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RingCentral, Inc
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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for RingCentral

4.82 out of 5
53.2K Ratings
3 years ago, N cole K
Increased communications with clients
In today’s society phone calls are being screened and sent to voicemail more than being answered as people prefer text messaging. Having the ability to text clients from our office number has improved communications exponentially. Clients can discreetly answer during working hours or after work. They have a chance to think and research before responding and they have a written record to refer back to. The ability to answer calls remotely has been a huge positive as well. I can run the office from anywhere with no worries of missing calls, faxes, or texts. Awesome system allows for inputting names so I know who is calling and can answer them by name which increases their confidence and connection to our firm. Love this system!!!
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3 years ago, Kyli C
Allows Scammers On Their Platform
I was invited to this app by a “company”, which turned out to be a scammer. I thought I was applying for a job at the company, but instead, the person tried to scam me. Now I just want to delete my account and move on with my life, but there is NOWHERE on the Ring Central app for me to delete or deactivate my account. It won’t even allow me to change the name of the company I’m associated with. So my name is forever associated with the scam fake company on the Ring Central app. I tried to use the “chat with support” option to see if I could speak with someone to see if maybe they could delete my account for me (since I’m apparently not allowed to do it myself), but all I was allowed to speak with was a chat bot. When I asked for a live agent, the bot told me that only company administrators are allowed to speak with live agents, and that I would have to speak to my “company administrator” for the issue. But the problem is that the “company administrator” is a SCAM ARTIST! I literally just want to delete my account. I don’t understand why this is so difficult. I don’t want to be associated with these scammers. I can’t believe they would make you jump through hoops to delete your account, yet when it came to creating my account, I was able to do so in seconds. DELETE MY ACCOUNT!!
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4 years ago, -Thisappblowswhales-
Dismiss reminder
This app is unbelievably bad. Dismiss the call quality reminder forEVER! Not just for 24 hours. My god, I mean I love having to press extra buttons after every call. Like whenever I make a call with my regular phone, the thing I always look forward to is leaving a call quality rating! And my grandmas old rotary phone, after each call I used to love talking to the switch board operator to tell her the quality of the call, but then she’d politely ask if I’d like to dismiss the reminder and I’d say yes!! And she’d reply, great, I’ll remind you again tomorrow. Also, what fricking app am I supposed to be using? Same goes for my work computer. You know how many times I’ve missed calls because it was in “meetings” or vise versa? I love telling my new boss that I’m late because I can’t figure out how to use over bloated phone software. And if it’s not already open on the computer (consuming a quarter gig of ram and a handful of cpu just at idle), it takes at least 3 minutes to open and connect. Three minutes late to every meeting because I had to figure out first which app, then wait for it to open, because I need every resource my computer has for my regular job functions, not meetings. So I’ll just use my phone app(s), oh wait, which one again?
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4 years ago, MAnnMngmt
I signed up for a 15 day job free trial and I did it all online on their website then I installed their app with absolutely no issues at all! I actually enjoyed the product but financially it’s not a smart investment for me or my business during this uncertain time so I got online to cancel my account prior to the expiration of my FREE TRIAL which is 5/28... when I chose to cancel the account it tells me, for the FIRST TIME EVER, that I have to call an 800 number to cancel. I immediately call the 800 number & the message says, the CANCELLATION DEPARTMENT is currently closed & their business hours are Monday through Friday.... well my free trial was to expire tomorrow so I screen shot everything and I got online & flagged the merchant on my account to prevent a charge since I’m attempting to cancel before the trial ends and they are PREVENTING me from doing so. 15 minutes after I had called & after I had blocked any charges from this merchant, they tried to charge my bank account. I find this to be shady, unprofessional & just simply not good business because now I’ll never use this company again and I’ll spread the word. Now if they make this right & apologize, then I’ll gladly change my view since every business has glitches and makes mistakes- I’ll update once I get a resolution, or IF I do!
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1 year ago, Jbm vam mater
After I used their app and web service for years they deleted my account without any warning. They also deleted my second account and 2 of 6 accounts from our team members because my country is not approved to use their service. That's what their customer service said. Wow, that's insane. Limitation for countries, really? Do we need to wear some marks on our hands? Why now after many years of using it? I can't access thousands of files and messages that were stored on the app. To avoid being in this situation please do not use this app. I should have checked the owners and management before I installed the app for the first time. That's the first sign why anyone should never install and use this app. Not because of political reasons (although they have a list of countries that can't use their service) but because of large fraud cases from that country. DO NOT trust this company because there is a high chance that they will ruin your business. If so, be sure to have a backup all the time because they can delete your work in a second. There are plenty of apps that you can use instead of this one, so be warned.
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3 years ago, Leporigang
The new app
My business purchased ring central based on how well it worked. I was duped into buying multiple lines I didn’t need but that’s for another day. If your a small business you will only need one line. Since the new app came out we were forced to move over to it. The old app used to show all calls, voicemail and texts one one last and were colored coded based on the status of the call.... we loved that, hence the reason for using this app. Now the new app separates them into their own pages. The text portion notification is a small dot and not easily seen. Please allow us to combine pages and make the color coding and notifications go back to blue needing attention and black having been answered. You made it hard on my business to verify the call statues by having to jump back and forth between the different pages and now were not catching the calls in the required time . We are under a city ordinance to answer them in a certain amount of time.... if not we will be forced to find another system . Thanks!
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4 years ago, zero to hundred
I’ve had RC a couple of years. It’s been ok. The service is spotty in the limestone building where I often work. I had to stand near the fire escape on the third floor to get a call through. With the recent upgrade the calls often go silent for a few seconds, even at home where I have high speed internet. This is improved when I turn off WiFi sometimes. But it’s a problem. It seems unprofessional to have a spotty phone. Customer service diligently worked on the issue for a couple of weeks, but it was not resolved. I appreciate their diligence. Customer service is responsive and helpful. The best solution I got for my issue was to get closer to my router, which doesn’t seem to help at all. My business is mobile and I can’t always find a router. There’s an upgrade in the next few days that I hope will improve my service. I have iPhone 8. I’m looking for another VOIP product with decent customer service.
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2 years ago, sshyne914
I paid for the plan with a SMS feature and it doesn’t work
I have the MVP account which comes with probably everything. When I upgraded at first nothing worked. The phone didn’t work so I couldn’t make calls and the text message didn’t work so I couldn’t send or receive text messages. After making several calls and getting hung up on a few times I finally got through to someone who helped me get the phone to work so I can send/receive calls. I was told that I would have to wait a few days for the SMS feature to start working. It’s now been a week and they keep telling me they will get back to me but still haven’t heard anything. I’m losing a lot of money each day because I trusted that all the features would work immediately so I have to pause my business until one day they hopefully get back to me. When I called yesterday to ask for a refund I was just told to continue to wait until someone gets back to me smh. My experience w RingCentral has been terrible so go forward at your on risk.
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4 years ago, USAWebLady
Fantastic Application Business Portal
We’ve been using Ring Central for over 10 years now. It’s never let us down with business. We have our Fax setup and our 800 number! To save endless worry our company faxes our documents to our business then stores them. Ring Central is not just an answering service! Your service can be moved to a complete virtual office. It’s been 100% reliable and we pay annually now. We have modified our calling and greeting and extensions. Customer service is there to walk you through each step. It’s great to call and your Directory Identification Shows up. They send us our call logs and filter the spam. Take the time to start basic with your numbers and forwarding calls. Then learn how your VIRTUAL OFFICE SHOULD BE PRESENTED. Alinea Adair - Medallion
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4 years ago, Spinnaker093
Good app...but major short coming to the service!
I was in the process of switching to RingCentral from 8x8 because you cannot schedule a video meeting with the 8x8 mobile app. RingCentral allows you to do this, plus I really liked the iPhone and iPad app along with some neat features RingCentral provided. The reason I decided not to move forward are the following: 1. The RingCentral desktop app does not sync with your Outlook or Google contacts. You have to manually input each and every contact into you desktop application. This includes every new contact you have in Outlook or Google contacts. This is a major downfall of RingCentral and something I cannot believe they do not have a solution for. WHY would any legitimate business use RingCentral without the ability to sync your contacts with the desktop app for quick access to dial a number? The main use of RingCentral is to make calls! This is a major shortcoming and one that immediately disqualifies RingCentral. 2. The RingCentral iPhone app is great and does sync with your phones contacts. The issue I had was that all of your RingCentral call activity shows up in your dedicated phones calling activity. There is no way to change this with RingCentral. You should have the option to separate the two and only view your RingCentral call activity within the mobile app.
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2 years ago, talentetta
Job Offer Scam used this app to contact me
I don’t see a place to get help on the app. I want to report the user posing as Radius Healthcare. They are trying to emulate Radius Health (see the similar name). They don’t use proper wording, phrases, and had me on hold for an hour at the start, probably installing a bot or something on my phone. This user needs to be reported and eliminated. Warning to anyone else looking for a job on Indeed. You won’t find a record of applying for this job there, because you didn’t. You will get an email saying you have been selected for an interview, and they get you to download RingCentral, then chat for 3 hours, until 10:30 PM, and ask to continue at 8 AM the next day. No real company would take so long to ask questions, do it by chat, and especially do nothing for the first hour, while I’m asking if we’re still connected. Their email added an “s” to the real company’s website. Radiantpharms is not valid. Avoid at all costs. Delete them, RingCentral!
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11 months ago, dvyr cc jiu RSS x
Is this a medical/telehealth approved app
Hello, As a MAT patient, a few months ago we all were forced to download the app if we wanted to participate in telehealth services. The clinic I am at stated in the beginning that this app would allow for HIPPA based privacy. That only the group leader (counselor) would only be able to see our video feeds to prevent other patients from seeing our faces and full legal names. Well after using this app for months, counselor over look this once claimed fact that they could only see our video feed. This is very disheartening considering HIPPA is for patient against patient leaked info, along with counselors forcing you to leave the video feed on to “receive credit”. Today I went to start a “woman’s” only group and the counselor allowed males to join the group (although it’s conflicting for any group to be gender based, when females get used to be able to do a group session based on it being only female, it’s uncomfortable). So although the counselor allowed 3-4 males in the group she claimed I wasn’t allowed to switch the video feed off based off “federal and state laws” which I just confirmed was a LIE. This app is great if it wasn’t being used for medical reasons and now seeing the app itself stores and uses any data from using the app - can someone please confirm if this app should be forced to be used by a medical facility for addiction treatment Thank you-
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2 years ago, HalMas4
Great App, Good Improvements
I’m reading so many of the previous reviews and can’t help but think that so many of the one star reviews are just people not understanding technology or just user error. The app works great. The team is constantly making improvements to fix old issues and introduce new features. Nothing is perfect and I have had some trouble with calls but it’s usually because I’m in a bad area or not connected to WiFi. Only Issue that comes to mind is with a recent update (maybe within a few months) gifs in messages are now sped up. I thought it was just me but confirmed with a coworker that when they post or see gifs, they are played at 2x or 3x speed. Super minor issue but an annoyance either way. Thanks for a great app to help when working remotely :)
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1 month ago, BeastModeABM
Don’t do it!!!
They do a bait and switch!! I signed up for the plan with SMS texting (paid extra for the plan) -it’s been 2 months and they make it so hard to enable the feature. They require you to change your website contact forms, website privacy policy, and charge you every time there is a mistake they need corrected on your own website! It’s been 2 months and I’m still waiting on them to enable texting. They even made me contact the IRS to get ANOTHER FEIN number! So far I’ve paid $40 dollars in extra fees I didn’t expect. Thank God I haven’t given this number to any customers. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for your VOIP needs. RingCentral used to be good, no longer. Google voice makes it WAY easier!! Side note: I suspect scammers were using their service (read other reviews) and now phone carriers make this RingCentral customers pay the consequences and do extra stuff to enable text messages. Run the other way!!!
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6 months ago, Levi Abbott
Works reliably
Very happy with RingCentral app (and service, as you must pay for the service). Incoming and outgoing calls are high quality, and dependable. Ability to send/receive faxes on my cell phone is nice. Toss in telephone and video conferencing, voicemail, and scheduling as a bonus. Previous experience with OneTalk by Verizon left me very nervous. Fortunately, RingCentral works (note ‘better’ is omitted intentionally) and I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t tried the sms texting (there are some legally required steps first, I haven’t had time to bother with) for full disclosure. But if you (or your business) need a flexible, remote phone line or two and/or PBX, I am comfortable recommending RingCentral.
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5 months ago, NunyaBiz10157
Their service is mediocre at best and their service works when it wants to. Now they’re asking businesses for their EIN and tax info which is none of their business. They just shut your service off so you can’t get back to customers and tell you, in order to respond to calls and messages you have to pay $5 to submit EIN forms and after it’s done you have to pay $15 and wait 25 business days to resume service. Got too big for their britches and I hope it bites them in the rear. They’ll start begging for their customers back and feel the burn from demanding too much and being nosey about stuff that’s none of their business for just being a crappy phone service. You’ve been warned. Don’t use this excuse for a company. It’s cheaper to add a like with Verizon or AT&T anyways! And they’re starting to make you sign contracts for 3 years and gouging you for Higher payments along the way. Scum bags!
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10 months ago, HelenaHelena8
Keeps signing me out.
I use this app to route work phone calls that come through a very specific advertising outlet. When I see this app pop up, I answer the call because I paid for that phone call to come in. At this point, there were too many times to count, where I would get a missed call in my email, but my app/phone didn’t ring. I get into the app, and I either have been signed out, or I get a message that the app needs to be refreshed because there is an update. So it seems that every time there is an update, it kicks me out without any notification. SO because it needs to be refreshed, or because i was signed out without any notification, I missed a client call. In my line of business, that’s unacceptable because every missed call, cost me ad money and gets my responsiveness rating down AND I lose an order. If this was a free app, I would not complain. But it’s not a free app…
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5 years ago, aniberr
No access to voicemails since “upgrade”
I went to the new version of the app as instructed, early in the process. I continually get an error message telling me I need to switch to the new version of the app—though it shows as “open” on App Store, and it is a different RC app. I have to click through several “welcome” prompts every time I get into the app—only to have lost all access to incoming voicemails from my clients and new customer inquiries. If it weren’t for the vmail sound clips sent via email, I would get none of them—and I would have had to cancel this service weeks ago. It’s tough to get the problem to customer service—but finally I got a reply—and their “answer” days later was that it’s some kind of glitch and the company is still working on it. Not fixed yet—and no promise of when it will be. I guess the customer with one or two lines is not too high a priority? Anyone have a recommendation for a different provider to change to?
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1 month ago, lizzo E
Give all the info, why hold back on crucial information for small businesses?
First of all to anybody that’s reading this review and you’re already a small business. Beware that you will not be able to text anybody until you register your company. You cannot do it during the trial. So you would have to be a part of RingCentral to register and then I was further told that it’s gonna take 5 to 20 business days before I would hear anything back because according to them, the government agencies have to approve us as well as our provider phone provider, but I did speak to my phone provider and they seem to not have a problem with this so I think it’s a RingCentral thing trying to cover themselves which should make it clear upfront before you sign up to anything or before you even attempt to do the trial. Because nowadays, what good is an app if you can text anybody?
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3 years ago, KaitaP
Bug fixes that made worse bugs
I’ve learned to deal with the spotty service and weird quirks of this app (random silence in calls, no UI indicator when a call drops so I keep talking for 30 seconds before I realize nobody’s there, having to intrude in my coworker’s office every time I want to make a call because her room is the only place I get service within the app despite having completely normal service for my actual phone everywhere else) but as of the most recent update, the app won’t even open. I just get the splash screen for 10 seconds or so before the app quits. We use this at my job to get in contact with folks who can’t always text, so I can’t just message them through the web app (also, super frustrating that my contacts don’t sync, so when I do try this I have no idea who I’m trying to text). Really frustrating for me & for my clients who are trying to get in touch, especially in an emergency.
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4 years ago, chicagokalo
App is decent. Customer Service is horrible as of late.
Ringcentral started as an incredible VOIP option. Their service was incredible, response time was quick, and problems were easily resolved. I’ve been a customer for 5 years. However, within the past 60 days, I’ve experienced hell. I’ve been trying to resolve a billing issue and number change for a month - YES, 4 weeks. I’ve been on hold for 6 hours in total and have spoken to 8 people and sent countless emails. As of this posting, still no resolution. I’m switching. Update: August 13th. All issues have been rectified; however my service was suspended because RingCentral failed to follow through in time. I was appalled that they disconnected my service when I was not at fault. Regardless, they have rectified all issues. It took a month. That’s just not professional or what should expected of a top-tiered servicer.
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6 years ago, WolfRadio.net
Please Add Reply option from mobile app
The app is great however I am not able to reply two files events and tasks on the mobile device. I would also like to be able to upload photos to events in tasks from the mobile device like on the desktop application. It’s very important that were able to attach files and photos to the correct conversation from the mobile application it makes it very difficult to have to run to desktop computer every time we want to reply to one of these conversations other wives on the mobile app it just goes to the main conversation stream. Other than that the application is great thank you.
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3 months ago, Msevera1973
Buyer beware!!
I’ve had RingCentral for almost 9 years and business is closing. They won’t let me cancel the subscription because it renewed back in September 2023 and apparently I’m locked into another year after that. Problem is the business is closing in March 2024. I no longer need the service and they will not allow me to cancel. Make sure you read the fine print!!! If I were psychic, I would’ve known to cancel it renewed in September. However, I am not psychic. And to top it all off the service is terrible. It’s not user-friendly and it’s impossible to get Customer Service to actually work with you. Every time I needed to make a change in my business hours I would be on the phone for 45 minutes, it’s as if they don’t even understand they’re own SOFTWARE. It’s totally not worth the money or the stress. There are way better companies out there.
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1 year ago, 75378 the truth
Scammers making money on renewals
My sales rep no longer works for the company, my AE no longer had my account. By the time I got to the right person to cancel my account I was 7 days past the renewal and told I would owe $6k for the 24 month renewal period as a penalty. No notifications that account was going to auto-renew. I called in a week later and was told I’d have to pay a $6,000 early termination fee. Four months later I keep getting routed to a call center in the Philippines that RingCentral hides behind. Always promising they will look into it and never a call or email back. They lock in your payment options so no way to stop them from hitting my account. RingCentral, you would be so much more successful if you offered a good experience for your clients and ran an honest business. Unfortunately, I’m sure it’s more profitable in the short term to do it the wrong way.
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5 years ago, Dello215
Works Great!
I have to admit, I was not happy with having to switching to the new app. Its very different from the old app, but as we all know nothing last forever. The only issue i had with the new App was i didn’t know how to turn off Voice over calls, my mobile phone provider doesn’t do web while on a call, so VO Calls don't work for me, I need calls to ring directly to my mobile number. Anyway I called customer care and found out how to turn off (first ring desktop and smartphone) and my problem was fixed. There is so much more on the new app. Great Job Ringcentral! Im still a happy customer.
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5 years ago, SailTX
Lousy app and even worse customer service
They forced users to “upgrade” to this app. The old app works far better. Now, there’s no way to block numbers easily like before. Find that my toll free number, which I’ve never used or published, gets 2-10 fake calls a day. Some are phishing, others don’t even come through. I’ve probably blocked 400 or more numbers over the years. It was one of the few features I could count on. It is very concerning that these calls don’t even go through, but, of course count against my plan, and now, it is extremely difficult to block them. Truly makes me question what Ring Central’s agenda is. This used to be a better company, before they started emulating the large phone companies, charging fake taxes and relaying almost exclusively on international call centers. Customer service is truly pathetic and the company is simply not responsive to issues.
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4 years ago, Ilia2281488
every time better and better
I am using Glip for about 1 year. At the beginning I saw some bugs. Then I found web version of that App and... started to use in my company! We love these giffy/smiles funny things. Tasks and events help us to figure out things and manage our time. Wish you can make that faster. It has multiple amazing features so.... waiting for some performance boost! :) All the best! Adding comment 4 years later. It got A LOT better, smoother and now all versions were updated to the best.
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9 months ago, alizadneta
Scam company. Do not use this company services they will ruine the business.
This scam company (RingCentral) disabled my 8-year-old account without giving any reason, and they blocked all the numbers. We have lost $70,000 because of this, because all our customers are not reachable to our company, and now customers is filing for a chargeback because they cant reach our company. Stay away from this scam company. I mean, I don't know how they can damage a company this much. After 8 years, they are telling us that they disabled our account because of suspicious activity and are not explaining what kind of suspicious activity. Eight years is a long time, and we are losing customers every day because of this scam company that scammed us. We were paying RingCentral $5k every month, and this is what they did to our company after taking our money for 8 years.
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2 years ago, Vreneeangel
Eh could be much better
On calls, my side is usually delayed when speaking with someone else. There is a current issue with notifications showing as ‘2’ badges when there is only 1 text or call. And after I clear the notification it will show up as ‘1’ notification badge when there is no longer any new texts or calls. When I call somebody it takes time for the app to call out before it actually starts ringing. Tried looking for a new update but there isn’t one. Also there is a maximum number of texts you can send each month - which was not the case when we first got the subscription so I ended up paying for going over on texts last month- am I living in 2000 with my Nokia brick phone? Most of my business is through texts
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3 years ago, Vcc2012
Just terrible all around
There was nothing wrong with the old app! This app is terrible for texting... no pics can be sent, no emoji, color for conversations is the same you can’t how the conversation went if your looking back it a few days later because both bubbles are grey!!!! Now let’s talk the phone. You can’t transfer a call easy! You can’t see if your co-workers are busy on another line when you are trying to transfer a call. The font is so big you can’t see a full name of whom is calling. The contacts is divided and not strange lists. The app seems more like an internal way to communicate inside your own company instead of with clients. They need to bring the old app back until this one is fully functional for all who use it. Isn’t the idea of a new app supposed to be an improvement not a draw back?
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4 years ago, Doc King87
Decent App that is solid for features. Needs a dark mode!
Good App and service, I have been happy with RingCentral as a service. Except they have been hard to reach for me on one occasion but the current times are strenuous for businesses. It does take some getting used to. The UI isn’t the most friendly and the menus need a overhaul. The tabs on the bottom are fine but need to be more noticeable. The main opening menu should be able to customize what you use the most. The one that’s there is focused on just team conferencing. The worst part for me are the tabs on top, they are smaller and more narrow, harder to quickly shift between. Those are my criticisms but none are deal breakers.
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4 years ago, STMRadio
Crashes on one iPad but not another
During a meeting with the Participants window open, it dumps me out as soon as I touch anyone’s name. Hammered my head against it for a while, then tried it on my other iPad: NO PROBLEM. Uninstalled and reinstalled: NO BETTER. I have rebooted the iPad, now I need to reinstall and start another meeting to see if it works. BTW, installed the bare Zoom app and it works fine. Looks the same during a meeting, but Participants doesn’t crash. So it’s the Ringcentral wrapper that’s at fault. The above may have been solved, now there is another problem. Someone tried to start a meeting, I accepted, they cancelled the meeting while the “Please Wait” was on my screen, and I was stuck. I couldn’t get out of it. I had to reboot my iPad to stop the process. Fix it! (I struggled for about a minute or so, I don’t know if it would have resolved itself if I had waited longer.)
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8 months ago, splitsecond
Three big problems on an otherwise great app
There are two issues with the app that need to be resolved that would make this the single best voip app on the market. 1. Eliminate the app reopening after someone answers. This is beyond frustration. I hit dial and minimize the app to take notes on a cal and as soon as someone answered the app is back on top. Why? This is a stupid feature and has caused me to hang up on people many times. 2. When you open the app, the Home Screen should be the DIALPAD not your messaging system. That’s one of the single dumbest interface decisions I’ve ever seen. This is a phone app I’m using in place of a handset - give me the dialpad when I open up the app. 3. The app does not seem to prioritize between wifi and cellular very well. I have to turn off wifi in my own house to avoid dropping calls when I walk into another room. I use Verizon for both cell and home internet so the bandwidth and speeds are the same… so this makes no sense. Honestly if you just fixed the first two I would be happy to give this app 5 stars. The third one may be impossible and I know wifi is not always great.
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12 months ago, MTxmas
Mixed Review
I have often noticed old texts and/or DMs disappear so I learned last year when I first started with my employer to just print certain items that are critical to my job! I also found out certain offices do not receive digital faxes using Ring Central but it is expensive to get an adapter so I just use my old fax machine for reaching out to clients. Too many problems when we have used email to contact customers- fax was safest & it protects our domain name. Outside of that I love the convenience of not having to add any more out of pocket expenses to my day to day job functions as sales rep and operations person for my employer.
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2 years ago, oliviasc99
Not consistent
I use this app for work and first off the calls don't seem to ring consistently over all of the devices. I am the receptionist and was added last after my bosses, and they get the calls before I do so it looks like I'm not picking up. Half of the time I don't even get a notification that Ive gotten a call. If I use another app on my phone it shuts down the app until i reopen it and then it shows i've missed a call even if its been less than five minutes since i was last on it. Also sometimes I will call a number and it asks me to switch it to my device despite me having used my device to place the call. Im worried that my bosses think Im not doing the best job because of the inconsistencies of this app.
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4 years ago, gmperf
Keeps getting worse
After being a Ring Central customers for over 5 years, I will probably have to say good bye. They seem to be working hard to add new features to Ring Central. The problem is, phone calls seldom come through. The basic function of receiving incoming calls is simply not reliable. I would settle for better than 50% of calls coming through on the app. Nope. The app crashes often. When you reopen the app it tries to call the last phone number that tried to call you. Check the app at 9pm at night and bam, it calls your last incoming phone number. Frequently you will receive email from Ring Central about all the new added features. THE INCOMING PHONE CALL FEATURE IS BROKEN! It has been broken and is getting even worse.
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4 years ago, Womanadvocate
The epitome of what’s wrong with tech companies today.
I highly advise against this company. They trap you and your number. Put you on hold for hours on end. They pass you from department to department. They don’t care about individual companies and customer service. So sad what this company and many others have come to. This has gone on for four months. I’ve been with them for 6 years but the last two they’ve gone to heck. Trying to port out number has been miserable. This is the worst I have ever been treated by a company. Came close to seeking a lawyer. When it was finally ported they had the nerve to make me talk to three people to stop billing me. They asked me why I was leaving. Some nerve. They also lied to me frequently that I could even keep my number for port. Criminal treatment. 🤯
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5 months ago, Jaden rai
Avoid this app at all cost!! READ⬇️
Ring Central is the most confusing system I have ever used. The “fees and taxes” cost an additional 30% more than the listed price for subscriptions. I had to buy the basic subscription for work and even though I was charged a total of $90 my account was limited to the free version still, which led to a complete waste of money. The customer service is absolutely terrible, I called trying to see if I can get the features I paid for and they absolutely needed my card information in order to access my account. In my personal opinion there is some fishy stuff going on with this company and I would STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COST! I’m exited to call my bank tomorrow so I can reverse absolutely every charge.
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5 years ago, Humblehg
Best I’ve Seen
I hope to one day buy this company. You simply can’t beat what they day. Think of them as a communication enabler company. Glip is free it’s better than Slack it integrates with video and voice then you have the phone tool simply killing it. When I buy the company I will improve their administrative tools and training for power users and administrators. Kind of like Dropbox did a few years ago except I wouldn’t give up like Dropbox did I would keep pushing until my excellent administrative abilities becomes our advertising.
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2 years ago, business owner feedback
Unacceptable customer service
I have been trying to reach some to assist me with my account. I’ve called over three times left a voicemail and sent an email for my account manager Camille James with no response. Customer support has not been of any support each time I call each rep says the same thing let me send a message and so I want the phone number, at this point I’m completely frustrated and asked to speak with a manager or supervisor and have been on hold with Jesse as I’m typing this message and now disconnected. This is poor service as a business owner and unable to reach someone directly when I have concerns. I’d like to hear from to address a simple concernThe way I have been treated has been completely unacceptable
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4 years ago, i eat p00p
Profile picture bugged
Can’t change a profile picture for the life of me. This is important because it is the default picture our clients see. Spoken with 2 tech support agents AND followed the advice from their website but still it can’t be changed. This is supposed to be a technology company but they can’t fix this simple issue. 1 star I don’t get why the developer response is to get in contact with the team. As I’ve stated before, I’ve done this THREE times. Not once were they able to remedy the issue in an easy manner. They had to delete my entire account and create a new one. I lost all my saved messages. Stop referring your customers to your email support line who will proceed to state: ‘This is a known issue, we are working on it,’ AND JUST FIX THE ISSUE.
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4 years ago, CoreyD32
Loving this App
We are currently using this app to communicate with our team across 4 different companies and it works so well, and they keep updating, that makes it even better. To be able to manage company communication across various computer/phone platforms and be able to receive customer calls from our 800 number and faxes, which is still relevant for some strange reason, but that’s for another forum. I highly recommend! And customer service is great!
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2 years ago, EmoPopsicle
Unable to hear
We’ve been using RingCentral in my office for over 8 years or so. For some reason now when we answer through our cellphones we have a few seconds of sound and then it’s gone for a bit before coming back. This weird gap of not being able to hear is weird. If you answer on speaker, computer, anything else there is no problem. But the moment you answer through your cellphone you know there will be a bit of time of not being able to hear the other person… not sure what’s happening there, but this needs to be fixed ASAP.
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4 years ago, Catholic voter
I miss the old app
I downloaded this one when it first came out but deleted it in favor of the old app almost immediately. My team uses Microsoft teams and do not want to use Ring Central’s messaging app. So it annoys me that EVERY TIME I open the app, it automatically goes to the messaging tab. I only use the app for my phone. Everyone at my firm only uses the app for their phone. Ring Central is our PHONE system, not our phone system. Please allow us to delete the messaging tab from the app so that we can more easily see and access the calls, voicemails and texts that are the reason we use Ring Central. Thank you for a strong phone product
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3 years ago, Triathelite
Clunky and cumbersome to use
For me, this iOS app is very clunky to navigate. You have to go to different tabs (phone, text, video, etc) and conversations and phone calls are not consolidated under a contact so to me, it’s just bad design. The company I work for uses RingCentral so I’m forced to use it, but there should be some parity between the RingCentral desktop UI and the PC UI. There must be a better way to organize conversations by contact instead of having to go to back and forth between tabs to find what you need (a text, voicemail, etc). The layout of the PC version is slightly better, but still not completely intuitive - both apps require some unnecessary thinking to navigate.
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4 years ago, BenG..
App has serious issues
This App has become pretty bad🥺👎....Call quality now has an Echo! Can’t make a call without hearing myself. Thank goodness that the RC call App still exists and I can still use that rather than this singular App which mashes video Meetings, Calls, Text into one! Hey RingCentral...look at Apple...separate App for calls, separate App for Text, separate App for Video,....there is no advantage to me as a user for you to mash all of this functionality into one over complicated, barely working, glitchy app! Also as a paying customer, I don’t want to see you put out incomplete and unbaked Apps...work with a beta channel to work out dependability issues. Also within the Apps, please give SMS text a greater priority! I don’t need another Janky messaging app called Gliph to have priorities. Sorry for the negative review, but I’ve put up with this nonsense of RC pushing Gliph...and **hiding SMS messaging under multiple menus** for way too long. I don’t care if you eliminate Gliph or keep it. For goodness sakes, make it easy to get to my calls & sms...this is what I pay you for. I can get dozens of better messengers solutions elsewhere 🖖
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4 months ago, Kelzf
Choose any other option.
We have been using Ring central for 4 months and it has been a nightmare. If you get you system set up and working then it’s great. The minute you need a change, adding or deleting a line, it’s a total nightmare. Their system is so confusing the employees can’t even figure out how to use it. We have had our company phone number shut off for weeks at a time and no one can seem to fix it. You will spend hours or even days on the phone going through several people just to have them not fix your problem. We depend on our phone line working as we get a lot of customer calls daily. Ring central has put a huge crimp on our business.
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3 years ago, Katie L. - RI
Really like RingCentral
As the title says: I really like RC. On occasion it drops calls, or, I make a call and the individual on the other end can’t hear me, but overall, if I had my own company, I would use this program. The functionality is great: you can text, fax, call, all through the same number; you can change your working hours to allow or not allow calls during certain times ; you can opt out of the call queue with one click; your voicemails are transcripted, and also sent to email, and much more.
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1 year ago, Aahaaahhhsub3swag
It works. That’s about it.
When a call comes through and you’re already on a call that did not come through rc the app will ruin that call. When listening to music through Bluetooth and a call comes through rc often it will mute all audio until I reconnect the headphones or restart the vehicle. It’s so frustrating that the Decline call button only snoozes the ringing for LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS. If I am declining the call, it should be very obvious that I won’t have time for it in five seconds either but no I guess not so thanks for the perpetual vibrating while I’m on the phone.
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2 years ago, Kosh420
Good app with MAJOR flaws
It’s a good telephony app and we run our entire business on it. Intact we have two full RC accounts that we tie into Podio. That were thinking of canceling. First major flaw is when we try to send a photo to our clients, the mobile app hangs. It does this on iPhone iPad; doesn’t matter. It takes FOREVER to load the photos and when I say forever like seriously 5+ minutes while it grueling chugs along. How frustrating! Other apps don’t do that not even Google Voice hangs like this. We’re thinking of switching to ReiReply or other telephony competitors unless this is immediately fixed. There are other major flaws in programming and backend stuff including erroneous repeatitive billing that we’ve had to hash out with our account manager. But seriously what is the point of having a phone service if I can’t even send a photo with reasonable effort I know RC knows about this why aren’t they fixing it?
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