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User Reviews for Rippling - HR, IT & Finance

3.98 out of 5
677 Ratings
2 years ago, ssNAKED2
Decent app but constantly updating
It’s a good app and has great intentions but it’s a little slow and the worst part is it’s CONSTANTLY updating. It seems every other time I open this, there’s a new update which is very annoying. Other than that having your work contacts at your finger tips is great and clocking in/out can be a little buggy but all and all is good. I just wish there wasn’t so many updates. I’m all for apps that are trying to better themselves but this is ridiculous. Has the most updates from an app I’ve ever seen.
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9 months ago, Lancofan
5 minutes of scrolling to pick a birthdate
As I was laying in bed last night, I realized that the deadline for annual benefit enrollment was midnight, so I quickly stepped through the prompts so as not to lose ancillary benefits for the upcoming year. When I got to the life insurance benefit, I was surprised to see that my beneficiary was not listed, and I quickly entered the name and SSN. I then tapped the date field expecting to type a six (or eight) digit date. Instead, I found myself in a scrolling interface showing every day of the current month. Seeing that there was no way to bounce from year to year, I realized that I was faced with a test of endurance (and devotion to my wife)… swiping down, down, down, down… watching every day on my wife’s life flying by… muttering to myself, “Why do you have to be so old?” Halfway to the finish line, I started a screen recording on my phone. 2 1/2 minutes later, I arrived at 1981, asking myself, “How could some programmer have thought that five minutes of scrolling was a better solution than requiring a user to type six numbers on their keyboard?” Maybe there was too much room for error with that unvalidated approach🤓. Five minutes felt like an eternity. As the minutes passed, I felt every positive feeling I that I had about this otherwise good app melting away. Lucky for my wife, I stuck it out. Others, may not have been so fortunate.
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2 years ago, Stefalala
Game changer!
Have you ever been a new hire for a company and gone through numerous back & forth emails, drowning in doc attachments, and details of your employee benefits while still left dumbfounded? Yeah, we've all been there! When my previously workplace swapped from a competitor (strictly for paystub purposes) to Rippling, it was day and night! All the information I needed was finally organized in one space: directory/employee hierarchy, insurance, tax info, etc. This essentially eliminated the nightmares of going through old saved emails with personal information, lost in the grapevine translations, and moved towards a more streamlined process. Lastly, I enjoy the constant "reminders" of essentials I need to sign and authorize such as benefit deadlines. I cannot imagine going back to any other platform. I wished every workplace integrated rippling into their systems.
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2 years ago, Kimmy Lynn
Gets everyone on the same page
Rippling was a relatively new adoption at my current employer and I’ve never had onboarding be such a seamless process. What usually takes days wasted on the front end, Rippling facilitated and automated to happen in about an hour we’ll before my first day. Beyond onboarding, it provides so much clarity in knowledge from the planned holiday calendar to the organizational chart—both smoothed out “ripples” I otherwise thought were inescapable as an employee. Having PTO requests with clear counters of what PTO time and types I have left has also proven to streamline PTO request process and cut down on any confusion as year end comes.
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2 years ago, Tiffany Tamayo
New User
I’ve never used Rippling until I started a new position with a company. I love how everything was streamlined. It let you see what tasks were open and all my information was organized in one platform. It also connected me to the organization where I can find the org chart, the connected apps, payroll, benefits, device management, etc. Having access to my insurance benefits in my hands when I’m out and about really helped me take care of appts without having to wait to be at home to have the info in front of me. It was the one stop for all my employee information.
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2 years ago, Hachi_Mochi
Love Rippling!
I hadn’t used Rippling before and it is so streamlined and easy to navigate! It’s completely intuitive and it’s so convenient having access to payroll, time clock, and my insurance benefits all in one place. I’m able to use sick days and vacation days with the click of a button. It even has a chart of all of the different employees and what position they hold, which is very convenient to refer to, in addition to having their contact info all in one place. I love the customized to-do list they integrated into the homepage, for keeping on top of tasks that are upcoming. Fantastic app! 5/5.
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11 months ago, md201619
This company is poorly set up to actually do the basic thing it is meant to do- payroll. It does not automatically update rates nor do they check to make sure that the agency they are paying taxes to is correct. My (now ex) accountant set the system up, did not give me total access, and then the Rippling system did not actually look into verifying any information. The other issue we had was that taxes were not paid on time A LOT *or* to the wrong agency *or* (this one is impressive) to the wrong account. How is this company even legal?? On top of that nothing is intuitive on their platform- I don’t think the developers have ever actually ran payroll based on how this app is laid our. They are serving other payroll companies on a platter and tbh, just take the other option, this company is a disaster.
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9 months ago, snakesixx
Making you work for your own money all over again…
Card gets declined so you pay out of pocket. Then you try to call the number on the card and you’re directed to email someone and hung up on. 24 hours later, they’ll email you back and ask if you can go back to the doctor’s office and try again… if you’re not willing to put your life on hold and focus on what Rippling needs, you have to submit a reimbursement claim that has to be reviewed. All for $10. They make it so it’s almost not worth the effort to get your money back… Just get out of the way and give me my money please. This isn’t easier, or better, or happier with you involved. I already work hard for my money and benefits, now I have to work for you to actually experience them…?
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2 years ago, Reptile36
First time user-SOLD
Joined a new company about a month ago, I was absolutely dreading the “onboarding” process (download 15 apps, create all new passwords, email IT for the first three days) blah, blah. I couldn’t have been happier to find that my new company was NOT using the big competitor. SO easy and light. Everything in one place, simple navigation, and so capable. All you need, nothing you don’t. What a relief. Not sure about market share or how prevalent use of this product is, but compared to what I’ve used previously, it should be the default choice among its peers.
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2 years ago, erikaalbright
Most efficient app for any company
This app is truly amazing. I can always clock in to work via my phone or laptop and never have to wait in line to punch in my hours ever again. It has the abilities to work as an app or as a website, has a variety of features, and works every time without a problem. Rippling has made my meal breaks easier to manage and even has a timer on them to let you know how long you have been paid/unpaid. This app is great and I’m so glad my new company introduced me to it!
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2 years ago, Ninnie213
Amazing program
I’ve never used something like this before until I started with the company I am currently working for. I work for a remote tele-health company and it’s the first time I’ve ever worked for this type of company so I had no idea what to do. Rippling made everything so easy and user friendly when setting up all of my employment, payroll, PTO information. It is so user friendly and I absolutely love this program! Highly highly recommend!!! Thanks Rippling for making my work life easier!
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1 year ago, cscrumal
Easy to use and great for onboarding
Rippling is an excellent app for managing employee information and HR tasks. It is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for my team to keep track of important information and stay organized. The app also integrates well with other tools we use, such as Google Suite and Slack. The customer support is also top-notch and always available to help with any issues. Overall, I highly recommend Rippling to any business looking to streamline their HR processes.
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3 years ago, missmary16
Work HRIS system
I helped implement Rippling for my company and have been working as one of the main admins. It’s been challenging to get used to and get it all set up but each day we find little things that make our lives easier or that add excitement to already existing processes. I know there’s a lot we aren’t currently utilizing but hoping to get there with time. Rippling’s support is also exceptional. I always get a response even when using the chat feature. :)
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3 years ago, FrankieQ
Easy to use, powerful behind the scenes
Just moved to Rippling and loving it so far. We came from a system that was not user friendly. You take time on the front end to set up the company infrastructure, but once you do, onboarding new team members is a breeze. Notifications are automatically sent to remind employees and admins when tasks are due. Rippling offers integrated solutions with many other partners which allows for greatly streamlined management of processes, especially for small and growing companies.
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4 years ago, Victoria L.W.
Great improvement over out previous HR system
We got Rippling in time for our benefits enrollment. What a clear and simple process, with all the external documents placed for reference just where they needed to be! We have had one payroll as well and no problems for me, the employee! Everything is better so far plus we did not have an app for our previous system. I would recommend looking at it to see if it meets your requirements. You will certainly find it easy for your employees to use!
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2 years ago, KelliHillgoth
Why the change to time entries?
The new time entry update is not an improvement. It is cumbersome to have to select a date and time for every job change. It should at least auto populate to the current date to remove that extra step. Overall I like rippling but sometimes I don’t understand why the changes are made that are when there are so many other better changes that could have been made. Like, don’t fix it if it’s not broken kinda thing.
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3 years ago, rhfduhb
Move aside ADP, this is the best HR tool ever
I went from a company that had Rippling, to a company who used ADP and let me tell you, I almost quit just trying to navigate ADP. It was so confusing and I had to email HR about ten times just to get 1 question answered about how to find info in there. Cut to, I went back to the company who had Rippling and felt a sigh of relief. I onboarded in 5 minutes (no joke) and love how easy it is to find anything I need in there. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Jessi Michelle Mills
Easy to use and nice UX design
My company has been using Rippling for the past few years and I love it. It’s easy to use and has everything you need in one place. We have used other products before but there were many downsides like no app for the phone, difficult to use, and missing features that seemed should be available. Rippling is always improving their product and has a very modern easy to use interface. I would highly recommend!
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3 years ago, owen742
Rippling is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Just moved to my new company and they use Rippling for onboarding, payroll, tasks, EVERYTHING. It’s a very user friendly all-in-one HR platform and I genuinely liked that it kept me up to date over my benefits enrollment, makes accessing my pay stubs so easy, and device management a breeze with the help of the app as well. I didn’t know what Rippling was when I came to my new company, but I can see why we’re using it. Two thumbs up!
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3 years ago, sspade1
People Software for the Future!
As someone who has worked in corporate America for approximately 10 years, with several different companies… I have seen my fair share of software and processes regarding HR related happenings. I can tell you honestly that the experience with Rippling is like none other and does a fabulous job at bringing all necessary facets under one roof. I would highly recommend this to any company that cares about their people!
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2 years ago, PitchMod
Great stuff
I’ve used Rippling for 2 jobs now and the software is very intuitive and easy to navigate. I love how when I switched to my new job, all my info from my previous position transferred over, which made onboarding much simpler. I also like having all my info centralized in one location so that everything is easy to reference even if you switch jobs - useful when tax season comes around.
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2 years ago, DGibson222
Rippling is the way to go
I’m a fairly new Rippling user, but this is my new standard. It’s so convenient that I can do everything I need by myself, without having to bug our HR Director. In the past, I had to get a hold of HR to make any changes. And I’ve even had to sign physical paperwork to do so. Not anymore! I’m still getting familiar with all the features, but all I can say is that Rippling makes things so much easier. Way to go!
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2 years ago, Giselleagui
If this had 10 stars I would definitely rate 10/10!!
Everything about this app is truly amazing! To be able to access my insurance information, clocking in and out is so easy and especially to edit changes! Overall I truly appreciate the articles that are located in the help center! Everything on this app is so easy to manage! The engineering team have done an astonishing job!!
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2 years ago, spm12345654321
Great experience adding a family member to insurance plan
Rippling has made so many of my administrative tasks easier and less time consuming. Having my paystubs and tax information easily accessible in one place has made life easier. I also was able to recently add a member of my family to my insurance plan and Rippling made the process incredibly simple and painless. I would recommend Rippling to everyone.
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2 years ago, voidripper
Excellent workforce hub
Having downloaded different workforce apps in the past, I was skeptical of yet another one for my new job. I thought it was just going to be some clunky memory hog that would end up taking me to their website…and I could not have been more wrong! Such a smooth interface, both in action and aesthetically! I cannot recommend this enough for business owners.
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2 years ago, JC Los
Great Place for all HR Needs
As a first time user of Rippling with my new firm, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use along with the great interface/dashboard. We all know that new employee onboarding can be quite cumbersome and tedious, but with Rippling the process was expedited prior to my first day. It was simplified so that I was able to get right through and put my focus more on the work and tasks at hand of my new role. I was able to accomplish all the paperwork and tasks in one place (one-stop shop), which for me was a very pleasant experience. No need to worry about finding important HR related documents because Rippling stores all that for the user to find and pull if needed down the line. Overall, impressed with the capabilities and functions.
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3 years ago, Mal412006
Finally, HR made easy!
I cannot say enough how grateful I am to be using Rippling for my HR needs at my job. It’s so convenient to have everything be on one platform, in one place! Rippling also does a great job of spelling things out in simple terms so you can feel confident about the decisions you are making and your ability to easily navigate the platform. I’ve never experienced such a seamless onboarding process.
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2 years ago, omgomg222
Rippling makes access to payroll, insurance plan/benefits, employment documents, etc very easy and streamlined to navigate. I’ve had to deal with far less headache thanks to their amazing platform. Additionally as an employer, the platform helps keep filings, payroll, documents to centralized and organized. I also love the to do feature that notifies you of any new activities or forms that need to be completed. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Meetup Mama
Easy application & User Friendly!
I highly recommend using Rippling! What a great concept to have all of your payroll & benefits in one place! I love that each time I get paid I get notified with a cute little animation that brings extra excitement to payday!! 😊It was a breeze to set up payroll & benefits - they make this process extremely user friendly! No one likes paperwork but Rippling simplifies the process! Super easy to navigate and love having payroll & benefits all in one place! 😊
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2 years ago, Taunovo
I utilize this on my iPad as well as my laptop and have had zero issues. It is user friendly, has everything I need right there for my company, informative, and follows up with emails on things that are important to you. This is a much more streamline than what my previous company used, which has saved me time and been much more efficient when I have busy days.
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4 years ago, *~Boostah*~
App is Extremely User Friendly
The company I work for transitioned is to Rippling from Gusto and one of the best things about the switch is how easy the app is to use. You have just about all of your info on the main site available at your finger tips and I 100% feel confident using it from my phone. I highly suggest Rippling HR solutions for your HR needs as they have a strong user portal and app for you to use.
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2 years ago, Lambchops 1
Nice User Friendly App Penelope T.
I've never used Rippling until I started with this company. Everything was very well put together. It let me see what tasks were open and all my information was organized in one place which I love. It also allows me access to my insurance benefits as well as my payroll information on the go. I find it to be a very user friendly app.
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2 years ago, Myhasuk
Switched from ADP to Rippling and it’s so much better!
My company switched from ADP to Rippling a few months ago. I was a little hesitant at first based on my experience with the former. Not anymore. Not only is Rippling’s website better, but their app is so much easier to use. It’s much more user friendly and intuitive! I wish more apps were as easy to use as Rippling! 5 stars all around!
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2 years ago, Timmay the cruel
HR Simplified
As a user of many HRIS systems I can happily say that Rippling stands above the rest. The ease of use, both from an administration and user end make the platform a must for organizations of any size. Also, the ability to integrate many third party applications and features allow one to customize the platform and get close to that single pane of glass for employee facing program needs. Lee up the good work!
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4 years ago, MelisH4
Game charger for our organization
This app and platform was really a game changer for our small (<50) organization. Never had our organization had a platform where we could so early access payroll, change insurance, and run different reports. This really took a lot of strain off of our admin staff and with a cost that we could afford. We are really happy we went with Rippling and will continue to use them in the future.
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3 years ago, Lyssaperle
Very user friendly
We switched to rippling a few months ago and I really didn’t use it much. That was until we suddenly lost insurance coverage and needed to get insurance ASAP. I was able to fill out the form and submit documents online and I was able to get our insurance information on the app right away. It was a huge weight off my chest. Very impressed!
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3 years ago, mollysza
I recently started at a company that uses Rippling. It has been such a great application to use both on the computer and mobile device. Rippling is so user friendly and allows me to log my hours, see benefit information, as well as see pay stubs. Coming from someone who has never worked from home before, Rippling has been a great product!
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3 years ago, HubXP
Simple and easy to use
We’ve been using Rippling for almost 3 years for all our payroll services and it’s been working well. It's quick and easy to run payroll. All required state and federal forms and taxes Rippling files automatically. The website is pretty intuitive and easy to use. We use Quickbooks as our accounting software and it was a simple integration with Rippling. Customer service is available if needed and helpful.
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3 years ago, My dharma
Great for Remote team management
As the senior executive assistant for a remote team, I like being able to leverage the tools and suggestions that Rippling provides inside the app. We’ve been able to connect our team through various password apps, communication apps, and storage optimization all through the Rippling app shop and HR management tools. Great for onboarding employees as well! Highly recommend! Liilu
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1 year ago, Free hat
Invisible button??
In the older version of the app it was much easier to navigate to all sections including employee information. After an update I thought they got rid of a whole section because there was no longer a button to access it. Then I accidentally discovered if you press on the top right corner you can access your profile and employment information. There is zero indication that you have to press up there and it almost feels like the app is trying to hide that information from you. Otherwise it's just a really poor design choice
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3 years ago, msmo55124
Easy, intuitive and beyond convenient.
Our company uses Rippling for all things HR and the platform is amazing. It’s a one stop shop for the employee and even sends reminders of team birthdays and tasks! We keep adding features as a company and it keeps becoming more convenient. Only having to remember one login for benefits, payroll, reviews, etc. makes such a difference!
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8 months ago, Polonia M.
Rippling is able to hold so much information for both company’s and their employees, however I notice the one that my coworkers and I Highly Dislike, is that rippling does not direct deposit immediately on the date and time of payday. I wish our company still had ADP where we would be paid immediately at midnight of that day. There are times where I would not get paid until almost 6pm of payday. I think if it had an accurate and consistent time of pay, it would be more considerable and desirable to use.
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1 year ago, Samantha2261984
Bad updates
Idk what the prod and eng departments are up to, but this app, which used to be so easy to use to log my work time and breaks, went through an update that makes this the clunkiest app on my phone. Every morning I try to open the app and I see the title screen but nothing more. I need to delete the app and re-download it. Then it requires me to log in with my email, password, and 2FA. These details load and then Rippling takes me BACK to a screen where I log in with my email, password, and 2FA. Pain in the neck every morning, and a huge time sink as I’m trying to log into work.
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2 years ago, MalloryPi
Great for new hires and employee tasks
I started with a new company a few weeks ago that uses Rippling. I love how easy it is to request PTO, view our org chart, see benefits and more. We all know there are a lot of subpar user experiences out there when it comes to workforce SaaS. Rippling is truly simple, user friendly and a tool I actually enjoy using. Would recommend to anyone.
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2 years ago, Mnm_531
Wonderful User Friendly Experience
Rippling interface makes everything easy to navigate for employees. This is my first time using this platform with my new employer and the central location for payroll, choosing benefits, time off onboarding along with contributing to my 401k experience is by far the best I’ve used compared to its competitors. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Jason Hinojosa
Easy to use, clean UI, and great support
I’ve used Rippling for a few months and so far my experience with the product has been great! It’s easy to use, the UI on their dashboard and ATS product is easy to understand, and the few times I needed to speak with someone on the support staff has been pleasant. I would recommend this product to any startup.
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3 years ago, Best Free Doc App
Simple, Great Design, Easy To Use
I really like Rippling’s user experience. Their app is simple to navigate, doesn’t clutter the navigation, and has the security features I appreciate like authenticator app verification. The paystubs are very easy to access and understand, and they are great as email layouts as well. Would highly recommend for other small and medium sized businesses out there!
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2 years ago, aguir_07
Best Value for the price
I’ve been using rippling for onboarding and device management for over a year now and a couple of things stand out. Integration: Deployment is very smooth in this platform and as a new company you get the basics, from software & antivirus deployment, to users management. The platform definitely makes it easy to get a user in, procure and assign a workstation with software and security on it. Multi-use: The platform does a great job integrating HR tasks from employee onboarding to health benefits/open enrollment. It also does a good job integrating HR with IT tasks. If you own a startup and are looking for something to get you going without pain and in one platform then Rippling is for you.
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2 years ago, JLara2022
Great app for the busy employee!
I love how this app is able to centralize logins for other apps - email, performance websites, etc. the time reporting/time off requesting tools are easy to use. Also, love how easy it is to enroll in benefits through the Rippling portal. Every week I get email reminders from Rippling as well… which helps when you are tied up with the workload.
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2 years ago, TdAm714
Easy, comprehensive and legit.
Probably one of the best working apps I’ve used in awhile. Very easy to navigate, simple UI’s and works like a charm. My work place uses it and I would thought I’ll need a 101 on it. Funny thing, it’s so easy to navigate that it’s nearly impossible for you to get lost. Rate it a 10 star if I could. Recommend this to all business!
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