Ring Sizer by Jason Withers ©

4.5 (781)
64.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Uniqo Lab.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ring Sizer by Jason Withers ©

4.53 out of 5
781 Ratings
3 months ago, LaurynT.
Surprisingly accurate!
I’m a the start of my ring search. Went into a shop and was told to get a 3.5 but it felt so snug! Like terrified that it was stuck on my finger in the store snug. Another said the same, stating a 4 would be to big. This app confirmed quarter sizes and measured me a 3.75. It was a good feeling to be validated at the very least. Going to follow my gut and this app and get the quarter size up.
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3 years ago, jjjkidz
Seems accurate
I wanted to two my kids what size for a mother’s ring. I think the app should clarify where the circle should line up with your ring. Inner circle? Directly under ring? Outer circle? A 1/4 inch is easy to misjudge. If I use inner circle whereas I can barely see the circle (where my finger goes, right?).. I’m a 6. Directly under I’m a 6 1/4... outer 6.5. I think I’m a 6 🤷🏼‍♀️
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4 years ago, iSnuffleupagus
Amazing app & amazing accuracy
I was looking to convert my US size to a EU. This app is so simple and intuitive. You can even measure the size of a ring you own on the screen. It also has a chart to that shows the different cuts of stones and setting names. So much more than what I needed! Thank you!
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4 years ago, thamysorel
Easy and simple
Very useful app. I was unsure of the size of the ring and needed to order it right away, it really helped me to make sure I was ordering the correct size. It also has a convertion to europan and japanese sizes. I did not need but I believe it help other people that need this info.
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4 years ago, TheZombieAwakens
Worked like a charm!!!
I bought a ring to give as a gift, and I wasn’t sure if it was the right size. (I bought it from a third seller) This app was just what I needed!
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3 years ago, AdventuresAreWaiting
Directions would be helpful
The only thing I would suggest is to add directions to clarify understanding for people that are not familiar with ring sizing. Ex. Make sure the circle is just on the inside of the ring rather than in line with the ring.
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12 months ago, kdubs2143
Free! Good app
Only ring sizer I found that you don’t have to pay. That’s worth 5 stars from me.
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2 years ago, amtoms17
Doesn’t work
My wedding ring is too small and I need a size up, but I don’t know what size my wedding ring is. I sized it up based on the instructions given and sizes 7-8.5 was basically all measuring the same as my wedding ring. Not an accurate app at all and do not recommend buying a ring based on these measurements.
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2 years ago, _31337_
Use the measurement inside your ring
useful app.
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2 years ago, lilelina
More than five stars
The best ring app aver
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4 weeks ago, Mancusomom
The information is not accurate and I don’t like being required to sit through ads only to discover that the sizing is wrong. Glad I didn’t pay for this.
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7 months ago, jrhuishsh
Something is wrong
The tiny box with the circle in it is smaller than my ring. No way to open it up and use it.
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3 years ago, Stevekaos565
To big
Size app only goes to size 16
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7 months ago, SonofRa
App is no longer practical.
I’ve used it years ago but now the sizer is in a small window that doesn’t accommodate sizing. It’s become virtually useless.
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4 years ago, Lushoa
The worst
I used this to get my ring size. It measured 7. I was a bit skeptical cause my hands/fingers are small. When I got my actual ring, it was 3 sizes too big. Had to send the ring back for 5.5.
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7 years ago, hoecooking
Great in a fix!
Saved my life Christmas shopping, awesome app
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4 months ago, Tom in DE
The circle for measuring is too small and as you increase its size, it runs outside the box and is not visible. Good app for small children’s size, but not adults.
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12 months ago, Hadi.omid
Easy to use 👌🏻
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5 days ago, 90901090
Gives wrong sizes with certain phones
I have an iPhone 13 mini and this got my size wrong by 1.5 sizes or about 1.2mm when measuring diameter.
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5 months ago, Kose khar
Can’t size anything.
The measuring part of the app is too small and cannot measure any ring for any average adult. Was let down.
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5 months ago, Dont need this drama
App hi-jacked
This app used to work well but has now been taken over by greedy dummies so i am deleting it.
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10 years ago, IrishCharmer11111
Very handy
This is a really cool ring sizer app. It's very easy to use. I checked it with a ring that I knew the size and the App was right on the mark. I have so many rings that I don't know the size of, so this will be very helpful tool. 👍
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6 months ago, Max Goulart
So many ads
Put on airplane mode in order to use
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4 years ago, willbillzim
Ring sizer way off
No way to calibrate? Check against ruler and you will see how off this app is!
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2 years ago, pattyhonor
How does it work?
How does it work? I set at inches and measure diameter. I cannot figure out how to use chart? I d
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3 years ago, Doughboymm
Didn’t work
Ordered a new ring and the app was wrong. Ordered a ring 2 sizes bigger by mistake.
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3 months ago, Whatrix
Wholly inaccurate and you have to endure ads to get the wrong size!!!!!
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2 years ago, JohnSchultz
Sizing off
US sizes are bigger than accurate size.
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7 years ago, Robert T. Koehler
Only goes up to size 13. Useless for people with big fingers
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8 months ago, TinTin858585
This app is a joke. It’s all ads no chance to measure!!!!!
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10 months ago, samanbina
Not for XXL prople
It does not show the size for larger fingers.
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10 years ago, NP East
Master Jeweler loves app
Great app very accurate measuring. I am a Master Jeweler and this is great to use when a guy needs her ring size and wants to surprise her. He can do it from her other ring and call text or email us the size. Lady Jeweler, Ocala Florida
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10 years ago, Crpate
I have a wooden ring business and have all my customers go to this app and take a screen shot of there ring size. This works like a charm!
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10 years ago, Go Yanks in Chicago!
As advertised.
I've often wondered what ring size I am. Saw on television that there is an app that will tell you. Looked it up, downloaded it, took a ring that fit perfect and I wear a "6.5"! GREAT!
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8 years ago, Audradlv
Great app
Very helpful. Was very useful when I needed to order a ring online.
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9 years ago, +BikerDude+
Ultimately worthless
Unless it's updated to account for different size displays, or offered a calibration feature, it's pointless. It consistently measured a size 2-3 sizes below my actual size on an iPhone 6+. Unless you measure the displayed diameter with a ruler/tape and get a match, then this app is useless. If I have a ruler/tape handy, then why would I need the app. Don't waste the memory on this POS.
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7 years ago, persiwong
Simple and useful
Great, simple app design. Does what it's meant to do down to the quarter size.
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10 years ago, Nadsonbr
This app helped me a lot to find my ring size.. :)
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4 months ago, DocRayD
accurate to me
accurate to me
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9 years ago, Chris---A
Worthless! Not accurate
Not scaled to iPhone 6 Plus, made for a completely inaccurate measurement of my ring!
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8 years ago, SunnyInAzYay
Not accurate
I placed my ring down which I know is a size 8 and it tells me that it is a size 4.
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9 years ago, Dashie91
I can't size any of my rings because my hands are so small. If your hands are hulk sized this is the app for you!
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9 years ago, Brian in mass
Needs calibration for different phone sizes, good two different measurements on different phones
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7 years ago, Elize the Wize
Size was off
The sizer measured my rings as a size larger
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1 year ago, Candice Elliott
No no No
No No.
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2 years ago, صياغة سيد جابر سنب
نجف شارع روان
حلقة رولكس
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4 years ago, Aqua Knuckle
Easy to use ring sizer
Great tool. Send it to my clients all the time. Very easy to use and very intuitive.
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2 years ago, yqop
Only works if your screen is “regular” sized!
Checked this on my samsung note 9 and on my ipad 5th generation. On the note 9, This device has a big 6.4 inch screen it seems off by 1.5 mm, the ruler says 21.5 while the app says 19.9. on ipad 5th generation 9.7 inch screen, It looks like the app doesn’t have a way to calibrate the size of the device display to accurately measure… also on the ipad there are 2 views minimized and maximized and changing between the two doesnt change the measurement… in the minimized view it was off by 5 mm while in max screen view it was about 15 mm off, showing a size 19.96 mm while the ruler says 35 mm!! It looks like the app was designed to work for phones with screen sizes ranging from 5.8 to 6.1 …if more or less the measurment could be way off. A solution is to put an option for size calibration
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3 years ago, scott22.8
My ring measurement is 22.8mm. I couldn’t tell from the chart what the size is
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