Robokiller: Spam Call Blocker

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TelTech Systems
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Robokiller: Spam Call Blocker

4.52 out of 5
403.5K Ratings
8 months ago, Fun10134
Very happy with Robokiller
I’ve been using Robokiller for about a year, or a little over a year, and I’m very impressed by it. Before I got it, I was getting spam calls and texts left and right, and it was really annoying. I found Robokiller in the store and did the free trial. I set up everything the app needed so it could do its purpose. To my amazement, during the free trial, my phone was quiet from spammers, and it was a relief. Sure, there were times it didn’t work, but that’s because my phone kept forgetting that I have Robokiller installed, so I had to go to my phone settings to remind it. I know it works because I’ve had people call me and tell me that it would send them to the voicemail I setup with Robokiller. Without me telling them about it. Is it pricey? Yeah, sure, but is it worth it? Absolutely. If you own a business that’s a different story, and hopefully you’re using a company phone. This is more for your personal day-to-day phone. I do, however, wish that Robokiller can separate voicemails from known numbers to my phone instead of sending them to Robokiller. If someone I love passes away and leaves a voicemail, once I uninstall the app, that voicemail is gone. So find a way to separate them, known number voicemails to phone and spam voicemails to Robokiller. Other than that Robokiller is great, and I can’t live without it. Until developers somehow manage to jeopardize it, then it’s bye-bye.
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6 years ago, CaliRacer
This is awesome!
A couple weeks ago I went online to look at different Health insurance plans. My information pre-filled into the information boxes with my phone number. I was under the impression I was on my way to viewing comparisons. Second after this information what was entered, I started receiving solicitation calls from The health Registration Center. These people will drive you nuts. They called me every day, 20 times per today, sometimes minutes apart and sometimes at the same time. The first day I answered 5 or 6 times and asked them not to call me anymore. Each person I talk to said they would update their records. The calls never stopped. They would start just before 8 o’clock in the morning and go on until 8 o’clock at night. I just kept my ringer off and thought I was going to have to change my phone number. Since downloading this App I have been able to turn my ringer back on. Such a relief! My phone doesn’t even ring anymore when they call. No more voicemails from the robot named Emily or Angie. I get a notification on my screen to open and hear them talking to my answer bot (which has been quite entertaining) and get the option to continue blocking that number. This is the best App ever!
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6 years ago, Jerryg78
Great app, a few simple fixes could make it greater
My phone got to the point where I got 15-20 calls per day of spam, scam and spoofing. I don’t need to go into detail of what they were because by now we all know them. THIS APP WORKS!!! In two weeks I’ve gotten only 3 calls that have come through. One of them was marked “unknown” and there’s nothing any app can do about that. It says it blocks a few a day but I’m sure it’s much more since many spams just hang up and don't interact with the bot. There are however two issues. The first is the default bot message. It says you are using robocall and invites the caller to leave a message if they choose. It also says the message may not be heard. First, the caller ca talk and be recorded while the bot is talking. That makes no sense. I wish it could be a customized voicemail so in those rare occasions were a legit call gets through someone can leave a real message and doesn’t need to know they’re talking to an app. This would be huge especially for someone applying to jobs if they were to miss a call from a hiring company. Also, I missed two calls from capital one and Amex. Since much of this is crowdsourced I’m wondering if people are reporting legitimate phone numbers as spam because those numbers are calling them for legitimately unpaid bills. It’s wrong for people to report numbers as spam because they want to avoid valid calls.
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1 year ago, Chaw3
Could be better.
I am not an app developer or anything, so maybe it is much more complicated than website development, but this app could use a few improvements. I installed it on my work phone because my number gets out there a lot. I have not had any problem with the app blocking calls, but once they get blocked I only get one chance to view the number. Sometimes it will let me tap the notification and call the number back, other times it just takes me to the apps Home Screen. I wish there was a call history on the app. Also I have not yet been able to access any voicemails that are left “through” the app. I contacted customer service and they said to upgrade the version to fix this. That did absolutely nothing. As someone else mentioned, my spam calls have increased dramatically, and ironically they have increased exponentially on my personal phone that does not have the app. I got 21 spam calls on my personal phone yesterday alone. Before downloading the app I would get 1-5 a day. Unfortunately this is my work phone so I get a lot of calls from clients who’s number I do not have saved. My only solution now is to turn RoboKiller off, but it will still silence or block calls, then I can not go back and access that phone number. Therefore I have to also go into my phone settings to deny the app permissions. It is mildly infuriating and I hope someday they add a call log to the app.
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4 years ago, idrista
Great app, ok options
When my boss told me about this app, I was apprehensive at first, thinking it seems a little invasive. However, after having use the app now for almost 2 years, I don’t think I’ll ever go back. The number of spam calls/texts that I have received has dropped to almost nothing compared to what it was before, and RoboKiller is nice enough to record the callers that still try for you to listen to later and have a little laugh. They even invite you to feel included in the process of “catching the bad guys” by asking you for feedback on the call you received (what was the nature of the call, what was the caller trying to sell you/convince you of, offer you, who did the caller say they were, etc) and let’s you choose whether to allow or block a certain caller, just in case they got it wrong (so far, that’s only happened once, but it was my bank calling, and they’ve had a lot of fraudsters spoofing their number...). My only two issues with the app right now and the call screening feature (I like the feature, but it doesn’t seem fully developed quite yet) and that you can’t separate the caller’s voice from the automated response voice on the recorded calls. I feel that implementing this last option would help the user to be able to provide more accurate feedback on the nature of the caller.
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6 months ago, Steelers 1407
Scammers just Spoof now. App is useless
The app may be good for certain callers that use established numbers. But it is useless when Scammers are spoofing on every call. Robokiller will have you set your phone to not accept unknown callers. It then intercepts those calls with a pre recorded conversation. Your phone is blocking the call due to the phone setting anyone can do without Robokiller. On top of that I now get scammer calls marked as “Robokiller Safe Call” coming through. The scammers are outsmarting Robokiller. Robokiller needs to up their game. This was a great app a few years ago. Not so much anymore. Update: Robo Killer is good if you want to screw with the telemarketers. In exchange, you are going to get a lot more calls from the scammers. Unfortunately if you want or need to turn off the app, your phone is going to blow up with spoofed calls. In my case, I have AT&T. AT&T has its own app that can be d/l on the App Store called “Active Armour”. It is free to AT&T users and will straight up stop all of the scam calls including ones that are spoofed. I can assume that the other carriers have similar apps. AT&T has a way of knowing which calls are spoofed right off the bat and will block it. I don’t think Robo Killer has that ability. So, if you want to screw with the scammers, use Robo Killer. If you just want to stop the scam calls, use the free app provided by your carrier.
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4 years ago, carpetFox
This problems and trying to get help to fix are not worth the money paid foru it
This program was best under the original developers. Yes that is what I said. Now I cannot get in touch with a real live human being about an issue that makes or breaks the deal of paying $26. something a year. When I first signed up I think it was like three dollars. Now I can write a lengthy email explaining VERY SPECIFICALLY the problem and the resppnse I get back is like trying to write to a stupid computer, or, some foreign support who doesn’t “get it” what my problem is! This is the problem. I signed up with True talk USA ( about a 50% savings of what I paid Verizon ) so I could save myself some money because bills are hard to pay with job losses etc. The problem is: I am given a phone number already programmed into instructions for robokiller set up, AND ITS THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER to use with Pure Talk! My email ends with verizon, so someone probably thinks I am a nut case! So they send me a list of numbers to use when I find out from PURE TALK USA WHAT TRANSFER WIRES THEY USE. Ok I am told its AT&T. Good luck trying to put the correct number in... the one given cannot seem to be changed! So why did I bother to find out the company wires they use when in fact I cannot change it? Furthermore, why bother when the company is so reliant on computers and foreigners, that I cannot get any satisfaction regarding my issue? Apple, I want my 26 dollars back. Now.
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2 years ago, a.foulke5270
Hasn’t worked right since new phone
RoboKiller used to work perfectly on my old iPhone 7, but since upgrading to an iPhone 13 Pro Max it has consistently been a massive headache. I don’t know if it’s the new phone or the latest version of iOS. I have given RoboKiller months to get things worked out and I just canceled my subscription. First of all the app constantly resets. Second, the setup number for my carrier will occasionally disappear forcing me to use the generic setup number. Third of all occasionally the setup will fail even though everything is turned on in my phones settings properly, this will then block all calls and prevent me from even seeing that there was an incoming call. Fourth sometimes the app will have wiped itself and I won’t know it which will also block all incoming calls and prevents me from seeing that there was an incoming call. On those last two points, RoboKiller has caused me to miss several important calls that I had assumed were never made. I am sure there is some other issues that I can’t even think of, but those are the major ones. Basically my only recourse was to deactivate, unsubscribe, and delete. I’d rather deal with the spam and other unwanted calls. Also this has its own voicemail box which supersedes the native iOS voicemail box. So if you save voicemails for whatever reason deleting and unsubscribing from this app will wipe those voicemails out.
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4 years ago, price2014
Not satisfied.. and unable to remove
I downloaded this app as I own a couple businesses and from doing several ads , receive regular telemarketers or robotic calls that interfere with my daily phone usage. Someone how I went to try it out for a couple days and for some reason the yearly amount was deducted from my bank account. Issue 1. After using for a couple days I realized this was nothing that was going to work for me as it blocked the right calls and several potential new customer calls as they weren’t saved in my contacts yet. Issue 2. Upon trying to see if my money could be refunded realized that was probably not going to happen so I tried to get used to the app again. This time was no different and actually I lost a lot of money missing new customers calls. I did the next thing I could think of and remove/uninstalled the app and chop the yearly amount up as a loss. But it didn’t end there, now barely any of my calls came through even ones that were programmed in my contacts giving the caller an “ unreachable/ unavailable at this time “ message and for me I would see in a text that “ ******* number tried reaching Robokiller without success “ . I went through all my apps and couldn’t find where Robokiller was still on my phone. I had to download it again and try to go into settings. Months later and I’m still dealing with this issue with no resolve. Please help
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6 years ago, TkCoSfgal
2 Star App, NOT 5...
...Now that I’ve got your attention— When I first purchased this app, it worked 90% of the time, which was awesome. About 2 months ago it stopped blocking as many calls every week. More than 3/4 of them. Spam numbers that are similar to mine, which is most of them, and other numbers just started ringing straight through. I got an alert from the app stating that an extension or attachment (something on those lines) had disconnected. I took a screenshot and emailed it to Customer Service. I explained what was going on and let them know I tried to fix it with no luck. I’ve emailed 3 times, but no one will reply. Very frustrating! When I first started using the app, I had questions (and a suggestion) and wrote a couple of emails. I didn’t hear back, but didn’t think anything of it. Recently I wrote a 2 star review similar to this one. I posted it, but it’s nowhere to be found in these reviews. As for the app, seems like once they have your money— they’re finished with you. I see that I’m not alone in other reviews. READ the 1-3 star reviews! I didn’t. And if you get this app, hope that the technical gods are on your side... Because customer service won’t be.
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5 years ago, AlliRush13
UPDATE — After I cancelled my subscription customer service admitted that with Sprint the app does not work. They also asked that positive reviews be posted on social media but negative reviews be emailed only to them. Um... no. People need to know that problems exist with this app. Original post: I heard about this app from and friend and was SO excited to try it out. Unfortunately, it’s been a headache for a month. All calls, including spam, are still ringing off the hook at all hours of the day. Also, my actual contacts are all being redirected to a RoboKiller voicemail instead of my personal voicemail on my phone. I have been in contact with customer service several times and they keep giving me new phone numbers to try to correctly install they app but none of them worked. Nor have they directly answered my question, “is this app supposed to filter calls so automated calls and spammers never or rarely actually ring through AND can the app allow my saved contacts and numbers I don’t have saved but are real people who need to reach me ring through and be directed to my personal voicemail if I can’t answer. I’ve been dealing with “Frank” and he seems nice but was utterly unhelpful. He did not respond to my latest inquiry. So to sum up, this app seemed like it would be just what I needed and wanted, but in the end it fell so short I would give it zero stars if I could, and it is not worth $5 to even try it out for a month.
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4 years ago, Comcast Work ID
Use to be awesome - NOW a Junk App
Ever since the recent update all calls are now delivered to your phone via data using VOIP. The call quality is horrible, and the call screening is not working properly. Every single call comes through VoIP via the App including the contacts that are in my phone book. This means I’m no longer getting notifications on my Apple Watch or other Apple devices for phone calls that I’m receiving. After each phone call the app is asks for you to complete a survey on the call quality. Obviously if they’re asking for feedback after every call they know that the quality is rancid. This recent upgrade is absolutely horrible. Only reason I can think of why they would push this junk update out to consumers is because it’s saving them money by delivering calls over data and not cellular. I wish I could get a refund on the year subscription that I paid for. This is not the original service that I paid for. This App received a ton of five star reviews when it first came out and would forward the calls to your phone via cellular service. I noticed that since this update most reviews are now only one star. It’s a shame that they had such an awesome app but now this is just another soon to be deleted app from my phone. I hope they consider bringing back the original service or at least give customers the option to receive calls over cellular service as a premium option.
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5 years ago, whowants2know :)100
PLEASE fix this app, VERY buggy and works half the time
Before you read please know I really think this app is wonderful and has A LOT of potential; however, MANY things need to be fixed. This summer, I been getting literally 5-10 spam calls a day. Blocking didn’t work and I was desperate for a solution. This app seemed more than perfect and had many unique features to get pay back on the scammers. However, the app keep uninstalling itself (not off my phone) when it’s hooked to blocking in settings. It doesn’t block calls when it unhooks itself from my phone blocking and I have to constantly check it it’s still hooked up, or else NOTHING gets blocked. Even when it is all hooked up and running, it blocks only 2-3 of the 10+ spam calls I get in a day. This is with blocking over 30 numbers + blocking ranges, how many more numbers and rangers do I have to block for RoboKiller to process “these similar numbers are scammers, block them.” Then, to put the cherry on top, it keeps telling me “RoboKiller has stopped working, please uninstall the app from you phone and re-install.” I had to go through the process of setting up Robo killer all over again more than 5 times now. I also have texting options set and it hasn’t blocked one text in 3 weeks; I keep getting spam. With updating my phone the app still hasn’t improved. Please, find a way to fix these issues.
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4 months ago, Rolling With DJ Adam
Issues with the app
I am writing this updated review to provide further details about my ongoing experience with your service. Despite multiple interactions with your customer support team, the central issue remains unresolved. The core problem lies in the fact that, even after updating the app as suggested by your team, I am unable to utilize the feature to upload a custom answer BOT. This is a significant drawback as it's an integral part of the functionality I rely on. Due to the persistence of this problem, I felt compelled to request a refund from Apple, which was thankfully processed. While I appreciate the responsiveness of your support team, the proposed solutions have unfortunately not rectified the issue. As a business owner, my phone line is crucial for operations. The inability to differentiate between potential scams and legitimate business calls due to the app's limitations is a serious concern. I remain optimistic that your company will address these issues in the future. When the necessary improvements have been made and the quality of service has increased, I would be open to reconsidering your services. Thank you for taking the time to consider this feedback. I trust that my experiences will be taken into account and lead to significant enhancements in your service.
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4 years ago, Done With Spam Calls🤩
What a nightmare 😡
For the first year and a little more this app was wonderful. Completely stopped the spam calls. In recent months my friends and family we’re having problems getting their calls through to me. At first I thought it must be a problem with my phone but could not find any reason for the phone to be blocking the calls. Additionally I recently got a notification from RoboKiller of ability to analyze all incoming calls. I thought this might be a handy tool and so I activate it. Then I could not get any calls. All the calls were being blocked or sent straight to voicemail. this was not good. I tried to change back to the way it was working before this update and it could not be done I also finally connected the dots and realized it was Robo killer interfering with my other calls all along so since I could not fix it and I did not get very good assistance from the RoboKiller team I have deactivated the app however it just keeps going on screening calls blocking them sending them to voicemail I don’t know what I’m going to do I am hoping since I canceled the subscription which you can only cancel it based on the date that it renews so I am stuck with it until July 20 and I am hoping at that point it will finally die and go away. I don’t know what happened to this app I don’t know why it started performing like it did but it’s like an insidious virus that has infected my phone and there is no cure😤
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5 years ago, KMattie P
Not Able To Activate!
I have been trying off & on for about 6 weeks or so to activate this app to no avail. Every time I click on the activate button, it goes through the call process then shows that it’s attempting to activate then I finally get a message that “RoboKiller couldn’t be activated at this time.” It gives you the option to try again or to get help. Well the try again just takes me through the same nowhere process and the get help option opens up a blank screen with no options for anything. So, I have to go back and click “Try Again”. There is a support option in the top right corner of the screen, and when I click on that I get another window that gives me a chat box to click on. That opens up to something that looks like it’s opening up a page then finally get the message that says “Could Not Connect - Sorry we cant connect you right now. Please try again later.” One of the notes on the bottom of the page says to “make sure WiFi is turned off when activating.” I’ve done all of these things and am still not getting connected. I got my “free” trial period and now I’m a paying customer, but am NOT getting the service I’m paying for. I am NOT satisfied and unless the people or BOTS behind this app can help me, I DO NOT recommend it. There are a lot of good reviews, but unless something changes for me, I will not change how I feel about this app. This has been more than frustrating.
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4 years ago, Incog-Neato
HORRIBLE VoIP inbound call quality
They are now forcing all inbound calls through their VoIP provider rather than through your own cell provider which in my case is Verizon. Terrible voice quality, delays, echoes, call drops, calls even from contacts going to VM which can be very dangerous like when my wife (yes, both in contacts and whitelisted) called me in an emergency and kept going to their terrible voicemail system. I understand the reason and in theory it’s good but they are killing the patient with the medication. Also your voice mails are now on their system not your cell provider. If you drop their service you lose any important saved VMs plus we won’t even go into the privacy issues. I’ve been with them since inception but had to give up my 1yr sub because the service has become horrible. Sometimes it pays to leave well enough alone. Sadly I have switched to another, not as good, option. Maybe if they get away from their horrible voip provider I’ll try again. Now I see they are advertising on TV and they will get even bigger and even worse. I find it’s better to have nothing than this. They really have gone bad over the years. Oh, and forget their support. Some guy called me to try and help (it didn’t) and gave me his return phone number which always goes to voicemail and messages never get returned. You win Robokiller, you got my $30 subscription and I get nothing. Too late to cancel.
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6 years ago, MLOCRGuy
Reduction in spam calls
I had been receiving 2-8 telemarketer or robocalls a day. The Do Not Call Registry is pretty much useless, and just trying to duck these scammers and spammers is like walking through a minefield, thanks to their ability to use “neighbor spoofing.” As careful as I had been, I had called a couple contractors and was expecting a local call - and in came a couple calls that got me on their list - and the deluge began. So I signed up for RoboKiller. It has blocked some calls, has let some pass through, and is okay... I do think there was a “magic bullet” that a caller made, and RoboKiller played the “number disconnected” recording. When that one caller heard that, it sounded like he was saying, “what? Hm, uhh...” and next thing I knew, my call volume dropped dramatically - so, to be honest, it seemed like there was a database that a bunch of scammer-spammers were sharing, and once one of them got that message, my number was removed from the database, and all the callers accessing it stopped calling. Good! But since all that, I am still receiving several calls a week that slip through, about as many as RoboKiller blocks. I don’t think it’s RoboKiller’s weakness, nearly so much as the sophistication the scammer-spammers use to spoof a number that looks legit. Still, it’s not blocking the calls, and I am exploring for a better solution.
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7 months ago, m-Aurelius
Incredible, works as advertised
When I was researching this app I saw mixed reviews about if this app is legit or if it is a scam or something. Let me just tell you, this is the real deal. I had been suffering through at least 10 spam phone calls per day, and Robokiller has completely saved me. For one thing, most of the spammers disappeared after a few days. I think a combination of the call blocking and the Answer Bots made them give up. Secondly, the Call Screening has been a huge lifesaver. I love how people in my contacts list bypass Robokiller completely, so people I know don't know any difference. The only thing I dislike is the spam text filtering, but this is more of an Apple problem than Robokiller. The problem is that filtered spam texts still show a "badge" unread count, so if you're OCD about that sort of thing like me, it doesn't really help. The app does do a good job of separating out spam texts, but I turned it off since you can't hide or automatically delete these. All in all, this app is fantastic and well worth the investment! Highly recommended if you're struggling with spam phone calls like I was.
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6 years ago, Pattysdaddy
THE must have app! Totes!
Without a doubt, Robokiller is the most invaluable, user-friendly and entertaining app available today. I was inundated with daily calls me from companies I ordered something from a decade ago. I couldn’t block them because they always called from a different number. Now, thanks to Robokiller, not only am I not bothered by these calls, I get a taste of sweet revenge. Unsolicited calls are automatically answered by any one of the 43 (and growing) “people” you select to take the call; from someone hard of hearing to someone in the midst of a crisis. All the pre-recorded performances are spot on and truly funny. Every time a solicitor tries, hopelessly, to communicate with one of the recordings, you can play it back, save it, even share it with friends. You can also record your self answering the phone, and, after years of hearing the same sales pitch, I’ve made recordings of myself so in synch with their pitch, I can have them going in circles for five minutes and thinking they’re talking to someone. Really, I cannot say enough about this brilliantly conceived and well designed app. For all you ‘Spinal Tap’ fans (and who isn’t?) this app goes up to 11.
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4 years ago, Unfreezeorunsubscribe
Deactivation Is Impossible
I downloaded this app because I was receiving so many spam calls. And it did help with the spam calls..... but blocked every single call that wasn’t on my contact list. Even numbers I’ve recently called, they blocked call backs from the same number. After missing many important medical calls, I decided to delete the app and cancel the subscription. Also, be mindful that if you call 911 and get disconnected, if the operator tries to call you back, Robokiller will block them. That’s dangerous! I tried calling my phone after deleting the app and canceling the subscription, but my calls were still being blocked. I went to their technical support and followed the instructions for deactivating but that just caused further issues. The only thing the deactivation did was stop the Robokiller voicemail response. All of my calls are still being sent directly to voicemail. I don’t even get the notification of an incoming call, or have the option to accept or deny a call. So I’m having to contact my phone carrier, AT&T, to try and fix the issue. Or worst case scenario I’ll have to get a new phone number. Spam calls are annoying, but this app is awful and needs major improvement! Difficulty canceling subscription, deactivating app, and they have no phone number to call for support; they just have an option to email and then have an automated chat.
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4 years ago, Dachgirl
Blocking to Screening to...more Updates?!
This app drastically cut down on the # of spam, spoof, & telemarketing calls AND text messages I was getting EVERY DAY! I started out w/ my phone carrier’s free spam blocking service then moved to their monthly paid version, and while that helped with the phone calls, it did nothing for text messages. I heard about RoboKiller on the news, and when viewing it in the App Store, saw that it was 1 of the highest ranked spam call blockers available AND the price wasn’t too bad either! I decided to give the trial period a go - which is a great offer since it’s long enough to allow the app to “settle in” & learn your phone before you commit to purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription. The answer bots are entertaining, though I’ve yet to come across a call where someone actually has a conversation with one...but I keep waiting! 😉 The recent call screening update just ranks it higher as a #1 app, especially for those that don’t like to answer calls from #s they don’t know! I didn’t give it 5 stars because they is 1 feature I would love for it to have to make it a truly perfect app to me...the ability to block/filter out spam email before hitting your inbox (for any email domain)! ☺️😉
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6 years ago, NanInClearwater
An absolute Godsend!!
10 stars plus!! I was at my wits end! I have been receiving numerous harassing spam phone calls from thieves who identify themselves as Apple Support Services. They leave robo messages saying my account has been compromised. These calls are a scam! They have called continuously every waking hour for several days and each call is from a different number. Literally within minutes of installing this app, I got another call followed by many more. To my extreme delight, RoboKiller caught these calls! Initially I used one of the pre-set recordings that RoboKiller offers. It was hilarious listening to these idiots trying to interact with the Russian dude recording I selected. The calls were blocked, but I needed to make a recording specific to these thieves in order for them to cease calling altogether, which is what I did. I deafeningly advised them to stop calling my number, threatened a lawsuit and told them they have been reported to the FTC. I ended with a few choice words in Italian LOL. It seems this did the trick because I haven’t had a call in almost 24 hours and it has been heaven! I cannot thank RoboKiller enough for restoring my peace of mind!! Highly recommend!!
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6 years ago, Crickie44
Crappy at&t spam spoofed numbers daily waking me up early daily. Looked for a solution and found at&t offering a paid app to stop it. Disgusting! Allow spoofed spam to harass your paying customer and charge you to block it? Shortly we are changing family and business from their crap cable that goes out several times a day and now spam calls. I decided to download RoboKiller as I could not stand it one more day. No way I could stomach paying for an AT&T extortion app. RK has blocked every daily spoofed call. No more waking me up as it does not ring at all when it is suspected spam call! Tells the caller they are being blocked and to leave a message. None do as they are spam and you can listen to them, if legit would leave a message. Then you can pick to keep blocked or allow it. Thus far RK has only blocked spam calls. I just am jealous I do not get other telemarketing spam as I would love to her the bot conversation with one as the RK live listen option of other users recordings submitted. I listened to some for a while on this app and are funny. This is a great app for a few dollars a month well worth it to block just one from waking me up! TY RoboKiller!
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7 years ago, BenniBee
Must Have App for Those Getting Harrassed
I was getting up to twenty calls a day (from 10 different numbers, changing daily, so there was no way to block them on my phone) from scammers, telemarketers, and robocallers. I am on the National Do Not Call registry, and reported the numbers, but that just made it worse. I was dreading my phone ringing and was at my wit’s end. I had tried another app that did not work at all. But this app had really high reviews and I figured if it didn’t work the first couple of days, I’d cancel it before the free 1-week trial was over. It worked IMMEDIATELY. Since purchasing this app and service I’ve gotten, at most, two spam numbers ringing through, and I’ve gone days without any at all, which is a heck of a lot better than twenty spam calls a day. When they do ring through, all I have to do is add the number to my block list after the first call and it never rings through again. The only suggestion I’d make is to create a way to add a number to the block list as the call is ringing through. As the app is currently, I have to copy and paste the number manually into the block list. Still, though, awesome app!
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10 months ago, JacobNWolf
Rarely write app reviews. This one’s changed my life.
I’m a small business owner and because of that, my number has been listed in publicly accessible documents. Over the past two and a half years, the spam calls have been relentless — dozens per day of small business lenders trying to capitalize on gullible and naive entrepreneurs. It’s incredibly disruptive to the important workflow I have to have on my phone. I came across this app when browsing the App Store randomly about a month ago. Before I had been using Mr. Number and another SMS shielding app, which kind of worked, but didn’t actually prevent the calls. I need an iOS cell phone for certain apps but for a while I genuinely considered a Pixel because of Google’s own call screening/blocking technology. Robokiller has replicated a lot of that technology in spades. I sometimes will lose a call because of their system but it’s rare. It blocks dozens of phone calls for me daily and if someone who actually needs me — say a doctors office or a bank — will usually just go through the screener and be fine. Great app. Will recommend to others.
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7 months ago, qwertyasd9sd5skgf
New Feature Pretty Scammy
The new option to remove one’s personal data from various data collection sites is presented as a new feature, but after entering your personal data, doing the scan, and requesting the data to be removed you are then presented with a $60 charge to move forward. I wouldn’t expect this to be free but I’m already paying for service so by presenting it as a new feature to a paying customer then asking for more money to move forward it’s, we’ll, scammy; especially when you ask for more money for this one “feature” then an entire year of the premium service. Just be upfront with your paying customers that this is an add on feature and include the price before they enter a bunch of personal information .But you didn’t do that because you know at $60 bucks no one would push the button and you hope to scare people into paying that price when you show them their data all over the internet. So it’s scammy. But I guess down the road you can always sell the information you gathered, particularly the ones that don’t pay the 60, but you super duper swear you won’t do that so no worries right? I mean a little dishonest bait and switch between customers is one thing but selling data? No way, pinky swear, cause you’re honest, right? I should have known better.
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7 years ago, Girl-Sunday
This app has brought back sanity into my life. After 2 months it's blocked 145 robocalls! These stupid disturbances used to annoy me throughout the day, now I look forward to logging in to the app at the end of the day to laugh at these idiots talking to robots. 😂 I turned the notifications off so my phone had gone back to only ringing when real people without an agenda call me. Im dropping one star because lately, it’s not blocking calls anymore or it will say it blocked calls when it didn’t. My phone will ring multiple times a day with the same numbers that were blocked before and after I send them to voicemail RoboKiller says “hey, we blocked a call!” you didn’t. My settings are also set to not notify me of missed/blocked calls and lately they have been popping up on my phone. Was there a new update that messed with how perfectly this app was working before? Since this is a monthly fee app I need it to work. Please fix this so my life can go back to humming show tunes and enjoying the sound of silence. Now if only we could come up with an app for blocking calls from family members asking to borrow money, amirite? 😉
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7 years ago, Bulma2279
On the fence
When I first downloaded this app about 2 months ago I was ecstatic! I did the week trial to make sure the app was something I wanted to pay for. This app was great and did exactly what it said it would do. I paid the yearly subscription for a product I believed did what I needed it too. And was perfect. Then the dreaded Verizon voice mail bug hit. Now, I know it was unexpected and not the fault of the app developers but I lost many voice mails. The only ones to get texted to me were from my husband. All the others just poof - disappeared. Once the fix was put in place there were many voicemails that showed up. I had 28 voice mails that were never texted to me. Some from my employer and even more from my husband which I thought were being sent by text. Now the “fix” is in place I have to go into the app to hear my voicemails, AND trust I’m getting every one. It’s frustrating that the app isn’t the same when I made the decision to pay the yearly subscription. Had I known in advance I would have done month to month and canceled. As it is I am debating deleting the app as I shouldn’t have to go into the app to hear my voice mails. And while I know they did what they could to fix it, and it’s still a great robo killer it’s just not what I paid for.
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1 year ago, MadCannedTuna
Waste of money. Don’t buy.
App claims to work, but you could get the same results with Apple’s built-in Silence Unknown Callers feature. 1: if using Standard Mode you get calls that are likely spam calls, so you hit decline and RoboKiller counts that as the app blocking the call. 2: if using Advanced Mode it requires Silence Unknown callers to be turned on, so you just never see any calls that aren’t in your contacts. No banner pop up show incoming calls, and call screening doesn’t work. Following a missed call that you actually wanted you‘ll just get a text that says Call Screening was unavailable. But hey, if you never get any calls, RoboKiller can just count that as blocking spam calls, even if you wanted them. 3: support is non existent. You send in a ticket and they just tell you to set the app back up. Basically they just tell you to run the Troubleshooting function. They also want you to turn off your carriers spam blocking functions, which fixes nothing. After you’ve gone through their steps that you coulda done just from the app or website, they’ve got nothing else and just ask you to do the same thing over and over. They eventually just stop replying to emails because that’s the only way to contact them. 4: even tho the app doesn’t work and they won’t help you, they don’t offer refunds.
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5 years ago, UtesFan
Needs a setting to allow us to block ALL calls if wanted...
It would be Nice if there was an option to set the call blocking up to where it blocks ALL calls not in our contact list. Lately a lot of the spammers have been getting past the auto blocking from just simply putting a plus (+) sign in front of the phone number. I have literally seen where the spammer will first try and call from a spoofed neighbor number where RoboKiller blocked it, and then they immediately try again right after but just simply putting a + sign in front of that exact same phone number and it gets past the call blocking. It would just be nice if we could opt to block ALL phone numbers that are not in our contact list! It is very unfortunate that the spammers have made this one of the only options to eliminate their harassment calls. Because there are times where I legitimately get calls from unknown numbers that are important such as from my daughter when she needs to use somebody else’s phone to call me. So that is why it would be nice to continue to get instant alerts for any voicemails that are left so that we know that it may have been an important phone call. Please fix this and make it an update and then it would be a five star app!
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4 years ago, Lola_L.
RoboKiller is a game changer!
I have waited a few years to review this app to see if the app was consistently worth the cost. Bottom line is that RoboKiller is worth every penny! Full Review: A couple of years ago I started seeing a huge spike in daily spoof/spam calls and text messages. This made life hard because these fraudulent calls and texts were happening in between perfectly legitimate calls. I found myself either accidentally answering the calls or constantly silencing them. I dreaded the sound of my phone and would send all calls to voicemail. I was ready to change my number until I found Robokiller! The app was easy to install and I saw an immediate reduction in spam calls and texts. What’s even better is that I get to hear the hilarious recordings of the scammers experiencing a range of emotions as they waste their time with a bot. I love RoboKiller and I think the Radar feature is an awesome way to help identify & stop local scammers. I hope that Robokiller makes more trilogy bots. I think having a variety of trilogies with varied pauses after the bot says hello will keep scammers fooled.
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6 years ago, FroggyTails
Thank you Robokiller
You have stopped almost all crazy calls to my phone number you allow me to review who is calling and what they are about before I accept or reject their calls. I appreciate you Robokiller Way more than I can ever say you have saved me from bogus calls and those I do not want to receive a call from as well 😜 you are well worth the small amount I’m charged each month to save me from unsolicited calls and messages from people I have no idea who they are or why they’re calling. Unsolicited calls Usually never leave a message and rarely can you call back and get a real person. Thank you Robokiller For all you do and a minimal price All I can say in the negative is that some of these numbers people call with are bogus Numbers and you cannot get anyone when you call them back they leave no message either I appreciate the funny voicemail greetings but I think sometimes it in Inhibits people from leaving a message and sometimes a message would be wonderful therefore I am using my own greeting and let them know If they do not leave a message they will be blocked or deleted from my phone
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5 years ago, clcmca
I don’t like RoboKiller
I need to know how to cancel my subscription or who to call. I do not want to be charged for a service that is answering important calls with the message I chose because I trusted it to work for all spam calls. Some spam calls are coming through. It does not appear to be able to always know who is spam & who is not. I see where I am supposed to be renewed April 2019 . I don’t want renewed at all. I don’t have any clear information on how to keep from being charged again. Updated: This blocked my moving company from contacting me Oct 2018, plus another business where a friend of mine works. Neither were able to contact me nor did they appreciate the message. It put stress on my move & had I not called the moving company, my move would have been cancelled that day. This caught a few spam calls, but RoboKiller really can’t tell when it is true spam or an important call much of the time. I hate the fact there is no customer service to contact by phone & you’re subscription will be automatically updated if you can’t unsubscribe or contact them to cancel it. I can’t delete it off my phone or following the instructions via computer because the program gives me messages that it did not work. I want my subscription cancelled I want this off of my phone with no error messages of how it is unable to uninstall
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2 years ago, OddNod
Aaah yes, Silence!
Perfect app for anyone who enjoys peace and quiet. RoboKiller works quietly behind the scenes to give you that. At first I was worried I might miss important calls from people that aren’t in my contacts, but so far this hasn’t been an issue in the entire 2 years I’ve had the app. Most people who are legitimately trying to call me and reach Robokiller’s screening, will leave a message. I call them right back as I choose. This barely happens since I try to be diligent about adding people or businesses I’m expecting a call from to my contact list. When I first got the app, RoboKiller was screening about twenty to thirty unwanted calls from scammers a day, even though my number was registered for years on the government Do Not Call List. Two years after downloading this app, I barely get a notification that a scammer or telemarketer has called. There are three or four day stretches without one unwanted call. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve gotten a “car warranty”, or “interested in your property” call… I do believe this app has worn them down! The silence is pure gold.
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5 years ago, Moonitz
If You Like Apps That ...
If you like apps that take your money and do not work, if you have hours to spend gathering and sending detailed information, screen shots, screen videos of your app not opening and waiting for almost a year for an engineer with whom you you are forbidden to communicate, (all the time being billed for the subscription), to fix the problem then this is the piece of cr@p for you! Unlike 99% of all of the other apps on my iPhone, this one will only continue to work if I never power my phone off. If I do power my phone off at night, it will not open and load the next day. Robokiller Tech-support has been working on this since last September 2018 but has not been able to fix this problem. (ok, they TELL me they will have an engineer work on the problem, I doubt they are working on the problem or have the technical savvy to fix any problem), Almost every day I need to re-download and re-reinstall this app. This App is Cr@p and TelTec the disorganization who markets it should be sued. DO NOT even consider using this app, there are others on the App store that actually work. DL MOONITZ
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4 years ago, 1958Fuellie
Do Not Get This App!
Got this app about a year ago and boy it worked great did everything I needed it to do for my business and gave me relief from all the scammers and Robo calls out there! So I renewed it for another year's subscription and about two months in to that subscription they totally change the app in an update without me knowing. It totally sucked,what they did was pre-screened all my calls I had to leave my microphone on and customers,doctors, hospital appointments all had to leave messages with Robokiller.I ask RoboKiller what does listening to my phone calls have to do with blocking unwanted scam calls? Answer want to make sure your experience with us is a good one and we want to earn your trust by listening to your personal phone calls! (remember RoboKiller does not have any phone number you must contact them by email only you are totally at their mercy.) (tried there 24 hour chat helpline said it was a real person they lied it's a robot!) So what happened at the end here was Apple refused to refund my money or prorate my subscription and I had to go to my carrier to totally rid this app in my phone because they had turned on some things that I did not know about! What ever you do do not buy this app especially from Apple! (go to the Internet and look up why does Robokiller need to turn on microphone?) You Will be shocked!
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6 years ago, lizzybezzy
I love having this on my phone. However I had a hilarious message and a little naughty and I received a call from a credit union and it was blocked and they heard that. The only problem with blocking all the calls even in the neighborhood is that if I don’t know the number it blocks it and I might have missed a call from someone who I had given my phone number out to. Is there anyway of being able to see the number that’s coming in and if it has a name attached to it I could block it right at that moment and it could get a message that I have created? Otherwise this is the best thing since peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have been invented LOL. I tell everybody that they should have this on their phone!!!! The number of spam calls I have gotten has been reduced significantly!!!! Thank you for having such a wonderful system available in today’s technology where it’s bittersweet to have an iPhone. Meaning that it has a lot of pluses but there is a lot of junk that goes along with it that you don’t wanna deal with. Again thank you for offering such a great system I am a happy happy customer
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6 years ago, Less than satisfied.
Not Free, Who Knew?
I don’t normally write reviews for the apps I download, just the ones that have NO functionality without purchasing or if they have some sort of inherent flaw otherwise. I think this app could have been great. I’m just not willing to spend 30$ on something like this. IMO, it’s shady that any company doesn’t warn a consumer of their application’s complete inability to work without a payment. All I see before downloading this app (and giving out my phone number to a company I know nothing of besides what they themselves tell me) is that it has in-app purchases. Neither apple nor the company’s own advertising materials states that this app is not actually free. Indeed, when you open the application it tells you to input a phone number. This is to “confirm” your number. Only after this are you taken to a screen where you can purchase an annual plan for 30$. None of the functions work without a plan and instead of offering a “lite” version like many apps do, this just brings you straight to a subscription screen. I have now deleted this app - since I don’t have 30$ to waste on an app like this. But I wanted to warn anyone who may be considering downloading this. This application does not work AT ALL unless you give them 30$. I’m not going to comment on anything else, simply because I did not get a chance to use it.
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1 year ago, Jakalimaha
WHOOPS! not funny
I’ve had this app for months now and have enjoyed not having tons of Robo calls. I didn’t even mind paying for the subscription. As of the past couple of days though ... my app has suddenly started giving me the “Whoops failed to get accounts phone number” screen message and is blocking my entrance into the app ... even though I have messages going to said app that I can NOW not access. One of these was from the hospital and I have no way to find out what is in that message. I’ve heard it is a Sprint compatibility problem, but one that only started 2 days ago??? And if that was the case why didn’t someone credit my account with the now unworkable subscription? I’ve seen others complaining here of the same error message from the past couple of days, but yet the problem still exists. Customer Service has also proved unhelpful! Is it time for your loyal and caring subscribers to cancel??? At least let people know what is going on before you cause them to lose the service they have already paid you for!!!
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2 years ago, RevLuvButter
This app does what it says.. sort of
I purchased this app because I was inundated with robo-calls 20 to 40 times a day. Robokiller stopped those calls rather quickly. I would get a few calls per day but nothing like it was before installing Robokiller. The calls kept coming so I decided to answer a few of them. There was never anyone on the other side of the call. You know that a typical robo-call will transfer to a person to try to scam you one way or another. But the answered calls never had a live person or a recording. Just dead air. I pondered this for a while answering the calls, and nothing changed. So I did not renew Robokiller and removed it from my phone. One thing I noticed was that I was not getting ANY robo-calls at all. I would think that without an app intercepting the robo-calls. There be some getting through. I stopped getting ANY robo-calls for about 2 to 3 weeks. They gradually started again. My point is that Robokiller did stop the calls. But I wonder if the dead air calls were actually part of the Robokiller app? You know, so it appears that the app is still working after it succeeded killing the other robo-calls. So yes, I believe the app works as advertised. But does the app ‘create’ calls to boost the appearance that it is still working?
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6 years ago, coius
Still needs tweaks but a heckuva lot better than nothing!
As a CEO, i started my business using my personal cellphone to conduct business. Over the years, i realized that after data breach after data breach, i shouldn't have nonchalantly given out my number freely. Up until a month ago i wanted to throw my phone against a wall as i was getting between 70-90 spam calls a day. Even from out of country codes (romania in fact)! This app has reduced my already hectic and stressed out schedule and allows me to take a breath without a ****’n robot or scammer calling my phone. They even rang two times in 5 seconds to knock it out of do not disturb. I now may have 1 to 2 stray illegit calls getting through but i prefer that to 90. Thank you robo-killer! You removed the toxic air that suffocated me and i no longer answer the phone with what sounds like the demons of heck calling out for rebuke when i get called. Also i started noticing my balding hair spot growing back. Coincidence? Im only 33. No baldness genes run in my family and even though gray hair does, i only saw one and no more after robokiller. Totally worth it!
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2 years ago, blue katie cat
No longer useful
I deleted RoboKiller today because of an over-zealous approach to managing calls. When I first got the app, known spam calls were blocked, calls from my contacts rang through with ID, and unknown numbers rang through so I could choose to answer or not. Recently this changed, so that all unknown numbers went to RoboKiller voicemail automatically, not even ringing once to alert me. This is a huge problem, because all businesses have a published number for customers, but outgoing calls are from unpublished numbers. I’m having surgery soon and every call from the hospital went to RoboKiller voicemail without ringing. I could call the hospital back, but when I left a message, the return call would go to voicemail. I tried to solve the issue first by making sure all the setting on my phone were correct (they were). Next I double-checked the settings on RoboKiller and ran their troubleshooting program. I read through their help pages. Then I looked for a support email or phone number and could not find one. I finally filled out their ‘report a bug’ page. It’s been a week and no one has contacted me. So goodbye RoboKiller. Time for a new app.
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2 years ago, Atlantanre
Criminally bad
I have missed countless voicemails because of this horrendous app. I guess the carrier or the iPhone doesn’t want to allow it to do its function so you have to use some kind of get a workaround calling some number and getting a confirmation. That failed to work many times, not to mention that their default trolling message will have you troll people who are legitimate colors because the filter is not great. It was even filtering numbers that were saved in my contacts! I change that to a less offensive greeting and told people they were marked as potential spam at least. Then when I unsubscribed and deleted it because it was consistently not working and hiding my voicemails in the void somewhere he steal my voicemails for another month until I googled it in dial*73 to deactivate it. It should absolutely tell you this is necessary when canceling or deleting the app. Then when I unsubscribed and deleted it because it was consistently not working and hiding my voicemails in the void somewhere he continue to steal my voicemails for another month until I googled it and dialed*73 to deactivate it. It should absolutely tell you this is necessary when canceling or deleting the app months of Lost voicemails including important business ones. Inexcusable! Take them off the app store
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3 years ago, Southerns_Finest
Thanks for a little something to help detour the I’m appropriate and unnecessary calls. However. I do feel there are some other things that could be done. For one, instead of just a recording of sounds to trick telemarketers, how about an AI that would potentially be able to engage in actually answer questions from the caller that are relevant to what they are asking but yet responding in a way that drags the conversation out yet never even giving the caller any type of satisfaction of having anything answer. Basically the AI has the ability to creat “spin” as we see in our MSM. Just an idea. Waste and frustrate the time of these individuals even further by selling them on the idea that they are actually having a conversation. Until they get frustrated and themselves give up. Also. Please fix the issue that it doesn’t work w duel SIM card devices. This is imperative for its all I used and unfortunately didn’t find out if it’s ineffectiveness until after purchase. Would make any difference if the application was purchase for each number on duel? Just curious. Answers would be appreciated. Thanks
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4 years ago, Sarah 921
Did much more harm than good
I was getting a lot of spam texts and felt pretty desperate to get rid of them, so I downloaded a free trial of this. I would prefer something that just blocks texts, since I don’t care about or answer spam calls— I figure that’s what voicemail is for? It’s helped a little with my spam texts, so I added a star for that, but it’s only blocking some of them. I wouldn’t mind that if it weren’t blocking every single person who calls me and playing them this awful faux-nice message that tells them I’ve blocked their number. I’m doing volunteer calls from my phone, and it automatically blocked numbers who have tried to call me back. That makes me look really cruel to people I’m trying to help, and I hate that this app doesn’t at all consider the potential that some phone calls coming in from random numbers might be important. Outside of leaving no room for politeness, this app has completely destroyed my voicemail. I hate not knowing if I’ve missed anything important, or having any influence over what people hear when they try to call me, and I regret spending money on this. If I could turn off the call function entirely and just keep the spam text blocker, I would, but this is way, way too aggressive for me to recommend to anyone.
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10 months ago, CJ1626
Absolute best phone app you can have.
I have been using RoboKiller for over 4 years now. Believe me when I tell you that it’s worth every single penny of the $4.99 a month. The ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️that I give this app is only my opinion. It doesn’t just block 99% or Scam calls but it also protects your text messages, your email accounts, but a added bonus that I have realized that this app also does. It also protects your phone from devices infected with Malware if your trying to do a money transfer using Cashapp. If the other person’s phone is infected the RoboKiller app will automatically block the transaction and deny it no matter how many times or how many different accounts are attached to the infected device. That’s a added benefit that’s not advertised in the app. I have always recommended the RoboKiller app to everyone and I just tell them to give it a try. If it’s not absolutely everything I told them about then just delete the app. Luckily so far everyone who has tried the app is still using it to this day just like me.
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6 months ago, Miranda's Rooter Plumbing
Not true
On your ad on you say this is a free app when in fact, it’s not you have to pay a monthly subscription. I don’t have a problem with the monthly subscription, but you already lied, and I will not do business with a company who lies if you would’ve said during your ad, try it freefor a week or 30 days and then only pay your monthly plan that would’ve been different but that’s not what you said you said it was free, and I do not trust any app or company who starts off by line I own a business and if I lied to my hoping to be new customers, I wouldn’t be in business long one thing I have learned in life and in business is to have a successful business put God first and be honest to your customers and you will have a successful business and a customer for life I was really looking forward to this app but I have a roll if someone lies to me that I will not do business I wish your business nothing but well but I will pass. I know you probably don’t care but at least I got to let you know how I feel sincerely, Mr Carl, owner of Miss RooterPlumbing llc. 🛑🛑 remember at the first of their ad which cut your attention it said no one should have to pay for Robo calls please do better that’s the only reason I won’t do business with this company is because they lied🤯🤯
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6 years ago, addictedtothefrogs
I really wanted this app to work for me. I get up to a dozen automated calls everyday, so when I came across RoboKiller and I read all these amazing reviews (which after trying the product I'm really wondering if they weren't mostly written by the company themselves trying to get people to use their crappy app) I thought my life was about to change. It did say that Robokiller learns over time, so I didn't expect it to block every spam call right from the get go. But after several months now of paying for a subscription, well over half of my spam calls still come through! I rarely answer the calls anymore because usually it's just a machine, so you can't even get the satisfaction of bullying the jerk on the other end of the line (another reason this app isn't that 'funny' to me like it's intended to be; you can't really prank a machine with a stupid answering machine). I notice that many of the unknown calls that still come through will pop up in the RoboKiller notifications after I let the phone stop ringing like they're taking credit for a call they didn't even block! Try the free trial if you want, but don't be dumb like me and pay months for a subscription that feels more like a scam than a service intended to block scams.
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7 years ago, millennialluddite
Blocked only 2/14 numbers in first week
I downloaded this app because daily spam was ruining my life. The reviews were promising, but so far it doesn't seem to work at all. During the week long free trial, only 2 calls were blocked while I had to add 11 numbers to the blocked list! Then there was an unknown caller that I couldn't add to the block list at all! I have an iPhone, so I can't block unknown callers in my settings (Even my old windows phone could at least do that. One of infinite reasons not to buy an iPhone!!!!!) so I was really hoping this app would help. Update: since I thought adding all those numbers to the blocked list may improve the app, I kept the app past the free trial to see the results. . . The only call blocked so far was one I needed to hear from Verizon, while I'm still bombarded by Student loan forgiveness scammers daily. Ugh! Update 2: still have several unwanted calls a day. I'll get an unwanted call that has made it past RoboKiller and ignore or dismiss the call until I get the chance to manually add it to Robo's block list, but the app still sends me a notification claiming it blocked the call for me. Not true. The phone rang and I declined the call myself without your help. This kept happening from the same few numbers so I manually added them to the list and still the calls came through.
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