RPR Mobile™

4.6 (1.4K)
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Realtors Property Resource
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11 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for RPR Mobile™

4.58 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 years ago, ActiveBrad
A Top Suggested App and Site
If you’re a real estate agent, RPR is a must have tool and product. 166+ million homes with details at your fingertips from your mobile device is a no brained! Providing useful information from more than 300+ datasets is “value” to consumers. Only agents using RPR can access the site and data. We Love the product so much we’ve incorporated trainings and support for all agents in all 50 US States and I personally got certified to teach more than 10 useful courses for REALTORS. We use it everyday and feel confident in saying that every agent should know about and use RPR.
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5 years ago, Babymma
Crashes constantly
Unfortunately, I have major issues with RPR on a regular basis. The app crashes constantly, causing me to restart any search I was mid-way through from scratch. There is no option to simply send the MLS Client full, which I would LOVE, many of my clients don’t need the whole report but I would love to send them an interactive Client full listing page where they can look through pics and NOT go through Zillow, Redfin, etc. another issue is that it doesn’t pull all of the info from RMLS. Many times the agent notes say “call owner” for scheduling showing, yet the RPR listing doesn’t pull the 1st and 2nd constant fields from the listing. It also doesn’t integrate to showing time for those that request scheduling via showing. It is a great idea, but not quite there for me. And the crashing makes it even harder to search anything longer than a few minutes. I really want to love it...but for today’s mobile-age, it doesn’t quite cut it.
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1 year ago, RogerGhostRider
Full of bugs, terrible on reliability
When I run a search on an address on my iPad all i get is a black screen. I have to shut the app down completely to get back to main menu. I can click run report on landing page. Get to the point of adding comps, click on a listing to check it out. There is no way to go back to the comp list. Have to shut down the app and start again. Click on random anything you might end up on a black screen and have to restart. On top of the fact that i may be mid report creating and it crashes. Have to start over. So no matter what you do, you will either have to restart the app and thus restart a report or it will just shut down on you and you have to restart. So if you are quickly trying to run a report while out with clients. Don’t plan on it being quick, easy, or typically even possible. Such a shame that lots of the apps for realtors are not very good yet.
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6 years ago, Heath d
Great tool
I use the desktop version and app to supplement many of my activities. The RVM estimate is especially helpful. For me in Fayetteville, NC my local MLS’s app is very, very limited. So I’ve come to rely on RPR app for those times I am on the go and need some quick information about a property immediately. I also do some seller lead generation and find the app useful to quickly cross reference property owners—mainly as a verification that my lead does own the property.
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6 years ago, Loves dogs 0143
Amazing tool while showing homes
I use this tool for CMAs and home searches for client specific needs. Best of all, while showing homes one day, my clients noticed another home for sale. Because of the way the streets were named and curved it was hard to tell which street the house was even on. I brought up my RPR app and there was the home. It was so fast and easy. It's the house my clients bought!
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3 years ago, Wild boar333
The app won’t let me sign in
I don’t know what is wrong with the app but I created an account and tried to sign in and it keeps saying that my password is incorrect so I tried changing my password and when I did it automatically entered my password and was signing me in, then with my new password that the app itself entered I was told I had entered the wrong password. I waited till the next day and my password still didn’t work so I changed it again, and again it automatically entered my email address and password that I just changed and it still says wrong password
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4 years ago, Choco-carbaholic
Super detailed and user intuitive
I have other resources available to me within my brokerage very similar to this, and they are also great. But for me, I find this resource a bit more user friendly and intuitive. More of a one stop shop. A bit quicker to access info also imo. The Investor tool is handy also.
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6 years ago, Snazy Naz
Lacks important information
This app should have the ability to give information up to date. The majority of listing info is outdated. To managers and developers, put $$$ on things that really matter to agents ex.( Pre and foreclosure information up to date; a better tool to analyze investment properties, the current one is confusing and when calling support they sometimes find it difficult to work with; Have a way to generate leads.) Make your app a one stop-shop. We are tired of using to many apps to get to an answer!
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6 years ago, Broker Barb
I love RPR
As a member of two MLSs’ I find RPR to be very informative and helpful in giving me an overall glimpse at a property’s worth. Often I will print out the report and bring it with me to a listing appt. As well, if I have buyers looking at properties, I send them the reports from RPR. They like them very much and it makes me look like a true professional.
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3 years ago, MapReston.com
Prior to this year though buggy it was great
Prior to this year though buggy it was great. At this time no addresses will load to be searched. 3 minutes waiting for a search is too slow with dial up internet. I’m using a 7+ iPhone with the most up to date version. I found the tool very helpful for a time but now the app is useless. From a desktop I am able to use the program but why the National Association of Realtors can not invest $25K in fixing the mobile app is ridiculous.
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6 years ago, trishmercurio
Crashes all the time
I love having access to this information and find the information very helpful. However, when I try to use it on my iPad or iPhone 7 it crashes right in the middle of either a report or something I’m trying to research. I used this once with clients on my cell phone and it crashed right in the middle of a presentation. No more! The desktop version works well and I use that constantly. But the mobile version is of no use to me.
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6 years ago, kbrown70
Very well designed app. It is a great resource to use when you’re at an open house and you need to review a property for a potential client. You want to make a sale and by having the information at your fingertips, it helps to build that relationship with a potential buyer.
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7 years ago, Mia Leia
It's the best app for real time data - so convenient!
Love this app! Easy to use. THE information for Realtors. I track homes through the favorites feature. I love that it uses GPS and tells me the specific area I'm in and what the market data looks like in seconds! It's the best app for real time data.
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6 years ago, ih8cancer
There’s a lot of good stuff here
I like the ability to search across the country. I know it’s imperfect but the features keep improving and I see a lot of potential. I helped a friend in North Dakota figure out some details in a property he was toying with while I was at home in Chicago. Now I know I can refer him to a realtor there in case he wants to go further with that property.
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6 years ago, Esavanessa
I mean it makes nice flyers
Overall the look and feel is beautiful. I like all the info at my fingertips. BUT... Many times I find that info is MISSING or worse yet- OUTDATED / INACCURATE. Now I do understand this app is Fairly new so it will slide for now but I do expect it to be fixed. my advice is use it but make sure to double-check the information.
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4 years ago, Musicduff
One, If Not the Best RE App!
This real estate app does everything right! A must have. Those writing negative reviews are missing what a great tool this app is! I have never experienced any issue with this great app! This is wonderful when working with clients. I’d give it 6 stars if possible!
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5 years ago, sidebyrnes
Great tool
I’m not sure what the bad reviewers are seeing; maybe they had a beta, but my experience has been great. I use this to create my CMAs and to just explore neighborhoods when the customer is looking over my shoulder. I love it.
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6 years ago, Catlee2
GREAT app but it was missing a recent listing????
We use this all the time, But when I did it test report on my own home I found it it was missing a new listing on my own street that had been on the market already for about four days. Don’t know why that is?
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2 months ago, Big Papaa
Software Update Usless
The latest software update seems to be lacking in functionality. Despite my efforts, I am unable to prevent the continuous loading. Whenever I enter the address, the loading icon appears and the message "Information loading" is displayed. On one occasion, I managed to load half a page, but since then, I have been unsuccessful in loading any further content.
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6 years ago, Maryannp
Better than our local MLS site
Responds quicker than our local sites, easier to maneuver, easier access to tax data. Just started using; hope it proves to be as good as I am thinking it will be.
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5 years ago, Dhamal
Great app for Commercial and Residential Search
It’s one of the most accurate app in market gives both residential and commercial listing search at one place. Love to work with this app to help my clients all around the world.
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1 year ago, whydoineednickname12
Constantly freezing and stuck loading
Historically, this app has always been very slow. However, recently it got better. But now it’s constantly freezing up and getting stuck loading on just normal searches. Even when opening the app half the time the app gets stuck trying to load. this is on an iPhone 14 Pro.
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4 years ago, Urag3nt77904
Love love love
This has long been a great resource and I just can’t live without it especially the mobile version my clients are always so impressed with my quick Work and responses! Keep it up
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6 years ago, RodneyD214
Great in Theory / Poorly Execution
This app is great in theory but there’s far too many bugs to want to put up with using it. Nothing more annoying than unresponsive tech that offers quick access to pertinent info. Far more often than not is this a time waster instead of a time saver. I hope hey get it worked out b/c this could be an unbelievably helpful app but for now it’s a dud.
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5 years ago, SoldBYEFelicia
Great Resource
This app comes in handy when I’m doing an open house or showing homes. I’m able to quickly see what homes are available in my client’s desired area.
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6 years ago, medenneybland
Let me pick my own password. I have to create a new one every time I want to log on because I have to create a complicated password that I can’t remember. This is more secure than my banking. I don’t think anyone wants to heist my reports. Omg I can’t post because every nickname I try is taken. Touché
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5 years ago, TraseAtl
My source
This app is like having a personal assistant with me at all times . I am able to answer questions about different areas of town in a flash . Rpr took my professionalism above the clouds 😘😘
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4 years ago, Frecuent Traverler
Great Tool
It is the easy way to find a lot information for the property you are looking for, everything in the same place!
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6 years ago, Farangisk
Easy access to property around you
I enjoy using This app. It made it easy to find properties around me at any time. Thanks for making it easy for everyone. I give them 4 stars. Just because sometimes the app freezes.
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7 years ago, trainerwagner
Fantastic app!
I love this app, I use everyday for my clients quick info, screenshot important pics and details that matter to improve our business and assist buyer and seller as well. Absolutely the best!
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6 years ago, Dmyers712
Love it!
RPR values are so close to what we get on our local appraisals that it has made our jobs much easier. The listing reports make a wonderful listing presentation too.
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7 years ago, SMarrinan
Login is terribly painful
Can't login to the app using MLS access... and it ends sessions so quickly that every time I was to use it I have to re login... causing constant "forgotten password" resets... and high amounts of daily irritations. what could be a five star rating is three because this is SO painful and anti-productive.
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6 years ago, TonyBTO
Excellent Tool for agents
We have been using this app along with our market analysis and have found RPR results within couple percent of our values, excellent resource!
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6 years ago, Djmikeyr
Improving Every Day
Like being able to quickly find available properties when showing property and a client wants yo see a house and can’t remember exactly where it was!
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5 years ago, TSMTSD
The idea is a great idea, but the data provided is not up to date. It says your MLS has to partner, but what about the information provided by county. That information is still not current. I have waited for years before reviewing in hopes that this issue would be resolved because the idea is a great concept.
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7 years ago, Polito Family
Tools of the Trade
This app is a must have for all Realtors that are constantly on the go, and never near a computer. I would be lost without this app!!
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2 years ago, King 619
Very Frustrating App
As an agent I rely on this information to be accurate when I am in the field. However that is not the case. Too often the status is wrong or the property doesn’t even show up. I should not have to look up stuff on Zillow for the information I need.
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5 years ago, The Real Meta
Embarrasing misinformation
I truly love this app for all the info it provides but I find like 1 out of 4 houses has wrong info, which is really embarrassing and misleading when trying to send to potential client. Today was the worse yet my clients house shows 1 bedroom 1 bath when it is clearly a 3 bd 3 bath? How can I send him this report ?
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5 years ago, Easter51
Love this app
...and the program itself. Tells me most all I need to know about a house wherever it is in the country. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Caposkia
Gives you a very general idea
It does seem that the results are a bit outdated from MLS, however it does give you a general idea of how a specific property might comp out in that area.
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7 years ago, LORENCOBURN
Loren Coburn MLSOK President, Realtor® Broker
This app is amazing for the industry! Ever agent should use it and should be a tool in there bag or tools. Thanks for continuing to update and bring us a great value to offer the best service to our consumers!
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4 years ago, Kaimakaze
Map color scheme problem
After the update, the map view does not allow the user to see the AVM price because of the font color. Not sure why but it looks like a bug in the software. It’s frustrating not to see the price on the map.
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4 years ago, Allened11
Literally worst than Redfin or Zillow
After they spent 100 million dollars on this piece of junk, they still can’t keep it from crashing constantly and the data takes forevvvvvvvvvvvver to load As much as I dislike Zillow or Redfin at least their apps were designed by someone with a brain
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2 years ago, Nanz T
RPR mobile not functioning for weeks
I pay my association dues and rely on my tools to work but it doesn’t! Redfin and Trulia has been a life saver. So what’s the use of paying an association dues when they don’t give you tools that works?!? RPR you have been the worst app! Hope you fix the glitch soon!
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11 months ago, 0001001010101
Logged me out of my account without permission. Unable to fix.
App is constantly stuck "Validating” or "Checking credentials”; nothing ever happens. Since I’m apparently unable to use the app due to its own buggy mess I’m simply deleting it from my phone. Do better! 0/10 experience.
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7 years ago, pelodemaiz
Great tool
Very powerful and useful, especially in the field on an iPad or iPhone. I love the map search functionality.
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7 years ago, CLMW*
Very useful
This app has been very useful for me and the information has been reliable.
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6 years ago, TheRealLurch
Phenomenal Tool
Enhances your capacity to do more while on the go with the mobile app and woo clients with fantastic reports supported by real time data.
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7 years ago, trishsantosinc
Great App
Love this app. I use it everywhere I go to check local market value no matter what city or state I'm in. Highly recommended for all realtors.
Show more
12 months ago, Abella502
Doesn’t allow me to create account to even start up
I AM a Florida Realtor. I DO have an active real estate license. Not only did the app recognize my last name and NARS/license number, it still kept saying ERROR as I tried to create my account. Would’ve been nice to see if this app truly was an MLS on the go.
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