RSA Authenticator (SecurID)

2.6 (202)
33.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
RSA Security
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for RSA Authenticator (SecurID)

2.56 out of 5
202 Ratings
2 years ago, AlphaBeauchmin
Love the simplicity and user interface. Privacy feels unrespected.
The app gets the job done efficiently, and I can’t think of a better alternative for this. My only problem is that the app consistently re-asks for permission to access things like photos and videos, or other pieces of data. iPhone users know that Apple doesn’t inherently allow this, so we receive an alert box that pops up and asks us “allow” or “don’t allow”. Well, one time should have been enough, but this app consistently asks every opportunity it gets to. I’ve never hit allow, and I won’t ever hit allow. I shouldn’t have to remind the developers of my decision not to provide access to my sensitive data multiple times a week. Like I said, besides that the app is fantastic.
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2 years ago, Fried Mutant
Last update fixed the stupid UI!
Edit: Changed from 1 star to 5. The devs took a look at the shape of their human hands and realized they had created a UI for extraterrestrials. With the last update, this app is once again intended for humans! My previous review: This is a perfect example of software design without user experience testing. We used to be able to enter a passcode and hit enter, all with a single hand. Now after entering the passcode, you have to find the tiniest little ‘submit’ button at the other end of the screen. Very difficult one-handed experience. Hey RSA—this is an easy fix. Give us back a return key on the keypad.
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9 months ago, NPS_CA
iOS 17 issues and crummy rebrand
Can’t add a token from a QR. works fine from a URL. Rebrand to Authenticator? Are you mad. There is already the Microsoft one using that name for years in the icon title. Call it RSA Authenticator so we can actually find it. Then hire a 10 year old to redesign the icon - because clearly the adult you gave that task to has zero design skills
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2 years ago, A Concerned businessman
5 out of 5… if….
This app is awesome for corporate security needs, but with biometric security dating back over 7 years with the iPhone, pretty much every other MFA based application utilizes Apples pretty simple biometric integration, for an added layer of security to SecureID, something that should be much appreciated, and would make this a pretty much perfect corporate security app. EDIT in response to developer response: bumped to 5 stars, it’s just my organization that disabled biometrics, which makes sense, they disabled the fingerprint sensor on my laptop too. Anyway I love this app!
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8 months ago, noahkiss
Unclear instructions leads to erased key
Today I accessed the app as normal but received a pop-up stating that there was an error with the app and it needed to be force-quit. The two buttons presented were something like “Done” and then one called “Reset App”. Both the normal action blue. Well, seeing as I was just told the app needs reset to work, of course I click reset app. What happens? Of course, just as I wanted, the app quits and loads again and everything’s good, right? NO! RSA kindly put a button called “Reset App” that completely erased all of my token info. No bold, red letters, no confirmation screen, nothing! So instead of just gracefully recovering by killing the app for me, they assume that I, a person who has never experienced this “out of sync” error, will correctly want to completely unregister my corporate RSA token to fix the issue. Talk about a one-star User Experience… now I get to spend 5 minutes writing this review and 30 minutes requesting a new RSA token!
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2 years ago, Drinier
App works how it is supposed to. Request??
So the app works and it works well. It does what I need it to which is get me a token when needed. However I have a request. Would the RSA Team be able to research adding Apple Watch capability? I would love to be able just look at my watch for a new token instead of having to dig my phone out of my pocket when needed. If not no big deal, it just would be a nice feature.
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2 years ago, beninho11
Need more than one skip
The app works as designed, however users would benefit from being able to use the skip or next function more than once when generating pass codes. The service I use to log in to work from home is not the best and often requires multiple attempts to finally log me in. After I use my initial skip I am stuck waiting the full amount of time between new pass codes.
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2 years ago, ak-business
Wasted $
There’s two versions of this app. Paid and free. The free one is what I needed to work with my corporate account. I was not aware there was a free and mistakingly purchased the app. The purchased version does not work. I later learned the free version is what I was supposed to have after the “free trial period” which ended over a holiday weekend and there was no one available to help me figure out why the app didn’t work. The first day back in the office it was discovered and I requested a refund from iTunes. Got a canned response, “Not eligible for refund”. A waste of $ and very poor customer care.
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1 year ago, 34575434677654565446545765444
Does job, barely
Yes, you get a otp. Worst Authenticator app for usability. No biometrics you HAVE to pin EVERY TIME you take app out of focus. I am forced to use it for work otherwise it’d be deleted. Probably my work setup but only single device - nothing like a single point of failure to live by. Ever misplace your device? Or have it break? Don’t tout the “security” mantra of one device - my secondary that is used with my other Authenticator app is a device that sits at home never used. It’s there just in case.
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2 years ago, Proletariet
Love MFA but notifications need work
Love the fact the I can now use a single app for SecurID and SecurID Access push users but the push/approve is only showing as a red dot on the app versus as a banner/ or in Notification Center and Apple Watch support doesn’t seem to be there. Kinda feels like one step forward two steps back.
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2 years ago, T Gregory
Easy to use
This app does what it’s supposed to do very nicely: display 6 numbers. I don’t get why it needs updates or new terms and agreements so often though. It’s the most basic app I have and it by far has the most updates.
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2 years ago, Mayire310
Very good
The app is easy to use , the school is wonderful ! Use the app and register to the school classes, it will change your life ! It is my best decision I made in my life. So manyAppreciates to my school and teacher and the classmates.
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2 years ago, michigantransplantintexas
Great App
This is BY FAR one of the easiest apps to use even if it provides a "simple" function. My only ask is that we have the option to enable "dark mode" please 🥺
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2 years ago, HombreQueso
Won't run on Apple Silicon
This app now just immediately reports that any Apple Silicon-based Mac is "jailbroken" and refuses to run. This would be manageable if the macOS-native version of RSA's SecurID token app worked on macOS, but it doesn't -- it runs for about an hour or two, and then starts crashing on launch with an error about a missing and/or unsigned library that won't load. All in all, this is disastrous; avoid at all costs.
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1 year ago, Xkwwwx
Please move approval to dynamic Island
The app functions as expected, it would be nice if we did not need to go back-and-forth between applications. Please move your approval or denial to the dynamic island, the next batch of iPhones is going to have dynamic island on all models.
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2 years ago, Med.ÊL
Needs improvements
The app does the job but lacks features that could make it more practical, supporting touch id for exemple to generate RSA passcode would be much better than having to enter the pin manually, hope we see this in the upcoming updates.
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8 months ago, HDeity
Update the icon in the App Store
The difference of app icons is casing issues at my job on the help desk. Now it’s the RSa with a green check mark but here it’s still the white cloud with the blue check mark.
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1 year ago, MKNMD
Works fine, wish it had Apple Watch version
I use this to log in remotely to a program at work. It’s annoying to have to use the phone. If you had an Apple Watch version that would be better.
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2 years ago, jlevinenci
Completely borked on Apple Silicon
The app no longer works on Apple Silicon Macs; previously it (erroneously) reported that the device was "jailbroken" but it still worked, and now RSA has made it so that, after reporting the (false) jailbroken status, the app quits. Given how terrible the native macOS app is (and the fact that it crashes on launch 50 % of the time), this basically means RSA tokens are unusable on Macs at this point.
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8 months ago, Mjonis
Latest version doesn’t fix iOS initialization error
So apparently there’s a known problem with the app that will result in an initialization error and force quit doesn’t work so you’re only choice is to reset the app and thus have to request a new token. RSA thinks they fixed that issue in 4.3.3 but they have not. Very annoying to have to request new tokens every day
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5 months ago, ChrisW12345
PIN not working
I can get into the app with any PIN. I setup one through work but it is not required to get in. However from our work test page the app value only works there if the correct PIN was used to get into the app. Very odd. It scares me even having this app on my phone.
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2 weeks ago, A bit piggy
They broke it
I used to be able to authenticate using my Apple Watch or from the Lock Screen of my phone. Since the “upgrade”, this is no longer possible. I have also had more RADIUS challenge failures. Given how often I have to authenticate in order to access multiple different platforms, this is a major flaw. Please fix!
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2 weeks ago, Matthew holmes
Does not Send Notification
Is terrible about sending authentication notification. I often have to spam it on desktop to get a notification to show up. Been this way for years. Seems to be a bigger problem when I am authenticating on my phone from cell signal instead of office wifi.
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2 years ago, pm_peter
Iphone 14 Crash
Since installing this app, my iPhone 14 pro max with the latest iOS update, continuously crashes and restarts. The only way this behavior stops is by uninstalling this app. It also did the same thing on my iPhone 13.
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9 months ago, Verdant Cove
Premature Retroactive Rebranding Bound To Confuse Users
By rebranding the SecureID app "back" to "Authenticator," using a different icon vs. the one in the App Store for SecureID, while the original RSA Authenticator app is *still* in the App Store, RSA's marketing department or whoever is inviting droves of users to install the wrong app. become confused, and call their helpdesks.
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2 years ago, Drummerboy5678
Terrible and buggy app
Besides the fact the app looks and feels like you are stuck in the past, there are also bugs which make you question it’s quality. When the app is open, it self locks after some time and then you can type any password to get back in.
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11 months ago, GlamGalTN
Where is the Apple Watch App?
I really wish this worked in my watch. I do not always have my cell phone when I need the app, but I always have my watch.
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4 weeks ago, hockeychick0207
Please add an Apple Watch app
I've used the app for years at work and it does the job but I would love to be able to pull it up on my watch. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Noz K.
Not working after Update
I was using Desktop version of the App on Mac M1 and even I had message that my machine is not compliant, I was able to use it. Desktop app is extremely convenient. But after recent update it stopped working. If I knew an update will break the app, I would never do that. Please FIX THAT
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2 years ago, Matt-R.O.H
Gets the job done but…
The app does its job providing the RSA token and I’ve never had an issue with that but just about every other app developer has included a dark mode UI… this app, not so much. Disappointing.
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2 years ago, Darugabove
Works as advertised
Never had an issue with it
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1 year ago, rkedge
No notifications
Developer claims support for notifications in banner and in notification center, but after checking all settings still nothing. You MUST have the app open and unlocked to get notifications. This is just a poor user experience.
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9 months ago, n-i-4-n-i
iPad Pro App Hasn’t Worked for Months!
The App on an iPad Pro is just blank. If you push the button to turn in landscape, the number shows up. That took months to accidentally stumble upon. Guys….. fix the app on the iPad Pro. Y’all should be testing this on every supported device before release!
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4 months ago, Juan Hammerhead
RSA improvements
Please please please creat a mobile widget that allows users to view RSA token without unlocking phone /etc.
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2 years ago, justamanplayinggames
Device Not Compliant
Downloaded the application for the Apple M1 Pro Max Macbook. When launching the application I recieve an error stating that the device is "noncompliant" with the following description: The app cannot run on a device that is jailbroken. Restore your device or contact your IT Help Desk. The app is listed as supporting my device.
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1 year ago, TXFlex
Works as advertised
No problems, works great, when are you going to add a version for Apple Watch?
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10 months ago, iOS user 2035
Easy to set up and use
securID is easy to use and set up. Works as it should
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9 months ago, fazan_a
New App Icon?
The icon still has the old look.
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8 months ago, Thomson4886
Rebranding back to the original brand?
The new application icon looks like it was designed by a six year old. That really fosters confidence in our users who access highly secure systems using MFA from RSA using an application whose GUI looks like it was thrown together in 5 minutes.
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9 months ago, cheeky.monkey
New icon is hideous
App works fine but the new icon is truly an eyesore - can you please either switch it back to the old one or redesign it?
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7 months ago, Jbird4769
Why make a second app?
What a huge waste of time to create this app instead of just updating the RSA authenticate app. You provided literally 0 new functionality and just created a terrible experience for your users
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2 years ago, oldmadmunki
Reports device is jailbroken, when it is not.
As everyone else pointed out here, it used to work on the M1 chip, complaining it was jailbroken, but wortked. This last release prevents it from working, as it just prompts to mail logs, and nothing else.
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2 years ago, SFNicoya
Missing Dark mode
App works as expected. 5 star if it had Dark mode. Please add option in future update.
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9 months ago, AEaddy1
The UI is the worst. Downloaded on my new device and won’t work so now don’t have access on my newest phone to my work apps. And there is never any real help available
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4 months ago, Keruben - San
Most useless app ever. It still gives you a token if you type your pin wrong. You only find out after the token doesn't work when you enter it.
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8 months ago, WiredAnand
Very rudimentary app. Doesn’t work well.
Not intuitive and not helpful. Not pleasant to use. Thank you for making this app but consider making it amazing to use
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9 months ago, Johnnykvp
New Icon…
Old icon looked a lot better, please bring it back.
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9 months ago, Aaron622
New icon
The new icon is a huge eyesore. Please change it back to the plain red RSA version or the previous version.
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2 years ago, TGOP001
Frequent App name changes
Stop changing the name of the app, it is hard to find with so many apps in the phone
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9 months ago, Qwerty Tyuiop
New RSA icon
Thanks for renaming the app. Now, if I search for the “RSA” app on my phone, please ensure it finds the RSA app!
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