Riverview Mobile Banking

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Riverview Community Bank
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Riverview Mobile Banking

4.42 out of 5
562 Ratings
4 years ago, Inkudu
Better mobile banking, please.
I have been very pleased with Riverview Bank and their mobile app so far. When they added the feature of being able to deposit a check via the mobile app, I was happy I didn’t have to make a 20 mile round trip to just use the ATM. The problem is, they DO NOT make any funds available. If deposits via the app are made after 4pm, they’re not available until after 7pm the next business day. This policy was obviously written by people who assume their customers are trying to steal from them and who do not understand technology. My suggestion would be they treat it like an ATM deposit and make $300 available or do what BECU does; make the entire amount available immediately through mobile deposit. Otherwise, I am extremely happy with Riverview customer services and the people who work there.
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3 years ago, TheMichaelDJ
Approved mobile deposit still not showing up
I deposited a check using my mobile app on Saturday morning before the bank opened up. The money was not available or even a portion like is typical with mobile banking apps. I called and was told that the money wouldn’t be available until Monday evening some time. No definite answer. It is almost an hour after all the branches are closed and the deposit is showing as “approved” but no portion at all is reflected in my available balance. I will never use this app again.
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3 months ago, Kona Sheree
I truly enjoy the employees at Goldendale Branch of Riverview Bank. They are right there to help anyone that comes in and they take care of business with a smile. They go the extra mile to help whenever needed. I am always impressed with the manager, Cindy Furlong. If she is busy with a customer, she follows thru to make sure my business is taken care of. The Bank always looks inviting. It is special at any time with Christmas taking highest marks. The Christmas Tree with Christmas wishes for our community children, to fulfill, is enlightening to share the love of giving and the Christmas Spirit! ♥️
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2 years ago, ^Remm
Have to say, through all the banking apps “that I have used” this is great, intuitive, and fast. Would love for a smoother overlay, and a little more modern looking. Yet if I am going for just functionality 5 stars, Appearance ehhh 4 stars, just because > menu > settings > “themes”. Very cool to see a bank app have themes an customization even though they’re very basic cool to see a feature like that! So I stand by my 4 stars for looks and appearance. Definitely would recommend the app and bank!
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5 years ago, Positive-Outlook
Depositing a check
I read a prior review related to depositing a check in a Saturday and the funds not showing in the account until Monday. All financial institutions have a cut off time for deposits. Deposits made after a certain time are not seen as a deposit made that day (they are seen as though they were made the next day). In using the example of a Saturday deposit, if made late in the day it will be seen as though it was deposited on Sunday and therefore reflect in the updated balance the next day (Monday).
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4 years ago, petey1949
Not able to do mobile deposits on my iPad
About a year ago I could do mobile deposits and then you upgraded and now no more mobile deposits. The staff tells me to delete the app and reinstall it but it just goes to the cloud and comes back to the same as before. Help!
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4 years ago, holosys
Deposit feature won’t work
Got a $5 check in the mail from Riverview as an “incentive" to activate online deposit through the camera. It told me to write “for mobile deposit” under my endorsement. Took a photo and the app warned me it could not accept conditional endorsements. Repeated and got same refusal to deposit check. Ended up tossing check. I felt thoroughly disgusted because it would have been cheaper for the bank not to send a check and keep my goodwill, not make me jump through hoops in vain and lose my goodwill. Doesn’t make sense. Then it asked me to rate the app! It’s like they want this one star rating. Why would a multi-billion bank proactively alienate good customers?
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1 year ago, Leigh Potter
Necessary Evil
It works well until automatic password changes are requested by the app. With dozens of apps and other websites it is difficult to come up with passwords to remember. I’m 74 years old and have lived with technology since early on. When I’m dead my wife is going to need help. I’m trying to set things in order but it is a concern. I’ve automated much of my debt payments and tied to set them to end when debt is gone. Long story short, unnecessary password changes just add stress to my life.
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3 years ago, 638Me
Lots of info available
I’m more pleased with the app than with Riverview online: capability of making mobile deposits is super convenient (and I think this portion has improved from previously — there aren’t less “rejects” of deposits.) Also easy to check history of different months on various accounts. This app is Handy to have.
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1 year ago, MEMW2
Where is the log out function?
I do not feel secure with no option to log out visible. OK, I finally found log off by accidentally swiping from the side. All is well now. I am getting usedto it better now. Apparently this has been waiting quite a while to get sent. I have gotten used to it long ago now. No probllems!
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1 year ago, Bestbuyfromme
This app has been revamped, what a perfect time to include the ability to write a memo with your deposit that’s longer than four or five words, and includes all characters on your keyboard. Currently unable to do this. Also the ability to edit your memo and your notes. this also is not included. This is extremely helpful during tax time. What’s the big secret? Why can’t you do this it would be so much help to the customer isn’t that what it’s all about? Isn’t it about you they say? sheesh
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4 years ago, Starlisa Black
Easy to use
This app seems well-designed, I can get into it quickly, change pages quickly and figure out where I need to be easily. I find the information I need and I’m able to do mobile check deposits and transfers with a click or two. Thank you!!
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3 months ago, ajjsp
Best Bank
We have had accounts at many different banks and this bank is by far the best. Friendly service and employees who are knowledgeable, friendly and ready to help you. I would recommend Riverview, in White Salmon, WA to both friends and family.😊
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1 year ago, Klmarchel
Excellent banking app
I love the Riverview bank app. Very user friendly Plus I love Riverview customer service. I always feel recognized and like I am not just another number. They truly treat you like a real human and go out of their way to be helpful and supportive. Lol ve the team at Salmon creek and the Hazeldell branch!!
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4 years ago, mattbiebs
It’s workable but..
While this app is great for checking your balance. It is not as good as Bank of America app for example. It seems like an app that needs a revision to catch up with better technology. It just feels old or barely able to run. I prefer a different alert and notification system this one seems basic and lacking info. So for basic things like looking up your balance it works ok.
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4 years ago, the robert 81
Decent but not great.
Fine for checking balances or doing mobile deposit but lacks some simple features that could make it better. How about triggering the flash when taking a photo of the check so the app will work better in less than ideal lighting conditions? A simple line to show which side of the check the app expects the endorsement would be helpful.
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4 years ago, hodi blanca
Mobile deposit doesn’t work often
The mobile check deposit doesn’t work often. It’s gives a notification that we didn’t write the endorsement properly or the end of the check is cut off when neither is valid.
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1 year ago, Classicpeter
Good app, straightforward
I use a couple of banking and credit card apps and Riverview by far has the simpler UX. Uncluttered by ads or deals of the day, it just helps you bank. It’s not flashy, it’s functional.
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3 months ago, JohnM-VaWA
Great app, very useful
I especially like the ability to transfer between accounts and deposit mobile checks.
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4 years ago, Gorungo
Need a better app
App is never up to date. Things don’t balance over the weekend at all until mid day Monday. Transactions take forever to go through and show up on the app. Wire transfers take ages. It’s a great bank but Thursday afternoon direct deposits can take until late Monday to show up. Even cash deposits at the atm don’t go through for a while. I shouldn’t have to balance my account on paper in order to have a more accurate view of my account. It’s 2019.
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2 months ago, TheDustyWalker
Could be better and easier to find information in.
I may be spoiled because I have had a Capital One 360 account back when it was NetBank. Their UI has evolved over the years to be one of the better ones. So, does this app work? Yes. Does it have room for improvement? Yes.
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1 year ago, eric123abc
Improved and improving
Hits all the needed notes for mobile banking. Easy transfers, mobile check deposit etc
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1 year ago, Shanailm
If I could give it less I would
This bank is the worst I’ve ever dealt with in my life. They don’t protect your money. They give you crap about accessing your own money. The app is down half the time. The other half the time it doesn’t update for 3 /4 even as many as 6 days later. I never really know how much money I have because of this. Awful! Would not recommend to my worst enemy.
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4 years ago, Ling Family
Not a good app compared to other banking apps I’ve used
Almost impossible to set up transfers to other banks (you have to make another bank a payee like paying a bill); by default payments are old fashioned checks in USPS instead of immediate EFT transfers; help instructions don’t work or are completely wrong; no published interest rates for savings accounts or CDs online; all these compared to a major national bank and a credit union from where I used to live.
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11 months ago, Zwarrior13
Lifestyle upgrade
This app is fantastic and just makes life easier. Thank you to everyone who made this app possible, you all are truly appreciated.
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2 years ago, funnyladyinhawaii
Banking online
It’s a great way to check what’s going on in my account absolutely love this Thank you for making life easier for all who bank with you
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6 months ago, Ray the boat guy
Longtime Customer
This app is intuitive and easy to use. Riverview is keeping up the the technology of the time with its many updates to the app. Big Thanks
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2 years ago, Red Wood Forest
Fran Groth
So helpful, friendly and worked during the Pandemic! It was thru the window while other banks closed their rule banks leaving their customers with out a banking facility! Thank you Riverview!
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3 years ago, Hvanderhook
Nice app.
Only issue is when I switch from portrait mode to landscape I lose the menu option on top left of screen.
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2 months ago, timwick
Reliable and if need help customer service is available and in us so can understand the representative and they can understand me.
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4 months ago, The Best in Ever
All of it is great!!
Everything about this app makes me happy! #userfriendly #clarity And I can always call a customer service representative and they are very helpful!
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1 year ago, ChoorchDawg
Thank you for making it easy
Is so convenient to have your bank on your phone 👌
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2 years ago, Jan_Fil
Easy way to bank online
I rarely have to go into the bank using the app has been a life changer
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4 years ago, SageWorks Designs
Yes it is really great! Very user friendly :)
I have been working with Riverview for 10yrs and they are always so very helpful. The app has really evolved into a very very useful tool for both my personal and business banking
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4 years ago, cantsleepmomma
It works
I think it could be a little more user friendly, especially with depositing checks but for the most part does what it should.
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3 years ago, Kelsiebug98
Functional and user friendly
This app allows me to do so much from my phone no matter where I’m at.
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2 years ago, CM CEO
Easy to use
Easy to use. Never crashes. Accurate. Better than my other bank!?
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2 years ago, MichelleMadilyn
Very easy
This app makes my online banking so easy and convenient, Would recommend!
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4 years ago, Zack - Aka AJ
Great online banking app!
I have been using Riverview community banking app for a few years now , and have never had an issue. I enjoy how simple and easy the app is to use! Thanks!
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6 years ago, maudishka
Why has this app not been updated in 9 months. There are serious issues with loading. Often times the data never loads. I notice other comments with the same issue so it seems strange to me that this hasn’t been fixed. When people need their banking information they usually need it now, not whenever the app decides to load.
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3 months ago, Fiasca
Wonderful customer service really sweet staff. I’ve had a a Riverview account for 22 years and I’ll never close it The app is super easy to use. I love it.
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11 months ago, Sanders cali
Love this bank ! Not as friendly after COVID.
Still better than the big players.
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5 years ago, Riverview2016!
Great App!
I’ve used quite a few mobile banking apps over the years and this is by far my favorite. It looks good, works well, and is easy to use.
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3 years ago, GoRVing.com
Works Every Time
Great App. Use it all the time including Mobile Deposits. Have had it installed well over a year with no issues.
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11 months ago, Pipeface
Mobile deposit not working
While in the app (itself not super intuitive), I chose mobile deposit, and I get a message saying I must be in the mobile app in order to make such a deposit — it tells me that from in the app!
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3 months ago, Marigold953
Love this app 💕
Easy to navigate and I use it frequently. Highly recommend
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3 months ago, Skeet1961
Pretty good app
Would really like to have a running balance displayed, but otherwise it’s a decent banking app.
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8 months ago, leo0870
Great job.
You made things easy to navigate in my checking account , thanks.
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6 months ago, Nye47
Easy to use
I love the quick access to mobile deposit and account balances
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2 years ago, Auqagirl
Okay but not great
It’s a little sluggish at times - not always “synced” with the computer information 😳😳
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