the properties. It would also be nice to show how many total reviews (separated by stars) does each site have. It currently only focuses on TripAdvisor. Most of our properties have reviews coming from various other channels
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5 years ago, Serpico13
It’s very out of date
On the main screen where it lists all of the reviews, there should be something that allows you to see the reviewer’s name so you can immediately find the review that you need to update. The only way I can tell the reviews apart from each other is the vague tag of how much time has elapsed since the review was submitted. That’s not a big help when 6 or more reviews are submitted in the span of an hour. Another major flaw is that the user can’t update a ticket on the app once you have followed up with the reviewer so you are forced to searching for the original email alert in your outlook box. I don’t like keeping old emails and now I’m forced to because this is the only way I can process an open ticket so my boss can mark it as “resolved” Once you have figured out the inconvenient way to update a ticket through email, you can add comments in the notes. The “notes” section where you update an open ticket is painfully small. Please enlarge it so the user can take advantage of the full screen on their phone. The space is not much bigger than the head of a thumbtack. Also the “alert” on the app for new reviews doesn’t work so you have to depend on your outlook alerts for any new reviews. Let’s face it, no manager likes a negative review and since most of us in this business have to answer reviews 24/7 whether we are at work or it’s our day off, the app that we use should make the process seamless, efficient, and less agonizing.
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6 years ago, cpaulino1984
Good app
Just need the NPS score
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4 years ago, jbkfuo
Reply issue to survey
Lately app is acting up. After I copied the template and add reply based on the review and ready to submit the reply. It wouldn’t do it. It says something went wrong.. you have to long Into browser to reply to the surveys. You can’t see who checked In the guest in app anymore. The app is only usable right now for stats and updates you on that you received a review Or survey.
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5 years ago, SWG13
Great App
This is an easy to use construction app and it also allows you to send reports directly from your phone.
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6 years ago, AAntson
Awesome, easy to use app!
This new update is great! The app is brighter and easier to navigate. Finding and actioning my reviews and surveys is much faster now.
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5 years ago, vinny9109
Can’t logg in
I have change my phone and ever since then I won’t be able to logg in to the app it’s keeps lording the page but nothing happen and also for 1 review I get 3 notifications Developer needs to fix this issues and also a suggestion for help line if somebody need any help with login or any app realated issues
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9 years ago, Zerglings
Very helpful app
Consolidates guest feedback and helps me do my job better and faster. Any leader in customer service/guest relations should have this app.
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8 years ago, @ronbissel
Motel 6
I am so glad our company switched to this service. The app is easy to navigate and replying to guests is so easy. Thanks!!!!
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8 years ago, KatNicDes
Initial use, but already so much better than relying on email notifications!
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4 years ago, GaryUpa
Wonderful App. Could’ve been better Everything we need at a fingertips
Need urgent help to fix app on iOS. On web computer it’s working but app isn’t working. But it stopped all of a s udden and giving error 500 and Team is yet to revert with resolution on it.
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6 years ago, napelio1
Need to be updated
App need to be updated really there is so many issue found since two month very slow and sometimes app got stuck as well force to logout an cannot login again
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6 years ago, Emunter269
Excellent App
Very user friendly and easy to use
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4 years ago, Cwsss
Cannot fix bugs. Can’t use on Mobile!
I’ve not been able to see surveys on my mobile for over a week and they make it seem like it’s my fault. Losing my confidence to even keep using this service.
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5 years ago, dano@216
IPhone 11
Cannot get this app to accept my email login. Cannot use it even though my old iPhone worked just fine. Clicked on app support and goes nowhere. Please reach out and respond. Help.....both iPhones are iOS 13.
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9 years ago, Samir450
Fact that it has a minimum character requirement before a review is published to the public renders most my 5 star reviews useless.
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3 years ago, Dailey Drewski
Not working
Won’t allow me to see reviews for my hotel.
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3 years ago, motel6matt
Very nice app
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3 years ago, jadde5091
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6 years ago, lbuski
Thousand Trails not Elderly or Disabled friendly
Highly disappointed ! I have always loved the Chehalis park in Washington. When we joined TT we loved the idea that we had choices in amenities in different parks. I drove 40 minutes to use the pool on a very hot day a few weeks ago. My friends met me there and there were several other couples there and one woman with her adult son that has PTSD. I am disabled myself and enjoy the fact that I could go swimming and relax and not have to worry about kids jumping in on me as this has happened before. So TT Chehalis has a Olympic size Family pool and a small pool for Adults. This family arrived , there was 6 adults and 5 children. Someone told them that the family pool was up the Hill and this Grandmother got very nasty. She told us that management had told her this was not a adult pool and they could use it whenever. A woman called the ranger and he confirmed that Corporate had made this change because they don’t want to get sued for age discrimination ? The ranger said it had been renamed the “ quiet pool “ No one told us this was changed. No signs were posted anywhere so how were we to know ? So these people very upset and were very rude to everyone. Three couples left the pool immediately when a very young child grabbed someone’s floatation noodle and jumped into the over 100 degree hot tub. They had glass bottles and juice bottles in the pool and in deck which has never been allowed. The children were not quiet actually they were better behaved then their parents ! The adults were sitting in the few steps to the pool and on the ones in spa. I asked if I could get past and they didn’t move ?? My friend called the ranger and he repeated the generic “ this is up to management and is the quiet pool now “ and that’s just the way it is. I would have thought he could of came down and said something ask them to allow people in the pool. So this went on for about an hour and me and my friend got up to leave and this Grandmother started clapping and laughing ??? In some parks there are two pools just like the TT Chehalis Washington and on this day I as a elderly person with physical disability was not allowed to use the pool in a safe manner and even denied access to it. Others left too They ran everyone off so they were the only ones in this pool. The posted spa safety rules were broke when they allowed their very young children and a infant in the Hot Tub. The ranger did nothing he couldn’t be bothered to come down there ! So TT is afraid of being sued for age discrimination ? There is not any adult hour set aside for adults only to use the pool where before when the family pool got shut down because I’d water quality or someone had a accident there was one hour in the chilly mornings and one hour on the chilly nights. There is no handicapped access to this pool. I know the Family pool is very crowded as I did my time with my sons and do go there with my Grand children when visiting. I have seen multiple cars pull up with adults and many children. There is not a maximum occupancy sign posted as I have seen in many parks in Washington and Oregon for all public pools. There is no one at the gate to enforce the number of guests that are allowed per member. There is no lifeguard in duty and no one to enforce the countless children under 14 that come up to swim ! I now do not have a pool that I can use where I am safe or where I can relax. On the TT Social media page regarding this pool issue there is a attitude of why should the elderly or baby boomers get special privileges when the New TT family friendly park is catering to its younger members that have paid thousand to upgrade ?? So there it is that was a fun and relaxing day at the TT public pool.
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11 years ago, Mykebbbb
Love it!
The app is very user friendly and gives you tons of options. I would love to see a keyword search function so you can filter out things like "front desk" or "manager." Otherwise it's a great mobile solution.
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11 years ago, The Youngbloods
This app is mission critical!
The mobile features are outstanding! This tool makes sharing and assigning tasks a breeze. I wish all business apps were this well written!
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10 years ago, Adhie Vedder
Very Useful Apps for hospitality industry
I've been using the revinate apps for a year and very satisfied with their service and accuracy. It's easy to find the report that I need to evaluate our hotel performance Thanks
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11 years ago, Theo J.
I'm a fan
As someone who loves having access to work related tools on-the-go, Revinate is right up there with TripAdvisor and Evernote as my favorite work related apps.
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10 years ago, ocalagua
Excellence tool!
We receive in real time the information, most of the them before the formal email from Revinate.
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11 years ago, bhavin.dilu
What's wrong with this Version
I've been using Revinate app ever since it came out and so far never had any issue with it but with this new version came out it won't let me log in and would take me to MyPortal page( to me no point using this app if it directs me to my portal where I'm required to type in my ID and PWD all the time. Please fix this issue, any help appriciated.
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10 years ago, Vi_86
Does exactly what it needs to do. Glad there is an app out for this.
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11 years ago, GregYouDoYouBoo
Amazing for Hotels!
Great app to manage your online reputation on the go. If you're a hotelier this is a must download.
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9 years ago, Tbird777
Love this app!
Use it every day.
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10 years ago, Whipnthemazda
I was excited to see this app, I use revinate daily, however once you log in the app crashes before you can take advantage of the program.
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10 years ago, aCobra15
Good on the go tool
Works well
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10 years ago, Atlantis772
Crashes each time before it starts
Fix this app to actually get you in to see what else you can do with it. After putting the right username and password, it crashes and closes.
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